The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, March 24, 1897, Image 1

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NO 02
Ilising Waters Threaten the
Levee at Australia, Miss.
l)elprnti KllorU .Unking to Prevent n
SeriniiM Itrenk--U'ntisr Still Kcceil
Iiir In TcniiCHsno.
Uosedai.e, Misa., March 23. The riv
er lias risen along the extreme end of th
lnn-pr levee district lit Australia, Mise.
"0 miles north of here, and the situation
s critical in the extreme. A large
stream of water is coming in under the
Invpi' ami has increased to such an alarm
ing extent that Major Sterling, the chief
engineer, was sent for bv wiro. Later
another call was made for 20,000 sack!
and 700 ehovels, all the hands thatcoult
wield a shovel to come quick or the le
vee would cive way.
A anecial train has loft Greenville with
the material, and is picking up all the
hands between Keulah, Miss., and Kound
Lake, tlio latter point being opposite the
threatened place. Should the levee give
way it would flood many of the finest
plantations in the state, and a stubborn
fight is buing made to hold it.
Keport Won I'romnturo.
Memphis, March 23. Authentic in
formation comes at 10 o'clock today that
the report of a break in the levee at
Australia, Mies., was erroneous. Tele
grams say the levee can be held intact
for several days.
The river here shows a decline of .02
in 24 houre, which taken with today's
bright sunshine, makes the outlook en
couraging. llelief boats have ceased run
ning, but there are 3000 homelees people
on the Chickasaw Bluff, for whom aid is
one ih;nii:ki weke killed.
liesult of the TurkiHli Attack on ChriH
tluiift at Toka.
CoxsTAXTixopiii:, March 23. Authen
tic details of the outbreak on Sunday at
Toka, Asia Minor, where the Turks at
tacked the Armenians while the latter
were in church, showed that 100 Chris
tians were massacred. The Armenians'
houses wore given over to pillage.
The representations of the ambassa
dors of the foreign powers regarding the
condition of Anatolia have made little
impression upon the sultan, who. rely
ing upon the support of Russia, is con
vmced he has nothfng to fear from the
so-called concert of the powers, which is
continually harped upon, although it is
believed it is little or no concert beyond
a desire in some quarters to postpone
war really exists.
Diplomats here are said to be once
wore turning their attention to the con
duct of the sultan. It is somi-oflicially
intimated they are again of tho opinion
the system of friendly representations on
the subject of Armenia, which have hith
erto been followed, must be changed for
sterner methods of dealing with tho evils
complained of. The sultan, however,
consoles himself with the-bolief that he
will survive this new fit of righteous in
dignation, as ho has tided over others of
8 much more serious character.
Kiifjllsli Shliis May Huu Blockade.
London-, March 24. The Chronicle
prints a Rumor that Lord Salisbury and
the cabinet discussed yesterday the sul
tan's acceptance of the proposal of the
king of Greece to nominate Prince George
as high commissioner.
The Chroniclo prints also another lobby
lamor to the effect that Great Britain
"as declined to be a party to the etorv
iR of innocent iCretana in tho interior
f the island, and a report that British
snips intend to run tho blockade, con
Ending that the blockade is indefensible
"ndor international law, inasmuch as
neither Turkey nor Greece has openly
declared war.
I'mnoo May Withdraw.
London-, March 23. The Times' cor
'espondent at Paris calls attention this
horning to the article in the French con
stitution which debars the French presi
dent from declaring war without the s
EeJ'(t of Parliament, and says.
Europe muit be prepared for the
withdrawal of Franco from the European
concert in the event the Cretan diffl-
w UlI
Absolutely Pure.
f!plphrntod fnr rrrnnt lmivniitun-
JlPJlltnfllltipss. Assurpw Mw fn..H i.r..l... . -1.....
- ,, , ............. "feiuiisi mum
Mia nil forms nf nfiultrnflrm rmiifnn,i tn m.
uuuup uruuus.
culty should require more severe meas
ures than the chamber of deputies will
I'rnglclent Extends Clemency to "Hutton
Gang" Lender.
Santa Fe, K. M., March 23. Prepara
tions for hanging Francisco Borrego, An
tonio Borrego, Lauriano Alarid and Pa
tricio Valencia were completed this
morning. A troop of cavalry and a com
pany of infantry were ordered to guard
the prisoners from the penitentiary to
the jail, and guard the jail where the
gallows was erected. The execution was
to have been private, only 24 persons be
ing present.
As the prisoners started from the pen
itentiary, about a mile from town, Gov
ernor Thornton received a dispatch from
the attorney-general stating that the
president had granted a reprieve of, 10
days to look more into the case, the
press of business having prevented the
full consideration the gravity of the case
Governor Thornton immediately dis
patched a messenger to Sheriff Kinsell,
and the prisoners were taken to the
ounty jail under escort, the warden of
the penitentiary refused to receive the
prisoners again.
The message from Washington was as
follows :
"To Hon. W. T. Thornton, Governor
Now Mexico The president reprieves
the defendants in the Borrego case' for 10
days, to have the question of jurisdiction
settled. He requests you to do likewise.
This reprieve is made necessary only by
the press of business which has prevent
ed the consideration the president deems
necessary in view of its gravity. Answer
immediately. Joseph McKenna,
The governor at once issued a reprieve
making the day of execution Friday,
April 2. This makes the fourth time
the execution of the prisoners in this
celebrated case has been delayed, and
there peoms some grounds for the belief
tho sentence of the law will never be
carried out.
