The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 12, 1919, Page 8, Image 8

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The Story of a Honeymoon
A UittHWful Itnuaorn of Harried IJfo WoDderfally Told by
J.oti"o" " T unsi4h":, worn " M opportunity for thi fine product to
EaSV k!mnTf fn onnlo I !..: .i .1 -a - 'J - ' i
absolutely waVerroof rC"Z,Sf)S Pe.autltul you ever saw
, y , isicuiy wiuioui injury. j
The name of this remarkable product is ' . '
i i HERB'S nTTC ilPPPT) tn Trnrr .
.W. J. PORTER, 455 Court St.
riiAiTi-in crdxv
::r- t kihnc? -
j "JiWky, I think w r.tisht 'to leU
j ihe Co.roves nf our ru.-picions now
j "before waiting any longer."
j "'Why file sudden -malms?" Dicky
j lr.k-! up ay me w:on!erin;ly, from
j Ihe rocking chair in his bedroom in
j which he had emconced himself with
j bathrobe." slippers an,i hook.
"I Shoiiglit you had agreed with
; e Dicky went on riucronlously,
j' that' we wore to carry thi.-t thins
; Ihiotiffh on ur own I for mm.
j want the chance' of spoiling this lit-
tie myself. Time enough to
j l t the Cosgrovos In on it when we
j have 'th? vi:lliin? corralled."
Uii k.v'r: to:l bflil the set obstinate, w.n
Indian Appropriation
Bill Passed by the House
v WASHINGTON June .10. Enact
ment of the Indian appropriation
hill carrying $15,000,000. was com
pleted today with adoption by the
house of a conference report. The
measure is the first of then npassed
appropriation blla of the last con-
,f." to re sent to the president.
ing the secretary of the interior to
lease for the mining of Imetaliferous
minerals, 30,000,000 acres of unal
lotted Indian lands. . The leases will
run forO years and the government
"will receive a royalty of five, per cent
on returns of the niines.
i Send- a copy of the Peace edition
to the boys In the service, j Only a
The biU included rider-authorir-t der eariy. 25 cent per cor.
Quota of Men for Hawaii
; j Is Completed by Oregon
j note which I knew there wa? no iis
J in conilatilntr nnleps j wanted a
J scene, ("ftt I tlit not answer him.
Mily rat iIo'aii clitse t the stove ami
'warmed my hands, which were
, treitihiinr as rnnch with exciteiuont
j as from the cold.
j When' I locked jjp found' licky
watching Me narrowly.
.Vmietlune's troubling you." he
said. ' What's the great idea?"
"I ni afniid of that woman In
there; Hicky.". I returned. "She hajl
such a ieer look in her eye When
she found out I wasn't coming in for
"Fhe'll have a queerer one when
we catch her red-handed, trying to
get tho?e pictures." Dicky said grim
ly. "I've pot everything doped out
for tomorrow night. We'll throv
her off the track completely!
"Til plead a headache, and you go
in and ask her prettily for two cups
of tea. Faying that you think one
will do, me goodl and .that you'll
drink your with me. Look at some
thing in the room so as to give her
a chance to fix up the cups, and
then hrfrg them hack in here and
we'll nipt them and return her the
empty cupe. She'll think we're doped
Tor frtfr. It will throw her complete
ly off her guard."
A Long Night.
PORT! Avn , ' " ! 1 nPf l. returned, making a
Twt if Wcky and I spent the night as we
Twenty-five enlistments were tak- had planned In alternate watches or
en. at. local headquarters during the three hours each. When the first
past week, setting the record since rays of litht came tve -wr- fc.i.
tne close of the war. ' . - awake Diek h-e.,,.- i
watch, and I lecane the excitement
or waiting for we knew not what, had?
jpiiMd me to waken.
'Tin sure there hasn't lieen a,
ll'OII.sO stirrin ' ' l.m I'll I
ju-t take a lk downstairs. I can
pu tend to be rinding out what klud
or weather it Is."
