The Weekly enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1868-1871, July 07, 1871, Image 1

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IP tki'iS LMlfSa ?H3 ras pya r-- r?a gl:
1 11 i I 1
0:l)c UJccfcto nicrpvisc.
;5 u 3,
1333 jViari, the harmer
;l, i f.xv. FA MILY CHICLE.
f., n;i) :;vi:uv kuiuay rv
icuiroi: and l'uia.i.suFit.
'' rn-.-s 114 Bo k )-' '.J.;
111 ud V";f i.e.- . . .
Tr.ri-ii';!! t lv t.-it i tn-n t . iricludiiig all
!;4-il ( j -i of 12 I ! ties, 1 vv.S 2 oi'
"Cr-ji.;Li i '."i-t -til ' ut-rtiuii 1 ed
Oa C. ia ii.i, niie yt;;w S!2u do
lh!f " " !l
Oivicr " " 4!)
! i e s - Card, 1 square one ye-.r 12
' ,,'.','!'.- I ) iV m.-'di' at tin- risk o
V t ; .' W. : .'l e.rp- iit of ir.L.
i-.-ir t'iie Knterpris la e i-i .-upiilit'cl w th
t i.ifa!. a:;r'vel styis'! of tyjic. and iimki
, i -.1 vC.HXi'I Pii'.vSSKS. wlii -ii will t-iiabli-i',-:j)i
,vt r t i do J .1) Pi intiug at all limt-s
,'.-af, (Juir.'c and (Jutap !
('. g- -V irii s il olt'ii.
. A A Hi"' ' tr in f:i'm upon ft Sprci? tv-.
; usixkss a a lid s
Attorney at Lav,
Ort-jjon City, Oregon.
If,: I v.
ronx 31. UACOX,
io: t s
a i"!
a Poalei in
n r: d is i r 's-a.. z-js r
ATi !X;:;;V. iMCUFl'MHUY. tc, AC.
0 -fiT'iii C'h, Ore!Oi).
iVa , '.v !
S. . !.',', i r it a a.
n if
; .-..'. !-rA-
L:.if DhA-Lial IN
V. VIS sftK'T. on T.ON :'TV."OKKfiON.
Ol l le:-: in Od.l F.ll.w-' Ter..le, comor
of l-'ii-t and Al.i. r Sir Portland.
T .i- !;.' , 2 of ! ! i . ) -1- dt-Sir lig -tip ''-oi
oior.U 's is in'-t. XitrmiMix
. i . o I1;.' i 1 : o s i- M a f ! i oo i f t ?t t li.
; 1 1 i i i : v ; tfftn I o i r than the best,"
:'.:', 1 i . ' ,( t!,4 '.'" -'l-txt.
1) -o. 2 ',:tf
) H N T ! s T
Tire pnirouago of tttos.- -l-.-sifing tirr Coi.
Jj ttiott, is fCS!n-Cttu.!y in-it i..(.
Satisfa.-.tioii io a 'a cm ... r.i,a .int.-.-cd.
X, A't'.'o(. .r! .ol:iuut.'i'evl foi t'.o
Painless k t i-.n-1 io n of Tt'cdi.
t'eUCi-: In V t'- OfW i. Io
si le : First street, i.eowe;i AlJer
riso:i -sL.'oets, 1'oi ll.ui 1, On;j;oii.
Liva and Lot Live.
COJNTitV iMldPLo !:, Ac,
Ctlolel WINKS AND I.UiUOftS.
j:-r t tllf "1 i - tiiid ot Woitinali & I' tlds
'Oi t-roa e it
.-slTiiriKONr. Poirn.vxo. Okkgi n.
OFFICE -Oib' Fftlows Temple, form t
t'ir-t : d VKb.M- sirens- ite-idt iict- cornt-r t
M iin and Seventh streets.
Established since IS-lh. it the old stand,
Man Street, Orrgoi City, I'rejvn.
tn 5sort inpnt ot Watt he . -It' -clrv.
and Sfth Thomas' wtdcle
"locks, all of which are warranted
i be as reoresentcd.
tt 'n.iirinixs done on short notice .
ad thankful for p est favor.
P Citv 5ravman.
-C, 11 orders for the df livery of rnfrrhar
die oi- i) icka re and t'rei jiitot wh-.itevrr !p
cripti a i. to an v V"rr 'he city, will beexc
ci.el promptly and with rare.
fllntfrhes Gaft'uiveO
No. 17 Front Street, o;ipo-:e the Mail steam
ship landitiLT, Portland. Oregon.
P II 0 P R I K T 0 11 S .
Raard oer Week "
" " " with Lodging
" " Par
Pioneer Book Bindery.
0 11 C G 0 X l A N B U 1 1) ! G ,
Corner of Front jiikI AVer Stret.
anv denred pattern.
PAPERS, Etc.. bound in every variety of
Etyh' known to the trade.
Osiers froaa the country proinidly at
tended to.
"fcW Departure-
The Ohio Crisi apaperalwavs
personally and pedhieall - uivore
to Mr. Vallamliohanr will V.Vve
none of his -new departuv " It
" 1 1
inert ale certain uneasy bodies
. i- - . : . ,MUK:
ainorej.' t'u' ol:ticians ot this eoiin-
r 1 l lu.n
try who ai'i- never so coniibrl-di!'
