The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 13, 1921, Page 10, Image 10

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    CTTisin A V MORNING. FEBRUARY 131921
-v v "
Mrs. Edward Wright of La
Grande Will arrive during the
coming weeK and will remain tor
several ; days as the guest of
friend. ;Tbe Wrights formerly
resided In Salem during th? years
that Mr. Wright was with the
Public Service Commission. They
moved to LaGrande when the lat
ter received, his appointment rs
district attorney for Union county.
; '
A group of wives of legislators
who were In Salem during tire
session werei invited to be guests
of President; and Mrs. J. II. Ac
kerman and! the faculty of Mon
mouth College at the college on
Friday and Saturday, a feature of
the program of entertainment oe
ing a musicale put on by the music
department Friday night. !
Those going were: Mrs. I. E.
Dean and son Louis, Jr.. of! Eug
ene; Mrs. Gus Moser. ct Portland;
Mrs. Patrick Gallagher, of On
tario; and Mrs. E. V. Carter, of
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Clarke are
pacing the week-end in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. William McGil
christ. Jr.. were visitors in Port-
m. -i
. .. i
Dresses and Suits
jl i
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careful, painstaking workman
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' .. . I
land during the week, going down
Mrs. 'A. N. Holman of Portland
came up the first of the week to
remain Bereral days as ine guesi
of Mrs. F. V. Brown.
Miss Amelia Babeock arrived
home Friday from O. A. C. and
will remain until tomorrow with
her rarent. Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam P. Babeock.
Mr. and Mrs. II. J- Miles, ac
nnmnmieA bv Roderick Miles.
motored to Portland the first of
tho-week to remain tor a ien
days as the guest of Mr. and Mrs j
Will Jvnight. .
Mrs. W. n. Claike was a de
lightful hostess Tuesday aner-
. ... f.L .KvAA
noon, enieriainins uu
tables of bridge. As a oacK
grcund for the players a spring
time motif was uiuisen. compil
ing pussy willow ami urep"
grap. Hi,;' score fcir to .Mrs. i .
,. -Franklin.
Thfe' b'dden were Mrs. C J.
Oreene. Mrs. K. T. Buseuc. .Mrs.
K. I!.- Thompson. Mrs. Frederick
S. Stewart. Mrs. Mtcoy jeeay.
Mrs G. G. Brown. Mrs. C. A.
lowns. Mrs. P. A. Franklin. Mrs.
F. I.. Klein, Mrs. N J. irew.
Mrs. Raymond Walsh and Mrs.
Charles 11. Whitmon.
Opal Whiteley. Oregon girl, ap
pears with three other Americans
in a lit of authors of the "great
year" 1920. Kays the Literary Di
gest of January 29. The nook
man's Journal and Print Collec
tor (London) calls 1920 a great
var in the literary world. Opal
Whitelev is mentioned with Henry
James. Edith Wharton and Joseph
The Digest goes on to say that
'"there are suspicious circumstan
ces as to th genuineness of the
Whiteley dairy which time will
yet unravel; but these do not
seem so inrportant to us as the
fact that while by some or the
leading reviewers this book was
hall?d as unique and a master
piece, others damned it as a mere
specimen of American sentlmn
tallsm. Some, again, regarded it
as a true revelation of child men
tality white others declare that
only a perfect likeness, but n
embodyment of personality, and
a remarkable canvas irom an ar
tistic point of view as wen.
The figure is shown in a Bitt
ing posture, the graceful, easy
treatment of the hands, and the
character-revelation in the face
being nothing less than remark
able. Mr. Hell, who Is an English
artist, with a residence on the
coast of only a few years, is
recognized as one of the finest
portrait painters In the West.
During the short time that ho has
been here he has painted some
of the foremost men and women
of Portland, for several years
being represented in the art ce-
partment of the state fair. Among
portraits shown in this way have
been tho?e of Mrs. (Col.) C. E. S.
Wood. Mrs. Bell, and a number of
Mr. and Mrs. John Withycombe.
Jr.. have been entertaining as
their guest, Mrs. Etta Lee of Cor
valiis. who stopped off on her
way to her home after a visit in
A group oi wives of Elks were
entertained at an evening of cards i
at the residence of Mrs. L. W.
Cleanon Thursday, while the Elks
lodj;c was Ft aging a smoker that
claimed the attention ot the men.
