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    The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
- DEC. 31. 1901
around their business operations, but
the government replies that this was
necessary because each American
company practically told the govern
menl that all the other American
companies needed watching.
Two farmers at Dyea, Ahuka,
According to the Portland Oregon
Ian there are five eminent members
of the republican party who aspire ; raised 25,000 bushels of potatoes this
for nomination of governor at the ! year, and will receive for them $2 a
hands of their party. These gentle
men are Stephen A. Lowell, of Uma
tilla county ; William J. Furnisb, of
Umati!la county; Jonas M. Church,
of Union county ; Henry E. Ankeny,
of Jackson county, and T. T. Geer,
of Marion county, the latter wishing
to succeed himself for another term.
Here we have three candidates
from Eistern Oregon. This number
is far too many, for the simple reason
that all three cannot be nominated
and for the further reason that each
one of the three stands in the way of
the other being nominated.
As the East Oregonian was the first
to propose that an Eastern Oregon
man endeavor to secure the nomina
tion and to arouse republicans to
their opportunity in this connection,
it considers it has the right to make
a suggestion, and it is this:
Let the forces of the three Eastern
Oregon candidates get together and
ascertain as they can the relative
strength of each man, and thereby
ascertain the strongest candidate of
the three. Then allow the other two
to withdraw from the race and throw
their forces to the nomination of the
one so determined.
If this is done an Eastern Oregon
man will be given tbe nomination
bushel. They are described as large.
solid, mealy add palatable, and con
tain more sugar than potatoes grown
in lower latitudes.
k A A A "-VLO
Pictures enlarged at the Wilson photo
graph gallery, dec-llm
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The prices on ladies' and children's
knit goods are surprisinglv low at the
New York Cash Store. " dl3tf
For Rent A furnished cottage of four
rooms on West Sixth and Lincoln streets.
Apply on the promises. dl2-lw
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and become the next governor of , in hi8 recent demon rationJt our stor
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How's TbUl
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F. J. Chunky & Co. Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
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ness transactions and financially able to
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West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, To
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Hull's Family Pills are the beat. 12
Dalles, dim k Astoria
tub coimnDia PacKiiig Co.,
Fine Lard and Sausages
(hirers of BRAND
Oregon. If it is not done, "any old
thing" may happen and Eastern
Oregon be still engaged in hunting
political snipe while playing in the
hands of the wily politicians west of
the mountains.
There are times when it is best to
look a gift horse in the mouth and to
be frauk with ourselves. There is
nothing to be gained in Gghting and
pulling among ourselves, while the
other fellow gets away with the per
simmon. The Eastern Oregon men should
get together and settle the difference
between them. It is not an impossi
ble thing to do. And it is the most
sensible thing that could be done.
There is milk in it ! East Oregonian.
The appointment of Gov. Leslie 91.
Shaw, of Iowa, to be secretary of the
treasury, to succeed Lyman J. Gage,
is an excellent selection. Governor
Shaw was one of the earliest and
moat ardent of the country's gold
standard advocates. He stood in the
advance line of the forward move
ment of the republican party on the
monetary issue. Tbe whole field of
finance and taxation is farriliar to
him, as shown by his addresses in
political canvasses and on other oc
casions, and by bis messages to the
legislature of bis state. His zeal,
courage and ability have made him
one of the marked men of tbe West.
Governor hbaw's entrance into tbe
cabinet will be a valuable addition to
the strength and popularity of Presi
dent Roosevelt's administration.
The sub-committee of the com
mittee of senators and representa
tives from the Pacific slope charged
with diafting a bill for the irrigation
of arid lands in the west has com
pleted a draft of a bill for that pur
pose and it is to be presented at a
meeting to be held after the holi
days. Tbe bill provides that all tbe
money received from tbe sale of writ)
lands in the west shall be devoted to
lb-3 irrigation of such lands. As fast
as the land is sold tbe money can be
used over and over again, and in tbe
course of time it is expected the en
tire area of arid lands in tbe west can
be irrigated. Tbe irrigation is to be
supervised by tbe secretary of tbe
The Amerloen life insuranoe com
panies have claisjMd that tbe German
government bee leeeted them unfairly
in piecing unipiejery restrictions
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ung trouble and tried various remedies
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for Bale Cbaap.
Three second-hand incubators and
brooders, in first-class shape. One of
400-et;g capaci ty ; two of 200-egg capacity.
Apply at this office. 28-lwk
Lost Last night, either in the Bald
win opera house or on the streets, a
white spangled fan, with pink ribbons
attached. Finder please leave at this
office. d28-2t
After tomorrow (Sunday) tbe steamer
Tahoma, of the White Collar line, will
leave Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
day. This will make the boat run on
alternate days with the Regulator of the
D. P. & A. N. line. d28-2t
If you want to retain your bsir you
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beet preparations for cleansing toe
soa p Egg and Pine Tar Shampoo. Jt
will leave vonr hair soft and
Priee, 25 and 60 cents a bottle, at Fraser's
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Health noil beauty.
Apoor complexion is usually the re- j
suit of a torpid liver or irregular action
of the bowels. Unlets nature's refuse is !
carried off it will surely cause impure
blood. Pimples, boils and other eruptions
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throwing ofl'j he poisons which the bowels
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When every drop of blood in the veins is
pure a beauteous flush is on the cheek.
But when tbe blood is impure, morose
ness, bad temper aud a sallow complex
ion tells the tale of sickness all to plain
ly. And women today know there is no
beauty without health. Wine of Cardui
crowns women with beauty and attrac
tiveness by making strong' and healthy
thoss organs which make her a woman.
Try Wine of Cardui, and in a month
your friends will hardly know you.
