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NO 261
Most Likely to Be Secretary
of State.
Kentucky Ptill In Doubt ana an Official
Vote Will Only Decide Suuth
President McKinley's Cabinet. '
Washington, Nov. 6. Slatemakers
are at work here already framing a cab
inet for President-elect HcKinley, snd
the names mentioned range from Speak
er Keed for secretary of state, down to
John (5. Cowan, of Nebraska, for attorney-general.
It has been suggested that
Mr. MeKinley might follow precedent,
and tender the portfolio of the state de
partment to Keed, inasmuch as the latUr
was the nearest competitor for the nom
ination at St. Louis. On the other hand
it is believed a re-election to the speaker
ship of the 55th congress would be more
acceptable to Reed.
Next in. line, according to the cabinet
fixers, stands Henry Cabot Lodge, .who
would make an ideal secretary of state.
Such an appointment would be popular
in the East, and New England in par
ticular,, owing to the vigorous American
ism of the present associate of Senator
Hoar, of Massachusetts. Three other
names are also mentioned in connection
with the department of state Senator
Allison of Iowa, Davis of Minnesota, and
Sherman of Ohio, having supporters for
this position at the head of the diplo
matic branch of the government. Sen
ator Sherman id also named in connec
tion witii the treasury.
Senator Proctor, of Vermont, is men
tioned for a return to the war depart
ment, where he was secretary under
.President Harrison, but in the same
connection the name of General Alger,
of Michigan, is also suggested. '
Representative Henderson, of Iowa,
and ex-Senator Manderson, of Nebraska,
have also come to the front as among the
possibilities for secretary of war.
Representative Boutelle is being urged
aa the secretary of the navy, and bis
friends say Mr. MeKinley could not find
a man for the place better posted than
the Maine congressman'.
In making up the cabinet the West is
not being disregarded, and a very popu
lar name for postmaster-generai is that
of Representative Babcock, of Wiscon
sin, chairman of the Republican con
gressional campaign committee. There
is some talk of Hanna for this portfolio,
as well as H. Clay Evans, of Tennessee,
who was defeated in his vice-presiden
tial aspirations by Mr. Hobart.
Ex-Governor W. R. Merriam, of Min
nesota, and ex-Congressman La Follette,
of Wisconsin, are well thought of for the
interior department.
It is frequently urged that a graceful
act of courtesy would be to ' tender the
post of secretary of state to ex-President
Harrison: but it is considered doubtful
whether he would accept.
C. W. Fairbanks, of Indiana who
would like to succeed Senator Voorhees,
is also named as a cabinet minister em
bryo. '
For attorney-genera1 the names of
Judges McKenna and McComas, of Cali
fornia and Maryland, respectively,' are
most frequently heard, 'and Captain J
C. Cowan, of, Omaha, is - considered
among those entitled to be beard on this
subject. ., v . , r ... r ,.
" 'New" York would like to have the Bed
retaryship of the treasury, and Cornelius
Tea is "good" when you
like it; not good when you
don't .
If you don't like Schil
lings Best, the"rgTXKrer pays
you back your money; we
pay him to do so.
It lis a good te$; well
cured, and fired m San
Francisco not in Asia. .
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking owder. HIehest of
all In leavening strength. Latest United Slates
Government tooa Keport.
KOYiL BAK1NQ rOWDEE tjo., rew xonc
N. Bliss and T. C. Piatt are favored for
that position.
Senator Quay, of Pennsylvania, is
mentioned in connection with the navy
It is believed that Secretary Morton
will be succeeded by a Western man,
and Governor Morrill, of Kansas, is
mentioned for the place in the agricul
tural department.
An Extra Session of Congress.
Washington, Nov. 6. An extra ses
sion following immediately the inaugu
ration of Mr. MeKinley is, in the pre
vailing opinion, certain. No one pro
fesses to have word from Mr. MeKinley
direct on the subject, but there is good
authority for saying that Mark Hanna,
during a recent visit in New York, said
enough to give the impression that an
extra session is on the Republican prog
gram. ' '" ,
Senator Quay believes ah extra session
is certain. That was what he had in
mind last Saturday when he said : "We
shall have a new tariff bill within eight
months after McKinley's inauguration.'.'
