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Volleyball Honors Settled!
' And New Teams Are
. - Selected I
- The aggregation under Captain
loe H. Albert captured Ihe mnnih
ly iroMejrbaU tournament of thu
JjuslneHS isen's class of the Y,
M.C.A. las night, leading it p
jonenU "under -Captain John
Ilayne by a acore of 264 to 232.
The contest or the last month w ia
- kccoinpanled by more than usual
jdiaplay of enthusiasm and t,he in
terest reach the highest point
ped Pepper Stops f
Rheumatic Pains
Rub It on Sore, Stiff Joints and Muscles, and Rheumatism,
;.H Lumbago and Pain Vanish Try (t and See!
ri jjed Pepper Rub takes the;
'ouch" from sore, stiff, aching
, Joints. It cannot hurt you, and It,
certainly end that old rheuma
tism torture at once.
When you are suffering so you
tan.hardlv eet around: limt trv
&R1 Pepper Rub," and you will
have the quickest rei ef known.
Koth'ng has such concentrated.
We can't invite you to have a smile with us,
but how would a good, big hearty laugh go?
Tom Moore has an unlimited supply of 100
proof humor to share with you, guaranteed
to kick away all your troubles.
i ' ' '
. Where The Public Knows It Sees Good Shows
Little Talks About Investment of Savings
Savings vs: Speculating
The future power and financial stability
- of our country is undoubtedly stored in the
savings of the people.
Speculating investments and ventures
attest the gambling spirit pf the individual
and sometimes make a big winning.
-' But stocks anil high-interest-bearing se
curities issued under foreign financiers and
promoters do not always pan.
The state and county and city where you
live and where you know those in charge
of government offer better security.
Artful and unscrupulous promoters
make misrepresentations which state antf
county officials dare not make to their
Nest-eggs and savings of hard-working
honest people are swallowed up and there
is no recourse after the money is gone.
It would be a great deal better to con
sult with a home investment house that
is also responsible to the people of the com
munity. - We will gladly give frank and unbiased
service on investment matters to.all wheth
er customers of ours or not as to sound
and profitable investments.
Wc would appreciate an opportunity to
show you the advantage of placing your
Savings in a first class real estate mort
gage in your home community. It is the
. safest investment in the world and reacts
to the benefit of the locality where you
Iiyc. Interest and principle is paid you on
tle day it is due.
Our securities are sold in denominations
to suit purchaser and guarantee safety
with profit. ?
1 J
Second Floor
Oregon Building
since the beginning; of the month
ly tournaments last fall.
At the monthly meeting Wed
nesday, night a challenge was Is
sued to the business men's team
of the Portland Y.M.C.A. to Bend
its crack tram heredar a conies'
some thne in the near future.
At the banquet Wednesday
night. W I' Walter and John
McCorinai k were chosen to lead
the two t earns for the coming
contest. Kach' ide is divided in
to three groups each under the
ku per'ision of a lieutenant. The
men under Walters assumed the
title of "Water Bugs' while their
opponents termed themselves the
"Land I.iibhrrs."
The two teams are lined up as
Land Lubbers John McCor
niack, captain; "The Lions." C.
K. Knickerbocker, lieutenant;
Ceo. W. Hug. M. ). Evans. A
K. Mcflaln. A Kafotiry. I). X.
Heechler. George 1). Alderin. Cur
tis Cross. Kric Hutler. W. T. Mil
liken. C. A. Downs. J 1 McCor-
penetrating heat a3 red peppers.
Just as Boon as you apply Red
Pepper Rub you will feel the ting
ling heat. In three minutes it
warms the sore spot through and
through. Pain and soreness are
Ask any druggist for a jar of
Rowles Red Pepper Rub. It costs
but little.
Salem, Oregon
Phone 1427
Willamette Sinsers Win Way
Into Salem Heaits In
Concert Last NMit
The illametto I niver ity ;!'
