The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 20, 1920, Page 3, Image 3

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B iUAUhB oti m much illness
Among the rsmilies or the social
net ulmost alii of the parties and
social affairs have been cancelled,
many women who have planned par
tie have decided to sire them later
either because she; herself or most of
her guests have been stricken with
the influenza. ?!
V . :j! :
Mr.- and Mrs. Robert Crals ara
home after, a several months tour
and sojournin in California. They
spent a time In Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Marysville, Del Monte.
Look Ueach and other southern cities
IT. G. Shipley will entertain
iliary or the of the St. Paul's
church this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
at her home for the regular meeting
of the society.
Mts. V. C. Knighton or Portland
, . -
A business van who has Just com to Oregon to
sake ihia heme says: "Only In a fe see
tlona eoald boalnai ba da vale pad to ba pre
sent tag and still have so many or tba poe
elMllitlas ontoocbad. My lsipra salon of Ora
gon la first, that rou have a soaderful eoontry;
t aacood, . that you have done wonderful .things ,.
.with It; and third, that you can do still more
'awaderfal things,
Oregon baa aadet rapid atrldaa In tba paat fa '
yaarai ad tba poaatbllltlaa for tba future era
. almost llaltlaaa'. But It 'bataoovee avery loy-
al. cljtlsen "to cat behind Oregon Industries and
i ml
' j BUT bteOOf PR0D0CT3 ILbjb'
It r Assoc Industries of Oragon Jl
spent Tuesday in Salpm with htr
i.ioilitr. Mrs. K. K. Waters.
The many friend or Mrs. U. O.
MnJt who were shacked to hrnr of
ber serious operation last SaiuM--.
. ii.. .Salem hospital will be lad
to learn that le in a little b-uri.
Mr. and Mr. O. B. Durdall were
in Port land Wednesday to spend the
day. Motorln 'down with them were
their house guests, Mr. and Mrs. Vic
tor Durdall of Suramin, who have
been spending the week with them.
Jt &
Friends or Mrs. Fred Ellis will be
sorry to learn that she Is ill at her
home with intlnenza.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. S. P.
Kimball who have been living at
their country home in Polk countv
will be interested to learn that they
have recently purchased 'the O. 1.
Durdall home at Chemeketa and
Summer streets and will soon occupy
it. Mr. and Mrs. Durdall will leave
the first of April for Newport to re
main until early autumn.' ;
- iv
There is a Y.W.C.A. in Jerusalem
under the direction of an American
woman though the work is adminis
tered under the World's Committee
of the Y.W.C.A., which has head
quarters in London. During the war
a fund called the "Syrian and Pales
tine Relief Fund" made possible
vrork In this remote region. Later
on the activity waa taken under the.
American Red Cross and adminis
tered as a part of thier world-wide
relief during the war. Very lately
the Red Cross -withdrew from Jeru
salem and the Y.W.C.A. was urged
to carry on the work. Miss Grace
O. Strang of Pasadena, Cal., a Red
Cross worker, -was released to carry
on this Y.YV.CA. work.
Cecil Tv Shafer. son of Mr. and
Mrs. F. E. Shafer of 126C Siate street
has returned home after serving hid
time in the United' States navy, com
ing from Charleatown ,S. C. where
he received his honorable discharge.
During the war be visited many coun
tries and bad some exciting experiences.
Let "Danderine" save and
.glorify your hair
Henry Anderson Passes ,
After Prolonged Sickness
SILVERTOK. Or., Feb. 19. (Spe
cial to The Statesman.) Henry An
derson, son of Mrs. Christian Ander
son. 'died at his home in Evans Val
ley Monday, Mr. Anderson had been
111 ror over a vear. He was 20 rear
f v
7 m ' . 4 ii
V " '
An important l v
part of
every child's
should -
ht deanliness
Ami keeping the throat and mouth and
nostrils clean is even more important than
seeing that the surface dirt on face and
- h&nd is removed. 1
Children and some adults,
" too should be taught to
brush their teeth correctly-7--from
the "gums upward and
from the -gums downward,
not across the teeth. VThen
they should use a reliable
astringent mouth wash and
gargle. "When you use
a 4
you use a zinc chloride anti
: septic m ou th wash astrin
gent, healing and deodorant -useful
for pyorrhea, catarrh,
tonsilitis, sore throat and as a
preventive for contagion.
