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By: George McManua
Cnwvrlrbted b rniermtfonaT Hm wrte. J
twkM fJnlte-1 SUM Pateet Orflaev,
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OH . TH ANtf Vm 1 -1
. ,
BACK Stoopin
fWP"E i tv- c-
- ' i '; - .
Star.:Second Baseman Will
Return to Portland Team
- and to His" Old Position.
II - - l
rUUt .Tone Will Bend cout Out
Tkie Way to Xok Critically at
"' ? CHilato May rua Opposition.
: ,.
: ; Whtti the Tumi, Flay
At Salt Lake Portland
Bait Lake.
m ; At 8m Francisco Lea An-
alee v. San Franciaco.
m At Lob Angelta Oakland ra.
; Vernon.
'.; Bill Rodgera, former Beaver aecond
baaeman, will again Join the Portland
Hub; . according to Information from
Cincinnati. A dispatch from the Ohio
fltjr aaya the directors of the Cincin
nati club held a meeting yesterday and
formally turned over Rodgers to Port
land. "
Judge McCredle. owner of the Beav
er, stated last nlsrht thr.t he had not
been notified of Rodger's transfer back
to Portland, but that ire expected to
cet word from the Ohio city today.
. Rodgers' release by Cincinnati
comes as the result of the regulation
reducing the number ef players to 21
men to a teami and in view of the
tmrchase bv Cincinnati of Fisher
from Los Angeles. Rodgers' release
.warf necessary.
Rodgers formerly played with Port-
' land and was admitted one of the
moat aggressive players in the league
Jle was taken by Cleveland in 1916,
and later on was taken by the Boston
Red ' Sox. which later, last summer
turned him over to Cincinnati.
f Ha was held by Cincinnati until
this sorinar in hopes that his weak
arm would gain strength.
Should the transfer take place. It
means that Vaughn will play-ahort
stop and. Rodgers will play second
. base and perhaps take the captaincy
Of the Beavers. Ward or Hollocher
.will be released.
. During his career Rodgers was
. remarkable success, and was with the
team during its pennant winning. Mis
acquisition means that the Beavers
" will have a stronger Infield. . He is
terrific hittar, fast fielder, and in
. 114, While with Portland, lead the
i league with the highest number of
' stolen bases, about 80.
- A ticket was wired Rodgers late las
night, at Cincinnati, although no men
sage has been received officially by
Auxiliary Manager George B. Cellars,
who Is in charge while Judge McCredi
Ja at the springs. It was hoped Rod
gers would reach Salt Lake Saturday
so tfhat he could go into Los Angeles
with the Beavers and talk over th
situation In the Coast league.
5Sfc 1 OVER LIKE. Yffy
Iff V IraH
P '"'-"III'
1 y
Fielder Jones, leader or the flopping
St. Louis Americans, Is the first man
ager Who will send a scout out to see
Louis Guisto, Portland's sensational
first baseman, according to informa
tion from St. Louis.
'Before the drafting season opens
either Scout Charley Barrett or Busi
ness Manager Branch Rickey will come
to .the coast to pass the critical eye en
the big fellow. In fact, the St. Louis
club figures that It already has Guisto
under its wing and all that is neces
sary is to turn over the "polpers."
, However, the St. Louis club may flnj
Itself mistaken. There are other clubs
desiring the big fellow and St. Louis
i will have to bid Just as will Cleveland,
' Pittsburg, Detroit and others who are
, after him.
' - .-Jones Has Wo Option on Club.
l' St Louis advices mention that four
i playera were turned over to Portland
l and In turn McCredie figures he should
end Guisto to the Browns. An a mat
ter Of fact St. Louis turned Bobby
Vaughn and Al Sothoron to Portlan.l.
Regardless of what arrangement was
made, Jones was given no option on
the Portland club. He has, doubtles.
options on Vaughn and Sothoron, Just
as Cleveland probably has an option
on some of the players It turned over
to Portland. These do not make an op
tlo'u on the club. In fact, the Portland
owners have never given an option on
the club in return for the use of one or
wo players.
