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(Spet-lal to- Tho Statesman)-
Mrs.-J. B. Violette and child,
who have been at Sheridan re
t urn 3d home today. "
Hev. Victor P. Morris will
preach tn the Baptist cbureh Sun
da imrninjc ; and evening. The
jriorningMhinie will be "Chris
tioa'B Resnonsibllltiea" and in the
evenlnr. "Or-nt Questions and
Their Answers."
Jimmy Jones ot th firm of Cal
brtalb & Jones, in taking a
month' vacation.. An auto trip
to the Coos Hay country is araons
th projects being planned by
Mr. Jones. , -
Miss Kleancr Kurr of Astoria
Is spending tha siminier. with hor
parents Mr. and Mr. Peter
Miss Ida Hush,', who has been
qulto sick for some time, Is slow
ly recovering.
peter -Kurre "and wife motor!
to Cottage Grove the first of the
veek fr a visit with their sun,
Claud' Kurro.
j Mrs. Emma Webster, of Wood
land. Cat., is spending the sum
tnr at the country home of her
ton. F. S. Webster.
1 Charles Atwater of Monmouth,
lert the first of the week for Ta
coma. whei-3 he will enter a rov
rnment hospital to he treated
for Inluries received whiTe In ser
vice during the world's war. Me
was 2t months in service. 13 of
these beinjr spent overseas. Whi'e
In France he suffered with in
flammatory rheumatism and was
released rrom the hospital too
soon and sent on a long march
loaded with a pack. The bones
of his. back were still soft from
the sickness and the weight of the
pack gave him curvature of the
spin.- Durhig m part of the time
n Franca r he was In the motor
cycle corps and i was frequently
called at all hours day and night
to take officers to the front or
other places
motored to Eugene today for a
v.H4-k-end visit with L. J. Schon
and family.
The Tri Delta of Saieui and In
dependence jointly enjoytd a pic
nic ut SponKS landing last eve
ning. Tho.- from hero attending
Were Miss Opal Hewitt, Miss Kula
Dickinson. Miss Bessie Stillv!l
and Miss Fav Johnson.
The Parker Co-operative
tiireshfng.Vompany has ben or
ganized for Jh" coming seison by
the re election of P. T. Peterson
js number Hid thv Fclection o
Kd Veith as secretary and treas
Mrs. E. E Paddock and dauh
tr Dorothy are making'' a two
weeks vlit with relatives at
Sherwood. On her return sh'i
will visit a sister in Salem.
Uichard Oaincs an Tom Hart.
Who have been at Delknap
Springs for feveral weeks, return
ed home yesterday. Doth say
they l'eel Uk; different men -mace
their recuperation at tht springs
for rheumatism.
A daughter was born yesterday
to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Arrelr.
"ho live just north of town. She
ha'- been n.- inert Hei"n Louise. ,
There will be no services at
the Catholic church Sunday, but
next Sunday the wervicc will be
hold at 9 o'clock a. m.
Mrs. D. D. Davis of North In
dependence is very ill at her home
with typhoid fever.
Mrs. Fritz, who lives near Oak
Point, wag . brought home this
week from the SaHm hospital.
She has been ill with typhoid fe
ver, but we learn is much Im
proved. Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Pengra and
William Harris attended a danc
ing party Wednesday evening giv
en by Misa Amelia Dabcock ot
Mrs. Frank Hilke of Salem,
was a gnest the first of the week
at the home of her daughter.
Burial was ia the Silverton ceme
tery j ' " -' - " - . :J ,
- Mrs. Rape was born in Eng
Jand 75 years'ago. Her first hus
band. George Krech. died there.
Ie 1S84 nil" came to Silverton and
has made it her home until only
last spring. She was married to
Kiumanuel Rup. a wagoriiuaker.
Lt Kflrerton. several years ago
He died 10 years afo. Mrs. Rupe
is survived by ont- foil t"-or4
Krech. who has been living in
Mother of Mrs. Roberts
, Dies in Nova Scotia-
Observers Working on Me
thod to Destroy Pests in
Forests of Oregon
to its next tree home. Its presence!
, borings ia the bark. A tree
thoroughly infested at this time
!i me year win uaruiy sr.a a;
,tign oi me auat-K. otuer than thit
ireveaiU by the microscopic bark
borint. -But by the foI!onintr
spring, it iil bgiu to look a lit
tle faded in foiiape: by lail it l4ay
, ' e tii'ito red atui even ! p
rally d. ad by the close of the
cud s-ason.
