The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, June 21, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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H I.
The boot
in the world
tha one that
suits your
Maybe its
lust buv a
package and I
O "111" r,
Cl,IMl W
0 PERCENT Ot- U. OF 0.
on'ivicusitv ok oitunoN, iou-
(11'NK, .1 lltio 2. 'Of I lit 'SM Hlil(k'iil4
who wcio ;i;i(lti;ilcil thin joar I nun
tho Univrrsilj of (lrcr.oti, SO pi'iconl
have earned more 1 1 ret ft ;i llilnl ol Iholi
own way durhu; lour ears ol nliidy,
fictordlun to Hlalt'incnl", made hv
meinben; of the riant; thin wee!;.
Twenty percent navo been nitlioly
' sclf-sunpcrtlra;.
Many ami iuloro-,tins are tlic jobs
which hae jMilcd an Income lo
theee jounK men and wunion w 1 1 i 1 1'
they ntudlid. The Ihjii yaida, loncl'iK
eninjis, Hhip jaul,"., unliiug i;ioiindn.
caw iiilllr, hlpliwny eomUriietlun, har
vest fiuldi;, lauii'i, warehouse.!, and
the t'orent flervlu.- ail have burn the
Botticos of pay l)ec!;'i i'aroftill wiv
ed dill lug the Miiiiinrr lo pa. uejiiml
expanses in the vvf liter. Dislnv.iiihiiri,
mowing launr, pnltiiif; in wood, cook
inn, wail hie on tabic.;, owcepiiii; Pour,,
have been homely tri'.ka uillltmb and
oven cacorlv peiloimeii by tho .wmnr;
men and v.omoii wcirlnr, eapn ami
KOVns on I lie c unpii:! llihi wcolv.
A m-atltinlo In m Klama'li K.illr, toll"
how liu git up at I o'clorli In (lie morn
iUK to do .hnltoi ivoilc. A f;iil Ironi
Vacli:riRf()ii. Irollc J fur lalinon.hi Iho
Co'ujiihh', .Attpthei iilil Inui lieoti a
eool. lor haivciil hamlu. Two youiij;
men were oiler,! on a i.hlp. Another
wn- I'oreninn nl a '.HIM "ie I :i i lit. A
filil can led Mm mail and earned an
perrc:;! ol lier own v.iy Ml III anothei
('hi woi lvd at a :-oil i I' im'ain. '
Tlie worK that v. Ill he lalreu up by
the " r.lti youni; men and woman, up
on r.r.ndiiMlJon in nlmoat an varied an
ihe In: lis? by v, hei he earned Ihtdi
way. A largo number will ho hlj;li
school tear-hern, aovoial will loach In
collcr.i'8. fJomo will piae.'lee law. Otli
'ia will take up meiiieiiie, Manv will
continue their iilu'lhu lor hii'lir do
Kirea A low have been oidaiued as
ininlnler; and will pie.teh. It.uiKs, IDe
inriiranee, lori'lnn iiade, Ilin diplo
matle nerdro, art.lillecluie, 1 1 1 1 m m . en
);lneo: Iiik, iniisic, in Whpapei'H, publish
ins homo;, liloraliire, aerial lorehl
ptttiol, nunliiK, library woik, laliora
toileH, Hlilpplnc illrnn, ail sloieii,
and many olhor line.., will claim the
ni'i vices cf those who aio f;i admit lug.
Dniwn't Dutur Otauiv Tunc Table
Two loiind dlmi dally. Leave Hank
hotel, !. a. in. and 1 p. ni. I.uaio
Dtlfur V:;ill a. in. and 1 p. m.
llicio'ii A DIKctrnco
II jou'wi been u "ready made" man
In Hie paid, bo a "niadn lo onlnr num"
la the tiitme. Hint elar.H hand tailor
ed fuIIk to meai.uie, flbYMI and up. W.
H. Webber, one blocli oat.t of pol-
By Col, Homer r-olka
(Ulllt'l I'H'IS Sliff ')llellilli'llt)
l;lOI,CHAUI':, .lime l.-l liaxe Jiih
cninpb tod a study of Iho woik ol
lln AineilcMii iiiiikcm who have b"en
helping Ihe .Sfiblaii xovc rnmetil
duiiiiK id. diirieiilt poiioil of M-eon
i lielr chlel handleap has bfen III"
laet I hat iiH'db'al science in Serbia
i I mud up ulth an enormouB growl'i
ol nr Ji - and i npei :;litloii 4. The
mikikhii nui.'so meet eoiillal we
(ome I'H'i.m h"ie in Serbia. 'I'll
;;irl-lam: do not allopeih-'r und"i
'land her, lliiv pity her lor lelii);
illiliur rii il bill I hey like her ll'o
nicni'o i"ly.