Huh season closed l.isi n nht with
the annual Salem concert at the
(irand theater. It is the custom
lor Hie formal home appearance
of- the club to end the active sea
sail, which this year included a
tour through northern Oregon
and southern Washington. On
this- trip th.? club sang in .0 dil
ferent places.
The Willamette club lias long
ranked as one of I he test men's
choral organizations in the slate
and last night's performance filled
every expectation. They were as
sisted by Miss Evelyn DeLong.
pianist, and the- Willamette or
chestra. Professor K. W. Mobson.
dean of the school of music at
Willamette, is director.
"The Hunting Song.' by Do.
Kovery was one of the most ap
plauded numbers, the sone being
mad; more realistic by hunting! Dorsey B. Smith. manager of
rostuilies worn by all of the mem-! the tourist agency travel bureau,
bers rtf the club. P. p.lenkinsop i was the principal speaker yester
sang the incidental solo. The day before; the Marion County
"eiro sn'riMial .songs and melodies Realtv association at its regular
from Shelley and Hurleigh were
also popular.
Other features on the program
were a reading hy Fred Mctlrew,
a comedy, "Squirrel Food," hy
Herald Kmmel and Raymond
Itarey. and "Nonsense" hy Kd
wiii Pocolofbky and Herald Km
mel. Six men were awarded pins hy
the club for completion of a four
year membership with the club.
They were Loren Masler, Edwin
Socolofsky, Ivan Corner. Lawrence
Davies J. Fred Mctirew and Her
ald Kmmel.
Members of the cluh are:
First tenors, Edwin Socolofsky.
Herald Emmel. Raymond Rarey.
Leon Setteni.
Second tenors. Loren Basler.
Ivan Corner. Noble Moodhe and
Byran Arnold.
Baritones, Everett Craven, Paul
Day. Lawrence Davies, Benjamin
Rickli. Elmer Strevey.
Basses. J. Fred McGrew. Waldo
Kelso. Vernon Sackett, P. Blen-
Members of ihe orchestra who
ass'steu were Clifford Berry, ban-
to- Wayne Allen, piano;- Delbert
Moore, violin: Hande Durch, cor
nef;' Avery Hick, cello: Frank
Zinn, tromlone: Ttoland Ftesart.
clarinet; Lamont Bullock, drums.
mack. 'Tigers," William J, Ln
iress, lieutenant; G. B.; Paulu.
L. R. Condo, Lawrence Gale, R.
L. Putnam. J. Balch. H. E.
Morris. W. C. Dyer, Fplrich. C.
I. Lewis, Cadwell, Edward Liv
ingston. "Cubs," H. E Kirkpat
rick. lieutenant; Roy K. Shields,
W." M. Hertzog, Bob Paulas, E.
C. Hickman. Carle Aorams, c
F. Franklin. P. V. Byrd, Joe H.
Albert. F. L. Utter, John M. Clif
ford. W. T. Jenks. W. S. Moore
Water Dogs W. P. Walters.
captain; "Star Fish," Lloyd Rig
don, lieutenant; Bill Paulus, M.
C. Findley, H. M. Sechler, , S.
Kafoury, C. W. Southworth. Geo.
Frye. T. W. Davies, A. C. Bohrn
stedt. C. J Green. Frank A. Bak
er. John Bayne, C. A. Kells, W.
P. Walters. "Whales," Samuel
Stokurri. lieutenant; Harold Eak
in, Allen Bynon. R. G. Hoffman.
Croisan, J. O. Mathis, Tinkham
Gilbert. G. E. F'rime. F. W. Young.
J. M. Sehon. C. N. Need ham, W.
N Byars. "Sharks" Olaf )le
n, lieutenant; N. W. Flilllior'.i.
F. M. BoI)!?lle. B. H. Whit-, C.
Smithers, John Dertleson, C M.
Cox,. James Marr. R. B. Duncan.
WV B. Minier. T. M. Hick;. K.
E. Elliott.
The new teams will stage tht 'r
first contest tomorrow.
