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British Authority Says Moral
Forces of Zion Will Rule
, After War
Civilized Regime Slated for
; Palestine; Word, Not
f v Sword, To Rule
I.ONDON, Jan. lf' "I believit 'Jerusalem aHer the war will be..
tonwr the moral center for th
world. saM Sir Mark Sykcs. h I'rlt
J$h. fcuthorlly on the affair of the
Jveari East, in an Interview here.
""'There' I today throughout' the
wofld." he explained, "a deep-rooted
itleslre that this war shall be the last
nrJ Hue If this hope 1 to b- re
alized, there miwl be some iwrre
vhl:h will control nation. People
lalk of the Hague Conference, and
yet we know that hitherto these con
Jrrences hare been, and may be
Vralo in tbe future Just. hypocritical
onveratlond between lawyer, dlplo--tnatand
soldiers preparing for fresh
a "Moral force and physical must he
,it the disposal or whatever authority
mankind deal res to set, up to shield
Abe world Trom war.' Hut the phy
sical force of a leasrue of nations
i.uist be at the call of a moral force
7lgher than the Hague. If you look
t Jerusalem, are there not moral
f ore there stronger than any man
could Imagine the moral forces of
"Calvary and Sacrifice, th moral fore
' "Yii of Zlon and eternaj hope, the mor
' al forces of" Islam and obedience?"
i : Fir Mark believes that there will
a rerles of pilgrimages to Jerusn
'! m after the war, more extensive
, than tht city has ever seep before,
i "We bare the seeds. Jew, Moslem
"and Christian, of a trinity ofilm-
pulses which all tend Jerusatem
' ward. After the war Jews will g
In tens and hundreds of thousands,
not as colonists, but as lisitots, jto
see where the little seed of .Zionism
! being planted. Russians will visit
Jerusalem In a flood rising rwrhan
to two or three hundred t thousand.
I can Imagine even that the Pope
-himself might call his children to a
IMlrrlmare of Repentance and un
told, numbers responding to the call.
T can Imagine also the followers of
ether Christian chnrches enln.?
Jerusalem-ward. And I'can see Islam
pa rtlcf natlng In the pilgrimage.
Jerusalem Is a lone stare which af
fect nil these people. ,
"After the- war we shall have a
' civilized regime in Palestine, for; I
cannot Imagine ; even . the central
. powers declaring that there can be
no place unless the Turk returns to
Jerusalem. The Turk has been ther
since the davs of Sellm the Grim, .nd
eoneouently. there have - been ac
"work force which have i-sed-Je i
alem for th purpose of Tormenting
'discord In Christendom, of holding
" Jewry at arm's length, and prombt
Hng war and. Ill-feeling among a.i
men. - ' -i ' - -
r "What of the future? We need not
question who is going to be In Jerus
alem. It is sufficient to know that
rlhe Turk has rone, and that Jerus
PI A ... 4 n
. 7
w.e.WJ ' :'-..!'
alem i therefore minus a strong
positive force for III. The war will
give 'the Turkish clique a great de
bark In Islam, and that means a
spiritual revival In Islam of a nature
different from anything w- have seen
before,: Tbe intellectual, pirltual ;
Arab and Indian will play a. great:
role. Moslem wlli think more of the;
Word than of th .Sword." ,
Advertised Letters
l I It M; .MXIAHV '21
AMriib, Mls (ftuiv fit
Andetson, Mrs 'W. J.
I hi n If, Mr. I,.
BIHi'im. .Mr. Ali.x
IJoxi, Mr. Geo.
Hrowll, aMiM l'l ft! I
Uurd'ite, ir. John '
f.ulih, M. and Mm.
Chadiplfn, Win. K.
Christ eiinn Hillif
Cooley, K. hi.
(oop r, Thoi. I.
(!roufer. Mix J.-vera
Dataon. G. II.
.'iJii-kson. Mr. John
Kllot, Mr. und Mrs. I In eh
Fa by. Oraco K.
Fleming, J. O. .
tliino. Mr. Jerry.
Willie, Mrs. IJmil
Hudson. Mr. and Mrs. f?. L.