(ieiiim; . public health aeioas in
.;rbla h a pion- or UliderlakliiK. One
ilodor to :!0,(iiiii people hi about Ihei
ii ual limine, and Ihe tiained iiuim',
i illil:noMi III Ihe ah.'ieneo ol Ihe
doctor and Ihe mure, iho Serbian
landmoiheiH have aerumulaied a
).n;;e rime of I radii lone., niaxliiiH and
ui.Mli:. in regard lo rdrlineHa and II'
eau:;e:, inevi'iition and euro. Some
ol Ihe.e linnly ealabllHlird I rail I1 lour.
a i e.
II hi very daiiKetoua lor a baby 'o
be euliiel e!"an, lor III" d-vll pre
foiK lo lake a clean baby The ill,t
which aei:.iinlihtc!i bchlnil Ihe car
and on the n'ilp ol -i babv who I.
pioperl) nei;l- eted noou f n un a sort
i I I'liint. II Is veiy d ius'ioun ' '
ictnove Ihl;,. lor the devil would al
mo ' (ertiinb abduct Hie child. Tim
.iiiot i". alto ucelul in I: cpm awa;
Ulb leule;,!:; and llienilicltl
It I:-, imcentaiy to 'jind lb1 aim:
ol : -n't 1 1 bablf'l cb'"elv lo 'li'ir si 'e i
jnd lo bind llmlr np; c.;-;ev Ii
;otlmi and v.ivp lliem up !it;bll la
ird'M- lo !iliai-ht'ti tic b.ibv'", aims
mil leR.i The niiiR'; eipl.ilii that
'libien' :inv. ami le'j.'i at-" not lcuii.i
n Atnei lea and that n v.-i lb d :
III' iir rieana ha e i plai'veb
.l.aii hi a-iiv. and l-rc It I : dUll
m" to ro' nil! i rot conviciion on (I'l1
loint, bowovrr. The ehaln o' p oi!
'i Iho Mfrblmi mid bora i". very clear
VII Sf rl I. in balie !; aie boi n will
'lnol.'d ! r: ;! aim:-.. 'I'll '. .m
n "d lirchMy in order lo nriU'iici
belli. 'I ho (!iowii-Jp Sib". Inv
trarjit rimn and I f, , Wlul l)eliM
oc I eooll I--' d"Klied.
II I', exlremel" daiiTMmn lo d'
niv.'hltif whaif'Vfr Km ii (hild on
''ihl-y, v.hbdi v.-ur, Hit T,irk' Ktm
lay. tine inollir-r w!ij wai a aim I I '
in i.iiio It v.", ler (he elillil on I' ri
lay e).pl il,icd thai nh" h til I ante
j I'll ler e.i "i ieiiei I hat I bm muv
iot he done, i-'hc bad ihme uo (wire
''ho ll't;l lime He l.o.' aim : Im
'irdl tlelj loll oil a b nw an I luol.
on I'm;". Tito io'iutd ti!;i' h" e
rvn Wl'h Ijejlll I l"Vev
II ' i ,i veiy d oii. 'Mi', ; thi'i; or ;i
al'.i lo In- I ii;"ii on' ol Hi" loom lr
h h he wait lioiu until h I a'
aai in daya ,.hl Win e lie i e m
ive vi ry little am! all, t lii-
nndl'iiM th" baby'a pio.'pi"'': ver
Since iloctoi;, ai" ir.'uilly ivjI with
a roach, a varletv ol uhi'IuI melhud
f tilling up votmihi and Injniie.
tae Iceu devbo'll. Moot iciapei
I'imi lie ImmIiIi' ol Ihe chimnev b
mo veiy mind thlir; lo appl.' lo th
wound k'H'iih eahbai?' haven oi
'TijhIi ir-ii II" ai'' een more I I ,hh
ivored Ii; dleautu.s lol wound:.
l''or oe ilineiiHos a llle nil appli
ealiou of very ho! lal la teioni
.liended. Soincllnini PIIiiiIich:. i
nil';. I til llial, ot c, i - lu an
i ho (limato ii no bad and not l
cailiie of Ihe hot fat.
Kor iUi ilayn beloio ChrlBlmar. and
lor lu days tiller Hauler onl hi "I
ami heanii aio lo be ml"it I'ni' in
det noui I (bed school cbihliim, im r
ti ll ted a d'el fi r ro Ion:; n p I
olten has veiy nert ma l "Mill : ss.
Tree Clinic No Cb.ii'uo l:or E.t.imliiii
tion TucsdfiyG anil 1 bin sdayii.
Hi' It. nun. ( h!i oprneHc ph ilcian,
Tliltd and V,tr,lilii(;loii, main Mil. If
Wizards at Entertainment
Chautauqua Presents a Notable Company on the Second
Day in the Slonc-Platt-Bragers Trio
gambling houses In Iho Chlneac ter
iltory ol the province. These plaif,
had lieielclorc thriven almost In tho
heart of the International Settle
niont, from which they are barred,
hut 'were, because of the pccullarlt'os
of the boundary Hns on Chineso
Striking among the results of tin?
