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    VOL. VII
xrn. 175
This js the Position in Which' Knox
Stands. - ' vV'
The Conferrees Have Not Agreed, and
Senator Brice Emphatically Says
They Will Not
A Desperate Straggle to Kegain the
Prestige Lost.
Chicago, July 15. The American
Railway Union officials have determined
to make a desperate struggle to regain
for tbat order the prestige it haa lost in
the great strike now rapidly approach
. ing a close. The executive board of the
nnion held a meeting this morning, the
object of which was to map out a course
for the future. After a long discussion
it was decided to send out "revivalists"
to all important sections of the , west.
Six agitators were sent out Saturday,
and it was decided to augment this
number. Debs said in an interview :
"The names of those sent out Satur
day will not be given out. for fear of
inciting a riot."
It was learned elsewhere, however,
this morning Director Kern was sent to
St. .Louis to rally, the forces there.
Hogan was sent out over the Northern
Pacific to stir up the employes of that
company, and Goodwin was . sent over
North western to use 4iis influence with
the employes of that, system, and if
possible induce them to go out. These
delegates are all members of the execu
tive board of the nnion. Other emissa
ries were sent out to work with em
ployes of many lines entering this city.
After the executive committee ad
journed an enthusiastic - meeting was
held in Ulrich'a hall, President Debs
presiding. He made a rousing speed,
reminding one of the early days of the
strike. He said :
"The strike is now, right now, more
prosperous and encouraging than ever
' before. We can and must win.. The
men whj have gone back to work will
again come back to us, and victory is
ours. . Grand Chief Arthur, of the en
gineers, Is a 'scab' jobber, and he . will
go down in history as a traitor to organ
ized labor. He instructs his men to
work with .'scabs,' he tells them that
scabbing is honorable. He is a tool in
the hands of the general managers.
The strike is weaker in Chicago than
elsewhere, but it will grow stronger,
just as in the west it is growing stronger
every hour.''
Fifteen meetings were held in differ
ent parts of the city during the after
noon and evening, several of which
were addressed by- Debs. He will to
morrow give oat a statement in answer
to the one made by Pullman.
Debs said that several of his com
mitteemen had reported to him that the
Bock Island, Lake Shore, Eastern Illi
nois, Grand Trunk and Eastern Indiana
men would all be out again tomorrow.
Nothing could be' learned outside to
verify this assertion, however.
President Debs visited the strikers to
day and addressed a crowd of them,
who, have, for the most part failed to
secure their old ' positions. He urgad
them to continue the strike, which he
declared was never nearer to a victory
than now. The men agreed to stand by
Debs, but at the same time, expressed
themselves violently ' against the men
who have taken their places. The
switchmen and enginemen were espe
cially loud in their protest against a
surrender. The butchers also had bitter
words. All these men had seen their
positions filled the day before by non
union and imported men. ' The opinion
was expressed that the war was only be
gan. .. ' ,
Daring the day the district was plast
ered and recovered with bills and post
ers reading as follows :
"The. executive board of the Knights
ot Labor does hereby advise all workmen
to kep away from the stockyards Mon
day, as it is the desire of all organized
bodies that all honest workingmen
should do so, and we - further
condemn the actions of the coopers in
returning to work as high-handed and
selfish, without asking concessions for
"" Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
laborers, and that all men found work
ing in the parks Monday will forever be
branded a organized enemies to labor."
: District Attorney Milcbrist said today
that the contempt proceedings, against
Debs and the other officers of the union
would probably not begin in the United
States court until Judge Grosscup. re
turns to the city,' the latter part of the
week. Judge Seeman, of Milwaukee,
will tak his place liere Tuesday, when
20 indictments against the destroyers of
railway property and those who. stopped
the trains will be presented.
To Report Nttt Week.
Washington, July 14. The con
ferrees on the tariff bill have agreed on
the following: Pottt-ry rates are in
creased 5 per cent, making thera the
same as the house bill. Glassware is
reduced to the house rates. The cotton
schedule is scaled down about 5 per cent
from senate rates. The woolen sched
ule is brought down considerably, mak
ing it more in accordance . with the
house rate. The house rate of $1. on
wrappers in the tobacco schedule is
substituted for the senate rates of $1.50
to $2.50. The metal schedule is not
changed materially from the rates fixed
by the 'senate. Neither iron nor coal
has been carried back to the free list,
and probably the senate rate of 40 cents
a ton will stand. It is quite definitely
settled lead ore will remain at three
fourths of a cent ft pound, " as fixed by
the senate bill.
Senator Brice was laconic tonight
asked for information as to when the
tariff conferrees would report. He said :
"The report will be made to the two
houses Wednesday of next week. The
conferrees will report a disagreement,
and both houses will instruct another
Other senators 'also declared a report
would be made during the week.
