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iiveri Stages 10 Feet 'Less
( During This Spring Than in
mbUe Barrio Companies Prepare Way
t Mot Costly BHctrleal Tlx
" tursa; Cabla Ends Balsad.
ttnta of a genuine "1894" flood ara
ncreaain pn tha waterfront eVery
r..- ! , "
Statlitlcg prepared by Assistant Dis
jact Forecaster T. Francla Drake show
'ha Columbia, Snake, Clearwater and
Vlllametts rivers have averaged a 10
.Tot less depth during1 the spring
nontbs than did the same rivers dur-
.ng 1884.
In the face of the fact that there Is
ai much or more enow in the foot
hills and mountains to come out as
there was during that spring, thin In
dication ia deemed highly alarming hy
both weather men and river men. Tha
cold weather which has been expert
nnced this spring was regarded .for a
wmie as a saving lacior in ins unpenn
ing flood, but the continuation of the
spell has offset the early effect much
mora than was expected.
Freaky weather, first real warm and
then real cold, continuing into July,
might atop the flood say the experts,
hut It la now believed almost certain
that the water will at least cover
front street and probably go' higher.
, - Precautions against flood damages
are being taken. The public service
companies have moved all awltch boxes
and motors along Front and First
streets off the lower levels. Tele
phone exchange boards have been made
ready for Instant removal. The west
side. end of the Pine street cable In be
lng placed on a platform 10 feet high
r than the former terminal and other
c&Die .enaingn. win imejy be given a
similar change.
The river here stands at 15 feet, and
very little change Is expected during
the next few days. ,
Marine Gaze on Craft From Astoria,
Mere on Trial Trip. I
The first seml-Delsel engine on th
Columbia river attracted marine men
for an inspection today.
. TJi engine 4s in the tug Bronkfleld
of Astoria, the Brookfleld is owned
by Captain Charles Larson, and j uswi
In the rock barge towing business. She
is on her trial trip, having been re
oently turned out by Wilson Brothers
of Astoria. She Is 65 feet In length.
Unlike the usual seml-Delsel engine,
th 100 horsepower four cylinder Fair
hanks-Morse engine in the craft oper
ates inrougn a clutch and reverses
through a gear Instead of by revers
ing the engine, as do most similar
Th Brookfleld Is at the foot of Yam
hill street.
"."In order that the vessels may be on
regular schedule. ,the steamer Break
water will not sail until Thursday,
thus spacing her properly with the
steamer F. A. Kilburn.
Th steamers Multnomah and Johan
rnulsen. lumber laden, sailed for Cali
fornia ports.
To load a portion of her grain cargo
the British steamer - King Malcolm
hi f ted to North Bank dock.
With freight from San Francisco
th steamer Wapama arrived at Couch
street dock.
- Owing to minor boiler repairs the
steamer Oeorgiana laid over today, the
steamer Undine taking her rua
: Cape Cod Nearly Ready.
Word received from New vork is
that the steamer Cape Cod. purchased
by the Oregon-Alafcka Steamship com
, pan y, la in drydock being painted, pre
vious to leaving for this coast. A full
cargo of freight has been secured for
Portland delivery. James W. Crlchton,
general manager of the line, will prob
ably leave for New York shortly to
superintendent her loading and oepar
tur. Weir Goes to Skagway.
' Seattle, Wash., May 23. (P. N. S.)
H. O. Weir, whom Olenn Winshlp will
succeed as cashier of the Juneau of
fice of the Pacific Coast Steamship
company, has been appointed agent of
th company at Skagway to succeed V.
A. Peterson. The latter has been or
dered transferred to tbe Ketchikan
agency succeeding F. H. Bold resigned.
Changes and Charters.
San rraneisco. May 23. J. E. Johnson baa
l-esamed . command of th ateamer Mandalay,
relieving K. Butalnaj.
. John Bnatrom baa resumed command of rh
steamer National City, rellering Victor Jacob
i son.
- H. .W. Lewla baa aucceeded Alex MacKan
Bl as aiaater of the ateamer Washtenaw.
Th schooner Golden Sbor baa been char-
Iron Is Greatest of All Strength
Builders, Says Doctor
1 A Secret of the Great Endurance and Power of Athletes.
Ordiaary Vturatad Xroa win Make Dell.
eat, Vsrvoos. maadowa People 800
- Per Oent Stronger la Two
1: Weeks' Tim la Many Case.
NW York, N. Y- Most people fool
ishly seem to think they are going to
get renewed health and strength from
on stimulating medicine, secret nos
trum or narcotic drug, said Or. Sauer,
a well known Specialist who has studied
Widely both In this couatry and Europe,
when, as a matter of fact, real and true
strength can only come from th food
you, eat. But people often fall to get the
strength out of their food because they
haven't enough Iron in their blood to
enable It to change food Into living
matter. From their weakened, nervous
condition they know something is
wrong hut they can't tell what, so they
generally commence doctoring for
stomach. . liver or kidney trouble or
symptoms of some other aliment
caused by the lack of iron In the blood.
