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established 1890 The Dalles. Ore.
Published Every Evening Except Sunday
by the Chronicle Publishing company Inc
Ben R. Mtfln
Alvtn ti. Bucklln
-General Manager
Entered In The Dalles postotfice as
second class matter. ;
United Press and United News Service
Member or Audit Bureau or Circulations
One year. In advance 15.00
Six months, In advance $3.00
One month .50
One vojtr. In mtvnnve tft AA
Six months, In advance isiso ,
One month .60
One year. In advance S2.00.
In ordering change of address, sub
scriber should always give old as well
as new address.
.Editorial Rooms Black 111
Business, Adv., Clr. Depts Red 111
Subscribers to the Chronicle are guar
anteed service. Prompt and regular de
livery of every subscriber's paper Is the
aim of the circulation department The
Chronicle carriers are required to put
the papers on the porch or wherever th
subscriber wishes 'he paper delivered.
He accosts you on the street. Some
times he tella you tho old, old story
of a wife at home and 14 children,
of ibis inability to secure work. He
must have the price of a meal.
You know at once that he's a pan
handler. You know that he makes his
living telling this story convincingly,
indeed should you pass the same cor
ner at the same time the following
evening, he may halt you again with
his tale of woe and his appeal for
But there's another type of man
just now to be found on the street
begging, if you wish to use so harsh
a term. Unemployment has reached a
serious stage. Yes, it's the proper
tning to hold the optimistic thought.
But thinking things are howlingly
prosperous won't release Oregon's
wealth from the wheat warehouses
where it is stored and put it into cir
culation in the form of money again.
Thoughts won't still the pangs of hun
ger which tonight are gnawing gnaw
ing gnawing.
Some men are seeking work and not
finding it. Some men with callouses
on their hands are asking you as yon
pass on the street for the price5 of a
WJiat are you going to do about it?
Suppose you turn them down? They
are hungry. Perhaps they are so un
dernourished that they are sick. They
want work. They do not want charity.
Yet they cannot get either. It is just
barely possible that some men's
brains, will take fire and they will
turn to violence to secure the food
which their work and their appeal
cannot place before them.
Suppose you give the man who
asks you half a dollar. He is fed. His
faith in humanity is restored. He goes
on a" self respecting and law, abiding
man. Your half dollar has been devot
ed to human salvage.
Some men boast that they have
never fed a bum. But what do they
mean by a bum? Because a man can't
find work tad because a man is hun
gry are not indications that a man
is a parasite upon society.
When a clean, fairly well dressed
man approaches you and looks you in
the eye and shows you calloused
hands or is palpably ill, and asks you
for enough money to fill shis empty
stomach, if- you're interested at ,all
in the other fellow, if you're inter
ested at all in human salvage, you'll
dig down in your pocket and see to
it that the man's hunger is appeased.
Winging its way at terrific pace
through the air, a plane carrying Gov
ernor Ben Olcott beat army pigeons
in' a race from Portland, Ore., to San
Francisco, Cal. The great airplane
made the dash in five hours and a
The bare announcement, perhaps,
makes little impression. A plane trav
eling at speed no bird ever maintain
ed passed above fields and valleys and
mountain ranges, overcame wind con
ditions and leveled distance.
This flight indicates, however, that
the world is growing smaller rapidly,
The process has bean going o siace
the oxcart held sway. Then came the
stage coach drawn by many horses.
This passed away to make place for
the panting engine that drew .little
cars on a steel track. On the ocean,
ships of Bail and hand-propelled boats
went Into second place at the advent
of steam power.
The automobile, too, sprang Into bid
ing to reduce distance.
Electricity was harnessed to cut
down distance.
Now the airplane has eclipsed ntl
other means of locomotion so far ris
great speed is concerned. It lias flow::
from Portland, Ore, to' San FranclJco.
Cal. in five and one-half hours.
Seaplanes have crossed the Atlan
tic. It Is but a question of time when
venturesome aviators will conquer
the distance across the Pacific ocean.
Communication is becoming mors
rapid. Persons in distant Btates whom
you felt were almost another race of
people, holding different ideas and
ideals from those you espouse, through
the miraculous power of rapid trnns-
portation, have become neighbors.
Truly we cannot live to ourselves
alone in this age. Californiai is no fur
ther' away now than outlying sections
close to The Dalles would have been
60 years ago.
Out of it all is likely to come better
understanding among the peoples of
the earth. People who live as- neigh
bors know much of each other.
