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Madame Marie Curie Brings
Message of Hope To
Afflicted Here
President to Present Radium
Jo Be Used in Research
Of Disease
NEW YORK, May 11. A mes
sage of hope, and fortitude for
those afflicted with cancer was
brought tb America today by
Madame Marie Curie, diBceverer
of radium and the world's fore
most woman scientist.
She arrived on the Olybpic wit a
her two daughters to receive from
President Harding In behalf of
the women of the United States
one gramme of radium to be used
in cancer research.
Radium Is Remedy.
- Asked If radium was actually a
cure, she replied:
"Yes, it Is. That is. If it is ap
plied properly."
The scientist, who has received
the Nobel .prise and Is the first
woman toroccupy a chair as pro
Pony Prizes and Cash
. . . m
U Harness! and Boggy .
Second: t'OMERHlA"
I Harness and Baggy
fon a Pony
Now for the
(Good Old
Snmmer Time
v First.1 Prize.; Grandee, Harness and Buggy, to be awarded to the pony contestant who
; secures the most votes.
Second Prize. Cinderella. Harness and Buggy, to be awarded to the Donv contestant
who secures the second highest number of votes.
Third prize. Madame Trixy, harness and cart, to be awarded to the pony contestant
who secures the most votes.
Fourth Prize. Sparkle, Saddle and Bridle, to be awarded to the pony contestant who
secures the fourth highest number of votes.
Estimating Prize. Fifty dollars $50) in gold to the person who estimates the cor
rect number or the nearest to correct numbe r of kernels of wheat in the quart jar as de
scribed. V
i Cash jA wards. Ten per cent cash comm ission on all subscription money collected will
be paid to all active contestants who do not w in a grand prize.
The following a story written by a child who won a pony in a former pony contest.
I am a little boy ten years old.
four feet and eleven Inches tall.
I weigh 17 pounds and have light
hair and blue eyes. But what I
want to tell you about is my pony.
Sonny," which the publishing
company -gave me. "Sonny" is
the finest pony In these parts and
ha and bis outfit are better than
five hundred dollars to me.
I went to the depot to meet my
pony the day ha came. 1 could
bear him whinnying but I could
not see him. Then I went to the
other tide of tha car and 1 saw htm
In a Uttle crate on the express
wagon ready to go to the express
office. I took him out of the
crate and the people laughed at
me and told me be was a little
"sheep lamb, he was so woolly
looking in his winter coat Papa
told me to fire him some water
but be couldn't reach the foun
tain that big horses used- I told
them that was all right and I told
them If they were such a little
pony as that they couldn't reach
the fountain either. . And . then I
brought him-bom and my uncle
told me be iraa a' dear little play
thing. The time I went to
5 town be looked so well they all
wanted to buy blm. , I told them
no money would buy him. lie is
Pony Contest Editor,
Statesman Publishing Co.,
. Salem, Oregon.
Please register my name as a contestant in The Pony Contest and credit
with 5000 votes. I have read the rules of the contest and agree to same.
Contestant's Name.
m .
, -vina DianK properly
return , man.
fessor at the Sorbonne. was greet
ed by representatives of th Matie
Curie radium fund end leading
Fcientlfic organizations.
Hearing 1 Modest.
In contrast to the motlish at
tire and debonair bearing of hpr
tall daughters. Madame Curie
seemed a neutral figure.
The almost awtien whiteness of
skin, ashen hair. touched with
gray, and gray eyes that showed
Occasional ' gleams of blue; her
simple bUck tailored suit and lit
tle taffeta hat. combined to make
her apparently the "passionless
spirit of pure science."
Votwn Ait Thanked.
. "I am happy to bring my
daughters to nee your great coun
try and they share my gratitude
to American women for their In
terest in science and my work."
she said. "I desire to thank them
through the press."
t'ntil Madame Curie sails for
Europe June 25. her visit will be
raarkef (by daily activity. On
May 20 President Harding will
ptesent the gramme of radium.
