The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 21, 1921, Page 16, Image 16

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' .,.'' . - . ' ' . t
Bonesteel Has Some Attrac
- tlve Models In Show ' I
" Wifidowi of His Place
A certain - famous national ad
vertiser wrote this of his product;
''We couldn't Improve the good
to wo improved, the box.
' Tbey baTfenU'. really Improved
the 'Dodge cars those are of tbe
, same standard construction ,, from
theday when the first Dodge car
carae rolling out of the factory
Iiut they bare certainly improved
th9 looks of the package, In tbe
new sedans and coupes, both of
which bare been received by the
Ilonestoelc Motor company of Sa
lem, u v ; .
They are made with bine bodies
and black Rear and finishing; a
dark blue that harmonizes finely
with the Jet fnaroel. 7 The bodies
tae the strong though dainty
lines that have always' haratt r
Ized the Dodge cars; but they're
refined' tand brightened; fitted
with crank-operated . automatic
plate glass 1 doors, with : adjust
able steering wheel to make easy
entrance and exit, and upholstered
in tbe latest, corduroy.
Thet 'bodies are rather lower!
(ban many other cars. They look
as comfy as an old shoe. The
closed car is, coining more and
more Into favor. The day Is al
most .here when "dealers would
think no more' of placing an open
car in competition with the closed
styles, as to bny one with only
three wheels instead of four. For
rain or dust, for beat or cold,
for almost every weather extreme
or, ordinary condition, tbe closed
cars are gaining ground faster
even than the buzz wagon gained
on the ox-cart and the one-hoss
aha v.
Tbe sedan is equipped with
tteel disc wheels and cord tires.
The coupe has wire wheels and
cord tires. : They're as nifty look
ing Jobs as anyone would wish
to drive. 1 The two new models
were put out without thiT fore
knowledge of the trade, and come
as real surprises even to the most
harJened dealers. They are alao
priced low, too 82050 for (he w
dau and I1S30 for th? cojj?, de
livered in Salem. One ol eah
model i mtv 00 display at the
Bonesteele offices and the cove
tous razer hxd better wear' blind-
ers, for they're real eye-filiers!
nse on oor last day's trip to San
Frisco the Seventh Iaj
We eot under way at 5 o'clock.
j taking three hours to drive fie
miles to Carson t'uy, w
took our breakfast. ' atfd then
started a seven-mile climb over
the range which brought us np
once more over a 7006-foot eleva
tion. The scenery was beautiful.
T"inif'nt. but all this work of
God could not compare with the
tistorv, literature, muskv and
Pibie literature. We carry fairy
stories and bear stories for the
younger children and have intro
duced many youthful renders to
Little Women, Tom Sawyer, and
Pinoehio. One great advantage ot
our system to the rural patrons
i is that there are no lines attacneu
, . , , tto books charged 'to- th library
Hooks Carted AD.out uounirv iauto cards.
(Continued from page S.)
our Elgin, and here we entered
nnon our first real roads since
leaving eastern Wyoming. We
whined around the mountain
aides through the Lake Tahoe re.
knew whereof they spoke. Still,
through pushing our Elgin, disre
garding all sense of hitting the
washouts at top speed, we crossed
these seven mountain ranges and
arid alkili flats and landed in
Fallon at 12 o'clock m
With Z83 miles 10 our creuu ior t San Francisco at 9:2 5. sev-
the day We left a call for 3 a. m., en days after leaving the windy
paying the landlord or the Com- city of Chicago.
ki ki i as.vnf., t Not a tire trouble, not a rce-
cnanicat irouuie iiui u imug in 11
on Wheels Declared to
Be !n Great Demand
Not so many years a so
Mon. down through Placerviile in.) beard the argument that the ac-
"The people in the country
think we made a good choice of
a car, as it is a good car, but not
the most expensive. They make
many comments on the car, espe-
. cially since we have met the men
you ' in tne Homes.
"The Indiana
Dirt and Sand Roads Offer
No Obstacles to Big Bull
dog Machines
to the valley at Sacramento and
Stockton and Into the land of the
ttine sun, onto the ferry at
: jiv. Oakland at 8:45 p. m. Friday.
amy 1, anu uiuic vy
There is where we made our mis
take; he did not call 03 until
4:45 a. m. and we had no come
4 5 minutes which we wanted to
! .) . .. . ;
- i. j -
Mew .Prop
but a desire for sleep and praise
for the wonderful performance
and service rendered by the Elgin
We had lost one bonr and I Six coupe. which was running
sweeter ana cuuiu nuu uuiu tui 1
her way contentedly right back
over the same route upon a mo
ment's notice. We covered on this
trip 2485 miles, used 123 gallons
of gasoline and 3 1-2 gallons of
oil. Chicago air is still in the tires
and the only question that re
mains in the writer's mind, who
has owned and driven five Elgin
cars, it, "How on earth can you
do it for the money?"
