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Great Struggle Continues
With Unabated Fury ; Haig
Hold Firmly
Battle Fought Near Longueval
One of Mosi Spectacular
Of All
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a few belonging in a Lag on their
Offensive launched In Mist.
It is possible today to give details
-of that most Important phase of the
: battle fought in the sectors between
Gouzeacourt and St, Quenton. The
weather was shrouded in mist Thurs
day morning and the Germans ad
vanced without being seen. Strong
forces of , infantry flung themselves
against the British front line and
after a fifcrce struggle broke through
, at several places. They then contin
. tied driving hard for Templeux, near
Har.gicourt. , Just In front of the
former village were, quarries where
the British had taken up positions,
and here a battle of great ferocity
ws waged. - The German repeated
ly jtrled to-takf the quarries by storm,
bu so gallant was the defense of
the J Comparatively small forces that
the attacking troops were unable to
push their way through.
While this struggle was in, pro
gress, the enemy flung five divisions
against the line la front of Hargi- i
court and compelled the British to
fall back from that place. This auto
matically ended the struggle In the
Templeux quarries and the defends
fell back a little. ,
Enemy xmm Heavily. )
On rid ay a fierce engagement was
waged about Le Verguier where the
Germans captured prisoners but not
f i r
ontll the British infantry holding the Tiff ft T ft f flAnn
place bad fought to toe. last man l A I ill E 1 1 It 1 1
and inflicted extremely heavy losses (11111 llljl JLmJ
on the! enemy. The British again
fell back, this time to a line through
Hervilly, just east of Kolsel and Ver-ma-nd.
The Germans captured Hervilly,
but the British came back with the
help of the tanks In a dashing counter-attack,
which forced the enemy
to withdraw. The Germans, how
ever, in an attack farther down the
line, had forced the British line to
swing back, and the whole front of
this sector was compelled to give
way, falling back to the line on the
Every Inch of ground was con
tested, as the British withdrew, and
some 'of the most magnificent work
of the war was done by the hardy
troops who fought the rear-guard
action and allowed the main force to
retire in an orderly and moderate
Hun Deluged AVith Shell.
The fighting southwest of Rolsel
was especially sever. On Saturday
the Germans were tired and. there
was no very heavy fighting In this
section. The enemy forces pushed
forward to occupy the evacuated ter
ritory and. as they came, they were
deluged with shells by the Urltisn
No finer tragets could have been
offered to the defending artillery
men, who shot all day with open
sizhts and covered the ground In
front of them with dead and dying.
On Sunday the German advanced
against the Somme defenses, and
having pierced some of these, are
seemingly pushing their advantages
to the full in the hope of overcoming
all opposition to the objectives which
they have planned. ,
Enlightening Description Is
Given of People and Cus
toms of France
nr n
Adapted from Meredith Nich
olson's story of Saturday
Evening-Post r
II err la On Trt(mrnt Thai All
g-afferera ( 111 y lp
If you want to drive catarrh and all
its dUgustingr symptoms from your
y stem in the shortest possible time,
go to your drugg-ist and ask for a
Momel outfit today.
Breathe Hyomei and it 'will rid you
of catarrh; it gives' such quick relief
that all who use it for the first time
are astonished.
Hyomei 1 a pure pleasant antiseptic,
which Is breathed into the lungs over
the Inflamed membrane; it kills the
catarrh germs, soothes the sore spots,
and beals all inflamation.
Don't suffer another day with ca
tarrh; the diseass Is dangerous and
nttm ends in consumption. Start the
ment today. No stomacn
sprays or douches; lust
ASK uaniei J. x ry.
Censored by himself In official ca
pacity, a letter comes from Lieuten
ant Max I. Alford," written from
France under date of January 3,
1918. to relatives in Salem. His ad
dress is Company I, 162nd Infantry,.
A. E. F . via New4 York city. The
letter follows:
"Perhaps you will find the head
ing a bit Indefinite b.ut you'll have
to charge it to Bilk He makes us do
It. One thing Is definite for t:s
though, and that ra France. A per
son could tell It If you never saw It
. before. ,
"I suppose the weather would In-
very much power, fourteen horse.'
I hated to lough In his face, hut
foul.l hard I v lilt It. When I told
him th power of a ilndsdti Super,
be called me a liar,
"Street cars are dlnkys' and use a
220 volt current. One almost got
going the other day' and they ar
rested the man who was running it
for belnTfr too enthusiastic Auto
ti neks are a redeeming feature.
