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G rat Vehicle, if It Should Land
in Street, Would Cover More
Than Three Blocks.
Passenger Scarcely,. Realizes
That' He' Is Moving Through
Space at Mile a Minute.
; By. Robert Welles Bltekle : V
London, March 89. Through" the ceurr
lesy of . the air ministry, .an. Interview
wu had today with Captain Lance
Huahbrooke. roval air force. 'Who : re.
f millv flew aa a nassenerer aboard '. the
. whan it- made Its three hour trial 'trio
fro-althe Setby. hangar In ' Torkshlre.
The craft since has made a successful
cruise, around the coast of Ireland, after
remaining: In the air nearly 30 hours.
; ' It Is whispered that this Is the aerial
craft upon which England is pinning
her hopes of winning; the glory of being;
Vftrst across the Atlantic."
Built by Armstrong:, Whitworth Co.
for use jot the British, admiralty," the
giantess of the air was designed orlg
Jnally for war' work. Her 'armament
w iu utciuue macnine guna ana rapia
firing; guns and from her fondolas four
'bombs-. of G80 pounds each and eight of
' 250 pounds were designed to be dropped
Upon the. enemy. '
. Giast Craft 7 Feet Losg
"Were the R-J8 ... to settle down on
Broadway, the great skyflyer would
more than fill the stneet and stretch for
three blocks. Her length Is 7fr feet
and at her greatest diameter the hues
girth of therigid gas bag is 79 feet,
- Four gondolas, one forward and one
aft in line and two abreast amidships
swing under the gaa bag and five en
gines capable' of developing 250 horse
power drive the huge craft, at a max
imum spaed of seventy miles an hour,
v 'The amidships engine In the twlnpower
cars were already running at low speed
when I clambered Into the control gon
dola, under the bow of the airship,"
Captain Hushbrooke began the story of
his experiences.
? "Then Major Thomas, the commander,
signaiea to ine ground officer that all
aboard were ready,
. ?J"At the blast -of a bugle all bands
let go and the vessel rose slowly from
. the ground- Perceptibly the men on the
ground grew smaller and shorter. The
sudden clang of a bell twice repeated
aroused me from the first awed sensa
tion of flight and almost Immediately
a muffled drone behind' me announced
the starting of the .engine In the com-
S,V " - use
Coats m a d of
serge. Colors navy.
Copen, taupe, sand.
Loose back or belted.
; 54.50-
Jervey 8111c Petti- -coats,
with taffeta'
flnunoes. Black and"
colors Only 7"
Silk , Plaid Skirts
or Plain silk Pop
, lln. All colors. J6.5Q
rip ---'in;- Gianni ':
Vf - fj '-...-.' r ?. - - - . ,
- r f
k mm ' - " " - tj t
Wjiik .-.--.- ',:-x .- ... " f V
-er" ---jt-- - - r- - m
W. 1. '
rvr scfsj,-. 'ju, ."f.. lis.-;
The. upper photo shows the giant R-33, the British dirigible recently completed at Selby, England, where ft
is being tuned up for. a transatlantio flight. The lower 'photo - shows the big airship leaving the ground
for its trial flight.
partment adjoining the control cabin,
in which I stood. ? v-
Castala Explains Details '
Tiooldng out from one of the windows
along the vast fish form hull of the
ship, I saw. a' cascade, of water ballast
pour out from an aperture in the keel,
followed In a moment by another
towards the stern. ; V
"We ,wer$ now well clear of the
ground and rapidly climbing with up
tilted bows. The airship was remarkably
steady, however, and but for the dimin
ishing size of objects on the ground,
passing slowly" a thousand feet below,
one was scarcely conscious of motion.:.
"My surroundings now claimed atten
tion. The helsman and height coxswain
WEST or ROYAJ-lAr?v:
$12.50 $15,00
Dresses Dresses; " 7
M1 J?110. . and Ser Taffeta and ' v
Silk Taffeta Messaline. Dresses,
dresses neat styles neatly trifrmed. All '
and colors. sizes amf colors. . ,
$QJ9 $075
. - ! t ".V:" :.. j:.. .