Kaiinon, Mr. Kgel
Kfenan. Mr. Vincnt
Keene, Miss Xortna
Kirkwood, Mis.- Olga
La May. C. K.
Martin. Mrs. J. E.
Mlllett, A. C.
NVwinan, Mrs. Ora
Phillips. Mrs. Viola
'I'ierpont, Mrs. Vary
Klchiiiond. .Mini llessle
Smith, Mrs. A. C.
Strom, Dldrlck -
Taylor. Miss Velma
Tywn. Mrs. CM.
Wittwer. Miss Martha4'
Wilson,- Mrs. Virginia
With, Miss Alma
: August Ilucki'stelu,
: '. roslmaxlei'
' V, I j ' ;; , . .
Y. W. C. A Drive Is Opened
With Formidable Array
! of Workers
The campaign In Salem by the
members of the Young; Women's
Christian association to tnlse fund.-,
for tht general war work of the a:
sociation and to build hostess houses
In the j United States und Franco
where women and children may have
the opportunity to visit with the
soldiers, opened yesterday.
At the conclusion of the second
day's work this afternoon, a tea
will be served at, 4 p'clock at the
Y. Wj C. A.' rooms where reports
will be read. Not only the members
tut all who are Interested in .ti e
work are invited to attend. , Amonj
those who are working in the cam
paign are Mrs. Hi 8. Wallace, Mrs.
C. S.i Weller, Mrs. George Alden, Mrs.
B. It. Steeves, Mrs. E. F. Carlton.
Mrs.: II. S. Oile. Mrs. Prince IJyrU.
Mrs. I A. L. Brown, Mrs. A. F. Mar
cus, Irs. John Farrar and Mrs. L. .'.
An Interesting roup of reasons
why) tbe; Y. W. C. A. members .ire
fcble and obligated to undertake a
world war program follows:
1. ! Because the work has to be
done. .--' -
2. 'Because It has been asked by
government the Fosdick commission
and; other official organizations to
undertake the responsibility-.
Because it has had fifty oiix
Preparation to meet- a world crlaH.
4i Because it ia already establish
ed in tweoty-sloc nationa.
5- Because it has had actual ex
perience In all the increased prob
lems of girls duo to war pressure,
such as. employment, housing, health
etc. j ,
6i Because of its interclasg, inter
d nominational, international char
acter, with a membership of 350,000
it is sympathetically preparing wo
men in personal, cirlc and world
wide relationships.
-7. necatis the final reality of
life in its Christian solution upon
which tbe world is dependent is the
supreme purpose of the association.
McMinnville Beaten by
- Salem High, 23 to 9
Tuesday evening the Salem hiah
ehrol basketball team iourneved to
McillanviJle aral played the McMinn
ville hifch school onlntet. Halett
came houi with the bl- end of the
score, scorinc 23 points to McMlnn
vlllea . The local toys showed
ome excellent team work, while M---Mlnnllle
was especially strong on
i-reesive niaylng.
a ry
. tUlf
in "THAIS"
'an mmm m II
Attackf on Captive Balloont
Preient Thrilling: Inci
dents on Front
Every Observer tin
Has Parachute
To Waist
i.m i.'Vi'ii kikia'T. Iii-c. 12- -I Cur
rerond nee. -From the chores of
the .orlh Sea to the Swiss frontier
a narnllel line of captive obn rvatlo.i
balloons, or "sausages," marks in
the air the rough outline of the en-trew-hed
positions of the (Jorman
and Kntente troops except a Morm
ts blowing in such strength as to
make aerial ascent Impossible or
exf-emelv hazardous.
The gas-hags, which are att.tche-I
to steel cables, fly at varying height
according to the deKiee of vl iblllty
ad the nature of the eountrv In the
vieinltv in which they operate. The
work their occupants are ahle to per
form in reporting troon movements
und concentrations on the opposin
side Is of Immense value to tht com.
mandlng generals and this Is the rea
son' thev are subject to constant a'
tack. Kverv observer ' and .mefhsn1'1
carried in the balloons orvii'ed
with a parachute attached to hi
of escaping certain death in cae an
enemy shell hould rip the balloon
or set It on fire.