Hoi- 1'nll Cant.
"On the railroads they use th
four-wheeled luggage ran. Their
largest freight wagons hold eight to
ten tons: and they use the old hoolc
and chain coupling. A man has to
get between the cars to couple them.
The newest locos are pretty fair, but
built lean and lanky; but the o!d
ones would have made Heniamln
Franklin laugh. If a good old O.-W.
Mike' should hook onto 200 of their
freight cars.! It-would pull every bolt
in the train. Instead of switch en
gines they rise horses In the yards
"Their tnwns are old, dirty and
crooked.- The streets very narrow.
Everything fcr done on such a small
scale. Shops. Stores, factories aim
terest you Tery little, but to get yont uv K v
Hyomei treatr
dosing.! no sp:
breaths it thats all.
i - - -
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acquainted with-th country. FI1
have to tell you of jU. When we firsr
landed we found it quite co'd apd
snowy. Hut It soonl?Ka!! t get
warmer, and now for two weeks w-?
have been seeing "Sunny France. It
is very much like Oregon spring at
Much Can't lie KaiH.
' "If during the course of this little
letter you think I have forgotten to
mention something, jdease do not
charge it' against me, is prob-
ahlr because I cannot speak of it.
This is aften as much a handican for
us, as It Is distressing for the folks
at home.
'Our voyage across was verv p'eas-
ant, no scares, and very comfortable.
We were lucky enough to draw first
class passage on a steam liner, so
we fared very well. The last part.
however, scross the channel, wa-
quite rough, and most of us, were
sick. I had very unpleasant sensa
tions, but paid no wasted board bill.
I cant' say we fared so well on our
rail travels. We were very short
on heat on the cars, and n freezing
weather, we suffered some.
"I guess at that we were lucky
enough .to get away from Long
Island when we did,
"Of course we find things differ--nfhre.
But no one ever was able
to tell one Just how. different. For
the love of the whole tribe, don't
ever get the France bug In your
head, or English, either. Believe
hrour nnk Willie, when I eet back
to the u. S. you won t be able to d's
lodge me with a T. N. T. d"pth bomb.
If you don't know, what that is, ask
a powder man.
"I have never seen- a private house
with accommodations for bath
of 14,500,000.000 in addition to
those now authorized, in order to
provide for future Issues; for au
thority to issue additional treasury
certificate of Indebtedness; for au
thority to make additional loans to
the allied governments during the
summer and for authority to deposit
Income and-exces4 coll ta tazea with
'national banks, state banks and
trust companies throughout the Unit
ed States in the same manner as
the proceeds of the liberty, loans.
' WI am sure - that the people will
respond to the third liberty loan with
the same loyalty and enthusiasm that
characterized their support ' of the
first two loans. ; The great events
now happening in France must fire
the soul of every American with a
new determination to furnish all the
dollars and all of the material re-
nut n enrf tha orMhu otrfw.1 him how powerful, and ne saia
Ities of German militarism. Defeat
the forces of the kaiser. Let . us
hasten it by showing America's might
with Increased rigor in concert with
our gallant comrades."
i their minds
"I bare seen very little of the out
Mile country as yetr but It is some
what prettier than the towns. Even
then, one finds theisame smallne".
"But the fellow who said you can
live cheaply In Europe has a second
guess, or else the people saw us
coming. A nine 'room house costa
only $83 per month, furnished.
American Well Situated
"A little about ourselves. We are
well situated, have good quarters
and accommodations, and our work
is pleasant. There are six of ua. of
ficers occuplng a house, very nicely
furnished, with a small garden in
which the flowers are now blooming,
and we have a piano. Further, I
dare not go.
"But people better re glad thfty
live in America nd Oregon. Tho
farther I travel, the more convince 1
T am that there is not place like
"I received .your very welcome
Christmas remembrance yesterday.
It certainlv was welcome. Every
thing was In excellent shape, which
was a bit unusual for paper boxes,
and I thank you very much.
. "The box which-Sara sent me h
not come a yet, but I'm on its trail,
so expect it any day. I have a'si
had some difficulty with my letters.'