He went down stairs without anr
tteiiipt at concealment. I heard j
him open the Trout door, go out on!
the cittil.i. and a moiiienr later!
come hack in again.- I knew he had!
stopped in the living room and a mo
ment later he came nonchalantly tip
M lirs again. . " '
As he reached the top or the stairs
I heard his voice and that of a wo
man Mrs. Allis' I was sure and
'hen he came into the room, closing
the door fiuietly after him.
"I wish t knew what that woman
up to.' he said thoughtfully
"Why?" I asked.
"I just met her Tully dressed, go
!nr down the f fairs. She said she
!ad to make a trip down lo Kingston,
wouldn't be back until late, and that
.-he was going down into Ihe kitchen
Jo eet some breakfast. I heard thef
rattling of the kitchen stove, so I (
cuppoe ome or the Cosrjroves are
on the Job."
"Something Tells Me " '
"I!ut ir I ever read deviltry in a
woman's eyes it was In hers." Dicky
went on thougbtriilly. ' The pictures
are all right so far. I Just took, a
look at them. Dnt that rtunt will
pulled orr tonight I'll bet a cook
ie, j
"And something tells me she'll j
pull some little private game or herj
own on us. i don't know why I that impression, but I have."
D was in the middle or the fore-
niM,n wnen Dicky's words were.'
'loiignt bark to my remembrance in
a manner that I shall never rorget.
The rorenoon hid been a dreary one,
with a cold, drizzling rain efrective
ly preventing our leaving the honse
Mr. Cosgrovc had built a glorious
fire of logs in the living room, and
Dicky and I and our two young mas
culine fellow boarders loafed aronnd
u rea'iiag arter break raft.
It was I who caught the first
glimpse of the spare, stern-looking
countryman In conversation with
Mr. CoFgrove upon the veranda. As
they turned and came through the
front door Mr. Cosgrove's voice was
pucnea louaer than I had ever heard
It. - . .
He kept the man In con versa tlo a
for a lone minute In the hall Ufnr.
SB SBSBS I r i I i i ' e A , . M
. L "
Just ' Received
- .
Dainty Georgettes and Chinei, Nevr
Chiffon Taffetas with, that dainty chiffon finish1
in all the wanted popular shades.
Our silks are bought direct from the manufac
turers at New York and represent the best in qual
ity. You are assured of fresh goods,' a very im
portant thing in buying silks.
i Commercial and Court Streets.
; Formerly Chicago Store . , .
he brought him Into Ihe living room, " -LJ f f . tr it
and as I caught his first words ijOOjnIjjr ClUO at Li 0 bit
. ....-r.i - . . . . . l mm' m m
nut?w iiiiuiiiveiy inai ne was giving
iiicRy and me a covert warning.
"I tell you. Drake, you're bark
ing up the wrong tree," he said.
' Of course. Mr. cad lira. Graham are
stopping here. Ill take you right la
to see them in a! minute. Bnt they
haven't been breaking any laws or
doing any troutlng that I - know
a-bout, and I gueis I'd know if any
body did." J
"Tie a can tol that line of talk.
Cosgrove," the other man admon
ished grimly. "I've got the good
on these folks. I've rot a warrant
l for their arrest and I want
"(To be continued)
WA:Vt::K A.' :-:u:. ' ' " : : 1
Wroto It !!!
TkGreatesl Siqiy of the
Ipi picturizedTinto Ihe i
totcst notion Mmethe
Screen has ever seen !
the idst inroMNr
noiiON-ricruRE mm
1 AnMstaiCk
Liked It U
The Mother
as i
Droducod lt!H
m. mm m. m m m.
max KKPsrar msmsf
r !
Directed It!!!
in iPCKTOn
And thcpublic has, acclaimed
ft bthe rapturous throngs
that have flocked to the theatres
m evrrv Pltv iin -nrhfob it !V,-.r.
... ; . .