thtt fuarantt apfttr$ on tvry
' PVROLA patJcag: Th Btnmausr
. frank LaboratorUa and (A druf-
fit waa told yo (AM prtparatton
fvarantet it to fir taliMfaetion. If J
it tkomld not. rater it to the druo
wit from vlom it wu mrrcaaatrf.
Hr trill cketrfuUy refund tht prieo
You patd for it. PVROLA Prtfmn
tin mutt MtMy.
Prepared and Csaraateed
By Um
- ;
ifc.Sl.iaJ J 1i Wn,
1 s
f ,-
L m (mr umm 7
r mm"
I .... MM..'4'
4I.W', HH .....I t k I.
M.Mrt. """ '" . I
In a few moments you can trans
form your plain, flat, dull hair. You
can have it abundant, soft, glossy
and full of life. Just get at any drug
or toilet counter a small bottle of
"Danderine" for a. few cents. Then
moisten a soft cloth, with the Dan
derine and draw this through your
hair taking- one small' strand at 'a
time. Instantly, yes, immediately
you have doubled the beautyjf, your
nair. It will be a masa- so soft,, lus
trous,' Huffy and 'so easy to do up.
All dust, dirt and excessive oil is re
Let Danderine put more life, color.
vigor and brightness in. your hair
This stimulating tonic will freshen
your scalp, check dandruff and fall
ing hair, and help your hair to grow
long, thick,: strong and beautiful.
old: Funeral services were held
from tLe St. Johns church Wednes
day afternoon and interment was In
the Evans Valley cemetery. .
Dr. Frank Bohll Attraction .atlcirBbd the stairs to ray motber-ln
law s room. I felt that I would a
million times rather be "too easy"
thin to have caused the snffertnr
Cousin Agatha had Inflicted In the
last bouc.
I had no hope that I bad beard
the last of the encounter. I was
morally sure thai Consin Agatha vras
only awaiting the earliest opportun
ity to demand reprisal for the Insult
ing words that Katie, maddened by
ber unjust accusation, bad flung at
her. Hut I was firmly resolved that
fhe would have to make her own op
portunity to speak. I would leave
her no opening' that I could possibly
keep closed.
I went into my own room and shut
the door softly, looking around with
discouraged eyes. In trying to get
Armory on March 11
,War Work ToId
Dr. Frank Bobn. the' well 'known
author, publicist and lecturer, will
appear in Salem on the evening of
March 11 at the armory.
This announcement Is good news
to the public for they will be given
the rare privilege of hearing one of
he best known lecturers on the plat
form today.
Dr. Conn was In Europe before
he war as a representative of the
New York Evening Post. He had
an opportunity to study conditions
then. During the war he acted as
war correspondent for the New
The Story of a Honeymoon
A Wonderful Itonuinre of 'Married
Life Wonderfully ToM by ADEI.K
U.lltltlSO.V I
I. bad hard work to draw my face
down in proper disapproval when Ka
tie tearfully told me the retort sha
had made to Consin Agatha, the un
eipected suert who had come to our
home with i.y mother-in-law, and
who had brutally quizzed Katie con
cerning the girl's secret, accusing her
of deceiving me.
Kat'.e had called the woman "vun
old liar" and had fled to me In a
perfect; paroxysm of tears and sobs
and demands for Jim. her husband,
our man of all work, of whose exist
ence. Cousin Agatha evidently did not
"Don't you see bow hard those
speeches of yours It ror me.