Yours Engineerings
Library Com.
sion is trying to push the country
Puts Hudson and Essex Cars Easily Ahead of All
, T ! Others in Their Class '
Hudson Super Six
t -
These Prices F. 0. B. Factory Effective Now
The Hudson
At Its former price of $2600 the
Hudson was the world's largest
selling fine car. ..What will be
its record at1 this new saving of
?705? . ;
The Essex
Everybody Includes the Essex,
with the costly cars in perform
ance, endurance and appearance.
This little winner is bound to go
forward by leaps and bounds at
the new savin? of $420.
246 State Street
Salem, Oregon
There are too many men in
this world who are satisfied if
they are able "to break even" on
their enterprises.
Prompt, courteous, com
petent service these are
fundamentals of our bus
iness. Our steady in
crease in patrons proves
the veracity of this pol
icy, solicit your bus
ness. HOFFMAN &
197 So. Commercial St
Phone 471 '
Cata corner Marion Hotel
j 11.- ft r w a - i i vm. m k
Y ou buy a Bigger Dollafs Worth for your dollars if you
buy a Studebakermore strength with less weight more miles
with less repair expense because yoyr car is built of the best
materials obtainable.
The Highest Quality at Fair Prices
GbodyeiBajr and United States
Tires and Tubes
Truck Mrrorsj Bumpers, SpotLights,Wihdshield Cleaners, Tire
Repair Kits, Everything tor your Automobile. :
Washing, Oiling and Greasing
Your Patronage Solicited
pen Day and Night
' Marioe
235 S3. Commercial St
Phone 362
tomobile was destined to monopo- ,ibrarT idea M are many oth(,r
lire people's time, that they would f gtate8 It is much Iter to have
1 ' " 1 1 . i - : : :
hv no more leisure hours tor
reading and that the nation would
consequently degenerate below its
present standard of culture.
Since then, of courre, it has
been proved pretty definitely that
exactly the reverse is true. The
automobile saves such an enor
mous amount of time that people
have more opportunity than eer
to read. There is no danger that
the motor car and culture will
ever conflict.
As a matter of fact, there are a
number of librarians in the conn
try today who will tell you that
the automobile is helping them in
troduce i traces of culture into
communities that would otherwise
fail to develop appetite for book::
for years to come. These librari
ans are taking their books to the
farms by automobile. They are
Introducing the motorized library,
and the success which has attend
ed their efforts indicates that it
is one of the certain American in-
titutions of the iuture.
Particular success with the mo
torized library is found in tiie
case of Noblesville, Ind., a city of
about 5000, situated about 20
miles north of Indianapolis. In
an exceedingly interesting article
describing the methods and re
sults employed in delivering the
library to the farmer's door. Miss
L,ula M. Miesse, Xoblesville's li
brarian says:
We tried both adult and juve
nile stations in schoolhotises and
homes and found the adult section
was not well patronized. The
country schools are open only five
days a week and only six months
year. So the house to houisfe
plan of service was determined
upon. We visited some other
cities, where library autos were in
use, and after looking over vari
ous chassis and trucks, we decided
upon a Dodge Brothers Business
car. In the first place it did not
need a great deal of remodeling
for our purpose. It was strongly
tvilt and highly recommended by
people who were using it, for dur
ability under bard service, which
wo knew our car must receive.
"The seats were already com
fortable. We had the wire screens
and the entire back removed. The
steel sides were bent over seven
inches and used , for shelves in
front of the book case. Inside the
car we built our book cases of oak
with glass doors opening outward
on botn sides of the truck, so
that it advertises its own wares as
it travels over the country. The
shelves slant slightly back to hold
the books away from the glass
Our territory is now laid in 1C
runs, but we- must add at least
five to these in order to cover it
Some of our trips are Ion?. Num
ber one, for Instance, is 42 miles
long and begins and ends 10 miles
from Noblesville. We have driven
our car through fresh gravel, mud
and over ice. As we travel four
days a week we cannot wait for
good roads. The work is very in
teresting and grows more so as
the librarians and tbe people get
better acquainted. The demand for
books has been so great that it
has been almost impossible to sat
isfy both tbe city and the country,
as we were not expecting and not
wen enough prepared for the
voracious appetite for reading
matter which we created.
