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your opinion were correst.
I am sorry that yon allowed
yourself to be led into making !
an appeal to the religious and
patriotic passions of your read-j
ers. I do not think it worthy I patience with the mealy-mouthed
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Entered at the Postoftlce In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter
If every man were to have one pet law-breaking mania
that he might enjoy with the secret or open sanction of so
ciety, every man would need to go armed and barricaded all
his life lest the right maniac should find him. :
There are staunch friends who in spirit are nevertheless
highwaymen; there are religious zealots on whom financial
obligations sit with painful instability. There are honest
business men who wish to be, and perhaps are, social per
verts; there are sober; men who wouldn't fbuch a cigarette,
even, who still covetously wish their neighbor wouldn't watch
his monev and jewels so closely. There are a million slants
to perverse humanity, covering almost every possibility of
thought or action; some one wants to do every one of these
nerverse thinsrs. i ::
If "every man were free to declare his nullification of the
laws restricting his own pet indiscretion or crime, instantly
there would be no law but that of brute force. Society is not
readv to declare such a condition, j v
No man of reasonably sound mind,5 and almost no moral
pervert, would try to argue that one crime, which is the legal
definition of any offense against society as a whole, ought
to be tolerated in one person without giving every other per
son an equal exemption; if for no higher reason than that
such exemption instantly destroys all law, all justice, and is
itself chaos. tV '3 - t Yr: 7.V - i " . -:" "
Why should the law maintain a police force to save the
booze offender from arson, or murder, or his wife or daughter
from raDe-iwhen these other criminals claim only the same
kind of exemption that he claims when he peddles or illegally
uses or shields booze 7 iThe only, reason is, that society must
protect itself as a whole. No one" would be quicker to demand
leral Drotection against the'kidnapper, the f irebur.!the vitriol
thrower, the bomb assassin all these "othermen' with hob
bies that theylg:ldrify?than:maMy;aTnari whfr sayafc Jn 'tfjifrff
or deed that I am above this booze law." The man wno aoes
not believe in enforcing even 'the booze laws, which "are the
sovereign will of the majority, has small moral right to ex
pect the poisoner and the rapist and the slugger who assaults
his home, to be punished for ignoring those particular laws
and making, a glory of ; their t vilification. ' He has his own
net vices that he says are above the lawwhy nofr-they?
f Only by making all laws respected because they are the
laws of the people, can there be a society that protects any
single thing that humanity holds dear. V.
J There is one selfish but infallible test that every man
can make as to his duty ion any law: "Do I want the protec
tion of society?. Shall I give to other men the right to work
their own warped wills on me or my family, simply because
thev dislike the law restraining their chosen criminality 2 If
I sanction the breaking of the booze laws, may not others
rightfully assault or kill or rob me on the same theory of ex
emption? If I want booze, and a lustful brute wants my wife
or daughter, shall both of us receive absolution for our. un
lawful desires? Wherein are we different 7
i With a fair aDDlication of this test, there would be smal
trouble among good citizens, even' among many cowardly or
selfish citizens, in enforcing the liquor laws. rl here would
bti no need for importing agents to sleuth out the liquor viola
tions and the spirit of obedience to law would make every
sort of crime infinitely less prevalent.
1 Would it not be worth: while to try personal obedience
I as a social experiment? tv - .
deran the League and for what It sion. communism and a gnasuy uemce, oar ormiani anuria Beu-
stands. failure wherever tried, as in Bus- eral!
You are evidently mistaken sia, now or In the past or in the "Last fair the). North Dakota
about the N. P. L. being "against future. Home Bnildrs' association bought
the United States government and The Nonpartisan League Social- some lumber at a cost of $9429.35
the political doctrines upon which lata prate about me uanger m ana snippea h io urana ur
t is founded." The United States employing force against their pro- where it was to hat- ben used
supreme court has decided, with- (gram. But force is tne omy means in a state nonie Dunaing; pro
out a dissenting vote, that the they could employ, ultimately. It gram. Last week this lumber was
laws of North Dakota, passed by is the means they employed and sold to a local lumber company
the NonDartisan League state irov- I employ in Russia, with wholesale lor $3JG4.3G, the taxpayers of the
- I . . !.. . ... .. . .
ernment, are constitutional. This j assassination and tneir aeatn com- tsiaie inos laaicg a aireci loss o:
the court would not have done if jmittees throughout that distres- U9 per cent on the shipment. We
sed and starving country. cite this case because it is typical
The Statesman Is not in favor ai state-owned enterpJrses in gen
of violence. This newsDaiter is fa eTl and Nonpartisan League bust
favor of free discussion of all sub
jects. Bat the writer has little
ness acumen in particular."
but it is claimed that the preser
vation of the brk-ks in an undam
aged condition makes it worth
whiie. First thing we know it
will , be in bad form to throw a
brick at a policeman unless it is
wrapped up in sct-ntei! paper aad
tied wiih a blae ribbon.
of yon or entitled to a place in
the columns of ,The Statesman.