, , um.m uioit
as when tney are unhanoy and
, , '"il.i ,u"1
who, win e wiltinix to saeriix-e -ill
, , . . ,"""'Rl U1
relationship to iiineiple tor sell-in-
I I 1 ' v .
, I i i i.i
"'l".'vt ' ".'P'-ej.emieU the
l u iii' i! i s o. Lii -ir oVii si i eiiut i! an I
i -ss,.. cue uoonpn cn pr.ncipie
than in t he aceum unit ions of t he
pai.ry proms ami empty honors ot
o.d.u pos.uon. i,v unat rme or
honor or just ice such
notions can
.111,1 .,1 ll-itll tllil l..-,.t.,i r. . ..I"!
v... ..v j-.v.... w.
in c L'lai1 (i 4 i;i w .'io ii'T
... I,, . . . : . 7 .. i .
.... i i " ;
our inaouiiy io uiKiersiaint
l o
sc uttle the shii) and transfer its ll.-n' j
thuart i.ejnst endeavor, oiiricmls ; tv i;ts airc-ady presumed too umeh; !
in their he h:iiL Pln-r is .-i ihini- i .i. i i . . , . ' i
kit of denia,-oies in Ohio u-lJ, ! ' .. ! , , S "rt" :V n':" j His relatives say that his
.. " .. ... . . 'i, ,CMU. (lit- IMMIl ICiaUS i( ! ,. ., t i . . . T -1
i-ct uncial .nit ..t . aii,.,. ...... i . ii.i v. v- was u i t-st i.. ir i .
.... "vi.. ,; " i shoul.t deiend the Statea-aiust the ! A?',,..t
i.'iiii (in i 1 Toreiiiosr. of virl i. : . """'.'i ' - -
., ......v.. Usui pilous or a neero airency at -i : a..,. . a.. .. i...
stu-eess. Mu-cess. m the est i- ! aywi. ; . 1 1 ' Ul"!1.' i...,, umi ..i-nu-
tioa ot these irentlemeu. consists ! i .i, :.. . i , , inert? or not, tns cany cm! enemy may belong to such ceeding all it requi-es Ts to tl van
tuctics as have n-eently eome m j izo a lat that will never go down
ogne, otiL we couiess an aversion
to 'hem not to be overcome by a
transitory prospect ot success.
Mr. y ailandigham, tor whom f
mis paper cannot tie accuse ot ;
. . 1 1 .... I
iaiug any prejudice, lias seen pro- i
per to make the most violent bolt
in the direction of party disinte
gration that any member has vet
ventured upon. In a series oi res- ; j,jm IHiIle nhe strength lh:i.t, su,
olutions drafted by himself, and a tained him v. hen sunport was coii
speech characterized by his usual tnmely and devotion the new ,yn
force, both delivered before the i onvm.i dost vn--t ion
Montgoniery County Convention
last week, ?dr. Yallandii:ham, with
..,.-t "on, ."i. """'""-""'"i " ;
ti anscendi-nt -oo!uess, pi oposed t lie
ii - i , !
a-aiMa.nuic ia , every prnic-iph-for .
whic h the Democracy of Ohio '
e , . . i i j- . i l t .
na e contemn.. ioi iik ten
years, and, inore surj.rising still, ;
such was ins
.i.t -I
ium lie earned with nun the an-
i ,
proving voice of t he sorel v opjiress
ed Democracy of that unfortunate
county. This astonishing summer
sault lias been heralded in all the
sen-ationa! papers as a new depart
ure and the absolute transfer of all
the heritage of white men to the
enemy the auctioneering of the
Ohio Demoracy to some ambitious
bidder or bankrupt shoddyite eon
testing for its good name. The
iniiduitv that could sustain a pro
position so prepost erous is not far
removed from t he fanat '.ci,m that
suggest, the grossest perversion of
true principle ami the tamest ac
ouiescence in the dirtiest fraud.
In brief, the propositions submit
ted by Mr. Yallaudigharn, and
adopted by t he Mont gome: y eotin-
tv Democracv, are to ubamh n all
opj-ositie.n to the !dth, 14th ami
15tii Const it ution.l Amen 'meut
frauds, and acquiesce in these iu'a
m.ies as among the accomplished
results of the war; and this aban
donment to be coupled with a to
tally inconsistent o.ipo-i'ioa to the
laws by winch it is sought to en
force the im asures! If the amend
ments are legitimate additions to
the Federal Constitution all oppo
sition to the enactments of the
Eeberal Congress by which it is
proposed to enforce them is frivo
lous, factious and absurd. If the
amendments are acknowledged to !
iie hnalities. all their comnoneut. !
evils i i ti c liaoe of laws j
be admitted to the pale of our ap
proval. If the amendments are
vaiui, the laws enactel m pursu
ance thereof are' uady binding;
and to approve the one while op
posing the other is to enact a freak
of lunacy that must inevitably ag
gravate pity into contempt and ab
horrence. No one of the t-everal amend
ments ce ih,' Con -'. '.tu: ion t w deh
ii i
tt is now propose l to simirl wu n
out opposition was e'er legally eu
grafteal upon the ftindameutal iaw.
