The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 21, 1921, Page 7, Image 7

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Si T
v The Inner Voice-, j which is
conridred ft be one ofj the great
eat motion pictures elver made,
will play a social fcrigasmmt at
the Oregon theater startles tftday.
It is claimed that tlil3 produc
tion which cost sevfer&l hundred
thousand dollars to pro4uce"pos
Besses a iK' tire human sory with
an of sympathetic ap
peal. It is the consistent blend ng
of 1 the various V characterised
foond in this drama that has matbj
it the phenominal f.uccsh that it
la--;, !
i -
Frank Rogers a ventriloqu t
known throughout the land as the
man with many voicei is a nmit
capable and finished j artist who
extracted an endlffcs amount ot
comedy from a pair oif dummtes.
On the vaudeville bill it the HUgb
ing that If the operation Ii ne
cesetul. Dago w?ll be ai-owed to
go free without serving his prhOn
Is My Crown on Straight? She
was every inch a queen and ytt
on the day of her betrothal to the
king of You-Prcnounce-lt ette
couldn't hely be:ng just a I ttie
tit aiuious about hr looks.
Hat you may wire that her
looku were all that the heart and
the eyes could deairo when, yoi
know that the kvely heroine of
"Such a Little Queea". In vivac
ious, dainty littls Conatiuco Bin-Bey.
i p in h la latest Paramount com
edy, "Crazy to Marry." which
romes to the Oregon theater next
f'unday Roscoe (FattyJ Ar buckle
plays the role o Dr. llobart Hupp,
a surgeon whoae. pei theory is
I that crlmanls ard thieves can be
cured by an operat'oin anj- thus
i on verted jlnto honest upright
men. Hull' Montana am Dago Ucd
li h's sub.fct. the conditions be-
Seanue Hayakawa will be Reen
in "The Brand of I-opez," a Kon-erUon-Cole
Superior picture at
the Grand theater for two days
t tar tint next Thursday.
Wearing the latest Parisian
fashionable gowns, KlsJe FerVpi-
non will Drove a bit; i.Umf.1 on to
society women of Salem when hei
latest Paramount picture. "Sacred
and Profane Love", l. displayed
at the Oregon theatt r .next Friday
and Saturday. The govrns re:cn,
1) came from Par'.s, wher-? they
were purchased by the star er.
route home from her six month."
trip around the world. The lat-
est designs fey Ca;lot; Lumiere
models by Madeline et Mada
laint and a score of n.eri re?lsct
the very latest -iita..e of tns
fiShioa ateliers.
Sesaue Hayakawa, the noted
Oriental rtar, ia easr to sec- how
his following w 11 like 'The Brand
01 Lopz,' ii3 newest Kobertson
Colc Superior picture, wnreh wilt
be seen at the Grand theater next
Thursday ami Friday. The part
of a Spanish Lull -fighter which
he flayea in this intensely nie;c
dramatic production 1 w.deiy
dilfertnt from most ol his roiea.
day, abounds in the clever charac
terizations which have, made toe
star the most popular out-ot-dooj
actor on the screen. A popaia"
cast will be seen in h:s iaypori
in the production.
Russell Simpson. Cu!Js Landis,
Pauline Starhe and Mary Ad-::
bad the cast in the newie-s;. Uo'tf-,
wyn picture, "Snovblind, shown
here at the Liberty today. It was t
produced by R.-giaaid Barker i
Mom the stirring novel by Katn j
erine Newlin Burt when ran m
the Red Book.
Starting Today
, .
r&lli. -it kll II II L
jiT. .W " r n mm W alt. m-
KeSiiiald Barkers
! I vAdapted from J
R novel by
Have you read
Snowblind" in the
Red Book Maga
zine? It's Kathar
ine Newlin Burt's
newest novel and
one of Goldwyns
greatest pictures.
At th-J Grand theater oti next
Saturday and Sunday Manager
lfiar w,ili present the William
Tox htar, Shirley Manor, 'n a ro
mance entitled "Lovtt'me." The
story, accord ng to report, is one
in which the role of the-heroine
rit? Miss Ma.'ia like the per ect
glove. Raymond MeKee, a favorite
on the screen, is her leading maa.
Out or good "Th-? Devil" tlnds
means of evil. Mr. George Arliss,
who ia twn at the Grand taeatr
today and tomorrow in "The Uev-
il." gives an nterpretat on o
vrv oolite vtrv uolislu'd. v
subtle tempter who cloaks h'S
la':ny in deeds of klndncsa ana
works h's greatest evil a the
guise of friendship.