Th correspondent of The Asso
ciated Tress has observed man v thr'J
Hng Incidents during attacks en car
tlve - balloons at various pr s ft
the front. In one case an aerial oH
erver wlun Ms'oon b'-r.-'t lno
flames, threw himself fifteen hund
red feet. - Kverybodv oi the ground
believed he was doomed when -tid-denlv
when he was within a hundre l
yards of earth he oarachnte rened
and brought him gently down. He
was picked un unconscious
; In general, however, the ra".
chutes work perfectly end the 'a
through the sir Is made In safe'v
without anything more thsn the mr
menarv thrill of falllnr throuv'o
space for a short period without any
support. Sometimes the wind blow
the falling man hanging ,on to n't
nsrachnte towards he cnemv line.
where be is greeted with s hall f
rifle and machine-gun bullets, bn'
IncMens or this kind ere rare.
. Details of the organization of th
'Herman sreostatlon or -captive bal -
loon service have fnst reached th
eorresoondent. From these It Is !
gathered that the German army pos
sesses hundreds of these observation
eis-hag. They are divided Ino
eronn of hree. which work tooth
er under the command of an office
while at the headquarter,, of e-'h
ermy a staff officer of hh rank
charged with the snoervlsicn of h
"Tvic which entlre'r senarate
from the aviation branch. There Is
no definite number f balloon at
tJhed to rh iiJvinlon or arn
corps, the total used at each part of
the line chanrfng accordi to th
decrease or Increase cf activity of
the" troops In line.
Ko" each car'lve hsPoon a com
anv has been forced consisting o'
four (ohoerrotlr" of (-.. eleven nn
commls,'"1l s"'""" "d atmnt 120
men com rn-'d b" n cants In or
Hentepunt. The r"n wot onlv have
o look afier the tt, descent and
housing of the b"". 'rt also
defense aaainst alrpl-'""a. for which
fve machine-guns un' two ;Don'
ar eceloved oenipo:n " cannon of
1 V. ,Inch calibre. The forme"
r provided with cc reeled
s'lahts and fire tracer and explosive
bullets, while the latter can attain
a ranse of two and a cmrter mile-.
Another method of defense Is rn
Td descetft, which Is accomtilished
:bv means of revolvlns; winches fixd
n aitornobHes' or herded wbgons
The rteel cables aie parsed round
these winches and the balloon ca"
be brouisht close to earth and out of
immediate danrer In very hort
time. In suite of Its size, which is
considerable, as It contains K00 ci
blc metres, of gas.
OXK 0 Till-; M.KITII.
They are telling a g'Kid Joke at
the United States marsbars offlcr:
on one of Uncle Punt's sleuths. The
other day a inlddle-aged OrtnHii
woman rot off the Hanla t trln
"""ail mi r -?i I
The most celebrated woman
in the world for her first
screen appearance.
ihi the WorM'a lliucet
i rushed Into the tinlon station and to
i he Mrit em ranee, glanct-d around
I tirriedly and mt.ed over to the In
! friruiuliou bureau and.tbeijci in ihe
i t. Ii plnn' booih. ,Tlu- -I.mkIi bud
M.oii-l Ut'v lh iiiiniitH hi ;it bM
'xiid f;:ie. Tin-re win no jt..-
! lion u to Iho T-MtoiiIi- -al or f n
lliTi s. so h ' liepf his on., wery
1 r-oveaient sh made. II? b'ari-d
'if the Information hur'-aii I tui t '
.v anted long l!lti4h . J'h, I htfht
' Slie' wanted to g- word lo lh gng
.bout siielhlng very Important.
JiiKt hs lite watcht'ful sleuth mus sld
!ling tip to the telephone booth fh
inKterlously excited lady dusl'i
out of th place and rae-J over 'In
Ihe M'legmph office wlnre nhe wrei
tt uNviaiu and, after some debiy,
i und the axuet hnii , paid (he
i.ciHior und walked away apputint
ly greatly relieved In mind. Thr
ial'K xlfulh . was olng to see that
Klfgrum. He sleppeil up lo the bp
; eiator, exposed his badge und rnad.
s the telegram, which lead; "Le'ft mp
teeth on washsland when chlMrejsj
can gel Ihem. Send tbi. eveturi,
parcel poit, ; Hotel." Tbe Kleuib
' grined and then tojfil Ibc joktUu n
'Irlend. Kl Paso Tlmes. :
i 1
Cloverdale Personals
rUtVKHliAl.l:. Or,. Jan 7 2.1. -
Mr. and Mm. George Karris were In
Salem Wednesday to attend the lo
mona icranaa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. j. dala; iMurned
home from Salem, where they have
heen visiting for the past week.
