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The Oregon Statesman
Issued Dally Except Monday by
115 S. Commercial St., Salem. Oregon
The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication
if all sews dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper
and also the local news published herein.
R. J. Hendricks.... .....
Stephen A. Stone.
Ralph Glover.
Prank Jaskoskt..
, Managing Editor
, . . .Manager Job Dept.
would be giring its old-time groans
every minute. Looks ss If manicur
ing were taking the place of farm
ing in our otherwse beloved country.
.There Is nothing to It
Nothing to this dope, as spplied
to the farmers of tne Salem dis
trict. .
They are working with all the man
power in themselves, and all the
man power they' can hire; and they
are buying tractors and trucks and
every other mechanical device to b
had in order to conserve time and
expedite, work and render their
methods mure intensive and ef fee
Business Office, 23.
Circulation Department. SIS.
Job Department, SIS.
Entered at the Postof flee In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
DAILY STATESMAN, served by carrier in Salem and suburbs, IS cents a
, week, 60 cents a month. ;.-..
DAILY STATESMAN, by mail. II a year; 13 tor six months; 60 cents a
month. For three months or more, raid in advance, at rate or ss year.
(THE PACIFIC HOMESTEAD, the great western weekly farm paper, will hive.
oe sent a year to any one paying a year xa aavance w ia wmj Tner bsve taken tb available
CND AY STATESMAN, f 1 a year; SO cent, for nix months; 2S cut. foi 0t tTrr
three months. f : j. TlnM' and 0lb"t nd walnut trees
awvifi.v arirreuiv ia.-a i,:'r M-tlnna Tnendava and and small fruit of all kinds, and
vv W . . iW .M . . w m m w 1 " I I
Fridays, SI a year (if not paid In advance, ll.Zi); so cenu tor six i strawberry plants, and many other
months; 2S cent for three months. - . I thinra in the lines of Craitm and ver-
etables and seeds.
They have been buying the best
cows and hogs and sheep and goats I
and other live stock and poultry.
They ar living. up to the slogan
I of -More acres and more to the
acre. ' .
The dopv may betru
(As applied; to some other states
and some- other sections. But it is
i wviua win a anl as?! tw4l aasw.
Assuming that Hiram Johnson Jias received more votes in Oregon el9e that wpreaeBtl nntrntb
and unreliability when applied to
cur farmers. .
They are the salt of the earth;
three-story farmers who have gotten
away from all the mossback tra
ditions of the old times.
One Marion county farmer had
his fruit trees badly damaged by the
December freeze; many very fine
. a VW W
than uenerai woou ,
It is the same old thing in the same old way.
The same old way in which the Johnson bunch have "carried"
all the other claimed states, excepting California; that is:
By a minority vote.
Not a majority in any state outside of California.
If the Lowden and Hoover votes had been cast for General Wood,
on Friday, Hiram would have been! far short of a majority.
But what -of. it!
What if Hiram Johnson has carried the preference primary in trees killed.
Oregon! -By
the estimate of the Associated Press, this will give him at
the most 110 votes out of the 990 at Chicago. , .
And that is all he will ever get, and he will never get that many
after the first ballot.
Take the Oregon delegates: You will find, when the returns! but he. has. work and spirit enough
are all in, that they are not Johnson delegates ; at least not a kna-1 In him to go about renewing his dead
ioritr of them. I tree and grafting his hslf dead ones
What is he doing?
Sitting around and moping and be-1
moaning' his fate?
Not on your Ufa.
He is not a young man any more;
V im Texas that!
Cat Glass
? Oars It s rsleie
rlry store. No Use of gtolt
more reliable Is cm r
wler ssywbere. W Wy
dlrvt from the wert4,
bt tasasfartirers 4
' sll on smaller msrxtaa
thsa others, msklsg t
savings for you tUx
amouat tm eoui4erai.
I vrhatrvr U werih ha,
las la a lry Mere is U
W fouad here.
are our specialty ss4
ran ssply aaytaisg ,
Sleaue Moa FUlUUe Jrwviirs
sxl Orxkias
They do not believe a man of the stamp an J calibre and backing I renerally prepsring to more than will consent te-the Lodge reserva- Leacue of NaUons la whkh all the
of Johnson ought to be nominated for President now, or at any other retrieve his losses, through years of Hons and proves conclusively thst be other nstlons but the United Ststei
time. . ! patient laoor.