Willamette Women Meet
MrMirwillp Tnninht
Tonight at 7:30 in Waller Hall
the Willamejte university wom
en's affirmative debate team will
meetiu negative team from Mc
Minnville on the question: "Re
solved: that Great Britain should
give Ireland complete independ
ence." The Willamette team is
composed of Lorelei Blatchford
Rica Duo
Samples of Variety
James and Shaw
That's My Hound
E. J. Apply by
Musical Itanjoisl
land Lucile Tucker. Myrtle Mason
and Ruby Rosencrantz, the neg
ative team, will go to 1'acitic
University on the sa'me subject.
Judges for the local debate are
Reverand Evans of the Christian
Church Supreme Justice Chas.
A Johns and T. K. Bergman.
Thirty Babies Examined
At Xlinic Yesterday
Thirty, liabies were examined
yesterday at the March clinic at
the Commercial club rooms. The
physicians assisting were Drs.' L.
H. Steeves, M. L. Findley, eye,
ear. nose nnl throat; I). F. M.
Pound, dentist; and Or. W Ft.
Molt. I'r. J. (). Mathis and Dr.
Dorsey B. Smith Outlines
. Plan to Attract Travelers
To Oregon
Thursday lunchjeon at the Marion
hotel. That Salem will be vis. ted
by hundreds, of visitors from the
eastern states this summer was. In
the opinion of the speaker, a cer
tainty. Therefore., it was pointed
out. it was to the advantage ot the
city that a right impression should
be made and in order that this
in ght be brought about, he advo
cated outlining a program for the
entertainment ot t:ie guests to be
paid for when purchasing their
fare from Portland, or upon arri
val here. Several sightseeing trips
are being planned by the com
mittee in charge, with a view to
giving the tourist, who so fre
quently is a proapective settler,
tho very best that Salem has t'to
offer from a scenic standpoint as
well as in giving them 4he oppor
tunity of inspecting the sate insti
tutions. Charles Knowlapd, as chairman
of the tourist and publicity com
mittee of the commercial club was
present and spoke on behalf of
that organization, Jn favor of com
plying w;ith the proposition as pre
sented by Mr. Smith.
.1. H. Mills, as chairman ot the
committee appointed to draw up
a protest against the telephone
rate raise, read a resolution sub
mitecl by the committee voicing
the disapproval of the associatian
in the raise. The resolution was
adopted and ordered spread on the
minutes and a copy forwarded to
the public service commission. It
is the concensus of opinion that a
second hearing may be given the
case by th public service com
mission. It is understood that
in. Portland many telephonex are
beiflg removed because of the ad
vanced rates..
Men of Note Throughout
Nation Accept Honorary
Vice .Chairmanships
can J. O'Brien of New York, na
tional chairman of the American
committee for relief in Ireland
which is now conducting a nation
wide campaign to rais $10,210.
000. Is in receipt of the following
telegram from President Hard
ing: "I wish ou the fullest measure
not only in the great
benefit -performance at the Met
ropolitan Opera house on April 3.
hut in every worthy effort to
make a becoming contribution on
'he part of our people to relieve
distress among th- women and
children in Ireland. The people
of America will never be deaf to
the call for relief in behalf of
suffering humanity. and the
knowldte of dislr-ss in Ireland
make dp appeal to the more
fortunate of our land, where so
many of our citizens trace kin
:hip to the Emerald isle."
M.d'n -f"t .
