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DRY FIR, made of 12x12 bridge timber
At 8 o'cloclc sharp.
The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
Telephone No. 1.
Captain Lewis on
"Life in Libby Prison,"
Tonight at the Congregatioual church.
Freas Saunders baa purchased the
wood business of J. T. Reynolds in this
city. Those desiring good wood will find
him by ringing up 'phone number 12.
Grippe has made its appearance in
Portland, and reports from the East say
there is just such an epidemic of the dis
ease as occurred about nine years ago,
many fatalities following in its wake.
This eyening at their hall the
CmStW T : 1 1 r .i -
uluiwi ijiuo, win give Hiiotner oi meir
most enjoyable parties. The announce
ment that the music will be furnished
py Prof. Birgfeld is sufficient to insure
them a good crowd.
Those who have beard Capt. Lewis in
conversation speak of his experiences in
Libby prison are anxious to hear his
lecturo (or talk as Captain calls it) to
night. It you wish to hear it be at the
Congregaiional church at 8 ojclpck.
OuroIdfriendr7the Chinook, made its
appearance last night and got on a tear,
Bending the rain before him. In the
j country near here it snowed slightly,
i and this morning the Klickitats were
white. The weather report for tomor
row says "colder."
' .''Last night about 8 o'clock when Jesse
, Blakeney 's team was standing in front
of Ruch's store the bridle of one horse
nn n. a aAP -J tS 1 Jll . -
"u- uu bu ingmenea mm tnat ne
started to run. By circling them around
and running them into the telephone
pole at the Commission corner, Mr.
, ij .- . ;
though in doing so the top of bis wagon
was badly broken np.
A land elide is reported at Oneonta
Gorge, below the Cascades, this morn
ing. No particulars could be obtained
regarding it, but it is said to be 100 feet
long and about 12 feet deep, and to have,
compelled the O. R. & N. to transfer'
their passengers on No. 3. . No doubt toi
night's east-bound trains will fail to gel
through, as the slide is a bad one. Howl
: ever, a large force of men are at work;
and will clear the track or build a nev?
one in a short '''-ii, ' ,
. Deputy Sheriff F. C. Sexton arrived
home last night from Warm Springi
agency, whither he went on business!
I Spending Christmas day there he at-
l tended a tree given by the employes arid"
teachers lor theridians. He saysit
was almost-, impossible for the large
crowd that attended to get into the
school house, but that the best of order
prevailed. The program would have
done credit to any school, and the pupils
were delighted with the Christmas gifts
For Most
Liberal Patronage,
We wish to
Extend our Sincere
Thanks to the
Public at Large,
and -would ask a
continuance of the same
for the year to follow.
received. Mr. Sexton thoroughly en
joyed the exercises.
Mrs. James Blakeney, who bas been
with ber husband at the hospital in
Portland, returned home last night. She
reports him as getting along, slowly, as
could only be expected after undergoing
such an operation. It will be six weeks
and perhaps longer, before he will be
able to leave the hospital, and it is
feared the leg will be eouiewbat shorter
than it formerly was. Mrs. Blakeney
says the doctors have no hopes for the
life of Wm. O'Neal who was taken down
One of the enjoyable events of Christ
mas day in The Dalles to a few of the
friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. S.- Fish and
Roger B. Sinnott was the dinner served
that evening at the Umatilla House.
About 7 :30 o'clock the merry party were
seated at a table in the pleasantest part
of the dining room, where one of the
best of dinners was served, while all
joined in lively conversation, such aa an
occasion of that sort always engenders,
especially where the hosts and hostess
are of such happy dispositions. Having
done justice to the spread, the party ad
journed to the parlor,- where an hour or
more was spent in singing. Altogether
the evening was a very pleasant one.
As far as can be learned the changes
which are to take place in the railroad
time card on January 1st, will make
little difference in the .trains through
The Dalles, except in the arrival of No. 1,
which now is due here at 3:20 a. m.
This train will reach hereabout 1 or 1 :30
p. m., which will be a much more desir
able hour for passengers for Portland,
and will, if on time, admit of three
hours' stay in the metropolis before the
night train leaves that city, thus giving
that much time in which to transact
business and only cause a loss of half a
day. Besides, if reports are true con
cerning the changes, we will have a
morning and afternoon west-bound pas
senger train.