' The Oregon delegates will be bound to vote for Johnson as long He is a type of the farmers of the
as he has any show. I Salem district. They are going to
They are the judges of this. make this valley a paradise; they
And, by that' rule, they are not necessarily bound to vote for 8ing to make over Marion and
him at all for he has not the ghost of a show. Pol adjoining counties, and In
But they will of course all vote for him on the first ballot as- doIn f hl they are going to
' sumine that he has received his minority plurality in Oreeon. m ln Gibraltar f oundaUons
After the first vote, practicaUy all the delegates at the Chicago m OI yfwv people; ana me
will. continue to the end of his term would be bound to one snother by
insisting on ratification of the treaty the four great peace-glviag provi
without any change. It Is author!- sions of the League, to-wit: (1) the
tatively stated thst he intends to limitation of armament; (2) the ma-
veto me jeint resolution aeciannc u Biruir di nm jv, ip ib
peace with Germany and to resub- - enforcement of submission to Jadl
mlt the treity for action by the sea- clal settleaients of disputes by unl-
convention will be" free; as free to act as the delegates in any past
x national Republican convention. ;
. And being for thVmost part intelligent men and men having the
, highest interests of their, party and; of their country and of all hu
manity at heart, they will naturally wish to nominate-the best man
in the United States for President.
So Hiram will be out of it absolutely.
raw materials necessary for making
it the most prosperous city in all the
wide world.
ate. He. therefore, will put himself
in the position of maintaining a
state of war until the end of his
term. He demands that the Demo
cratic eonvenin, at-San Francisco
shall make the. Issue in this cam
paign "The League without reser
vations or no" treaty at all." The
president's letter - In a message in
langaage which would Inspire, If It
we would become a member of the
(By Wiillam Howard TafL)
Tria rraiiaer AKeietiAilAn Ia ft
He will not be even thought of after the convention gets through j fw,M nf v.tin. . -n Ud any foundation In faet to sus-
, . , .... , . . 1 . . .. . . . "V w w-w - r. I
tne ueceni preliminary lormaimes ana settles aowu ta.tlie real busi- ia Voodrow Wilson. A League of tain his glowing sentences. Were
upss for which that body assembled. Nations . cinnot be , effective unlesss he to accept the Lodg reservstlons
oo wegon nas merely mrown ner vote away , m ihe United States Joins as a mem-
( Assuming that Hi is the high man in the low parts of the ballot ber. ; The United States cannot join
uoxes tne contents or wnicn are Deing assemoiea tor tne final totals. I the League, of Nations unless two
1'. b. The writer does not admit that Hiram has received more I thirds of the senate of the United
votes than General Wood in OregOnJ The late totals last night were States shall" ratify the treaty by
turning the "dope" . the other way! which it becomes a member. Mr.
Wilson knows, or should know, that
If you have not joined the Salem Floral Society, it is your duty ! neither- in the present " senate nor
to join, if you are a resident of this .city. There must be r(XK)
members, and a strong and persistent program for making Salem
the most beautiful city in the United States. It can be done. Na
ture has set the stage. I
Oregon will take good care of her schools. It will eost a lpt
of money, and taxes are high. So there will have to be some cuV
'.mting down along other lines and some readjustments in the methods'
of raising public money in this state.
On the state measures, the rest of the state was much more in the
assenting mood than the back districts of Marion county.
. . All the state measures are carried.
Iceland want to get in the League
of Nations. The seat set aside for
Uncle Sam is not occupied.
: The day of miracles Is still here
and the almost daily example we see
Is that of clergymen living on the
salaries fixed ten years ago and still
keeping out of debt. And they do
say that it is being done.
The Armenian mandate will prob
ably go Oegiug if the allied pre
miers decide upon shifting the bur
den for maintenance and proteetlop
upon the' United States. It looks
like a final effort to wish upon us
tne poorhoiuso of the world.
Toes that dance and do not kick are
much' to be preferred.
In the new senate,' which will gath
er on the 4th of March next, can
two-thirds of the membership be In
duced to vote for the League of Na
tions without; the ' Lodge reserva
tions. The senate's ratification un
der the constitution is as necessary
to make a treaty as the, president's
initiation and approval.
Mr. Wilson'a letter written In an
swer to an inquiry by the ehairmsp
of the Multnomah county Democrat'
ic central committee of Oregon com
pletely destroys any hope that he
Mar 23. Sunday Baseball. McMlaa-
tiii Ta. taim.
May is. Sunday Memorial Sunday.
iay zj. Sunday urtlare at armory
by It. H. Kroh of Akron. Ohio.
May SC.. Wednesday Opening of
oreater Willamette campalrn.
stay ZS-Z7, wedneeuay and Tbureflay
Ado lie club concert. Grand theatre.
aiay 27. innreday Baby clinic at
The country is now spending $18.-
000.000 a lay for government in
time of peace. With interest charges
as large as the total ordinary ex-
sense of lh rnvrrnmonl in vmm I Commercial dab.
" . . .. I May it. rrtday Veteran vUit Salem
S". uuw can me coounnance ot ineiachoola and addreas atudents.
