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NO 245
A Phenomenal Advance Oyer
Two Steamers Loaded and Sailing Vea
sels Being Sought Tke Ne
1 York Sales.
Chicago, Oct. 17. The semi-excited
state of the wheat market, as yester
day's session was coming to a close was
increased this morning to a good
specimen of general alarm. That fear
was well grounded as it turned out.
There was not a single bushel to be had
for less than l8'c advance on yesterday's
closing price, and very little under 74c,
or ljc higher than it closed at yester
day, for December delivery. The reason
for such a eudden and material rise, fol
lowing the big jump of the previous day,
Btuck clear out from the official bulletin
boards. Foreign markets led in the
scramble, just as they did on the day
A public dispatch from' Liverpool
quoted an advance there over night of
2- pence per cental, which is equivalent
to three cents per bushel. Private
cablegrams reported Liverpool and Lon
don wheat excited at the advance al
ready named at tbe former and at 7id
.per quarter at the latter place. New
York wired that foreigners were active
buyers there and claimed' that 175 boat
loads equal to 1,400,000 bushels were
taken there. With that for a starter the
prices bid for December at the opening
were from 73 to 74c, against 72J at
the end of yesterday's session. Tbe
crowd had scarcely got accustomed to
74c wheat when further dispatches of an
exciting character started them again
and the price rose to 74jgC
. A San Francisco message said that two
more steamer cargoes of wheat had been
taken for India and that inquiries were
being made for Bailing vessels to take
wheat to the same destination. The
significance of tbe latter point in the
dispatch was the indication it gave of an
expected long continuance of Indian re
quirements. On top 6f all that a private cablegram
reported the Berlin market excited and
five marks higher, that being an equiva
lent to 3bC per bushel. It is no wonder
that speculators scrambled tor wheat.
And they did. There were simply no
bear needs of any kind and the only
chance the anxious shorts had was when
a speculator, satisfied with the profit in
sight, put his line on tbe market. There
was plenty of this done, but everything
.was grabbed and the price never stopped
advancing until 76c had been scored,
exactly four cents over yesterday's clos
ing. Here realizing increased and was
sufficient to break tbe price of December
to 75 at tbe close.
Prices In New York.
New York, Oct. 17. The bull cam
paign in wheat wa3 marked today, by
- another sensational advance in prices
and a heavy trade.
The 'Frisco Btarlcet.
San FEANCiscoj Oct. 17. At the clos
ing session of the Produce Exchange
call board today wheat had a gradual
decline. In the local speculative mar
ket, the highest daring the present ex
citement was reached when December
wheat was sold at $1.50 per cental,
against XA as the best price paid yes
terday. '
The Indian Kamine.
London, Oct. 17. Famine in northern
India which now appears to De inevi
table, causes the greatest anxiety here
and it is recognized that the import of
American wheat is likely to be tbe
prime factor of the situation. Prices
in the affected districts have risen con'
BiaeraDly, and California wheat en
route is sold in advance at higher prices
than native wheat, indicating . a convia
tion that prices will have risen still
higher by the time tbe imports arrive.
The Indian government has already
sketched out vast schemes for railroad
canal and other relief work.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest..of
all in leavening strength.. Latest United State
Government Food Report.
Boyax Baklno Powder-Co., New York
Bayard's Letter Aired in England
tentlon of the Silver Party.
London, Oct. 17. The Statistician
points out that the position of silver is
most nnplaasant, though, it adds, '"the
price may be temporarily maintained.
Tbe opinion is growing that the silver
party will not be successful in tbe
American elections, consequently silver
will not receive the support dl United
States purchasers and tbe Chinese de
mand is nil." Continuing the Statisti
cian says : ,
"The threatened failure of the crops
n India Is serious matter for silver, as,
with a scarcity of food, the natives are
inclined to sell rat her than buy orna
ments. Hence the Indian demand may
disappear for a considerable time. Tmus
it aDpeare that a serious fall in the price
of silver is probable unless the silver
party gains power in America."
The letter of the United States am
bassador here, Mr. Thomas F. Bayard,
to Samuel Bancroft, Jr., of Wilmington.
Delaware, advocating tbe Democratic
support of Palmer and Buckner, which
was published in the United States on
Monday last and which was published
in this country today, surprises the
English who, while approving the senti
ments expressed, think that Bayard has
committed "fresh indiscretion."
The Daily Chronicle news' placard
reads: "Bayard denounces Bryan."
and the Daily Telegraph says : "To
English minds there is some incongruity
in an ambassador taking an active part
in political struggles." '
The St. James . Gazette remarks :
'Mr. Bayard's letter isas sensible as all
bis utterances; but we fear it is too sen
sible for the great American nation and
is not liable to please the mob or . tbe
wire pullers.'.'
Leave orders at The Dalles Commis
Bion Co.'s store lor dressed 'chickens.
Telephones is ana Zoo. King 'em
up.' sll-dlm
a Wash-
A gpailih Editor Aroused by
Ington Dispatch.