The Deserted Cook. - - .
. Missoula, Mont., July 15. The Col
gate searching party,' sent out by the
Evening Missoulan under the direction
of Ben F. Keeley, the trapper who es
corted the Carlin hunting party out of
the mountain fastness last fall, and
which left the city June 6, returned un
expectedly this afternoon. The party
made a thorough, search of the river
banks and surrounding country for a
distance of seven miles in all directions
from the spot where the unfortunate
cook was deserted by his companions.
Not a single trace of the missing man
could be found, nor, was there anything
to indicate he had wandered from the
camp There he had been left. The
Keeley party encountered many hard
ships on the trip, but stuck faithfully to
its task until all hope, of findjng Col
gate's bones had to be abandoned. It
is now generally believed that the old
man perished near the spot where he
was deserted, and that bis , remains
were carried away by the waters which
attained a hight of ' 40 feet above low
water mark during the spring.
All Trains Banning: as Usual
- This Morning;.
Tacoma, July 15. Assistant General
Superintendent Dickinson, of the North
ern Pacific, returned tonight' on No. 1,
the first train through from the East,
and says the entire road will be open as
usual tomorrow.. All passenger trains
were run on this division today and a
solid train of tea, which has been side
tracked for two weeks, was started for
Chicago. Today there was a stampede
of old employes in making applications
to be taken back to work under General
Manager Kendrick's bulletin., .the time
expiring at noon today. Many engineers,
freight clerks, trainmen and fifteen fire
men applied for their old positions, so
the officials say tonight. They say tha
they now have enough men to fully, man
all trains and that .a complete freight
and passenger service will be main
tained, beginning Monday. Of the old
emploes . making applications today,
only,tbree or four were union men.
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A Board of Arbitration.
Washington, July 14. Representa
tive Springer of Illinois has introduced
a bill to create a national board of arbi
tration, which follows in its main fea
tures the suggestions on the subject in
President Cleveland's message of 1886.
The board is to be a part of the depart
ment of justice, and is, to consist of
three members appointed by the presi
dent, or two appointed members and
the commissioner of labor. The mem
bers shall hold office for six years, at a
salary ot $5000. They are to be em
powered to settle controversies between
railroad or other companies engaged in
the transportation - of property or pas
sengers among the states, or to foreign
nations, and their employes, which dif
ferences may hinder the transportation
of property, passengers or mails. It- is
proposed that the board shall have the
power to investigate all differences,
whether called upon or not, and report
to the president.
: a Where Knox Is In Jail.
Woodland, CaL, July. 15. Every thing
about the county jail-wore its usual Sun
day appearance today.. Knox and Wor
den rested well last night and this morn
ing partook of a hearty breakfast. Sher
iff Wycoff admits .no one to interview
the prisoners except 'their attorneys.
Knox was arrested for conspiracy in
train wrecking on July 1, but late last
night he was charged with - the murder
of Engineer Clark. Attorney Bruner,
representing the railway company, said
that the proofs possessed by the prose
cution disclosed a plot that would startle
the public. He said Knox's complicity
was proved beyond question.
The Farmers Will Buffer.
St. Paul, Minn., July 15. The farm
ers fears they will suffer from a sym
pathetic strike growing out of the Pull
man strike.. On account ot the strike
shipments of. binding twine have been
few and far between and the" wheat
crop is suffering because it cannot be
harvested promptly. Much twine has
been secured. But much more is needed
and all parts of the Northwest report a
a great scarcity. Much of that "already
shipped has gone over the ' roads that
have been boycotted because - of the
Pullman strike and a boycott in the
twine trade is threatened on account of
such shipment.
- Goldendale Wants the Distillery.
Golden-dale, July 15. Many Golden
dale citizens are making an effort to in
duce the Grant's distillery to remove its
plants to Goldendale' It is stated that
$1,000 subsidy has already' been pledged.
The promoters offer much argument in
favor of the location of the plant at
Goldendale. One point made is that
wood can be purchased at Goldendale.
Another point made is that there
a saving of 7 cents on every bushel of
grain purchased. It is further advocated
that the savings on purchases of material
shrinkage and freights would far exceed
the cost of bauling manufactured goods
to Grant's station for .shipment. '
Thunder Storms in Nevada.
Caeson, Nev., July 15. Carson valley
was visited ; by a succession of thunder
storms yesterday. The atmosphere was
so charged with electricity that expos
ure to the open air was dangerous.
Two"-y bung Tnen at works ia a barnyard
were struck, by lightning and were in
sensible 4 for a time.- . The barn was
burned and a horse in the stall killed.
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