The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, January 20, 1896, Image 1

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NO. 10
Is Expected to Arrive at
Havana Shortly.
The United State Government's Effort
to Protect Hammond Other
orelgn Affair.
Havana, Jan. 18. The civil governor
of the province of Havana, through hie
eecretary, Senot Francisco, Calva Mnn
s, and the chief of the treasury, Senor
Cabezae, admit they have received a
cable -message from Madrid announcing
that a successor has been appointed to
General Campos in the person of Gener
al Valeriano VVeyler,and that they are to
expect his arrival at Havana shortly.
Washington, Jan. 28. The announce
ment of the appointment of General Val
eriano Weyler as captain-general of
Cuba, was received at Cuban headquart
ers here as confirmatory of the view they
had already ex pressed upon the news of
Campos recirement that there has been
a radical change in the policy of the
Spanish cabinet and that henceforth
there is to be a reign of blood and terror
in Cuba. The change in the cabinet it
self, In the retirement of the Duke of
Fetuah and the succession of Senor 1
Buayen as minister of foreign affairs, is
regarded aa still ' further confirming
these ideas.
General Weyler is a veteran soldier
and has had his own experience in Cub
an revolutions for ' he followed the for
tunes of the Spanish army in Cuba for
years during the last revolution with the
rank of colonel, and earned for bimeelf
a dreadful reputation as a man of blood
andiron. Moreover, the Cuban leaders
here bint at actions of cruelty to women,
and defenseless prisoners in bis past in a
fashion that augurs ill for the rebels who
come within his power, and they pre
dict that he will soon become -involved
in trouble with the United States gov
ernment as a result of the ill treatment
of American citizens who may be unfor
tunate enough to fall under suspicion.
General Weyler quitted Cuban ground
soon after the suppression of the last re
bellion and has since dwelt in Spam,
holding the important position of captain-general
of the province ot Cata
lonia. Washington, Jan. 18. Senator White
ot California, said today that he bad
communicated with the state depart
ment concerning the report printed to
day as to the dangerous situation of
Hammond, the Caiifornian who is held a
prisoner at Johannesburg for alleged
complicity in the Transvaal troubles,
but had been informed that no confir
mation had been received there as to the
reports of his danger. Senator White
expressed confidence ' that the govern
ment would continue to use its best ef
forts in behalf of Hammond, as well as
others Americans in the Transvaal.
The Turk Blast Talk.
Washington, Jan. 18. Secretary, Ol
ney telegraphed Minister Terrell at Con
stantinople yesterday instructing him to
- ascertain definitely and finally the deci
sion of the Turkish authorities npon the
question of the admission of the Bed
Cross society into Armenia for the dis
tribution of relief funds among the des
titute natives, bat has received no reply.
Mies Clara Barton, president of this
- society, was at the capitol today in con
ference with Senators Hoar and Cullorn
with" reference to her proposed expedi
tion, but she said at the close of the con
saltation that the matter was in such a
state of doubt aa to render it nhadvis
able to discuss her plans.
Bad for Portland.
Chicago, Jan. 18. A ruling-was
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
handed down by Chairman Caldwell of
th8 traffic organization today to the ef
feet that the rate oi $60 agreed to the
West from the eastern gateways of the
transcontinental lines for the Baptist
anniversary to be held in Portland,
Oregon, next May, will be available only
from Dulutb, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Missouri river points and other gate
ways. It will not apply from St. Louis,
Memphis and New Orleans and, more
over, these points are not included in
the territory from which regular one
way 30-day first-class tickets are to be
sold. '
Sheriff Houser of Umatilla County to Be
Bned for false Arrest.
Rosebueg, Jan. 18. A large posse is
still in pursuit of the murderer, Sam
Brown, who escaped from jail December
30th, and is said to have been seen on
the North TJmpqua three days ago.
Pendleton, Jan. 18. F. S. Wood, an
attorney from Weiser, -Idaho, who was
arrested Tuesday on a charge of robbing
the postoffice here, was released the
same day, there being no evidence what
ever against him. Mr. Woods is on his
way to Astoria where he expects to lo
cate and pratice his profession.
Sheriff Houser arrested Wood without
a warrant ' and the latter now states he
will bring suit for damages against the
Row' This.
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National Editorial Association.
Tamla, Fla., Jan. 19. The National
Editorial Association, on its lltn annual
excursion, reached here this morning,
350 strong. In the atternoon the party
visit6d Port Tampa, to witness the arri
val of the steamer from Cuba.
The editors express warm sympathy
for the insurgents' cause, and stated that
at the convention to be held in St. Aug
ustine this week resolutions would be
adopted urging their recognition. This
evening they eD joyed a sacred concert.
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Debs' Intentions.
Cleveland, Jan. 19. Eugene V. Debs
said today he expected to sever his offi
cial connection with the American Hail-
way Union within the coming year. His
purpose was, he said, to devote his time
to the labor movement in general and
not to any particular order. He will
maintain his membership with the
American Railway Union.
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