War Methods IVvivtl
lnftd trvt'8 are beiui? cut
iirimininn nm
.nun md m
ue bill after hearing SecnSary
Mellon, Internal HeVenue toin
miaKiofter Blair and other treas
ury officer ia the. executive ses
sion beginnin-r Monday.
Chairnian Fordrey i!d today
t urobublr wiitild . taRe threv
w- !.? tM get tlie hill beforo the
i lu .l
Maclepy Man Reelected
VVool Growers, Director
SILVERTON. Or.. Jnir 2.
(Special to To Sta'eamanJ
Ther Of egoa Wool nd MoL'alr
gro wens secured permission froni
Tin- majority menier f election in the community clu
ru,i - ' i the dimmitir, have as yet had n? rooms 'today and Gl II .Thompson
' w House Wavs and Means' r, uf, r Rlw w aK,?HS a r's"'"1! w .witiHi-.dirc-.
uommiuee boon 10 bian
the IwHtle in
SILVERTDN. Or.. July 29.
(Special to The Statesman .
Mrs. Gertrude Cameron ha. re-;
f-eived a tuesrara frouj her fa
ther. W. It. Sladf. notiryiaK lief j
of the d?atli o her mother at th j
Htadei home at Oxford. Nova Sco-j
tia. i
Mrs. Siad vas well known tit j
both Silverton and Salam. i
Tiny Bug Outwits Wielder of
Broad-Axe or Wizard
Of Electricity
s round h; rzikir -hn t vv r a!;tr,thHobio, h5s, a--
ious. however, nd unabK- . community that as ..ift, .t.i ; tried t with volts o
Cfcjrntz- her. Fritx Slade. j potato bugs, and offert-t'. t.i xhow." ''"t car"nt, 'ht Oregon .
Mrs. John .1. Roberts of Satem j
also is a daughter cf th la:':
Mrs. Slade and. left thre- wee
ago to be at her mother s bed
to reef.
formerly with the siat bankin
(lenartment. nnw a federal ftanK
i l-u t..i. -'i,,. .. i every
exaiiimer iii .-an lkikc wi. i
son. Other children are Claude i
"P. Slade of Eureka, Cal.: K rani: I
I S'ade of Montreal, and a
therlne Slad i of Oxford, Nova Sco
tia. i
Tin ro once war, a hrav.i.
i a
worried farmer
bu on his
one good dinner.
down, peeled, and
stiHt bark bur:fri. Down in Cal
ifornia, where tii he-t! has 1m tn
a sfr:oi)5 forest menace, tbstri
ers li.iv.- found th:.t ;t isn't r.ires
- iry t'hurn til lar!-: and t-xpo--i-thf
whol forest to the danvr of
fir. They cut down tho at fi-ct.1
trt-e.s. p-e them, and merely pil,-
the hark f that tlu srrrhiii- s;--v.ill
reach it. The heat and ji-h'f
kilf th- brelies almost :i - tt.t
Jr as fire. This is to be tried e- j
tonsivtly iu southern Orcein I
where there is.soniH niasnificeMt
pine that it would be a r.atioiini I
eaniamitv to lose. j
One forester to the idea lha 1
el.-ctricty would kill the hnv- '
f the
Drafting Revenue Bill
Fifueen members were tresent
and 15 votes were sent In by mall.
Most Persons Given Hearing! s"r;a,c t!?tKr to
J : at lest .4o per cent also is
Ask Leniency for Their i
I tjiiierence o opinion anions i-iu j
' I. . I 1... L IV. a- !
i ii.n tjc- 4i a. ni.s.
I - t
j Suituv Hruti-l.Wa Forecast J Thrfre are 1S00 members or
All cf the licpuMicans have the Clreeon --Wool and Mohsir
'not yet agree! to the treasury j erowJn;' association to the state.
1 i.rn'o il to :epealthe excess pro'-l Fred IVT. Herrin la president if
, its ta and .Mirsutute an increase j tut afsoclat. on.
1 in t!ie nocin:i tax on coriKtt at.ons
i I ut leai'.'efs believe this program'
I will nrevail. A rednctfon iu the
m ,,f two Toums were snenviinr a
rr cent also is tore
Own Business
W., J. Clark, jWlfe and two sons, Mrs. Clint Baun.
$15,000 Structure at Inde
pendence Ready-tor Next
School Year .
to the main road, then turn back
and fro behind tho Peterson barn
where he disappeared Intojthe
Loganberry picking is nearly
finished. There will be a few
more days in some yards. Some
have already flneshed.