With reference to the Kansas
episode, your position is in mark
ed contrast with the editorial ex
pression of the Pacific Legion
which is U3 follows: "The ex-
servlce men who participated in
the recent tar party, at which
the guests were two Nonpartisan
organizers deserve nothing but
condemnation from loyal Ameri
cans, regardless of Individual con
victions as to the menace of that
radical body. Mob rule never is
American,; and a cowardly per
formance in the name of patrio
tism is made bone the cleaner.
Such conduct under the name of
the American Legion never has
been and never will be tolerated."
True, the provocation ofren is
great, bu to succumb to such
temptation is more harmful than
beneficial to' the participants and
alienates the sympathies of fair-
minded people.'1
I trust that your seeming ad
vocacy of violence, perhaps unin
tentional hut none the less effec
tive, will .not prove fruitful in
stirring up trouble. I dare ex
press the hope that the wind
which you Reera to be sowing will
not result in a harvest of whirl
wind. '
Referring to the articles of G.
X.: It seems strange that he does
not know that there exists no
Oregon Nonpartisan League. Noae
has been organized, but I sup
pose that Is of little moment. It
exists in the imagination of G. X.
and that Is all,tbat is necessary
'or the purpose of setting up a
man of straw to be destroyed. Is
it possible that the membership
protestations of the sympathizers
of the shiploads of men and Wo
men who were bnndled home to
Russia; and every of them is
In sympathy with the principles
of the Nonpartisan Lesgua.
They are tarred wfth the same
stick with Lenfne and TroUky
and he people of Oregon l.-.ust
not lull themselves into the idea
that this bunch of leopards have
become purring kittens by chang
ing their spots.
And this organization DOES
exist in Oregon. There is a local
branch in Yamhill county, and
they are now organizing in Clack
an: as county.
The effort will not get far in
Oregon, because our people are
awake; but if every one here were
quiescent and cowardly, and did
not fight the outfit tooth and nail.
it might get far even in conserva
tive and loyal Oregon, and do a
vast amount of harm in this
And harm is all it is calculated
to do.
There Is no good In it.
It leaves wreck and ruin in its
path, and only wreck and ruin.
The following from the La
Moure Couny Chronicle, La
Moure. North Dakota, of last week
(August 11) will give a little idea
of one slant of the workings of
the bunch in that state:
"Robbing the Farmors.
"If farmers must needs be rob
bed and a good many of them
seem to take it for granted that
One more word: Mr. Slaugh
ter will likely find that "G. X."
has a great deal more intimate
knowledge Of the workings of the
Nonpartisan League than he has;
and from actual experience with
its operations.
Prince Zaradechno of the prin
cipally of Miicn in Egypt say3
that women are all alifce. eastern
und western.
One shudders for the. future of
a ruler of 10,000.000 people with
:rach youthful ideas. He can
never have-read Nat Goodwin oa
his Snfinita Varitty cf wives
nor oen have heard seme of the
comparative estimates of the sex
brought back by our war heroes
tram Europe- However, the prince
has an American wife so he'll
thev damn down the Hi too hard
to suit the great majority oi me
ueouie oi the tailed States, who
want action and not hot air.
The new tariff, bill puts all
kinds of power in the hands, of
the president to make reciprocal
arrangements with other coun
tries, and for Imposing retaliatory
rales against countries which may
attempt to make things hard tor
our exporters. Our. country .will
exttnd its trade under the new
tariff law and it should be
passed at once acd gotten into
It is reported that the EngjUsh
royal family is spending $200,000
more than Its annual income to
l;ve. llut tbey-Tiave nothing on
same American families -fn' that
regard. Why doesn't Kin? George
cany a 'cold Inarh?.
Lenin has definitely abandoned 1
Socialism as a national program.
