The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 24, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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    bUNDAY MORNING. APHIL 2t, lifcil
i .1
We are Salem Agents for "Goody Middy Blouses" and Expansion Dresses
(Old White Corner)
Salem's (Jreatrst Women's Appirel Store
New Spring Suits at Special Prices
Without exception we are showing the largest and most compre
hensive stock of young ladles' and women's suits in Salem. You
may choose here from a great variety of smart models at any price
you wish to pay and you can rest assured of the utmost in value.
Women's New Suits $42.50
Suit of Trii'oliiM', IJiiieiim n Tweed material. Tailrei
umkIcU it in I tin ww HfMrt effect. Also novelty styles trimnieil uifli
lniii, liiiny Ktitciiiiig, limiil, IiiiHoiik, el Kxeeliiii;:lly snuni stills
with finest of luiloiiiiij. (ioimI run ire of size.
New Spring Suits $37 JO
Our showm.' ut llii price iiieluden tin- wmkoii'h sni.itteHt mo.lek.
iniiuy nIiowii exeluxively in Salem at t h is Mote, navy Herj?en, I rieotine,
velours, nil vertone ami faney mixtures, some Ut plaited ami novelty
lelt effeet. 1 - iti n 1 with braid atul buttons, specially priced.
New Spring Suits $29 JO
Every new nnd worthy design from tin- foremost American mat situ
unit maker. Smaut style for street and dress occasions. Wvelly
anil lain t n i lorn I model. 1'revailiiiK iiiateri;iU ate series, iraliar
dinex, broadcloth, wool, veloura, trieotinc, etc. All color ami sizes.
Women's Jersey Suits $18.75
Splendid , lot of Misses' atul Women's ( Jal.jinliiie ami .Jersey Suits;
v various colors ami ulJ size.
Women's New Spring Coats
Minse' yotmr Indies' atul women'! Coats, in all tin preferred
.fabric and colorings for spring wear art here in a selection so
ample as to Warrant ux in staling tiuit every t .! ean be easily
satisfied ami at rwIi a wiile range of prices. as to meet the require
litentH of every expenditure.
I rl $4S$0 to $50.00 Coats Now $37 JO
. Kvery coat in this lot is of superior quality the fabrics are now
and desirable,' the styles are uneoinmonly Kmart, the workmanship
f the-belt.-,, These garments eome to us at an advantageous priee
and we have marked them to srll at a substantial saving to our
TZ. '$40 .00 Coats Now Offered at $3230
. "WomenVand.misses' new Spring Coats and Capes in a great
variety of styles. Of Polo cloth, Bolivia, Plain Velour, Tricotine,
Gabardine and other materials. Novelty sport styles, tailored
and dressy models: Short and medium lengths. Very latest
spring colors. .. Large assortment of styles to select from.
! : : : p2J0 Coats Now $24.75
j Great many attractive styles from whieh to choose very newest
spring models, some made with narrow belts, all the new shades
including taupe, plum, brown, green, navy and Pekin blue. Sizes
f 6 Xo U , $25.00 Coats now $16 JO
j MfssesV-and women V Velour (gapes and Coats, in a variety of
styles; and-colors; some in beltetPi&odels. Away below regular
Hundreds of different styles and every dress fresh, cool and new,
.including porch dresses, street dresses, afternoon dresses, port dresses
and summer evening dresses. Fine voile, organdie, georgette, Taffeta
and Messaline silk, are the materials-.
Three special groups, arranged for your selection at money-saving
Group 1 Dresses $12.75
Charming new messaline, taffeta silk, gabardine and serge dresses,
coat effect, girdle and braid trimmed styles.
Group 2 $18.75
Smart dresses in georgette, messaline, tricotine, serge, gabardine
"and taffeta silk ; trimmed as simply or elaborately as you could desire.
Group 3 $24.75
This season's smartest styles in messaline, taffeta, silk, Tge, trico
tine, trieolett and derey dresses. Some in combination of materials,
in a complete assortment of sizes'. .
$35.00 Dresses Now
? '
! - fV
V'WtA ',11
M: -
$3.75 to $25.00
Many are the styles in women's headgear approved ly Dame
Fashion. Prominent iu our spring display are soft shiny liseres,
tailored Milans, henip, horsehair braids and shiny straws. In
6nr assortment there are clever copies of the world's renowned
artists, coupled with New York adaptions; -every taste, every
inney auu any pnrse can re cT 7C C7C fill
'suited here, at $0.tO tP&D.UU
Dainty New Waists and Blouses Great Values in New
1 Look where you wilt you cannot find a larger or bet
ter assortment of beautiful waist. In Georgette erep
alone wo show any number of handxome models, both
In fancy and tailored effoct. Make
it a point to aee these new models.
