The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 26, 1898, Image 1

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21) c Dalles
Vessels of Sampson's Fleet Have Already
Estalsiicia Blockade of the
Most Promiueut Ports,
The ShltM itftho MijUBilron Are nil the
Lookout fur Two Blnro Hiaiiinli
Hlilp Kn Itouto to Culm.
Nkw York, April 25. The
North Atlantic squadron is
enforcing the blockado of Cuba
and the flying squadron re
mains in Hampton Roads.
The cruisers San Francisco
and New Orleans are at the
Broklyn navy-yard, and may
sail tomorrow to join the fly
ing squadron. Every day adds
sovoral vessels to the auxil
iary fleet.
Tlio battle-ehip Oregon mid the Mari
etta nre coining up tliu coast of South
America, nnd will probably touch at
Rio Janeiro iu a few days. The
dyuaiiiito cruiser Nicthoroy, just
purchased from Brazil, is still at Hio do
Janeiro. The newly purchased cruiser
Topeka is nt eua on the way from
Portsmouth to New York, and the torpedo-bout
Homers is still at Portsmouth
ready for seu.
The Paris, for whoso safety no alarm
is felt, will arrive in New York by the
middle of the week.
Royal makes the food pure,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
Nkw Yonic, April 25. Since the war
with Spain has begun the United States
naval forces have established a strict
blockade of Cuban ports, and have cap
tured eight Spanish vessels. The prizes
are the steamers Buona Ventura, Pedro,
Miquel .loves, Catallna Saturnina, and
the tchooners Mathilde, Candidla and
Antonio. All these vessels have been
or will ho taken to Key West, except the
Saturnina, which was soiz.'d at Ship is
land Mississippi.
Tlio Spanish steamer Panama, from
New York, and tlio Alfonzo XIIJ., from
Spain, both bouud for Cuba, nre likely
to be captured by the American warships
within a few davs.
Spain has mado no iitiznraR on fur nq
known. The only movement of tlio
Spanish navy reported is the departure
o' the torpedo-boat destroyer Audaz
from Qiicciiatown for Spain, and the de
parture of the Spanish fleet from the
Uape Verde islands for Cuba.
H iS I'XIJlM'tl-rl Mint . U'linii )l.n Rnn.ilAli
eet reaches Cuban waters a battle is
almost cortain to tako place. Other re
Ports would indicate that the fleet Was
bound for points ulong the coast of the
United States, nnd at present nothing
bo said ns to its destination.
T't of neprt Ailitol by tlio
ikiuno mill Hniiutu.
WaSIHSCITOW. Anrll OS Ill,.,l., Ij
i of the report of tho house for
W i affairs committee, formally declar
ngttiHt war exists between the United
fates ami Spain, as adopted by the
uU8o ami
m mu sunuiu to
day :
"Bo It
maeted by tho senate and
, A bushel of notions
doem't weigh half as
mich as one stubborn
Happy Thought Salve
IsaBure factor for tho
cure of Skin Troubles
500 glass Jars
For sale at DONNELL'S.
houso of representatives of the United
States, in congress assembled :
"First, That war be und tho same is
hereby declared to exist, and that war
has exiBteil since the 21st of April, 180S,
including Sunday, between the United
States und the kingdom of Spain.
"Second, That the president of the
United States is hereby directed and em
powered to use tho entire land and na
val forces of the United States, and to
call into actual service the United States
militia of the severul states to such ex
tent us way be necessary to carry this
act into effect.
IluiiilreiU of Telegrams Touring In
From All 1'urtn of tho Country--llecrultH
Offer Their Services.
Washington, April 26. At present
hundreds of telegrams are pouring into
tho war department from all parts of
the country asking for information as to
the mustering ot volunteers. It is
thought that the war department will
issue notices as soon as possible detail
ing the plan of recruiting the army.
It is evident that no trouble will be en
countered in obtaining the 125,000 men
asked for by tho president in his last
call, or as many more as may be neces
sary in future.
The urmy officials are beseiged by sen
ators and representatives who nre in
teresting themselves in behalf of appli
cants for commissions in the volunteer
To I'revent Yullinv Fever.