The toys of 'The Dsvll," to re
played with and broken, were Lu
cy Cotton, as an he ress, Rolanu
Bottomiey, as her fiance and later
her husband.
D. W. Griflith,s. best pro net on
"Dream Strett" has been noofcea
for a bhowius at the Liberty soou.
"The Island of 'RefcereratUr.,
which will be shown at h" HI
theater on next Friday ac:l Satur
day is different rrom te -vi rue
(tbotoplay and w .1 Ions h r?'
membered tecauye of its rvtist c
beauty and thrilling Ktory A
lurn'ng rh'.p, earthquake;' voicano
in eruption and a subt-i ranan
cave furnish some Df tlio thrills
in this film masttrp"eee.
Salem theatergotra will hava
a chance to pet about $100 worm
of merchandise free at "the Grand
theater Thursday night. It
seems to be a secrst how it will
be done.
The, mountain that ha never
been scaled Mt. Victoria in Can
ada will be seen in all SU snow
clad beauty in "Snowblind," a
Reginal Barker production and
Goldwyn picture, which comes to
the Liberty theater for four days
commencing today. The sheer
walls of Mt. Victoria rise yard
after yard, without ottering a
foothold for even the mountain
goats that abound in that region.
Opening of Deer Season
Brings Unusual Demand
For Game Licenses
"The Passion Flower", starring
Norma Talniadge, will be the at
traction at the Bligh theater tor
an engagement of four days, com
mencing next Sunday. This is an
adaptat on of Jacinto' Benavente'3
play of the same name,, in whica
Nance O'Neil starred oa Broad
way last season. Courtenay Foots
and Harrison Ford appear in the
leading male roles opposite Miss
Talniadge, who portrays the pa't
of "Acacia". Others in the cast
are Eulalie Jensen, Robert Ag
new, Charles SKvenson, Alice
May and Natalie Talmadge. '"The
Passion Flower" is a story of Cas
tillan peasant life. It was direcu
ed by Herbert Brenon.
novel by
I Katharine Newlin Burt
A breath from the great out-doors
which blows away the petty, tiring
cares that take the joy out of
living. :
i m m m m m mm b rnt -m
'VW' 1 I I II i i p-
-Ti. w mm c
"Salvat'on Nell" is one of the
big features that has been booked
for the Liberty soon.
Betty CompBon, whose meteoric
rise to stardom was the result ot
her remarkable portrayal of the
role of the girl in the George
Loane Tucker production of "The
Miracle Man," makes her initial
stellar appearance in ''Prisoners
o! Love", which will be presented
nt the Liberty theater Deginning
' With the deer hunting season
on for game district No. 1, com
prising all counties west or the
summit of the Cascade mountains,
there has been an unusual demand
for hunting licenses at the county
clerk's office.
Of course every hunter knows
that the bag limit between Au
gust 20 and October 20. is twe
buck deer with horns. But there
are certain unlawful things aud
these are as follows:
To hunt without a liicense.
To hunt deer with dogs.
To hunt at night.
To hunt on any gamie refuge.
To disguise sex of any same
animal. .
To lie in wait for deer at or
near salt licks.
To sell, or offer for sale, bar
ter or exchange any game animal
or parts thereof.
To shoot from public highway
or railway right ot way.
To wantonly waste fame.
To hunt on lands without the
permission of the owner.
. iff
; . ij;
..v.--;.. j.j.. fi?l) t iiib
jm ri -i . lam U tit i
.iVL HO,' : Ut-- i tii-"-
, v : -
Sketches and Musical;
German shells so wrecked the beautiful edifies at Rheims. despite the sand bags piled About It for j$
protection, that much time and money were spent to restore the building section and stattes that had
been cracked and In some cases almost totally destroyed. The photograph shows the religkus ceremony
of thanksgiving held on the steps of the Cathedral.
4 , L ; . ,
J . 1
Usual High Class
W. C. Tuttle never wrote a bet
ter stOry. Paul Hurst says be has
rarely directed a greater picture.
Louis Chaudelet says it is hl3
"Rem'ngton" of the west. That's
why "Black Sheep", Neal Hart's
latest picture, is one, of the best
we have offered in many weeks
It will be at the Bllgh theater
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs
day. "Song Sketches w;th Musical
Trimmings," describes in brief
the specialty that Introduces Reed
& Lucey, the popular musical
comedy favorites. pianoiogue,
pretty ballads and topical num
bers are included in their very de
sirable offerings. On the vaude
ville program at the Bligh today.