Oomiskejr Also Wants Xou.
Much of the trouble of the other
Coast league clubs has been due to this
giving of club options and any number
of ball players have gone away for a
mediocre ball player. Such was the
case with Ed Klepfer of the Vernon
club and Claude Williams of Salt Lake
who went to the Chicago Whfte Sox.
Comiskey is very anxious to get Guisto
but he would hardly be given an op-
tloi on the club in the future, ever
though a deal was made, sending the
big Malian boy to the Windy City.
Anyhow, Scout Barrett of the Browns
has started his tour of the minors and
his first stop will be in the Western
Do you remember little Claude W
Hams and his "floater" that-fooled so
many batters of the Coast league last
year? Well, it is tooling a lot or Dig
league batters. Including some umpires.
Ollie Chill is the latest umpire to be
fooled. He was working back of the
bat iu a recent game and thought Wil
liams was using the emery ball. He
topped the contest while he examined
the pellet, could find no contusions
and bade the man from Salt Lake con
tlnue pitching.
An old timer rises to remark that
the engagement in Portland Just
closed by the Beavers was the most
disastrous since 1896, when a league
was organized in the northwest with
Seattle, Victoria, Tacoma and Portland
in the circuit. The local club was hit
so hard by rain that it went "broke,"
and Glen&lvin, the manager, it is said,
hopped out of town with the receipt
after the first Sunday, leaving the
players stranded. Among them wa
Jack McCarthy, the old Coast leagu
umpire, wHo is now In the cafe busi
ness in California. When Glenalvin
took the run out powder, the league
went flooey. However, baseball is on
a firmer foundation these days, and
while the loss of eight games at home
lu the first month hits the pocketbook
hard, it will not bankrupt the club nor
break up the league.
Largest Crowd of Season At
tends Game at Vaughn
Street Park,
The Birmingham optional tryout of
Fred Derrick, last year's Beaver first
baseman, expired yesterday. Since Der
rick has been playing regularly, it is
presumed that the Birmingham club
intends to keep him for the rest of
the year. The same kind of an i.gree
ment was up on Harry Krause at
Omaha, but was dated the first of
May and ICxause, therefore, Is a full
fledged member of the Western
Judge end Mrs. McCredie left last
night for the judge's new mineral and
mud spring I at Wennona, some 40
miles from Kugene on the Natron
cutoff. They K". he rbsent two weeks.
"Larry" Doyle
; . Captain New York
' National League Club
leading hitter of the
National League for
the season of 1915
- like all who are
1 prominent for brains
t r and ability, Larry is
a staunch believer
I 1
4W I . , O j iwi iiauis f
. i tuckiuunes encourage substitution. Vya
f -!. Thb Coca-Cola Co. Mil r
: . . Atlanta C. . ,:gJ IS
By Walter D. Schade.
Recreation park was the scene yes
terday of the annual battle de luxe
between Lincoln high and Washington
high baseball tossers. The game, which
in' the past has always been held on
Multnomah field, was played on the
Pacific Coast grounds because Multno
mah field was being used by the gram
mar school children, 'rne game was
very slow, but the rooting of 700 fans
and fannettes helped a lot toward mak
ing the game Interesting. Over 400
of the spectators were girls. Just why
Is not known; perhaps they wanted to
hear Umpire Ed Rankin's beautiful
ivric tenor. It was the largest and
most enthusiastic crowd that has at
tended an interscholastic game this
season. The final score was 9 to 7
in favor of Coach Borleske's tossers.
Washington high started the scoring
by getting two runs each in the first,
second and third innings and one In the
fourth. Lincoln was not able to solve
Thompson's curves until the fourth In
ning, when they .squeezed one run
The fifth inning was a disastrous one
for Thompson. Carter, the first man
up, was an Infield out. Llnd was safe
on Peterson's error. Knudson singled
through third and in the hurry to get
Llnd at second the ball was thrown to
the left field bleacher fence. Lin 1
scored and Knudson took third. Parks
singled to short, scoring Knudson.
