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The Story of a Honeymoon
A Wonderful Romance of Married Life Wonderfully Told by
1 1 ' I r "' " 1 '
I wa shaking all over with nerr-
au fear when I finally found. ray
elf alone after Dicky's proposal to
:bange the wrist watch he had siren
n for one with a luminous dial.
The watch I wore was not the one
tie bad glyeh me. but' a watch with a
:ae specially designed and substi-
Suted by Lillian, for the sate keep
ng of the secret paper my father had
ent to her from Soiith America. The
ronsclousness that I had deliberately
cajoled my husband ' lnto beTiering
my reluctance to take off the watch
was due to lote tpr. his gift, con
tributed as much ,toAlhy nervous
tremors -an did in v. convict inn that
khe watch, despite Lillian's assertion.
was not a safe place for the secret-
ling of the paper.
Dicky's fondness for setting, wind
ing up and otherwise tinkering with
f m V:" y
time-pieces is almost an obsession
His mother has told me num
berless stories of his exploits in
taking apart the family clocks, and
Incidentally failing to put them to
gether' again; failures, however, that
never discouraged him. I knew ti
house we had purchased, which were
jun beginning to show traces ol an
unuu-ally belated springtime.
Jim touched his hat respecuuiiy
from where he stood beside a coia
frame in which the tender green or
yonng plants mas snoming.
"Katie tells me you nave enusieu.
Jim." I said. -1 want you to know
that I am Tery proud of your deci
sion, and that 1 will take care of
Katie while you are away. nen
do you go?"'
Who Is Near?
"I don't just know,
his cap awkwardly.
Jim fumbled
'Tho' told me
was only a question of days before not Q oul of rearh. and they will
he would examine the watch I wore, ,e, me know. so I'm Hrying to fix
if It were ror notning more man ithJne8 UD a9 uell as V can while I
compare its time with his own., unce have tlie chance. I don't know who
in his hands. I feared he would dis- you can Ret to tave care of things."
cover us aecrw.
What Madge Decided.
As I looked bak to the nisht when
he addd. worriedly.
"Don't worry about anything. Jim
I returned. "Well manage some
Thank you for everything. Mrs.
Lillian planned tne substitution oi ... alj MPnMt!v- and
the watches. I wondered why I hadn't Lnere w'as that in his honest voice
torn ner or tnis propensity oi wj . hi h t ,d me how de.piy he feU niyl'"" , ' 7, " '
if indeed she dld not already know lse to take care of Katie. 1 KuIZl I J,?n-
Professor Peck Comments
on Capital City Lawns
Salem lawns were complimented
for their rolor effects, but rrltiHwd
adversely because of their lack of
Fhrirbbtry. In a lacture ty Professor
Arthur W. Peck of Corvallla before
the Salem Floral society at the pub
lic library last night. Professor
Peck is connected with Oregon Agri
cultural college and came hre on
invitation of the floral society for
las nirht'ii ddr.
The society adopted a resolution
urging the motion picture theaters
of Salem to run slides advertising
"clean-up" week;
H. J. Elerly of the state depart
ment of forestry will leave in a few
days for Jackson county where he
uill serve as district warden during
As I strolled on through the gar
den where Jim had been, trying to
forceful, so brilliant, that she 1 ,r the ravages of years of ne:.
res me a bit, and I never dream lect and entered a smaI1 plK.e of
of it. But I knew the answer, even
as I nut the mental query. Lillian
is so
of questioning her judgment
But here waa an instance in which HaKe at the rear of the property. Ij
I had no choice. I must get to the fwas struck with the loneliness of the
city and secure my own watch as I place.
soon as possible. .1 would carry thel The ground surrounding the house
paper with me, and decide wun together with those of our nearest
lian what was to be done after get-(neighbor. Mrs. Durkee. are bounded
ting there. at the back by the little natural lake
I dressed hastily, but found that which had been one of the chief rea-j
in finite of mv hnrrv. I couldn't maaef sons for our taking tne place, ana
the train I had planned to take, but I which Dicky had great plans for
mnrt wait two hours for another one. I beautifying.
Retle9- distrait. 1 wandered out in-1 On the other side of the lake
surrounding tne i stretcnes a piece ot woouiana oeiong-
Sheriff Til Taylor of I matllla
county yesterday brought to the
state prison Lee Collidge and Joe
Florice. sentenced to serve two and
woodland on the edge of the small me-half years each for larceny.
.aaoc uiggs maoe a Dullness ini
to Silvertoa and neighboring vicin
ity yesterday.
T. D. Allen of Silrerton was la
Salem yesterday.
J. T. Holitt and family of Silver-
ton visited in Salem Friday. Mr.
