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concert pucn, 11
The Story of a Honeymoon
A Wonderful Romance of Married Life Wonderfully Told by
i ' '. - - i. .
"Now, we're ready to come down
,td cases,' Raid Mra,,Allis.'
I made no reply.., I couldn't. Never
In my llfei have I been so thorough-!
yl unstrung and-, frightened. The
Sudden awakening Irom sleep to find
the hand lot the woman I had so
- dreaded over my tnouth, the wrest
ing of the promise . not to scream
- from me, her contemptuous demand
that I arise, .throw on a bathrohf and
listen to her all these things had
utterly unnerved me. Even my
pride seemed to have deserted me 1
was horribly afraid that in another
minute I should weep helplessly.
But the vision of - d jing
thing so , humiliating to my
self. - so Ygratifsii3 ' to this
voices below
She paused and gave a long search
g. derisive glance. As I met it 1
steadied me, enabled me to seize up
on my sorry remnants of poise and
will nower and hold fast to them.
I was careful not to let Mrs. Allisi
see an' change in my demeanor,
however. I felt instinctively that 1
could handle the situation belter it
she believed me to be still as panic
stricken as I had been when I Hrst
opened my eyes on her vindictive
The Mocking Goad.
1 "We shan't bo Interrupted," she
went on as she drew up a chair and
sat down opposite me. "I've got-the
key to your door in my pocket," she
gave an indifferent nod- over her
shoulder at the outer door of my
room, .which according to tbechairs
we had taken 1 faced and she had at
began to realize just wnat me
nations of a mouse must be when be
neath the paws of a cat. The wo
man was cnuaisniy gioaung over ui. i j
prolonging the situation as long as EfceCUUVe BellCVeS TlSb and
she could. The conviction rorcea u
self upon me that Lillian's surmise
was correct, that Mrs. Aius was aa-
dicted to the use of drugs, and that
in all probability she was even now
more or less under the influence of
Game Conference Is Misunderstood
And you really thought, yon and
your precious friend, that you couia
Reoorts in some publications rela
tive to the fish and came conference
in Salem Monday led Governor Ol-
cott to believe there had been mis
scare me off with a few private dH understanding as to the results of
tectives scattered around her house
she mocked at last.
There was a. goad in her voice
which forced a' reply from me.
-I'm sure that Mrs. Underwood
the conference held -at the capitol.
In a statement, yesterday the gover
nor expressed pleasure at the out
come of the meeting, declaring that
it showed a tendency to harmonize
thought nothing about the matter tne different Interests,
woman -who at"r opposite Tie her back, "and we'll just keep our
except that she didn't care to have
her dinner disturbed by an outsider."
"Dut 1 Saw The Proofs.'
. Either the words or the careless
manner In which I purposely uttered
them angered the, woman.
"By the time I'm through with in tne right direction and as such It
Mrs. L naerwooa sne u Know oeuer
than to give dinners In honor of my
husband." she snarled.
"Your husband!" I retdrned In
genuine astonishment, for I knew
that, though Robert Savarin. the dis
tinguished artist whom Dicky and I
Concerning th compromise p!
posal placed before the executive In
his office after adjournment of the
session, the governor is of the opin
ion that it would not lead to the ben
eficial results that would accrue from
two separate commissions, but- as a
compromise said .be deemed It a step
was agreeable to his office
Apparently there has been a mis
understanding- as to the results of
the meeting of the fisheries and
game committeea at the capitol yes
terday. 'said the governor.
"Fnllnwlnv rfiamsairtn anion? mem
had found secluded in a lonely Cat- be of the committees and repre
skill mountain farmhouse had once LBtatlTM of Tarious Interests In the
inougni ine woman now Known j y i enat( chamber, leglslatora of the
airs, auis io oe m w. nenau U1!; committees came Into my office and
covered that at the time she went pre8ented the following:
inrougn me marriage ceremony wud i .. .Wonld lt mj.cTttmMm to the
vc v. tA.. i. nii "
5ue,u, executive if a bill were passed pro-
to another man. In fact, the know- r
. . , , . m I iiuiua w mm was aas assa vas va crva
ieage oi mis aupucuy was one or .mhpr. lhr of lhMMI tn ha.
a round of the orchards in tots vi
cinity and saya he found the trees In
better condition than any others In
the state.