Th following additional ac--e)tancK
to invitations to liecome
honorary vice chairman have been
; rueived by ('apt. .1 F. Lucey,
: national ditectoi :
William Gibbs McAiloo. former
secretary of the treasury and di
! rector general of railroads, tel-i-
"I 'L'la'dly accept tho invitation
"x tended to m' to hecotm honor
nry vice chairman of the Ameri
"an coiii'mittee for relief in Ire
' land, and place my services un
reservedly at the disposal of the
"onnnittee. America has made
rtoble response to th ca'ise of
'suffering humanity in eery land
, ii Enroiie and she will not fail to
iiiror Ireland whose people are
: ' ur kin and need our help in their
j extremity Ani"rica cannot re
1 xipt the cry of the destitute ami
; distressed women and children iti
, Ireland.'
j Leonard Wood, major general
j I" S A I recejwii o.ii I'lctram
i "M nest inc lo-operatioii in aiding
jtho-c in Ireland suffering lor lack
if food and the necessities of life.
' I just l.avnm for Hw Philip
i pines m cannot take any active
Mi', but lies: to assure you that
I the movement js ,,,v Kvuiriathv
in.l trust ou mill be vry suc-s.-ful
in relieving existing dis-
!fe.-s. I ujsh o,i lartest nos-
-ible measure of success in this
worthy eifort It is my belief
that we Americans must do what
we can to aid suffering nonles
i. mil normal conditions are once
more established.
Kvrrtior (Hi I .int.-
Henry Watterson, publisher o!
the Louisville Courier-Journal.-
Touching the proposed organiza
tion for the relief of Ireland. If
my name he of any use. it is at
your service. W'
Albert J. Ceveridge. former
Fnited States (senator. On my re
turn find telegram March 13. re
questing use my fiame as honor
ary vice chairman national com
nittee for relief in Ireland: Ac
cept with pleasure, consider it an
honor and a duty to aid this hu
mane cause. Hest wishes.
Fifteen I'nited States governors
are now serving on the national
executive committee and associ
ated wish them are churchmen of
ail denominations.
Congress Petitioned to
Allow Beer in Hawaii
HONOLULU, T. H., Mar. 31
A resolution petitioning congress
to sanction the manufacture and
sale in Hawaii of beer containing
414 percent and wine containing
15 percent of alcohol was intro
duced in the territorial house to
day by Representative Evan Da
Silva of Hilo. The resolution said
that the people of Hawaii had no
chance to express their convic
tions on prohibition and that
drunkenness has increased in the
territory since prohibition became
ionaire Theatrical Own-
Offers $850,000
For Match
SPOKANE, Wash.. March 31.
Alexander Pantages, of Seattle.
mill onaire theatrical man. has
wired Tex Rickard an offer of
$8 50,000 for the Dempsey-Carpen-tier
. championship match, accord
ing to word received here tonight
by E. G. Milne of Seattle, an agent
oi Mr. Pantages.
MrS Pantages. in a telegram to
Mr. Milne stated if his offer were
accepted by Mr. Rickard and
Washington authorities would not
allow the contest to be held in the
state, he would next look to Van
couver, B. C, as a possible site.
LOS ANGELES. Cal.. March 31.
The Dempsey-Carpentier fight may
be held at Tijuana.' Lower Califir
nia. if an offer of $850,000 for
the fight made by Alexander Pan
tages, theatrical man, to Tex Rick
ard is accepted, it was stated to1
night by Edward J. Fisher, repre
senting the Pantages interests in
Los Angeles. Mr. Fisher said he
did not know if the offer had been
Mr. Pantages is in New York at
present, Mr. Fisher said.
. LONDON, March 30. A new
party of workers, consisting of 613
men have arrived in F'etrograd
from America, says a Moscow dis
patch. At a meeting in the palace
of labor these men greeted the
Petrograd workers.
The American workers fuUy
recognized the difficult economic
situation in Rnsia. says the dis
patch, and have resolved to de
Vote all their fresh forces and
energy to overcome the present
difficulties and to establish com
31. Kire White, 18, who was hit
on the head by a pitched ball in a
baseball game yesterday, died to
Charges Insufficient to Con
stitute Malfeasance
Against Hart
OLYMPIA, Wash.. March 31.
Secretary of State J. Grant Hinkle
today re I used to file a petition for
th- recall of (iovernur Louis K.