Wahiiington, April 25, The surgeon
general of the United States issued or
ders last evening instructing that pre
cautionary measures be taken that yel
low fever he prevented from getting
started among the volunteers who go to
Cuba. Everything that can possibly be
done towards preventing the breaking
out of the disease will be reeorted to.
A Call for Oregon Voluutcer.
Washington. April 25. A call was
issued on Governor Lord, of Oregon,
this cveniui! to furnish a regiment of in
fantry on the state's quota of tho 125,
000 volunteers, by Secretary Long. The
war department issued ordors later that
the Oregon troops that will be enrolled
under the volunteers' call lendezvous
at Portland.
Our Strength Growing Momentarily.
Washington, April 25. The navy de
partment today purchased the yacht
Oorsnn from J. Piorpont Morgan, which
vessel will immediately bo put into serv-
leo in the navv. John Jacob Aster lias
offered to equip o regiment at his own
expense, while John A. Logan will equip
Hay Appointed to Succeed Klieiliinu.
Wahiiington. April 25. Secretory
Shorman's resignation was tendered at
12:15 today, and was immediately ac
cepted. Assistant Secretary Day haB
been chosen to succeed him. iiieau
hA aaa nnd feeblo condition of Sec-
rotary Sherman inmlo this move highly
I'olo' Statement lleuleil.
Washington. April 25. Wilkie, who
holds the position of chief of tho United
StaUH service, makes mi omciai ana
verv oimihatlc denial of Senor Polo's
statement concerning Americans storm
ing the train in which he was riding in
Hnnhester. and holds up tho statement
of the SpaniBh minister ns a gross uu-
Sailed From II on Kong.
Hong Kono. April 25, 7 :30 r, M.-The
remainder of the United StatMKjuadron
baa left tbia port.
Demand That the Spanish
Fleet Be Ordered From
the Cape Verdes.
Washington, April 25.
Portugal has been forced to
reply to the ultimatum of the
United States. This govern
ment warned Portugal if she
continues to allow any of the
Spanish fleet to remain at the
Cape Verde islands it will
have to take its position as an
ally of Spain and as an enemy
of the United States. The
notice sent to Portugal that it
must compel the Spanish fleet
to leave the Cape de Verdes
or else acknowledge its friend
liness to Spain was in the na
ture of an ultimatum. Are
ply was demanded today at
10:15. This morning Assist
ant Secretary of State Adee
said : "We have received offi
cial notice from Portugal that
as soon as the United States
promulgates a declaration of
war she will notify the Span
ish fleet now at Cape Verde
islands to leave within 48
hours or to remain until the
end of hostilities. Portugal
also notifies the United States
that she will do nothing until
war is
the declaration
All SjiuiiIkU VesselH Must Loire.
Washington, April 25. A note is be
ing prepared by tho etate department
giving notice thnt live days will be al
lowed the Spanish vessels to leave the
American ports. This move is in com
pliance with international law, and the
vessels will make haste to leave.
Northern I'iicIUc Endeavoring to Secure
T.ruiloi tiitlon tor Troop.
Washington, April 25. Vice-presi
dent Lamont, ot the Northern Pacific
railroad, is in Washington at present
endeavoring to transport the Pacific
coast troops over hie line to the Atlantic
Judge Hewitt's Action.
Salem, Or., April 25. Judge Hewitt
has sustained the straight Populists and
ordered a writ of mandamus command
ing Secrotary of State Kiucaid to rile the
nominations and place the names on the
Whiten Who Marry the Indian Wom
en of tho North.