Board of ; Education Orders
Language Discontinued
New Time Schedule in Effect
April 1; C R. Lantz
Given Post
At the regular meeting of the
school board held last night, bv
unanimous vote of the members, in
structions were issued to the city
superintendent of schools that from
the date of the meeting the German
language will no longer be taught in
the schools of the city.
On the resignation of W. A. Hail-
man from the manual training de
partment of the Washington high
school. C. R. Lantz of the Wood burn
schools was elected to fill the po
A pamphlet entitled "Questions
and Answers Concerning the Present
War. Its Causes, the main feature
of tls Progress, and the part of Our
Country In It. Our Dntv Toward it"
was ordered for use in the high
Bchools. -
Glass for picture frames was or-l
dered on recommendation of the city
City Superintendent Todd was In
structed to attend a meeting to be
held In. Spokane April 2 of educators
of the northwest.
The domestic science and art de
partment in Grant school will con
duct community sewing classes in
that school.
Orders were issued by the board
that all school clocks te advanced
T Cr fnri;rtinn in Fiveone hour on March 31, in accord-
io atop indigestion tiyc. ncc wlth tne new mea8Ure passed
t Minutes
Home Common-Sense Advice.
"filn n the stomach after eatlnsr.
Indigestion, dyspepsia. ""'nc- m-
etc. are airai iinn'; ;
It, n .
. ay,. m
And ..i 1 1 1 mA tnrui fermentation
they are careless about the streets j tempt to cure the trouble by ualng dl
and buildings. ; , drJLA"d."r,.dtat;?. ".h
"Then they're slow. As slow a I from a spllntar of ala-a by applying
" - ... V a m a t a r ...i cava.
the slowest tning youvunow 01 Biau-t-
Insr still. It takes a family history.
Bible and all, for a fellow to buy a
cigar. .
"And I suppose their slowness ac
counts for their being so far behind
the times. J can't begin to te'l all
about this but a few things which
are very cohimon will help.
"Very few four-wheeled wagons
are used. And very few two-horse
teams. A large lumbering . two
wheeled cart, with one horse, and
they'll put On a ton. Delivering for
retail trade is done with dog carts
The woman guides the cart and hold
back, while the dog pulls himself to
death. '; (
"A fellow came to my of ice a few
davs go and said he had ash!gn
nnwer automobile for hire. I asVed
, ., ,r-
A? Picture That's Good for All Fnn-Lovingr Huauns
Be Careful in Using
Soap on Your Hair
Most soaps and nrena'-ed shampoos
contain too much alkali, which is
verv injurious, as it dries the scalp
and makes the hair brittle.
The hst thing to uso is just plain
mulsifled cocoa nut plU for it is pure I
ana entirely Kreaseiess. it i very
I cheap, and beats the most expensive
oaps or anything else all to pieces.
Tou can get this at any drug, store,
md a few ounces will last the whole
family for months.
Simply moisten the hair with wa
ter and fab !t in about a teaspoon
ful is all that is required. It makes
an abundance of rich, reamy lather,
cleanses thoronrhlv. and rlnui ah)
f easily; The Iialr dries qnlckly and
evenly, and is soft, fresh looking, I
bright, fluffy, wavy and-vasy to hanJl
die.- - Besides, it foosens and takes 1
out every particle of dust, dirt and j
dandruff. ; i
without nrat removina- int
rlaaa. In each caae the cu remain
and the trouble areta worae. The com
mon sen thlnK1 to do whfn your atom
ach hurts la to remove the acid and
mtnn the fermentation br means of a
.imiti. ntpid or neutrate auch aa
m-nfula, which can be ohtaintd of any
druKaist in either 4 powder . or tablet
mv or two tit hr?tl the taMeta taken
In half a ala of hot "tir arte
at Ing-. Inatantly neutrallsea the acid.
mttm tnnA fermentttlon. and thU en
able the most confirmed dyaneptlc to
enjoy the heartiest meats wunoui Tne
xllahteat pain or Inconvenience. Try
thla aimple plan at once and forget
ttaat you ever had a stomach. .
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-'"German troops are fn Xeale and
Bapaume. (Heavy fighting con
tinues." The text of the evening official
statement reads:
, During the morning of March 25
ur troops on the front from the
Somme as faras Wancourt had
beten off continuous and heavy at
tacks with complete success. Heavy
Ioaes have been inflicted on the
enemy bv our artillerv and machine
Mins. while out low flyin- airplanes
repeatedly attacked the enemy's ad
vancinr columns further to the rear.
