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Pitty Pat .Pat,
, . Feminine
.Bjit - It's Too' 4te; Wally Was
' in Town Only Few Hours
. Between Trains.
( iTjTALljY" HEID, popular paramount
vv star ana nero 01 a iiwhimiiiu jh'-
tlon . picture ,-. adventures, .vlnlted with
Xanager. C. S. Jensen of the Liberty between trains Wednesday night.
Held was on his way to Seattle to take
art In - the ' motion picture men's con
vention noW: being held In that city.
.The Seattle committee has arranged with
Wally" to ' make a dashing entry Into
Seattle f rom Tacoma following the fash
Ion set by that hero .of the -"Roaring
T;oad." A Stuts .Bearcat has been pro
vided and Jleid promises to duplicate his
famous race against time and furnish
' t hrHIs., a plenty; : The Paramount star
has Just : signed " a five year, renewal
, wltlt the Paramount Lasky corporation
which." when i completed, will make, 14
years - association with , that company.
Jtetd?ls enthusiastic about bis new director.-
Jimmy Cruse, of whom tie says :
'"Cruze-has the practical experience plus
' the knowledge of technique -and : neces-
wAry enthusiasm, to put big things over,
lie has a. player's sympathy. -an open
mind. and. just radiates pep. . I believe
I have picked the right chap to work
.with and feel I can put forth my best
CIIVIW UIIUVI Ull yiicviiuu. iff. pw .avv
rushing our productions, more time and
tudy is : given to ; the . making. : The
XJoarlng Road,' -which proved so popu
lar. . bears out the wisdom of this. The
Xove Burglar" will soon be screened, we
liave Just finished The Uottery Mtn'
with a,nhlmmle wedding.'- On my return-
to the studio we start working on
'Hawthorne of: the XT. S..A" This Jat-
ler .promises to be a knockout : There
iv as sonrie little competition between our
company- and Douglas Fairbanks for
-tills- scenario." '
Mn Held is accompanied by Carl Jes-
ten, coast representative of the Motion
Manager Jensen of the Liberty hopes to
have . "Wally" stop over In Portland
Sunday " and make a personal appear
ance before Liberty audiences.
Movie Stars Use
Drug Commissioner
Albany. N. Y., July 18. Oirl "movie
stars'; and women' of wealth make up a
' surprisingly large share of the addicta
to the drug habit. Deputy Drug Com-
: missloner -Morrill said this afternoon. -
The statement was made after seven
. "persons from various parts of. the state
had been brought before the state nar-
' cotlc drug commission for alleged -violation
-of - the commission's regulations re
garding the registering of drug victims.
Some physicians, Morrill said, make
so,, much i money catering to women of
these classes that they do little else.
More than 20 more physicians have
been- summoned' to answer the same
. charge., " . -t , .
M. IExBibitors
o'Seek Repeal of 1
Admission Tax
..One of the purposes of the North
west motion pictures exhibitors', con
vention, now In session in Seattle, is
to' make plans , to participate in a
nation-wide (.protest campaign '. for
the repeal, of the motion picture ad
mission , tax. instituted by the Motion-
Pictures Exhibitors League of
America. - Inc. - The league - repre
sents 15,000 film theatres which cater
to 16,000,000 patrons of pictures, and
it is hoped by the association. to line
up the. great majority of these per
sons, f :--:"- -;.V -";,.., ..
v .The campaign will be . prosecuted
through the medium of Slides flashed
upon the screen containing propa
ganda . against the : tax, as : well as
ths r circulation of petitions among
the. patrons of the picture bouses.
' ; "- ... ! .s ill I nil I H I I mail iiiiisjimn Mill Hi mill ill i n ilpfi l.i SMW.iJIMiU
- 1 TnrS- C'Tn0 Ti ll ;C
rpOM MIX is the hero of The Wilderness Trail," a snow and
I ! storm ; picture,' on the screen at the Strand this week. MA
Stirring Romance" o the North is the film theme. '
Legislation to Put
Women on Equality
With Men Desired
St Louis. July" 16. (U, 1 P.) Legisla
tion to secure equality: for women will
be the aim of, the ; prospective federa
tion of business and women's clubs.
The new organization, representing
the Women's : Association of Commerce
ot the United States, Women's business
committee, Altrusa clubs and the T. W.