Now he is trying to find some
body to ran the industries that
were seized by the state when he
assumed authority. Possibly the
original owners have been massa
cred or banished. Leases are now
being offered to individuals, com
panies or labor unions who will
assume the responsibility of run
ning the plants and try to pro
duce something. If the ghosts of
the original owners could return
they would be begged to once
more take command. Under So
cialism Russia produces nothing
but blood and strifa. Without
production of some kind the es-
This is how realized by Lenin anl
Trotzky. Hence their eagerness
to find someone capable of con
ducting a business. Almost any
kind of a pracitcal executive can
have his pick of the idle plants
in Russia. It is a frightful price
that Russia is paying for its ad
The governor of Texas now
makes it a rule to appoina at least
one woman on every' board or
commission that is named in the
course of the political adminis
tration ef the state.
Not a bad idea for any state.
The right kind of a woman on
the Oregon public service commis
sion would have saved a lot oi
Hubbard, Detroit And Cedar
Camp Lead Countyi Start
September 6
The question as to what shall
constitute the official language of
the disarmament conference has
not yet been determined, and may
not until the delegates meet. In
view of all the circumstances un
der which the conference assem
bles, why not make it plain
United States? Confusion of
tongues is to be avoided.
Ambassador Harvey has been
taking: an active Dart in the lates
there is no way of escape we session of thl sunreme council.
"uu,u wuu,u-'reicr 1: For a man who insisted that Am-
to be robbed, by their so-called erica would have no part in this
enemjea man oy ineir so-cauea n- -nv othpr Tsipiia nf Voilnn.
menas. Mucn or this talk wc tha colonel ia maklne--m-oeress.
9f O X. in the N. P. L. likewise "ear of Wal1 street robbery and First thing we know George will
exists , only in his own Imagina- 'nneopous cnamoer or com- be having a little league of his
tlon? I admit It ma be Just amerce roDDery a purely tneoreti
Uttle uncharitable, but I wonder political bunk. For real
if , his knowledge of the Nonpar- I aownna-ni. merai roDDery or the
i.iinciB, cuuiuicuu us lu IU UUUCI1
that have been in control of the
Nonpartisan League and its col
literal promotions In North Da
kota, v I
unere are dozens or once
thrifty and. well-to-do farmers in
LaMoure county who have been
own to play with.
tisan league is of the same char
acter? Perhaps, the latter may
.xplain the change of pen name
by G. X. One thing I like bout
the average member of the N. P.
L. is the willingness to sign his
own name to his articles.
In conclusion, I wish to renew
iNow, they are packing glazed
and other fancy grades of brick
in individual pasteboard cartons
for shipment. It is expensive.
We are getting a sample
A sample of the finest summer
climate in the world.
A recent well known Salem via
itor advised us to advertise it.
There are few community assets
that it would pay us better to
The Salem district is breaking
one world's . Jersey record after
another. With many more to
come, and these records them
selves to be broken. Our breed
ers are out Jerseying "the Isle of
Jersey, several city, blocks.
There Is talk among the Repub
lican members of congress of shut
ting off the wind jamming of the
Democratic members who are
'holding up . the procession. They
cannot do this too soon nor can
Although many children may
feel it is a trifle early to think
about the first day of school,' thA
fact is that a number of school
houses are being put in repair aJid
scrubbed up for that eventful first
Hubbard and. Detroit will lead
all other schools in an early start
this year as each of these will
open its doors on Tuesday Septem
ber 6. according to school con
tracts filed with the county school
superintendent. Cedar Camp
school above Sllverton, wiu aiso
open on September .
Mondav. Sent- 13 will mark th
opening of. a pumber of schools.
Thl9 date inciuaes mo tuno
school near Hubbard and the Ni
agara school. I
On Monday,j sepiemoer , t"
following schools will open: Sil
Terton, Anmsvllle, Jerferson,
Brush Creek near Silverton. Aur
ora. Delia Pass! near Woodburn,
Salem Heights and Mill City.
The Salem schools will open the
Monday following state fair week
and this will
October 3. 1
bring the Cate to
Macy siil 4tftSat v tBBIRMMaMisiistMstw
mti Mr cMUn mm w will
unto ffx c ur tor a5Hioji ctsTrrtnv
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why it costs you less to chew
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Any man who uses the Real
Tobacco Chew will tell you r.
that. ' 1 ' ,M
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W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco ? . : k
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my plea for a real discussion of Da"y Dent or financially broken
issues Involved. Let us have the I as the direct result of unwise loy-
truth, without bias, irrespective of alty to the Nonpartisan League or j
where it may lead or reveal. "The to imprudent investment In league
truth shall mak von free." vrv promotions. In the state there
Salem, Or., Aug. 18, 1921. .