Hart, on the ground of malfeas
ance in office in signing the poll
tax measures passed by the last
legislature, presented hy Joseph
Manning and Mrs. Ueoree Mc
Laughlin, of Seattle.
The refusal was on th ground
that the changes made wre insuf
ficient to constitute malfeasance,
under an op nion by Attorney Gen
eral L. L. Thompson.5 to whom the
communication was referred by
Secretary Hinkle. for investiga
tion. Attorney General Thompson de
clared in his statement that the
"recall provisions of the constitu
tion do not extend to mere mis
takes or errors in judgment."
Campbell is Urged For
Commerce Commission
WASHINGTON, March 3 1.
Apiiointment of .1. U Campbell of
Fpokane as a member of the in
terstate commerce lommission
wa- it reed today by Senator Poin
det t of Washington during a
conterence with President Hard
in. Grecnleaf Sets New
Pocket Billiard Record
YOIJK. Pa . March 31. -Kalph
GreenJeaf. champion pocket bil
liard player. entablished a new
world's record long run in an ex
hibition here tonicht when he
pocketed Ifi balls before he miss
ed. The previous record high run
was l;",t5 made by Greenleaf in
Danbury. Conn.
I'se Statesman ClMlflcd Ads,
Intel class .Contests at High
Scnool Will be Renewed
At. Assembly
Seniors of the liigh school will
make a strong fight today to re
gain the lead in the interclass dec
lamatory contests which they lost
by a margin of one point to the
juniors in the extemporaneous and
impromptu contests Wednesday,
when the three classes clash in. a
sinht reading contest in assembly
this morning.
Percy Hammond is to uphold
the honors for the seniors, Krancis
Ward the juniors and Margret
Louis the sophomores.
Hammond and Miss Ward also
met in the impromptu contest
Wednesday in winch Miss Ward
captured first place and Hammond
second place.
The contest this morning, which
is slated for 10:30.. will no boubt
call forth even more enthusiasm
and interest than did the initial
contest Wednesday. The fact that
tho two contestants who Tan a
very close race for first in those
contests will agfin meet insures a
lively meet.
Salem high school enjoys the
distinction of being the only
school in, the etate where inter
class contests are carried to uch
a fine point. In the eight decla
matory contests between 3 and 3 5
students receive training in pub?
lie speaking while interest in
school is intensified throughout
the entire student body. The suc
cess with which the contests have
met in the past and the material
for school teams which has been
developed by these contests has
called fbrth much praise from
members of the school and visiting
faculties. The Gates of the re
maining contests and the person
nel of the contesting teams are as
Sight reading. April 1 Percy
Hammond representing the seni
ors: Francis Ward the juniors;
Margret I-ouis the sophomores.
First debate, juniors vs sopho
mores, April C Juniors, Arthur
Montgomery, leader, Donald War
den. Charles Nunn: sophomores,
R'lssell Pratt leader, Henrietta
White, Walter Iliff.
Oratorical, April 14 Ralph
Bailey representing the seniors,
Gladys Itenge the juniors, Louis
Fellows, the sophpmores.
Second debate. April 27 Win
ner of the first debate vs the sen
ior team composed of Joe Albrich.
Alfred Montgomery and Lelieth
Dramatics. Majr 9 at 8 p. m.
Elinor Houik representing the sen
iors. Hattyi Martin the juniors,
aand FFelen Selig the sophomores.
Humorous, May 9 at 8 p. m. '
Julia Gromoff representing the
seniors, Florence Dell the juniors,
and Thelma Peed the sophomores.
Date to Be Obtained From
Warner Valley by Assis
tant Engineer
In anticipation of a settlement
of the question or water rights in
Warne valley, Lake county, dur
ing the coming summer or fall.
Charles K. Stricklin. assistant
state engineer, has left for that
district tomake investigation for
the adjudication of all the rights
to the use of th? waters of the
chain of lakes known as Warner,
Hart. Crump. Flagstaff and oth
ers, 'and Warner or Deep creek.
