The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 13, 1901, Image 1

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    $ Dulles Ci muck
NO. 255
The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which has been
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ana has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
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Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
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Judge Boise Decides Case Against the
State Sustains Motion of Pen'
noyer, McBride and Metscuan to
Strike Out Portions of Complaint
Referring to Davis.
Salem, Dec. 12. Judge Boise, of De
partment No. 2, eironit court, rendered
an important decision yesterday after
noon in the case of the Bute of Oregon
against Sylvester Pennoyer, George W.
McBride and Phil Metechan, in which it
is sought to bold tbeiu responsible for
the funds embezsled by George W.
Davie as clerk of the state land board,
which was comprised of those gentlemen
at the time of snch embtsslement.
Judge Boise sustained the motion of
defendants to strike ir ra the complaint
all allegations asserting that Davis was
the agent of the board and that they
were direct) y responsible to the state for
hie acts and malfeasancs. This decision
virtually destroys the case against the
board and leaves no hope t i being able
to collect a dollar of the Davis defalcation.
Judge Boise delivered the opinion orally,
and said :
"In tbis case it is claimed that Davis
was the dark and also the agent of the
state land board, and that they received
the money for the school funds through
him ss snch agent, in trust for the stale.
The only question to be considered is
that of the agency thus alleged.
"The constitution of ibe state makes
the governor, secretary of ttate and state
treasurer the board of commissioners for
the sale of school lands and tba invest
"lent of its funds, and provides that they
hall administer this -trust as provided
v lawa aoUsd by tba legislature.
"The qqesgiooisnotnraaentedio these
pleadings whether the laws passed by
the legislature are in eccordaooe with
the coustitution, bat they will be pre
sumed to be so the matter not being
involved In tba pleadings.
"Toe lvgifVtre has passed laws at
various times defining the duties and
functions of the officers of the state the
governor, secretary of state, state
treasurer, ate., and all sooh officers most
' under dlssjaiiae of tea law saalaelag
any particular subject. The legislature
may regulate the manner of conducting
the trust imposed by the constitntion.
It may and it did set the price at which
lands ehould be sold; prescribe the
manner and conditions of sale; the
handling of the funds, etc. The legis
lature also provided for the appointment
of the clerk of the board and definded
his duties, as to the collection and their
payment, which the law says most be
made to the state treasurer by him direct.
The money does not go to the board, but
direct from the clerk to the treasurer of
"I think, then, that he is the agent of
the state and not of the board, and its
members are not responsible for his
failure to pay over the moneys.
"The motion to strikeout is sustained."
Trying; to Convert Bar Captum
Constantinople, Dec. 12. The latest
information regarding Miss Ellen M.
Stone, the American missionary, and
Mme, Tsilka, her compauion, indicates
that their condition has been so far
ameliorated that tbey are able to obtain
rude comforts. It is even eaid that the
brigands bave a doctor ready at hand in
case his servieee afeuald be uaoded. It
appears that tto bsanda we now com
plaining that Hiss Stone is attempting
to convert them to Go.ristiajBJty. White
recognizing tbaillogaUty of tbaabduction
of Miss Stonf and Mm. Tsilka, the
brigands nogAagd that thair agtion was
in the intaaeat aj a sacrss) cause, and
therefore justifiable.
Tne brigands apparently are prepared
to bold out all winter. They refuse to
abate their demands one dollar, and
have not vouchsafed a rejy to Mr.
Dickinson's ultimatum to the effect thai
they mut accept bis last offor or nothing.
It is understood that recommendations
have bean forwarded to Washington
proposing that ao ultimatum be sent to
Bulgaria. ,
SrrMKS to California.
Gkavt's Pass, Dec, 12. George Ver
non, a traveling violiois', who stole a
horse and aaddle in this city a few days
ago and passed several fraudulent checks,
has been cubt and lodged in jail in
Siskiyou county. California, ebargad not
only with lbs off msee named, but also
with being implicated in the train bald
up at Walkers, near Eugene. Vernon is
wanted in Bujrne for passing fraudulent
obec s. In Grant' Pass V aroon hired a
horea and saddle to go to Wedging.
I giving the oweer of tba betas a jresar of
aw a ikai
attorney to conaw svsuv uwimu
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would arrive in a few days. Tne money
failed to turn up. An inquiry sent to
W at kins elided t be fact that the man
bad left for Happy Camp, Cal. The
borrowed horse and saddle were found
tbe roadside near Watkins. Word was
sent to the sheriff of Siskiyou coontv,
who captured the man and promptly
laoded him in jail. Vernon is a bad
character, or at least his record in this
vicinity would prove each, and it is the
belief of the officers who bave blni in
custody thai be was implicated in tbe
Eugene train robbery.
Gift I To Be In Bond.
Washington, Dec. 12. It transpires
that tbe rift of 110.000.000 which Andrew
Carnegie tendered to President Roosevelt
for the founding of e great institution for
hiirher education was not an offer of $10,.
000,000 in cash, but tbe per value of that
amount in bonds of tbe United Mates
Steel Corporation. Tbe offer of tbeae
bonds is embarrassing to tbe administra
tion, owing to tbe complications wbicb
might arise if the government accepted
them, aod tbe president, it isoederstood,
is now in correspondence with Mr. Car
negie about tba matter. It if understood
to be bis desire that the bonds be con
verted into cash. If ibis is done tba only
obstacle in tba path ol tbe acceptance of
tbe generous gift of Mr. Carnegie will be
moved. Pending tbe result of tbis
oorrespoodeoee Mr. Carnegie's offer is
being wllbbeld from panares.
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