Katie?" I asked . reproachfully, al
though secretly I gloried in the girl's
grit in thus facing her tormentor.
"I could defend you. If you bad simp
ly walked out of the room without
answering her. Out now she also
has a grievance.
"I no care." Katie's tone waa sul
len. "I tink you say same ting your
self if strange vomans you never saw
before talk like dot to you."
"Well, it can't be helped or un
said now." I said briskly,- "but I
want you to do as I tell you. Will
"I not go ask her forgive me If I
never see youagaln." Katia
uttered the words as though the
worst punishment she could receive
would be banishment from me.
"I don't wish you to go near her,'
I said. "I want you to stay right
here, and finish the dinner. You
may lock- the door if you wish, so
you'll be sure no one will disturb
"Do I have to wait on table?" she
inquired. Her hands were trembling
"Not If yon don't feel like It," I
answered, and then 1 stooped and
kissed my woe-begone little maid
with a feeling of hot Indignation in
my heart against the woman who
had caused such needless suffering.
She clnng to me convulsively.
"Oh. If only all de vlmmen In vorld
vere like you. Missis Graham." she
breathed gratefully, and foolishly ex
travagant words went with me as I
You've made a long step toward
food economy when you begin to
terve Del Mont Beans with
Fork and Tomato Sauce.
' Try them as a substitute for ex
pensive meats and eggs. They're
more nutritious just: as appetiz
ing and satisfying yet they cost
much less.
You'll find this one food econo
my over which the family, will en
and locked them, had the bed taken
down and for' two nights had slept
on an army cot. a comfortable
enough bed. bnt one which 1 knew I
could never offer to Cousin Agatha.
Onlv One Thine
My motber-in-law had announced
uton the unexpected arrival of the
two women that each must have a
S separate room. There were only two
habitable bedrooms now in the houae.
Dicky's and his mother's. But the
impulse that came to me to ask
mother's cousin and let me make up-lSljnxre SJltt rOlXOBea 'J3l00a XI0
a temporary bed for him on the I r n-w,i. Thnm TJTbn
couch in the library died almost be-. Longer TerrOrtie THOSft. WHO
fore it was born. I recalled: previous J Know of "Number 40"
the war he 'continued to stndy econ- everything possible done before the
nn-,i .Mii,i. actual moving day for I detest hav-
vsua, niiu yuinivai wuuiikivii
Imagined was all ready for moving
There. was work, for me, scarves
and draperies and toitet articles to
take . from the places where I had
packed them and to put back. Into
the room that it might be habitable
for a guest.
I had just risen with a sigh and
had opened my door preparatory to
summoning Jim, when 1 came face
to face with Cousin Agatha, who had
co tie from my mother-lo-lawa room.
(To be contlaned
behavior when I asked him to share
any inconvenience with me. I would
n't risk a similar rebuff now. Wj
nerves were in too raw a state to
wish any further unpleasantness.
There was only one thing to be
This is the record of the famous
old preecription known as "Number
40 For the Blood." Successfully
employed in diseases of the glandu
lar system, in blood poison, mercur
ial and lead poison, chronic rhen-
mat'Etn. catarrh, constipation. Inli
ne sou uuuucdi cunmiiuns. , i , .... - , - i . , - , - , , - - . .
No one knows better than Dr I ,ng w,ldly confusing time at the I recently taken down, lay the rug he
hn the nroblems of reconstruction ,a8t mlntil. if it possibly can be! had taken np. had beaten, .had
done. I must call Jim and Instruct J KeMion. stomach trouble, malaria.
mm to pui up me ne oaa qui
itohn the problems of reconstruction
which Europe now faces . He will
speak here on the work of rebuild
ing Europe. He is a trained observ
er, an internationalist in spirit and
a courageous exponent ot the truth
No one who is interes;od in pres
ent day problems should fe:l to hear
this Treat lecturer when aa appears
in this city
Following Dr. Bohn, on March 13.
the Rlcketta Glee club, a male quar
tet from Chicago, will give a grand
concert in the Opera bouse
avoided I had dismantled my room.
even to taking up the rug and tying
up the furniture. I bad packed the
drawers of my chiffonier and dresser
cleaned thoroughly and had rolled
up. and bring back to Its accus
tomed order the room I had fondly
imagined waa already for moving
toxlo poisoning, hepatic congestions.
scrofulous enlargements,- sores, ul
cers, mereurial and lead poisoning.