Intelligence and knowledge is like
ly to be furthered by distance annihi
lation. It is safe to assume that we in
Oregon will have better Understand
ing of their problems, will have more
sympathy with their strivings.
After all there is nothing whlcu
makes for friendship as does under
standing. And if understanding comes
through annihilation of distance, it
must follow that friendliness will also
De a result of rapid transportation.
It is evident, then, that the rapid
transportation furthered by airplanes
and seaplanes is ushering in an age
of understanding and harmony which
may bring the mlllenium a bit nearer.
-The Best Big Slsttr-
(From The Chronicle, April 14, 1896.)
Mr. J. H. Sherar has a force of men
and teams at work on the road be
tween Antelope and Bakeoven. They
will soon have the road in good
shape for wool hauling.
John Cradelbaugh's party is 14
days over due, and yesterday a parfy
was dispatched to the mining camp
to find out what was the matter. Ar
riving at White Salmon he found they
had provisioned up for two months
longer and he returned, well knowing
that Mr. Cradclbaugh would hot come
until the commissary department was
reduced more than that.
Mr. Leslie Butler's team, attached
to a carriage, ran away this afternoon.
Jn the carriage was seated Mr.
Charles Bascom and Mr. Butler. When
roaching the corner by the Joles resi
dence, the' buggy was overturned,
throwing both gentlemen out in the
street. Both sustained severe bruiser,
Dut no serious injuries. The horses
were stopped by one of the lines tang
ling on a wheel, and were caught. The
top was taken off the buggy.
Judge Fulton of Sherman county
paid The Chronicle a pleasant call
today. He says that Rattlesnake road
is In fine condition and a great help to
the people of his county. He says the
grade on this side ought to have some
work and wo trust our county court
will not l6se sight of the fact that
work ought to be done during the
Tet season and should not be de
layed. .
Mr. T. A. Hudson returned last
night from Portland.
Miss E. 3. Brooks, who has been vis
iting relatives here for about three
months, returned to her home in To
ledo, Oregon, this morning. She wa5
accompanied by 'Mrs. S. L. Brooke,
who goes to Portland.
The Mother Provincial, located at
Portland, has been up for several
days visiting the Sisters of SL Mary's
academy and examining points of in
terest in and around The Dalles. She
is accompanied by her niece. Thl
morning both returned to Portland
on the Regulator.
The Beet Big Sister
Mate SMI Buu Tail Mala Sltf
Classified advertising 1 cent per wora
each Insertion. If Inserted 6 times or
more, 3-4 cent a word.. Monthly publi
cation rates on application at the office.
OR RENT Apartment in the Con
don building. 15
FOR RENT Piano: Corson, the Mu
sic man. 15
FOR RENT Three-room furnished
apartment. 400 West Third. Tele
phone main 3471. 15
FOR SALE Thoroughbred shorthorn
red Durham bull. $100. Call red
1161. 18wl4
FOR 'RENT Two furnished house
keeping rooms. 518 Fulton stret.
Telephone black 1491. 15
FOR RENT Furnished housekeep
ing rooms. 115 East Second street.'
FOR RENT Furnished sleeping room
in modern home. 122 West Seventh
street. 15
FOR RENT Three furnished house
keeping rooms. 'Adults only. 1005
Alvord street, phone red 4561. 18
'FOR RENT (Nicely furnished room
for one or two gentlemen. 313 East
Fifth street. 15
FOR RENT Ford light delivery with
driver. Light hauling and baggage
transfer. Telephone black 4661 or
black 411. Frank Cullins. A21
FOR RENT Furnished house, a nice
little house furnished for bachelor
or small family. Garden spot, six
cherry and two peach trees. Splen
did well of water. E. H. Merrill,
Chestnut street, Thompson's addi
tion. 14
FOR SALE Minorca eggs, fl.60 per
setting. Telephone red 2842. 14
FOR SALE Steel range. Inquire Jew
ell Greenhouses. 16
FOR SALE Or trade for piano, Mod
el T5 Overland. P. W. Province,
420 East Fourteenth. 15
FOR SALE Cooking range, woou
heater, dining table and cooking
utensils. 1209 Liberty. 15
irinn i--kf-ira-. i
FOR SALE Four room house a(
lot. West Seventeenth street. Tele
phono red 2842. 14
FOR SALE Dry oak wood; old caK.