Not one of them was ever fairly
submitteel te- the people of the
States by a eluly authorized Con
gress, tr by any other representa
tive body, as the Constitution it
sell explicitly retpiires all amend
ments to be stibniitteil. Xet one
ofthemwas honestly adopted, by
even a majority of the States, anil
all were forced upon the people
against the jirononnctal will of that
majority of the people to which the
adyocatesof these measures jiersist
et'.tly apeal. The Constitution ex
plicitly leepnres that any amend-
ment te the fundamental law shall !
be siulmitteel to the States by a
t. ongsess composed ot tv. o Sena
tors and at least tme IJepresenta
tive irom each State in the Union.
The vilest man of straw connected
with this administration cannot be
found willing to swear that this
positive reepiisifon was complieel
with in the submission of the three
bogus amemlni' nts in the enforce
ment of which we are invited to
When Thomas Jefferson made
his mighty ami successful struggle
in 1798, against the pretensions of
John Adams and his formidable
crowd of Federal henchmen, he
aid not bow in humble submission
? l"' nw"lVf"
I e,ftM,t ,,s 'i 1 T t '"i
I i i ' hu-:, he pereem,!
1 "Tr Pn '1' ' "
i politic-. Our new iepartunls seem
t think thev can conciliate cancel
; l , " - -.i v i rv
; and compromise with iraud. 1 he
1 i i
,)IU. rrave us the embh-m ot ourciv-
; -i ... ? ,i i i
i il IiWertv; the oMier would eonse-ti
! ,. - t. :,,V,, !;.!,
us to i!i!;i:!!o:;s eliauis: the one was
1 . t, ,
i a protest o! -.rj-eat men aa-nt a
,,(!i; . ,!, llti ......
: lll.'llll t'S!, U TlUlif t Hi n! hi.r K ! cnn.
i ..v. ........ .. v .
; (.t.S:,iolI of ti!lil, ,;, ,s JO .,,
nob e
uJieial purple. A 1 1 such should he
j suspect ed. The Federal a' nev
; hns exceeded its legitimate bounda
ru.s and oowers: it now 1
ries and powers: it now becomes
t,,. iwmL. t,. ,.iv,..!n,.v;i.,. ;t.. ......
the lHonlc tn ciroi m scri 1 u
f ' . . ' 1 . ...
1 . .
, tensions . in;ii1Lr cits i iow er s. ata i
i '
' :i. i :.. . .. . i
' v f 1 7
uossiwic leueee o io some (ieiirec
of submission to the poiailar be hest
(p :tv; ., a N
To begin by con
again at anybody's bidding. i
It ill becomes Mr. Vallamligham j
io nurse or nourisii tins i tiieral
J reptile in his bosom, and abandon
t,. ,t u '..o
1 " " "S II I.J V 111!.. .11 t I it 1 t il t
cheerfully bore the brunt of nrinei-
p'e when it. was more odious than
now; but if he so chooses, he may
i . : . i i .i . i
oe imormcu inai ne wnn
Ot such ne w departures we want
none tneirstoei; is DePiw par
Und the venture to commit a "ivat i
.... . .
pai-t v to stu-ii idu)--vneraeu-s in be-
,nlfof that treacherous diOy sc..- !
... - i
CCss unites m Us component pares :'
tJlc frenzy of the fanatic to the sii- i
iincss of the donkey.
A "Second Jcin!
ri. . s i iii -.
Don Piatt is n
.' ior
following incident, which he relates
it - 'i
m -l v o 1 1 1 1 1 . r 1 1 .1 1 i, tli, i Pin.
einnati ( hi ma-cial :
atc-st story tna.t is
the rounds here is tod ot one , . f
i I,..,.,. t,.t
the seeoiid Joints, as the
v i-i t )- :
ries were call
to d i s t i u j i i i r i
i n ' m i
from t lie I ligh Joints.
was :; i
elegant youth, ralhei- slender ami
tail, wh),e talk beuan and nded
! in one siiort sentetu e, which said,
i i . i i - i
. lW, i oeg v r pauiion, wiiieu,
drawled out , lias n very ple.-.-ing
result, and is being generally imi
tated by our five-born youths of
America in Washington.
It seems that this sptig of Eng-
noiu; it v was in v d e I
i ; a , at tne coo n 1 1 noue oi
'ea v
terican, and late at
ret iring, eou-!uded
i'U know,'1 and
dir.-.-?ed bv a servant, he found,
. a ; a
was m
t i ', d
r mm,
wa; -r
,' a s
turtn ug
soo n en
t II g t 1 ! tit"
ii'e relaxa-
i ton ol ins aristocra; m peiv.ou and
rej.ose of his aristocratic intellect.
I nlort u
lately the dauheter of
T he t
dip i
o;-,se a
: i the
t 1m ii
' ... ........ i ... i ... i ,
o concluded to i a.ce a !
ib, and not k:iowiie- '
w!uu tn r ibusinons guest
h:nl i
ione to hiuiseii, undress. -d in n
room, ran hurriedly aloag tlie ha 1 '
for fear ot met t iwr some? one. ami
darting into the bath room, closed j
and locked the door. V-T:at was !
her eeinstormit ion to see
a u ea:
raise langmuly bean the tub, and a
a voice exclaim :
"Aw, I beg pawdon."
She screamed a scream I in-
oulge in no e?:aggera t ion
s-i v t ha t i hat. "ar seivnmen a scream !
of the hrst mrcnlt ude. and tie-:! I
she screair.ed another scream as in
her confusion, she turned the hev
in the wrong direction, ami so did
not open, t lie door; between each
re:im the languid voice' exclaimed:
Aw, 1 beg pawdon."