$22.50 $35.00
Suits - SuiU : .
7-- .,rt;"i. .770 . ; it: '-;yi.- :
Spring Suits made v Box Suits, also tai-
of serge navy blue j' lored i or h.ii.j
and black ; also , l0? or 1 r
black "and white with vest neatly
check, trimmed or trimmed. Very
tailored.' pretty. :-r .
$35.00 ;
Beautiful Dolmana
Colors Copen, hen- -Tia,
tan, navy, etc
The newest . outt
only - . .
4 t
; Newest In Capes,
- trimmed, with but
tons or braid, S20
values only. ?
, 1, -
'-V-' - ' . ;, .. ,
at the rudder, and the elevator wheels,
were intent on their duties and X ven
tured to approach the captain who had
been engaged at the chart table on the
opposite side of the cabin, j s
"As occasion . permitted he' explained
to me the uses of each ef the numerous
clocks and control boards ; the bubble
statoscope, which is sensitive to the
slightest rise or fall, gas thermometer,
gas valve, controls, the controls for the
water ballast discharge and the trail
rope release. The englneroom tele
graphs were operated by turning an in
dicator handle on a - dial marked with
the necessary commands, one communis
eating with each enginerooih. In ad
dition the captain could "talk: either by
the telephone or ' voice! tpipe to; every
station of the ship. 'vj; V 1 V -J1 -
' No Seme of; Speed " ) -f
"Thft auf1 speed indicator,: to, my sur-prise,-was
registering 62 knots 0 miles
an hour. One has no sensattori of speed
in this huge vessel. We were traveling
at considerably more than the veloctty
of an express train, without the slight
est sense of speed, and none of the clam
orous shrieks of engines and wires that
is so notieeable in flying in aa air
plane. .
"Presently the captain invited me to
Make a walk through the corridor to the
rearward cars.
"Viewed. from the outside the airship
looks vast in its proportions, but in the
keel corridor, the end of which seems
to disappear in the obscurity of the
dim light, the ship seems even more col
ossal. Above one's head are the -huge
gas bagsr each fitting "closely into Its
chambers and separated from the adja
cent bags by j radial -'wires across - the
circumferential frame of the hulL The
keel corridor is like a tunnel with the
sectional ship of an inverted V, the gas
bags when full reaching down on either
Side.": - -: i:: v iv' i :
- Banks Provided for Crsw
v "Walking down the center, gangway,
one .passes a long row of petrol tanks
and; water ballast bags on either, hand.
Some of these petrol tanks aro sus
pended from'qulck release hoeks, so that
on pulling a lever they can, if necessary
be jettisoned as ballast. - ---
"Further alonff down the corridor we
came to" the quarters for the crew while
off duty. No doubt the honks ars ap
preciated on a long flight. My guide in
formed me the ship could cruise for 100
hours if necessary. . r:. '
"The warmth of the rear power gon
dola was very welcome. It , was little.
more than a durallmin shell: surround
ing ths two big engines ; and gearing
which drove the i 20-foot propeller at
the -after - end. ;. . j - .
"We were now approaching the coast,
hosing" our way through, cloud drifts
down to the airship station. Alternately
one had glimpses of the sea on one
hand, with tiny ships leaving long white
wakes In the water, and on the other
hand tho frostbound country, the clumps
of trees and buildings standing out as
black blots on the general whiteness,"
K:7" : " 'i i
Women MRun;Booio ;
Lincoln, Neb March 29. (I. n. s.)-
Women have taken to running liquor
lnta Nebraska from Wyoming in viola
tion of the national "bone dry" law,
accarding to Federal Attorney Allen
Three women have been arrested and.
will be tried by the federal government;
Mr. Allen said. They . are alleged to
have brought the booze from Wyoming
to Sidney, Neb.