Carl and Kverltte Wood were Sa
Uni vllt)rs Saturday.
Miss Agnes Arnold went lo Shedd
Friday evening to spend the week
end with her parents.
.1. I). Craig. J. M. Hamilton and
Arthur Kunke and wife were in
balem Tuesday.
Chemawa Team Defeats
Mt. Angel College Men
In a baaketball game pluyed at tbe
Chemawa gymnasium lat night, the
Salem Indian Training school quin
tet ' defeated the Mt. Anel college
basketball team by a score or 2
tc 17. ,
One Point Difference Between
Shipps and Bishops Last
Ktandinjc of TenniM.
Capital National Hank ....
Watt Shlpp Company
ItaitKher lirothera
Hifthop ' ,
i - -
h ,Jy far the )et basket ba'l garni
j witnessed since the beginning of the
i Commercial league series at the Y
1 V- J A. were played last night a
tne ai
association gymnasium. Hot'
were bard and fast and th'
interest was Intense throughout.' .V
no: time in 'either game, with th
possible exception of the last tw
miautes of the second game, did anv
teaai show any marked x advantag;
ovei1 the other, the scores being ev
most of the time and never moi
than-two er throe points differenc
Th first game between the Shioo
and the lllshopa was won by Shipps
by the. margin 'of one point wh
was made In the last minute of pla
as the result bf a foul committed '
Ashby'for the Itishops. The gam
was nil "and tuck from the soundin?
of the Initial whistle until time wa
called. Ryan for the Bishops am
Hhafer for the Shipps were the heav
iest scorers for their respective
teams, flyan scoring seven poin'
and Shafer eight points.
The Capital National bank cor
Unites ; it wining streak by defee
Ing the Hauser Hrther. lat night
by the store of 1 r8to 12. In t
early part of the game Captai"
Brooks for the Ilausers scored a''
points befere the Bankers were ab'
to get their bearings when a bask'
by Captain Baker for the Hanke
notted them two points. The scor
at the end rof the first half was
to 4 in favor of. the Hausers.
In the second half the Hanker
were more successful and Harrj
scored three times in rapid snc,'
slon, fol!owd by two bifcketg b
Captain Baker and one by W'f
ftrooks and Moore for Ilausers ear'
scored a basket from the field rr
Brooks two from the foul j'ne durlt'
this half.
Koff ( 4 i
flyan I 7
Ash by
and score:
Watt Ship" C
Shafer IS
Jaskockl (
, lie l.a
Shlpp Co-
Final score: Walt
pnv. 12: H'shops. 11.
Capital Nat? Hank
Itarra I A
Hauser ll'o'
Wersh 2 1
Maker ( 101
Brooks i"
Moore i "
Final -serre:
Cardial Nationr'
Bank. 18: llaur Bros.. 12.
Officials: Arthur Ross, refere-;
ft Pearc.e.i timer; Oncar B. (Sin
rlh, scorer,:
Tryouts Are Held for
. Declamatory Contest
On lanmirv 21 and 23 the hih
chool trvouts were held for the In
'erclass declamatory class, which Is
n le .M en Wednesday, Januaiv
.10, On this date the impromptu and
extemporaneous ' contests will
held. The Impromptu sneakers will
draw Ibelr slbjects on the platform
and will liime'dlatelr speak for
Hire minutes. The extemporaneous
sneakers will have one hour to ore-
pare their a seeches. Tbe public Is?
Invited to attend these contests.