Oklahoma Judge Dies
In Mysterious Manner
TULSA. Okla.. May Jl. Judge
i John Devourx, an aged attorney
and former member of the Okla
homa supreme court, died tonight
from a wound on the head and
illness which his physicians be
lieve was caused by a drug. He
never regained consciousness af
ter being found with a gash over
his right eye at a local hotel Mon
day night in company with two
women who are held. One had
I been serving him as a nurse for
I the last two weeks.
. sw m m
A pretty prancing pony.
The greatest of chums for a boy.
A real sweetheart for a girlie.
To, win one, oh! think of the joy.
the smallest and cutest pony
around here. He gained 4 5 pounds
the first four months after I got
One day I drove "Sonny" to a
picnic and my brother went with
me and when we got there a lot
of people came around and ad
mired him. We unhitched him
and tied him up and then some
boys and girls crawled through
In under him and the boys gave
him some water and picked grass
for the pony. Some of the boys
and girls said to me that they had
more picnic with the pony than
with anything else. Then a big
black cloud came up and the peo
ple got excited and thought they
had better start home. Papa told
me I had better start soon too or
I would get my buggy muddy, but
"Sonny" kept up with the other
teams all the way back to the
"Sonny" goes as fast as he can
when we go after the cows nights
We are such good little friends
and he never runs away or kicks
me. He is always around the
house or barn. "Sonny" is always
around when meal time comes.
Sometimes when 1 am riding him
be turns around short and I fall
off and "Sonny" stands and looks
at me and laughs because it is a
filled out brings you further information and supplies by
Wirth Spends Day Riveting
New Cabinet Into Coor
dinate Ministry
Liberal Press Not Over-en-j
thusiastic Over New
German Cabinet j
BERLIN. May 11. (By the
Associated Press K The reichstaj;
presented a deserted appearance
today, most of the members ap
parently not having recovered
from - yesterday's session. The
coalition parties met informally
while Chancellor Wirth was rivet
ing his new cabinet into a co-ordinate
The po.t of foreign minister,
which Dr. Wirth assumed tempor
arily, still is seeking a likely can
didate. The majority Socialists
are reported to favor a man from
one of the bourgeois parties, or
a nonpartisan diplomatic official
in the belief that a Socialist min
ister would likely prove prejudic
ial to the new cabinet.
'A Socialist foreign minister
, Harness and Baggy
Cash Prizes to all Active Candidates
who do not win a pony
Contest Closes
.. June 25 . .
good Joke. "Sonny" and I run
races horseback with the other
boys. Almost every time he and
I beat.
As I don't always like to use
my nice buggy I made a little roll
er cart and 1 can have lots of fun
with it. First I took an old vin
egar barrel and nailed some cleats
on both ends, then to these I fast
ened a block with a bolt which
takes the place of an axle. The
shafts and seat fit over this bolt
and are held in place by a nut. I
also had to fasten the seat to the
shafts so that it would not fall
over backwards. Then I made
some places on the shafts to put
my feet on Just like real Jockeys
have on their racing gigs- When
it was all finished I had a fine
roller cart as you could wish for
Quite often I Invite my little boy
and girl friends from the farms
near my home to come and play
with "Sonny" and me. and we
have the best times. We all take
turns riding on the cart and my
little friends enjoy it as much as
1 do.
1 am never going to sell "Son
ny" and he is so good that he
makes me feel happy all the time.
Watch for the pony news tomor
row. Nominations are free send in
your nomination today.
would be looked upon as a bol
shevist in the I'nlted States,- one
partv leader declared.
Gossip today was devoted to
speculation as to whether the
caliinf-l wnirn i-iiimhmuu -parliamentary
minority could car
ry out a constructive program in
view of las jtrecarious backing.
The siron:eit doubts are express
d anions the democrats, who pre
dict -that the Wirth ministry will
soon undergo reconstruction now
that its primary function as a
signing cabinet" has been dis
posed of.