. -uur library car is called 'Par
nassus after Christopher Morley's
bcok, 'Parnassus on Wheels.' It
Is a very interesting littler book
about book peddling. We nse an
old fashioned dinner bell to call
our patrenB, this being more ef
fective than tbe horn. One side of
the chr is used for adult and the
other for children's books. We
carry about 300 books on the
shelves and extra fiction and juv
enue dooks inside. Fiction is in
greatest demand, but we also cir
culate books on farming, travel
a strong central library, where de
cent salaries are paid, than so
n-any small libraries, barely alive,
and of not much use in the com
munity. The Indiana librarians
are very much interested, in our
"Our car now regularly visits
almost SI 00 homes and has about
1500 patrons, the circulation run-
,nlng from 100 to 160 per run. We
will give more service when the
remainder of oar territory is or
ganized. It is the most interest
ing library work we have ever
one and we hope all of Indiana
may have similar service in the
near future."
Fabrics Firsts
6000 Mile Guarantee
30x3 njonskid , $ jj.63
303'. 4 nonikid It. 95
32x34 mnkil( 13.25
31 x nonskid 1 16.65
32xi nonskid 1G.93
23x4 nonskiit 17.65
34x nonskid , ; 18.25
36x4 nonskid :4 35.00
Othar tiles in proportion. War
tax included
Cords Firsts
9000 Mile Guarantee
30x3X4 nonikid 113.95
32x314 aomkid , 19.75
32x4 nonikid . . 24.75
38x4 aomkid 25.25
34x4 Bomkid 25.90
10,000 Mile Guarantee
32x44 nonskid L. .$41.90
8344 nonnkid 42.85
34x4 H nonskid 44.00
35x5 nonskid
R. E. Jones is busy hauling this
year's crcrp of wheat from the M
L. Jones ranch near Arlington.
The haul is 13 miles over dirt
and sand roads but the three and
one-half ton Mack trucks move
rigiit along with no apparent difficulty.
Tho crop amounts to JOO.OOU
to 123.000 bushels. The hauling
is mnrn thin hlf completed. tt
whol- iob tai: ne about two
ohn Hogg of California
Makes Daring Venture
By Motorcycle
Braving a blazing desert tem
perature of over 135 degrees at
times and the dangers resulting
from a negative elevation. Joint
Hogg, a daring California motor
cyclist, explorer and author, re
cently 4nade an extensive explor
ation trip of the Salton Sea in the
Colorado desert of South Central
California. Experiences he en
countered and observations he
made are being given much space
in current magazines. The ingen
uity he used in utilizing a motor
cycle Bide-car outfit as a craft ior
Doin land and water is also be
ing quite extensively exploited in
various publications. After travel
ing to the Salton Sea from ls
Angeles with his sidecar combina
tion, he removed the side-car
body from its chassist and after
calking the seams, slid down a
steep sand bank and into tbe sea
and tben paddled 18 miles to Pel
lean island. There he was aDie
to obtain water and supplies and
after spending two days fishing
tor Salt Sea Mullett from his
strange craft, photographing the
numerous kinds of birds that in
habit the island, and making gen
eral observations, he returned to
where he left his motorcycle,
mountsd the amphibious sidecar
body on its running gear again.
ana returned to Los Angeles.
? '
Gvoernment, Red Cross and
American Legion to Co
operate in Work . 1-
of tba .nilversity . last yer has.
written that ahe will return. She
from j"enatcbee4Wah. -
Ere-retti-ueu w 'omauu, pmu-
uate of tbe Frankim hign
will be one, of the hew PortUadi
students. jLyall lioiton, gruiTi
of s the Tfrtnn Falls. Ida, high ,
school has arrange to "
ltalph Urown. graduate of the j
Kennewick. ure. nign scnut i
enter the freshman class, as will
Ernest tlalhoun, - graduate from
the high pchotl of uranti i-as.
Cooperating with tho govern
ment and the Hed Cross, thp Am
erican legion will soon put n a
campaign to dispose of th" claim
of every ex-service, man or disab
led veteran, according to Dr. .IV K.
Pound, commander of American
legion Post Mo. S, of Salem.'
The state organization wUl
it all local posts. " With a Vnited
States public service health ofil
cer, a representative of the Hed
Cross, a representative of , the
state American legion together a representative of the Insur
ance bureau of war, risks, every
post will be visited.