Spocialljr priced at
$.5.75 up to $17.30
' New Georgette
Waists $435
An exceptionally beautiful lot of
Trieolette and Georgette waists
made to sell at a nrich higher
price. Some are daintily embroid
ered and f nUhed with silk bind
ing, hare them in all sizes.
Dress Skirts
That the Separate Skirt will be more
popular this spring than ever is evi
dent because of the prevailing short
Coat models and because of the at
tractiveness of the styles and materials
$930 to $1030 Wool
Skirts $7.75
Attractive new styles trimmed with but
tons, novelty plaids and tucks.
New Dress Skirts $9.75
Stylish line of Separate Skirta. in the
new wool plaids made with fancy pock
ets and belts.
t m ..
One hundred doiea
Women's Gingham and
Percale aprons, various
colors and. all tlte.
: $1.15
New Voile
Great big. lot of new
and pretty voile waists
some trimmed with
iaca,, various designs,
Extra good quality ve
lour jackets in jcreens,
blues, rels. and yellow,
regular values up to
117.50. special
Navy Blue Serge
bloomers, various six
es, regular values
12 50 and 3.00. spe-
Fred Turner Is Winner of Indoor
Bicycle Riding Event Staged in
Harry Scott's Place of Business
l-'red TuriHT. a-id It; earn w.n
Ilu iinlu.. r.ii c held al
llarrv Sroits !.- -! shop, a .spet-i
i ! I riiilt-s p. i !inil! d'i)i,4 u
ia i! il. Hi- ii vr-l IK 7-lo inile
hi lti minute Tin-re wore ut
least l.'.n ( t)iitesi;iitts in this ra't
willed Willi tuie nl' I lie Iiu:. t :it-l:a.lli!i-
III' liie (lit) the si Tee he
UK crowded, danl'.y allowiiig ie-ili-Kirlaiis
room to pass.
AHerr Walker. u,ne 12 j'ea :
wan lmter in the
'i'li. i .
I ho e
yount'er InjyV
K-lo in ilex i 't
scr' I wo i n
uiio v. re w'i
yea i m aiiil aii-
W ere 1 J yea ' .
r.K 'S tleVcl
1 il liiilllltes.
es, one fur
iler tlie a;;i
ot her I or I dost
or under.
In -lhe ol!"f Ici lare, J.ovs
Harris, auu I yarx. wifi si coi'd
place, travelitm I 7-1 o miN-M in
10 111 I ii il u-s. ilowiird Wateiit, .i.'.'e
It yearn, took third jdice travel
Iti- l.i: H-lit iiiiIch in in miiiiit'
This race waii an iiticottiriioM
event, heliiK ntai-vd Itinide a pli"'
ot l;ii -i tie-. . K'.ic!i boy wiiii al
lowed 'to tide 1 l mill lit eft, tin
w heel le-liiK on a x t . 1 1 I ho that II -would
ma nlaiii tin- game poHltiu'i
an in lidiiiK. The d 11, i lice Wan
tiiMHUijred hy j- ryeoni"ter. The
Ioh l, ati ridSntC at s .'Ui y Mtei -day
tnoi'litiK aoU rode till J p. m.
l irtit pi ie for tii older ho', '
ra-e wan a liaiiilfoiiie iwrney
sweater, the recott I ir r.c u pal'
i.f ru ller peilalx and the tliord
pri.e :m a pulr or ruhber Krif.
Fltst prize lor the younger boys
rac wu a rad'olile vmiclt, tij'
t.eeoml pr.e a blcyeU bom nnl
the ihlrd prize a bicycle l x k.
There was a kIH who rode In
th race, Julia Klvln. ae K yea it.
who traveled a dixUince of 2 l-
milcK in five tiiinut-s. Th"
ounKext boy rid'r was S yearn or
g in iiEii
ase anil covered four miles. Kadi
rider received a iiem il us a reward
winner or not. A l"ke event wts
held all over the I'nited Stateu
and is called the I la vis day cele
bration in honor of the lilb an
niversary of the .Davis
Machine company.