Senator Quay has the habit of speak
ing by the card, and to get a new tariff
bill passed by that time would require
the calling of congress together as soon
after March 4th next as possible.
Tlie Effect at Monde.
Muncie, Ind., Nov. 6. Ball Brothers'
glass factory company say they will
build another mill' at once employing
500 more hands.
. The Indiana Iron Company, which
has worked about one-tenth capacity for
a year, is flooded with- orders and will
resume with 800 bands next Monday.
The Midland Steel Company reports
an immense influx of orders. . .
The Muncie Iron Company put their
men at work on double time yesterday
Five other factories report more orders
than in any one week for five months
The window glass factories are idle be'
cause of a strike.
A Schilling & Company
Sam Francisco
, S98
A Tie In South Dakota.
Yankton, S. D., Nov.' 6. South Da
kota's vote on presidential electors is
tied, and an official count will be re
quired to determine the result. Repub
lican managers have closed their office,
with the above declaration. Any claim
ol Populists that the state is for Bryan
ia not justified by the returns. Correc
tions and changes in three precincts not
yet heard from may give the electors to
either Bryan or MeKinley. The Repub
lican congressmen ran ahead of the
electors by several hundred votes, so far
as heard from, and they may have safe
majorities. ' ' ";
..' Little Change In California.
San Fbancisco, Nov. 6. The Ban
Francisco Chronicle will say :
The majority for MeKinley and Ho
bart is reduced by the; hew returns, but
the'Republican state committee, with its
private Teturns from almost every coun
ty, insists npon '. holding the ' figures
above 4000. " There are still 111 pre
cincts missing in the tabled vote. These
are "outlying ones, where the vote was
small four years ago.- They cannot great
ly change the present figures, which
show' the Re publican ticket In'theead
by 4513. ; . . -. .
for Commissioner of Pensions.
Eockford, III., Nov. 6. Friends of
Colonel Thomas G. Jjawler, ex-com-mander-inVchief
of the Grand Army of
the Republic, will urge his natae to
President-elect MeKinley for the ap
pointment of commissioner of pensions
whenjthe proper time arrives. He is
one of the most popular men in the
Grand Army organization,-and -while at
its head visited every state in the Union.
The Times-Star's Figures.
Cincinnati, C., Nov. 6. The Times-
Star has received returns from Leslie
county, Ky., which gives a Republican
plurality of 841, and, with complete' re-
tarns from all counties in Kentucky, an
nounces that MeKinley bas a plurality
of 676.
Be Was Driving for C hlcBtro and He Laid
Claim to the Whole load.
It happened the other any in one of
the most aristocratic districts of the
North, side. One of the vehicles was a
handsome carriage, occupied by a swell
young matron, and driven by the haug-h-tiest
of English coachmen, while the
other was an extremely uabef.iitlful
wagon belonging to the street cleaning
department, and engineered by a -non
descript individual of Hibernian line
age. - '
The wagon was in such a position that
it blocked the advance of the carriage,
and the coachman, leaning forward,
bent his haughty gaze on the driver and
said : Aw, say, me man, turn out there,
will you?"
There was no reply, and the individual
addressed gazed far into vacancy. The
neck of the coachman grew purple, and
there was some asperity in his tones as
he called again : "Hi say, old fellow, just
turn aside and let us pass, will you?'
Again there was no reply, and the oc
cupant of the carriage came to the res
cue. Leaning out of the window, with
a conquering smile, she said:
"My good man, kindly turn out and
allow us to pass; you are blocking the !
way. But the man on the cart gave no
sign of heaving any more than might the
statue of. Gen. Grant, under similar con
ditions. He also remainid immovable.
Finally the ladj- gave the order to turn
out and go around the other way. As
the carnage disappeared the helper ap
proached the cart.