Tel and GnlHrartl Kali.
""A heavy attack delivered by
fresh enemy troops in the afternoon
enabled them to make progress west
and southwest of Bapaume in the di
rection of Courcelette. South of
Peronne our. troops have been
pressed back in several places slight
ly west of the Somme. while further
south the enemy has succeeded in
making- some progress and has cap
tured Nesle and Guiscard.
"French .reinforcements are .arriv
ing in this neighborhood."
PARIS, March 25. The French
forces which ar flgrbtir? to the
by congress. The schools of the city
will operate under the new tlms
card, beginning Monday morning.
April 1.
south of St. Quentln, around Noyon.
though retiring slowly? are carrying
it atrong counter-attacks and in
flicting heavy losses on the Germans,
says the war orfice statement to
night. . '
French Withdraw Slowly. .
The text reads: - f
"In the region of Noyon the battle
continues with stuhbornnf s, the
Germans bringing in without cessa
Ion new forces.. Our troops In con
formity with ' orders are- giving
ground ."foot'-by foot, but.'" carry
ing out vigorous attacks and inflict
ing heavy losses on the enemy.
"Des4Vrate , fighting has taken
nlace around Nesle. which haa been
'ot and regained several times.
There is artillery fighting at various
points along' the front.
"Shells to the number of 137&
It Cost the Average Family
v' - t '
Less Than 10c Pet Week
for Packers ProfitTin 1917.
The Meat Bill is one of the
large items inthe family
j budget
- k -" . . .. ; ,
less than 10 cents per week of Jt
goes to the packer in profits.
In converting: live stock into
meat and getting it into the hands of
the retail dealer, the packer performs
a complex and essential service with
the maximum of efficiency.
The above statement is based on
. Swift & Company's 1917 figures
and Federal Census data:
Swift & Company's- total output - .
(Meat and by-products) - 5,570,000,000 Pounds
Swift & Company's total Profit , -i
- - - $34,650,000.00
- r w '
$.0062 .
"; r
MM mr.h te-i
Profit per pound
U. S. Meat Consumption
- - - 170 pounds per person per year
170 pounds at $.0062 $1.05 per person per year
The average family 4 Vi persors .'r
- . - $4.72 per family per year ,
1918 year book of interesting and
instructive tacts sent on request.
,' Address Swift fie Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois
Swift & Company,
U. S. A.
I '
emeus to m nuuiucr ui . .
were fired into Rheims last night Attorney General ' Brown
Passes on Status of Bow
erman's Position . t
and daring the day.
"Eastern theater, March 24 The
activity of both artilleries was light
on the west bank of the Vardar,
ereater on the Serbian front and at
the Cerna bend. Notwithstanding
the unfavorable atmospheric condi
tions, allied aviators carired out nu
merous bombardments along 1 the
whole front. An enemy machine was
brought down In the region
E. R. Whiteburst. R. F. D. 1. Nor
folk, Va.. writes: "I had been suf
fering for more than a year, but
since taking Foley Kidney Pills 1
feel almost a young man again."
They strengthen and heal weakened
or disordered kidneys, stop sleep
disturbing bladder ailments, banish
backache, rheumatic pains, stiffness,
soreness. J. C. Perrr.
"It haa been hornbook law In Ore
gon that the law officers of the state
are It. only lawful law officers,"
ayi Attorney General BrowT and
he underscores the last two words,
"law officers," In an opinion written
for the state hlrhwav
relative to the legality of its employ
ing a right-of-way agent. The term
"hornbook" means elementary.
The opinion holds that the com
mission may employ a right-of-way
agent. He may or may not be a law
yer, the opinion allows, hut-he does
not have Ught to serve as
counsel or law officer. '
Oriental Entertainment
Attorney General Brown waa re
quested by O. Ed Ross, secretary of
the highway commission, to pass on
the question since criticism haa been
directed at the commission because
Wff r zr l ' ,oiure oi services rendered
Will Be UWen at tidier the commission by Jay Bowerman.
wno is employed under the designa
tion of a right-of-way agent, but
whose name was attached to a com
plaint In condemnation proceedings
in Clackamas county and who made
an argument before the court. Th
opinion hews squarely to the lay, and
Ikp 1P Goaee
' tee
Miow Your Patriotism by Helping Home Boys
Away From Home
F.N. W00DRY, Manager V
AT 7 P. M. BE ON
Kelzer community boasts of a very
flourishing Red Cross auxiliary, but
as the need has arisen for making
the society self-supporting, plans are
being perfected for a very elaborate
Oriental entertainment to be given
March 29. Mrs. Alice II. Dodd of
Salem will appear in costume and
give her very Interesting talk on
"The Orient, Its Manners and Cus
toms." Young women ip costume
will serve. There will be other Ori
ental attractions.'