C. A. Business women's association. will
ngnt.ior new - wor King" conditions ana
other laws placing women on the same
basis as men. '
State laws relative to women property
holders and other, discriminations ' will
receive the organization's attention.
Richard Harding Davis' "Soldiers of
Fortune" is being given an elaborate
screen production this summer. More than
1000 horses and 10,000 people: are being
used in the various scenes. The govern
ment is allowing the producers to use
the flagship Minneapolis and bodies of
cavalry, infantry, sailors, . marines and
aviators for the battle scenes.
D..W. Griffith, Thomas H. Ince, Mar
shall Neflan, Cecil De MUle and Mack
Sennett ; have been invited to contribute
articles to: the- motion picture supple
ment, ; which will be part of the next
edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannlca.
During the coming year Thomas H.
Ince will present a number , of - big
special productions, with "all star" casts,
and . putthesef on under his personal
direction in a de luxe manner. The first
of these was started this week. It is
"Americanism vs. Bolshevism."
"Daddy Long Legs,", at the Liberty
last week ,bids .fair to become rone of
the greatest money makers in the history
of the motion i picture business. Up to
date the gross receipts on this produc
tion have been $750,000. The picture was
sold to the First National Exhibitors'
circuit for- $250,000. 1 r V ' ;
Women of today seem to listen to Terr' call of duty except
the supreme one that tells them to. guard 'their health: Home
duties, church; duties, war aetiyities, and the hnndred-and-one
calls for charitable enterprises soon lead' women to overdo.
Nervousness, headaches, backaches and female troubles are the !
inevitable result.. . . , .
ft&M0 ' Hp(0)MiLdl-
A . 1
.. t . : VATJDEV1LLB
FANVAGES Broadway at Aider. Hib das
TaudeTilla and photoplay featurss. Afternoon
and eTenlns. - Procraoi changaa Monday aftor-
noon. .m , .,- ,v
HIPPODROME Broadway at TamhlU. Ackw
., man A Harris, TaBderill and photoplay fea
tures. Afternoon and night. .
ALCAZAR -EleTcnth and Morrison. Morical
comedy stock eompaox, in "The Only Oirl."
8:20. - . - ,; - .
LYRIC Fourth and Stark. Lyric Musical rare
Comedy company, in "A Round of Pleasure."
. Every evening and afternoon except Thursday
afternoon. '
COLUMBIA 8ixth and Stark. Elliott Dexter
and Lus Ue. in A Daughter of the Wolf."
11 a. m. to 11 p. ja.
LlBEHTTr Broadway at Stark,- Anita Stewart,
in "A Midnight Komance." 11 a. m. to 11
pi nu . . r
MAJESTIC -Washington at Park. Constance
TaJnudga. In "Romanc and Arabella." 11
a. to. to 11 p. m. -i
STRAND Washington between Park and West
Pars, VanileTille, photoplaja H ta. to
GLOBE Washington near Eleventh. Douglas
cairoanss, in "YMia ana wooiiy. 11 a. jb.
to 11 p. m. .-. . j .
CIRCLE Fourth near Washington. Mary Plck-
iora, in "wags." a. m. to 4 o clock the
" nexe morning. ....
SUNSET Waarungton and Broadway. Charles
Bay in "The Family Skeleton." a. as. to
11 p. m. .- " J - .
COUNCIL CREST Dancing every evening ex
cept Bun day. Sunday afternoon concert. Cea-eessione.-
- - -.w-.-.-j-.--.. .
company musical travesty. Skating, boating.
COLUMBIA BEACH Bathing, dancing and eon
. cessions. . ,,
Jack Dempsey Is . -
-Signed for Circus
- . . . . . .
-. "0
Jack Dempsey, according to report
from the east, has been signed by Ed
ward Arlington, owner : of the Sells
Floto show, for an -Indefinite engage
ment, which began July 14. at Newark,
N.t J. r Jess Willard was under Arling
ton's management right after he won
the heavyweight title from Jack John
son. , , -.' - -i -.. -. ;- "-
Philadelphia, Pa I was Terr weak, al-i
ways tired, my back ached, and I felt sickly
most of. the time. . I went to a doctor and he
said I had natvous indigestion, which, added
to my weak condition, kept me worrying most
of the time and he said if I could not stop'
that, I could not gt welLi I heard so much'
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- '
..pound my husband wanted me to try it. I.