Thor. will be a bicycle picnic
held Mav 7 There will be free
eats and the famous pie race. Also;
all liindrt of races and other Hport.v
Oilier who entered ill tile rt C
and inadc ood iiilleufe were:
Name Al?e Miles
Vernon I'erry 1 1
Harold I laverson U5 1
l 1 v it Kinley 1 '
.Inhn Uil 'y 13 ' 4 ;
Ituli'Tt llalvotseii Hi 15 2
lielhert llearhart ' 1 ;5 0
I'lysHis Sanders J 12. a
Kdwin KlooHCti Mi ''J
Selmer lairsoii 13 12.7
U'vIiih Lynn H H.
Carl Heaty 12 10.7
fliirenie frUl . H 1" '
Klwin I'iiKe I- "
Kelilieth Loter I" JIIO
Call Newton 1
,t- Healy . . I I
lohit ileorif" 12
orvllle Croxby I 'I
Ari.e Newberry I ''
James KarKo 12
Hal hebm,.,i 12 '.' I
Howard Hol-erM ". f.l
KlIM'Iie l'avee 11 W.fl
ileorice Youiik 12
.11 111 HlD Il - W
Henry Klof-en 12 5.2
l.yle Heaver 12
Charles While, 1 .'. H,l
Klvin I'm tt II X 2
; ltoss Cravya .12
Kelm Wain 'I X-'I
I Aubrey Crawford ... . .14
! Carl Hirdwell . . . H X.a
i Henjatnln Heale 13 S.'J
coftntyi committee w:to with Dr.
F'rank K. Drown and Haul W'al-'-.TjT.
reor-K-til ls city on the ex
ecutive committee.
New County Y.M.C.A, Mam
Has Long Record Of j
Active Training !
H. K. Ghormley who succeeds
W. V. Walter as secretary of the
Marion county Y. M. C. A. has ar
rived on the field. Mr. Ghormley
assumes his tu w duties after three
and one-half year's service as
city buys' work secretary of the
Spokane Y. M. C. A.
During his college days Ghorm
ley was active in debating, student
Y. M. C. A. work, and in all forms
of athletics. After supplementing
his regular college course with a
special sumer session at Illinois
university in the xchool of athletic
coaching he returned to his Alma
Mater. Monmouth college. Mon
mouth. III., where for three years
he served as coach and - . athletic
After four years of school
teaching in Kansas, Ghormley en
tered, the association work as
membership secretary of the Y.
M. C. A. at Sioux City. Ia. His ex
perience after one year in this po
sition commended him to the boys'
work field in the same association.
After two years in that position
he accepted a call to the field of
the Spokane boys' division.
Marion county Is exceedingly
fortunate in being able to secure
a man of Mr. Ghormley's experi
ence to follow up and carry for
ward the splendid work Mr. Wal
ter has started during the past IS
months" was the comment of L. J.
Chapin. chairman of the Marion
"71 antes N. Robertson was born
in -Pittsburg, Ha.. May 14, 1X5
Hip early life was spent !n Indi
ana. In 1 K7 4 he can.e west and
in 1H78 settled on the farm
south of Salem where he lived
foir 40 years. In 1K1 he was
mUrried to Maria F. Mothorn.
who survives him. Flad he lived
until April 20 they would-have
r?A:-6ed the 4 0th milestone of
their married life.
For many years he has been in
poor "health. His was a self-sacrificing
nature and where many
others would have been a care,
he was always helpful and clv?er-
In early life he embraced Chris
tianity and his life has been an
exemplary one. as his many
friends hear witness. For many
yearsr he was a member of the
Methodist church. On leaving the
farm to live in the city he identi
fled himself with the Central Con
gregational church.
He is survived by his widow,
and a daughter Grace, at horn?;
and Mrs. Shaffer of Turner. An
ooly son, Clarence, passed away
four years ago. A sister, Mrs
W. M. Simpson, and three broth
ers also survive.
He has been a member of the
A. O. V. V. for about 30 years,
and a member of the Odd Fellows
for many years.
Exacting of Deposits
By Utilities Unlawful
A patron of the St. Helena
Humber company, vhich is a pub
lie utility supplying electrical en-
orgy, lost a building bv fire re
cently and one of the utility's me
ters was burned. The manager of
Miflfl Catherine Flnrhnch trell known nA "1 ..
toeletj drc!e of Chicago, Is photopmphed Upon he?
la i New Tork city from England, where iheVpem conalder
able time, alias Harbacb travelled quite exteosfrelT dnrinn
her ttay In the old world, bnt expressed happineta whpn mil
declared that ibe waa glad to U back in er own na
country, . auTe
the utility wrote the public ser
vice coin in iasion asking it, to pay
for the loss of the meter, the
company could keep the deposit
that had been paid by the custo
mer when the meter was instilled.