After sixteen screams, any one
of which would have rivale d a lo
comotive's, she sin c- edod in open-
liic the door, ami icil lainiing in i
tin- arms of lu r frightened papa.
So soon as j 1 1 1 1' J 1 1 1 1 ' i a could re
lieve hirnseif of his nude daughter,
stuck his parental head into the
oattt room, an i w .ont o to
.i i .,-..,. ... i . . i -
enow t
what in the h 1 was tie.
All he could get. in reply was:
v, I beg pawelon.'
An exchange says, milkmaids
who are good singers, are paid
higher wages than those who are
not, because, under the influence
of music, cows "give now tr better
ami more milk, and ados.
range comity mniv produee-r
trying to engage Kellogg and Ea-
re pa Kosa to sing around his
A Xew York fan tier states that
of t went v-tive solid business men of
ot twentv-tive solei iiusin ess tueu ot j
Xew York citv who supo.rt d
Grant as candidate in ISO. meU
cemtributed so liberally to hi. e-i,:- j
tion fund onlv one a.lheres to him
tioii lunu, oni one adiieit, to turn j
1 no-v
hosslli! !fic. rl"lu. i'.l. vii o i-,t li,
I! I " U . " ' I W " lO ' , 1 . T 1 t 1
3 I.. If.i t('l 1 I I I ' I 11 i'lll'lll IT' K TJW
Death cf a licked Indian Hunter
j at the age of 102 ykaks-a
I compatriot of lewis avftzfi.-
TI!UIU IX aovkntuki: akd
I cave fkom th,, savauks.
From t!ie V .f -i-rg CommcrcuU.
A lew weeks ao a most extra-
ordinarv character and venerable I tious. Once Wetzel put his cap on
lioneerdied at lrideort, imme- liie ramrod, astiiouu-h he was peep-uiateU-
oppose the citv of Wheel- M11.- rollltl tve, and when the
in"-. "I refer to Joseph Wor'ev ! Jixban shot a bullet through it, he
wiioseciiilv history and subsequent
career have be'ii so intimately
, " ,, . -" ".-
" , t '
.Toseph orlcy was lorn in 1700.
in O'do
Yiririuia but it
r born
was spent in that locality, which is
no more than twelve miles distatit
from the snot where he died. At
the time of his birth this oart of!
the W est was an uuoroUeu wil
ness. It was yet thirteen years
before the first white man hud fixed
his abo.le west of the Ohio river;
a tew Itunters Iteld Kentucky !
against the Indians north of the j
- 1 1
river and sustained Willi that re- !
m;i i!h i,-odiivi r.'hifioiw rfhb'l'ths of the woods, leaving the
horse-stealing ami scalping"; j;,
y j,.-ini:l the'llVail and lonely' set-
tlemeuts (of which AVest. Libert v i
was one), creeping Westward, !
made trien. Is wi:ii tiie desert, and '
produced a population nearly as
Us elder cn'.nireu
-nd (iii tc as !
. in i ! c-u e nr. i
t j i
Into such a heritage was voung 1
lorn ; and from his
e;i riles i en i o a te.i i
1 he displayed an
apt i
( iii ie
front i r life. 1 Ie w:ts
! art leularl v sUnlei i
n the use ol
the rifle, ami all his early thoughts
... i , i i, i p., i
..... r .,.,..,,, p..i p:,M
saa e lot s inac sin loiiiiiie-i nou.
'j-j-e nnm--u-s c -v i-,l il i.-ns e-
'.',1' t J"-1 y ,M'-- ' Iv.v-l ,' 1
V. JilCii re a, mkih eu iiie,
t.u,,t ;..,H... j.; l'.?oV- rifr"-rs leid i
.u'V'i-iV'ti'e ro'oVi- i
in inn. mumm i,nay. ine no. ore
Otis white Vc negane, was at tins
lime with the Indians on the San-
l 1 ; I . . ' .1
dusfcy pi.i.ns, aim irem-miN neao
ed tiicir marauding raids upon the
! settlements. It. was the mm ol tne
sell lers to van-'
h tins So; mmaoie
oe. and .Mi
with Oil!
oi captut
dirty, at
undertook the
him. In this w
i mas i o i tuew.eiwa ai:io!
pursued acr
the ( )'uio at Mei-.
i s 1 : ; u. d , up t u c
wa.ors oi v.ross
c-reek. an-1
what is no
iar in' o t lie nd enor oi
! e os e 'in i his
i e.:r m rs .-;idurmg un oar:u
i.i i
' t .
"a! ious atid t-iie uiul era
V ' I i S
-te-i. :.:!.
but always succe:
it- cap; are'.
nee m
h :: la v. ner
have- b--eu ti
drifted tow:
pyiim; t he
n .i s i a i ie
I a 'coo. wno
ro;e as
ne oi.iie
I'ort Henry, oc-ee-t
v.diere Y heeling
ami ti
re t hev Petaune
W e', one
inasl iatt"i
In. '.Ian hunters oi .vtiieneau pm-
;st i ii'v.
who was
s-' a rai '
his very
const ant
a rs ' e-t .;
i;;t inird e
s junior,
riend and
w ; t
companion in the woods.
discov cu e
' 1
ne eieeasen, ha', in
Si e-
idelices oi t he
hbtu'h.'ood oft
t : i 1 1 .
m t
tt lement, t-t.ei and oney
! .! f .. . ..... I I ., i i : ,,!,,..-..
e :e .ci i ' . i " i .
abouis. '1 hev followed iheirlracks
lor several miles, aau ueeastte so in
tent, tueir jney as to scarcely
aw.". re o:
i k' ;-..,
had wamu-reo liotn
eleven meats, until they had gone
m' twelve miles south and
.a .