Governor's ukase Is the case of "The
Wheel." For many yearn It had
world-wide notorlty nn a palatial
gambling house. A year ago It was
closed and seized by tho Chinese
authorities, who said It would be
converted Into a hospital. Then
came the announcement that It had
boon sold to a foreign syndicate
which was to remodel It nnd reopen
million- dollars was spent on iho
Governor Ho heard rumors that
gambling was to be resumed. Ho
took prompt steps. When the re
opening dato arrived moro th.m
1000 persons arrived at the re
modeled resort. Tlcy found a cor
don ol soldiers drawn up around tin'
Hirst-class cabaret. Half ij place.
A banjo wizard, n noted monoid-Jut and n gieat Helglnn nccordlonlst am!
biirilone, eomprl.'jo Iho Stone-I'lntt -ltiugers Trio coming to I'hatitnuiiun In two
bly prot'i'iims on Hie Heeond ilny. It In a gienl combination one of the very
best on any phitfoim today.
Kleeirn I'latt alone would nswuro the .nicees's of the compnny. Her mon
ologue:! are Inimitable. They are nil mlglnnl. You will laugh with Rlectrn
I'latt until your sldco ncbo. Vernon Slone, formeily of "The Ttanjo Klends"
en the Oiplieum, coaxes remaikable music out of the banjo, the one-string
fiddle ami thy lolln. Aehllle ltnerw, IJelglan plnno-nccordlonlpt. nnd
Inn Hone Is a giadunto of the Itoynl Con ;oi vatory c,r f-russeli? nnd was formerly
oriinlKl nt one of Hiiiofie's gteutt tithcdi nk.
tiy 1 ft it it-il I'ihj
WASHINGTON, .Mini' U1 -Lcgi'la
Hon aul boi l.;iir; ihe ntal-a of Arbo
na, Callfoiiila, t.'oloiailo, Nevada
New .Mexico, IMah and Wyoming I')
cnier Into an amcement for the dlr.-
poalHon nl the watera ol iho Colo
lado rivr, pasMed n iho hoii';e M"ii
day. Itcpuhliean Leader .Mo'dcil the bill
- &
Eventually--Why Nnl Nov?
Ship by 1 1 nek. Portland The Dalles
Tiuck xrr ice. Ileii'l'pini lerti, Motor
im vie" (bir.tgo. I'orllat'd telephone'',
Marshall i:i:,r ami I'iisl iiyyt). It
Dy CliailcH Edwaitl II unn
(I'll'M'll l'l'P!'.!l Sllff ClPf 1 I'PlMITHlnit )
SHAN;ilAI, .Intie il. "I'ioiu h"V
lo Sbanrhai." ran Hil iinrrv di't
popular in Hie ltnil"d Slat"!i it'll
maav ye.iifi ago, wlien Ihl. Gale
w.'iv lo ihe '"ai' liaiii wuh Ii.'M i
known a a "Paris of the Orient" and
wbe'ii all soiia ol naiclity llilni'.i
weto iitllnii"d In, c mile ! i"ll iol'
He night Mfe here.
"Pinin Shanghai Soincwhrre 12', ,"
is the diige being groaneil toda. b
tho p ii mini im a ol lhal name nolo, iniii
"llll-'ht lile."
For be II known lhal Hie Gloom
ha - al dow tied Hie .loys' 'I h
fan IJu.'c ian maidens who g'tmlmlei
lilillirl. lo the tunc ol their o h
I'illgli' ll ai ' mipli' buielil ' llllle but
tie ine ll .f.-i a in;i( , jv ,,oMilc
ii .;olltti(k tin lr habPat "Th-.
Ti'iichcr,," dnco nhlaz" with sb.ani
itr llbtn, rreannls a otilbcr and
tot bidding anpect and "The Whc!,"
one trtnn the Orient's '.MontO' Carlo.
Is surrounded by Chinese soldiers
who look misplcionsly upon passr
by to aaceitaln whether they may
havo been ohscsned of the sporting
General Ho Peng lln, defense com
liiisjiloncr of. this provlnco ol Knng
nu, has issued an 'all illinium Them
shall be no more dance balls nor
Buy Your Ford Now
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11 "'1
m M
!::::r Jmi
tl VI ill r ,; R-fffr
1 1 1
I H lAvrt-' ril till tb"
din .. ..ft2S
. .i" -i .i
ami rich in nutrition,
Oi.y Mr ic Wheat
UeartH make a cer
eal both appetizing
and satisfying.
wliitonogs thin "moat of tho wlipnt "
i n ni rment a of htoakfnst or luni'heon
"ilo'i-ntlv imd N'onoinii'ully ; adiiptalilt for many
jfiKKliea 'tween times, too.
At Your linoi'ims
r a ii i f( a
f I F I II p
lusicr fLouR
9 II. IMIII fldll
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