Frank Borrego, the principal character
in the tragedy, says he dreamed last
night a reprieve would reach them just
before the execution. Kumors are rife
that a governor more friendly to the
prisoners will be appointed before the
reprieve expires.
Dangers of the Grip.
The greatest dangers from La Grippe
is of it resulting iu pneumonia. If rea-
sonablo care is used, however, .and
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is taken,
all danger will be avoided. Among the
tens of thousands who have used this
remedy for la grippe, wo have yet to
learn of a single case having resulted
in pneumonia, which shows conclusively
that this remedy is a certain preventive
of that dread disease. It will affect a
permanent cure in less time than any
other treatment. The 25 and 50 cent
sizes for sale bv Blakeley & Houghton.
Unci Itallway Accident.
Si'iitNGFiELD, O., March 24. The fol-
owing were injured in a wreck on tho
Do you get the right tea ?
Do you make it right ?
Directions m the package
of Schilling's Best If you
don't like it, your grocer re-
;urns your money in full.
Schilling it Company
ban rrancisco
Big Four at the Southern Ohio crossing
last night: William Kinsley of St.
Louis, both legs crushed, back injured;
Edward Kinslpy, of St. Louie, legs hurt;
Frank Faye, of St. Louis, head cut, right
head and shoulder injured ; William
Siney, of Jersey City, shoulder hurt.
It is feared that 10 others are buried
in the debris of the train. The train
wrecked was a through freight, No. 71,
due at Springfield at midnight. It
broke in two on a down grade, the parts
coming together again, and almost
totally destroying 20 cars.
A Valuable Prescription.
Editor Morrison of Worthington, Ind.,
"Sun," writes: "You have a valuable
prescription in Electric Bitters, and I
can cheerfully recommend it for Consti
pation and Sick Headache, and as a gen
eral system tonic it has no equal." Mrs.
Annie Stehle, 2025 Cottage Grove Ave.,
Chicago, was all run down, could not eat
nor digest food, had a backache which
never left her and felt tired and weary,
but six bottles of Electric Bitters re
stored her health and renewed strength.
Prices 50 cents and $1.00. Get a Bottle
at Blakelev and Houghton's Drug Store.
A Krpnrt That Great Itritaln ltefuses to
Take Tart.
London, March 23. The Daily Chron
icle's special correspondent at Athens
says the Greek government has learned
from official sources that Great Britain
refuses to take part in a blockade of
Greece, though she has no objection to
such measure being taken by the other
The government also learns from simi
lar sources that the admirals of the in
ternational fleets in Cretan water have
informed their respective governments
that their position is no longer tenable,
and that they must receive definite in
structions or be recalled.
One or juaine'8 Widows.
There is now living- in Hartland, Me.,
at the ripe old age of 75 years, one of
Maine's notable widows. This is Mrs.
Ellen Phillips, relict of George, a
brother of Wendell Phillips. Her hus
band was a graduate from Harvard col
lege, a member of the famous class of
'28, among his classmates and intimate
friends being Dr. O. W. Holmes and
.Tames Freeman Clark. Mrs. Phillips
has in her house several iintique relics
of great interest and historical value,
among them bong u marble top table
and drawer which belonged to John
Brown, of Harper's Ferry fame, and a
copper ewer and sideboard, once the
property of John Phillips, the first
mayor of the city of Boston. She tells
many an interesting reminiscence of
Wendell Phillips, with whom she was
intimately acquainted.
Jfood of Iliifito.
Mrs. Lakeside (rushing into a Chicago
court) Where's the judge, quick?
Bystander liight there. What's
wrong .'
"I just ran away from my husband,
and he's after me, not three squares
behind. I want to divorce him for deser
tion before he gets here." N. Y.
A Jupanuso Monument.
The Japanese, in order to celebrate
their recent victories, are going to erect
a gigantic statue of Buddha. The height
will be 120 feet. The metal will be sup
plied from the ordnance captured in the
late war. The monument will cost
about 1,000,000 yen, and is to be erected
at Kioto. X. Y. Sun.
in the family, and she is always engaged
for visits months in advance. It is all on
account of her unselfishness and ready
sympathy, and because one has the power
of adapting herself to modes of life that
belong to others rather than to herself,
and finds every situation fraught with
human interest. N. Y. liecorder
Can't See Your Own iiye Move.
A curious and slichtlv known fact is
that it is impossible to move the eye
while lookimr nt its reflection in a mir-
rnr. The eve is the most movable nart
of the face," yet if you try to look at It
and move it a tnousanutn part oi an
ncli you will be miiKeti in your purpose,
rim moment vou endeavor to nerceive
the motion of the eye it becomes fixed.
That is why n person's expression ns he
kpps himself in the arlass is entirely dif
ferent from the one by which his
friends recognize mm.
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1 1 IX
- vr
When my llttlo Kir v.-is one month ohl.s'.io
had a scab" form on her Lice It kept M.m.d
liiK until Bhu wis couii l:'ie!v covered lioin to foot. Then the had bolls, fjlio h:id
furl ii on htr html at viie time, and moio on her
body. Whon six niontlnolds-liH did not wuih
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