The new cabinet is only able to
re v on 2K out of 469 votes, as
suming that the Democrats vote
solidly with the ministry, in which
they are represented in a provis
ional manner only. Chancellor
Wirth therefore will be obliged to
depend ujon the "benevolent neu
tiality" or support of either the
People's patty or the Independent
Socialists in a critical stajie, or
he may weather a parliamentary
storm if given the 21 votes of the
Bavarian People's party.
Pre Luke-Warm.
Although the liberal press gen
erally is sympathetic in its re
ception of the new cabinet, it is
not over-enthusiastic.
The Bourse Gazette says that
"it is evident that the Wirth gov
ernment cannot aspire to be more
than a signing cabinet."
The independent Socialist or
gan. Freiheit. believes that the
crisis has only been temporarily
Newspapers of the nationalists
and industrialists received the
new cabinet and its action in ac
cepting the allies' ultimatum with
expressions of scorn and con
tempt. 'The German people. Insofar as
it has yet been able to think and
feel, will not have anything in
common with the government,"
says the Pan-German Deutsche
"For us this document Is but a
scrap of paper."
Conservatives Landed
Count Frederich von Westarp.
conservative member of the reich
stag. writing in the Kreus Zei
tung. declares that the conserva
tives did their duty in opposing
The Tages Zeitung charges that
the "so-called German parlia
ment" played France's game and
that the makeup of the new cabi
net accommodates the French
The clerical organ. Germanla,
believes the acceptance marks the
beginning of an era of interna
tional tranquility and that it will
also promote internal consolida
tion in Germany.
The Vossische Zeitung demands
that he new ministry shall not
reveal itself as merely "a. signing
cabinet." but shall proceed tQ
carry out Its program.
Worst in History for Organ
ized Labor, Declares A
' Warren S, Stone
' CLEVELAND. O,, May 11.
Organized labor is facing the
worst crisis in its history. Warren
S. Stone, grand chief of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi
neers, declared tday in his reiort
submitted at the opening of the
organization's triennial conven
tion Twenty thousand members
almost one-fourth of the total
are without Jobs, he said.
Mr. Stone reviewed the brother
hood's wage movements for the
past three years, and declare 1
that had not Woodrow Wilson
been stricken on his western trip,
"conditions would have been dif
ferent." He said the former
president had promised that upon
his return he would place "the
power of the government behind
the movement to curb the Increas
ing cost of living and profiteer
ing." Mr. Stone urged that the un
authorized strike of last summer,
when between 2,000 and 2,400
members were suspended, be re
ferred to a special committee for
W. F. McCaleb, manager of the
Brotherhood's Cooperative nation
al bank, reported that deposits
increased from $650,000 on Nov
ember 1 last to $7,000,000 today.
Establishment of similar banks in
other cities was recommended.
Extension of financial aid to the
state of North Dakota was dU
cussed. i San Francisco, Portland
And Seattle Men Confer
PORTLAND. Or" May 11
With the view of determining on
a uniform charter party." repre
sentative of steamship lines oper
ating out of Seattle, San Francisco
and Portland conferred here today
with representatives of the ship
Ping board offices on the Pacific
coast The operators and charter
ers of steamers worked on a def
inite "charter party" that will be
satisfactory to the shipping board.
The conference will be continued
Jake Schaefer Wins in
Opening Billiard Play
Jake Schaefer of San Francisco
won both blocks in opening play
today of a 4.000 point match of
18 2 billiards from Edouard Hore
mans. Belgian billiard champion.
In 5'4 Innings tonight Schaefer
won. 400 to 279. The score stands
800 to 328.
Horemans made a high run of
180 tonight while his afternoon
high run was 25 Schaefer's high
run tonight was 124 and in the
afternoon play 163.
Use Statesman uasalftod Ads
n rr
Credentials Are Presented;
Ambassador to Make
Appearance Today
LONDON. May 11 (Py the As
sociated Prfss. Colonel Harvey,
he new American ambassador,
presented his credentials today to
Karl Curzon. foreign minister. He
will be received by King George
tomorrow and will make his first
public appearance at a dinner by
the Pilgrims society May 19.