Serving a? nostesses with Mrs.
Gleason were Mrs. U. Scott Page.
Mrs. Elmer Daue. Mrs. O. A. Ol
son and Mrs. C. A. Vibbert.
Valentine's day was suggested
in the simple decorative Bchenie.
Following the awarding of prizes
to Mrs. William Cravett and Mrs.
F. G. Delano at the conclusion ot
the game, a light supper was
Thos" bidden were Mrs. Chas.
E. Knowland. Mrs. Lee Can field.
Mrs. E. A. Kurtz. Mrs. William
Cravatt.'Mrs. L. P. Aldrich, Mrs.
C. A. Vibbert. Mrs. Fred Ellis.
Mrs. Thomas Wood, Mrs. C. X.
Xeedham. Mrs. H. O. White. Mrs.
F. G. Delano. Mrs. A. E. Hucke-
stein Jr.. Mrs. O. II. Fisher, Mra.
Clyde Johnson. Mrs. Cal Patton,
Mrs. Miller Bevier and Mrs. E
L. Kappahan.
J. C. Griffith and her sis
ter. Mrs. Joseph Albert, are the
nnhin .nnM mnro false. For ITruesis oi ftirs. uuo ivrausse in
ihu ratnn alone, its Intrinsic I Portland
I -
Plan Easter Shopping Tomorrow
merits or : demerits arart. the
lirok must await the authorita
tive pronouncement of tlnve."
Dozens of motor loads of Elks,
their wives and friends were made
up last night, going orer to Mc-
Minnville, where the local lodge
put on a return entertainment for
the comedy recently given in
Salem by the McMinnville lodge-
In the group of entertainers
were Mrs. A. J. Rahn and Miss
Margaret White, the former to
appear in vocal solos. Miss White
to present some of her artistic
aoio dances that have been given
with so much success in Salem
this winter.
Practically a new act featured
the first half of the program, the
latter half being devoted to the
Minstrel, given by the local Elks
some time ago. , Among the so
loists were Albert Egan. Claude
Stevenson. Pan Langenbcrg and
Albert Bishop.
M. ' M.
Fillinc the final niche In th
wall space allotted to past gov
ernors in the Hall of Represent
atives in the Capitol building, is
the life-sized portrait of the late
Governor James W. Withycombe,
which baa recently been complet
rd by the well-known Portland
artist. Sidney Bell. Relatives and
friends recognize in the work rot
We pay the postage or rprejs on your;
mail order -
You Will Buy
466 State Street Phone 877
Why not get the best at first
The Store of Housewares
The Sonora Phonograph
Mrs. U. G. Shipley spent sev
eral days in Portland this week.
leing entertained by Mrs. J. W.
Beveridgs while there.
Marie Schulderman, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Schuud-
crman. formerly of Salem, came
up from Portland the last of the
week to remain over the week
nd as th? guest of Miss Margaret
Mrs. John Gill of Portland.
who has been in Salem about a
lortmgnt with senator tiul. waa
Jcined this week by their daugh
tr-in-!aw. Mrs. Harold Gill, i
charming ycung matron, who is
very popular in Portland society.
Mrs. K. K. Kubll of Portland
came to Salem the first of the
week to join Representative Kubli
luring the remainder of the ses
Preceding the dance in Mooso
ball IaM night, given by the so-"
rial club of the Order of the
Eastern Star. Mrs. W. P. Fowle
entertained- with a beautifully
eppointed dinner in celebration of
Miss Teressa Fowle's natal anni-
ersary. Patriotic decorations
were employed, with red carna
tions used as a floral center
piece for the table. Red candles
lighted the board, and the guests
ound their places by small cards
In the form of flags.
Cover were laid for Miss
Fowle. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Mey-
era. Miss Agnes Baync. Miss Ada
Kokx. Miss Lelia Johnson. Miss
Lucille Jaskoi-kl. Paul Wallace,
Paul FlegeT. Merrill Ohllng. Leo
Fpitzbart. Ralph Hamilton. Hay
ward Fowle and the hostess.
Mrs. I S. Geer and daughter,
Lorena. spent several days during
the we?k in Portland.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. J, E.
Law are rejoicing with them over
the recovery of their little son,
Bobby, from hi recent illness.
til ii
i Bif ja ill
THERE is one phonograph which is
chosen when heard in critical com
parison. It Won the highest award for
tone quality at the Panama-Pacific In
ternational Exposition. It is the Sonora.