This thing may go on for years, while
the patient suffers untold agony. If
?ou are not strong or well, you owe It
o yourself to make the following test:
See bow long you can worh or bow far
you can waijc wttnout Becoming tired.
Next take two five-grain tablets of or
dinary nuxated Iron three times per
day after meals for two weeks. Then
test your strength again and see for
yourself how much you have gained.
1 . have seen dosens of nervous,
run-down people who ' were ailing
all the while, double ' their strength
and endurance and" .- entirely get
rid of all symptoms of .dyspepsia.
to earry Inmber from North Psetfte' ta
Sydney, K. Z- or West Coast, Soots Anarlca.
at 117s Sd late 1917). '
Tbe barkeatln 8. N. Cut! has been sold by
George A. Moore Co. to Uf aaales parties
ror sw.ouo. ,
Arrivals Kay .
WsDemi. American steamer. Captain Pol-
dat, - paaaeoirera and lumber from Ban Fran
cisco, rarr-McOormick KM. Co.
Separtares Kay SS.
Hnltaoinab. American iteamer. Captain
Green, paaaengera and lumber for Baa Diego
anrt war. McCormlrk Lumber Co.
F. H. Back. American steamer. Caotain
Macdonald. ballast tor Monterey. Associated
Oil company.
uoasier, American ateamer, captain nesra,
romber for Baa Francisco, McCormlck Lumber
Wortnern Paclrlc, American steamer. Lap
tain Hunter, paaaencers and freight tor San
ban Frauclsco, O. M. P. SH. Co.
Marine Almanac.
Waatasr at Biver'a Month.
North Head, afar 23. Condition at th
moutb of the rlrer at noon, smooth, wind
northwest, 2o miles; weatber, cloudy.
Sun and Tides Hay M.
San rlaea 4:2 a. m. Hun sets 7:24 p., m.
Tidaa at Astoria.
Hlirh water. Low water.
6:1 a..m 7.2 fet. 0:52 a. m., 2.8 feet.
T:37 p. m., 8.1 feet. 1:05 p. m., 0.3 foot.
Tbe time ball on tbe V. 8. brdroeraDblc of
fice wii dropped at noon.
Daily River Readings.
8 A. M.. 120th Meridian Time.
3 8
It a1 s
a a S a a
C3 a ts (b3
Wenatche 40 27.8 0 0.00
Lfwlatnn 24 Io.4 0.2 O.OO
Umatilla 23 15.7 0 O.OO
The DaJlea 40 2.1.0 0.1 0.01
Kusne lO B.l 0.1 0.14
Allinny 20 4.8 0 0.00
Halem 20 4.S 0 0.10
Orogon City 12 4.8 0.2 0.0!
Poriland IS ln.O 0.3 p. OH
( Rising. ( ) Falling.
River Forecast,
Th Willamette rlrer at Tortlsnd wilt re
main nearly stationary for tbe next two or
ture days.
Steamers lJue to Arrive.
Nam From Date
fctsr 5?. r. & L. A May 24
Northern Pacific.... 8. F May 2
Fearer H. V.. C. B. A E..May 30
Kus City I A. & 8. F Jun 4
Steamers Dae to Depart.
Name For Hate
Ron City A. Il 8. F May 24
vanama a. I' May x
Northern Pacific... 8. F May 27
Bi-ar S. V. A L. A May 2D
Bearer I.. A. It H. V June 8
8teamra leartns Portland for Kan Franclaco
only connect with tbe atPamera lale and Hal
yard, leaving: San Francisco Monday. Wednes
day, Friday and Saturday, fur Los Angelea
and Ban inego.
Vessels in Port.
Nam Berth
A. K. Coats, Am. act).... '. Rainier
Breakwater, Am. ss Columbia
Delay. Am. ss Knapntoj
13. II. Vance. Am. sa Astoria
InTerlode. Br. bk -..Stream
King Malcolm, Br. aa North Bank
Rone City. Am. ss Atnsworth
Wapama, Am. aa Couch
At Neighboring Ports.
Astoria. May 23. Sailed at 2 a. m. WIV
Inmette for San Kranclsc": at 4 a. m. Shna
Yak, for Ran Pedro; at ft:W) a. m. Gaa
schooner Oarald C. for eoaat porta. Arrived st
7:40 a. m. Uaa schooner Mlreue, from coast
Gavleta. May 22 Sailed W. F. Hcrrln. for
Astoria, May 22. Arrived at and Wt np
at 10 15 p. m. Wapama from San Francisco.
San Francisco, Cel.. May 23. Arrived Sen
ator. Seattle, 11 a. m Johan Poulteli, Astoria,
1:30 a. m.; San Gabriel, l-om Angeles C a. ni.;
Colonel K. 1.. Ln-ake. towing barge wi. cattle
0 a. m.: Admiral Schley. Seattle. 6.30 s m.
Whlteaboro. Fort Bragg. 8:30 a. m. : Speedwuil.
I.oe Anaelea. 7:30 a. in.: Adeline Smith, Coos
Bay, 0:30 a. m.; Taboe. VVUlapa Marbor, 10
a. m.: Oleum. Tacoma. 11 a. m.