'! ' ! ' . i'
Matinee 25c; Evening: 35c: All Children a t '
Holds Competitive lied
NOKLE. June 1 l.SpeciaI toTit
Statesman The cooking dub V 1
n exhiwt Thursday mooting ,5
wSich tijue six plates of bi
were displayed in the competition for
psizea. -Loraine'Hogg woa fL-J
prlxe. Grace Danagan. second asl
Averitt Danagan third. Mrs. Char;
Jones, of Salem. Judged the contetL
A picnic was hM n t.. v .
ror the pupils of the schooL 3in.
M- I Falkerson, school supervi
and Mrs. Jones enjoyed a good Ez.
Fridaw evening the closing exer
cises wee given at the schoothoiue,
the follofwlng program Uing gJm:
oag: f'June Song", by the co:L
Recitation: -The Dear Old rur
DiCIe Richter. "
Dialogoe fiertha. as teacher.
Recitation The Smrv .v.. t .
tie Red len Irene Dunaraa.
Sonr? : I'll T.k. u. t-
. . j 'j Aijm lag ii
Home." Lioralna Horr. -
Recltauon: "My Dog.- Joe Cei
Dialogue; -The Yankee AnaL-
itecuation "The Second Tall,
Averitt Dunagan. r
Rird.- Loral ne Hogg. . .
tuSfS?'?'' 'Va,eJlcorr, Versos
1 the school.
.Th? '"wing children la tks
.re 'n,lt,ed 10 cerUfkral. for
bRenl or the-eats
Tffi TV" Ve". UoUie. Bay.
and Ruby Juchter and Loralne Horf. ,
FrtBT.,Ut! I!tlllB8r 'ter so.
fum -Phrt. W kar bees
visiting relative o, ...
months la Los Angeles. Calif., re
turned home Sunday evening.
g metr daughter. In Salem. .
Mrs. S. Lutrcri who has been la
Kt-ne 4ne past winter with her
laughters jhar returned home.
J1,'. " 'I children vLsited
relatives Ifl Portland on Satnrday.
Mr. andTMr. James Cray and fan
ly went to Woodburn Friday to see
Jher son Floyd, who parsed throsck
in ere on hs nr m i...
Floyd is in th
I discharged Vfore loag. -
c. i loa went to TortiaaJ
Sunday to visit his wife h i. i
a hospital Jthere.
Anton SmoIke ninnl v ...
Week fmj r-
wk rron overseas, where he has
fcwn for several months.- Leo Well
nau has afs arrived h.m. n.
never sent- Mem. t ... v
ington. li. r . anH v- - . .
the time.
Mrs. Roxie Trask -ri - . u-
ren Cf Lyons are vUltin. .,1 . .
at Crooked: Kin-
Mrs. GUI Gier thn nur.itl
On at the ilri-tnn v
uuiyiwi u
wea Is rentier iIa.t.u.1.
Tom Malor of pnM!..4 .. ..v.
,D 'Pn,.hlsJrlace above Scotts Mill.
tt-..J carried the mail t
Ullhoit Friday In Mr. Cray's piact-
Mf and Mrs. E. II. Lawrence aad
n. illle. and Miss Goldie David
eon visited at Molalla last Sunday.
Mrs. L Tifm . tf .nj4..i v . n
w luaj II -
t. u convention held in Salem last
Thursday ha via-
Alfred KarfMir rnAMMf .
Wisconsin, is visltinr Hike land
ing. -
Children need n v.i. .
ror growing.. A Unrein- m
i'ns them. tra , . i-K.t
Route 4. ?C. M.n. j-t.v.. , n
wrlte: "Foiev'a Km. . .-a Tr
enred nr lti nrt
tlcklinc coufh' mM i
I ' w Sill MIVb -
reier from trstresslng. racking, tear
tng roughs:4 Booth. v-.i. J.
Shows start at 2 p. 4 p. nx, 7 p. m., 9 p. m.
O. Perrv.
the Classified Aj.