Pickard Brothers are enjoying
visit with their sister and two
children from Portland.
Little Wilbern Russell has tho
whooping cough.
K I i ( 1 i . , v ' -
"'fa lUrnPll lin lilts r nn, ,0
iar.u ii j--! motion, spat- on their
titieir electrifie!
Uncle Silas fed him such a dm- ' the electrocution
;ner as no otuer etr uea. To
Idreanled since they bewail to eat
! real food
Public hearings
!.?! t i.iav by the
ays .an. I mmis -onimitte
SeU'-inlcK st Shown
L:ke thi rrrzt majority t
those wl-.o had gone bofore mort
v.'itneses sought' removal of th-J
tax rnt;i particular indns-
tries bui as Chairman Fordney--,
house yoir.tid out. few sugeyt'ons wrri
Two youths were spf-nvllng
holiday at the seashore. "Say,
Tom.f asked one,' " how do yen
teach a girl to sw:ui?M ,-
That's easy." replied Tom
"Youftak her gently doitn to tho.
waie: then i you put- your arm
around her waist and; whisper,
imrljn. don't J frightened. .
Oji, corae ou! returned Dick
"shi only tuly sister.'" -
(h. vour I sister! Well. It
which offennl aj to how the los in r?v-j that j, the case, just push her la,
... . .... . . . . l . . . . w l. TaI n n
win sUiri iira.lus in. nevi- ri'vi-n- ecne nronos Ts -was 10 oe mmiB up- i iijsournii
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Maris are
spending a few weeks at Wilhoit.
Others who have visited Wilhoit
this season are Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Binegar, Frank Haris, Mr. and
Mrs. John Caplinger, J. Irvin
Caplinger and the Mises Logaa
fcill. John Parson is still very 111 but
la apparently gaining a little.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Magee and
daughters Margaret and Hazel,
spent the week-end at their Crook
ed Finger ranch.
Tom Dunigan -came down from
Scotts Mills the first of the week
to work his loganberies.
Mrs. T. Walace is visiting her
brother J. D. Bower of FiorenoeJ
Ore. She was accompanied by her
sister, Mrs. Walter Firth, who has
been a house guest of Mrs. Wal
lace for some time.
About all of the hay is taken
care of and the farmers are busy
cutting grain.
how to
at the
hands anil it
annot'iec ntiiiiK
was discontln- I
establish Quarantine!
zones and to kin off infOUi,i
. It was an awful strain, j before the beetle rn ,i
V . .... . 1 II ,.,.11: U , . " " "
uui iue iriimy juia.uj ?ui -iv-"--, preaa. Is at nreent
oi praciicauy an iue ursi ui's ; proved fighting process
two Kinds in West.
x nere
INDEPENDEkcE, Ore., July 29
if?ncial to The Statesman)
Th new 115.000 high school
gymnasium located just" east of
th hiirh school bulldlftg. was
completed today by the contrac
Inn. '.
with concrete basement and
-wooden euperstructure, the build
inc has been constructed along
th: most: approved lines for furn
, lahlnc the school with an, indoor
ulay ground, besides ; providing
suitable Quarters for holding
' school functions of various klnda.
Th dimension of the mala room
are 75x90. with a height of 20
teat. There are 20 large windows
a good sized stage and dressing
rooms to each side, and at the en
trance customary " provisions for
cloak rooms, ticket office, etc.
Separate shower bathes for the
boys and girls are provided ia the
large basement covering the en
tire size of the building, besides
there is a large well lighted room
that may eventually be used in
connection with the high school.
Muck of the work done ion the
building was by local men, : -,
j ,
Defective Eye Causes I
I Lieutenant to Resign
..i : . .- i
(Special to The Statesman)
While attending rifle practice at
Clackamas ' a few - weeks ago, an
examinat4on disclosed , that Ira
Mix had a. defective eyo t which
made it necesary for him to sever
his relations with , Company K
Oregon national guards as -first
lieutenant. He has held the lieu
tenancy since, "the organization of
the company, Jane 30, 1919, His
successor has not been appointed,
which I entlrs1r ia the bands of
the captain of the company.,
Mr. Mix is cashier of the Inde
pendence National bank and has
worked hard to bring company K
to the forefront of eficlency.
