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NO. 257
The JttnA Tow Have Always Bought, and which has been
in for over 80 yews, has borne the sUrnatare of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its Infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but
Experimants that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Oastoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Para
gorlc, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Nareotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Cone. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The KM You Have All ays Bou$t
In Use For Over 30 Year,
Mrs. Harry Hibbard Yawned and Was
Unable to Close Her Mouth Re
covered After a Time.
Walla Walla, Dec. 15. Witb her
mouth open and her jws locked Mrs.
Harry Hibbard created a sensation last
night at the dance given by the Bom of
Veterani in their ball fronting on Alder
street. The unfortunate woman threw
her head back and opened her jaws to
vawn. When she finished she found the
could not close her teeth together and
although her husband name to her as
sistance and forced her mouth shut, as
soon as the pressure was relented the
jaw would 6? open with a snap liken
closing jack knife.
Realising that the woman was stricken
with lockjaw, the flwr manager hurried
her into a cab and she was at once
driven to her borne. Dr. Rossell was
summoned and at an early hour this
morning the strain bad released and Mrs.
Hibbard was resting easily.
Lockitw is a peculiar disease which is
supposed to attack one only after a cut
or bruise. M. Hibbnrd del ma not to
have Injured hersfltf in auy way and can
give no reason for the sudden attac
which robbed her of the power of releas
ing her lower jaw from tne vice like
clutch which held it rigid.
It is seldom that one stricken with
lockjaw recovers, but Dr. Russell was
early on the scene and was therefore
able to afford almost instant relief. The
sensation broke up the dance.
Had Train Wreek.
Hklna, Mont., Dec. 16. A spiels! to
the Independent from Kalispell says a
wreck occurred on the Great Northern
railroad near Essex, in the Rocky
mountain, at 8 o'clock this morning.
The engine, mall car and emoker re
mained on the track, but all tne others
were duraiUd. Some cars were over
turned and all were more or lean wrecked
Tl.e atttlriant was due to lie rails
yesterday, Lord Kitchener says:
"Brace Hamilton, after a long night
march, surprised Piet Vi'joen's laager at
dawn, December 13th. it Wetkraens,
twenty-five miles torthwest of Ermelo,
kilted 16 Boers and captured 76 armed
prisoners. Many others were wounded
and were left at farm?. He also re
captured one of Bensoi.'d funs, the
other having been destroyed. Two field
cornets were among the prisoners. The
jecaptured gun is in good order, end was
used against the retreating enemy."
Right Hon. St. John Brodrlck, secre
tary of atate for war, wired the govern
ment's congratulations on General Bruce
Hamilton's brilliant achievement.
Zero Temperature end Big BHaaarda.
Washington, Dec. 14, 1 :30 r- m. The
cold wave predicted by the weather
bureau for the middle Mississippi and
Missouri valleys and the upper lake
region has spread to the eastward and
southeastward as far as Chicago and St.
Louis. At both places temperatures fell
54 degrees during the last twenty-four
hours, reaching elx below zaro at Chicago
aud aero at St. Louis. The front of the
onld wave todav extends from Northern
Illinois eouthwestwards to Arkansas. Iu
all of this region temperature has fallen
from 40 to 50 decrees in the last twenty
four hours. The cold wave promises to
be seveie daring at least two days. It
will extend east ward and south weat ward,
reaching the Atlantic coast districts by
Uo Kept at LC
Twelve vears aao J. W. Sullivan, of
Hartford, Conn., scratched bis le with
s a. i a
a rusty wire. Inflammation ana oiooa
poisoning set in. For two years he suf
fered intensely. Then tne oesi nocture
urged amputation, "but," be writes, "I
used one bottle of Electric Bitters and
t 1.2 boxes of Buokleu's Arnica Salve
and nSy Ins srasnonnd and well as ever."
For Eruptions, Ecsama, Tetter, Salt
Rheum. Sores and all blood disorders
Electric Bitters has oo rival on eattn.
Try them. (i. C. Blakeley w guarantee
satisfaction or refund money. Ouly 50
cents. - 4
watch, with the
on toe
c Suit and Overcoat Sale
Waxes warmer from da)' to day. The past week
shows a wonderful sales increase in this department,
and wo have ample encouragement to realize our ex
pectations that of doing the largest December cloth-
ing business in me History oi wis store.
Just thirteen more days of this phenomenal price
cutting. You have until January 1st in which to buy
anv Suit or Oveicoat worth $10 and over at a greatly
reduced price. Will you bo one of the many to profit
by this offer? ft all rests with you. Here's our prop
osition: All Suits and Overcoats worth $10, $12, $12.50,
reduced to uniform price of $8.45
All Suits and Overcoats worth $1 3.50, $1 3.75, $14
and $15, reduced to the uniform price of $10.65
All Suits and Overcoats worth $15.50. $10.50,
$17.50, $18, $18.50 and $18.75, reduced to
the uniform price of $13.85
All Suits and Overcoats worth $19, $20, $21,
$22.50 and $24, reduced to the uniform
price of $16.85
All Suits and Overcoats worth $25, $27.50, $30,
reduced to uniform price of 81.86
The profit is all on your side hence wo are obliged
to charge extra for pressing suits and making alter
ations. Usually free.
amMssssssss aiMe
' . . -ljli a
- .
Benbam and Ramsay Blame Hero of
Santiago on Eleven Points; Dewey
Exonerates Him.
