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We are the People
"Very Much to the Good."
to look to
.reseept Bieyeles..
1898 Models are now ready for inspection.
Pricos from $27.60 to $50.00.
One thousand styles and sizes.
For cooking and heating.
Price from $ioto $70.
New Ideas at every point.
The Wheel that sells at an honest price.
New Arrivals..
A largo assortment of Sunshades and Parasols in black and fancy colors.
Fancy Sunshades ranging from $1.75 to $3.50.
Black Parasols ranging from . . .75 to 7.00.
Rain Umbrellas in endless varieties.
The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
APRIL 23, 1898
Wanted, a woman torio general house
work. Apply at this ofliee.
Don't forgot that Kellar keeps the
heat ice cream soda in the city. tf
Tillamook creamery hutter GO cents at
The Dalles Commission Co.'b.
Plumbing,, tinning, bicycle and gun
repairing done at Maier & Benton's.
Oranges and lemons direct from grow
.era at lowest prices at Dallea Commie
sion Co.'s.
For salo cheap. Twenty-eight acres
good land, just outBido the city limits
Inquire of G. It. Rowland. u212w
"Eagle" Acetylene Gas Generators nre
superior to all. Agoncy at Hansen &
Thompson's planing mill. a'21-lm dw
Rev. Sweitzer, of Forest Grove, will
occupy the pulpit at tho Congregational
church at morning and ovening service
At tho Lutheran church the Rov. M.
L. Zwolzig, of Portland, will preach on
Sunday, the 24th inst., at 8 p. m. No
morning service.
Auothorshipmontof Cleveland wheels
just received. They aro really tho only
high grade wheel on tho market. Muier
6 Ronton sole agents. tf
Muier & Beaton have just put in a
'lathe" in their repair shop, and are
now better than ever prepared to do all
kind of machine work, tf
All tneinbors at Cedar Olrde, W. of
W,, are requested to assemble at their
hall at 1 o'clock Sunday to attend tho
funeral of Neighbor Vurhey'e son.
A mooting of the Elks will be held at
7 o'clock this evening. An installation
will be held, after which u social season
will be hold at 8 o'clock. All members
are requested to bo present.
Today tho 12year-old boh of Con
tractor Iloyle, who Uvea on tho hill,
waa ecullling with another boy and foil,
breaking one of hi arms. Dr. Hollls
ter reduced the fracture, and the boy is
getting along nicely.
Tho pastor, Rev. 0. D. Taylor, will
preach at tho First Baptist church to
morrow morning at 11 o'clock. Subject,
"Do all things work for good?" Along
journey and tho oxultement of home
coming have wearied Pastor Taylor, and
lie will uot;h'oId evening service tomor
row. As ne will not lasuo a paper until
Tuesday morning, we feel as if it were
our duty to remind our patrons once
more of the Bittner theater company,
which will Appear at the Vogt three
nights, commencing Monday. They
come highly recommended and deserve
r patronage,
The minstrel ahow of Richards A
P'ingle and Buacoe & Holland at the
Vogt Urn evening wm well attended and
a flrat-clHH ahqw wh presented. This
company has two splendid bands, a fine
orchestra and a number ot stars in their
reapectivo lines, and we can heartily
recommend them to public patronage.
Yesterday J. Lauretson.who workB for
Wood BroB., of thia city, was cutting
meat at the Blaughter house near the
city, when a cleaver fell, Btnking him on
the hand, making a serious gash. Sev
eral stitches hud to be put in to draw
the wound together, but outside of hav
ing to quit work for a few days, no seri
ous injury will result.
Today the case ot the State of Oreeon
galnet Ray Mann was tried in tho jus
tice court. Mann was charged with the
stealing of a horeo valued at $10,. from
D. J. Cooper, who filed the complaint.
Hon A. S. Bennett wbb attorney for the
defense, while A. A. Jayne appears in
behalf of the state. Mann was dis
charged aa the evidence against him was
not sufficient to warrant his being held
o appear before the grand jury.
"Dandy," the little dog belonging to
the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Com
pany jumped from the top of the 30-foot
ladder at 2:15 thia afternoon. Quite a
crowds gathered to witness the leap, und
were highly amused at the manner in
which he climbed the laddder and made
the jump. A matinee was given at the
Baldwin opera house this afternoon, and
"Dandy" will perform again nt 5:15
this evening in front of the New York
Cash Store.