Meanwhile, he announced that
Le will refrain from granting in
terviews. The Pall Mall Gazette
says that the new ambassador
announced himself by his words
of greeting "which could not be
exceeded in cordiality or couched
in terms more agreeable to the
Colonel Harvey, it said. Is com
mended personally to Englishmen
by his lecord as a staunch uphold
er of the allied cause in the hour
of strain and anxiety.
President Harding, it adds, ha?
intimated a friendly disposition
toward this country with a frank
ness for which it would be diffi
cult to find a precedent. In his
words. President Harding's am
bassador constitutes a further
forecast that this good will is not
empty nor academic, the newspa
per declared.
The United States, in the opin
ion of the Gazette, has found a
president who realizes that an at
titude of aloofness does not con
sort with the material and moral
facts of the world.
Owners of Vacant Lots
Urged to Keep Them Clean
Owners of vacant lots in Salem
are urged to see to it that the
lots and curbs are cleaned up and
kept clean during the summer. It
is requested by Street Commis
sioner Low, that there be hearty
co-operation in the -work of keep
ing the city free from weeds and
rubish. Dur'ng the recent cleanup
campaign 75 loads of garbage
were hanled away by the city,
yet there still remains work to be
done on the vacant property to
complete the cleanup.
Gofdendale Aviator is
' Injured at Sand Point
. ; SAND POINT. Idaho, May 11
John Van Alste of Goldendale,
Wash., J as seriously injured to
diy w hen his biplane, equipped
with" pontoons, plunged 50 feet
Into Lake Pend Oreille aboct a
mJle rora the city dock. His
right 'arm was crushed and he re-
"JcejjJ a, severe blow on the head.
;t ne.was piacea on me operating
(able tonight but had not re
gained consciousness. The phy
sician in attendance declared that
Vari Alste has only a slight ctfance
ot recovery. The plane .was al-
lWnfat' .iilkmArffail an1 fa haiUv 1am.
Van Alste was a first lieuten
ant in the aviation corps during
the war.
Pacific Coast Conference
Meet is Sure to Be Held
EUGENE, Ore.. May 11. The
Pacific -coast conference track
meet will be held in this city May
21, whether or not University of
California and Stanford send
teams to compete, according to
announcement today by athletic
authorities at the University of
Oregon. The winner of the meet
will be given the coast title, it is
announced, and any team not pres
ent will have no claim to it. This
decision is based upon a previous
referendum of all the northwest
colleges In the conference. The
institutions that are sure to enter
teams are University of Oregon.
Oregon Agricultural .college. Uni
versity of Washington and Wash
ington State college. The new
track on Hayward field is now in
fine condition.
Plan of President is Fought
By Education Depart
ment Adherents
dications that the proposal to
create a department of public
welfare will not have smooth sail
ing through congress were fur
nished today at initial hearings
by senate and house education
committees on the Kenyon bill,
which embodies the principles of
such a department as endorsed by
President Harding and as worked
out at his direction by Brigadier
General Sawyer, his physician.
General Sawyer was subjected
to extensive questioning by com
mittee members, who wanted to
know if the consolidation of the
education, social and humanitar
ian bureaus would not add to the
number of employes and to gov
ernmental expenditures. The wit
ness contended that the number
of employes and the expense
would be reduced and promised
figures to substantiate his asser
tion. The most pronounced opposi
tion came from supporters of the
proposal to establish a depart
ment of education.
Representative Towner. Repub
lican, Iowa, author of the depart
ment of education bill, argued
that the educational forces would
not be satisfied with a division
of education in a department of
e "
... fiawvor
cators had endorsed the proposed
bureau and those that wouia noi
fall in line evldentlx did not have
the best interests of education at
Millionaire Mining Man
Passes at Monteroy, CaL
MONTEREY. Cal.. May 11.