Parks then stole second, while Thomp
son was walking Jennings. This was
enoug-h for Thompson and Williams
went In the box. He started out by
walking Lillard, and filling the bases.
but Holt was easy prey and struck out.
In the meantime Parks was out at
In the seventh Lincoln put across
one more and in the eighth on a com
bination of one hit and some errors the
cardinals gathered in four more and
won the game. ,
Steele started the game, but was not
in his proper form and was replaced
by Knudson in the third inning. Knud
son was the star of the afternoon and
in the five and a half innings that he
pitched struck out 13 andllowed but
two clean hits. Score:
Lincoln 0 0 2 2 0 1 4 03
Hits 1 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 5
Washington 2223 O0OO 0 I
Hits 2 2 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 7
RUns Williams. Peterson, Thomp
son. Shearer steiger. Snodgrass, BlacK,
Stevens. Knudson 3. Lind 2, Parks.
Holt. Fordyce. Hit Dy pitcner rarKs.
Bases on balls Off Thompson 4, ort
Williams 2, off Steele 1, orr jvnuason
Struck out By Thompson b, py w ui-
lanis 4, ry pieeie j, uy ruuubuu io.
Umpire Ed Rankin.
Athletes of Country
At Cambridge 25-26
Cambridge. Mass., May 16. (U. P.
The athletic class of the country will
perform here May 25 and 26, when the
forty-first annual meet of the Inter
collegiate Association of Amateur Ath
letes of America held in Harvard
This was made clear today, when
announcement was made that more
than 1200 trackmen had been entered
In the various events.
Stanford and California in the far
west are Included In the list of 24 iini
versitles that will send men. Yale
has 124 men entered.
Stanford Team Is Off.
Palo Alto, Cal., May 16. (IT. P.)
Thirteen crak men. who will carry the
colors of Stanford in the dual meet at
Ann Arbor and at the big 1. C. A. A. A
A. meet at- Cambridge, left here, for
the east today.
The Cardinal student body escorted
the athletes to the station and gave
them a rousing sendoff.
The list of performers includes Mur
ray, Kirksey, Aupperle, Wilson.
SchneU, Norton. Caughey, Lachmund,
SissonJ Lynn, Wilcox-Dievendorf f and
House. "Doc" Reynolds, the Stanford
trainer, accompanied the team.
Saturday Matinees Are Con
templated for Summer by
Local Turfmen.
Joe Benjamin, holder of the Pa.
eific Coast featherweight cham
pionship, who boxes Lee Johnson
of Oakland, Cal., tomorrow night
at the Rose City Athletic club.
. i '
A series of summer matinees is ln
prospect at the Rose City Park speed
way, in which Oregon horsemen will
work out their thoroughbreds for the
entertainment of the public and lor the
benefit of the training it will give.
Most of the horsemen in this section
plan to campaign their nags over the
northwest fair circuit, and training has
been in progress for a couple of weeks.
Twenty-six horses were counted at
the hie oval Sunday, and within two
weeks there will be at least 40 in
course of preparation. It it uolieved
tha.t the public would patronize the
sport If given the chance, and the mat
inee idea was suggested for each Sat
urday afternoon. The small admis
sion that will be charged will help In
paying expenses.
The J. J. Kadderly etable is already
at the track, and G. K. and Tom Ho
warth have been engaged for several
days in working out. O. J. Brown of
Rockwoodi farm has moved his string
over, and among others who are either
on the ground or preparing to move in
are: Harry Squires', Fred Woodcock
of Forest Orove, George Mlsner, Sim
Lindsey of Independence, Banker
Schultz of Forest Grove, the Merrill
Brothers from Cornelius, and Fred Mer
rill of Portland.
At Vancouver: R. H. E.