For what qualities is the crown of
success bestowed?
Not for loud claims and hollow words,
but fpr proven truth
Not for outward merit and inward
lack, but for solid worth,
Not for apparent excellence and sur
face glitter, but for thorough value
which time has tried and not found
Before you purchase your phonograph
hear the Sonora. It will give to you, to
your family and friends years of the
keenest pleasure, entertainment, and en
joyment. .
Sonora Dealer in Salem
" :- -j . ' - - i
- : .
Members and friends of the
Court Street Christian church.
corgr of Seventeenth and Court
streets, are congratulating them
selves upon Fecuring the services
of Miss Lucille Barton, who has
taken charge of the music, be
ginning her work last Sunday.
Mis Barton has received splen
did tra'ning for h?r work, receiv
ing voire under Nellie Humphry,
Howard Lymann, Harold Butler,
the latter a grand opera Btar and
former head ot the voice depart
ment of Syracuse university:
Mme. Cora R,, prima donna, I
and a pupil or Krrani and Moder-
ati in New York; Mme. Hall and
Vaunuccini in 'Italy and Boston;
La Chappelle in The Hague;
Mierzmnphl. In Paris; Henshell
and Mme. Clara Pool in New
York and - Shakespeare, who
taught the method of Striglio.
Piano, and harmony Miss Bar
ton received under F. Kinsey, H.
Mahr. .loserh M-rtz and William
Rerwald, the latter a noted mu
irian and composer. ;
For three years MHs Barton
was soloif-t in Centenary M. E.
church of Syracuse, N. Y., the
Congregational rhun-h in the
Fame city, tKu-ldos being .oloist
in pntaMer city choirs. As a di
rector she has been in charge of
V. W. C. A. rhoriLse. and the
Cmninuntiv choruw. conipoKed of
about 4 0M) students, of Syracuse
university for their toniruunity
i In Syracuse and other places in
the ast Miss Barton appeared In
a number or reritals before the
Woman's club of Schen-ctady.
i Woman' Republican club of the
.same place, and the Woman's
tnhor she sang at the
convention of the Woman's Home
Missionary tociety la St. Paul.
Minn. Her work is well-known
In Salem where she has appeared
on numerous programs, including
that at the state fair three years
For the pleasure of Mrs. Ralph
Watson or Fortiana. a visuor m
the cltv during the legislature.
and Miss Creta Olinger of Ever
ett Wash.. Mrs. E. X. Gillingham
entertained with a mall bridge
Wpdnesdav afternoon, awarding
her card trophy to Mrs. Edwin L
Mrs. Georce M. Brown has as
her house guest Mrs. F. G. lleff
ner of Portland, who arrived the
first of the week.
Mrs. E. C. McFarland ot Port
land arrived during the past week
to be with her husband, Repre
sentativc McFarland.
Going down to Portland during
the mid-week to attend grand
opera. Mrs. Walter Spaulding
will be entertained during her
stay, which will cover Wednesday
and Thursday, as the guest of
Mrs. Paul Petri. Josef Hoffman
to be the attraction for the first
In observance of the birthday
of Miss Creta Olinger. a visitor
here from Everett. Wash., Mrs.
H. H. Olinger entertained with a
line party at the Oregon theater
Thursday afternoon, luncheon be
ing served later at The Spa. Miss
Olinger, who has spent several
weeks in Salem, will remain a
week longer before departing for
her home.
Guests bidden for Thursday
were Mrs. R. E. Lee Steiner, Mrs.
Milton Meyers, Mrs. Herbert
Xunn. Mrs. George G. Brown,
Mrs. E. X. Gillingham. Mrs. Ed
win L. Baker, Mrs. John E. Tiro-
phy, Mrs. W. Everett Anderson.
Mrs. D. W. Matthews, Mrs. Ralph
A. Watson of Portland. Mrs. U
G. Shipley, Mrs. W. H. Dancy.
Mrs. Homer Smith, Mrs. Oliver C. ,
Locke and Mrs. F. W. Durbin.
The following hem is taken
from the first page of the Xorth
China Star, a large daily pub
lished in Pekin and Tientsin:
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Holman are
leaving on Tuesday for Shanghai
and later for America, after an
absence of a year and a half.