Honey creek arjd their tributar
ies. To have charge of field work
A. C. F. Perry, an engineer of the
department, accompanied Mr.
The question was referred to
the state water board for adjudi
cation last December by Judge G
G. Ringlim of J?alem. who, in.
holding court at Iakeview. rnard
the case of the Lake County Land
Livestock company vs. J. P.
L'gan et al. Water rights are in
volved in the case and it was held
that a determination of all the
rights to the use of water in the
several lakes and streams was
necessary to determine the rights
of the parties to the , ontroversy.
It is believed that th work of
obtaining the stream How data,
measurements of ditches, survey
ing' the area of irrigation and
other information neces:-aty to
tl findings of the board will be
completed during the summer and
after this the users will have an
opportunity to file on their re
spective claims.
F)uritiK his trip Kngit.eer Strick
lin will inspect the Summer lake
irrigation district project which
contemplates th" irrigation . of
about i'pOOii acres of land from the
waters of Ana river.
Scliieman Wins All-Event
Title; Trod Smith Indi
vidual Champion
HVfFALO. MarchVl. - The
largest tournament in Olie history
of tho American Ilowlingcongress
closed today. Otto Kallm h and
Archie Schientan of Fvochester.
with, 1.114 won t he two-man) cham
pionship, taking $500 and gold
medals. Sche man also carried off
tht all-event tltlo with 1393 pins.
1 no
The prize is $125. The individual
championship goes to Fred Smith ;
of. Detroit with. a total of 702 pins, !
wiuning a piize .i f J3w. ' I
""There were fi40 teams. in the
five-man competition. 2133 pairs'
In the two-man and 4 22'J perform
ers in the singles Low scores to i
win prizes were 2689 in the five- !
man events, 1121 iu. the doubles.
575 in the singles, and 1777 for
all etntf?. -
League to Investigate.
Relief Need in Austria
PARIS, March ::i. The finan
cial commission o' tht? league ot
nations today decided to send a
commission of three to -Austria to
investigate for relief plans.
NF;Y YORK. March 31. The;
tmerican Smelting and Refining1
utompany today advanced the price
ot lead troni t.iv to 4.-'- cents -per
pound. I
The more yon smoke them - Be better yonH Eke them
Write for onr Premium Cat -Jo No. 4
Largest Independent Cigar Factory in the World.
Established 1868
-.'-.':!. i
Hi j
General Banking Business
Office Hours from
Today and
Dtama of love
Story and Scenario
Direction bj
iimimji,. ii i.i u i iij ij-if
Double Show Sunday
TOM MIX in "The Road Demon'
CLYDK.-COOK in "All Wrong'
iVhere The
Vfe Must Reduce Our
Stock Regardless of
16 lbs. of Prunes $1.00 ,
10 cans of Salmon $1.00
10 cans of Peas . .. ..$1.00
10 cans oS Tomatoes $1
5; No. 2Vz cans of
Peaches... .....$1.00.
3iNo. 2Vi cans of
: Pineapple....... $1.00
12 boxes of Matches 60c '
No. 2 Pure Lard 77c
, No. 10 pail of Shorten
! ing $1.25-
No. 5 pail of Vegetole 85c
30c can of Instant - :
1 Postunt ...25c '
1 i package of Post .
'Toasties , lie
1 packet je of Kellogg'g ;
I Cornflakes ...lie .'
1 1 package of Krinkle
' Corn Flakes 9c
1; package Shredded
j Wheat Biscuit U5c
I 10c Toilet Paper 8c '
I 100 lbs. of Potatoes $1.00
I 100 lbs. Onions . 75c
j Wheat, per 100 lbs. $3.00;
6 :5-cent Candy bars 25c:
7 packages Gum 25c
No. 10 Karo ..80c
' . -
JO a. hi. to 3 p. m
and! Revenge amid
by Julius G.Furllmum.
fnunott J. flunii
o"-- itf m
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