Hailed Ylna. Victoria, 4:3o a. m.: San
Tedro, Santa Rosalia, via Los Angeles, 5 a. m. ;
Urace Hollar. Tacoma, 7 a. m.
. Seattle. May 22. Arrived Wilmington. San
Francisco. 8:43 a. m.: F. a. Ixmp, San Fran
Cisco. 7:30 a. m.; Miiklltco. San Franclaco, 2
a. in.: Despatch. Ladysmlth, B. C, 7:43
a. ru.
Sailed Hawaii Maru. Hongkong, 10:19 a.
m.; Lyman Stewart, l'ort Sn Lola, 4 a. m.
Vesan Maru. Vladivostok. 1 a. m.
Seattle. May 21. Arrived J. L. Lacken-
bacb. New York, via Panama canal, lO a. m.
City of Seettle. southeast Alaska, 1:30 a. m.
Bee, San Francisco, 12:80 a. m.
Railed Admiral Evans. S. W.. via S. E
Alaska. 11 a. m.; Dolphin, southeast Alaska.
0 a. m.: Alkl, S. E. Alaska, 3 a. m.
Seward. May 20. Sailed Admiral Farragut
southbound. 7:15 D- m.
twdova. May 21. Sailed Admiral Watoon,
wettbound. 3 a. m.
Ketchikan. May 21. Sailed Jefferson
sottbbound, 3 p. m.; Spokane, northbound.
1:30 n. m yesterday.
Shanghai. May 20. Arrived Melville Do!
lar. Grays Harbor.
Yokohama, May 10. Sailed Mexico Maru,
Toconllla, Mar 19. Sailed Santa Crui, Se
attle, via San Francisco.
Victoria. B. C. May 21. Passed Norwe
glan steamer lhor, trom Manaimo ror San
Francisco. v.
Dunaeness. May 22. Passed In A Japanese
ateamer. ixMsluly Itltal Maru, u:sv a. m.
Heliingnam, May eauea iNormwesiern
Ketchikan and norts.
Port Ludlow, May 21. Sailed Rainier. San
Tacoma. May 21. Arrived Curacao, S. E.
Alaska, noon; Northland, S. E. Alaska.
Sailed Hornet, San Francisco: Klamath
San Pedro; schooner Willis A. Holden, Syd
ney, N. a. w., in tow.
Arrived Norwegian ateamer Baja California,
bom Dupont.
San Francisco, May 22. Arrived Vanguard,
Eureka. 12:30 p. m. ; gas launch Primrose.
Yaqulna fay, noon: Yale. Los Angeles, 12:15
p. m. ; llelen. raya Harbor, via Wlllapa
Harbor, with steamer Cariner In tow, 3 p. m.;
Brunswick, Columbia river, 3:30 p. m.; schoon
er Robert R. Hind. Tahiti, 3:40 p. m.; schoon
er Ethel Zane, Tahiti. 5:30 p. m.; Dutch
ateamer Veendyk, New York, via canal, 10:30
p. m.; F. A. Kilburn, Portland, 11:30 p. m.;
Davenport, Los Angeles, 11:40 p. m.
Sailed James H. Hlggln. Fort Bragg, 11:20
a. m.; City of Topeka, Eureka. 12:10 p. m. -.
Bear, Portland. 2:13 p. m.; Vanguard, Lot
Angeles, 2:20 p. m.: ITealdent. Los Angeles,
4:20 p. m.; Texan, Honolulu, 4:20 p. m.; At
las, Portland, 3:30 p. m.: Y'ale, Los Angeles,
4:10 p. m. Pasadena, Albion, 4:10 p. m.;
Grays Harbor. Grays Harbor. 5 p. m.; British
steamer Walruna, Sydney, N. S. W., 5:40 p.
m.; La Brea, Port San Luis. B:40 p. m.;
Dutch steamer Tlkembang, Bataria, 7 p. m.
Balboa. May 22. Arrived British steamer
Crown of Toledo, from San Francisco, yester-
7; xriiiu iiramer uiyeric, irom can Fran-
liver and other
from 10 to 14 days' time simply by tak
in iron in tne proper form. And this
rtf they had In some casea been
doctoring for months without obtaining
any benefit. But don't tu. v, i3
iprms of reduced iron. Iron acetate or
uuuiuie ui iron simDiv ta tin
cents. Ton must take Iron In a form
that can be eaarilv ahiuirluui .
ilated like nuxated iron if you want it
jv any gooo, otnerwise it mar
prove Worse than nu ua Um. - -
-"""7 ri ngnier nas won the
day simply because he knew tbe se-
?m "fnfth and endurance
and filled his blood with Iron before
....v 1UI in mrtL7' wniie many
another ha gone down to Inglorious
iuivy tor me laca or iron.
NOTE Nutated Iron recommended above by
or. Saner is not s patent medicine no
t?5'' but whlca la well know,
r""' wbo roo constituents are
widely prescribed by mlnest pbyaidans
everywhere. Unlike tbe elder InoraVni. ir.