May Z. Saturday Baaeball. Salem
nia-n va. Korrae man. cng-ene.
expenditures on a war-time scale be
justified or excused?
' There seems to be a sentiment In
the country to have a man for pres
ident, who has never been seriously
considered, far the3 office before.
That lets out a number of the as
pirants.. Of course.' the "sentiment
may be wrong. It often is.
"Political "events at the national
capital Indicate That the Wilson ad
ministration will merely mark time
nnfil the end oMts unhappy career.
In the recent history of the country
the relations between congress and
uthe executive! were never, more
' strained.
Mnsle teachers want the evangel
ical churches io lift the ban on dane
lng where it . exists which recalls
. . the Tact thit Saniabn staged the first
- fr-t trot, and Mil'nn. a good Puritan.
gave us "the light fantastic toe."
lay . St. aturda
May JO. Sunday
Tart peak at armory.
vs. Salem
William Howard
sebaU. Albany
Vfvr Ten tv rtrt t-r iv-
mm - mwm pububj iTcvrsiiun liar.
May 3L. Monday Salem atorea to be
The farmers are too busy riding c'd in celebration of Memorial day.
- 1 Jan i ' -1 - - 1 .1,
'tuuu in ineir oazz wagons to gti I service begin.
4 re going ta suffer for want of tnr-
their tnrlnr nlnwinr ami wo I .r ""r immmii. saiem Hi (a
, a I T. UCM1HBT1II B1CB. HCKlaiVtll.
Jane S. Saturday Annual picnic of
miya iuis iu. ui is auuui mr elation, tsalem.
mrr .ix.xx. -nn. . i , - .... i. I Jun S. Sundav Baccalaareate Sun
'Mday for Kimball Scbool of Theologr at
(UrniSdes an excuse for kei-Din? nrtlrirat Metbodiat church.
h . . ... . I Juno C. Sunday Baccalanrete aermon
uc ... uu v-iii- fw hjgrh aehool rraduaUng claaa at
staples. A reason for stf fining j " Methodiyt ,
: , . . , . .. I June 11. Friday Blooded Jersey sale
prices doesn't have to be piaosibte.1 at State fair around.
If It is feasl '.t it if doing well
have been building elevators allt p- m in Aasemby batL
through the northwest to elevate the June li. Sunday Baseball, Wood
price of grain, and they accomplish KnTi CMdar-n.r day.
the purpo39 all right. The farmer's! Juno 14 to 17 Officers praools for
boy is going to the city and the far- 'rorV St0.'.'-a?"" at
mer has rheumatism so bad that hel Jub s National gypsy
can't hoe his corn.
Therefore, we will have no turkey
for Thanksgiving.. Things are .look
ing mighty bad and the gophers are
eating up aU the onions! Why don't
we advertise ourselves as a nation
tour motorcycle event la Salem.
- June SI. SZ and S Imperial conclave
of Mystic Shrine ta Portland.
Juno SS. Wednesday Imperial
clave of Mystic Shrine to vlait Salem.
Jane S4. li aid SS Portland ' Rose
June !. Saturday Letter Carriers
convention In Salem.
July t to S4 Summer school for ru
of aericultnral Inmrnnoionii mil Klral pastors at Willamette universitT.
j ,. . I July to SS Annual encampment of
done with It? If the French peasant Orearon national Guard. Infantry and
had our soil and Implements th-UwiBVi-'lAt. Crap f1" rtuer,
uarns Would be burstins with eraint July IS to S4 Salem Chautauaua.
d there would be so much foddet UVln AuS "SUW
I on the table that the mahogany Bp5mbtr. ,T la October s Oregon
Imperfect Eyes Do
Not Always Mean
Poor Vision'
Quite' often, even with imper
fect eyes, good vision Is ob
tained by straining them. Just
as long as eyes can obtain, by
extra exertion, perfect vision
they will do so. and it is this
continual effort from morning
till night, and day after day
that causes so much fatigue,
so much nervousness and so
many headaches.
You know what a hardship It
Is to strain the muscles of your
back all day long, or to walk
continuously hour after hour.
Then you can better appreciate
the strain upon the delicate
muscles of the eye when they
are subjected to this severe ex
ertion in trying to overcome
If your eyes are Imperfect you
are retarding your own pro
gress, and laying up for your
self future troubles that may
be quite serious.
If you do not know the condl
tlon of your eyes. Or If you
suspect that they are respoa
sible for nervous disorders,
headaches, etc. then you had
better have there examined and
find out for certain.
I am equipped with both the
delicate last r a meats and the
experience to properly diagnose
your needs, and have the equip
ment for making the lenses and
adjusting them to give most
satisfactory service.
We own and operate a complete
lens grinding plant and can de
liver your glasses the same day
. they are ordered.
.Henry E. Co.