Monday evening Miss Anna Stubling
who leaves next Monday to attend the
business college in Portland entertaine
ner ounaay ccnooi class, composed of
dozen or more bright lads, at he;
home on Eighth street. Progressivi
Tiddledy Winks was the game of thl
evening, and if evey a party entered,
into a game with a frill it was these'
boys, Gus Waltherscoming out ahead!
Oscar Beck second best, and Gus Weieel
securing the booby. The lunch was enj
joyed equally as wen. Daring the evenA
!ncr Mina Stnhlirnr nna nraaantoil K fhd
boys with a beautifnl gold pen as a part-lj
ing gift. The members of the class
present were : Oscar Beck, Charles
Weigel, Alfred Pribz, Gus and George
Waltbers, Charleb Mellquest. Adolpb
Schmidt, Otto Keller, Gus Weigel, Jos
eph Nitschke, Arthur and Theodore'
hJjrews. J
William Martin Johnson, author of
"Inside of a Hundred Homes," con
tributes the first artie of his new eerles
on "The House Practical" to the Janu
ary Ladies' Home Journal. In these
articles Mr. JohnBon will explain how
the various rooms, hallways, etc., of a
honse may be artietically furnished and
decorated at comparatively small cost.
The explanation is so clearly detailed
that, with the aid of the accompanying
drawings, almost any one with taste
may follow the instructions given. The
articles will show how the' interior of a
house may be transformed from . the
commonplace into a thing of artistic
beauty and cozincss. There is no sub
ject of such vital interest to Americans
as the improvement of the home, and
Mr. Johnson's articles will doubtless
prove as popular and useful as his " Ju-r
side or a .Hundred Homes."
Telia Bla Thoughts.
A new kind of a disease Las made its
appearance in Baker City which is more
to be dreaded than having around one
a person who Is a mind reader. A Pen
dleton maneayB:
"I ran across a most remarkable thing
in Baker City the other day, something
of which I have never heard" and which
I think is not equalled or paralleled by
any case on record heretofore. I don't
know just how to name it by a single
phrase, and think the medical experts
and psychical people will have difficulty
in classifying the malady.
"It is best described by telling my ex
perience. I was walking the streets one
day recently in Baker City, and saw a
man standing on the pavement lookinar
at a woman who was also passing along.
"retty, pretty,' said the man, as he
looked at her, 'I'd like to kiss you.'
"She was startled very much at this
remark and hastened her steps. The
man disappeared in the hotel.
"I made some inquiries, and found
the fellow has become the victim of a
most remarkable disease. He has no
control over his vocal organs; but invol
untarily he speaks out whatever he
thinks. I learned that he has been nr.
rested for using obscene language before
ladies, and that it has been discovered
that he has the disease so bad that there
is but little hopes of curing him."
Has found that her little ones are Im
proved more by the pleasant Syrup of
Figs, when in need of the laxative effect
of a gentle remedy, than by any other.
omtcren enjoy it and it benefits them.
The true remedy, Syrup of Fig?, is
manufactured by the California Fii?
Syrup Co. only.
BDkln'i Arnica salve.
The beet salve in the world for cud ,
braises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fevei
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cuies piles, or no pay required
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale by Blakeley and
Honghton, druggists.
DRY FIR, made of bridge piling,
Extra choice DRY FIR,
All mail orders promptly attended to.
..THE HflSDWflBE DEflliElJS..
167 Second St. THE DALLES. OR.
Edwin Biker Accidentally Shot By a
A most deplorable accident occurred at
Weston Saturday evening, resulting in
the death of Edwin Baker, son of M. A
Baker, the postmaster at that place.
Sometime ago, the oldest Marsh boy
bad loaded an old cap and ball Colt's
pistol, which was left about the house,
The younger Marsh boy, 12 years old,
was forbidden to take it. His mother
had on Saturday afternoon gone to visit
at Mrs. Beeler's house and while she was
absent, the 12-year-old Marsh boy took
it out and was playing at a Wild West
show with ' the Baker boy, Edwin.
Marsh was sitting on a hummock of dirt
near the house, trying to take the cap
off the prime holes of the pistol, when
the Baker boy came running out from
the woodshed toward ' him. ' In some
manner the pistol was discharged, one
report saying it was merely by reason of
the hammer falling accidentally,' and
another report saying the Marsh boy
playfully pointed the pistol toward the
Baker boy and snapped it in fun.
At any rate, the Baker boy fell in
stantly, and apparently died the instant
the bullet struck him. The bullet
passed through the heart.