Seattle 3 4 0
Vancouver 0 2 1
Batteries Seattle, Schmuta and
Cadman; Vancouver, Acostaand Cheek.
At Spokane: R. H. E.
Great Falls 4 6 I
Pnnknn. B 4 2
Batteries Great Falls, Remneas
and Shea; Spokans, Lelfer, Webb' and
Tacoma-Butte game postponed, Ta
coma team traveling.
Bloeser to Pull Bow.
Stanford University, Cal., May 16.
(U. P.) Bill Bloeser will pull bow oar
for the Stanford crew if It competes
In the Poughkeepsle regatta again this
year. It was announced that he is
eligible and he has resumed training.
If the crew goes east it must have
more money, and a campaign to raise
the necessary funds before June 1 has
been started.
Bitter Hoot Kid Nauseates.
Kenosha, Wis.. May 15. (I. N. S.)
Paul Cant May. the Bitter Root Kid,
put up one of the most ridiculous ex
hibitions of boxing ever seen in any
ring here tonight in an attempt to
fight Ever Hammer of Chicago. Ref
eree Houlihan stopped the joke in the
seventh round. Hammer won every
Joe Plays Last Game.
Chicago, May 16. (I. N". S.) Joe
Tinker, manager of the Chicago Na
tionals, has announced that he has
played his last game of professional
As a resuTt of Sunday's game with
the Giants, Tinker today was sore and
lame and is thoroughly convinced that
his days as an active ball player are
over. ,
Eddie Mulligan la now holding down
shortstop for the Cubs.
American Association
Minneapolis n
I'olumtins 11
Indianapolis 11
Toledo 10
St. Paul 9
Kansas City 8
Milwaukee 6
Western Leagu.
Lincoln U
Wichita 1.1
Toptka Vi
Des Moines
St. Joseph T
Denrer 7
Sioux City 7
t Northwestern Leagut
Spokane 11
Great Falla
Butte 8
ing for three hours difference In time.
incidentally, Baker clipped three
days, 19 hours and C3 minutes from
the old record of 11 days, 7 hou' and
15 minutes, made by himself in anoth
er car some years ago. Baktr left
Los Angeles at 12:01 Monday morning.
May 8, and covered 3471 miles in the
wild flight to Xew York, which is at
the rate of 36 1-6-mlles an hour, with
out deducting any time lost for meals,
sleep or supplies.
Tacoma . .
Bobby Fisher Sold.
Ja)s Angeles, Cal., May 16. (P. N.
S.) Bobby Fisher, Angels' shortstop,
has been sold to the Cincinnati Na
tionals, and will report immediately to
Manager Herzog, of the Reds. The
announcement of the deal was made
by Manager Frank Chance. Details of
the deal were not given out.
Chip Flattens Sailor Grande.
Bridgeport, Conn., May 16 (U. P.)
Jeorge Chip knocked out Sailor
Grande in the fourteenth round of a
gruelling scrap here last night.
Yanks Release Cook
To Oakland Coasters
New York, May IS. fl. N. S.) The
ax of the New York American league
club has fallen on Pitcher Urban
Shocker, who has been released to th
Toronto club of the International
league, according to announcement to
day. Outfielder Luther Cook has beer.
released to the Oakland club of th
Pacific Coast league. Negotiations
are also pending; for the release of
Pitcher Piercey and First Baseman
Mullen Is likely to be sent to Buf
faVo, as Pat Donovan Is sadly In need
of a first, baseman.
Gunner Beat terinsky.
Philadelphia, May J. r (U. P.)
Newspapermen agreed that Gunboat
Smith had shaded Battling Levinsky :
Teams in Slugfest.
Ridgefield. Wash., May 16. The Pi
oneer baseball club won their third
straight game when they defeated the
Battle Ground nine by a score of 28 to
16 Sunday afternoon at the Pioneer
ball park. A genuine slwgfest was in
dulged in by both teams.
Boston ....