"What was the swells sayin' to ye,
Pat?" he asked.
Then the sphinx spoke: "They was
wantin' me to turn out," he said, "but
Oim drivin for the city of Chicago,
Oi am, and Oi'U not turn out for anny
wan!". Chicago Tribune. -
An Economical Barky.
Gabe Snodgrass recently applied to
Eev. Whangdoodle Baxter, of the Blue
Light tabernacle; for some pecuniary
"I jess kain' do hit," replied Parson
Baxter. "I "has ter s'port my pore ole
"But yer pore old mudder says yer
don' do nuffin for her."
"Well, den, ef I don do nuffin fer my
pore ole mudder, whut's de use ob an
outsider like you tryin' ter make me
shell out?" Texas Sifter.
A Southern Negro Who Wants to Go Into
ISondage Again.
Some of the letters that Mayor
Thacher gets are curiosities in their
way. People from out of town who
wish to find out anything in the city of
Albany invariably write letters to the
mayor. It doesn't make any difference
what the information desired relates to,
the mayor, they think, ought to know,
says the Albany Argus.
A letter was received from a negro
away down south, who, Mr. Monahan
says, has been dead for 30 years not
literally a corpse, but deceased as far
as his grip on hustling, progressive
nineteenth century life, was concerned.
This man believes thai slavery is still
an institution in this great land, and
is ignorant -of the glorious fact that the
master's whip hasn't cracked for 30
years, ne never heard of the president's
proclamation, never knew that the north
had whipped the south, and that 1,000,'
000 lives had been sacrificed to free the
slave. In his letter to the mayor this
colored man asked to be brought north
and sold back into slavery. There is no
question that he found it impossible to
live in the south, and longed again for
the irresponsibility from self-support
of slavery days which" he" thougnt still
flourished in the south.
Executor's -Notice of Final Account.
Notice is herebv river, that Georee A. Llebe.
executor of the estate of Richard 6. Closter, de
ceased, has filed' the final accounting of the es
tate of Richard G. Closter, deceased, with the
guaraiansmp esrais oi AiDert Leoman, an in
sane person, of 'the peison and estate of which
said Albert Lehman, an insane person, the said
Richard G Closter, deceased, was at the time of
his death tbe duly appointed, qualified and act
ing guardian, with .the clerk, of the County
Court of the State of Oregon for Wasco County,
and that said, court has appointed 10 o'clock a.
m. of Monday, Koveinber 2, 1896, being the first
day of the retrular .November term of said court,
forthevea 1896. at tbe county courthouse in
Dalle ( iiy. Oregon, as the time and place for
the Hearing oi said final accounting andubjec
tiontt the eto i any the re be. - i ,.
'1 his notice is published by order of Raid
County Court, entered October Via, lsuts.
, GEORGE A. LIEBE, Executor.
Condon & Condom, Attorneys for Executor.
i ' . : r -
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Watery Blisters 1 1
Turniug- To Complete Sore.
Family Doctor Could not
Ileal Without Loss of Hair.
Economical and Speedy Core by
' Now no Trace, of Disease.
Hair Thick, Child Fat, Good, and.
When four days old my babe broke ont over
one side of his head and body with watery
blisters, which turned, to a complete scab.
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" he could heal them up,' but ' the baby
would never have any more hair on It is head, '
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right. The hair is on tlick, and you would
never think there was anything the matter
with him, he is so fat, good, ami hearty, and
1 do not know how to praise Cutiouua. Rem
edies enough for the good they did mv child.
.'. Mas.. Wil. Ji. SCOTT, '.Luzerne, l'a.
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figuring skin and scalp diseases of infauts
and children ever recorded. Tliey afford in
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Spezdt Cube -Tbeatstknt. artn baths
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Cuticura (ointment), and. mild doses of C'dti
cuka Rbsoltsst (blood purifier).
Bold throughout the world. Potter Dsns ft:
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. ' oct28-dwlm
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