Hear Dr. Pence's Sunday morning se
ries of sermons on "The Master of Men
in Action starting today at West
minster Presbyterian church. Take
Broadway or Irvington cars. Adv.
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25: and look ovrir "our assortment of 14x20 frames
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- :. ; " f, ::i--;
Restrictions on
, Hun Might Bring xn
Opposite Results
Special Cable to Ths Jcrarnal and the Chlcaga
Copyrifht. 1919, by tb Chioaeo Dailjr Ktm Co.
Paris,' March 29. French aviation ex
perts are agreed that it is impossible to
prevent Germany or any other nation
from building commercial airplanes irf
time of: peace which tfi be used a
bombing planes in case of war. The dif
ference between a bombing ..plane and
a comercial piano Is so ' light at the
present time as to be- praetlcally neg
liglble. Germany can: be forbidden to
manufacture bombs and. explosives, say
the experts,, but she can hardly be for
bidden to make airplanes. It . is even
doubtful, adds one French engineer, if
such prohibition is desirable.
"German collaboration In the progress
or science and industry," says this en.
gineer, "should not be disdained pro.
Vtded a League of Nations is organized
permanently. Industrial prohibitions
and economic oppression might bring
about results exactly opposite to those
Intended. Free competition In peaceful
fields presents fewer dangers."
The true-means of avoiding danger Is
therefore said to be not f orbiding the
Germans to manufacture airplanes but
developing this industry to such an ex
tent in France, .England and America
that If the Germans should ever again
be tempted to bomb French towns they
wouia be deterred by rear of truly ter
rible reprisals. -
Business Paralyzed
In Europe Because
Affairs Unsettled
. By W. J. li. Klehl .
Special Cabl .to Thv-Joonial and the Chicago
(Copyright. 1919. by Chicago Dally News Co.)
Utrecht, March 29. The unsettled con
ditions in Europe are paralyzing busi
ness. The Leipzig fair has been post
poned until the end of April owing to
transport difficulties in Germany. Jn
Holland Bolshevism and the long dura
tion of tho peace preliminaries are hav
ing a bad effect. No one dares to ven
ture upon big enterprises while condi
tions are o uncertain. The ruin "of the
central empires and naturelly destroyed
their buying capacity and Impaired then-
credit. This is severely -felt . in Dutch
Commercial circles. , -(
i Recently a large party of Danes vis
ited Utrecht and a ..number of Swiss,
Belgians and Britons have also come
leading to the hope that the Utrecht fair
next year wlll , be internationalized so
that other ' nationalities -will be among
the exhibitors leading to a healthy com
petition between - Dutch - Industry and
that of 'other lands..: .
An innovation this year is the institu
tion of consulting rooms for the com
mercial attaches of several of the lega
tions where people desirous of doing
business with the countries represented
can be given full information.
This? novelty pleased the director of
the Liepzlg fair who visited tho exhibi
tion here. Ho said that he hoped this
city would b able to introduce the fea
ture in tho future
A patent for cutlery made of bamboo
has been granted a Japanese resident of
Seattle. t
Reduction on Any
Photo Enlargement
financial and Industriaf Commis-t
sion Would Be Similar to Those
'of Other Allied Countries, v
Although There Is f Some Effort
Toward Commercial Under
standing, Soldiers Still Busy.
Bpaeial .Gbe to Tba JonrqaJ ad the CMeesT
t4iy Mewa ...
Copyrlgkt, ll. by tbs Chicago Dtfly Ntwi C
Warsaw, Poland, by Courier to Paris,
March , 25. An American economic, fi
nancial and industrial commission for
Poland similar to those of the other
allies, now busUy at wprk bero, may be
formed in the pear future as the result
of the of forU of business men from
Poland who some time ago left Warsaw
and are in Paris in connection with ths
peace conference work.. '
The British, through an economic mis
sion, including trained salesmen, mer
chants and business men. arid French
representatives of largo firms, together
with Swiss and other neutral agents, are
now and for a week , have been busy
making a survey of tho financial needs,
industrial, business, trade and commer
cial situation Of Poland and mtHr
ders for machinery and goods of varl-
vwi amcrijiuoni.
j Merchants, manufacturers and ' busi
ness men generally everywhere In Po
land bavo declared their dealr tn An
business with American firms, but hlth-
eno no representatives of such firms or
interests haye beep on hand.