VI llsdelphla
St. Louis . .
Chicago ....
Pittsburg . .
New York
Clerland . .
New York
St. Louia ...
... 7
... T
. ... 12
.... 8
. . . .13
Lout. Pet.
' .HM
. ! .D.-jO
lt .!S24
1 .474
14 .1fi4
18 .-W
a .fi4
8 .!
K .tun)
, .o
10 .474
1 1 .iS
12 Am
13 .300
R .329
1 .474
10 .412
Lnet. Pt.
a .es4
a .koo
10 .545
13 .oOO
1 4 .462
V .444
1.1 .441
13 .331
Ist. Tot.
0 .140
12 .f20
13 .T00
14 .4S1
.IB .429
15 .4)
16 .333
X. V. Limit Is Raised.
Seattle, Wash., May 16. (P. N. S.)
Owners of Northwestern league
baseball clubs, by a vote of 4 to 2,
have decided to raise the player limit
from 13 to 14 men. This will permit
the carrying of five pitchers and an
extra catcher by each club.
Word has been received here from
Spokane that "Tiny" Leonard, the
mammoth pitcher, has been released.
Russ Hall, manager of the Tacoma
club, has released Moran, an outfield
er, and Rock, a pitcher who waa se
cured from San Francisco.
F. Chance Will Have
Day at San Francisco?
San Francisco. r . May 1 f, -d. P.)
Frank Chance wus due to appear in
San Francisco today lor the first time
in a l.os Angelfs uniform ami the bay-
side fans designated U ' Kratik Chance
day" In his honor. The "Peerless
l,eader" planned to perform for a spell
on the first sack, his own old stamp
ing ground, and show tho bleachers
that he still has plenty of "pep."
Considerable interest was n roused In
this season's first lush between the
Heals and the Angels in this city. The
Vernon Tigers have just finished their
usual task of chasitiK tho Seraphla
goat all over the hills and dales Of
southern California, hut the San Fran
cisco fans are anxious to see. the
Chance crew In action just the same.
Dillon to Box Jim Flynn.
Dewey, Okla., May 16. (U. P.)
Jack Dillon and Jim Flynn, the Pueblo
rirAman. will box IB rounds here on
July 4.
Cornell Crew la Placed.
Ithaca, N. Y., May 16. ll. N. 8.)
The final boating order of the Cornell
varsity crew for the Harvard race was
announced today, as follows: Bow,
Fernow; No. 2. Bird; No. 3. Urower;
No. 4, Andrus; No. E, Worn; No. 6,
Cushing; No 7, Lund, stroke, Collyer;
Coxswain, Chandler.
Doctor Says Nuxated Iron Will
Increase Strength of Delicate,
People 200 in Ten Days
Wells Boxes Dundee Tonight
Boston, Mass., May 16. (I. N. S.)
The "big Hn" boxing season will open
here tonight, when Matt Wells, the
English boxer, meets Johnny Dundee
of New York In a 12 round bout be
fore the Armory A, C. It is the first
of a series of lightweight contests
which will be staged here between the
star men In that division. The winner
of th! evening's frolic has been prom
ised a match with Charlie White of
Sets Xew Transcontinental Record.
New York. May 16. (I. N. S.J -All
transcontinental motorcar records were
smashed by E. G. Baker In a standarl
Cadillac eight cylinder roadster, when
he arrived In New York at 2:45 o clock
yesterday afternoon from Les An
geles, completing the trip in seven
days, 11 hours and 52 minutes, allow-
ta many lnatancea raraona bar suf
fered untold agony for years doctorlni
for nervous weakneaa, stomach, liver
or kidney or eome other ail
ment wbaa their real trouble waa lack
of Iron in th blood. Bow to tall.
New York. N. X. In a recent discourse Dr.