O I ! p O
ie to tne nouit. wuere the
iait n.sore ams uiuo iaiu'oai now
st ri i-'t.'s the ( h:o ri ve.'.
lb-re they came mam a camp ot
Indians, wno di-e-o ve re-d the h
i e; s
bout im same tune tney wen
th nar-
:; to
after tin
torn oi Indian iighlmg, but the In
dians greatly outnumbered the
others. Six or seven stariwari ami
trainee! warriors of the Huron tribe
were now pitted against two de
termined hunters, ami, as if to add
to the danger of their position,
Wetzel was recognized by the In
dians a.-; their implacable ami lite-
semv. Xovy began a duel ;
omg t
a running light; a life and death
contest. No reinforcements could
reach the hunters until they had
traveled at hist ten miles, ami long
er ih'.
w i ! v
ocioi e
1 1
would OVel'pO
abiikv. Yet
m m
they determined to
t Sicir ii vt
dearly. v et ;-.ei
iMllHliJ.ll'l, ami ii oiicv
..i i . ..i
obeyed him impnc;Uy. In recount
ing it ol'ttutimes afterwarel Mr.
Worlev gre'.v annuated, ami nobly
altiibuted to Wetzel the salvation
A tall Huron warrior was
first to fall. II- rushed out from ;
I j,;s covert
with demoniac veil,
j ti.ijikiug they were unprepared for
i .sodden attack, or would readily
11 ' ie . i t.
yield to the force oi superior num
T'c-.t in tins he was mistaken.
, , : . p.;, tpe O'uniltv
l . .it lir t atlrw-M- the
a o m . t o ,0,1
rr dl ; 1 ,. b -t in 1 at . "
l-!ltl' ave stni..,, out m that in-
Wetzel had again loaded Ins
Tm-rtrTTTjQT'rv' dtp C. fi T.TYi1?fJT&
i -un. Several shots were li red
I but he was securely shiehl
j a tree. And so from tree
tree mr exciting miles t
"nters d 0.1,1 and crept. A
other warrior, in seeking stealtiii
:everal shots were lired at
il V
to cut oli t.heir retreat, was killed,
S an'' t!ie otliers became tnore cau-
j vt lt !'1) to l':e ground. The
' raslied out, when two
'-..., fMl 'r!i- i.Kivi.' i-.'; n-(.--.
j i i ...
nr'-v :ivned on, on bom sun-, with
i tne utmost caution
ih'C nunters
i '.'Ci'aduallv worked their way to the
Til .1
i hrt, the three remaining Indians
n uiuiiiii' t ci iiiuunjiH iiwi u .1 u .v-
i v . l
-"e oi then- numocr, perhaps
Nvlii!e "'bmy clnubmg a tree on
i 111,1 PP;e side from the hunters,
v"!l :l VK'U' 01 t:i't.iig thcrn irom
I their liu king place, unconeiotisly
I f'psfd himself, and was wounded
1 ' '' (t" tIl(' Winters ; whereupon
j tlu; ol!K'r J'lcbans, having trusted
w tl' "i'1 ' 1V" iLJ
numbcu'-s, having a peculiar
awe of Wetzel, stole away into t lie
hunters to return to the fort to re-
'n,nt wiiat, was even then es-
teemed a nuirvelously heroic ieat.
Thl ciretimstauce was relate-1 to
you' correspondent years ago,
vhen Joseph YVorley was even
men caiieu anc;u man.
I I V ........... .
cor many years aiie.
ci vilia-
tum had claimed and metamor-
pnosed these c-stern wilds, the
V orley brothers lived not far
from Bellaire, on the Ohio river.
A numerous progency grew up
around them, and their interest
never tioateo m tne mareii .oi ro-
gress and in the surrounding lin-
, ., . ,
provements. I ntil a lew weeks
previous to iiis death his inteiest
i .
1,1 current events continued verv
l'cly, and his memory ami
never abated in the march .of pro-
strength were remarkable. His
de:iihtook place at the house of
William H. Kobinson, with whom
lie had lived several years pre
viously. Iiie Latest Hvnvc cf Consul-General
Some ed Nephew Butler's friends
hadng been imiisereet enough to
i the Li :.: i at II .(' a
htnoif'-dy i'iatteriug account of his
career as Con- ul- h to Egypt,
an Aiuc-ricau rcsi-lent", at
dria 1
iva: i :
. n.
l Setter giving t he
(.: '. !.e i ie charges
r of.ciilv sold the1 minor
ait, say
he is
dtseoiii te on .
li-h traveler
to Aiueriea.u ana l'-ug-,
ami chat the Amer-
i .f v pi,
ie ; tni-mseives
rei :;a i tee:!' country dis
el bv ni.- ruanner.s. ids morals.
