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    VOL. XI
N ) 313
Betels Made an 'Attack Under Coyer of
At Daylight the District Was Thorough
ly Scoured and the Rebels Driven
Northward, Leaving Several Dead
on the Field.
Manila, April 13. 4:05 p. m. At
about 4 o'clock this morning a small
body of rebels attacked a camp of the
Third artillery from the swamp near
Paomboau, .a mile and a half weat of
Maloloe. Two privates were killed and
a lieutenant and two others wounded,
At daylight the American forces scoured
the district, driving the rebels north
ward and killing several of them. A
private soldier of the Montana regiment
was wounded.
A Suspicious Incident
Manila, April 13 9:40 a. m. Fran
cisco Reyes, a man who recently pur
chased Spanish gunboats at Zamboanga,
Island of Mindanao, has received ad
vices to the effect that the rleet sailed
for Manila, and returned a few days
later with the vessels stripped of their
guns and ammunition.
The purchasers' agents and native
crews of the vessels on board the Ameri
can steamer itutuan were conveyed to
Zamboanga by the United States cruiser
Boston, and instructed to await the
arrival there of the United States gun
boat Petrel. Instead of doing so, after
the Boston sailed for Zamboanga, the
Spaniards transferred their gunboats to
the agents of S-nor Reyes, and the fleet
left Zamboanga unescorted. It soon re
turned and reported having been
boarded bv rebels, who removed the
gunboat's armaments. If the instruc
tions of the American naval commander
had been obeyed their capture would
have been impossible.
Zamboanga is fortified and still garri
soned by Spaniards, and the affair is re
garded as suspicious.
A Long Drawn-Out War.
New Yobk, April 13. A dispatch to
the Herald from Washington says : It
is becoming evident to officials of the
administration that the insurrection in
. the Philippines is likely to drag along
for a considerable time. Dispatches re
ceived from General Otis show that the
natives retreat when attacked by Amer
ican troops in force, and the continuance
of these tactics show that Aguinaldo has
determined not to give the Americans
an opportunity of crushing bis army at
one blow, as is so greatly desired by the
It was stated at the war department
that General Otis has not called for ad
ditional troops, and insists that his
present force, reinforced by the six ad
ditional regiments under orders to pro
ceed to Manila, will be ample.
No action has yet been taken. by the
war department looking to the muster
ingoutof the volunteers, and nothing
will be done until ' after the arrival .of
the regulars. General Otis will then be
authorized to re-enlist such of ' the vol
unteers for six months as may desire to
' serve for that length of time.
State Fair Dates.
Salem, Or., April 12. The time of
opening the state fair has been changed
from October 6 to September 14, on
recommendation of President Wehrung,
by a mail vote of the members of the
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
state board of agriculture. Mr. Web
rung in recommending the change, said
that he had received a large number
of letters from farmers and others
siying that if the change was made it
would be more convenient for them to
attend, as harvesting and hoppicking
would be practically completed by the
middle of .September, and fall plowing
would not begin until a little later. The
fact that the Portland exposition will
open the latter part of September also
had something to do' with the change.
The fair will close September 21.
Many People Ridicule the idea of an
Absolute Cure for Dyspepsia
and Stomach Troubles.
Ridicule, However, la Not Argument,
a ad facts are Stubborn Things,
. Stomach troubles are so common and
in most cases, so obstinate to cure that
people are apt to look with suspicion on
any remedy claiming to be a radical,
permanent cure for dyspepsia and in
digestion. Many such pride themeelves
on their acuteness in never being hum
bugged, especially in medicinee.
This fear of being humbugged can be
carried too far, so far, in fact, that many
people suffer for years with weak diges
tion rather than risk a little time and
money in faithfully testing the claims
made of a preparation eo reliable and
universally nsed as Stuart's Dyspepsia
Now Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are
vastly different in one important respect
from ordinary proprietary meaicines for
the reason that they are not a secret
patent med cine, no secret is made of
their ingredients, but analysis shows
them to contain the natural digestive
ferments, pure aseptic pepsin, the diges
tive acids,' Golden Seal, bismuth, by-
drastisand nux. They are not cathartic.
neither do they set powerfully on the
organ, but they cure indigestion on the
common sense plan of digesting the food
eaten thoroughly before it has time to
ferment, sour and cause the mischief,.
This is the only secret of their success.
Cathartic pills never have and never
can cure indigestion ' and stomach
troubles because they act entirely on the
bowels, whereas the whole trouble is
really in the stomach.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets taken after
meals digest the food. That is all there
is to it. Food not digested or half diges
ted is poison as it creates gas, acidity,
headaches, palpitation of the heart, loss
of flesh and appetite and many other
troubles which are often called by some
other name. They are sold by druegists
everywhere at. 50 cents per package.
Address F. A. Stuart Co., Marshall,
Mich., for little book on stomach
diseases, sent free.
: ' ;
A Doctor Killed. -'
Colfax, April 12. Dr.B. R. Mitchell,
a prominent physician of Colfax, was
accidentiy killed last night, his buggy
being overturned and the doctor's - neck
broken. Dr. Mitchell came here in 1886
irom bcotaaie, ra. .Trior to this tor a
number of years he was employed by the
Carnegie Company in their iron and
coal mines. He was fifty years old.
