The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 04, 1901, Image 1

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NO. 24T
!ma Tiur ic
The Kind Ton Have Always Boojrht.
in use tar over 30 years, has borne the
and has been made under his
sonal supervision since Ha infancy.
Allow no one to deceive yon in this.
All Counterfeits Imitations and Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor OH,
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worm
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
af HV
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have waited to buy, now is the time.
20 her cent off
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Remember you can always get bargains at
Where Prices are Always the Lowest
133 Second Street. THE DALLES, OR.
Loot, on oh of tbe streets of The
Dalles, lody'e sold watch. Ton dollars
reward will be given for iu rotors to too
Orogoe oaken. 2.0a M
Ote Cetd.
After exposure or when 70a faat a cold
cootiof 00, tako a dues of Foley's Honor
aodTar. It never fails to atop e orid If
takes 10 time. Clarke 4 Falk.
Pole? Hooey
w Tar
Americans Are Making It Worn for the
Sonar Rebels Lnkban Is Anxious
to Negotiate Term of Surrender.
Manila, Dec. 3. Advices from Cat
balogan, capital of the island of Samar,
report that the insurgent General Lut-
ban has offered to negotiate terras of
surrender with General Smith. To tbla
offer the American commander replied
that the time for negotiations had
Lieutenant Commander James M.
Held, commanding the United States
gnnboat Frolic, daring November de
stroyed 147 boats engaged in smuggling
aoppliea to the insurgents.
General Smith has ordered all male
Filipinos to leave the coast towns for the
interior. In order to be allowed to re
tarn they mast bring gone, prisoners or
information of the whereabouts of insur
rectionists. Five hundred natives of Catbalogan
have volunteered to fight insurgents in
order to bring peace to Samar. Of these
100 have accepted. They are armed
with boloe and spears, and are doing
scouting duly nnder command of Lieu
tenant Gompton.
At daylight yesterday Lieutenant
Bains, of the Ninth Infanry, attacked
and destroyed a rebel fort, inflicting
heavy loss, and captured the officers'
breakfast, which included canned goods.
He fonnd at the fort an arsenal with ap
pliances for making and reloading
The American marines are working
havoc with the insorgent cause in the
southern part of Samar. Lieutenant
William B. Fletcher, commanding the
gnnboat Quiros, baa destroyed twelve
alt manufactories, thirty five tons of
hemp, twelve tons of rice and several
barrios, which served as rendezvous for
the insurgents.
Or BeneOt to You.
D. S. Mitchell, Fulford, Md. : "During
a long illness I was troubled with bed
eores, was advised to try DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve and did so with wonderful
results. I was perfectly cured. It is
the beet salve 00 tbe market." Sure
core for piles, sores, boror. Beware of
counterfeits. Clarke ft Falk's P. O.
stusd People.
. a ... 1 WW t S
are tbe best advertisers ior ruiey
Honev and Tar and all who use it agree
that it is a splendid remedy for coughs,
or sore I nogs. Clarke ft Falk.
Old Soldier's Bsperlrac.
M. M. Aostio, a civil war veteran, of
Winchester, Ind., writes : "My wife was
sick a long time in spite of good doe-
tor's treatment, oot was wnouy cureo
by Dr. King's How life Pills, wbic'i
worked wooden for her health." They
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C. Blakeley'e drag store. 8
Obes. ReplogJe, Atweter, O., was in
verv bad shape. He soys : "I suffered
a greet deal with ay kidneys ood was
requested to try Foley's Kidney Cure.
I did so and in four days I waa able to
go to work again, now I am entirely
well." Clarke ft Falk.
For Xa&mta and Children.
ft. KM Yoi Han Always Bottf..
New Goods for the Holidays coming in daily M and
not yet oil In.
A Holiday Sale
of Ribbons
t Wholoaale Prices e ond leas.
The Ribbon lVpartment--always a department of
prominence in this -tore -tanks foremost thin week by
virtue of its unutual'y attractive offering. Commenc
ing Thursday morning at 8 o'clock sharn, we start
a sale of Ribbons, that for volume and low ur ices will
v t eclinae anvthinw of tha kin I aver alttmnt.l hn alt h.r
by ourselves or others.
About 5000 yards of the beat ell-sllH
Gros-grain-baek Satin Ribbons,
ATrorr ftilb 1N1iKimc
m ji WWW? f ",
ri Fancy Silk Neck Ribbons,
Widths from s8 to 5 inches
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fancy work. Who would not gladly own Ribbons and lota of them, when prices
run like this :
The number 3 in. Ribbons, reduced to 5c per yd
4 I in. to ?0 .
5 1 in. " " Gc ' "
7 14 i. 10c H "
9 1 in. ' " " 10c 44 14
12 2 in. 44 44 41 15c 44
16 2 in. " " 44 15c 44 "
r. 22 2 in. 44 4 4 44 20c 44 "
40 3 1 in. 44 4 4 " 25c 44 "
60 5 in. 44 44 44 30c ? 44
All fancy Sash Ribbons, special 50c per yard.