A tew of the young prune trees
being shipped to Dallas growers have
shown signs of being frozen but as
a rule the nlrsery' stock was well tak
en care of and arrived In first class
shape. Several of the large growers
have received many thousands of
trOees during the past week and are
preparing to set them out as soon as
the weather moderates. Tree prun
ing Is bing carried out as usual, ex
perts finding that this Is the correct
tjme of the year to trim up the trees.
Chenoweth Elected Head
of Legion at Dallas
DALLAS. Or.. Jan. S. (Special to
The Statesman.) At the annual
meeting of Carl D. Fenton post of the
American legion Friday night the fol
lowing officers were elected:
Commander, Oscar 1. Chenoweth:
vice commander. K. L. Williams ; ad
jutant, J. N. Helgerson;. treasurer.
W. P. Miller: historian. Ray Boyd
ston; chaplain, Edward H lines.
The legion now has a membership
of. CO men and new. applications are
coining In at every meeting.
A committee was also appointed
from the post to asslt In th reorgan
ization of old Company..!. 'of the na
tional guard. ' j
McLeod and Whitmore in
Charge of This District in -Highway
Work :
J Supremely Satisfying
A Drama of the Great Northwest Realistic Life in the Yukon
Fertilize Your Fruit
After the loss by freezing of parti of nearly all berry plants,
it will payjron to force the growth of the balance of your yard,
by the use of fertilizer. Prices are going to be high and it is
to your advantage to secure as large a crop as. possible. We
have fertilizer especially for berries and fruit trees, made by a
reliable company and the prices are reasonable. v
Call in and see us about it.
, , "j " . j 1 . . . " 4
High Grade Lime
" ' We have just received a car of the highest grade lime on.
the market, especially adapted for spraying or building pur
poses. ''"V ' , ' . '
', .v ; ." : '
D. A. White & Son
v r The price is . as low as the common gTade.
Phone 160 '. 251 State St., Salem, Oregon
the things that caused his loss of clnglve control over the commercial
reason ana cis ausence irom me
world for 15 years.
Yes, my husband!" she Jibed
He hasn't any real proofs that I'm
not and he's too white-livered" to use
them If her had."
interests and three over th sports-
imens' interests the seventh member
to act as an arbiter in case of dis
" Iadvlsed the committee that the
But I saw the proofs. I uerslst- ftt ,.fl(. th. iarmnntniim mnA
beneficiar results that might be ex
pected from two entirely separate
I do not know why I was not! . , 7v. j.'
'IK? T?a?;2 Mon and a. such acceptable ..d 1 A IJ7,e.
ed. ; "Mrs. Coezrove showed them to
me. Legalli. you are no more Rob-
art Savarln's wife than I am.'
Sorenson, Wealthy Lumber
' Operator, in Sanitariam
PORTLAND.' Jan. 5. Xels'P. Sor
enson. wealthy tlmberan who was
paroled by six Judges of the circuit
court sitting en banc last week, front
a sentence imposed In the municipal
court of six months imprisonment
for driving an automobile while In
toxicated, has retired to a sanitar
ium for nerve treatment, according
to a statement issued today by Ralph
Wilbur, his attorney. Sorenson. ac
cording to the attorney, is in an
extremenly nervous condition at the
result of. his court ordeal.
eyes to avoid contradicting her. My
pride had been aroused by her con
temptuous goading of me. and her
cool assertion of her right to Robert
Savarin angered and-alarmed me on
Increasing amount . of -highway
work under construction and con
templated in eastern Oregon has
hade It necessary for the state high
way department to realist rlct that
part of the state, effective January
5. .
Herbert Nunn. state highway en'
neer. announces the change In dis
tricts as follows:
"Division headquarters will be es
tablished at The Dalies wltn C. C.
Kelley. division engineer. In chr;e
This division will comprise the coun
ties of Hood River. Wasco, Sherman.
Jefferson. Crook and Deschutes.
"The work formerly handled bv
Mr. Kelley in Marion and Linn coun
ties, south of Salem will be included
In Mr. McLeod's division and that
north of Salem In Marion and Clack
amas counties will be handled by C
H. Whitmore. assistant engineer.
"Division headquarters will also
be established at' Baker R. H.
iialdock. division engineer in charge.