Poets. It Is easily assimilated, does not hv-
tbe stomaefi; on tbe contrary, It Is stoat
potent remedy, la nearly all forms of Indices
Hon, ss well as for nervous, ruo-dowa eoodl-
tlcns. Tha kfBBBfacniiwr ! k.!rr
confidence In Nnisted Iron that they offer te
forfeit 1 100.00 to any charitable tnatitotioa It
tbey cannot take any mas or wotnaa radar 0
wb lacks I roe and iocreaae taelr strenarUi SO
J cent r ever to roar weeks' tlmo, prevldee
T have no serious organic trouble. Taay
also offer to tofaad year money U It dose not
at least doable your strength and sndorace in
ten days- tlroa. a la dlsponoed la tbls clLf
- . vm. uv,iu outer axngfuia.
Finn Will Assist in S
Preparedness Plans
Sxnployes, Wfll Vot Zrfw Aay ray
Wall Berrlng- la national Guard ox
Summer Camps.
In lin with a policy favoring- pre
paredness, R. G. Dun Co. has aent
to its employes the following- notice:
"Any of you who are, or who be
come, members of the national guard
are to suffer no diminution of pay or
other losa from us by reason of your
necessary absences in th discharge of
your duties as members of the ifuard.
"Any of yon- who wish to 3om one
of the summer camps for military
training, held under authority of the
national government, may do so. at a
time to be fixed by the manager, with
out suffering any diminution of pav
during the time of your absence for
that 'purpose, but the time will be
charged against any vacation to which
you may be, entitled. A contribution
toward the expense of your attend
ance at the camp will be made by us.
The amount of the contribution may
be learned by application to the man
ager." Employes of the Pacific Telephone
A Telegraph Co. have received a simi
lar offer.
William T. Proctor Succumbs
Sunday Night; Wm, Pleu
ard Victim of an Accident,
Eugene, Or., May 23. Three audden
deaths rrom Heart failure and one
death as the result of an accident oc
curred In Eugene during the past two
William T. Proctor, aged 62 years.
prominent realty dealer, died at his
home here Sunday night at" 11:1
o'clock from heart trouble. He leaves
widow, one son, Delbert Proctor,
living on a farm near Junction City,
and one daughter, Mrs. G. B. Brown
of Eugene.
James Randall, timber cruiser died
suddenly in bed Sunday morning, at
the age of 57 years. He la survived
by his widow and four daughters,
Mrs. - Mary II. .Eaton of Drain, Mrs.
James Lyons of Marcola, Miss Lulu
Randall and Miss Alice Randall at
home. Four sons, James L. Randall
of Vader, Wash., W. A. Randall and
Edward O. Randall, Independence,
Wash., and Franklin R. Randall, Eu
gene. C. M. Denamore, father of Mrs. Al
ton Hampton, the wife of a leading
merchant of Eugene, died suddenly at
the Hampton home Monday morning, at
the age of 70 years. He Is survived
by one son. Prof. H. B. Densmore, of
the University of Washington, and
one daughter here
William Pleuard, who was Injured
in a logging camp above Cottage
tirove a few days ago, died in a local
hospital Sunday, at the rge of 34
years. His back was broken and he
suffered internal Injuries when struck
by a falling tree. The remains were
taken to Cottage Grove today.
League to Enforce
Peace Meets May 26
New York. May 23. (I. N. S.)
Nearly every state in the Union and
all of the largll cities will be officially
represented in Washington Friday and
Saturday at the first national meeting
of the Leagne to Enforce Peace. Al
ready 1800 delegates have registered.
William Howard Taft, president of the
league, will preside.
The principal address will be made
by President Woodrow Wilson. Secre
tary of War Baker and other notables
are to speak. Among them ara Oscar
S. Strauss, Theodore Marburg, A. Law
rence Lowell, president of Harvard
Talcott Williams, Samuel Gompera ana
Army-Navy Orders
Ban Francisco. Mst 23. (P. N. S.i Ami
Colonel John Biddle. corns of enrineera. la
appointed enpermtenaent or tne United States
military academy, effectWe July 1, vice Col
onel clarence r. Townaley, i. A. C, re-
First Lieutenant Harry D. Offot, medical
corps, rrom Fort glocum. N. Y.. to eastern
department, there to be assigned to tbe 2d
ana izatn companies, c. A. v., accompanying
those companies to San Franclaco, and from
here to Manila on the July 6 transport.
Second Lieutenants ot the coast artillery to
aall from San Francises for Honolulu and Ma
nila: Archie S. Brers on Anaust 6 toTJanlla:
Philip Q. Blackmore. SeDtember 5. to mast
defenaes Oahua; Sidney 8. Wlaslow, September
Captain Harrr N. Coatee. 13th earalrr. de
tailed to general staff eorpa.
utricer or coast arailerr con, (relieved on
date Indicated, proceed to the United States on
iirst arauanie transport thereafter; Major
Georje-T. Patterson. September 5; Captain
Frederick W. Phiaterer, September 4: First
Lieutenant Tbomaa A. Clark. October 4- Sec
ond Lieutenant Randolph T. Pendleton, 8e(.-
ufiuoer o; nana a. oessiona, septemoer o;
first lieutenants coast artillery corps, upon re
lief trom military academy, to proceed on
first available transport to coast defenae Indi
ra ted after name: Jamear A. Brlce, Panama;
Tteodore A. Chase, Manila and Suble Bays.