Holitt Is publisher of the Sllverton
Commercial Club Officials
Are in Demand as Speakers
The Salem Commercial cjub is
doing constructive work these day.
alone th llns of leadership ani
development generally of this whole
valley and this whole state.
The principal speaker at the
luncheon In Portland on Thursday
of the Progressive Itnslncs Men's
club of that city was I. J. Chapln.
one of the leaders In Salem Commer
cial club work. It was an agricul
tural program, and Mr. Chapln
poke on the "Present Conditions
and Future Needs of Agriculture In
the Willamette valley."
Last night Secretary T. K. Mc-
J Croskey of the Salem
flab and Mr. Chapln were in Al
bany, helping the commercial club
of that city to put over a memoer
khip campaign.
Mr. McCroskey and Mr. Chapln
have assHted commercial clubs la
nearly all of the cities and towns
in the Sal in district to get onto
their feet, or to organise, and all this
constructive work means great things
for Salem and all this section.
An aloohol and glycerine solution
tubbed on the glass will maintain
s clear vision through a windshield
in rainy weather.
Three times as men were wounded I
as there were killed In the wars
Most Effective and Economical
An expert pharmacist says that the
tO tne gTOUnas snrrounaing in sireicurs ui wwu.uU rc.vug- . ,ramtmn, k-nn-. f fnr tfio.
ing to a real estate company tnat .; r " " mrm w
- It, but which r',."
This fine warmt weatfier makes us. think of the good old
summer timet vrith its picnTcs, lawn parties. and all other out
door pastimes. 'As Ave all knoVgood eafs is at least half of the
picnic' pleasure and this is where our delicattessen department
can aid you in making 'ip the real picnic lunches. As a sug
gestion we enumerate a few of the items: T
Bluhill, Pimento and Chili Cheese '
Camemhert and Neuchatel Cheese
Potato and Shrimp Salad
I Cottage Cheese
Sweet, .weet Mixed and Dill Pickles
' Eipe and -Green Olives
Sliced Boiled Ham
Minced Hath, Sliced Tongue
Corn Beef Loaf, Summer Sausage
wilt In Hm olaotAii1
: i. generally run down. Is: Hood s Bar
, UUUri Ul Uflil. i - 4 t -
ThA n1oe Sillnintnr nn tho nnrlh I aparini leiore eaimg. i cpurua
I. on hetonrln to a wealth wldo eauag. ana uooa s rms as
who spends most of her time travel- PaT
Ing, and her home Is closed during I The Ingredients of these medicines
her absence. This fact appealed to I are indicated, he says, in most cases
Dicky, who doesnt like neighbors I of blood impurities, nervousness.
too near, and I had agreed with him I naleness. constipation, and are prs-
at the time we bought the place. Of I scribed every day by physicians in
course tnere are neighbors across the I preparations whose formulas are
road, and the place isn't far from the similar to those of Hood's Sarcaca
center of the rambling old village. I xm., Peptlron and Hood's Pills, but
which spreads out in all directions. I these alreadr nreoared medicines so
out our nouse is sei oac irora tue combine them as to have superlative
street, ana snieiaea ny trees ana oy merit and to be the most effective
shrubbery; 'a sudden realization of
the ease with which marauders could
enter the grounds unhindered dis
turbed me. -
.1 had always felt a certain securi
ty In the knowledge that Jim's sturdy
arms and strong body were beneath
I my roof. But now he was going to
the war, and with apprehension l
and economical preparations
which to take them.
Hood's Sarsaparilla. Peptlron and
Hood's Pills are products of the C.
I. Hood Co.. Lowell.' Mas. and form
their Triple Combination Treatment.
"We also have a large assortment of lunch goods in the canned
and bottlei goods "
Purity. Cross Chicken a la King
-tMdeTwdor DcTiledHam ' " ',
Underwootl's Deviled Tongue
Rl & R. IJoned Chicken
R. & R. Potted Ham and Potted Tongue
Heinz Pickles, Sweet, Sour, Mixed, Relish
This is a zestf ul sandwich filler composed of ripe olives, tuna,
piemento and spice. To thoroughly introduce this article to
the people we will sample it to our'customers Saturday and
make a special price in half dozen lots.,
I v 15c Jar ; 80c dozen jars
Aa Ideal 10-acre fruit and berry tract.
with pretty buncalow auitable ror
two; will be void to any ynung cou
ple who can show the ability to eui
tivat and set to berries, on the fol
lowinc term f payment:
Oaah . . . ...... m .......... S SSO
On or before five years. ...... . 120
'On federal loan tenna for 12 'i
- years 980
faced the prospect ot spending many
evenings In the loaely house with no
man protection near, for Dicky a eve
nings in Ike city, with his return up
on the last train at '2 o'clock in the
morning were frequent.