This division will comprise the coun
ties of Baker, Malheur. Harney end
Grant, excepting that section of the
John Day River highway In Grant
county between Daynli) and the
Wheeler county line.
"Mr. Bennett's headquarters at
Pendleton will be maintained as at
present and this division will com
prise the counties of Ciliisa. heel
er. Morrow. Umatilla. Wallowa and
Union and the John Day River high
way In Grant county to Dayville be
tween the Wheeler -county line ani
"I will take occasion ft this time
to commend the services of Mr. Ben
nett In handling the entire work In
eastern Oregon but which has now
grown to such proportion that In
Justice to him it should -b rilvidMl
Into divisions of a sixe comparable
with other divisions In the state,
adds Mr. Nunn.
"At the same time I expressed
pleasure at the outcime of the meet
ing, snowing as it did a tendency to
compromise and harmonize the dif
Marion Christmas Program
Lillian's account. I felt that Harry .
Underwood's black shadow was i.T" VL1" ",V,,Y,a "a,
Iln.l u cpien uj appreciation 01
enough to fall between Lillian Un
derwood and Robert Savarin with-
the presence of the legislators and
out having this "croaking thing orr"",r "Ir ,wn-D"Duea unnae j
evil" cross their path.
' But she didn't leave me long ln!D nfin THM1P
doubt as' to my foily In answertnej DIAJXJU' 1 UillV
her. She leaned forward In her
chair and I saw her fingers working:
in her lap.
"And 1 can tell you." she said In
a louder tone than she had yet uned.
"that by the time I get through with
you, your husband won't know your
face. Youll be his 'legal wife' " sie
fairfV spat the phrase, "but be won't
be apt to spend much time lookin?
at you."
She put her hand into a pocket in
her gown and drew forth a small b -ti
tle, her eyes gleaming the while w'th
a light which I knew was born of
drug madness, roused by my unfortu
nate words. k
(To be continued)
MARION. "Or.. Jan. 3. On account
of stormy .weather and the recent
illness In different homes, there
were no Christmas exercises in elth
er church.
J. V. Dencer Is moving back to
Marion for a while. Having purch
ased the Interests In the Claypool
estate: he will proceed to convert
I QAV NlTMnUD 4 A" the timber into cordwood. 4loy and
. -v Herman Hanner. nephews of Mrs.
Frank P. Skaggs. prominent drug- Dencer are going lo help make cord-
gist. Harrisburg. III., writes: "Num-I wood
oer 40 Is still going good. If a cus
tomer says 'Blood Tonic.' I say 'Nuta
ber 40.' as it gives the best satisfac
tion of any blood tonic I have ever
SOlL"-i .,.,. ,ii 1, ..;s ,. , .
Employed In blood poison, chronic
rheumatism and catarrh, scrofula,
mercurial ; and lead poisoning,. con
stipation, malaria biliousness, liyer
and stomach troubles. Under its use,
nodes, tumors, glandular swellings,
pimples., skin eruptions that have
withstood all other treatment disap
pear as If by magic
Drug Store.
The Misses Oarrie and Viola
Bonck are home on a vacation from
Portland where they are attending
school. Carrie Is taking a business
course and. Viola . attending high
Mrs. S. Roll' who has been on the
sick list for two weeks. Is able to
be out again. .
Raymond Colgan Is home. He ex
pects to remain at home and help his
father clear up more land.
Mrs. Lee Doerfler Is visiting her
sister-in-law. Mr. Bernice mover
soia oy perry's of Dallas.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Hoag took New
Year's dinner with Mr. and Mrs. E.
4 i e. uengs.
Morrow County Woman Se
lected as Head of County
TRICKS f 10 to SOe
Plaa tax Beats on Rale Satur
day at Opera Hcae Drag Wore
The commission believes th hospi
tal should be located in Portland and
does not believe the present la the
proper time to build the institution.
The commission will have two
other bills, one Increasing rates of
compensation, and another establish
ing physical and vocational rehabili
tation service. The compcnsatloa
bill has been completed and Is la the
hands of a special committee named
by the governor to prepare a calla
ble bill.