. took it for a week and felt a litUe better. I
kept' it up for three months, and I feel fine
and can eat anything now without distress ,
or . nervousness. , , Health and happiness T
Yes, I have both now. "Mrs. J.r WoaTBxnra, '
; 2843 North Taylor Street, Philadelphia, f a.
The rna jority of women novradays
' overdo, - there t, are i so many demands
- upon their time and strength; the result'
is i invariably; a t weakened, r1 run-down ;
- nervous condition: with : headaches, back-.
acne, lmtabuitjr ana depression and v
soon "more - serious ailments develop,
Avoid them by taking in time ' , . '
Majestic to-Get
-Big Four
Films Local 'Picture House to' Feature
. Hart., Fairbanks and Mary
RETTJRN1NO from a six-weeks'" so
journ in Los Angeles and its nearby
motion picture -. colonies, J. J. Parker,
owner of the Majestic theatre,' reports
that while down there he did some busi
ness calculated to make the. Rose City
rub Its eyes;'; f;--r-'"f:-t:v-- . '
Chief of his achievements, "ays Mr.
Parker, was tils signing up of contracts
where the local Majestic house will have
first run " showings of the productions
of the United Artists corporations, the
"Big' Four." the Hart.' Fairbanks. Grif
fith and Pickford combination. Negoti
ations leading to the closing of this con
tract were carried on by wire between
Los Angeles and New York Interests,
with Frank Lacey, manager of the Ma
jestic, handlimj the local ; end . of the
deaL - a ":
Mr." Parker reports further that he
has also signed up for the new-Selsnlck
pictures, which will feature such players
as Elsie - Jan is, , Eugene O'Brien. Ollye
Thomas and : Elaine Hammersteln. The
first of these pictures . will be coming
along, soon. The first of the "Big Four"
releases will be ' a Fairbanks feature,
due some time in Septembeiv .
Last, but not least, -Manager Lacey
reports .the arrival t of. Joe ; Terry, or
ganist, recently of St. Louts and San
Francisco, who " 'has - come; to -alternate
shifts - with Cecil r Teague on the Ma
jestic WurliUer. j It is Mr. Lacey's Idea
to give his patrons, organ features at all
performances, which means, practically,
all day-and evening.. He will install a
program devise . by which .patrons may
have their favorite selections played for
them. r . :: - '
It is probable that with the arrival of
the big films arranged rfor, two-week
runs of features, will be Inaugurated at
the Majestic. . U .
Seaside Rebekahs
Install Officers for
The -Coming Year
Seaside. . July 18. On Monday eve
ning, with Mrs. Clara. Miller acting aa
district deputy president and . Mrs. Mary
Ackerman as district deputy, marshal,
the following officers of Ramona Re
bekah lodge were installed for the com
ing year : Noble grand, Mrs.' Harry
Hansberry ; vice grand, Mrs. Maud
Simpson; secretary, Gladys - Taylor:
treasurer. Mrs. Lola Spaeth; conductor,
Mrs. Nellie Fake ; warden, Mrs. Char
lotte Barrett ; ' right ' support to noble
grand, Mrs. Ellen Peeler ; left support
to noble grand, Mrs. W. G. Montag :
right support to vice grand Mrs. Frank
Stephens ;. left support to vice grand,
Hester Parker ; Inside guardian, Agnes
Falconer; outside guardian, H. L. Har
ris; chaplain, Anna Jobson. -
Astoria Girl. Weds
Seaside, July 18. "Doris Smith, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Dorrance Smith of
Astoria, was married -Tuesday . to '.Ed
ward Halkura - of Seaside.; The bride
has been employed In the Hamlet school.
Lieutenant S. M. Williams and Lieu
tenant J. A. Mears are in charge of the
recruiting duties in Portland for the
Third Oregon. The Headquarters com
pany is now the object of their special
solicitude, but a man may enlist in assy
unit he desires. The office is -open in
the Armory every evening with a detail
of men and physicians oh duty. En
quiring Is encouraged. Any questions
answered. The Third Oregon is sworn
In. fully organised in its companies and
units 'and is expecting every - day of
ficial 'notice of its acceptance by - the
federal government as a part v of the
great reserve force of the American peo
ple. -
The National Guard of Oregon will
for this year consist of the Third Ore
gon, the - two engineer companies, and
perhaps a battery ot field artillery. Next
year there will be three companies of
coast artillery, a calvary troop and per
haps another battery of field artillery
That is the expectation .of the National
Guard officers conversant with the law.