Saiem Band Entertains
On Normal School Campus
v INDEPENDENCE. Ore.. July 29
-(Special to The Statesman)
The citizens of Monmouth were
given a real treat Wednesday evo
nlng when the Salem band gave a
concert on the normal campus,
where hundreds gathered to listen
to the music; The entertainment
lasted over an hour and judging
bjr0 the hearty; welcome accorded
the band, the event" was highly
appreciated; --
'i 1
STAYTON. Or.. Julv 29.
Adam Hums of Salem was visit
ing friends lor a few hours Tues
day. Mrs. Harrington left Tuesday
for a. 10 days visit with- relatives
at Randon, Or,
T, J. Hunt, witli other county
commissioners, was' in Stavton
Tuesday looking after the instal
ling of a new engine at the coun
ty rock crushing plant.
' C. A.' Heauchamp, Frank I-
Jones-and Joe Fisher . and T
smith returned Tuesday from a
10 days outing In the. mountains
around Marlon lake.' (.;- ,
Mayor Grant Murphy. Council
man J. R. Gardner, Marshal Hen
ry bmith and Harry Humphreys
went to Salem Tuesday to confess
with the county court hK regard
to the paving motement which is
on foot.
Mrs. S. A. Fultoa ana Miss Al
mal Fulton drove over from Tur
ner Wednesday 'on a brief shop
ping tour.
A large delegation ot Epworth
league members will go to Jeffer
son Sunday where they will at
tend the Epworth league conven
tion which is now in .session at
deague part.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Preesler left
Monday for Toledo where they
are Bpendingthe week with Mr
and Mrs. F. IT, Down.
John Sandner has bought out
the milk route fornterly operated
by Phllippi and Huntley. Mr
Sandner took possession of the
route Monday.
John A. Dilter, a pioneer resi
dent of Sublimity wa-transact
ing business in Stayton Thursday,
Miss June Kearns was an early
morning. yisi tor r in Salem Monday
returning borne on the noon
Udoo the advice of Mayor Mur
phy and City Marshal Smith,.Wil-
liam Hawkins was admitted to
the county poor farm the first of
the week.
J. A. Hendershott Is moving h'a
stock of confectionery goods
from the old stand Into the Gard
ner building on Third streets,
which gives him a much better lo
cation. Mr. and Mrs. John Braun took
their little son Sylvester, to Sa
lem Monday where the little fel
low bravely underwent an opera
tion, having his tonsils renvaved
and other minor troubles attend
ed to.
Lodge of Redmen Formed
By Silverton Residents
SILVERTON, Or.. July 29.
(Special to The Statesman.)
Ablqua tribe. Improved Order of j
uetimen so. 71, has organized inJ
tnls city with membership, of
2 5. Thirty-five Redmen came
from Portland to i institute the
The . officers elected were: S..
W. H. Cachran: s. s.. William
Robinson; J. s.. J. W. Farrell: d..
M.'Gebrfce; c. r., R. Thornby; k.
w., E. W. Garner.
Edward Given Sells His
Silverton Barber Shop
SILVERTON. Or.. July 2 9.
(Special to The Statesman)
Earl Crowder has purchased the
Sanitary Harber shop in the Gem
theater building from Edward
uivens. Mr. Crowder vas for
merly owner of the shoo. Mr
Givens has not given out his fu
ture plans. He formerly lived i
iset mefore him. Then he yawned
rolled up his sleeves, picked up a
huge razor-like broad-axe, tested
it with his thumb, twirled it over
his brawny shoulder, and in a
deep bass voice demanded:
"Fetch 'em on I'l show you
how to butcher the biggest tater
bug that ever grew!"
Beetle Attack Forests
Pine beetles could be kilied
that way, too. A beetje an eisht
of an inch long, and as slupjrish as
a slue:, might be assassinated by
a stalwart man with a broad-axe
or even a good steel maul. But
wh41e the one was beinj; massa
cered, a million others would be
growing up, crawling, boring,
gnawing and they'd soon out
number the beetle killers. It may
work with tater-bugs, but it's too
slow for pine bugs.
The pine beetle is making a bee
line for the Orepon pine forests.
He needs a good killing, for if he
isn't checked, the Oregon pine
forests will one day look like
Egyptian mummres dead, dried
up, and ready to blow away in
The forestry department is try
ing to head off this dangerous
pest. It is a man's job, however,
for the life habits of the creature
make it almost impossible to seg
regate. It goes from one live tree
to another, with no pause in the
ground or in the rubbish of the
forest where so many other tree
pests can at some time during
their life history be trapped either
in the egg. or as larva, or in the
developed beetle form. Almost
the only way to check the crea
ture's ravages is to spot the trees
it infests and destroy them.