A footstep, which to my Imagina
tion waa stealthy, sounded In the
woodland at my side. I turned quak
ing inwardly, but outwardly calm, to
confront the Intruder.
tTo be continued I
THERE'S a lot of meal
time cheer in the bread
we bake. It'a plumb full
of nourishment that cornea
from the proper vitalized
bread-making element". Add
a little aunshine to your ev
ery moal by adding the name
of our bread to your grocery
Phillip Winten, Prop.
Choice Younff Fresh Pork
k . .fi
LOIN PORK ROAST, LB. .. ., 1 . .' Je
PORK BACK BONES (for boiliiif ) lb $e
PORK NECK BONES (for boilinf) lb .-I2
Fresh Pigs' Feet 5c lb.
At 14c, 17c, 20c, 25 c lb.
Fresh Liver, lb JQe
Ox TaUx, lb, .--Oc
Freah Link 8atuath.
ponnd .;..J5
Bnin, lb. 20
Freab Ground Pork Srnr
pound....:'. ...30c
Saiokxi Lta3c girttiga lb 2SC
Steuslof f Bros.
Tout , $:oo
Another '29.CS acre tract suftabto for
berries and must be at to berries or
otherwise improTed. on the following;
terms of Dirmcnt:
Cash $ 40
On or before October 1. 1923... 1(00 I
On federal loaa terms ror SZ4
year zoso
401 Masonic Temple. Salem. Ore.
Commercial St at SUte. Retailers at Wholesale Price Commercial SL at QemelceU
AU Orders oyer $1.00 delivered Free Phone C 0. D. Orders 193 or 186
... ss s
1 pound Royal Clufe &3c
3 pounds Royal Club, per lb.. .50c
1 pound Folger s Shasta 50c
1 pound G. A.... 50c
3 pounds G. A-, per pound. . . .47c
To make a good meal complete, a good cup of coffee must
be served. We believe, in offering our Gem Blend Coffee at
50c per pound, 3 pounds for $1.45, that vre are giving as good
a coffee as can be roasted. You are not paying ten to fifteen
cents far a in earn ':
; Orange Dsr ,
t , Large Juicy Navel Oranges. Regular 75c dozen
- . . . " ; Vr Saturday only 65c dozen
Other sizes 60c and 85c per dozen
'.; California Grape Fruit, 3,'for 25c
California Grape Fruit? extra large, 2 for 23c
. Florida Grape Fruit 15c and 2 for 23c
First Strawberries 6f the Season, per basket 30c
notice op fixal. SrTTTLKMKNr 1 3 pounds M. J. B, per pound. .55c
5 pounds M. J. B, per pound. .53c
1 lb. Fancy Bulk Coffee, lb.. .38c
3 lbs. Fancy Bulk, per lb 35c
5 lbs. Fancy bulk, per lb 35c
5 lbs. Folger's Golden Gate
per pound..... 50c
the 24th. day of May. 1820. at the Hill Bros, blend, can, per lb.. .55c
hour of io o'clock a. m. of said day y pound Upton's Tea 42c
room in the County Court House In J, P0 "Pton S tea. .... . .80c
Salem. Marion County. Oregon, aa Uncolored Japan Tea, buik..57o
the place for hearing eaid final ac- M. J. B. Gunpowder Tea, Vi lb. 35c
M. J. B. Black Tea, ya lb 30c
Notice U hereby given that the on
dersigned has filed. In the County
Court of the State of Oregon for the
County of Marion bis final account
as Administrator of the Estate of
Gottfried Fandrich, deceased, and
that said Court has fixed Monday.
count and all objections thereto
Dated at Salem. Oregon, this 13th
day of April. 1920.
G, E. Unruh, Attorney for Adminis
- Fine Tender Stalks, 20c per pound bunch 2 for 35c
Teas, Artichokes, Iirocoli, Radishes, Green On'nins, Head and
Iaf Lettuce, Bermuda Onions
25s size, special
30c size
1 50c size
Hershey Cocoa, yt pound 23c
Cocoa, bulk, best quality, lb.. .33c
Chocolate, bulk, Ghirardellis,
pound .., 3Gc
1 pound can Ghirardellis 40c
t hone jrpiir ..orders' early. Phone 1885-&.7
In , the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Marion
In the Matter of the Estate of Rosa
lia Matthien HerRevin. Deceased
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned as administrator of the
estate of Rosalia Matthieu Bergevin.
deceased, has filed hi final account 13 lb. can Ghirardellis Sl.10
id me uuunij uoun oi ine siaie oi
Oregon, for Marion Connty, and that I S S
Monday. June 7, 1920, at 10:30
o'clock in tbe forenoon of said day. I 1CI I 'A I1CUV in 1
and the court room tit ald rotirt at I JtU
Salem. Oregon, has been appointed 1 2 Jell O
oy saia conn as me ume ana placet 9 Jiff t.11
for tbe hearing of objections there
to and the settlement thereof
Dated and first published May S,2p leg. Ice Cream Powder
Gus C. Moser and
Roy K. Terry,
Attorneys for Administrator.