' iie'.oi
ami h
is coU'tU'-t
' .. ii
i ei soils
; at ion of
" saiisiieal
. i
it! the r
elriuk.v m:
t he a ha w
a .
w n : i
men! ;
n n
1 1 ihsh
Tanta .light
and O.-idot wei e
his di
tinguished nairou;
but real Americans do not feed it
any honor that he has detnamled
and received the recognition of the
fictitious American citizenship of!
some hungry (treeks, win) hoped
thus to sui ces-fuii y prosecute then"
enormous ami fra alulc ut demands
again-1 the Egypt i:n Government."
What more need be said, to prove
.... oils.
jjtitier is a worthy
ur'phew on' his uncle ?
z. rj .
Only Two. The New York
Sun says that only two Presidents
have been re-elected during the
pa-l half c utury
ai v ci i'cu ius am-
ml extraortlin
eoiisnired to
nnitn1 . ne". r re-non
sit y fir i :ieir part
-o,i wa.s r,--eiectei
midst of the iezut
i ion a
l - :
, le n o ;irv
vas in the
w i h
,i St
the u u i i i ;
e is and tee ii.o.i; eiitti i.-.iii!-..
His withdrawal at this crisis would
have been reu.r.'ded as the triumph,
of Calhoun and Biddlo. L'ncoln
was re-electe'ei during the real heat
of the ivbe'diem. His witlnirawal
in siicii an exigency would have
encouraged Davis in his machina
tions, and inspired Lee with hope.
Xo such crisis, no mici exigency
. i
e-xis.s now
( ira.nt ? i amis dm
in the
unit v.
in the way of peace, harmony, and
. ?)Uii,ihi paper pure
the jbl-
lo'A ing hater from one of their old
est aad best navim" subscribers :
"I'de-a-e discoid imte my paper from
the time I have paid up to. I do
ue stem the .'. ner
.-a.iC -e
I d
not want it, but to get rid of an
intolerable old bore who
himself hito my house, regardless
of time or cireums'.ances, to sit an
hour fir t wo, three or four times a
eek toivao my paj er, and
better ah!
-e. .!-
o tttKc a dozen na-
iieis than I am io take one. Ifthe
nuisance is stopped I shall send for
the paper again.'
MusTER .F CnnrrNA-There
t-ontined in the Call onna
i 1 r,SOn 903 P" U h
a LM.antl muster of wickedness and
j misory-
First Annual Llestin of the Forth
Pacific Publishers' Association.
Puhlii hfrs' CnvMition met pursuant
to cdl.ur lo o'clock a.m.
Del.-aran-s pivsont :
A. L. ii;;.-.ii. Fabr. WiU.or.ette Frr?i-
fJLf,1,1-L ,V,n- 1,l,,r- S:ll,'m -,fec'?r.V?
.M- V liruwn, rubr. States liiffhts zt-mu-
Oii motion the Convention proceedc-.l to
1'in'Ct a it-iuoofiirv oi ar tniz ttion bv the
seleiMici of A. L. .Sail-on. Caait-m-iii. onl
! M. V. linnvu. Secreiary. Oa motion a
i Committef consisting of J. II. Upton. 1,1.
1 V'. Li'.-A-i). nod Wm. ri;oii:ps"n. was ait-
I poiinl on plr.n -f ioi'ii!:ii!oi:t orgaraz i-
lion- io ,..,.., at 2 0-c.uc;i .
Tin Ciiair statial th" object of tin call
lot' lb" Coti vt-nlioii to t); for 1 h e parpo.-e
ol i-lu'cang a pes niarc!it orgtuiizu:i of
tht- Piihti-hi'i-s ..f flo. V.irih 'i..,-!R,.
I ,., .., ....... . I,,,.. ; ,. , , r
o CDiLSi-i v.; the
ofti,- emit
On iii 'tioii aiUounirti tj I
. m.
CotiV'rition i:tot at 1 p. m.. and was
e tilo.'lio or.lor l)y I be Cio.ii ta ai. Thy
otieiiit fo oo
iti of Ori-uriiz eion. p;ib- !
n.i:u,! iho iohowi! ropori, wb.cti wus
nrroKT of ommittek. !
The; tri'l.-i .-;:.' icl i.'oiiHaatee appoint. -d
to prep, re ;ei 1 prc.-i'iit .i p I m of or.m iz i
t ion tor i Fubiishors" Associ.tiioa ropori
as f'o'.io vs :
lsi. fiiis V.s--.i,ei;eon s-1 1 ; . t f known
:s k .Noani t aci Kte i t luasn
, . i.
lis Asso-
Ci A i foN.
!. T!, officers of the Association
a.dl c-nsist ol Fi .-si ien t ; Vic l'iv.,i- s
' .J1,? ::;;'!'"!.,ry :li . l'V1, , .. I
i I
.r. t. i tie on h'S iii tiie n!ii.;.-rs ot tuis ;
' I . , . " . '
i' stea l ,id taooti c-i i
.V --oe! iti. in s'l iu lie uie saaiti .id taosti oi ,
oincotrf o:-sii:5ii..r Assoeiaaoiis.
fdi. t K'ii . rs sii.ih be eit ercd at each
A. anal ineetin.ur. aad siiall serve until
li ar sui'ct'i -oi s Lave boea electt'J a;iei ia
a ii. The A-s.K-i e j,in til meet a-un-
ail. on the 4 th Momi iv ia June at sach
,..I0 as i;sa nave di-oi ut'Mgii.ilea uy lite
p rovioits an a ni 1 ao-'Oi-i.