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart, of-Groton, S. D. : "Was taken
with a bad cold which settled on my
lungs; cough set. it and finally termi
nated In consumption: Four' doctors
gave me up, saying I could live but a
short time. I gave myself up to my
Savior, determined if I could not stay
with my friends on earth, I would meet
my absent ones above. My husband
was advised to get Dr. King's 'New Dis
covery for consumption, coughs and
colds. I gave it a trial, took in all eight
bottles. It has cured me, and thank
God, I am saved and now a well and
healthv woman." Trial bottles free at
Blakeley & Houghton's drng store. Reg
ular tize 50c and ' $1. Guaranteed or
price refunded.- 1
Three Washington Weddings.
Washington, April 12.- Three nota
able weddings were solemnized in this
city today. Miss Jane Brown Fuller,
fifth daughter of Chief Justice Fuller,
was married to Nathaniel Leavitt
Francis, of Boston. The bridegroom is
the only son of a wealthy and prominent
Boston family, and graduated from Har
vard in 1892. The wedding occurred at
St. John's Epiec pal church. -
Miss Mary Jones, daughter of Senator
James K. Jones, of Arkansas, was mar
ried to Frank W. Piatt, of St. Paul, at
the Mount ' Vernon Place Methodist
Miss Constance Ingalls, daughter of ex-
Senator John J. Ingalls, was married to
Robert Schick, of Reading, Pa., at the
Church of the Aecension. Mr. Schick is
a lawyer, and a graduate of Princeton
and Harvard. '
F. C. Reed, of Astoria, Succeeds the
Late H. D. M'Guire.
Serionsness. ot the Crisis Recognized at
- - : Berlin. -
Salem, Or., April 12. F. C. Reed, o'
Astoria, was this afternoon appointed
fish commissioner by Governor Geer, to
fill the vacancy caused by the drowning
of Hollister D. McGuire, of Portland.
He will receive a salary of $2500 a year
and traveling and other expenses. He
will be required to furnish a bond for
Commissioner Reed is a staunch Re
publican. Hh was a member of the
state senate in 1882 and 1885, as joint
member from C a.tsop, Columbia and
Tillamook counties. He is not new to
the work of protecting the fishing indus
try, as he was a member of the old fish
commission, which was abolished in
1893. -
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible burn,
scald, cut or bruise; Bocklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will kill
the pain and promptly heal it.- Cures
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felons and all skin eruptions. Best pile
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: 4 Want the Troops Returned. .
M'MinkivlleV Or.,-April 12. A call
will appear in the local papers tomorrow,
for m mass meeting, at the opera house
next Saturday afternoon, to give expres
sion concerning the detention of the vol
unteers in the Philippines who enlisted
for the Spanish-American war and kin
dred matters. Fourteen men, who have
sons in these volunteers, have signed
the call. They say they da not wantUc
due pressure brought to re-list their sons,
nor the officers seeking to hold their
positions to speak for the men in the
ranks. ; .
For frost bites, burns, indolent sores,
eczema, . skin disease, and especially
Piles, . De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve
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honest people who try to imitate and
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Opinion Based on a Dispatch from
Rose Consul's Report Interpreted
as Exonerating the German Resi
dents from Blame-
New York, AprtI 13. A dispatch to
the Herald from Berlin-says: Up to a
late hour the lights burned in the foreign
office, where much agitation reigned dur
ing the afternoon, owing to the latest
news from Samoa.
The ambushing of the American and
English detachment by Mataafa'e war
riors is taken here in the most serious
light. The dispatch which reached the
minister of state from Consul Rose is
taken as exonerating the Germans from
any band in the matter, as was at first
feared might possibly be the case. This
removed the obstacles to Germany's at
once, naming her commissioner, who, it
is said, will be the first secretary ot the
Germany embassy at Washington.
A personage in a position to speak au
thoritatively says the reports in German
papers that the German government put
in a claim for damages are untrue. All
such questions as that are entirely mat
ters for the consideration ot the com
missioners. All this Samoa trouble is a small but
wretched business, for which it seems a
terrible pity that 400,000 marks worth of
German property has been damaged and
lives of American' and English seamen
have been needlessly sacrificed.
The foreign office has received several
dispatches from the commander of the
cruiser Falke, in which he makes no
mention of any disagreeable discussion
with "Rear-Admiral Kautz. The German
government takes this as sufficient proof
that all stories told on the Bubject must
therefote have been inventions of per
sons ' interested in making trouble be
tween Germany and the United States.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, ot Barcelona, Spain,
spends his winters at Aiken, S. C.
Week nerves had- caused severe pains in
the back of his head. ' On using Electric
Bitters, America's greatest blood ' and
nerve remedy, all pain soon left him.
He says this grand medicine is what his
country needs. All America knows that
it cures liver and kidney trouble, puri
fies the blood, tones up the stomach,
strengthens the nerves, puts vim, vigor
and new life into ev.ery muscle, nerve
and organ of the body. If weak, tired
or ailing you need it. Every bottle
guaranteed, only 5oc. Sold by Blakeley
& Houhton, druggists. 1
Honors to M'Conville.
Lewibton, Idaho, April 12. The re
mains of Brigadier-Gtneral McConville,
who,- as major of the Idaho volunteers,
was killed at Manila on February 4,
while leading the charge at Santa Ana,
arrived at noon today on the steamer
Spokane. The remains were in. charge
of Adjutant-General Weaver, of the Idaho
National Guard, and were accompanied
by the widow and son of the deceased,
the latter having accompanied the body
from Manila.
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