7 M Wv X
yr.eiA EBBBBBBBaKTeaaaw
Reefer Coats at
S!ss 4 to 8 years; mails of
heavy-weight gray oxford cloth,
blue chinchilla and blue boucle
cloth with velvet collar oad
strong linings
Regular prices 3 60 and t8.
Come to us
for your Hats'
Bears tbe
i of
oh Didn't Wear a Maafe.
Bat ber beauty was completely hidden
by sores, blotobos and rim plea Ull she
Bock loo's Arnloa Salve. Then
they vanished as will oil Eruptions,
n. a a arc a , fl.LM.Ju
fever sores, cons, uwere. vwuiw
and Peioos from Its use. Infallible for
rr. nnmmm Rr.rni ftWlda and Piles.
Core guaranteed. 25c at O. C. Blokeley's
drag store. .
IHm't tie tt Im,
wet tbe affeetad port freely wits
Pais Care, o sootcb osoody.
slofoso. sold by Cbtrkw ft
a. atorgaa'a Art asaOW
Ural a road N
Another ridiculous food fad has been
oranded by tbe most competent author
ities. They have dispelled the eiljy no
tion that one kind of food is needed for
brain, another for muscles, snd still an
other for bones. A correct diet will not
only nourish a particular part of the
body, bat it will sustain every other
part. Yet, however good your food may
be, its nutriment is destroyed by indi
gestion or dyspeysia. Yon most pre
pare for tbelr appearance or prevent
their com ins bv taking regular doses of
Green's August Flower, the favorite
medicine of the health v millions. A few
doses aids digestion, stimulates the liver
to boaltby anion, purines the Mood, snd
mokes you frl buoyant and vigorous.
You con get Dr. G. C. Oteen's reliable
remedies at Blakeley'e drog store. Het
Grose's 6periat Almsn e. 1
An vaagalUl'e Story.
"I suffered for sears with bronchial or
lung trouble and tried various remedies
bat did Lot obtaio permanent relief
until I commenced osing One Minute
Cough Core," writes Rev. James Kirk
man, evangelist of Belle River, III. "I
have no hesitation io recommending It
to all f uff-rers from maladies of this
kipd." Ooe Minute Cough Core affords
immediate relief for coughs, colds sod
all kinds of throat and long troubles.
For croup it is unequalled. Absolutely
eafe. Very pleasant to take, never faiia
ond la really a favorite with tbe children.
They like It. Clarke ft Falk's P. O,
Tt Caeses Might Alara.
"One sight my brother's baby was
taken witb Croup." writes Mrs. J. C.
sadder, of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed
it woo Id strangle before we could get a
doctor, sows soyo it Dr. King's Nsw
Discovery, which gavs quick relief aod
oermaneotlv cared it. We always aaep
it is tbe boose to protect oar children
from Creep ood Whooping Cough. It
eared ass of a rhwie brooebiel trouble
that oo other remedy woald relieve."
Infallible for Coughs, Colds, Throat
ssd Long trochlea. 60c aod 11.00. Trial
bottles free si O. C. Blakolcf ' drag
1 a
gasso of eodsaertsss.
Tbe beodqaarVrt of Toe Delist sad
fssaMrir stso Hse U b'hs at the Orion
Ms HotcL fstage lest a Users fay bee-
Ike seery awrslsr. eases sssdoy, at
asaft, PttHmw rate tsfeatiaalt.
I have re-opened this well-known Bakery,
and am now prepared to supply every
body with Bread, Pies and Cakes. Also
all kinds of Staple and Fancy Grooer es.
GEORGE RUCH Pioneer Grocer.
Sexton & Walther
Hardware, Iron
and Steel
A fall Use of BRIDGE ft BEACH
Cook ood Heating Stoves.
FARMING IMPLEMENTS. Agents for Hooslor Drills. J. I. Oaositcri Fsraa
Harroaa and Plows. Serine Tooth Harrows. Blase 11 Chilled Fiona, Mltebril Waf
oos and Hacks, HOooey Boggles.
...Star Windmills...
With Ball aod Rllsr bsarlsgs.aod fully warranted.
Write us for prices aod catalogues.
All orders eotroMrd to ua sill have prompt attCSUOO.
Prioss oiwsys right.
Tbe oaly Esclaalvo Hardware Store la tea rity.
HI I BM aSSSMaaa"'weysssks.
There Is not cost of sorvoos east so i Is tbe werki
today (no matter what the seoae or of bow lesf Stasdlajf)
that tbo use of LINCOLN SIX UAL PILLS iooordlaajfc
directions, which arc simple aod very cosy to follow , jslU
fril j to peemtoeeUr care. Wb? do yos rsmaia ceak eaaa
Price, l 00
per boo-bsf of
m. Daaasu. saaat. rac oaiias
00m f Wfsjsc, UA.
Poley'B Honey 4 Tar
vmmm oi mm pmmmmm
lSslp-ajL awe
fits j.e.TsawfTiftejaju