"Screenland News." the made-in-Oregon
news reel has been
bonked for the Liberty .....ater
starting next Sunday.
Biggest Beanery in West
In Operation in Salem
"The biggest beanery in the
west" is now in operation in Sa.
lem the King's Products dehy
dration plant which is working ex
clusively on string beans.
The bean crop this year has
been rather less than normal, in
the Salem country at least. The
dry, even though not excessively
hot summer, has cut down the
yield materially, both as to any
single picking, and as to thr
length of the season. Some good
years the beans would continue up
until frost, producing a very heavj
tonnage. This year, they are not
living up to their normal record;
but still there are enough of the
crisp green pods to "make it
snappy" In the big bean factory
where scores of busy women
string the product ready for the
ovens. String beans, are one of
the finest of all the .dehydrated
products, and the shortage of the
crop Is a national calamity.
Prunes will be the next crop in
the King's factory. They will use
a large tonnage of this fruit,
which comes through the dehy
dration process enhanced in value
like watch springs out of the or
iginal pig-iron foundry. The
pumpkin flour and the apples will
follow in order after be prunes
are finished.
"The Freeze Out," Harry Car
ey'a latest Universal photodrama.
which will be the principal at
traction at tbs Blisrh theater to-1 duchess incognito.
The claim is made 4hat a num
ber of titled women from Europe
are engaged in service in this
country. Therefore speak res
pectfully to the help. You may be
entertaining an Austrian arch-
k m
'The way of life is love if you
don't believe try the other way
like Mark Reid did in The Inner
4A guilty conscience is like a whirl
pool, drawing into its depths that
which would otherwise pass by.'
"The Ghost of
John Barleycorn"
"1.1 ..
A Prizma Subject
"African Jungle
Wildmen of Africa
Vandenbcrg Expedition
Always Interesting
i j Our Music
Makes Good
Pictures Better
Today's Schedule
245:45 '
7:30 and 9 :15 p.m.
1 1 e i .
-r j
il 1
SHERIDAN, Or., Aug. 20.
(Special to The Statesman.)
Edwarrr Fagan of Gopher Valley
left for Chicago where he will
enter a chiropractic school.
Rev. and Mrs. J. K. Jeffrey and
daughter Lucile, were in Salem
An all-day picnic is billed to
morrow for Benett's woods where
the local high school alumni will
hold a reunion. A large number
of former high school students are
George Brown of the Brown
Shipley Loganberry company, was
a Portland visitor this week.
Eight members of the M M club
gathered yesterday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Alfred Ivie. A
cocial afternoon with sewing as
the principal diversion was en
joyed. Guests present were Mes
dames R. I. Merrifield, Robert
Eskridge. Philip Bewley, Stout,
Fred Thomas, James Payne and
Miss Myra Montgomery.
Mrs. F. B. Sackett entertained
her Sunday school class and a few
additional guests at an informal
party yesterday afternoon at her
home. Games and puzzle con
gests took up the afternoon. Miss
EHene Yerex, visiting here at the
borne of Miss Olive Mark, told
many interesting experiences of
her recent trip abroad. Anion;
those present were Misses Helen
Turn bull,,. Ruth Rhodes, Edith
Rhodes, Effie Rhodes, Martha
Yoe, Kathleen Hirsh, Maggie M:
Tntyre, Lucile Jeffrey, Justine
Beal, Olive Mark. Eilene Yerex,
Alice Payne and Mrs. J. R. Jef
frey. Mrs. Nellie Turnidge and
Mrs. H. W. Flanery. '
Rev. and Mrs. A. Reinke and
on are here this week from Chi
cago as the guests of Rev. 'and
Mrs, Adolph Gahl while on a tour
it the coast country. They are
enjoying the Oregon weather and
ire much impressed with the
beauty of the country.
,'13. L. Knickerbocker, former
Sheridan resident, writes his par
ents, Mr. aiid Mrs. C. H. Knicker
bocker, that he will sail from
Honolulu Aug. 30 on sthe steam-'
ihP Equador. Mr. Knickerbock:
"r expects to spend about two
months here visiting his parents
and friends about Sheridan. In
Honolulu he is the niraiaeer of the
insurance department of the von
Ha mm YounK company. His wife
'.s here now at the home of. her
tarmts, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Nathan Manock, former em
ploye at the E. E. Haas drug store
has recently purchased a store at
Bids vill be opened today at
Grande Ronde for a school gym
nasium which is to be completed
in time for school use. October 3.
Elmer Birk of Willamiua has
recently displayed some Swiss
ehard which have attained a
height of S feet and 9 inches. The
average height of the plant is
two or three feet.