Madrid, Oct. 18. Commencing upon
the statement contained in a dispatch
from Washington that President Cleve
land intends to intervene in Cuba in i
manner tantamount to the recognition
of the independence of the insurgents
the Impartial declares that Spain ongbt
to demand ft fnll explanation of tbe
Washington government.
"She cannot brook a threat over her
head," continues the Imparcial, "even
for a single day. By what right does
the United States define the time tor
Spain to settle a question of her internal
administration? It must be affirmed
before tbe whole world that the-Ameri
can government cannot impose any sort
of terms upon us."
After denouncing the United States
fictitious neutrality, the Imparcial con
eludes as follows :
"The conduct of the United States
will arouse international indignation.
If Spain should remain alone in a con
flict with tbe United States, Spaniards,
by their own efforts, will know . how to
mark the difference between the noble
defenders of their own property and the
vile trafficker at Washington." -
Bryan's Rotten Ess Argument.
As a contribution to financial and
economio thought the following utter
ance of Mr.' Bryan, made in Kentucky,
is the most remarkable yet offered even
by him:
"If any man in this community would
offer to buy all the eggs produced at 25
cents a do?en and. was able to make
good the offer, nobody would sell eggs
for less, no matter what the ' cost of
production, whether 1 cent or 6 cents a
dozen. So with silver. Free coinage
would establish the market price of sil
ver at $J. aa, and nobody would sell it
for a cent less."
Why limit the price of eggs to 25
cents and of silver to $1.29? If the rea
soning is sound, the price in each case
might easily be doubled, and the conse
quent benefit to the human race corre
spondingly increased. And why stop
with eggs and silver? Why not mark up
the price of everything you wish to
buy ffer to pay double or treble what
is asked for it and keep on paying that
price to all comers hold it there?
That's all you have to do hold it
there. "Nobody would sell it for a cent
less," says Bryan, so long as you held
it. "So with silver. " And the man
who is putting forth such thought as
this is a candidate for the presidency of
70,000,000 of people in the closing
years of the nineteenth century!
Tbe Bargain Counter Candidate.
"Some of the reports say that the
women went wild over Bryan at differ
ent places along his route," remarked
the horse editor.
"That's natural," replied the snake
editor. "He- is the bargain counter can
"How so?"
"Be wants to mark the . dollar down
to 53 cents. " Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
Never wag a more grievous wrong done
the farmers of our country than that so
unjustly inflicted during the past three
years upon the wool growers. Although
among our most useful citizens, their in
terests have been practically destroyed.
aicKlnley's letter of acceptance.
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No. 2-8.
For Sale.
A lot of Merino sheep, (bucks) also
stock bogs and milk cows, belonging to
the estate of S. Hauser. For informa
tion inquire of Mrs. S. Hauser, at Tygh
Valley, or the undersigned.
George A. Liebb,
616-diwlm Administrator.
The Wasco Warehouse Co. begs leav
to inform Farmers that they have STOR
AGE ROOM for 200,000 SACKS of
WHEAT and any one wishing to store
their wheat and bold for later market
can do so on usual terms. Also, thev
for Wheat, Oats, Barley and Rye. .
to Clean Up Stock
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Female Help Wanted.
Wanted Red-beaded girl and white
horse to deliver premiums given away
with Hoe Cake Soap. Apply to any
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tun. UruuUu er Bail. IMt. ilOSAAkO, fails Pa.
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the news.
Administrator's Sale,
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
will, on Saturday, the 22nd day of August, 1896,
at tbe hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon of raid
day at the front door of the county courthouse
in Dalles City, Wasco, Co., Oregon, sell at public
auction to me mgnest Didder for c&sb in band,
tbe following described real estate belonging to
tbe estate of C. V. Lane, late of Wasco County,
Oregon, and now deceased, to-wlt- Lots one (li
and two (2) and eleven (11) aud twelve (12) and
tbe north half of lots three (8) and ten (10) in
block 81 in Bali da Second Addition to the town
of Antelope,-in Wasco County, Oregon, said
real estate will be sold subject . to a mortgage
thereon in favor of W. Bolton Sc. Co., dated Octo
ber 3, 1895. for the sura of $305.55, and interest at
the rate of 10 per cent per annum from said date.'
Dated at Dalles City, Or , this 21t day of July,
Administrator of
the estate of C. V. Lane,
Assignee's Notice.
Notfce is hereby given that Young Quong, Lee
Juke Yow and Daoo'g Tung Tan, partners doing
business under the firm name of Wa Tai Young
Quong Co., at Dalles City, Oregon, and Young
Quong, on the 22d day of August, 1896, assigned
lone all of their property for the bene tit of their
resjiective creditors in proportion to the amounts
of thi'lr respective claims. All persons having
clniuis HKulust ttald assignors or either of them
are hervby notified to -present their claims un
der oath to me at the office of Huntington 4
Wilson, The Dalles, Oregon, within three months
from the date of this notice.
Dated August 24, 1896. J. O. MACK,
Assignee of Young Quong and of Wa Tal
Young Quong Co. . - aug26-7t
. ' . Regular.