Of course, the parents of the Baker
boy were prostrated with grief over the
awful tragedy, and the parents of the
Marsh boy are, perhaps, equally grief
stricken. It was purely an accident,
and yet the results are fully as deplor
able aa though it had been otherwise.
The body ot the little Baker boy was
buried Sunday at Weston. E. O.
'Ruth Aabmore" Dead.
Dispatches tell us that Mrs Isabel
Mallon, who wrote under the nom de
plumes of "Ruth Ash more" and "Bab",
died at her home in New York yester
day. For several years readers of the Ladies'
Home Journal have been wont to read
Ruth Ashmore's articles in that popular
magazine; particularly her "Side Talks
With Girls," which were at times very
amusing to many who are not accus
tomed to living up to the very letter of
"800" society ettiqnette. Therefore when
she informed us that a young lady might
with propriety take a short drive with
ber affianced husband unaccompanied
by a chaperone, we smiled at the
thought of such leniency; and later,
when to their dismay the society young
men read in her columns that they were
expected to pay the street car fare when
escorting a young lady to a place of
amnsement, the laugh was on the other
side: However, in spite of the fact that
we derived much amusement from her
writings, we more often appreciated the
common sense contained in the pages
devoted to articles on practical subjects,'
and will miss them as we look for them
in their accustomed place. Already
have they been missed, and those who
Gap ii! re and Escape,
Or the Pleasant Part of the Imprisonment.
Chicamauga; The "Rebel Yell ;n Captured; A Gentleman ; General Joa
Wheeler; A Friend in Need ; General Duff; Green of Georgia; A Bunch of Flow
ers; Militia; Petersburg; Richmond; Libby; Greenbacks ; Rations ; Interior of
Libby ; Cooking ; Roll Call; Amusements; Tame Mice; Minstrels; Raiders;
Skirmishing; Belle Isle; A Loaf of Bread; The "Sultana;" Battle of Chatta
nooga; Christmas. Kilpatrick ; Escapes; Young Men Of That Time; Noted Men1
in the Libby ; Noted Visitors ; General A. P. Hill ; General John H. Morgan ; the
Guard; Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg; Escape Through the Tunnol; Recaptured
and Paroled ; Captain Hatch, C. S. A. The Flag of Our Nation.
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
For Less than Half Price
We wish to clear out all old stock before mov
ing into new store and have some bargains.
This is an opportunity to get a bicycle cheap
All wheels sold at half regular price.
We have the largest assortment ever displaved in The Dalles, and
you will find our prices are lower than all of our competitors.
Books, in Endless Variety.
Cloth bound, 12 mo., 200 titles, 12c each. Chatterbox, latest edi
tion, only 69c. All goods marked in plain figures. - .
Jacobsen Book & Music Co.
170 Second Street,
5omir;2 to tfye propt;
Slowly, bot surely, J. H. Cross with a magnificent stock of staple
and fancy groceries. His constant and enormous daily sales gives evi
dence ot satisfaction to the people. In connection with his splendid gro
cery trade, he does a marvelous Hay, Grain and Feed business. He
carries in stock x
Oat Hay
Wheat Hay,
Barley Hay,
Baled Straw, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Corn, Buckwheat, Roll Bar
ley, Middling, Shorts, Bran and Shorts and Lite Bran.
He also has the largest and best assortment of garden and grass seeds
in Eastern Oregon. Experience has demonstrated the wisdom of fall
planting in many lines of seeds, such as onion, turnip, lettuce, spinach,
peas and others. He deals in Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese.
Also daily buys and sells fresh egs. All orders intrusted to his care
will be filled with fidelity and dispatch and delivered free to any part of
the city. Thankful to the public for their confidence and patronage in
the past will endeavor by fair dealing to merit a continuance of the same.
Cor. Second and Federal Sts.,
The Dalles, Oregon. - -
were not aware that she was ill, won
dered why she bad ceased to contribute
to the paper. -
She also wrote as "Bab." and was
perhaps better known by that nom de
and Parole
50 Cents.
old stand.
The Dalles, Oregon.
Timothy Hay,
Wild Grass Hay,
. lfalfa Hay.
Men lYanterl
To cut cord wood. Inquire of The
Dallas Lumbering Co, . 17-lm.
One Minute Cough Cure, cures.
Tb.t it wbit if wu cnedc for.