Mary orders,
Csotsln A. H. Robertson detached from
command of tha San Diego to naral war col
lege. Commanders t. M. Lnbr to- command of
Alabama June ; L. A. Kaiser, detached from
naval war college to command of New Jeraey;
W. W. Phelpa detached from naval war col
lege to command of Louisiana: J. L. Latimer.
detached as Inspector of engineering material.
Measacbnsetts district, to command of Rhode
Island; J. C. Cole, detached from naval war
collegs to tespector ot engineering material.
Boston dtstrlft: Uewltt Blsmer. detached from
naval war college to command of Maine; ii.
B. Bradahaw, detached from Louisiana to Min
Lieutenants (Junior rrade) H. E. Knew, de
tached from Mayflower to Maine; T. H. T.
Markland. detached from works of Baoaeb. at
Lomb Optical company. Rochester, to works of
Sparry tiyroscop company, Brooklyn, ' K. T. ;
H. T. Smith, detached from Colombia uni
versity May 29 to Falteo July 1.
lawigna m. j. van vaisan, oetacnea Wyom
ing to Mayflower; H. A. Ellis, detached Ne
braska to Georgia.
JTavy Votes.
Centals Percival J. Werlicb. retired, died at
Chicago March IS.
xtta (JUumDia. now at tne snotnanne base.
New London. Conn., will proceed to tha PhU-
aaeipoia vara jane i lor repairs.
The Caeas has bees assigned to temporary
duty at tbe Norfolk yard.
Tbe Nebraska has been detached from doty
with the Atlantic reserve fleet, and asaignee
to onty with tne cruiser squadron or th At
Untie fleet.
The Nebraska, bow at the Boston yard, has
seen ecoered to proceed to vera urns, Mexico,
aa the relief of tbe Kentucky-
Tbe Bush oell (teneerl and the L-l, L-l and
L-4. sow at tha Boston vara, bava shs ttr-
dered to orocesd to KewDort. and thene tn th
submarine base. New London, Cone., doling the
tainr pan ox jom. inew vessels will pro
ceed from New London te Philadelphia and re
turn. , , ' . .
Supreme Court Holds Circuit
Court Erred in Instructing
Will Hamilton Jury.
Actloa Had to So With Ajlega Xdq.nor
Traasactlon ta TJnion County 800a
After First of the Tear.
Salem, Or., May 23. The burden of
proof to show that he did not make
sale of beer rested on the de
fendant after delivery was proved,
and Circuit Judge Knowles erred In
not so instructing the Jury in the
case of Will Hamilton, appealed from
Union county, the supreme ccurt held
The supreme court held that the
circuit court also erred In not admit
ting evidence In rebuttal to the ef
fect that the beer Involved was not In
cvrtain La Grande store basement
at the time fl::ed by the defense as
the date of sale. The defense claimed
the sale was made before the prohibi
tion law became effective.
Instructions Are Untenable. "
The supreme court held that there
waa no error in refusing plaintiff a in
structions whtfch related to the de
fendant's knowledge that his alleged
acts were unlawful. Requested in
structions urging that if the defend
ant delivered the beer as the agent or
messenger of the purchaser he would
be equally guilty were pronounced
clearly untenable, since there was no
charge of purchasing liquor mentioned
in the indictment, and the circuit court
was upheld in this particular.
Tha circuit court's usual instruc
tions that the nature of the charge
should not sway the Judgment of the
Jury, and that his guilt must be estab-
ished beyond a reasonable aouoi,.was
A reiteration or correct lesai
principles pertinent to the Issues does ,
not constitute reversible error, the su
preme court held.
The case was appeaiea oy xne aio
trict attorney of Union county, fol
lowing the acquittal of the defendant
February 14, on a charge of selling
illesrally Intoxicating liquor. Defend
ant had been employed in a drug store
at La Grande prior to Christmas, 1915.
and It was charged that on January 24
he entered the store and gave instruc
tion to a boy to get a case of beer
out of the cellar and place it outside
the rear door. This was done, and Fat
Burns was arrested while transporting
the beer down the street.
Since there can be no new trial In
Reliable Laxative
Child Was Badly Constipated
Until Mother i rtea
Simple Remedy j
In spite of every care and attention
to diet, children are very apt to be
come constipated, a condition res pos
sible for many Ills In after life un
less promptly relieved.
Mrs C W. Wilson, of Shelbyvlll.
Tenn.,'had trouble with her baby boy.
Woodrow, until she heard of Dr Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin. She writes. I
can safely say Dr. Caldwell s fcyrup
Pepsin is the best remedy of Its kind
on earth. It acts so gently and yei so
surely. .. Little Woodrow was very
bady constipated and we could find
nothing that gave relief until we tried
your Syrup Pepsin, which gave Im
mediate relief."