At Lake Lcbargc we met nn English
man who wa3 inking his wife and three
children for n trip to Five Finger rap
ids. His wife wa3 n squaw, nnd her
fnco wis painted black, ns were also
those of "the children. I never did find
out the real reason those squaws have
for painting their faces black. Some
Bay it ia becuuse they think it makes
them more beautiful, and still others
claim that it is n preventive from the
mosquitoes. We became quite friendly
with this Englishman. He was taking
his .family to visit some of his wife's
pc6ple. Ho had just recei-ed news from
England thnt the death of three per
sons made him heir to a noble title,
and quite an inheritance, but to enjoy
its possession, etc., of course he would
have to return to England. "Of course,"
said I, "you nre going at once." He
looked around at his family nnd said:
"Well, I could hardly take them with
me, nnd I'm too fond of them to leave
them here; so I think I'll stay here my
self and let the other fellow enjoy my
property over there." This was all said
with a degree of pathos which was al
most sublime, and yet I could not help
picturing to myself the sensation that
thnt squaw wife would make nt some
reception held among his titled friends
if she were to enter nu naturel, ns we
were looking at her then. I think
something of the same thought must
have passed through our friend's mind,
for, hastily murmuring "what might
hnve been," etc., he looked suspiciously
like shedding n few tears, bade us a
hurried farewell, and gathered his
small family nnd belofTgings together
and proceeded on his way. There are
many white men in Alaska married to
the Indians. They call them squaw
men. Leslie's Magazine.
Thirty-five years make a generation.
That is how long AdolpU Fisher, of
Zunesvlllc, O., suffered from piles. He
was cured by using threo boxes of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. Snipes.
Kinersly Drug Co.
No More Volunteer Wauttil.
Washington. April 25 It is authori
tatively stated that the president does
not contemplate a call for additional
volunteers at present.
A torpid liver robs you of ambition
and ruins your health. DeWitt's Little
Early Misers cleapse tho liver, cure con
stipatbu mid till stomach and liver
trouble. Snipes. Kiuerely Drug Co.
A Sure Cure. "Yes, Stubbs was go
in'' into a decline an' the doctor said
th' beEt thing for him was to get an
easy government job arxl lie around do
ing ncthing." "A sinecure, eh?" "I
den't know wihat kind o' cure you call
it, but anyway he's cured." Cleveland
Menial Work. "Did you hear how
young Cadlets made love to Miss
Duckets?" "No: hew did he?" "He
sent his valet to intercede for him."
"Goodness! I never heard of such a
thing!" "Ncr I; but 1 suppose, he
thought it was him to press his
cwn suit." Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
A little boy a6kcd for a bottle of "get
up in the morning as fast as you can,"
the druggist recognized a household
name lor "DeWitt's Little Early Risers"
and gave him a bottle of those famous
little pills for constipation, sick head
ache, liver and stomach troubles.
Snipes Kinerely Drug Co.
Thousands of sufferers from grippe
have been restored to health by One
Minute Cough Cure. It quickly cures
coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia,
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cycle rider are liable to unexpected cuts
and bruises. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve is the best tiling to keep on hand.
It heals quickly, and is a well known
cute for piles. Snipes-KInersly Drug Co.
Another shipment of Cleveland wheels
just received. They are really the only
high grade wheel on the maiket. Maier
& Benton sole agents. tf
A good lot 50x100 on Second street,
with Urst-clnss two-story building, well
airauged for hotel, 300 feet from O. R. &
N. depot. For terms of sale eee Butts,
at the oflice of Dufur & Dulur. tf
To Kent.
Seven-room house below the bluff.
Enquire of A. S. Mac Allister, Chronicle
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rough skin.
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cent cigar you get your money's worth.
Use Clarke it Fttlk's Rosofonui for tho
is a fair exchange of advantages.
You give good money to your grocer;
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best he has.
A demonstration in staple Wash Goods is now going on in our
Wash Goods Department. We are eellinu well known staples
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A 30-inch PERCALE
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Black ground;, with a large range of new patterns. Tlie re
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32-inch PERCALE.
Soft finish ami full regular weight. Two styles only Black
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Hose for Ohildrens School
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For more than, fifty-six years it has never failed ia
its weekly visits to the homes of farmers and
villagers throughout the United States.
IT HAS faithfullv labored for thoir prosperity and happi
ness, for tho improvement of their business and home
interests, for education, for the elevation of American
manhood and true womanhood.
IT HAS told at the fireside, interesting and instructive
stories of the doings of tho world, the nation and states.
IT HAS advised tlio farmer as to tho most approved meth
ods of cultivating and harvesting his crops, and the
proper time to convert them into tho largest possible
amount of money.
IT HAS led in all matters pertaining to tho welfare of
.farmers and villagors, and for over half a century haa
held thoir confidence and esteem.
and wo furnish it with the Semi-Weekly Chronicle one
year for $1.75, cash in advance.