111.50. Seoond growth, S12.50. Deliv-
ered. Call 30F22, after 6 p. m. tf
FOR SALE Some excellent lots on
Calhoun street which can be pur-
' chased on easy terms. Dalles Realty
company, black 5691. 16
FOR SALE Good 1100 pound marc,
single, double or saddle, with buggy
and harness. Novelty Works, 518
Ea3t Second street. 14
FOR SALE Practically new ynder
wood typewriter, latest model. Call
red 2211 or 203 East Second street.
acres, 21 miles up Mill creek. James
O'Donnell, on river road, U miles
from city. IE
iTnr-iuuii ii"-i' "
FOR SALE Large and small farm
and orchard tracts. Reasonable
prices,- good forms. W. C. Hanna,
Dufur, Ore. 18tf.
jack. Reasonable. Trade for horses,
cattle or mules. Must turn him at
once. G. E. Cotson, 320 East Sec
ond. 15
FOR SALE Horses. I have a number
of good horses for sale cheap.
Read's Feed store, eaat end of Sec
ond street, telephone black 5211.
FOR SALE Four room, plastered
house; three lots, twenty fruit
trees, berries; garage. 11800, some
405 Washington. Main 6831. 14
FOR SALE Lots 10 percent down,
balance nine equal payments. Spe
cial price will be made where a
group of lots are wanted. Colun
Realty and Loan company, SOS
Washington street, 16
FOR SALE Owing to the high fertil
ity and increasing dement for
Rhode Island Red hatching eggs I
will sold my special pea together
during April. All orders cared for
at 11.00 eer 15 or 16 per hundred.
Fred Cyphers, R. F. D. No. 3, tele
eaoae red 6362. M?
FOR SALE Modern house and 4
lots. Seven rooms and bath, 2 ga
rages, small house with basement,
good outside cement cellar, 30 bear
ing fruit trees, fine lot of berries
and flowers. Seven blocks from high
school. This is a fine home and can
be bought for f3,7S0.0O on good
terras. Address B155, Chronicle. 16
Since January first a great mu-iy
people bought rebuilt cars from .us.
We nad a large stock to begin with.
They were in excellent shape and
found ready sale because they were
real bargains. This lnrge stock nus
been reduced to practically a few,
except those we recently took in
trade on new Dodge Brothers cars.
These cars are now In our repair
snops and should be ready for sale
within a few days. At this time we
are unable to quote any prices, as
our costs have not been figured, but
it will pay you to investigate these
cars as the prices and terms will bo
1920 Nash, good as new.
1920 Oakland, 5-passenger, prac
tically new.
1918 Reo 4 cylinder, 5-passenger. A
very serviceable car.
191S Buick 4 cylinder, 5-passenger.
A very good buy.
1920 King 8. Cord tires, practical
ly new.
1919 Series 9B Franklin, Just like
We also have ready for sale a few
used Ford and Dodge Brothers cars.
WANTED Tray girl at The Dalles
hospital, 15
WANTED The care of an invalid
by practical nurse. TermB reason
able. Write X2, care Chronicle. 16
WA!NTED Position as housekeeper
in widower's home. Mrs. T. Howell,
box 68, Tygh Valley, Oregon. 15
WANTED Woman to help-with
housework on ranch. Telephone
27F2. 1
WANTED Calsominlng and painting
by day or hour. Call mornings or
evenings. Red 3961. 14
WANTED Clean cotton rags at The
Chronicle office, five cents t per
pound. tf
WANTED Position on ranch for
man and wife. Experienced. No
children. Inquire- 1819 Jackson
street. 16
WANTED Pasture for 15 horses for
summer. Must be good. L..W. Walk
er, route 3, The Dalles. Telephone
19F25. 1BW17
STRAYED 'From I. F. WH ranch,
near Eight Mile, large bay work
mare, small white mark on face,
small scar left corner of mouth. No
brand. 110 reward. Telephone Ches
ter Hill, 16F4. 16wl5
FOUND Auto lens and rim. A. 13.
Crosby. 6
LOST 32x4 i tire and rim. Return
to Dalles Garage for reward. 20
LOST Chevrolet Jack, Dry Hollow
road. Call 34F2. 13
FOR TRADE 30 acres farm land, 50
acres timber, good spring, no build
ings, 11 miles northeast of Golden
dale. Trade for house and lot in
The Dalles. J. Shipley, Cary Hotel.
FOR TRADE City residence prop
erty in Hlllsboro, 200x146 feet, sev.
en-room house, finished last fall, 14
fruit trees, for good improved city
property in The Dalles. Call Sunset
Bvget-Mogan Co
Funeral Directors
Phones Mate 2S91. Night Black
401, Main 621
HEMSTITCHING Picot edging. Mrs.