. Aware -of OpportmaiUes :
-That j tho American members of tho
Interallied mission - here, in - mnnMlan
with Inquiries to determine claims as to
territorial boundaries and also to end
the attacks on Poland which are forcibly
resisted - on four fronts, are aware of
the great business opportunities, and the
fact that ether peoples here are engaged
in economic hnslncit anr trati, inattm
whilit we are still viltlnr . la AmtA
dui .nm question oz raomuii Duainess IflZJ
America is ouisiae oz xneir province.
The members of this mlsslonare buar
with thevork ouUined for them.
' ' ' ' " " ' " " m - - .. . ... i, ........ , , .
::..H ' !r T.s-'t Direction of g?t3 Jenaen"Von Herberg'. . , f
Udoors .it i - i.ixir MmrZr
OPEN V VV I Baa ( ft-1 V Ummfj- ,
11,112:45,12:30 t .
Oddities Are Amusing
By Fred S. Fergssen , .
Cnltd Piew Suff Cerrstpesdrnt .
Paris, March 2f Sam Compers. pres
ident . of the- American Federation of
Labor, is probably the floes lest dressed
man of tho hundreds, of various officials
drawn hero by the peace conference. In
his fur-lined overcoat and cocky lltUe
soft hat, Gompers looks like a . bank
president.. .. -.
Gom pers to also greatly given to ora
tory. - This Is one of tho scarcest eon
modules thatahas been produced since
tho peace sessions opened. . Ail of the
scores of meetings have taken on the
nature of informal talks. Few attempt to
"orate." Oompers, however, Is one of
tho few. He strews verbal flowers all
over the place," and is always good for
a couple of hours one he gets started.
Most everybody connected with the
peace conference Is - getting . . the - story
telling habit. - Whether it is a result
of the precedent set by. President Wil
son, or just a natural bubbling over,
isn't clear but. anyhow, everybody's
telling 'em. - 4 , ,
Henry. White, Republican member of
the American commission, tells stories
of other peace parleys and of his experi
ences - of years back in various diplo
matic posts. ' ' White knew Lord Robert
Cecil when Robert was a boy,it f , . -
Colonel House has also' taken to tell
ing stories. -Tho colonel has the diplo
matic advantage of every one thinking
he is very mysterlo-as." He' also has
the reputation of being terribly silent.
The colonel, however , of ten explains sit
uations as they exist in the conference
by telling a story of some incident in
ordinary life in which he figured. v
The next man you see who shows ab
solutely no emotion, no matter what ths
provocation, put him down as saving a
"Hedjas faee." ,
A "Hedjas faee is a "poker face"
raised to the nth degree. As a matter of
fact, a "poker face" radiates emotion,
as compared to the "Hedjas face.
The Prince of Hedjas of Arabia in
troduced tho face to the world when he
came to Paris as a delegate to the peace
conference. No matter what may be
going on about him... the expression on
the face of tho prince, never changes.
His eyes are always looking straight
ahead, dark as night. His swarthy face
is framed in the loose folds of his silken
Arabian head-dress of subdued colors,
He suggests the mystic. ;
. Aside from the heao-dress, the prince
wears clothing of modern cut. Over this,
however, he wears a loose black silken
robe-like coat, caught in at the waist by
a girdle. On formal occasions ho wears
a long, richly carved ivory and gold-
" VI so bnng oss along. KjMf&m if . '
Has Humor
handled dagger In his belt. ; He moves
silently, but with a quick, nervous step.
His expression is neither repelling nor
friendly. It. is neither cold nor warm.
It is neither animate nor Inanimate, it
Is simply Hedjas. .