A Hint....
buy her a
nice cosy pair
of bouse shoes.
narprtaad the .
r . .! ..
London, Dee. H. Reporting u mat i -. - v -.k
Nxw York, Dec. 14. Captain Parker,
iilmlp.1 ftahlav'a counael. was told
early this morning of the purport of tbe
two Schley reports, ne earn :
"Admiral Dewey, better then any one
else in the would, was qoslifledto judge
In this aae. tie is tbe one man living,
besides Admiral 8cbley, who conducted
a campaign and fought a battle with
modern ships, under modern conditiooa.
He probably found there eras a difference
between theory and practice, ana juagea
Schley in tbe light of his own experience.
The two other memoers oi me cwwn
hi-minded men of tbe highest
character, aud men who would not mit-
jadge knowingly or wtiitngiy. ovy
never bad the experience tbe admiral
bad, and probably did not see things in
tbe same light ne he did. We shall leave
tbe matter to the Judgment of tbe people
of the country, confident that in tbe jost
popular ufind, tbe findings of Admiral
Dewey will be sustained."
Captain Parker teeued almost as much
pleased that Admiral Dewey had sus
tained Bear-Admiral Scbley as if tbe
m,.,t had been unanimous in the verdict
that he (Dewey) rendered.
Nothing really
more appreciated.
Ladies' fel;, fur trinimei Juliets,
io ted, aims, black end
broau 1.3
Misses', red and brown . . . 1.35
Children's sises at l.OO
1 M. Williams & Co.
11 l k
rj T" I
Sexton & Wakher
Hardware, Iron
and Steel
A full line of BRIDOE BEACH
Cook and Heat leg Stove.
T i p..,.. Hon-. f.'h narrows, Blseell CWIIed Flows, ltcbe wnf
Loat. a lady' gold
fl. W. H. carted
Tbe above reward will be paid for its re
turn to tbif ogee. . dlMt
eatl.ttad feepta.
,re tbe beat ndvertieera for Foley'e
" . a .ii hn naa it aarae
ftatltUniplendld remedy for coughs,
i't Hub 1C Jo,
f . ik. , Dart freely witb
juov w "w f '
Mysterious Pain Cure, a Scotch romc4fo
aud tbe pain is gone. Sold by Clarke
Are you ready for cold weather? If
not you should provide yourself with
some of those knit goods from the New
York Cab Store. A large assort uient
of these goods for women and children
be seen at the Iew Vork Cash
Store. dlSt'
OUrke A ?!? iavoring eniraett are
Laua Offce at Vaiit-rtuvar, Wafh.
Kirtice 1 herebr jlven that the lollowlna
BasttKr IS. hl ..o.lre .l her 1 Jo
nuksflaal wool I u wiort ol bar clalia, aud
fiat laM?ilI be made before the BagUler
T..V Bi Mlver l Cbi- l' ud Otlc .1 n
S-e5! :W..Ulnt.;T ou USP. Uecemb- 17.
aqual-Ho (an fadlaa ")
of Oluabu P. O., Wkr.lngU.u. mother and
atead awlleatloi. Kn.lfMi for
and Lot if of Btlon W, 1 p. J J . ' iLvt,
abe namaa tb foUowuif iMa t prove
her o"tluuou. residence uoou aud oultlvatiou
Urfri-Water. Bill f""
Harm. Pi.. Son
ons and Hart's, llnti.e.v Busies.
...Star Windmills...
Will. Blland Kllr bearings, sod fully warranted.
Write, na lor prices and eitteloguef.
All ord-re en'roatad t-i as HI iiav prompt attention.
Prieea alwava 'gM.
Tljeole Efiuslve Hardarara Hiore lii the city.
lyon's French Periodical Drops
Strictly veL'ttahle, perfectly harmless, eure to nccompiiah
DESIRED RESULTS. OreaUat known female remedy.
am Mif connterfah. au-i iu..n...i. Tb. S' aujpa biaa a oalf la
Fur sale by Oeo. Blakeley. Tbe Dalles, Or.
Lamj orru at Hie 1ul, Or.,
.o.eiuberll, 1S0I.
otU-a la hereby alveii that tbe lollpwlug
nasjaU aaStoT fcV ffed uotlc . hU Inlen-
clatM, and tuat ald rof will 6 "
fonTtbe refiner and re.lver at Iba Uallas,
Oraaoo, Tueday, lember ill, ISU1. vlf .
Walter avtt, Tk Wallaa, r.,
H. X. Xn. 50, tot the ljl M4 "f "tM
e f. aae KX'4 E)j WHJUHUl
W". .at. i ni.1.. - - tit naova
iaa tea toiiowiiia i -Tr
bUcooUliuou. raaideuoe upon, aim -ajaArai
. ., i mi
JAY V. U tA, RecUtar.
Thi-re Is not a ease of nervons weaknre In the wprid
. . i . i... u . I. ..a, litni. Ullil
that tne uee oi uswua aaw ...... .t;
dlreetlons, wblefa nw aim pie anH very easy in faHow. will
(ail to permanently eure. Whv do yon remain weak a hen
LINCOLN HEX UAL flUA will make yon strong T
Prigs, 1 00 per box-buv of y?nr drugfist or aeni w
mail on reetlpt of prlee, In plain wrapper.
LIVOOLf P10FIIETA1T 00., It. Wayne, lad.
If. aV Uiunell, Agent, The Dalian.
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