E. Sauer, a well known specialist woo baa
studied widely In both tbls country and Europe,
said: It you were to make an actual blood test
on all people who are ill you would probably
be greatly astonished at the exceedingly large
number who lack Iron, and who are 111 for no
other reason than the lack of iron. The mo
ment iron la supplied all their multitude of
dangerous symptoms disappear. Without iron
the blood at once losea tbe power to change
food into living tissue and therefore nothing
jrou eat does you any good; you don't get tbe
strength out of It- V our food merely passes
through your system like corn through a mill
with tbe rollers so wide apart that the mill
can't grind. A a result of this continuous
blood and nere starvation, people become
generally weakened, nervous sna ill run flown
and frequently develop all sorts of conditions.
One la too tbin; anotuer is Duraeneu iu un
he.lthr fat: some are so weak they ran bard
ly walk; some think they
kidney or lrer trouble;
have the reputation among car
owners of representing more
dollar -for -dollar value than
you can buy in any other tire.
The Cost Is Less
than the plain tread styles of many
other standard) makes. Added to
that is the remarkably liberal Fisk
FREE SERVICE in more than 1 00
direct branches.
Fisk Tires For Sale By All Dealers
The Fisk Rubber Company
of N..Y.
General Office: Chkopee Fall, Mass.
Portland Branch. 54 North Broadway
Branches inAfpre Than 1 00 Cilia
it j
nv . -v
night, others are sleep
bare dyspepsia.
omecin't sleep at
oil tired all day;
bloodless, bat ail lark physical power ana en
durance. In such cases, u is worse ioun 1001
lsbneaa to take stimulating medicines or nar
cotic drugs, which only wulp up your tagging
vital powers for the moment, maybe at the
expense of your life later 00. No matter what
any one tells yon, if you sre not strong and
well yon owe It to yourself to mike the
following test. 8ee bow long you csn work
or how far you can walk wllbout becoming
tired. Next take two flve-grsln tablets of
ordinary nutated lrou three times per day
after metis tor two weeks. Tben test your
strength again anil see for yourself bow much
you have gained. I have seen tiosens or nerv
ous run down eopJe who were alllnK all tbe
time double. anl 'wn triple their ureiigiu ana
endumnre and entirely ! rid of tbelr symp
toms of dyspepsia, liver and other troubles in
from ten to fourteen days' lime simply bv
taking Irou In the proper torui. snd tills, after
tbey bad 111 some caws neen aocionug lor, without obtsluluc snv benefit. You
can talk as you please abcnji sll the wonders
m-mncht hv new remedies, but when you eome
down to bard facta there Is nothing like good
niri Iron to Diit color in your cueess, aoou
eonnd. healthy fleh on your bones. It Is ajae
a great nerve and stoniacn airengmener shio.
h i,t blood hnlliler In the world. Tbe only
trouble was that the old forms of tuorganta
Iron ke tincture of Iron, iron acetate, etc..
nftenVrulned people s teeth, unsiet their stom-
...h. anri were not assimilated, snd for the
reasons tbey frequently did more barm than
good. But wltb the dlscovry of tbe newer
forms of organic iron all this has been over
come. Nuxated iron, ror eiampie. is iweasani
to take, does not Injure me leeih sna is al
most Immediately beneficial.
NOTE Tbe manufacturers of Nuxated Ir
have such unbounded confluence in lla potency
that tbey authorise the announcement that
tbey will fin-felt flOU.OO to any Charitable lo
atl to tlon If they cannot take any man or
woman under sixty who Iscks Iron and Increase
their strength I'OO per cent or over In four
weeks' time, provided they bsve no serious
orgsnte trouble. Also tbey will refund your
money In any case in wuicu rtuisiea iron ooes
not at least double your sirengto in ten aaya
ttme. It Is dispensed In this city by Tbe Owl
Druar Co. and all other aruggiau.
.. v-
Eastern ToursRound-Trip Fares
Daily from June 1 via The North
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going and returning. Direct or
through California, with stopovers
in each direction.
Direct Via Cal.
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Minneapolis .. 60.00
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a ix round bout bar last night.