How tho Beetle Works
The beetle bores its way through
the outer bark of the tree into the.
growing wood, and then begins to
tunnel its way between the bark
and the wood proper. It poes,. a
little way, cuts a gallery for an
egg deposit, then goes back and on
to many other galleries, to repeal
the egg-laying process. The eggs
finally develop into the larva,
which continue the boring process
until perhaps the whole tree is
girdled or infested by msfly
thousands of insects.
. The beetle leaves the larva
stage in early summer and eoes on
are two varieties nf r
pine beetle operating in the wen.
One affects the suger pine only,
the other is found mostly in the
yellow pine, but will attack the
sugar pine also. In general, the
pest is found to attack the weeker
or less thrifty trees, just as other
disease germs attack iha
healthy throughout th whr.: i
nul and vegetable world. A vol
untary CUlling Of the wenker
trees in a supervised forest is one
posible solution of the warfare
against the pest.
The state forestry department
Is gathering all the data possible
tor a vigorous fight against this
forest menace. The splendid pine
rorests of the Klamath country,
and of other sections of Oregon
are worth a big fight
At Chicago
Philadelphia ....
Iluhbell md . Bruggy
-Martin, Joneb and Dalv.
U. K
9 1
8 :j
At Cincinnati II. M. K.
New ork ; . . 1 o i ; 2
Cincinnati ... 7 15 1;
Ryau. Saliee and Smith. Sny
der; Donahue. . Markle, Geary,
Couinbo mid "Win go. Hargravel
Monday, Aug. 1st
At St. Iouis
Brooklyn ... .
St. I-ouis ... .
Mitohell and
and demons..
1 1 1 1
R. II. K.
0 4 1
1 ! 0
Taylor; Pfeffer
At Philadelphia R. II.
Detroit " IS IS
Philade'gphla 6 10 K
Ehnike, Cole and Bassler.
Woodall; Hasty. Froeman, Wolf
and Perkins, Styles.
R. H.
At Boston
Cleveland 3 7 0
Boston 0 2 0
Morton and O'Neill; Thormah
len, Russell and Ruel.
Chicago-Washington American
league postponed, wet grounds.
July 31 1 Wc-
1 '-,vr i-..::--v..
- . -1. 1 i '. . . ! ., - .
- j.
Stayton Couple Purchase
Residence at Silverton
Escape Quietly Eats
With Guards on Trail
MARION, Ore., July 29.
Marlon people were ery much
excited for a short time "Wednes
day evening.. While the peniten
tiary guards were looking up and
down th roads that lead into
Marion, Frank Payne, the escaped
convict was quietly eatinr bis sup
Vr at Mr.. Lee Smith's house.
"When: be left the bouse he met
Mr. Smith" going to the hotise. The
eonvlct said: -That Is a fine colli
dog you have there. and passed
on. .. .. . . 1 " ..
As Mr. Smith had heard there
were oficers In town he was sus
picious, particularly when he saw
V.8 rl8.on number on 1 his back.
Mr Smith went to the officers and
told them where Payne was. It
wraironly a few minutes until they
too him, .from under a log where
t. M 'when he 83 the oflcera.
which he evidently did as he was
Sees to cross the bridge that leads
SIL.VERTOM, Or., July 29.
(Speojal to The Statesman)
Mr. and Mrs. El wood Small who
have been .living at Stayton "for
about two 'years have purchase 1
the Milster residence on Fis'-c
street. Mr. Small will remodel
the house.
Mr. and Mrs. Small are old
time Silverton residents, having
lived on the farm which O. K. Se
bo now owns in the vTaldo Hills.
After Mr. Sebo had purchased tho
old Small home Mr. and Mrs.
Small moved to Silverton and
l'.ved in the house which the O.
Thompson family now occupies on
Liberty hill.
Funeral of Mrs. Rupe
Is Held at Silverton
- SILVERTON; Or., July 29.
(Special to The Statesman.)
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Rupe, who
died at Portland Monday of this
week, rwas buried; from the .Ma
sonic temble of Silverton Thurs
day'afternoon at 2 o'clock. The
funeral servicer were under the
auspices of the Eastren Star. Rev.
J. A. Bennett of the Christian
church save the funeral sermon.
J II lUll V. IML'P I "1 -HK-
Sl: f S ml VVW "' 1 1 . r-M-r!
Good Will - Economy
X 1 11 11 ai I H ia 1 vmA.m j. - - - - ... sw. r.ii z .
o i ifbutorp&tutttl
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