L. M. Boothby, 308 Washington
street. Telephone main fioSl. tt
.LAWN MOWING Yard work, gar
dening, etc. Your patronage is so
licited. L. A. Mathews, 502 West
Eighth street. Telephone red 3651.
ture and piano moving. Freight
hauled and general express busi
ness. Telephones: Stand, red 101;
residence black 1352. J. E. Henzle.
11 tf
PIANOS TUN5D-nfl repaired, ac
tion regulating ' and reflnishlng.
Player actions a specialty. Work
guaranteed. 8. A. Dockstader, Cor
son Music store. 320 Fast Second
street. Telephone main 1061. tf
Taught by
Lessons by Appointment
Empress Theatre PianlBt
Dressmaking, alterations, repairing.
218J East Third street. M6
General real estate, insurance, and
loans. 1001 East Second street. Tele
phone mftn 1571. 28tt
Break Chest Colds
With Red Peppers
Ease your tight, aching chest. Stop
the pain. Break up the congestion.
Feel a bad. cold loosen up in Just a
short time.
"Red Pepper Rub" is the cold rem
edy that brings the quickest relief.
It cannot hurt you and it certainly
seems to end the tightness and drive
the congestion and Boreness right
When heat penetrates right down
Into colds, congestion, aching mus
cles and sore, stiff joints, relief
comes at once.
Contracting Bricklayers and Plasterers
All kinds of Tile and Cement Work. Fireplace Work a Specialty.
Estimates furnished free of chargs. All Work Guaranteed.
Telephone Main 6461 or Call at Gates Slock
Office Corner Third and Federal fc
Telephone Black 531
Hours 9:00 to 6:00 Sundays
I7-1S Vogt Ik Over Crosby's
Peoples Transfer Co.
Furniture and Piano Moving
Stand at Glenn's Paint Store Main 3?2i
, Residence Phone Red 1811
ert Thomas, Assistant Manager
Licenses! Embatmers. Established 1M7
Woman Attendant
Mrs. M. J, Willerton
Telephone Res 1781
Motor Equipment
ide Track Line
Freight and express between The
Dalles and Wasco, Moro and all way
points. Leave The Dalles, 9 a. m.
dally except Sunday. Leave Moro,
1:30 p. m. Leave Wasco, 2:30 p. m.
D. M. Pierce, proprietor. Telephone
b'.ack 1642 or main 471. ' tf
Expert Piano Tuner
322 West SixtL street. Residence
Phone mun 4201. tf
seek. (8
School of Damcjmg
Latest ballroom and
Children's dances.
218 East Third Main 3051. A14
Whitney Repair Shop
709 East Second St
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by lucal miillcultotit, us (bey cannot rsscil
the diseased portion of tho ear. Thers Is
only one way to euro catnrrhal deafness,
nd that la by a constitutional remedy.
Catarrhal Deafticii la cnuicd by an In
flamed condition of tho mucoua llnlnc of
tbo Kur.toc.hlan Tube. When thla tube Is
Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or im
perfect ln-ni'lriE, . and when It Is entirely
ol"coct, Diufni'ii li the result. Unless the
tmlttiiimnilor. can be reduced and this tubo
restcrtd to Itn normal condition, hearing
will bo destroyed forever. Mnny cases of
deufnees nro caused by catarrh, whloh Is
an Inllunu'd condition of the mucoua sur
faces. Hell's Catarrh Medicine acta thru
the blood on the mucous surfaces of the
We will Give On Hundred Dollars f'l
any coko of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
on cured by Hall's Cntrirrh Medtnlne. Clr-,
solars free. All Drupelets. 76o.
F. J. CHCNUV A; CO.. Toledo. X ,
Nothing has such concentrated,
penetrating heat as red peppers. The
moment you apply Red Popper Rub
for colds, backache, Bore muscles,
stiff neck, lumbago, or the pains of
rheumatism or nuerltis, you feel the
tingling heat. ,
In three minutes the congested spot
is warmed through and through.
When -you are suffering so you can
hardly got about, Just get a jar of
Rowles Red Pepper Rub, made from
red peppers, at any drug store. You
will have the quickest rejief known.
Eyesight Specialist
and Evenings by Appointment
Drug Store Phone Black 1111
Dsy-Rsa Ml
Night Rea Sit
J, H. Harper, Slack 2112
Cut Floweri