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Out-of-Town Guests "Enter
r" tained; Rosarians to Hold
. Forth This Evenintg,
I Crowds Are Highly FlsaseA Wit Bpe-
rial restores Which An on th
Program for Each ay.
land show Program.
Tonight 8 P. M. Arrival of
RAyal Rottarians with queens
of festival cities and guests.
Ceremonies in Armory Ball
ft:l4kHalf hour concert by
University 6f Oregon glee club
quartet in rfree theatre.
9 P. M. Portland Grocers
and Merchant association.
Tomorrow afternopn--3 P. M. ,
W'oodhnrn Day.! Arrival of
delegation. '
i P. Ms Portland, Realty
Board. Parade from Commer-
clal club.
2:30 Canning; contests.
.tiirow aixj 'motion pictures in
Tomorrow nlKht A f t e r '
inarch from club bundling Klka
of Portland and from mate at
large will celebrate and Klks'
band, will give a concert.
ballroom 1a a safety first show. Every
safeguard suggested by the. city flr;
officials has been Installed. As safe-Sr
guard against fire, there are four fire
men on duty, four police. IS militia
men and at night four watchmen.
Saturday night Manufacturers
night at the exposition $750 worth of
goods will be given away. Each per
son attending will be given a number
and 26 of these will be winners and
entitle the lucky holders to prizes
ranging In value from $1 to $50.
Last night the Knights and Ladies
of Security enjoyed the show. The
search for "Official Knight and Lady."
wbose capture would have netted the
captor $10 for each one. proved Inter
esting. But Postmaster Myers con
cealed them too well and they were not
discovered. Dr. A. K. Higgs presided
at the platform exercises and L. M.
Thomas and Arthur Moulton spoke.
for the relief of
unemployed in view
Meeting of Business Men Held
at Which Matter of Getting
Work Is Discussed, "
gTviit the- repatatfoB of being thJ program; Sand piles, cimtea, swings,
most: advanced nWinn nigrum enter I shovels dolls. Teddy bears ana
In the country and that It would be the
policy of the management to conduct
the National theatre in such a way as
to deserve the continued appreciation
and good will of its friends and pa
trons. ... ;'
books Idke "eal Theatre."
The feature of the new theatre that
seemed to give the most astonishment
was that it seemed like a "real the
atre' and not a show house for motion
pictures. In every respect it is
equipped with a completeness and lux
i! i r ii : e
NeW IVIOIIOn rICIUre nOUSe ury that betoken the standard place of
Equals in 'Beauty
Playhouse in City.
Children's Playground in Basement Xs
Startling Innovation j Big Hippo
drome Sucoess Feature of Bill,
This afternoon is Willamette valley
day at the AlanufHrturers' and Land
Products fliow, and tonight the Royal
Reparians of Portland wfll entertain
their mcmbcrBhlp and do full honors
to Queen, Thelma of th4 Rose Fes
. tlval and out of tovn royalty from
Other festival cities. The visiting
f ..queens will Include Quetpn Anne IV
(Miss ('rare Lilly) of Salom; Queen
Is Jllldrcfl Inrnan of ICugene; Mrs. T.
, Forstrom, queen of the Astoria regat
X ta: MIhh Vera Ferrell, Vifueen of the
, K-?nnewlck Grape festival;; Miss Mabel
Miller, 4ipen of the Rostiburg Straw
i beiry carnival, and Howard Tosslyn,
; tye of Klories Seattle F!Otlatch.
In full uniform and accompanied by
delegations froin oth.T cities, the Ro-
saltans will march from the Com
, merclal club to the Armiorv, convoy-
frig guests whfcf will ride in afctomo
'i toller.
f 'I his will follow a banquet at the
Commercial cluh at whlcfh Raaarwns,
'' their lariles and guests Will attend at
' $ o'clock.
i 'At the Armory ceremonies will be
t held in tho ball room prior to hlsrh
1 JinkB. The committer In charge con
. alsta of t ('. Colt, chairman; C, C.
Cliapmnn, William M Murray, Mavor
Albee. II. L. Plttock. K. jX. Krilm, Jul
j ius L. Meier, Judge P. O. Morrow,
1 ' John M. Scott, George M. Hyland. J. R.
1 ratternon. Thomas Hyslnp, Adjutant
it General W. K. Flnzer and Hy Kilers.
The Portland drovers anid Merchants'
S association will celebrate tonight also.
Willamette valley people are cele
brating this afternoon. Among the del
egations that arrived today was one
119 strong from 'Forest Grove which
Ws headed by Mayor Goff. The dele
gation is at tho Portland Commercial
. Canning Contest Feature.
Among the features ef the after
.noon la the girls' canning contest-,
which will he held- tomorrow and Sat
urday also In the O. A. C. booth. The
tf contest, wnlch Is under the direction
H cf Ii! .1. ChHpin of Salem and P. W.
! Rndft of Lane county, is between two
, teurnM of five girls eacJh. The Che
Jltnawa Indian school tram consists, of
t Alice Keeley, Clara McKinnev, Mary
Lester, Fratves Auherry and Leona
1 John,
The Lane count v team' memhTViln
Is: Irene Holdredae. F3d nn rtnvnf An
Eleanor Cruzan. I'liyllis Morseman and
TpfMle Hellers.