Pape'a Cold CompomJuT Tbea
Ilrraka Up a Cold la a Few
Relief comes Instantly. A dose tak
en every two hours until three doses
are taken usually breaks up a severe
cold and ends all the grippe miaery.
The very flsst dose opens your
clogged-up nostrils and the air pas
sages In the head, stops bom running.
Mrs. Lena-SneH Shurte. SMjrtn-Uerlshness. sneexing. 'soreness and
lenaeni oi scboois in norrov couni I ilff
the Oregon County School Superin
tendents association which closed
Light and
The Eye
, Light, as is well known, is composed of seven primary col
ors: Violet, indigo, bine, green, yellow, orange and red tne
spectrum. Some .have greater chemical action than others.
These, the. bine, indigo and violet, called the actinic rays, are
the most irritating to the human eye. The photography, where
these rays are eliminated by means of a light screen or filter,
much better; definition is obtained, and consequently a more
perfect picture;". The eye is a camera in miniature. Its retina
is the sensitiisd plate of the camera and is a network of tiny
nerves called rods and cones. There are one hundred and thir
ty million of these rods aid seven million of the cones, all
wired to the brain through a cable (the optic nerve) no thicker
than a slate pencil. The eye opens, light rushes in and bathes
these rods and cones, they, in turn, telegraph the impressions
to the brain, and sight is the result. 1
Mbtais proved conclusively that wearing lenses of various
tints has a marked effect upon the nervous system, tome caus
ing the patient to be cheerful and contented, others having the
opposite effect
- My specialty is treating the eyes fitting them scientifi
cally with glasses that will not only ease your eyes but also
restore normal vision.
s Evejight Specialist
i Fits Eyeglasses Correctly
210-211 U.'S. National Bank Building
TURNER. Or., Jan. Miss Lu-
cile Riches is taking the census of
Turner and West Stayton.
H. A. Thiessen has nurchased the
R. O. Thomas home nrooertv.
Ernest Larson returned t Ore-
on Agricultural college Sunday eve
Kenneth. Mickey returned l:om
Sunday from the navy. Il came by
way or Kansas and brought a b.-lie
wiui mm. . .
Miss Marie Dur'fee visite 1 relatJvc
at Drain dring the holidays.
Mrs. B. G. Brlggs has Durchased
the O. A. O. Moore property, former
ly ownea oy h. u. Crawford.
Miss Gay Davis spent two davs vis
iting relatives at Dallas last week.
Perry Larson went to Portland
Saturday in search of work.
Miss Hazel Dear returned to .-U'cr.i
Monday evening to resume hr
school work.
DandeHne" Will Check That I'gly!
lMnurarr and Mop Hair Coming
Fair again.
Ever see finer January weather?
V .
Pear slogan in Statesman tomor
row. Have you written your article?
There Is a Russian soviet ambas
sador to the tTnited States. Hut the
government detectives arstrylng to
find him, evidently to put him In
The way to a man's heart is not
through his stomach but through bis
hobby. .
They are arresting sugar profU
cers'ln Portland. They will probably
have a sweet old time convicting
The less gowns cover, the more
they cost.
A Salem man tells a story, about
advertising being a good thing. bu
It mar hire a kick in it. He had a
lot to sell, and sent for an adver
Insurance Departments of
Two States on Trail of Al
leged Swindler
The Insurance departments of both
the state of Oregon, and Washington
are on the trail of J. E. Powers, alias
Jn E. Howard, who Is alleged' to be
swindling people of the two states by
representing mmseir to be an agent
or reputable insurance companies.
Powers. It Is said, has contrived
to procure policy application blanks
from offices of the Massachusetts
Bonding & Insurance company, the
Southern Surety company and the
North American' Accident Insurance
company. In receiving applications
for policies he Is alleged to procure a
payment down from his victims and
Using man to writ up an ad. After ap??,rih.1mo,leJr tOT. n"lf
five day session here. J. YY. Alien,
superintendent of the Coiutahia
county high schools, was elected vke
president, and Miss Elmetta Bailey,
superintendent In Baker coctty
While In session the superintend
ents recommended a tax levy of J
mills on all the taxable properly of
the stste for school purposes, a con
dition being that the amount raise!