There is nothing to discuss
about the principles of the Non
partisan League apart from the I their toll.'
must be hundreds of them. The
Equity packing plant at Fargo,
the cold -storage fiasco, the chain
stores, the Florida sisal trust, tho
league newspapers these and
many more like them have taken
Introducing General Leonard
Wood, ; governor general of the
Philippines. lie is the right man
in the right place. -
And John Bull has sent his ac
ceptance, R. S. V. P., to the in
ternational disarmament confer
ence. John will want a, front seat
where he can spit on the stove if
he desires to do so. Exchange. .
Please ' help the slogan editor
prove that our district ought to
raise ten times as much live stock
as It! does now. Today or tomor
row. ', ' ,
When Ceneral Leonard Wood
I went; to the Philippines to make
I a survey of the conditions on the
Islands the first people he talkel
i to were the school teachers, '.The
s views they expressed were .no
j oubtj Illuminating, for there' is
I go class so capable of . imparting
j senuiae Information
Musicians have decided the fate
cf Jazt They say It expresses hy
j s n.i and promotes Idleness. The
j : i Vmfut may be correct as to
5 :7- t'r?a; but. not as to Idleness
i i".en is not idleness, and Ja
.c-ptT!,r. 25
-' j.
to October 1 Orc
is violence. . It Is a tonal Donny
brook. It is discord and chaos.
Editor Statesman:
t. j
I Mwaa agreeably ,j surprised to
discover that you had honored my
letter of the 13th Inst., by placing
it at the head of your editorial
columns. I regret that you did
not think the issues raised by the
letter of sufficient Importance to
call , for an answer, I ' recognize
.hat It Ja quite a task to lntellii
gently discuss the various Issues
embraced in the Nonpartisan
League program,' but I am sure
that you will agree with me that
those issues cannot be intelligent
ly decided unless those, called
upon4o make the decisions, are
Informed upon the questions In
volved In such decision!
I confess I am surprised that
you continue to assert that, "the
Nonpartisan League is merely one
branch of socialism." The Non
nartlsan League is not socialism.
It does not believe In the funda
mental principle of socialism.
That principle Is the abolition of
the profit system based upon the
surplus value produced by the
wage earner.' Then why befog the
issues Involved by representing the
Nonpartisan League to be some
thing that it Is not? U seems to
me that the truth abont what the
League stands for should be suf
ficient to either "Justify ' of con-
prlnciples of Socialism. Townley
Is a Socialist. All the principal
men connected with the organi
zation are Socialists. Its prin
ciples are Socialistic. The fact
that its program, so far as they
were able to work It out in North
"These are private enterprises
which were organized under the
egs of the Leage and stimulated
by the o. k. of Towney. himself 1
a bankrupt and dismal business
failure. But the state-owned en
terprises have fared n better.
Dakota, has passed muster In the I Every one of them shows an en-
United States supreme court, does I ormous operating loss, due large
not " prove anything in this re-ly to inefficient management or
spect I worse.
: Any more than the abandon- I "And the loss goes steadily on
ment of polygamy by the heads (The cost of selling a handful of
of the Mormon church, after hav- I state bonds was enormous. as of
Ing suffered "martyrdom" by hcourse it was bound to be when
serving . terms in the penitentl- I cur fiscal agents were such daz-
arlea, made It plain to the world J zling figures in the financial
mat they no longer believed In I world as Carl D. Thompson, the
polygamy. I Chicago Socialist, and William
It they had been sufficiently
powerful." they would have im
posed the principles of polygamy
on the whole of the United States,
and, indeed, on the whole world.
If Townley and the other leath
ers of Socialism had been suffic
iently powerful, they would have
imposed the full principles of So
cialism on North Dakota', and on
Minnesota, Idaho, Montana.;? and
other states where they had more
or less power and on the whole
United States j
And this goVernment is not
founded on the principles of So
cialism It is founded on princi
ples diametrically opposed, jto the
fundamental principles of Social
ism " - '-f
And therefore the Socialist
(and the Nonpartisan League) are
against the United States govern
ment. No one in North Dakota
doabs this. ;
Mr. Slaughter says: "That prin
ciple (the fundamental system of;
Socialism) Is the abolition of the
profit system based upon the sur
plus value produced, by, the' wag
earner." ' .
That sounds innocent. . But it
means. Bolshevism. It means,
pursued to its ultimate conclu-
Your expression is af
fected by eyestrain to a
degree that becomes eas
ily noticeable.
Removal of thecauses of
eyestrain has a resultant
effect upon expression.
Proper glasses counter
act eyestrain, and do not
detract from expression.
204-211 Salem Bank of
' Commerce Building
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