James A. "Murray, wealthy mining
man, died here today after a long
illness. He was born In Canada
and was over KO years old. He is
survived by a widow and Btepson.
He had extensive mine holdings
in butte. Mont., and owned much
real estate in Portland and Se
attle. Friends of Mr. Murray estimat
ed his fortune at many millions of
For the past 15 years he has
been a resident of Monterey, com
ing here from Butte. For many
years he was identified with
banking in the Pacific northwest
and was at one time president of
the American Savings, & Trust
company of Seattle. He also head
ed banking institutions in Butte
and Salt Lake City.
League of Nations Stock
Sold at $1 0 Per Share
CHICAGO. May 11. Stock in
the league of nations at $10 a
share is the latest bargain to te
offered the Chicago investing pub
lic. Federal Investigators today
began searching for the men who
have victimized numerous persons
by selling the stock and collect
ing 25 per cent of the 3alc price
in advance.
The league was represented as
the world's greatest organization
and prospective purchasers were
told dividends would be large De
cause of the great value of the
league to humanity..
Seattle Woman Acquitted
In Less Than One Minute
SEATTLE. Wash., May 11.
Madge Anna eBawyer, whose sec
ond trial on a charge of killing
her husband. Howard I. Sawyer
last year, was concluded in super
ior court here late today, was ac
quitted by the Jury of seven wo
men and five men, in a verdict ie
turned after less than one min
ute. The case was given to Che
jury at 4:50 p. m. and the verdict
was read at 5 p. m. The jury
was out long enough to take one
vote, it was said.
Mrs. Sawyer was found guilty
of second degree murder after her
first trial last June but was
granted a new trial.
Washington State Wins
From Oregon University
EUGENE, Or.. May 11. Wash
ington State college took a 4 to
3 victory from the University ot
Oregon nine in a game here this
afternoon. Knutdsen poled home
for Oregon In the first and Sand
berg for the Cougars in the fifth.
Score: R H. L.
Washington State 3
Oregon 3 5 5
Friel and Sandberg; Berg and
Railway Unionist Met
By Hostile Demonstration
NEW YORK, May 11. J. H.
Thomas, general secretary of the
National Union of Railwaymen of
Great Britain, encountered a hos
tile demonstration on his arrival
today on the Olympic.
Men and women, who styled
themselves as representatives of
the Irish-American Labor league,
assembled at the pier bearing ban
ners criticising Thomas for his
action in the settlement of the
threatened strike of the triple al
liance in England last month
when he urged the miners to ac
cept a resumption of negotiations
with Premier Lloyd George.
Police reserves were called as
a precaution but they were not
needed. Mr. Thomas and his
daughter left the pier unobserved
In a taxicab.
"They are entitled to their opin
ion." Thomas said. He said he
came to the United States to rest
and intimated he might attend the
annual convention of the Ameri
can Federation of Labor.
Commander of Allies
Has Reduced Staff
General Degoutte, commander of
the allied armies on the Rhine,
with a greatly reduced staff, will
arrive from .Mayence tomorrow.
The arrangement, made days ago,
will be adhered to Irrespective of
the latest developments, which,
according to members of the gen
eral's staff, make the occupation
of the Ruhr district extremely un
likely. Japanese Baseball Team
Overwhelms Northwestern
CHICAGO. May 11. The Wa
seda university. Japan, baseba'1
team won the second game of its
American tour, defeating North
western 17 to 1, today. While
the invaders were making 14 hits,
the Americans were held to two
safeties. Kubota. Waseda's short
stop, had two triples three sin
les and a base on balls in six
times up.
Score R. H. E.