Dr Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is a
compound of simple laxative herbs,
free from opiates or narcotic drugs,
mild in action, positive in effect and
pleasant to taste. It has been pre
scribed by Dr. Caldwell for mora than
, Quarter of a century and can now
be had for 60 cents a bottle in any
well-stocked drug store. - A tri-U bottle
When the . structures of the system are in
perfect health they work without attracting at
tention or causing any alarm. The moment
that any part of the system has become ineffi
cient in functioning, or cries out in pain, then
you know you have been attacked by nerve
and tissue weakness.
You become cortscious of an unnatural con
dition, your heart beats wildly after exertion or
excitement, you suffer with nervous headaches,
the nerves in the spinal cord, on account of
their overtaxed, weakened condition, cause
pains in the back, drawing at the base of the
brain, irritability of temper, uneven mood,
sleeplessness, cold clammy feeling, you lack
will power, energy and ambition.
Not only is the nervous system the seat of
all intelligence, memory, reason or probably of
the very soul itself, but every movement of the
various structures of the body depends upon
nerve action. Hence when the nerves suffer
from debility or weakness, trouble is instantly
felt in one or more of the structures. It is the
chronic lack or derangement of furictiqn of
these various tissues of the body which causes
so much alarm, discontent and unhappinss.
Qose examination may disclose no trace of
disease or pain but nerves and tissues may not
be working properly. Like an engine with in
sufficient fuel, the lull supply of nerve force is
not forthcoming.
Overwork, worry, dissipation, excesses, etc.,
, are the keynote to nerve derangement. A per
fectly . nourished nervous system might go cm
-indefinitely...' . ; . " . ,
th case, owing to the fact that Ham
ilton was acquitted, and the appeal to
the supreme .court was only made to
obtain rulings on questionVof law, no
final order was made.
The opinion was written by Justice
Benson. -
Salem, Or., May 23. Among the de
cisions of the supreme court Tuesday
morning were the following:
Ira L. Waterman vs. Rosa M. Water
man, appellant, appealed from Wasco
county, suit for divorce, opinion per
curiam. Circuit Judge Bradshaw's Judg
ment for plaintiff reversed.
A. K. Higgs vs. George McDuffie,
sheriff of Morrow county, appellant,
appeaiea rrom Morrow county, invoiv
ing the foreclosure of a mortgage.
opinion Dy
Judge Phelps'
opinion by Justice Burnett, Circuit
Judgment for rjlaintlff
affirmed. . .
Georgia Mitchell, appellant, vs. M.
S. Hughes et al.. appealed from Baker
county, involving the administration
of an' estate, opinion by Justice Mc
Brlde. Circuit Judge Anderson's Judg
ment for defendant affirmed.
WllUam J. Carlon vs. First National
bank of Roseburg, appellant, appealed
from Douglas county, action to recover
the balance of a deposit, opinion by
Justice McBride. Circuit Judge Ham
ilton's Judgment foir plaintiff af
firmed. Bernard Flynn, appellant, vs. Wat
son P. Davidson et al.. appealed from
Baker county, certificate to foreclose
a certificate of delinquency of taxes,
suit dismissed, opinion by Justice Ben
sen. Thomas Bessler, appellant, vs R. W.
Trbv. annealed from Baker county.
suit to. quiet title, opinion by Justice
Harris: Circuit Judge Anderson s judg
ment for defendant aiiirmea.
O. P Dahlstrom vs. W. A. Hudelaon,
appellant, appealed from Union county,
action for money had and received,
opinion by Justice Bean; Circuit .ludge
Knowles' Judgment for plaintiff af
firmed. Interior Warehouse company, appel
lant, vs, Edward Dnnn, appealed from
Gilliam county, action for damages;
opinion by Justice Bean; Circuit Judge
Parker's Judgment for defendant re
versed. Laura M Verrell vs. First National
Bank of Roseburg, appellant, appealed
from Roseburg. suit to recover a de
posit, opinion by Justice Harris; Cir
cuit Judge Hamilton's Judgment for
plaintiff affirmed. , .
Oregon Lurabe? company, appellant,
vs Kast Fork irrigation company, ap
pealed from Hood River, involving the
unnronriation of water from a stream.
opinion per curiam. Circuit Judge
Bashaw's Judgment for defendant re-
State of Oregon, on relation of W.
H Brooks, district attorney, appellant,
vs. Nvssa-Arcadia Drainage district,
proceeding to test the validity of the
creation of the district, opinion by
Justice Benson, Circuit Judge Biggs
Judgment for plaintiff affirmed.
A petition for rehearing was de
nied In Smythe vs. Smythe.
Boxes Most Be O. K.
Salem, Or., May 23. Fred G. Buchtel,
head of the state weights and meas
ures department, Tuesday ordered dis
trict sealers to confiscate all berry
boxes shipped into the . state that do
not meet the legal requirements aa to
Relieved This Baby
l - if-
tig y v, , 1
of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin can be
obtained, free of charge, by writing"
to Dr. W. B. Caldwell. 454 Washing
ton St., Monticello, Illinois.
size. - Buchtel ascertained that - many
of the boxes shipped from California
are too snalL
Underground'Road !
