The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 19, 1901, Image 1

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NO. 260
Cable Companies Apparently Pear Its
Competition Their Charters Arc
Not Effective Against New Invention.
New York, Dec. 18. That William
Marconi's wireless experiments in New
foundland cannot be stopped by the
Anglo-American Telegtaph Company,
even by resort to tbe courts, is the as
sertion of Mr. Marconi's representatives
bere. They further state tbat be can
not be stopped even from transmitting
commercial messages. They say the
charter of the Anglo-American Company,
by which it claims monopoly of tele
graghio communication between New
foundland and other places, was
examined by counsel for tbe Marconi
Company before an attempt was made
to experiment in Newfoundland. They
decided that the charter would not
interfere with the sending of wireless
messages to and from Newfoundland
even to the two years tbe charter bas
yet to be ran.
They declare in the first place that a
charter monopoly would not- operate to
estop scientific experiments and second,
that according to English decisions inch
a grant would not operate to bar an
invention tbat was unknown at tbe time
the concession was granted.
C. Cothbert Hall, general manager for
the Maroaui Wireless Telegragti Com
pany, said in an interview :
"Wears rather glad than otherwise
that this attempt to stop Mr. Marconi
bas been mad. Even if we go cm
further in Newfoundland, although we
can do so if we wish, it will do as no
barm. There are places along the coast
equally available. The interference
shows, to my mind, that tbe cable
companies look on os as a dangerous
competitor. It rather pleases me as an
acknowledgment of tbe fact that wire
less telegraphy is a coming force."
Edward H or man, counsel for the Mar
coni Telegraph Company :
"This action by tbe Anglo-American
Company is a surprise to me, as I bad
supposed tbat there wonld be no hostility,
direct or indirect. Before Mr. Marconi
attempted to make experiments in New
foundland, I went over the Anglo
American charter with a view of deter
mining his rights. It is elear that the
company eaunot atop scientific experi
ments. Tue company seems to have
feared active competition and therefore
we have taken tbe ball by tbe boras."
Irish Agitator Beat to FrUoa.
Castle Bab, Ireland, Dee. 18 The
hearing of tbe charges of holding meet
inge and delivering intimidating speeches
in defiance of tbe police brought against
Connor O'Kelly , M. P., chairman of tbe
Mayo council, and several other officials
of Mayo county, was concluded today.
Mr. O'Kelly was sentenced to two
months' Imprisonment and four other
defendants ranging from a fortnight to a
month- All tbe sentences imposed were
without hard labor.
Tbe court refused tbe demand of tbe
defendants for leave to appeal from tbe
jurisdiction of tbe court. Tbe refusal of
tbe oonrt was due to tbe fact tbat tbe
defendants refused to promise not to
peak publicly in the interim.
Tribal to Maroont.
Naw Yoax, Dec. 18 At bis laboratory
at Oranste. N. J., Thomas Edison author-
iued tbe following statement concerning
Marconi's feat in wireless telegraph com
munication from England :
"Slue Marconi has stated over bie
sisnatare that be baa received tbe signals
from England, I believe and I think he
will carrv it to a commercial socosss. u
Is a great achievement, and be is a great
Two New Bills Introduced in the Lower
House Today Assaults on Officials
Punishable by tbe Death Penalty.
of 10,000 Baavloj Gilt of !
Naw Yobk, Dsn. 18 James C. Fargo,
president of tbe American Express Uom
Danv baa annoonosd tbat each of tbe
10,000 employes of the corporation la tbe
United States will receives ubrmmas
gilt of $10. Last year the sompaay gave
Washington, Dec. 18. Chairman
Bay, of tbe hones committee on judiciary,
today introduced an anti -anarchist
measure which will probably be tbe
basis of legislation on tue subject in tbe
house. Tbe measure is very elaborate,
and brings together features of the many
propositions for dealing with the subject.
It provides the death peuslty for assaults
on the president or other executive
officer. It is made a felony to advise or
to teach tbe overthrow of the govern
ment or any interference with govern
ment officers.
Tbe death penalty also Is provided for
conspiracies in this country leading to
the killing of a foreign king, emperor,
president of other ruler.
May So For Peace.
London, Dec. 17. Tbe capture of
Commandant Kritzinger, who baa been
styled tbe "Dewet of Cape Colony," is
regarded as very important. He has
been a troublesome invader of Cape
Colony, and is credited with more bar
barities than any other commandant
f xcept Scheypers. In a recent procla
mation be called himself, "Chief Com
mandant of Cape Colony."
During tbe last few days tbe moet
persistent reports, emanating both from
South Africa and from Boer headquarters
in Europe, of an approaching crisis in
Booth African affairs, have been current.
It ia alleged tbat Mr. Kroger will
abandon bis demand tor independence,
and that the Boer leaden la tbe Sold
are inclined to cease fighting and seek
tbe beet terms obtainable.
New Ll MolMar Proposed.
Washington, Dec. 18. Representa-
tive Wililsm Alden Smith, of Michigan,
has introduced a bill asking tbat tbe
birthday of President McKinley , January
29tb, be a legal holiday.
N.w Immigration BUI.
Washing roN, Dec. 18. A new im
migration bill, which is tbe joint pro
d notion of Senator Penrose and Com
missioner-General Powderty, bas been
Introduced in tbe senate by Mr. Frye.
Tbe bill provides and eduoational tost,
and in addition to tbe present system of
domestic inspection of immigrants,
authorises the appointment of inspectors
at tbe principal foreign porta lrom which
immigrants sail, with instructions to
exercise special tcratioy of tbe polios
records of immigrants, with tbe view ol
excluding anarchists. Tbe bill also
provides for tbe deportation of aliens
wbo prove to oe eoarcum..
V ava SIM Life.
"I wish to my that I owe my life to
Kodol Dyepepsie Cure," writes H. C.
Chreatenson of Hsyfleld, Minn. "For
throe years I was troubled with dyspepsia
so that I could bold ootblng on my
k Mnw tinea I woald be un
able to retain a niorssl of fond. Finally
I was confined to my ueu. wwn
t -u - II ua I Mil ana of VOOr
1 uuuiu uvi ...w. - -
advertisements on Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
and thought it fit my cues and com
menced iU use. i o iiupiw
fwm th flrnt bottle. Now I am cored
and recommend it to all." Dlgoeta your
food. Curee all stomach troubles. Clarke
A Falk's P. O. Pbarmaey.
King to It Ul Bern's OMt.
Wahikoton. Dec. 18.-Seoator Frye
bas introduced a joint resolution author
.in. th nreeident to invite tbe king of
bi tn the United States. It sets
forth in a preamble tbe feet tbat toe
km of BJam bss madu known to our
minister at Bangkok bis desire to visit
tbe United States and the resolution
nidaa that be aball be invited to be-
Mmi the meet of tbe Nation while here.
An appropriation fur Mis Majesty e
suitable enter tain mentis pcorJood, Bat
tbe sum is left blsnk for tbe
novo lost
ssohofrtaomsgwyos .
our balr appears dry aud io
Its vitality it wants something
togivstt life and vigor. Wo bow who
luThairnosd. wbou It net-to tbateo.
drttoo, WP bu S H?
m umw '
1 W ruff and all
Uoin Hair
Oocoaout Oroam
will euro
Wahop. Pries fOeuud Tie
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