"Mr. and Mrs. Holman until the
past week have been playing in
orchestra at the Astor house, and
the music lovers of Tientsin re
gret their departure. Mr. Hol
man was exceedingly clever with
the .drums, and Mrs. Holman
proved an artist of unusual tal
ent with the violin and saxo
"Prior to coming to Tientsin
mx months ago, a year's musical
engagement had been completed
in Shanghai, and after a vacation
cr several months In America
they plan toTeturn to the Orient
with a new and perhaps larger
combination orchestra.
: "Mrs. Holman studied with
William Wallace ' Graham, pupil
ot Joachim, for a number of years
and was presented by Mr. Graham
in several recitals and concerts
In the larger cities or wet-tern
"Both Mr. and Mrs. Holman
have thoroughly enjoyed their
sojourn in the east, and espclilly
Tientsin, where they rojnd th3
climate delightful and the pcofle
appreciative ana rriendlv. '
Interest is attached to the mar
riage of -Biir Hayward. famous
athletic trainer at the University
oi uregon. and Miss Bertina Or
ion oi tugene, which took place
ar neiso. wash., February T,
They will make their home In Eu
i uc I -a Area club met at th
home of Misses Ruth and Orpha
Cole Monday night. Members
present were: Mrs. J. A. Bernar
di. Mrs. Gale Church. Mrs. L. A
Williamson, Mrs. J. F. Tyler
Mrs. A- A. Gueffroy. Mrs. R. C,
ivreisei. Miss Perl Collins. Miss
Kose Collins. Miss Echo Hunt
anss netty samuol. Miss Helen
lletdecke and Mrs. F. E. Cole.
The club will meet acaln in two
weeks when Miss Rose Collin
will be hosiers.
Knrtafning with a luncheon
and afternoon Vf "500" Fii.'rv
Mrs. r . i.. Shafer proved one r
the most successful hostesses
i lie vioieis sim i:pr:g
time flo?rs made scasdnal nma
mentatioa for th luncheon table
smau caras marking placei for
members of Mrs. Sharer's card
ciun and several additional cnet
Following the jranio prires were
given to Mrs. O. P. HoH and Mrs.
W. M. Bushey.
Guests or the club were: Mrs.
ii. H. Cory. Mrs. C. E. Cahatt.
Mrs. R. Krie?;l and Mr s .
r mm
Kenneth Pefry Jack Randan,,
Wayne Hamilton. Ell": nur,
.Newton Mumey Elb?rt Uufselle,
and Alfred Bayne. ,
' 4?
Mr and Mrs! R. E. Downing
were ' hosts .Friday night, enter
taining the members or tncirca
club "The Cherry City" and Mr.
and Mrs. Raymond Walsh and Mr.
and Mrs. H. Tolsal adauioiaiiy.
Preceding the fcame a o cioc
.tinner was S served. with the
guests seated around a tanze cen
ara.i with nlrik caiHiUons and
other detail bearing out this col
nf 1 i " "
Four tables Swere arranged for
rii i.rir.fik iainz to Mr. and
Mrs. Ii. C. Mjnto.
Mrs. Geor.fce V.. Hingham enter
i,in na herf euest this week
Mrs. Walter Kerapton or Port
land. 1
Mr n. t. Matthews went to
Portland ITridaV to hCf! the
Willamette-Mult nornali basketball
came, and remained to spend the
week-end w 1th friends.
Drand Mfs- n- Site" wcre
in Portland during the week, re
turning homp Thursday.
Mrs. Oeoriw II. Aldcn was i
Salem visitor In Portlind during
the week. , '
Mrs. Grace Eotf. accompanied
bv her son Aself Eoff, Paul Sta
ley and Milton SteinT. spent the
last of the woek in I'ortlana.
Mrs. L. Oi Curtis was another
Salem vV.ltof In Tortland during-
the wek.
The Bereans were hostesses at
a delightful Valentine pany giv
en in honor of the Loyal Sons of
the Fist Baptist cnurcn, r nu.j
evening. Festoons of greenry
and red hearts carriea ou
Valentine Idea, tne same r
scheme perfected in the dining
room. Shaded lights ana wnu.r,
glowed dimly wnue oeuciou. y.-
freshments were servt-u. ... ...
S. Glle and Harry E. White acted
as chaperones.