From pn exchange we learn that a
serious drouth threatens California.
During tho vear but five inches of rain
have fal(en, and tho growing grain is
beginning to dry out, while the pasture
Is so scare that thousands of head of
cnttlo and horses ore threatened with
starvation. It Is said that prospects for
rain are very poor, alnco it Ib a rare
thing to have rain in that etato lutor
than March, and if such prove tho casi
this year, it will be very disastrous fo
the California stockmen and farmers.
A man named Williams, who claims
to hall from Colfax, Wash., is now a
boarder at) the county jail, says tho Pen
dleton Tribune. He icado his appear
ance at jail Wednesday with a wild,
hungry gleam in his eye, and begged for
protection. He told Deputy Shoriff
Frazlor ho camo from Colfax and that
tho gamblora and rounders of that place
wero persecuting him and aiming to
tako his life. It is thought he waa an
occupant of the jail at tho time of the
recent lynching and that the episode
affected his ml ml.
The Salt Lako Herald saye: "Tho
Bittner company presented 'Friends'
to a largo nudionco ot the Grand opera
house last evening, and to soy that it
was handled by the company in an ex
cellent manner expresses tho facts con
cisely. The compnnv has undoabtedly
gained tho confidence of the community,
for as the week advances the crowds
grow no smaller. Measra. Bittner, Wal
dron, Kelley, Fred ricks oud Undorwood
aro the gentlemen who do some very
clever acting, assisted by Miss Mattle
Ohoate and the other ladles, while
Messrs, Moran and McClellan, the step
dancers, together with the trlogrngh,
furnish an abundance of amusement for
handles are up-to-date.
any one during an evening. The fact is
becoming evident that the company has
no superiors in the western states as a
repertorie company, not excepting the
renowned Frawleye, of San Francisco."
L. L. Hill, who with John Cradle
baugh is part owner of the Golden Eagle
mine in Baker county, arrived in the
city today. Mr. Hill informs us that
they have their tunnel in 250 feet, and
have fltruck fine free milling ore. He
has numerous specimens of the ore, and
the gold can be plainly seen on the sur
face with the naked eye. When a mag
nifying glass is turned on, the whole
surface ot the ore fairly glitters with the
shining metal. As far aa can be judged,
there is a large quantity of this ore, and
that Messrs. Hill and Cradlebaugh have
a Klondike of their own cannot be
doubted in the least.
A drill of Co G, O. N. G., will be held
at the armory tonight. All the militia
men in this city are requested to be
present, as thoEe who are not on hand
will be discharged and others put in
their plucos. At present the compauy
consists of ehout forty-four members,
and aa soon as possible the number will
be increased to sixty-three, and such a
thing is possible that orders may be is
sued to increase the number to a hun
dred members, Numerous applications
have already been handed in, and the
only difficulty will be to find room for
all who voluuteer. Ex-members of the
company are requested to be present,
and will have the preference of the en
After nn Illneni of Only Three Days Ue
l'usats Away.
At about 5 p. m. yesterday Leigh
Webber Varney, the oldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. A. N. Varney, died at the
e of his parents in this city.
Vebber Varney, or as ho was better
known, Wob, was born in this city Sep
tember 7, 1883, and was consequently
14 years, 0 months and 15. days old. He
woe an exceptionally bright boy, woe
obedient and good naturtd, and on ac
count of his industrious disposition was
a great help to ills parents at home and
at tho place of business in which Mr.
Varney wob until recently engaged.
Ho was feeling slightly indisposed for
eovorol days before he was taken sick,
but until Wednesday his malady was
not considered serious. On that day he
becamo bo ill that a physician was
called, but when ho arrived the little
fellow was unconscious and there could
be no doubt that he was suffering from
nn attack of cerebro spinal meningitis.
HopeB of his recovery were entertained
until an hour before his death, when a
blood vessel in his head bursted and the
attending physician saw that he waa
past all medical aid.
The funeral will be held at 2 p, in. to
morrow from the Episcopal church.
Friends of the family are cordially in
vited to attend.
To Cure a Cola lu One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lots, .All druggists refund the money if
they fall to cure. 25c,
4 hKfr 4 S.'F flCBBT
Often Imitated. Never equalled.
ilHr aest In quality
3gBH to"Glaads."