Will Be Described)
ICaaas Used to aid X scape of Slaves
to Be 3lsensed at XeetlajT of Ohio
The Ohio society will listen, next
Thursday evening at the Masonic Tm-(
pie. to the fascinating story of the
VnderUund'rtilroad'-'u.ed In helping
r iV ca.oin iv v-."" - I
uivn war; ti.' i jacason, ww la
ther's home near Toledo, Ohio, was a
station of the "underground railroad,"
will tell the story of his personal recol
lections. Th incidents whlcn Mr.
" i"v.i- . "igans to help them convert 1
Jackson will relate were compiled and j rtch( fat-laden blood. This
sent to Mrs. Harriett Beecher Stowe
and It is said that she wove them Into
the story credited with bringing on
the Civil war, "Uncle Tom's Cabin.
In addition to the story of the under
ground railroad, there will be solos and
readings anjs cards. All former Ohloans
and their friends are urged by theJ
orzicers or tne jnio society to siwuu.
Labor Man Sees
Prosperity Ahead
Olympia. Wash.. May 23. (U. P.)
That the coming summer and year will
be a prosperous 'one for the laboring
people is the statement today of E. W.
Olson, state labor commissioner.
"A Bhortage olMabor Is already. be
ing felt in the lumber and logging in
dustries," said Olson, and the re-opeta-lng
of several of these Industries that
have been ahut down for so long means
that a still greater shortage will be
The employment bureaus all over
the state have reported to Olson that
With Paraf f ine
For Constipation
One of the most remarkable, fea
tures of the practice of medicine in
recent years has been the rapid in
crease in the oise of refined paraf
fine oil or petroleum for constipa
tion and all other intestinal ills.
The paraffine is taken Inwardly
and does its work by lubricating
the intestines.
One of the most popular and re
liable forms in which this liquid
paraffine is compounded Is called
This tasteless, water-white min
eral oil acts as a gentle intestinal
lubricant. It oils the walls of the
bowels, softens the hardened, con
gested charges, and thereby makes
It easy for Nature to perform her
own work in her own way. Its ac
tion is purely mechanical.
It is not a laxative nor a ca
thartic, not a drug no- a drug prod
uct. Its use does not nauseate,
weaken, gripe or pain. Price, 60
cents the full pint bottle at all Owl
Drug Stores. Advertisement,
This Skin Peeler All
the Rage in Society
There is a growing tendency among
women of culture and fashion to pay
more attention to hygienic means of
preserving their charms. The advent
of mercollzed wax doubtleas has been
largely responsible for this. This re
markable substance produces complex
ions so natural in appearance, ao mag
netically beautiful, artificial complex
ions are no longer desired. Instead of
"doctoring" an offensive skin, the skin
is peeled off. The wax peels the skin
so gradually, in such fine particles, no
discomfort is experienced. The fresher,
younger skin beneath, wholly In evi
dence within a week or two, is lily
white, satiny soft and smooth. It's not
a patched-over complexion, but a brand
new one. That's why mercollzed wax
has become such a rage among society
folk. The wax Is put on nights like
cold cream and washed off mornings.
AIT druggists have it; one ounce will
Another hygienio treatment now
much in favor is one to remove wrin
kles, made by dissolving 1 ox. powdered
saxolite in y, pint witch hasel. Used
as a wash lotion it "acts like magic." Ad.
When CADOMENE TABLETS are direct
cd to the nervous system the cause and origin
of the disturbance is reached. By the tonic and"
nutritive action of Cadomene Tablets on the
nerve and tissue cells every muscle, nerve and
structure of the system are brought up to par
and naturally restored to accomplish their nor
mal work.
The mind brightens, muscular tone. is in
creased, all.. he bodily functions are regulated,
sleep is sound and undisturbed, and the exces
sive wretchedness of nerve and tissue weak
ness, discontent and worry are things of the
past. , 1
Cadomene Tablets are prepared in conven
ient form and may, be carried around in the
pocket or purse and taken regularly;
, Obtain from any live druggist, in sealed tube,"
.with full directions. : , - ' - '
m many instances rood Jobs nave
waited for several days because the
men could not ta secured to fill them.
An Easy Way to
inrrMi Woio-to
Good Advice lor Thin Folks.
The trouble with most thin folks who
wish to gain weight is that they insist
on drugging .their stomach or stuffing
ii wun greasy lootis; ruooing on use-
less "flesh creams," or following some
fg""h Phyalcal culture stunt, while
thereal causeo thinness u-
aitesuvf tract assimilates the rood
you eat-
There la a preparation known to re
liable druggists almost everywhere
which seemingly embodies the missing
elements needed by the digestive or
gans to help them convert food into
treatment is called tiargol and has been
termed the greatest of flesh-builders.
Sargol alms through regenerative, re
constructive powers to coax the stom
ach and Intestines to literally soak
up the fattening elements of your food
and pass them into the blood, where
they are carried to the starved, broken
down cells and tissues of your body.