Eyesight Specialists
Rooms f 02-2 11 Bank of Com
1 mrr Ttnilfllnr
vernal boycott, and (4) open diplo
macy. The reservations would re
lelve the United State from the
guaranty of Article X. but from
none of, the other obligations.
Forty Democratic senators agreed
to either or two forms of reserva
tion as to Article X:
Releasing the affirmative obliga
tion of thj United States under Ar
ticle X.
Releasing the affirmative obliga
tion of the'United States under Ar
ticle X and leaving the whole matter
under the article to the dsicretlou
of congreia.
The same forty senators s greed to
the Lodge reservation as to the Moa
roe Doctrine, except that they wished
to ssy the ssme thing only twice
Instead of saying It three times, as
the Republlcsns had said IL Mr.
Wilson repudiates the action of all
the Democratic senstors. ss well as
that of the Republicans. Mr. Wil
son's words interpreted In the light
of the facts show that, unless he csn
secure the sgreement of the senate
to Article X. of which he is the
author, without any qualifications
of It, he Is will lag to destroy the'
whole Lesgue.
The real friends et the League,
who have no political bias or per
sonal pride ef authorship, aro anx
ious thst the Leasee with the Lodge
reserratloas shall b ratified as the
oaly way la which ratification can
coma. They believe that It is most
valaable for the world even without
Article X. and the other nations;
agree with them. They believe that
with the pewer of amendment pro-'
vlded ia it Its defects, as experleaV
shall show them, csn be remedied.
Mr. Wilson's objection Is thai the
United States must be bo and to use
military force to raaiatala the terrv
torial integrity and political Inde
pendence of all the members of the
Lesgue. The other members of the
Leagae who would naturally be in
terested In preserviag the Ualled
States' obligation under Article X
are willing to release it If only the
United States will give lit and
strength to the Lesgue by join is g It
and complying with Its three other
great provisions for preserviag peace.
Mr. Wilson says that' he will net
sennit the United State . to eater
the League unless It assume a bar
den to others they do not ask.
Wood row Wilson Is himself the
chief agent la preventing the United
States from upholding Its honor and
performing its duty as a member of
the family of nations.
plavi-no irrni nnx.
On of the cheeriest jags tut u,
Calcago police hate had o uer
hjaade since preslbiu . west t
afreet wss a palater ruvaded u
other night who had freak a Hi
P't mixts re of raw alcohol a ad car
bolle acid. He said that wits im
proper arraagemeat of the Urtv
eats the results were fine. 1st ess
had to be very caret sL
A quart of It migat be aarau'tl.
so he was parties la r to never so
more than a si at.
jlf the breath burned a hole ta U4
tooralag paper the proportion ef rar-
J Uotie acid waa too hUh sad tltnu
be red a red. The poUe had ac
spoken la jest of the cartel acid
cocktail, bu: here was a fellow via
brewed them aad rather liked tVrav
The more a thlag Lasted Hit a' boa
Or the better he I tied !:. aad Th
eon Id laacn 4ff a sness ef Re-aaa
Randies. The a mead meat -Is eVreu
toplag some fireproof threat v-
liv rroUriiKic.
The Methodist are dcbaUag U
taestioa r adaUtlag women Is XU
klalstry. Looks as if the sistsi.
wsjr.wauld ha UgiYeWT3tfl the trj
of the place aad let em go whemrr
they want to. They wilL aarvtr.
even If they have to break Ja. Frota
a worldly standpoint the pslptt at
the poorest paid of all professions,
aad ir women earnestly wlah ta be
preachers they rtn;ht be welcome I
with three cheers. Aay clsrth de
siring i lady pastor will pie re sif
oat Los Aa-!es Timer.
The Salvation Army t said to be
coadactlag tta simple bat worthr
work la n less than tC ccsstne
ct th world and In more laaa
langaagea. Its watchwwrd U: "X
man may b down, but he's aewr
out.- and It help htm to prove U.
llaie a do chant.
What a lot of dimples we see U
some of the asphalt streets of tats
town. .
We hare some extra food nines in second hand cars which we
can now show. 'There is a car for etery man's needs. Here. are a
few: - J
1919 one-ton Maxwell Truck A.'.J.$1000 '
1917 Dodre Tonrinr .J. .5925
1919 Cherrolet DeUrery. 1 .600
Buick Roadster, run 5000 miles $650
1919 Orerland Tonrinr v...r .........;L...590O
1917 Maxwell Tonrinr $550
1918 Dodre Tounnr J1125
1920 Dodre Torrrinr, run 1400 miles, fullj equipped and in excel
lent condition $1400
1918 Dodge DeliTerjr $1000
H. F. Bonesteel
Marion and Polk County Distributor for Dodge Cars
Ferry and Commercial Streets SALEM