The Oregon organisations will be part
of the Sixteenth division and the num
ber of officers and men all told can be
about 4000.
Arrangements -have been' made for
the field and target practice at Clacka
mas of as many men of the Third Ore
gon commands as can be Induced to go.
Free transportation by Uncle Sam's auto
trucks arid a, good . sold lers dinner at
Clackamas, with rifle practice, instruc
tion by officers who have "been, there"
in the face of the Huns wiU no doubt at
tract a large attendance. : There ? was
some remarkably good rifle shooting on,
the range last Sunday, and there un
doubtedly will be again, ? : ? V:
Australia seems, to be buying more
Americap books, and buying them direct
from t the American publishers. Time
was, and not long ago, when Austral
asia got all of Its outside reading matter
by way of England. No American bad
a chance with Australasia unless Eng
land had chosen to buy an edition, in
cluding the selling rights' in all her
colonies. By . the . time the book ' got
around : to ; the colonies .- In the . South
seas it was a pretty eld story. Recently,
however, Australasia has .been buying
direct V editions of American V; books,
especially of novels, as large as England
would : ordinarily take for herself and
all the colonies ; and she gets the books
months ahead of the-time-she can 'get
them- -via: EngIand.i;---i ; -;vP.-"t-i,:
Zane Grey's novel. The TJ.lP.iTrafl,"
won the distinction of being the best
seller on the Harper list- last year. Even
though it Is over 18 months since it was
first published, the demand, for it has
risen- higher - and higher and - a large
edition h as just gone - to press for re
printing. - ' , ' ' .
- - - lust ' Work - -Lady
Xo you want employment?
Tramp Lady, yer means well, but yer
can't ; make work sound any more - in
vltin by uein a word of three syllables.
Why Cover Up the
Beautiful,' Queries
This Beach Beetle
Atlantic City, N. J.. July 18. (U.
P.) Women's legs are beautiful.
Men's legs are not. r '
i , So ; why compel women bathers to
cover theirs and allow men freedom
of the knees?
Thus Colonel Dbnshah Ghadlall. a
native of India, but an American citl
sen. summed up his criticism of the
AtlanUc City ordinance requiring
women bathers to wear stockings. He
was speaking at the convention of the
National Association ot ' Drugless
Pbyslcians. -' i"Vf ', " .
. "Why should women ' be compelled
by an unmoral. un-American and in
humane law to eover theic beautiful
limbs?" he asked, during a discussion
of unexplained anatomy and centers
of physical force in man. '
What is the difference between a
woman's foot and a man's foot Why
'not make men : wear long stockings
and put trousers on hortes? If At
lantic City would be truly moral. It
' would tejl women to discard their
clothing or don trousers." " 1
rriHAT about the best part of ' these
J- midsummer days is sleeping- out on
!the screen porch at night- r
ftt i
That-the mart who read our paper
going home on the streetcar last
evening probably, has a stiff neck
this morning. - '
That no big city barber , shop will
ever have the same appeal for us as
did the little one-chair "tonsorial
parlor" back home in which- the :
mandolin' club used to practice after
business hours.
j: wa ' i ';:"-.' "i
That it doesn't - pay to leave, a -dime
in your vest pocket to test the
honesty of the cleaners and press
era, r . . .- , - t '-
iat v there are some beautiful
- suarsets these evenings..,- ;-
m m ..
That some of the back-yard gar- '
den came up where we didn't plant
it. . . - . - ' ;
-1 ;- ' .
That shoe' dealers report people
buying three and four pairs of shoes
at a time in order to escape the
higher prices scheduled for fall
styles. . - r ' - v :.
'h m -
That the wonder to us is how peo
ple can get: enough money together
to buy more than one pair at pres
ent prices. . a !
That it takes much water to keep
the lawn from turning brown.
' IbsJIB. V!
. That the gardener on the big lot
across from the old postoffice buys
weirdly behaving automatic - sprin
kiers. - .
That the girl with the green eyes
wears stocktpgs to match. -
We Can't Believe It
- "Mary Pickford in 'Rags, ' at a
local theatre.
A little girl,,had to write a " com
position on men. ; This is it : "Men
are- what ' women marry.1 - They
drink and smoke and swear. ' They
don't go to church like women do.