United States Cmiser New York Hap-
'tores foe Spisb Merchant Ves
sel Pedro, After a Chase,
Secretary Sherman WI1 Probably lie-
sign The Department Will He
Kemodeled In that Cave.
Portland, April 23. The
U. S. cruiser New York cap-
lured the Spanish merchant
steamer Pedro with 1,000
troops aboard, after an excit
ing chase, under the guns of
Morro castle.
A report received from Lon
don states that the Spanish
captured the American liner
Cit' of Paris, leaving England
for New York.
Another report was that the
City of Paris had eluded the
Spaniards and returned to
Southampton. Both reports
are strongly discredited.
President McKinley today
issued a call for 125,000 vol
unteers to serve two vears.
Washington, April 23.
The report that this govern
ment has possession of tho
Hawaiian island is semi-of-ficially
Tho Spanish captured tho
American ship Shenandoah,
wheat ladon from San Fran
cisco'to Quconstown.
There is over' reason to be
lieve that Secretary Shorman
will resign' from tho cabinet
within the next few days. It
is felt by friends of his, that
tho present crisis is proving
too severe a tax upon his fail
ing strength, and for this rea
son ho will retire to private
life. His successor will bo
Assistant Secretary Day in all
Bicycles Cleaned
and Repaired.
Fir, Oak and
Maple Wood.
To be sold at the Lowest Market Kates.
Phone 25.
probability, but it can be
stated that Judge day has no
desire to remain in public
It is the president's natural
desire to promote Judge Day
to the position which Secre
tary Sherman will vacate, but
if he persists in the desire to
retire from public life, there
will be a re-organization of the
department to the extent of a
new secretary and assistant.
Madrid, April 23. Last
evening a crowd 6000 strong
carrying flags and shouting
"Viva Espana," "We want
war," and "Down with the
Yankees," burned the stars
and stripes in front of Senor
Sagasta, who received an. ova
tion. Washington, April 23.--The
Naval officials feel very
confident in the abilit' of the
Oregon and Marietta not only
to protect themselves from
the Spanish gunboat Temor
ieff, but to destrop that craft
if she ever passes within
range of them.
Whether on pleasure bent or business,
tako on every trip a bottle of Syrup of
Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and ef
fectually on the kidneys, liver and bow
els, preventing fever?, headaches, and
other forms of sickness. For sale in 50
cent bottles by all leading druggists.
Manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Co. only.
The farmer, tho mechanic and tbe bi
cycle rider are liable to unexpected cuts
and bruises. DeWitt's . Witch Hazel
Salve is the best thing to keep on hand.
It heals quickly, and is n well known
cure for piles. Snipes-Kinersly Drug Co,
Fur Halo i;iiH.
A lot 100x160 feet, on tho bluff, east of
the fair grounds, A desiruulo residence
location. A. S. Mao Am.istkh.
Chronicle Olllce.
A torpid liver robs you of ambition
and ruins your health. DeWitt's Little
Early Risers cleanse tho liver, euro con
stipation and all stomach and liver
trouble. Snlpes-Kiuersly Drug Co.
Cab lu I'uur Cneoki.
All countv warrants registered prior
to March 12, 1894, will;be paid at my
office. Interest ceases after April -'0,
1898. C. L. Phillips,
County Treasurer,
have strictly First-Class
J. T. Peters & Co.
Happy Bride is she whose friends
havo had the good taste to bestow eiirer
upon her as a wedding gift. Nothing
more appropriate, nothing more accept
able, nothing more useful. "A thine of
beauty and a joy forever." Our stock
of silverware is complete.
1. C. Ickelsen
Book & fllusie Company,
For an Indefinite
Free to adults, except annonnceil
dates, when special bills nro given.
Reserved seats each evening for hulica
and escorts without extra charge.
Entire change- of program each nfghi.
S XS 3ES 0
A bjilejulld assortment nf Vcgc.
table, Garden uiul Cinws Seeds in
Hulk. Seed Wheat, Seed Oats,
Seed Jiarloy, Seed Seed Itye.
Oil ileal Ciiko and ltfrtljfeeM,
lleo Supplies, Knrly Rom Pota
toes. Eleven kinds of llrtt rliibH
Seed Corn. Poultry and ligga
bong tit and Bold ut
Cheap L'nth Grocery and Fead.
Store, Second and Union Stv,
E n s
Fresh and the that
-O 01 I11B bUUSOlI. (Hli
' . '