My writing this letter the mana
ger inadvertently Informed Hi
commission that he has been vb
latin the law and an order ot
the commission which prohibits
the exacting of deposits.
I'onimlsr.iinier Fred . r.uchtel.
in reply, not only informs the
manager that he can not l'eep
the deposit, but that he must J"M
ttirn to all other customers wlwit
ever deposits may be held by th
The only exception is that ut il-
Itles may require of a customer or
prospective customer tt reason
able deposit, not in excess of a
estimated i0-day bill, to guaran
tee pay ror energy consumed..
Now Nedd by NearlyjEvary On
to Purify tha Blood atid iBuild
Up Strength.
Few come to these trying: ; spring
iIajj without- wearlnesiK. dehUlty.
that "tired feeling," cau.ird In 1 irge
purt by impure, dr-vlullaedsbiood.
Chang of' season often- "takes
all the strenxlh out of ie." fts
many people say.
The tonle ami blooj! purifier
needed i.i llood'a Ilia. It
" me tjtooa and l
enia me menial, muscular and T f
vous syatemn. In a word. a. -druRKiat.
"tlood'a Sarsanarllll r
our most dependable reitoratly..
Only the best tonic and pur!f1
ing.inifredlents kltl7
Imrka and Wri-lea. auch a tahvf'
l iana often prescribe. A record ii
46 years aueeessful use. w ,, 5
you good. Try it thin sprmg. "
A mild laxative, llood'a pj-j
Hlood's; Sarsaparilla
I ,t,,i. mmW j )M'i"l " ;i iiiint.fc-....'w..-if .i.r-.i..iiiij
' -s h '-'- - ' '- ' i , i'J'
I ?!-' ' 't'-V"SVr:: :"5 :-&-W vfytVfiJ" rZW:
Spring breezes are blowing bargains your way
in the yard goods department : :
Voiles, 40 inch -beautiful new figured Voiles on light, medium and dark
grounds used ho much for Hummer dreHet and niocks.49c, 69c and 75c yd.
.6 inch Silk Poplin now ...u.J, $1.00 yafd
40 inch Silk (leorgette Crepe now ...I...U $1.98 yard
40 inch Silk Crepe de Chine now L $1.98 yard
3G inch Mensaline now $1.98 yard
30 inch Taffetas, all colors, now .........$1.98 yard
30 inch Lingerie Satin, white and flesh $1.75 yard
40 inch Lingerie Satin, white and flesh - $18 yard
V .itf: : ' '
Our Prices Always The Lowest v
gale & ; eo;
Commercial and Court Streets
Our Entire G'tocti of
f uraisMra
1 J
Now Priced on the Basis of New
Lowered Manufacturing Costs
T NCOMPAR ABLE VALUES a price standard aljulted-according to the new,
x low levels assortments freshened and enlarged by new Spring Merchandise
truly, home furnishing this Spring is a wonderful pjrivilege for those who have the
advantages of Hamilton's magnificent stocks from which to select.
New designs refreshing innovations in styles and finishes are appearing on bur
floors daily And our patrons are finding to their delight that, though the QUAL
ITY Is as admirable as ever, the PRICES are remarkably modest! .
Living-room furniture of distinguished beauty is grouped or. our floors In a prof us
ion of beautiful pieces and suites. The smart, new Italian styles; the great inviting
oei--8tuffed pieces and the ever-popular mahogany and- cane period designs are ;
shown in great variety of types and finishes. You will be captivated by their Irre
sistible charm. Their prices are surprisingly moderate. - t
Some fascinating new suites for the bedroom have arrived recently, comprising ap-i
pealing effects in enameled furniture in modified perid styles, as well as many
charming suites in mahogany and walnut. s
Sumptuous new dining-room suites in various period'styles have lately put in their
appearance, as well as smaller and more modest su it e.i of refinement and aristocratic
Carpet Sweeper with
y Motor-Driven Brush
Are fast being recognized as one of the best Sweeper
that can be bought. Equipped with twenty-four feet
or cord, 1-5 horsepower motor. The speed of the mo
tor is 9000 revolutions per minute, brush revolves 1350
revolutions per minute has a lever that cuts out the5
motor-driven brush if you do not desire to use same.i
l-et us demonstrate this Sweeper. TERMS: $10 down.
$5.00 a month.
Bxtra Specikll
In Sundour Draperies, in blue, rose, gold, green, mulberry and brown; in figured ma
terial. Values to $2.25, $2.50, now, per yard
$125 and $1 SO j
- "i
House Furnisher, 340 Court Street
Sales Representatives Sherman Clay & Company Pianos