Gttj. Tbat tie ni eaibers shall coa-ii-tute
a quoram lor die; trans. ict:o-i of bus-
', IK'.-S.
7t!i. Any tiablislier d'-sirin to Ik
eouie a member of this A-so,-iauoii uiav
do so b v l iit p t i ; L of one clod il' as
i si . oi oe i h i p fee, iii-l oao d-libit anaaaily
lUeroahi-r. and sh .ii si.a iin; rules an i
re'.. latiulis ;t illis A O'M'i.i'i'i.'l. tin.M-eby
reeiur to snpporJ an-.i tii:Uo..l the
8 li. Any part of this Con-uai ion may
be ani iid' d or rept'it'e 1 by a iwo-ih rds
v.a at any annua! mee'dng of the A.-o-(.ta'io,!.
Kesr.ectfiillv Submiucl.
J. It L'rro.v.
M'. V.
YV . .M. I i:o-,
On motion the Association pi oce eded to
th- eiee i ni eil olli ;ers ior the ensni ig
year, uhb the foilowiiig- resnlt .
Pieslilea . A. L. H A. ,8 ii ; Vice Presi
dent. 1. iu Ii :ks ; sjt'creniry and 'J'reai
n i or. M . V. Prow n.
i.'- vo.'; :A. d u e ii CoiiiMliUee of ihrfe be
. i i
leli i .-a
a CMie o
rio-s jor U:,- (ioveniUi 'ul of no .vs; a per
unbi is'o i s o! i ne N-. i'l n Paeitic .' ist. to
be s iieiiu'i'd to ih.:n for ihe.r
TiiO ailiovviu was reported and suluoi
ed. Wmaa'.A.s. The pnbii.-liers of t:e.v.-p ipors
ni ilu' Xiiriii P.tcdic: Coast have s ab-rod
umeh unaoy.tiiee a:ei io-s through Eid!
con-i nuoi irrc.-'pnesibi.' ad ver; i-in
agencies io r o-ioit a 1 vei a isements. and li;e
CO n c ion of i he s i ine, and
Vin::a:.s.,Tiie raa oi comrn'sdons tl
m in. led ant, i . t. lined b; ..'.lv-. -n l-:r.;x agen-en-s
iiaee lie.-n ex oi'li i lallt and I'ldiiot's !o
puda.-ia-i-s of iii v-p soers ea this Noi'lh
i'.aanc 'o.t-f. tiiereiiae.
li-S!'n:ci. Th.i'- tills Association adopt
tin loilov.'i'ej; rides and regulation-:
t-t. '.'e '.vul aeeopt no mlvtfi tisemeiit
iroiii any a!;en! initil proof or honesty iitid
rt';i-ii)iiity is sat isiaciorily presenied
".:d. 'i ne amount of cemn'.i --ion to be al-
l .. i . i.. : :.. i. .li l. . .... i . . I I
ov.,-,, aaieio-in aemssnau as ,c-,- x
r'or co'lecdon. 10 pen- cent.
solicit ill'
ano e:o.
.cur. or.
notices" and adyertie
moots should not be admined into the
r.'ad -!g t' c-i it he '.'.'s; japer uule.-s
de.-a" a ee.i as ad ei-Usiaieaes.
Ph. V.'e ;i.-C"!!-:i-.' l!;e i.iSi'i tion of di
i eioi'aide ;'.iid ole-C'i'iie a,lverti.e-mciils at
a a o tee.
otli. Kmnvimc i to tie for the best in-i-iist
a both publishers and subscribers,
die adojoio-i of the advae-jo pay iiumU ?y s
tern ia recommend' d.
to;.. 'iVe advice im a!!i'r-nCH to the
'-'-,--.oU ot sii I '.-ci " j. ilon.
,'".vo' Th it, the Sec-etary to in
strocted to ::oi respoiid wi-h ti)"pab i-hers
of lle'.Vsp.-Uiers Hot l ee reseu i ed ill I ii "s
nieetia. aad ;sk a Co opera: Kin eoi tieir
oar; and al-o that they becoinu members
Ol" !'!' '..-, 'toll.
Tin !o: ' : i- x I '.'sal It ilo ll.s v.";
m oelv ado-m-d:
: : ;. Th a die th .-,:. ; of
c": .i: ion a '. ;:e ' 1 S. i'.
re eaa.tii
he A-so-
. e ;. .-1 .. o-k
: i . u v cour-
on- tie n -a i i rooms otd nts
-e-i. evionde ! lo its m
heir s
.'-.. ' . A. i.'- ' t h ' th eak-' o
o t : -
eia io i art
iiea i ! I i-ti
ihee:. tor
i-'o d o-. o:
i. ...... 1 . ,. ... i i . i
II.':! !n i
et t!o- Qe-m.d:. a
vi-i'v c.vs'uen; nnner uo u
, -1
or. the 2'?;t in-'., and we assure
dot thd ! has won l!e esteem of ti.e
uienih"!- '.'.dio vc;e jiena.iue.l to jj-.atak..'
t his ho.-aiiai'o- oo diat oec tion.
ein o.'itae; !;' A-so'ia' oi abjournod
tone' i Si'em (,n n.o bmiali .Moial.iv
ei J. ne I 72.
A L. sriN.viv, rrcsi-Jcnt.
M.v T. V. IiKe,v-, .-' ".t. -tarv.