Waseda 17 14 3
Northwestern l 2 6
Taniguchl, Arlta and Kugi;
Palmer, Lawson, L. Nelson and
Forest Land Exchange
Policy is Announced
R03EBURG, Or., May 11 For-,
est Supervisor W. F. Ratnsdel of
the Umpqua reserve has been no-1
tlfied of an agreement between
the state of Oregon, through the
state land board and the federal
rnvemmeni luroiiKu iwc
turn over to the forest service all
of its remaining bcuooI lands, lu
tuted within the forest poundaf
ies and receive In return jan equal
acreage and value in consolidated
The tracts probably will lie
used as state demonstration for
est areas under direction of t In
school of forestry of Oregon Agf;
licultural college, it was said, -j
MOSCOW. Idaho. May 11. -
The University of Montana won an;
easy victory, from the University
of Idaho nine here today 13 to t.
PARIS, May 11. Newspapers
professed today to see in GeN
many's acceptance of the allied
reparation demands proof that
Germany complies only to the ar
gument of force. They expressed
doubts as to her fulfillment of her
Harding Initiated Into 1
Another Masonic Order
WASHINGTON. May 11. Pres
ident Harding was initiated into
another Masonic order today. 4j
special committee from GalliopolJs
Grotto No. 15 of Washington adv
ministering the initiation ritual
of the Mystic Order of Veiled Pro
phets i nthe executive office.
COLUMBUS, Ohio. May 11.
Stanislaus Zbyszko, world's cham
pion heavyweight wrestler, defeat
ed George Kotsonaros. local heavy?
weight, in straight falls tonight.
The champion secured both falls
MOBILE, Ala., May 11, The
Alabama enti-boycotting and
blacklisting law was invoked to
day In the marine worker' strike.
Three strikers were fined, J 50 and
costs. ,!
NEW YORK, May U. Benny
Kauff, suspended outfielder of the'
New York Giants, testifying to
day in his own defense, denied the
charges of automobile theft on
which he Is being tried here. fe
NEW YORK, May 11. Kid
Williams of Baltimore! forme
bantamweight champion, 3 defeat
ed Packey O'Gatty of .New- York
in the ninth round of a 12-round
match tonight when the referee
stopped the. contest to lave the
local boy from, further punish,
ment. O'Gatty was knocked down
ten times. Each weighed 120 3-4
pounds. "
Coutjr Xors Opposed
Ankeny grange at Its regular
meeting, last Saturday passed a
resolution opposing the mploy-
ment of a county nurse. ;
Admiral Field and Fleet
To Attend Rose Festival
PORTLAND, Or , May it. The
armored cruiser Frederick; under
command of Rear Admiral H. A.
Field, and a divia.on of destroy
ers w'1 be in Portland for the
rose festival celebration, Record
ing to a navy radio. .
Plang for the enlertalnrient of
the of i leers and crewi of the ves
sels that will attend the festival
will be arranged as soon as der
inite word is received as to the
number of destroyers thai Will be
sent here.
And Heir to the Ottoman
Throne Laments That Is
About all He Has
The contrast between the nanners
of the Turk and the people of the
western nations who mingle on
the streets of this ancient capital
is striking. Courtesy to a stran
ger is a quality still preserved
trom the ruins of the Ottoman em
pire. "Courtesy is about all we have
left and we still try to hold ' on to
that," said Abdul Medjld Effendi,
heir presumptive to thy throne,
who is himself a model of j quiet
kindness and distinguished man
ners. The official and wealthy Turk
retains still a certain grand man
ner which would have belpnged
to another age in western Europe
or the United States, lie carries
himself with dignity, though not
with modesty.
Deep is the contrast between
him and the soldiers and civilians
of some of the allied nations
brought here by the allied occu
pation of Constantinople or beetl
ing trade or adventure.
These tramp up an! down the
streets, sometimes fohcr, some
times drunk,' depending on the
time of night, elbowing, fighting,
swearing, brawling, as it suits
their humor.
Stamboul. the Turki'Jh quarter,
becomes a sedate plaro a; ngnt
faU; while Pera, the European
quarter drops in daylight garb of
trooping thrones and reckless
drivers and becomes a city of im
mense capacity lor evil. Gam
bling dens, cafes and danc halls
open and sailors and flcet3 come
ashore and they won-t go
home until morning.