It is the intention. Dr. Pound
said, to render every assistance
possible in getting ex-service men
to come in ' and present their
All this has been made pfssible
under a bill recently passed by
congress and signed by the presi
dent, known as the Sweet bill..
This bill is part of the legisla
tion enacted as part .of the Am
erican legion program.
While the date of the vistts ot
those who will, receive all claim?
of ex-service men has not as yet
been definitely announced, it 8
thought that the officials will fir
rive in Salem about September 1U
It is thought that in Salem and
Immediate vicinity, at least 1 wo
ex-service men have soma claim
that should ba adjusted nr wno
have some -disability aud who
have not made claim.
At the meeting of the executive
board of the American legion post
of Salem to be held m?xt Monday
night, plans will be discussed to
interest every ex-service man
the county who might have some
claim. ' . '.
There is a feeling among. ex
service men, that many nave
claims against the government.
either mental or physical, and u
is hoped that when this commis
sion comes, to Salem In Septem
ber, that every claim of any na
ture will be presented.
American Autumobile Asso
ciation Successful in En
larging Dues
Malcom Tire Co.
Commercial and Court
One of a Chain of Stores
That the American automobile
association's recent decision to in
crease its individual membership
dues has not appreciably lessened
the number of new application's
nor deterred old members from
renewing is well evidenced by the
huge daily in-flow of remittances.
according to advices from A, A.
A. headquarters at Washington
The decision to Increase dues
was reached at the August
meeting of the A. A, A. executive
board, and was prompted by the
need of more money" to finance
the activities of the organization
In setting a figure for the in
creased dues, it was the aim oX
the executive committee not only
to obtain sufficient revenue to
take care of the present overhead
expenses hut to allow a margin
for a widening of tha organize
tion'a activities.
In addition to enlarging its
road charting, map-making and
legislative activities, it is planned
to add several features frequently
urged by members and which will
make strong appeal to motortst3
generally. Among these are the
establishment of an automobile
Insurance department and a legal-
aid bureau. Also there will be re
newed an intensive effort to es
tablish national motoring - reel
procity and to obtain uniform
motor vehicle traffic laws.
Town Names to Be Placed
On All Postoffice Signs
Through tbe efforts of he Cia
cinnati Motor club, aided by the
Ohio Stats Automobile association
henceforth town names will be
shown on all postoffice signs out
side of the larger cities.
Appeal was made to Postmaster
General Will Hays by the unio
motorine organization to thU3
help posting the suburban dis
tricts of the United States for the
benefit of tourin motorists.
The nostmaster general has in
structed postmasters to this er
tect and accordingly 60,000 vil
lage and hamlet names will be
Tosted where formerly tne motor
1st was left to guess his where
The Cincinnati Motor clut is a
member of the Ohio State Auto-
mobile association. Much ot tne
credit for the promulgation of the
postmaster general's; order is due
to uicnaei u. newu ui iub m
Lausanne Hall Rooms
Are Much in Demand
. . ti-- - f ...
You know bow modi easier it
is for you to overheat after yot m
Pavc overeaten, j
Batteries are almost human, .
The battery " that overheat
nd outs you to a lot of trouble,
due to wftrped or buckled plates.
is the battery that Has been a
towed to over-chare. ; ;
Anere is a , miuty wmpw
remedy for overheating of bat-
. t . 4. iJi :.
youH be! surprised to find how ,
We can tell you some othe
things about batteries that will
lave you trouble and expense.
oxne a anytime. ''
Auto Electricians
233 North High St.
Phone 203 '
Thl trademark, tamoed to in
oo th case, identifies the. WiUant
Threaded KuaM battery. .
Reservations for rooms at Lau
sanne hall continue to come in
from several points in the west
and from young women who will
attend Willamette university this
coming year.
Miss Amy Kinney, a graduate
of the Cashmere, Wash., high
school made reservations yester
day. Ruby Davis of , Enterprise
has also "arranged to attend this
fall. Miss Vera Parkhlll. student
Federal Cords give yon
safety and soreness in
their; scientific non
skid treads.
Added to their greater
flexibility andv long
wearing qualities Fed
eral Gords mean longer
service and
riding ease. -
double Cable Vase CftveS
Katty-Korner Marion Hotel
A Bargain in a new 1921
This Week Only ..
This is one of the 1921 large motors never uncrated.
This special price is in effect this week only, so hurry.
Remember that we carry bicycles and bicycle accessor
ies and are expert repairmen.
f V 287 Court Street -: t
. .
j ctaaU clubt - '
,Tt it
e "i.i,..-viit....,-' t-l9