The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, January 17, 1922, Page 6, Image 6

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Vmtm4 Hewi Buff OiwueiJiit
Waahlna-too, Jan. lTy The United
States mttt, always both touchy and
tasty about IU prarocatlTM In Interna
tional affairs, ta efala evidencing rest
Mfinm jat Introduced by beta Re
publicans and Democrats, and state
' moU roade bo in openly and privately
by ether senators, reveal that their fin
gers ar Itching to get Into the Inter
national diplomacy now going on aad
n prospect
' .Here are tha latest manifestos :
. 1. Tba "Wilson Democrat" In tha sen
ata ara taking tha former executive's
Sunday alght utterance aa a call to keep
bp tha fight for American entrance Into
tha League of Nations.
i. Declaration by Senator Borah to
" tha United News that alliance now be
ing negotiated undermine tha principle
af tha league, that "one alliance begets
.another all lance- and two alliances be
gat n War," that any league to which
tha United Btates might subscribe at
the Genoa conference, would be likely to
meet with tha same opposition aa that
to tha league created at Paris.
' a. Adoption of Senator McCormlck's
resolution, calling on tha state depart
ment for tha flrurea on tha budget and
dtflclta of foreign countries; the rela
tion of these to tha maintenance of their
respective land armaments, and Infor
mation regardta- tha Indebtedness to
the United States af tne countries main
taining large armies. ,
4. Introduction of a resolution by Sen
ator King. Democrat, that it la the sense
of the United State that In addition to
other "interference with International
affaire of nations." any attempt "to re
quire China, by treaty or otherwise, to
fix tariff dutlafl which aba may fee per
mitted to lay and collect on pnporta" la
In con tr aventloa or American - policy
and In violation Of International law.
a. Folnted Intimation from Senator
Borah and others that they would, de
mand in advance from the executive an
announcement of what the government
proposes to do at the Genoa conference
before It attends.
All of these manifestations reveal the
possible senate obstacles ahead for
Harding and Uughea In both carrying
through the treaties crowing oat of the
present arms conference and in carrying
on the work of the economic conference
ear AasiAa
em ViSiiisea,
Wilson's utterance Sunday would seem
to forecast Increased activity by his sen
ate rial friends to keep the league Issue
constantly before the administration by
such legislative maneuvers as are pos
McCormlck's resolution obviously would
Imply that some elements In the senate
plan to discuss the question of applying
pressure on foreign debtors who insist
on maintaining large armament budgets.
King's ' resolution, if passed, .would
threaten the proposed nine-power treaty
on cnina, because one of the most im
porta nt agreements adopted by the Par
Eastern 'committee was adopted Monday
and fixed a rate of tariff which China
could lay and collect upon Imports.
Senator Borah, meantime, warned that
Farmers Will ?ew
Life Texts lis Aim
- IBy Caivnaal fserrieel
Chicago, Jan. 17. A new- film, coi
ation to specialise in pictures telling
stories of rural home, mo , and; industry
and thelrelation to tie pUt il4 eWW
UxaUotL Is beta orgaaUeJira It W
be -known aa the Homestead Film com
pany. , '-, ' ' :
Tha eomoahy will be headed by IX- O.
Thompson, chief executive ef . the BSnote
Agricultural association, and E. L. Bill,
director of Information.
.They bave resigned from the asTi-
eultural association to give their time to
the film company. "l . . .
"Experience In the farm bareau has
proved motion pictures to be 4 tremend
ously valuable means of carrying i
message and getting farm folk together.'
said Mr. Thompson. "Investigation of
the theatre field concludes that the pub
lic will respond to pictures carrying
clean themes of the great out of doors.
If the United States Joined in the pro
posal of uoyd George for a new associa
tion of nations to be created at Genoa,
the same objection applied to such an
association as developed against the
League of Nations.
He believes, he said, that If Uoyd
George sought to get the United States
Into such a league he would faiL By
this he means, of course, that he would
oin In an assault on any new' associa
tion the same as he promptly attacked
President Harding's expression in favor
of some association, and since has at
tacked the four-power Pacific treaty as
a "military alliance."
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