Wales Is a little but a great
country. It was the birthplace ot
David Lloyd -George, of the father
of Secretary Hughes and of Sec
retary James Davis of the depart
ment of commerce.
Applicants for Places In.
Plant Are Puzzled When .-.
They Face Test
EAST ORANGE. N. J . May 11.
Applicants for positions la the
plant of Thomas A- Edison here,
some of whom had "crammed"
on a list of several store ques
tions given wide publicity as part
or a test conaucteu by the in
ventor, met with a new. set of IOC
questions today.
When they came fortified to
give the definition of copra, bound
West Virginia and tell who Cleo
patra was and bow she died, they
were disappointed to see new goes
tions substituted. ,
Some of the new question!
"What number of vibrations per
second do red rays of Light give?
Violet? What country owns Mad
agascar? Bound Idaho? Nama
two locks in the Panama Canal?
In what country do orang outangt
live? Name the highest quality
of bunkering coal used for steam- :
ships and what district it comes
from? What country has the
greatest percentages of gypsies?
What is sago? What is ramie?
Who was Saladin? What is T.
N. T.? Who was Fabre? There
are five transcontinental lines;
name them in order by starting'
at the southermost one. Whera
is the pituitary gland? Where is
the thyroid gland? What is tha
difference teiween linen and cot '
ton? Name the ingredienta of
smokeless powder."'
Swimming Champion and-
Bnqe vismng roraana
PORTLAND, Or.. May llj-i, ;
Norman Ross, holder of world's
swimming records and champion-
ships, accompanied by ! his bride
of a week, arrived in Portland to-': .
day for a week's visit; with his,
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C, E. Ross.
The young couple wer? married
at Palo Alto last week and have
been spending their honeymoon
at Del Monte, Calif. V
I ft M -
Ross, who, holds a responsible
position with a Chicago wholesalo j
plumbing supply house,! ha no '
swimming -plans for the futhr. '
he said. He will wait Until he teV
tarns to Chicago and See whxit
kind of a team the Illinois AtlfV
letil club has. Hit principal )n
terest now is business,' although' v
he intends to compete when pos
sible. Ross and tbi bride expect tl
start on their return to Chleagl
the latter part of next week. tn?
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: ' r
Western Executives Plead
For More Help in Re-
rlamatinrr Work
DENVER, Colo., May 11. Five ':
governors of western states left , '
Denver tonight for Washington
to enlist the support, Qf President .
ment reclamation nrotects and in .
rormuiaung agreements tor ue.;
Luiuizauon oi me waters si its.
..itll...i a . . . . - .
ern streams. j ( -
The delegation consisted ot
Governors Davis of Idaho; Camp
bell, Arizona: Boyle, Nevada: Ma--try,
Utah, and Hart, Waabiogtoa.
Governor Hart, president of th
Western States Reclamation ass- .
elation, and Governor Campbell, '
president of the league of the '
fcouthwest. head the committee,
which represents both organiza
tions. According to information
received here today the governor,
will be Joined in Chicago by Gov-' ;
emor Josenh M. Dlxon of 'Mon
tana. ", :
The committee was lnitrnded
n t n. . ... . : L.IJ l. aa ; war." - i
day and today to ask federal oP
port. i 4 '..
The governors today endorsed -
the Smith-McNary bill, which car-
nes an appropriation oi: . '
000.000 for the construction of
reclamation projects. ' y ' f
President and Wife C y
Guests at Reception
. WASHINGTON, May 11. Pres
ident and Mrs. Harding wera
guests of the Lat n-Amerlcan dlPv
lomatlc corps at a reception to;
hlght at the Pan-American union.
Y ice-president and Mrs. CoolldfoVV
fnembers of the cabinet and tha -diplomatic
corps were present, as -were
General Pershing, Major
General March and naval officers.,
A Preparation, of
Shave Himself?
"The Utile Clown"
"Holy Smoke"