Classified Adi Work for Yr
Your Prin
It Bhotilil lirir.onize with li bumnvnn in wliieii you an rnjfagra. u mn no on.,
fereiiee whether your nieKsnge. Ie a husirieKN rani, u IihiiiIImII, a letter, a pamphlet, or
a eatnlof the mle holiU kmmI in every, e. i
Vou wotiM not exfwet a machinist or a col dealer to I Mtiml the same as ft
floriat or a jeweler. It would not he appropriate. Neitht-r wouhi it he appropriate for
their printed meaaage to he aimilar. The coal ad jriay ! printed in bold, black type,
on coarse, heary paper; hnt the high grade jewelry ad should be printed artiatically
with light face type, in refined colora and on fineat, quality paper. 4
What ia more, the printed meHaage abould Im up tc the minute In style. Old, an-tiiiiati-d
style in printing createa juat aa bad an impreHion aa would the Loopakirt,
the hobble skirt or the "train" if woni today. , c
i'n our husineKs to make your printed meHsage appropriate. Our printing plant
is supplied with the very latest: type faces, ornament and other equipment. The plant
is in. charge- of a printer of uniiKual ability a man who makea a atudy of what is
appropriate and timely for each printing job. Ilia service and hia advice are at
your dtHpoxal.
Congressmen Are Chosen to
Lead Party Activities in
WASHINGTON', Jan. 23.4Hepnb
lican senators and representatives In
Joint conference tonight named the
members of the Republican congres
sional committee. Nominations for
membership from some states, in
cluding those .without Republican
representation In congress, were not
ready tonight and they will be passed
upon later by the committee Itself.
The members selected inclule:
California Representative Jnllu
Idaho Representative Ai, T.
Smith. J !
Montana Miss Jeanette Rankin.
Nevada ; Representative E i K.
Roberts. . ,
Oregon Representative NIrholis
J. Sinnott.
WashingtonRepresentative Llnd
!ey H. Hadley.
Wyoming Representative Frank
W. Mondell. '
These individuals will direct the!
. !.. . .1 lull I. 11 . 1 r
campaign activities in all the con
gressional districts In an effort to
wrest the political control of the
house at the polls next November.
There will be a fight for the chair
manship when the committee ho'd
Us first meeting.' Representative
Woods of Iowa,' who ia a -.ndidate
for re-election. Is opposed by Repre
sentative Madden of Illinois.
Committee to Help Speed op
Spruce' Production in
PORTLAND, Jan. 23. Organiza
tion of the Pacific coast committee
'f the aircraft lKrd was announced
here tonipht by Richard F. Howe of
he a'rc-a't board of Washington.
1. C. The function of the commit
ee. Mr. Howe said. wW le to speel
ip spruce production on the Pacific
ont In all nractlcable wpvs. It 1
om nosed of Colonel HrlcelP. Dlsqiu.
hlef of the "nice production divl
don of the sienal corps: William M.
i .add of Portland, and George j.
fAnw of Txmma.
"Colonel Disque will remain at th
i"ad of the spruce production divl
on tnA will 'actively direct opera
'loni." said Mr. Howe, "and he with
Messrs.. Ladd and Ine will com
ose the committee which, so far as
t liiv rv, will consider nl ct
"n all problems arising on the Pa
cific coast In relation to the govern--et
aircraft program."
The committee met and organized
Pendleton Women and Sonv
Acquitted of Murder
PENDLETON. Or.. Jan. 23. Af
ter a little more than an hour cfl
deliberation a Jury In the clrcu!t
urt here tonight brought In a ver
dict of not guilty for Mrs. Cora Col
Hill and Lawrence Colwell. her son.
lolntlv charged with the murder lai
Vay of James K. f hort, an aged ran--fcer.
The boy admitted the shooting
but pleaded self-defense.
Five Men Quality for
75-Foot Indoor Range
The Sle,m Rifle eluh held its first
mnnt m ni ror t ne
handicap mstrh. After a sufficient
number of the members bvf quali
fied a match will lie held for thr
ted Message !
. .i . . a
trophy cup which is on exhibition
In the window, of the Ilartman Jewel
ry store on Liberty street.
Those who ctialified (.for the 75
foot Indoor range are C. V'. Klgn. If.
V. Ioe. Fred Hay, Frank Max und
1 1. W. Macv. , -
Others who shot to nuallfy wero
George Keuscher, Don Wiggins, V.