Both men and women sprang from
monkeys, but women sprang fur
ther." .'-'-
Say Them Fast
A glowing gleam growing green.
The black breeze blighted, the :
bright blossoms.
Six . thick thistle sticks.
, ' .
'Speaking of signs, there's the
east side store that sells ' "under
ware." .;
This Box
V French
; . . . J& '.-
Tor That Thirsty Feeling . . .
Nothing1, but--, a ) cool, ' refreshing drink will do these1 days. Orangeade is - the
most delicious of fruit juices, tit is the clear, icy juice of the crushed orange. '
1 You4will surely like , '
; Orangeade ' : ' ; : ' " . ' y.
Another Popular - Fountain Drink is the Shivering Timbers
You will find jjiat it lives up. to'its name.'
i 1
127 Broadwar"
Jimmy Coon ,' Works With Sammy
' Muskrat.- -; - "
JIMMIE COON and Teddie ' Possum
didn't, have a minute to themselves..
They had to get more fresh eggs for Mr.
Red - Fox ' and they had to work two
whole days for Sammy Muskrat because
he had brought little Peter In a raft
from the and bar. ,
Goodness men." said Jimmy Coon,
"how hard we have to t work for Mr.
Red. Fox and Sammy Muskrat. I never
have a minute to myself." ,
"I don't have a minute either," sair
Teddy Possum- Little Peter Rabbit sat
watching them build the dock. Peter
was very ; , happy .. because . everyone
thought he was a great swimmer and,
of course,' he was. - And now that his
reputation was made, he had nothing to
do but enjoy it.
"My!"; said lUtle Peter to himself, "I
have,, shown everyone how I can swim
and now I . wont ever have to do it
again. ' Ugh,- how I hate the feel . of
water it is so damp. , And Peter shiv
ered all over. .
Bullrushes grew on the edge of the
pond where Sammy Muskrat was work
ing on the bank and-, the clay from his
work made the water muddy every once
In a. while.- Painted turtles poked their
striped heads out of the water to wink
at little Peter. The. sun was very warm
and little Peter was very happy. ,
Red winged blackbirds hovered and
whistled over him, and a hawk screamed
In the forest.' Mr. Woodchuck climbed
down from a. willow and went away into
the underbrush.
It was a very 'peaceful scene. But
Jimmy Coon and Teddy Possum . were
made to putt out roots and water reeds
to make a place for the new docks and
they wee tired and hot and dirty, and
wet most of the time ; for when a root
was hard to pull up it would come loose
suddenly and then they would fall back
Into the water. . r -
It seemed very unfair to Jimmie Coon
that he had to work so hard. And every
time he looked on the bank there sat
little Peter Rabbit blinking lazily in the
sunlight, 1
" .is' welt provided: for a; wixnv afternoon.
A breezy spot, the newest book and a
box of Hazelwood Special Home-Made
Candies. Master puss also seems to
have his eye on the box of dainties, but
you can be sure that its contents are
much too valuable for even the nicest of
-.-f, pussies..' . . ".':' : -
of Treasures Contains
Kisses .
Mexican Chews
Stuffed Dates.
383 Waihinston
V h ft
The sun was very warm, and little
Peter was very happy. -
After awhile Jimmy Coon got mad
clear through,' ."Teddy Possum, do you
see Peter Rabbit?"' ' , v
"Of corse I : see Peter Rabbit what
Is the matter with him?- He isn't doing
anything he Is sitting perfectly stilL"
Do you think ' that's right. Teddy
Possum, when we really are working for
him T For if . Sammy Muskrat hadn't
gone for him wltn hla raft he would
have been sitting on that sand bar yet."
"That's so," said Teddy Possum. "But
what are you going to do about itf
'Well,: I'm going to give Peter a les
son., so that he will remember what we
did for him."
- 'What are you -going to do? I will
help if you tell me."
"I have a fine plan, Teddy Possum,
and you can help, and then Peter won't
look so happy and comfortable."
. What do you ' think Jimmie Coon's
plan was? But that's another story.
Tomorrow What happened to Peter.
Helie ofHeaidy
' ' Every matron and maid who has been rising
Sem-PRAV Jo-VE-NAY (Tfte Pink Complex-
. ion C&fce) will be glad to know, that there are
other preparations in the Sempray line that
are equally as good for the complexion. .
. We refer to Sempray Face Powder,
Sempray Vanishing Creme and ' Sempray
Rouge. .