For the pleasure of her young
son Clirford. Mrs. L. W. Gleason
entertained with a lfne party at
the Liberty theater yesterday af
ternoon, and a light luncheon af-
.m-or.ia at her home, uiruinu
boys participating In this merry
afralr were: Fern Col well. Fi,,
Colwell, Lolo Dale Pickens. Rata
Talmadge. Dorris Reid, Robert
Picklns and Clifford Gleason.
w tr
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Harding ot
Enavtlle. Idaho, arrived In the
city this week to visit the latter!
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Salem School of Exprestica
Lula Rosamond 'Walton. Director
147 N. Commercial
Phone 692 14S4J .
Special Course In Futile SpeaiiB,
Hemstitching, braiding and plaiting. Se us for dress-
Eoom 10, McConuck Bl&g. Phone 117 Salem, Ore.
Inasmuch as a large number of
women llvlnjr In otl.i-r parts oT
th- city are IBterest'jd In tr.fc work
being don "oyt i Xorlli Salm
Woman's ci-i1). and n-e deiri iis of
becoming mein'4r. It Is quite pro
bable that nam i and policy "f
th club wi'l b1 ciaiiKNr. Ibi al
lowing any ine'who wishes to af
filiate to do t.o
Thf-. matter 'came before the
mee:irig,of tha .lii this week at
the home iff Mrs. F. L. nirvin"
At this time It was also decided to
change the meeting date from the
second Wednesday to tne ursi
Tuesday in each month.
The program included two
readings by Hev. H. X. Aldrich
and piano numbers by Miss Ruth
Rice. 1
The rooms were aglow with
pink ryclamon h and primroses,
Miss Lorena Fox assisted the host
ess at the serving hour
!- !
Misses Lena and Mabel Dot son
left yesterday afternoon for rort
land where they are spending the
week-end as 'the ruest of Miss
Elizabeth Walker. ;
Mrs. Ida UnUach of Lakevlew,
Oregon will be fn Salem this week
for an official visit to Cbadwlck
chapter Xo. 371; Order of the
Eastern Star Tuesday nigat. Mrs
Unbach Is the f orthy grand ina
tron or the rtate lodge.
Extraordinary price reduction
Agency just opened at 442 State street, room
No. 2, represents the largest distributors of
Quality Woolens in the United States. The
Commercial Tailoring is equal to the best and
every garment is guaranteed 'as to Ct and
workmanship. To introduce our line we will
during February sell suits or overcoats at
actual cost, from $21.25 and up. Nothing
free but at actual cost. Over 1000 samples
now on display.
East, club n rorr" present b-,ing
Mrs. Walter Buckner. Mr. E T.
BuFselle. Vr. J. A. Bernard!. Ml
O. P. HVf. Mm. Elizabeth l,r..L.
Mrs. yv. :. Buhey. M. J. v.
Culver and Miss Dorothy Buckact.
Hearts and all the other pi'-tty
insignia or Valentine"! day veie
employed in ecorat'n the W T.
Stola residence Inst nisht. rcr'he
pre-Valentine pary whirli Miss
Margaret Stol.i g?ve to a lnr?
uroup of her friends. ValeMinc s
were a detail of the decorative
M-henie. and the small serving ta
bles were nartl JilaMy attractive
with red rand'os and red carna
tlons. Invitation? we x ipt;, i to M ss
rp Ruth Page Mi!et Ai-komian.
Mabel Marcu-. Frank's Wa:d.
Prudence Patterson. Ix'nta Banm
cartner. !!lpn eli;. Evangel. ne
Towell. Jeancllo V'atidertort. Hel
en Ramsden. Lois Taylor, Miriam
Iiwll. Edith Brelherton. Kather
Ine Vincent. Mrrin Schnldf raiah.
of Portland. Jluth Griffith and
Donald David3in, Fi"Sk lHk
bach. Keith Brown, Max Jonrs.
Lvan Jones. Frank PaiterKim
club or BuffAo. X. Y. La4t Oc- John Cauchell. Arthur llanultoni
a, aP , TV
More and more women are acquir
ing Dodge Brothers Coupes for
their personal use.
Its popularity is due to its good
looks, the protection it provides,
and its reputation for consistent
Th ganoltna consumption ia unnsuaftr low
The tire mileage is unusually high
Marion and Polk County Distributors
Ferry and Commercial Sts. Sa!em. Oregon