Listening to long drawn out speeches
about things and places they never heard
or before is too much, even "for states
men and diplomats upon whose shoul
"J?1 Job of establishing the
peace of the world, j , .
But to the delegates of some of the
smaller powers the. Question of whether
- . boundary shall bo to the right
f5 Hlof rlTtir Oom-Ta-Ta, or who
wertnejrare to have proper protection
tor the Poo-Bah railroad, is far more
important than a League of Nations,
rreeoom of the seas, peace with Oer
many, or anything else. Their viewpoint
to based about on the idea that unless
It isfirmly fixed right now whether
the Ooomias are to be permitted to
violate the neutrality of nam by serv
ing duck eggs instead of hen errs with
it then the whole world Is simply go
ing" to pot y : )
V Only a few of the delegates actually
"boar tho claims. Most of them sleep.
On two or three occasions speakers "ad
vancing ths claims, etc.,' have become
somewhat peeved when the audience be
gan - dropping off; to sleep. But that
didn't disturb the sleepers.
Ice cream soda at E0 cents a glass,
and without even two. straws if you're
taking your best, glrl That's the price
in Paris. There Is Just' one place In
town where the great American combi
nation "ia to be had. It la being , dis
covered by a new bunch of soldiers every
day. The price doesn't matter to a
doughboy or an officer when he sees the
prospect of a chocolate soda, and the
shop does a rushing business on Its 60-cents-a-throw
Most Americans visiting the shop are
satisfied to revel in a soda, but one
officer started something recently when
he tried to get a 'sundae.' There are
various things that are hard to say in
French, but when it comes to trying to
explain to a French soda clerk bow to
make a sundae, this officer found he had
discovered something entirely new in
difficulties. Finally he gave .it up with
"Oh. gimme a choolat sody." '
Has It Figured Out
Melbourne, Australia, ". March 4, (By
Mall.) Oerro any is easily able to pay
to the allies an indemnity of $50,000,000,
000, it has been estimated by Common
wealth Statistician JCnjbbs of Australia.
Ukrainians Who Have Been Hold
ing Reds in Check Face About
and Augment Forces of Lenine.
Great Wheat Area of Europe Js
About to Fall Into Hands of
Leaders of Russian Radicals.
Special Cabl to Th Jonrnal pnd Tba Cblaace
Pail? New. ' .
fCeprrlcht, ltl. br CUcms DtQr N.wt Co,)
' Paris, . March 29. While the . peace
conference, having; failed to solve the '
Russian question, bas dropped it tempo
rarily, the Bolshevik! seem about to
conquer all of Southern Russia, where
hitherto they have been held In chck
by tho Ukrainians.- Their - troops are
fighting the Don Cossacks only 160 kilo
meters (90 miles) northeast, of Rostof.
The important ports of Kherson and
Nicolateff on the Black sea have fallen
into their hands, Bolshevist uprisings
have been reported In t Odessa Itself,
where the allies landed troops only last
December under cover of the , guns of
the French navy. .. :- , ;
Kiev has been taken by the reds. . The,
anti-Bolshevist government of Petilours
has fled to Vlnnetsa. from which the,
Belsheviki are only 6( kilometers (89
miles) distant. The movement against'
the eastern district of Poland Is also'
becoming more clearly, outlined. The:
reds claim to have captured Lutsk. This!
advance brings them within 180 kilo
meters (98 miles) of the Dniester, where
the poorly equipped and bdly - provi
sioned Roumanian forces mayhave dif
ficulty in ' checking then. As tho
Ukraine is one of the granaries of Rus
sia, Its occupation by the ; Belsheviki
may modify the famine conditions In
Central Russia before the end of tne
year. . . ; " .-.m j;'.'
The Bolshevist advance has been fa
cilitated by a wave of Bolshevism In the
Ukraine Itself. The Paris Temps, com
menting on this spread of the red ter
ror, compares it to fire. "Where Jt
has been burning a long time everything
is in ruins and the fire languishes but
without the victims being able to
quench It,
r 't