"Your jetter does not attempt to
define the extent of the authority
that the commission wishes its-right-of-way
,agenf to exercise. Therefore
my answer will be based upon the as
sumption that you are using the term
ngnt-or-way agent' as the mm lr
generally understood, and within the
limitations of chanter 237, genera'
laws of Oregon. 1917. creaMnr the
state highway ommtslon and defin
ing the authority thereof. Including
the duties of the highway engineer.'
The opinion then shows that under
section 3 of chapter 237. a. right-of-way
agent may be employed under
the provision that "the commission
shall employ snch clerks, officers and
assistants to said engineer, at such
salaries and for such terms as ap
er oesnary." but the! opinion
holds that no assistant shall . have
greater authority than the engineer.
Right (of the commission to ac
quire right-of-way. including thiej
tight of condemnation, la shown in
the opinion, but the attorney general
hows that the acquiring of a right-of-way
shall be completed before con-
Some rich women value thHr rrXL-"n?n;"f Iel'
toulle foHohws9band8 SH n'lV M4 fr0m the Of
"Alimoov -- written w vourtletter that It Is not the inten-
court reoorier S ,d t,on W the highwav comml-sion to
divorce ntLo. f P ner?lc,oua employ legal counsel under the style
ZtSf .U very human and name of 'right-of-way agent "
" I'r3r..t.nril,,n wreen play. The attorney . general then onnte.
employment of a lawyer In lieu, ti
the state's law officers:
MIt may be said that. If that officer
was not well enough .versed in tt
law governing his position to per
form its requirements, he cannot er
pect the state to Incur the expense f
educating him thereto further th; .
may be Implied from the function j
of Its regular law officer If he de
sires Independent legal action, be
may at his own cost, secure it. He
cannot supersede the regular law of
ficers of the state." ,
Another quotation from the supreme
court in the case of Baskin againgt
Marlon county Is quoted as follows:
"It has never been denied that ia
proper cases aid may be furnished
for public officers. Qn the other
hand, it has never been decided that
they could be Ignored or supersede
in the interest of special counsel.'
Machines Are Missing;
Aviators Thought Killd
PENSACOLA. Fla., March 25
Two hydro-airplanes, each operated
by an ensign, are missing tonight
from the aviation flying station
here. The aviators are reported V
have been killed when their ma
chines fell into the bay. but naval
authorities declined to give out any
Information about the aviators. A
search la being made for the missing
FORT WORTH. Texas, March 25.
Cadet William S. McNamara of New
York city was killed instantly and
Second Lieutenant A. N. Dunstan of.
Toronto. Ont.. was injured slightly
near Dallas this afternct n when the
airplane in which they were riding
fell in a sninnlng nose dive.
0 . . - ' i x uj Biiuruej Kcnrrai men auotes
iiiMl.r ' vaw i uiuavu siubi tmy, in woicn
naiuruay. I Jnatlrii nnraott maiA ,.1,tl..
- - v-Auva v 3 w su sj
Don't suffer ! Relief comes tfcs
moment you rub with
"St Jacobs Liniment"
Don't stay crippled Rub this
soothing ,penetrating--lftrinient right
into th sprain, ache or strain, and
out comes pain, soreness, stiffnes
and swelling. ' -
Nothing else penetrates; heals nd
strengthens the Injured muscles,
nerves, tendons and ligaments so
promptly. It doesn't burp or dis
color the skin and can not cause in
Jury. Don't suffer! (Get a small
trial bottle from any drug store
now limber up! , Rub L the misery
Hght out. A moment! after "St
Jacobs Liniment" is applied you cao
not feel the slightest pain or sore
ness, and you 'can go about your
regular duties. i . -r
"St. Jacobs Liniment" conqaen
pain. It has been used effectlvelf
for sprains, strains, soreness and
stiffness for 0 years six gold med
al awards.