2 doz. pairs of Ladies' genuine French Kid, plain toe, hand-turn ..$5.00
Ladies' Fancy Scallop Tip, Welts 5.50
Ladies' French Kid, Welts . , .., . 5.00
Ladies' Cloth Top, patent tip, French Toe , 4.50
Ladies' Cloth Top, patent tip, Piccadilly Toe, Welts 4.00
Ladies' Cloth Top, patent tip, Square Toe Welts 4.00
Ladies' Kid Top, patent tip, Opera or -Square Toe, Turns 3.50
Ladies' Kid Top, Plain Toe, Welts ..; : 3.50
Misses' Spring Heel,. Kid, patent tip and plain toe ...$1.50 to $2.00. Choice, $1.00
An assorted list Childs' Fine Shoes:.......,..:. .....$1.25 to $1.75. Choice, 75c and 90c
Same in Infants' Fine Shoes ,...$1.00, to $1.50. Choioe, 75c.
Men's Buff Congress, all sizes $2.00 $1.00
Boys' (full stock) Congress, sizes 3, 3 and 4 2.20 1.00
Odd lines Boys' Lace Shoes $1.25 and 1.50 1.00
sai:e is now on,
EAST and SOUTH via
The Shasta Route
Southern Pacific Comp'y.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at Portland.
8:50 S. M
3:30 A. M,
4:00 P. M
7:30 A. M
t4:45 P. M
FROM JOKE 23, 1895.
j press, Salem, Rose- 1
I burg, Ashland, Sac- I
J ramento, Ogden.San !
) Franeiseo, Mojave, f
i Los Angeles, El Paso, j
I New . Orleans and 1
(.East J
Roseburg and way sta
tions fVia Woodburn fori
I Mt.Angel, Silverton, I
i West Scio, Browns-
I ville, Springfield and
I Natron J
Salem and way stations
jtjorvaniB ana wayi
! stations (
IMcMinnvllie and(
I way stations )
8:10A. M.
4:40 P.M.
t 6:20 P.M.
t 8:25 P.M.
Daily. tDauy, except Sunday.
Attached to all Through Trains.
Through Ticket Office, 134 Third street, where
through tickets to all points in the Eastern
St tea, Canada and Europe can be obtained at
lowest rates mm
J. B. KIRKLAND, Ticket Agent.
All above trains arrive at and depart'lrom
Grand Central Station, Fifth and I streets. '
Patsenger Depot, foot of Jederson street.
Leave for OSWEGO, week days, at 6:00, 7:20,
10:15 a. m., 12:15, 1:45, 8:30, 6:25, 8:00, 11:80 p. m.
Arrive at Portland, 7:10, 8:30, 11:25 a. m., 1:30,
i:ia, o:iu, 7:au, ;uo p. m., ana u:i.a. m.
Leave for RIVERSIDE only (daily) at 6:25.
9:15, 10:30 p. in. Arrive at Portland at 6:10,
10;20, 11:20 p. m.
Leave for Sheridan, week days, at 4:30 p. m.
Arrive at Portland, 9:30 a. m.
Leave for AIRLIE on Monday. Wednesday and
Fri ay at 9:40 a.m. Arrive at Portland, Tuea-
ttav, rnursoay and Saturday at tt:uo p. m.
Sunday trains for OSWEGO leave at 7:20. 8:40,
10:40 a. m.. 12:15. 1:45. 3:80. 6:25. 8:00. 11:50 p. m.
Arrive at Portland at 8:30, 10:00, 11:50 a. m
i:tsu, a: to, o:iu, t:su, k p,m., ana, 12:3a a. m.
Manager. Asst. Q. F. A Paas. Agt.
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M onto Temple, caiCAftiJ, UXm7
The Eighth
Annual pair
Secoufl Eastern Oregon Dislrict Hgricunural society
Commencing Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1896,
and ending Saturday, Oct. 24, 1896.
For Premium Lists, Entry Blanks and all information, write to the Secre
tary, The Dalles, Oregon. ' S, MAC ALLISTER,
J. O. MACK, Secretory. President.
Harry Liebe,
Watchmakerl Jeweler
All work promptly attended to,
- - and warranted. . , ,
.Money Loaned.
First mortgages on improved property nego
tiated. We are prepared to nogoliate first mortgages
upon improved farms in Oregon, Washington
and Idaho with eastern parties und foreign cap
italists at the usual rate of Interest. Mortgages
renewed that have been takvn by other compa
nies now out of business. Address (witb s amp)
ju!15-tf Baker City, Or.
Letters of Credit issued available in the
Eastern States. '
Sight Exchange and Telegraphic
Transfers sold -on New York, Chicago,
St. Loais, Ban Francisco, Portland Ore
gon, Seattle Wash,, and various points)
in Oregon and Washington.
- Collections made at kll points on fav
orable terms. ; " i
B. GOlT. . .
Reesidence,. Tenth an$ Liberty Streets
.. . 1.1J23-