We will pay $25 reward for the arrest
and conviction of any person trespassing
upon tbe football park, molesting or de
stroying the fence. Small boys who
have been digging holes under the fence
are liable to arrest and are included in
the above.
Beldkn H. Gbant,
L. A Porter,
E. '.urtz,
Commencing Jan. 1, 1902,
and continuing until March
1, 1902, this company will
have but one steamer running
between The Dalles and Port
land; leaving The Dalles Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday,
and Portland Tuesday, Thurs-
j day and Saturday.
Just What
You cuant.
W. C. ALLAWAY, General Agent,
Tbe Dalles, Oregon.
Mew ideas in Wall Paper here. Such
wide variety as we are showing never be
fore graced a single stock. Real imita
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for a small price, at onr store on Third
street. Also a full line of house paints.
D. W. VATJSE, Third St.
Wasco Wmi ijlot
To Whom It May
At a meeting of The Dalles City
conncil held on Monday night Dec. 0,
1901, it was moved and carried unani
mously : "That the city marshal be or
dered to collect a monthly rental on and
after January 1, 1902, from all parties in
Dalles City who shall then own houses
or other obstructions that have not been
removed from the public streets of the
city dl0-td
Saved Hi. Lire.
"I wish to say that I owe my life to
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure," writes H. C.
Cbreatenson ofiiayfield, Minn. "For
three years I was troubled with dyspepsia
so that I could bold nothing on my
Biumacu. many nines x would be un
able to retain a morsel of food. Finally
I was confined to my bed. Doctors said
I could not live. I read one of vour
advertisements on Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
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menced its use. I began to improve
from the first bottle. Now I am cured
rami recommend it to all." Digests vonr
food. Cures all stomach troubles. Clarke
& Falk's P. O. Pharmacy.
Change or Headquarters.
The headquarters of The Dalles and
Shaniko stage line is now at the Colom
bia Hotel. Stage leave there for Shan
iko every morning, except Sunday, at 6
o'clock. Passenger rate to Shaniko $2.
20:i-tf J. M. Toomkv, Agent.
Maw Shoe Rliop.
Harold Hansan announces that he has
started a shoe shop In tbe East End,
next to the Skibbe Hotel. All kinds of
repair work done In first class shape at
reasonable price. d!21mo
Unas. Replogie, Atwater, O., was in
very bad Shane. He says: "I suffered
a great deal with my kidneys and was
requested to try Foley's Kidney Core.
I did so and in four days I was able to
go to work again, bow I am entirely
well." OlaskoAEal.
SaHaBee People,
are tbe best advertiser for Foley's
Honey and Tar ead all who ose it atm
that It Is a splendid remedy ft soughs,
or sore lungs. Clarke 4 Falk.
Headquarters for Seed Grain of all kinds.
Headquarters for Feed Grain oi n km
Headquarters for Rolled Grain, ail kinds
Headquarters for Bran. Shorts, SVSZtSo
Headquarters for "Byers' Best" Pendle
ton FlOUT TUi Flour 18 manufactured expressly for family
r 4. : every sack is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Wa sell our goods lower than any honse in the trade, and if yon don't think so
call and get our puces and be convinced.
Highest Prices Paid for Wheat, Barley and Oats.
White Collar Una.
Tbe toMrtiaim Knott
Str. "TAHOMA,"
Portland, The Dalles and
NWay Points.
Leaves Portland at 7 a. m. on Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday.
Arrivss The Dalles, same day, 6 p. m.
Leaves Tbe Dalles at 7 a. m. on Sun
day, Wednesday and Friday.
Arrives Portland, same day, 4 p. m.
Meals the Very Best.
This Route has the Grand.
Scenic Attractions on Earth.
Portland-Astoria Route
Dally Round Trips oxcept Sunday.
Leave Portland 7 a. m.
Leave Astoria 7 p. m.
Landing and office Foot of Alder
Street; both phones, Main 361, Port
land, Oregon.
E. W. Crichton, Agent Portland,
Pratber and Barnes, Agts., Hood River,
Wolford & Wyers, Agts.. White Salmon,
J. C. Wyatt, Agent, Vancouver,
A. J. Taylor, Agent Astoria.
R. B. Gilbretb, Agt., Lyle, Wash.
J. M. FILLOON, Agent, The Dalles.
Max A. Vogt,
T . 3D. 3Pj
Purest Liquors for Family Use
Delivered to any part of the City.
1 Phones: 51 Local,
J 868 Long Distance. 173 SeCOnd Street.
All kinds of
Funeral Supplied
CrandaM Borget
The Dalit, Or.
Burial Shrouds
...Blactoanith, Bmedwer and Wagon-maker..
Iron, Sfeee). WhlBjkttia and Blaotauntth Supplies
AaU tor ll spill, ip.i Umifm. Threshes, ufl Saw MlUa,
tSgSStaZ'um. Or, tent I tom 8H, US WW 08
First national Bank.
A General Banking Business transacted
Deposits received, subject to Sight
Draft or Check.
Collections made and proceeds promptly
remitted on dav of collection.
Sight and Telegraphic Exchange sold on
New York, San Francisco and vort
laud. niMovqwi.
D. P. TnoMPfoK, Jgo. 8. Bohmov.
En. M. Williams, Qbo. A. Linn.
H. M. Bsuil.
W W. WILSON, Manager.
FirvtQas$ ip Euery respet.
ffl?a!8 at gii $cur8.
The table always snnnlied with the
best in tbe market.
74 Front St., near -Oonrt, Tbe Dalles.
tton, Bride, ellHioil sag Water Supply
Uad Surveying, Map-
Malntenane of
Tnseiipsi. OnniMiirllun and
jft aaanBfi a u mmwWmt wmm JwisisflBL, ifsv
Foley's tkmm - V