This Repair Directory gives the principal places when
aa article can be repaired, and should be preserved in
every home as a ready guide.
Satisfaction guaran
teed. 4S years exxper.
lence. .
Salem Fence and
8 tore Works,
ZI0 Court tS.
Phone 124
Repairs all Slakes
ot Seeing Machine
Supplies, Needles,
and Oila .
Phone IE"'
432 SUte Street. Salem. Oregon
Knox Gellatine, pkgr 19c
Sun Maid Seeded Raisins 20c
Sun Maid Seedless Raisins 23c
1 lb. pk. Fancy Prunes 23c
Fancy Loganberry Jam 47c
ancy strawberry Jam 50c
Fancy Orange Marmalade 25c
Fancy Orange Marmalade 35c
16 pound can Jam $1.05
Glass Jelly, 7V, ox.'; 18c
Marshmallow Cream, pt 29c
Marten Creamery A Produce Co, lUbbj Apple Butter 22c
Salem. Oregon. Phone 2488 t5 size Pineapple 23c
vc sue irineappie 27c
40c size Pineapple.- 35o
2 ox. Buckeye Vanilla 25c
4 oz. Buckeye Vanilla 43c
'The Quality Coffee of America"
Remember We Stand
Behind It
There is no better coffee than M. J. B.
Coffee regardless of price WHYT
5-lb. tin per lb 52c
3 -lb. tin per lb. 52c
Single pound Tin 55c
We Recommend That Ton Bur the 5-pound Size
"You Save More Money"
No. 5 pail pure Lard ". .". ...
No. 10 pail pure Lard. .
5 pounds net Simon Pure Lard.
No. 5 Compound. .
No. 10 White Ribbon Shortening.
..... $1.23
i i r
Medium Cottolene ; $L25
Large Cottolene $??r3
3 pounds Crisco 11 00
16 pounds Crisco IS)0
wesson s oil pint xie
Wesson's Oil, quart 83c
Wesson's Oil, y2 gallon . . $160
Douglass OiL pint .".7.77" 40c
Fresh Peanut Butter, pound .20c
Fresh Peanut Butter, 5 pounds 7 $1.00
Cheese, per pound .33c
Nut Margarine, pound 7 32c
Tl- n . 1
irsa ooaa Tixxers, pound iZc
reaa uranam crackers, pound 22c
Fresh Crisp Ginger Snaps, pound. ... 25c
Fresh Fancy Assorted Cookies, pound.. 77.777.7.77. 7. 7!30c
2 packages Shredded Wheat 27c
2 packages KeUoggs Corn Flakes...'.!;!". " 27c
2 nackares Post . Too ti re
packages Grape NuU 35c
packages Puffed Rice ; .
packages Puffed Wheat
Large package Oats 3
Large package Pancake Flour. 7 36c
Large package Pearl Wheat 36c
Large package Wheat Hearts. Z0c
10 pounds Pancake Flour. 75
10 pounds Rolled Oats 73-
10 pounds Bulk Rolled Oati' 70c
Ralston Bran, package.... " 1
Ti " . ...
Crown, sack $X25
Olympic, sack $3J0
Diamond O $2J3
Paciflo $3-15
i i iiu n 1
si Stock in Our Store Quality 'THE BEST"
Uncle John's, 1 gaUoa $2X9
uncle John's, Yi gallon.... $L27
Uncle Johns, quarts 63
Karo Maple, 10 pounds.... $L70
Karo Maple, 5 pounds $1.42
Karo Amber, 10 pounds.... $1X3
Karo Amber, 5 pouudi.....S7o
Karo White, 5 pounds 6O0
Karo White, 10 pounds. ....$1-12
Marsh mallow, 5 pounds 75o
Marshmallow, 10 pounds... $1.45
2 Carnations 23o
12 Carnations $L33
2 Borden's 23c
12 Borden's $1-53
2 Sun Rise . .23c
12 Sun Rise... $L53
3 small zonk 25e
Eagle Brand, can 27c
16 Crystal White ....$13
16 Sunny Monday $1X0
13 Von Haters.. .....$1X0
17 Swiff White $1.00
10 Fell's Naptha Wo
10 Fairy Soap SOc
10 I Tory Soap 85o
10 Palm Olire 70c
10 Imperial Peroxide C5c
Large package Citrus 27o
Old Dutch Cleanser 10c
2 light House Cleanser...... .15o
Royal Baking Powder 36o
2 packages Soda :15c
12 pounds Fancy White Nary
Beans $1X0