The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 12, 1901, Image 1

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NO. 254
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Owners of the Fulton Now Tryiog to
Raise Her Craft Sank in Fifteen
Feet of Water.
New Yokk, Dec. 11. -Efforts-are being
made to raise the submarine boat Fulton,
jf the Holland Torpedo Boat Company,
which it was intended to tend to Wash
ington on Friday, for experimental teste,
bat which sank recently at ber pier at
New Suffolk, L. I., through an accident.
The boat went down almost at the same
spot where she underwent her fifteen
hours' test under water about two weeks
The accident happened whiie her com
mander, Captain - Cable, was in New
York, on account of the illness of bis
his wife. In order to repair an exhaust
valve the crew raiaed the stern of tbe
Fulton under a ''derrick in the air. One
of the forward batches had been left
open, and as the stern was raised and
the bow submerged the craft titled with
water. By tbe lime the stern was
lowered the boat sank in about fifteen
feet of water. It is expected that within
twenty-four hours tbe boat will again be
. At tbe offices of Isaac L. Rice, presi
dent of the company, it is stated that in
view of the fact that the work of refloat
qk the boat baa been began to toon, it
U thought that the damage from salt
ter to the delicate Iron ami steal
mscbinery will not amount to anything,
owing to the abort duration of tbe
exposure of the machinery to tbe water.
A force of twecy men will bo put to
work on tbe Fuiton to clean and oil ber
parts as soon as she is afloat and put her
in shape for ber sea trip to Washington,
in company with a convoy of tbe ooni
Pny's vessels.
In tbe event of any part of the Fulton
btvinu been irreparably damaged, tbe
company will use a duplicate part from
jta Adder, ber sister ship, now being
wilt for the government. Her electric
Wtery, with which she is propelled,
111 probaby have to bo replaced. As
n as Captain Cable reaoheo Mew
tuffulk it will probably be known bow
booi the boat will be able to go to
University of Washington Student
Perished in Seattle, With His Wife
and Babe by His Side.
Seattle-, Wash., Dec. 10. Without a
friend at his bedside save bis faithful
wife and innocent babe, wilbont covering
enough to keep warm the blood freezing
in his veins, without the direst necessi
ties of life, Ernest Demond, a university
student, died in this city a few days ago.
His wife, too proud to ask for help from
her friends, watched her husband waste
away until finally, fearing that death
might claim her loved one, she gave tbe
alarm to the neighbors. It was too late,
however, to save the dying man, and
when a physician was called be knew at
a glance that death had won victory,
liis wife, frenaled witb aiief, and tbe 2
year old babe, were takeo in charge by
friends. University students buried tbe
man whom many knew only as a passing
Born in one of tbe eastern states,
Ernest Demond came five years ago with
his relatives to eastern Washington.
There he resided for aoiue time, engaged
in teaching and other occupations. His
brothers and sisters alto obtained em
ployment there, his oldest brother being
at tbia time a teacher in tbe Dayton
schools. Erreet met a beautiful yonng
woman, with whom he fell in love. They
married. Then came his desire to obtain
an education, tie matriculated at the
state univertliy in the fall of 1888. For
a time the couple lived over a store at
titona, while both took work at the
university. This lasted until the money
was exhausted. A baby was born.
Doctor hills and druggist bills came. The
young man manfully struggled to keep
out of debt and still keep op bis work.
His quiet unobstruaive waya wade
him disliked by a certa-.o class at tbe
college, sou one night in a class rush a
gang of preper.woy students caught
him, clipped his hair abort on one aide
and than abused him. He took it in
good part, bat the:r aotloo grieved him.
He continued hie life of toil, working
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during the day and studying at night,
until tbe strain became too great and a
ckness ensued which reenlted in bis
death. Too late did his fellow students
realize tbe courage, ambition and bigb
purpose of bis life. The faculty and
students are now atirred up over bia
death and are raising a fund known as
the Demond fund to be invested as
agreed upon by tbe widow and a faculty
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