In this manner la any county to us4
In that county. This measure the
superintendents hope to hive ic
f erred to the people by . the speciil
session. of the legislature for the
general election next November. An
other measure recommended .by the
organisation for reference to the peo
ple Is removal of the six per cent
constitutional limitation restriction
from school taxes.
i Tbw superintendents also have un
der consideration a bill making the
minimum salary for county superin
tendents In Oregon S240O a year.
An Increase In the salary of the
state superintendent is recommend
ed and probably will, be Introduced
as a bill In the legislature. .
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blow-
Ing and snuffling! Clear your con-
gested head! - Nothing else la the 4
world gives such prompt relief as ., ,
"Pane's Cold Compound. which costs ,
only a few cents at any drug store.
It acta without assistance, tastes Dice,
contains no . quinine Iasict upon
Pane's! -
Hewitt I hear that yon are to pat
up a 2S-etory building.
Crewltt Tea. and a 2S-story ha Hi .
lag. and a 27-story bailding. and a
but that's another story! Cartoons.
the ad was written, it was so lauda
tory and fine that she man concluded
that he would be a fool to sell bis
lot. So. hi kept It.
What we need In this country Is
more baby carriages and wheelbar
rows and not so many automobiles.
V .m
Southern California la mipht
healthy place. Seventy per cent of
the widows in Los Angeles are of the
grass variety. Los Anreles Times.
(Evidently you think that is some
thing to brag about.)
The wfdow of Edward Grieg, al
most - the only .'Scandinavian com
poser who ever became great, ha
been compelled to give up her cSt
tate. no longer having moans to sup
port It. Crelg made the mistake of
his lh In not living in this age and
writing a fev moving-picture scena
rios. His widow might hive revelled
in luxury all her life. What a bles
sed priviUge It must be to -on trib
ute to the world of art.
While under the name of Howard
he Is said to have claimed man by
the same name who operates a gar
age at Hood River was his brother,
and that he had been employed by
blm. In that way deceiving persons
Into signing up for policies. His lat
est operations la this state are said
to have been at Hillaboro. .
Accident Commission
Doesn't Want Hospital
In addition to other legMat'on the
state Industrial accident coiamission
will have Introduced at the special
session of the legislature a dill plac
ing the sum of $400,000. set aside
by the commission through an act
of the 1919 session for the const ruc
tion of a hospital for ludcsirial crip
ples, placed back into the accident
The present act make 't. Incum
bent on the commission to build the
hospital, and under thj law '.his
would have to be locate 1 In Falern
The soft coal strike looks as if It
might be a hard nut to crack. Port
land Telegram.
To stop falling hair at once and
rid the scalp of every particle of dan.
draff, get a small bottle of "Dander
lne at any drug or toilet counter for
a few cents, pour a little in your hand
and rub it Into the scarp. After sev
eral applications the hair usually
stops coming out and you can't find
any dandruff. Soon every hair on
your scalp shows new life, vigor,
brightness, thickness and mora color.
I Little Damage Reported
to Polk County Orchards
DALLAS. Or.. Jan. 2. (Special to
The Statesman.) A careful survey
of Polk county orchards since the
freezing weather-ot two weeks .ago
reveals the fact-that little damage
has been done to the Urge prone or
chards and berry patches about Dal
las which at first had been thought
"flayer latrodored AplH to the
Ihyklans Over 18 Years
To get quick relief follow carefully
the safe and proper directions in each
unbroken package of "Barer Tablets
of Aspirin." This package Is plain
ly stamped with the safety "Bayer
The ."Bayer Cross" means the gen
nine, woria-iamous Aspirin pre
scribed by physicians for over eigh
teen years
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin can be
taken safely . for Colds. Headache,
Toothache. Earache, Neuralgia. Lum
bago. Rheumatism, Joint Pains. Neu
ritls. and Pain generally.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets cost
but a few cents. . Druggists also sell
larger "Bayer packages. Aspirin is
to have been seriously damaged by
the freeze. ..r"
Frank V. Brown of Dallas, seere-ithe trade mark of Bayer Manufac-
tary of the Polk county Fruit Grow-1 ture of Uonoacetlcacidester of Saliey
era' association, has Just completed I licacid.
TRIKE a balance sheet of yenr income and
outgo for the past year and see how badly
you need a United States National bank account
Those earnings of yours might as well be work
ing. Ve hare both a safe and profitable job for
them here.
- m r