"Number 40" is made by J.-C. Men
denball. 40 years a druggist, Evans
vllle, Ind. Sold by Perry Drugstore.
Boys of Hi Y Enjoy Good
Feed and Talk on Habits
at Regular Meeting
- i
Rev. H. N. Aid rich of the Leslie
M. E. church gave an interesting and
forceiul talk to the mmbers of the
Hi Y club at their weekly meetln
at the Y. M. C. A.- yesterday evening.
The III Y club Is a local organiza
tion of the boys of the Salem high
school that meets at the Y. M. C..A
every Thursday evenins to njoy:a
banjuet prepared for them by the
voung women or the high school.
The main object or the club Is to pro
mote good -fellowship and advance
fhe mot ale of the younger 'men of
the city. At present the attendance
teeord of the meetings averages be
tween 35 and 50 members.
Last night Rev. Aldrich spoke on
"How Habits or Youth Form Des
tiny." The nbject, which was well
received, dealt with the manner In
which well-cultivated habits form
the foundation for a real ' man 'of
successful ability.
There are two Bible classes held
at the meetings, in charge of Harold
Eakln and Raymond Atterbury.
Secretary James Elvin Is In charge
of the meetings, assisted by Mr,
Lakin and Mr. Atterbury. This or
ganization is one of the best organ
ized and successfully conducted clubs
of its kind in the state of Oregon.
The delicious repast that delighted
all present and satisfied their region
al cavity was prepared by Salem high
school girls, the Misses Margaret
Griffith. Leatha Wilson. Dorothy
Patterson. Janet Meredith and Nel
lie Rowland. '
Looks as if Pancho Villa Is pre
paring to play off a number of doa
F u n n i t u re A u cti
From Three Salem Homes
a t u r d ay , Feb ru a ry
1:30, P. :M. Sharp
Held at Woodry's Auction House
270 North Commercial Street, Salem Oregon Consisting of
1 new atijfer rug, 9x12; 2 Brussels rugs, 9x12; 1 axminster rusr, 9x12; 1 fibre rug, 7x9; 4 oak
drpwM'rsc pJate mirrors; 1 oak dresser, Princess design; 2 oak chiffoniers, plate mirror; 3 oak li
brary iylfV; 1 oak Hoosier kitchen cabinet; 1 oak Mother H tabard kitchen cabinet, granite top;
3 oak exMilion tables, ronnd; 18 oak diners; 8 oak rockers, sbinV upholstered in leather; 1 oak
Morris chair; 2 oak buffets, plate mirrors; 1 oak fcideboard, plate mirror; 1 sanitary couch; 3
good heaters; 3 good ranges; 8 beds, springs and mattresses; 2 gas ranges; 1 high chair; 2 lawn
mowers and many other articles which space will not permit to advertise.
Public Attention ' 4
1 will ask you to be at this sale at 1:30 p. m. sharp for I will open sale right on the minute of
1 :30, and will sell all the high class furniture at first part of wile, if you let your neighbors go
home with the bargains without receiving your share, you have no one to blame but j'ourself.
Now I wish to impress upon your minds that the largest and finest assortment of furniture ever
offered for sale at public auction will be in this sale.
. Terms Caih
A cash prize of $3.00 to the person holding the lucky numbers.
between 12:30 and 1:30 p. m.
Numbers given as you enter store'
The Auctioneer, Phone 5 1 0 or 51 1
I bay Furniture for Cash or will sell for yon. on Commission
ble headers.
r t-va f