Almost all good stores carry these popular
complexion requisites. You . will always -: be
glad you asked for the Sempray line.
MARIETTA STANLEY CO., Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cream Brazils
Eden Caramels
Hazelwood Special Chocolate
Can now be purchased from enter-.
prising dealers . ;in rrearly every
' t'jwn in. Oregon If your favorite
. store does not already have them,
send : us their name and we will
write them.
- Located
"Where are the aongs of yesterday?"
asked the temperamental person.
"Over at my friend Dubwaites house"
answered Mr. Clipping.
,. "Ehr - ,".
-J.H1 ?sil't bouh' new phonograph
record in five yeara"
CHAT 710. it
Looking at It from every" aarle.
eatroaa of THE OA KM. Portland'
frealeat amssement renter, will tine
he moat'eomslete pleaaare place is
the weat. If sot la America.
Nowhere elae has natsral hoaalT.
modern Improvement and delightful
entertainment bees combined In auch
a thoroughly pleasant manner. .
Theae facta are bringing to the big
Pars eseh dsy added thonaanda who
are being Initiated Into the habit f
making THK OAKS their ostlng
place. ,
-f! ,.M't." Jr nrt"i'ln acb dsy
additional rlaba. societies and other
groups of pleaaare seekers for their
asssal gatherings. '
w arex prepsref here to care for
asy thing from a -picnic to a conven
tion, and we have booked many of
both for this iimmir. It 1 argent,
however, that organliatloss dealrlng
V?JlrJ dt' ,or oHsg at THK
"Alis do so as soon as ponalble so
that nothing can interfere with ar
rangements. KTsry eoBTSBleaee and every pleas
are that time or money eaa produce
Is hers for yoar club today. ,
AiSi5' THJE OAKS ,r and
Alder every few mlnirtes. - Nix. cent
rJ " at P. M. dally, ex
cept Sonday and holidays.
Read the Chats for Oaks news.
I U I LWILt gxusKijiu CHOBC8
' u "ce.TleliaU Now by Mailt
Addraaa letter; mak chock., potofflea
I!;0.,??, Wb, to W. T.-Panels. Mr.
puis- Theatra. Add 10 par cnt War Ta
t Prjca Ticket Itaalrad. Include aelfd
tlreaaed atampad envelope to help laaura sat
'' rrllOgt;
Evenlnsa EnUre tower floor. 13. Bal
cony: 0 rowa. 1.60: IS rowa. 1J. Gallery:
claj Prloe Saturday MaUnea: Moor. $1.60;
Ualoony, fl; Gallery reserved, admiwlon BOo
Ticket Office Sale Opens
Ooeleet Thaatre In Town.
- Mab4 Wllbae and Oaear Flgman
, In
Ilenry Blosaom's snd Victor Herbert's
It's s S.RIns Circus of Uuaieal Comedy.
Eva epe, T5e. $1. Wed. and Sat. Ifata.
2Se. 50a.
- Net week, "The feraune TeHer.'
i MAT. DAILY 2:30 -'
. Alexandac PanUeea PraaanU
Kiur niLD euriM
(Late of Kelly Field Cantonment, Texas.)
Three Performances Dally. Might Curtain at
T and .
Also Macold Lloyd Oemady
"WAT THK CROOK," and paths News.
Finish Off These Hot Days
Columbia Dsacli
Taseosver Cars Every MInste or Two
Cotillion Hall
Portland's Dancing Palace,
cooleit and best ventilated
hall. Ball-bearing eprlng floor.
wonaerrm orcnesirau
y . Dancing Every Evening
J "ti Mlsates from Brosdwsy
Oar Wsw Besort oa the Colsmbla High
; way g lilies fleyosd Trostdaie
Now open. Picnicking, bathing, dancing.
Bring your lunch and bathing suit and
stay all day. Park for lease, to clubs and
organisations. .
- ; XBB "
Oaks Skating Rink
Evciy Afternoon and
- IVadtee Wight ZTery Xeaday
Talte Cars First, and
' aAldcr
aatTiTnti nnrfrv ntn?
1 Free picnio grouDOS, won-
derful view rides, games and
other arousements now in .
operation. - Dancing every 1
evening except Sunday, iree
concerts Kunday s.
Heats Aestla riBrt
HOP A C. C. C.
amu aeTReiNT- park