You can readily picture what result
this amazing transformation should
produce as with increased weight the
cheeks fill out, hollows about neck,
shoulders and bust disappear and from
10 to 20 pounds of solid, healthy flesh
4s added to the body. Sargol is abso
lutely harmless, inexpensive, efficient.
All leading druggists of this vicinity
have it and will refund your money If
yoa are not satisfied, as per the guar
antee found In every package.
NOTE Sargol is recommended only
as a flesh builder and while excellent
results in cases of nervous indigestion,
etc., have been reported care should be
taken about using It unless a gain of
weight is desired. (Adv.)
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. On package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
about your digestive
troubles, sick headache,
tired feeling or constipation.
The depression that induces
worry is probably due to a
disordered liver, anyway.
Correct stomach ailments
at once by promptly taking
They aid digestion, regulate
the bile, gently stimulate
the liver, purify the blood
and clear the bowels of all
waste matter. Safe, sure,
speedy. Acting both as a
gentle laxative and a tonic,
Beecham's Pills help to
Right The
UmS SaU at Aay Matilda ia the World.
SoU rarywkaro. la bosaat, lOe-, 25a.
Groat too and Blood Tonic
H.I.S.T. No. 2
fll.S.T. HO.
Rheumatism, Inflammation of the Bladder or
Enlarged Prostrate Glands, Blood Poison,
Diabetes, Stricture, Cancer
It Is no stimulant Report from patients prove that 1U effect are permanent
arid lasting: In addition to the above M.I.S.T. No. 2 has cured many ease of,
diseases pronounced by physicians and specialists to be Paralysis, Locomotor
Ataxia, , Spinal trouble and apparently Incurable diseases of the nerves.
M.I.S.T. No. 2 has been on the market for over 35 years and thousands of
offerers have written as they have
many physicians. It is pleasant to take
or diminishes the action of tha heart.
Dlseaso yon are urged to writ
medicines yon nave tnea witnoat
That you may
yourseir, we win
S M msBssBisssa , .-trfirlpntia!lv erisrIno axrmntntna. fiom hOno Dollar par box,
or Six Doxoa for Flvo Dollars
Address; THE M.I.S.T. CO, Toledo, Oh!i
. - M.LS.T. NO. 2
- For sale In Portland by
People who are overburdened with 1
superfluous fat. know only too wall tha j
discomfort and ridicule that over stoui
people have to Dear.
If you arc carrying around five or"
ten pounds of unhealthy tat you are '
unnecessarily weakening your vital or ' '
gans and are carrying a burden which '
uestroys the beauty wf your figure.
There in no need of anyone suf ferine
from superfluous fat If you want to
reduce your wilght In a simple, safe
and reliable way, without starvation
diet or tiresome exercise, here is a test
worth trying. 4oend as much time a
you can in tile open air. breathe deeply .
aod get from Laue-Davla Drug com
pany or any gov J drvrgist a box of oil
ot koreln capsules; take one after each
meal aud one before retiring at niffht.
Weigh yourself once a week so as to
know just how fast you are losing
weight and don't leave off the treat
ment or even skip a single dose until
you are down to normal.
Oil of koreln is absolutely harmless,
la pleasant l take, and helps dlges- '
tlon. Even a few days' treatment has .
been reported t show a noticeable re
duction in fttiiihi, footsteps becojae
lighter, your wurk seems easier and a
lirhter and more buoyant feeling takes
possession ot your whole being. -
Every-perron w ho suffers from au;
perfluous fat should give this treat'':
ment a trial. (Adv.)
I, I
One Dose of Remedy Sweeps Pain
Awsy Hundreds of Thousands
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy Is un,
like any other. It sweeps the Bile
and Poisonous Catarrhal accretions
from the system. Soothes and allays
Inflammation la the intestinal tract :
the cause of serious and fatal all'
ments, such as Gall Stones, Appendi
citis, Acute Indigestion, Cancer and
Ulcers of the Stomach and Intestines,
Yellow Jaundice, Constipation, Gas
tritis, Auto Intoxication, etc., etc. In
every locality tnere are araleful pee-"
pie who owe their complete recovery
to Mavr'a Wonderful llemedy. Thou '
sands say It h h h saved them from the-'
knife. The most thorough system
cleanser known. Contains no alcohol"
or habit-forming drugs. KHKK look
let on Stomach Ailments. Address
Oeo. 11. Mayr. Mfg.. .'hemist. Chicago.
Hetter yet, obtain a bottle of Mayr's
Wonderful Itemed y from The Owl
Drug Co., or any reliable driiKKlst, wbo
will refund your money if it falls.
For dyspepsia, Indigestion, souring
of food, nas, and hyperacidity of the
stomach (acid stomach). A teanpoon
ful In a fourth of a glass of hot water
usually gives INSTANT RELIEF. Bold
bv all druggist in either powder or
tablet form at 60 cents per bottle.
been cored by its use. it is prescribed by
and absolutely sale, it never increases
If von are suffering from any Chronic
to us no matter how many doctors or
judge the value of M.I.S.T. No. 2 for;
send you a sampia riftx wnu