If an editor omits anything, he
is kizy. If he speaks of tilings as
they are, people are mad. If he
glosses over smooths down the
rough points, lie is bribed. If he
calls things oy i ncir proper names,
ne is mmt for
a ol an
editor. II be does not lurnisn
readers with b I es, he is a mullet.
If im does, he is a rattle head
la-kin" stability. If he condemns
the wrong, he" is a good fello-.y ;
but lacks discretion. It he lets
wrongs and injuries go unmerition
ed. lie is a coward. If he fails to
uphold a public man, he does it to
e-rafifv suite is a too! of a clique,
.... - i :
or belongs to the oui n m- m
elulges in personalities, he is a j
blackguard; n he does not, his
paper is dull and insipid.
The Road Steamer.
( J From the S. F. Exarrrner.J
Tim ck.
1 he ,,on? sought or steam-
i wagon has come, and will soon b(P
pulling great loads Over all he
roads of' California, and dra-rrinr
r 1, J " vailed
-vada and Utah to the trunk
railroad line. Thompson's iifven-
tion ot India rubber tires made the
-i-. ,
they are plenty enough in England
and Scotland, and are doingVood
work in in.!!-! and Brazil. " Oh
this coast we already have a num
ber. There are one or two at Salt
Lake, one in Stockton, one which
was running around Oakland some
time ago, and one or two in British
Columbia. These are all English
wagons. One, a California infcj
provemeut on the English patent,
was tried m this city yesterday,
and otilled two lipavv iron coliims
r)1. lhe ta(e Capitol" down to the
wharf, this wagon, which seems
. . , . . P. i
in several respects better than the
English machines, was built by
Hyde Son, who are the paten
tees, at the Etna works. The prin
cipal improvement consists in the
wheels. In the English wagons
these are covered ov VXibtjer tires
to which Steele plates are bolted
for protection. In the Hyde ma- the tire is made of rubber
. ... i
, '
. .. . , . . , O
.cylinders, oetween wmen angie-
: irons are placeel, secured by nn q
jron rim Oil the OUtshle of the wheel.
I , - . , i
I Each piece has a seperate play, and
j gives when the weight, comes on it,
thus giving the wheel a grasp Oil
the ground like an elephant's, foot,
and securely ;ritecting die rubber.
With tine exception of sgnn minor
de tails (among which i a beautiful
and compact little pump, the. in
vention of Messrs. Hyde & Son,
and which can be used as well foi'
sucking wo tor from wells and
streams as for pumping into the
boiler), the rest of the wagon is
constructed in the same way as the
English wagons. The weight of
the whole machine, with coal and
water aboard, is eleven tons, aid
it is calculated to pull twenty tons
of freight over any ordinary road,
its consumption of coal behig only
one hundred pounds per hou-. It
is steered by the front wheel, which
is like that of a velocipede, and
which is placed under the driver's
control by means of a screw.
These steam-wagons, with their
vu ei-
and heavy rnbb r
ti es, will go anywhere that hoi 8
can be used; will run up hill or
down, travel over rocks or through
sand, and level instead of cutting
up a road. In going down hilLjiio
is necessary.
The engine
is merely reversed, when the wheels
have to move against the steam in
the cylinders and the rate 6V des
cent can be regulated to a nicety.
These machines are evidently des
tined to revolutionize interior
transportation, and possibly to a
gnat extent -agriculture, as they
must come into very general use
for plowing. The Stockton ma
chine has already been tried at
linr p () W S til l'OUgll hea VV
soil, and Hyde Sc Son have a new
rotary plow (also a California in- o
vention), which it is designed to
use with the steam-wagon. This
plow moves like the wheel of, a
propeller, cutting and turning 1 1 OB
earth as it passes over it, ami is
said to effect a great economy5. j
A Competknt Witness. "Wil
liam Look, wht made you?"
William, who was considered
foolish, screw eel rtp his face, and
looking thoughtfully and somewhat
bewildered replied, "Moses, F
s pose'.
"That will elo," said counselor
Giav, mldrcssiug the court. "The
witness savs he supposes Moses
made him that is an intelligent
answer, mro than I thought him
capable of giving, for it showstihat
he lias some faint ielen of Scripture.
I subadt tlait it is not HulTtcient to
entitle him to be sworn as a wit
ness capable of giving evidence."
"Mr. Judge," said the fool, "may o o
I ax the lawyer a question t
"Certtiiulv," said the Jmlge. o
11 Weil, then, .Mr. Lawyer, who
d've s'pose made you ? '
"Aaron, I s'pose," said counselor
Grav, im'nating the witness.
- ' .1 11
Alter lhe nnrtn nai nmhouih
. i i ilr.'itvdcd out.
suts;deo, tne . o... -
"Wall, ueow, we elo read in the
book t ha'r. Aaron once made aHdf,
but whoM a thought the darned
criiter had got in here!"
The Judge ordered the man to
be sworn.
- f
Aciiiig Governor Caldwell, of
North Carolina, says that the Rad
ical leagues have committed, more
outrages in that Slate, by five hun
dred per cent, than the so-called
Ku-Klux eoudnaations. There
exists a greater necessity for
Grant's bayonet bill than the peo
ple generally suppose.
Xkitiikp.. Hrigam Yomig's af-
frictions are neither few nor far be-
j I ween 27 ol nis mouieis-iu-uxw
j have recently died.