J. Kn trees. Robert Nicholson. A. II.
I'ole, Ham Hu?hes and Karl J-ory.
Weekly ettoota will be held each
Wednesday night. '
Baker Dissolves Board
for Labor Standards
WASHINGTON. Jan. 3. Disso
luutlon of the board of Control for
labor standards created toTteep army
clothing contracts away from plants
employing sweat shoo methods, was
announced today by Secretary Baker
with the expJanatJon., that the, prl -
marv nurnos of the ho-rrf xA h..
acocmpllsbed and hereafter its du
ties could be performed by the quar
termaster general's office.
Some of the activities of the board
have been the subjest of controversy
In tbe congressional war inquiries
because certain firms failed to get
The board's rulings have stood
however, and its dissolution ia said
to be onjr a part ot tne department's
. .... . . . . . .
Kenera policy io Drmg us woig ill
rectly under the military establish
ment. Freight Regulation
at Piers to Be Urged
NEW YORK, Jan. 23. Govern
ment regulation of freight delivery
at railroad piers will be urged upon
Director General McAdoo td elimin
ate twenty-four hours .time now re
quired to eend notices to consignees
and to mre more efficient use of
trucks using the nlers. It was an
nounced tonight after a conference
of the committee on freight .con
gestion. Construction of short stretches of
track principally i.n New Jersey that
would tie the various railway sys
tems together and provide a short
cut operation also will be suggested.
Reports received today indicate a
'oosening of freight congestion. -
How They Keel In Washington.
"Have ypu made any resolutions
or turned over a new leaf or any
thing like that?''
"No." replied the man with the
'erene smile. ,rSo need of them.-If
I have any lingering vices I feel that
I need only wait for somebody to In
troduce legislation that will' make
hem Imnosstble." Washington Star.
We still have a few copies of our NEW
YEAR EDITION for sale.
Your friends and relatives will enjoy read
ing this number.
Make tip a lut. We will mail them and
prepay postage.
Tht cost is small Sc per copy, while they
last -''::"-;
A- f .1 ' a?
' L i. . .
Burke, Carlton and Miss Case
Consent to Serve as Con-
test Judges
The selection of the prize essays
banded In by the school children of
Marlon county on the subject of Ar
menian rufferlng 9iaa reached its
final stage, and it Is expected by the
committee to be able to announce the
result sometime within the next few
days, the matter probably being de
layed until next week.
Thone who consented to act ai
J ,Ammm rn thji H
Jd fo the essays 8
re the Rev.
E. M. Burke, pastor of Unity church;
Mlsa Flora Case of the Salem library
and Assistant State Superintendent
H. F. Carleton. Out of nearly 300
essays the contest has been narrow
ed down by elimination, gradually
made,, to twenty-one papers, eight of
these being ia the high school class,
ten in the Junior high class, and
three In the grammar grades,
A large njimber of papers, other
wise showing merit, had to be put
out of the running by reason of ver
batim copying on the part of tbe
Writers from the literature handed
out by the committee. Those whlch'
have been retained for the final Ian
show originality, as well as bela?
well phrased and constructed. Prize
winners- names will be published at
soon as a i unanimous decision li
reached by the judges.
The Armenian relief fund contin
ues to swell, the last figure noted at
headquarters being $4700.40 for the
'city of Salem. Voluntary contribu
tions are atlll received at headquar
ters, and after that has been closed
may be made to S. B. Elliott at thi
Salem Bank of Commerce.
Stayton, through Its "colonel,"
Prof. B. F. Ford, reports $239 up to
January 22. Manager Gill and F. .
Deckebach journeyed to Sublimity
Tuesday evening where at a meeting
a starter for the fund "was made
$48. Rev. J. 11 ..Buck reports enthu-.
jsiastlc reception at Mt. Angel and K
S. White claims the meeting at Ger
vais to have been "the biggest little
crowd he ever saw." Most points
In. the county are still to' be hear'l
from, the colonels evidently figuring
that no report la any good but th
final report. There can be no ques
tion however that when all Is In,
Marion county will have tanglblv
demonstrated Its sincerity In declar
ing its belief for the rights of all.
humanity wherever found.