Miss Martha Yoo from Rose
burg Is visiting her mother here
She was well acquainted with
Mrs. R. M. Brunifield, as well as
her husband, staying at the same
home that Mrs. Brumfie'd occu
pied after the Russell murder.
She says that Roseburg has beeu
fairly a,grg with exciiement since
lha murder and that Lusiness has
been at a standstill' a large part
of the time. She will return to
Roseburg about September 1.
Marion Bowman, Ideal bey who
was a waiter on the ill-fated Alas
ka when It sank off the coast of
California two" weeks ago to
night, arrived here Thursday
night to spend some time with
his parents. ?Ir. and Mrs. George
liownian. He was anions; the sur
vivors taken to Eureka and from
there he went to San Francisco,
eomins? from the latter city to
Mr. and Nrrs. Kenneth Miller
stalled at tLe company's power
house on this feeder to ralm.thej
voltage at.such time3 of ' the. day
as the load is the heaviest. Br
thus raising the -voltage at the
station-, the !oh in voltage In tne
lines that occurs during1 the heavy
load will be offset by th s increas
ed voltage at the station, and ;
therohy maintain a more uniform
voltage at the customer's prera
The shutdown may cause same
inconvenience, but the better A ot
tage that the company will be able
to maintain thereafter, it is . re
lieved will be appreciated by its
customers In that faction the
c tv as the voltage has not been
ouite normal in that section re
cently. It therefor behoove people in
that sect'.on cf the city wh eooit
with electrie ranges to get their
Sunday dinner cooked before t
o'clock or vait until a'ter
s 11
and Miss Marietta Sliumway lelt
Thursday for Eugene where they before starting it
expect to make arrangements for
Misa Shumwav, who plans to at--tend
the University of Oregon
this fall. Miss Shuniway is a sis
ter of Mrs. Miller and is visitinq
here from Rosaline, Neb.
Electricity Will Be
Cut Off for Half Hour
The electric power and light
will be shut off in the northeast
quarter of the city from 2 tc 2::i0
p m. next Sunday afternoon, Aug
ust 21.
This shutdown is necessary tn
order that the Portland Railway,
Light & Power company may in
stall three booster transformers
in the circu t that supplies that
section of the c'ty. These boos
ter transformers are bein m-
Sit !
'I could have bought farm land
once in what is now the center
of Chlcego. If I had done it, I'd
be rich now."
"We all have those vain re
grets," opined, the grocer. 'If I
had every potato Pfe stuck in the
spout of a kerosene can I'd be
wealthy beyond the dreams of
avarice." Pittsburgh Chronicle
Telegraph. ' '
nished ,htUKi. pf,rman"nt, rKponsitil
fuc-.iiy. No -iiililrpii. Box 11 -x.
room Imup in lh iatfll ihImh)I
trirt. "I-llt," fr Stmmo,
eood lottanbfrry land, one mil front
city limits, cr wilt tak par part
pavmftnt. I'bon 972 R uilT 6 p.m.
ltir Thnn
lir DAY ll
'Harry. ;'
I In' ''
An absorbing picture of
the poor, cuss who tried
to reform Broken Buckle
' and was horsewhipped
and kisibd for his pains.
. il - ,
Coming i Tuesday
i 1 ".''"vv-- V
Viscount Uchldi figures prom
inently la the Mikado's attitude
toward the coming disarmament
conference tn Washington.
A Cross-Exami-natiqn
Will r
Prove The -Quality
Of every garmrnt we make.
When you j place the Order
for your il
with us, you - may be sure
that every detail ot I Us
making wflt stand the clos-
est scrutiny.
Hundreds ot newest pat
terned fabrics in as many
beautiful colorings are here
from which you can make a
choice exactly to your llk
lnk. 1 - 1 ' I - - I - : '
Any of these materials,
when carefully tailored and
properly shaped by expert
tailors Into a fashionable
suit for you will wear long
er, look better and give more
for which
your order
for fair
- Mi
Itrsfi S comfort than taitt f
II ifill l - others charge much
I 7 ns take you
426 State Street
Halem, Oregon
Now Playing
The eminent stage star makes his
screen debut in his most illustrious
stage success, the sensation of two
Today and Tomorrow
- j
A potent drama of llhe cunning
rogue who steals into our lives,
thwarts our loves and sears our
souls. The superb artistic crea
DOUBLE SHOW Thursday and Friday . V- j
SESSUE HAYAKAWA in "The Brand of Lopez" and $100 of Merchandise Given Free