The I nlversity of Oregon Olee club
Quartet will give a concert tonight In
ins irmporary ineatre anid H. B. Mll'er
win sWk on "Some Fhases of the
wit-nun muusrriai Murvy
.Tomorrow will be Woodburn day.
f uiiniia KeaitV HASlril aim .111
jpend an hour or so at the exposition
following the regular Fnlday luncheon
and at night the Elks, headed by the
i-lKs band, will parade the streets
The attendance at the exposition is
im-rrwinK eacn succeeding day,
illO ri ex nit) t Is attrantin. .V,
Anoiner interesting exhibit in the
A corporation to relieve unemploy
ment in Portland may be the result of
a meeting by a voluntary committee of
business men Tuesday afternoon.
Various plans were discussed, but
that which found most favor was a
proposal to organize a company . which
will be represented by a thoroughly
competent manager in locating jobs of
land clearing, wood splitting and road !
repair for men who need work, it may
be found feasible to encourage men to i j
make contracts for splitting cordwood
fl rlrlni7 land, hnldtntr them re- I
sponsible both to the land owner and
the company, the company to advance
enough to meet the cost and to be re
imbursed out of the contract price paid
by the land owner.
ACnst Do Real Work.
But. whatever Is done, it was em
phatically agreed that jobless men for
whom work Is found must be willing to
do good stiff work for not much more
than enough to live on.
Portland is to be made no mecca
for the ldl because business men and
public officials concern themselves for !
their employment, it was insisted. j
The meeting was held in the offices!
of Franklin T. Griffith, president of j
thP Portland Hallway, Light & Power
company. Mr. Griffith presided. Oth
ers present were W. B. Ayer, president!
of the Kastern & Western Lumber 1
company; J. C. Knglish, president of ; 1
the Kotary club; Levi Johnson, mana
get-of the Men's Resort; Hy Kilers of 1 d
Kilers Piano House; Arthur L. Fish, '
business manager of The Journal; W. ' '
L. Brewster, city commissioner of pub- ! l
11c affairs; W. L. Llghtner, county i
commissioner; John P. Carroll, pub
Usher of the Telegram; C. C. Chap
man, publicity manager of the Com-
raercial club. . . ;
Commissioner Brewster said he be-'
lieved splitting cord wood and paying
men by the cord offers the most feas
ible way of relieving unemployment.
Details Arc Given.
The details of the plan for organis
ing a company to relieve unemploy
ment weie given by Mr. Fish.
Commissioner Lightner Said he
doubted if the county could do any-
mjng until arter tne rirst or the year,
as the money for the road fund does
not begin to oome in until that time.
All were agreed that such a shelter
for the unemployed as was afforded
last winter in the Gipsy Smith audi
torium should never be opened again.
J. C. English, Amos Benson and
Levi Johnson were appointed a com
mittee to formulate a definite plan of
When Melvin G. Winstock made the
statement last evening from the stage
of the new National theatre that he
and his associates, although they may
not have reached their highest ideal,
had given to Portland a theatre in
which the entire' citizenship could take
pride, he voiced the sentiment of the
hundreds of guests who assembled for
the private opening.
Mr. Winstock paid high tribute to
the architect, the builders, the artisans
and all those who had given their ser
vices in making the National the cli
max of motion picture building and
equipment In Portland. He said that
the work of the exhibitors in Portland
had been of such high quality as .to
amusement of high class. There is
not a more beautiful theatre in the city
than the new National. . Its color
scheme has been developed in ivory,
buff and Dutch blue. The draperies
and carpets are all in blue with the
seats upholstered in leather of, lighter
blue grey. Splendid discretion has
been used in the decoration and there
is not a discordant note nor too much
of anything.
Above the proscenium arch is a
beautiful piece o mural painting typi
fying peace and liberty. The ceiling
is centered with a massive indirect
lighting fixture suspended from the
center of a great circle of exquisite
mural work. The stage is large
enough to accommodate a small dra
matic performance, and last evening
it was given a magnificent setting.
An innovation that met with great
favor is the promenade that extends
from Park to West Park on the bal
cony floor. It is beautifully furnished,
as are the men's smoking rooms and
the women's rest rooms. In the wom
en's room a maid is in attendance.
Playground Great Innovation.
Perhaps the greatest innovation of
all. is the children's playground in
the basement, where two maids are
in charge, and mothers are invited to
leave their kiddies while attending a
mi-ta ..At fascinating Juvenile attrac
tions are there to amuse the little
people, who gave the playground a
thorough initiation last evening.
There are three distinct ventilating
systems so that the air in every por
tion of the theatre 1 kept- constantly
pure. There are more exits man uie
law requires. The floral decorations
for the opening are exceptionally
beautiful. The balconies, on , either
side of the proscenium arch, are
banked with yellow chrysanthemums
and flaming autumn leaves and great
vases and baskets of yellow or mauve
chrysanthemums were in the foyer,
in the. promenade, on either side of
the stage and. in fact, every place
where they could be used to advantage.
"America" Featnre of Program.
The feature of the opening program
is a film Version of the New
York Hippodrome's monster spectacle,
"America." It is so big that it is dif
ficult to realise that a stage spectacle
and not an outdoor scene is Deing
viewed. Automobiles whia by, troops
of horses gallop on and off, the fire
department rushes on and the immense
Hippodrome chorus looks like a small
army. The climax of the picture is
toward the close in the court of honor
where the chorus girls do their famous
submarine walk and vanish under wa
ter to remain there until they are al
most forgotten when they bob up to
sing the finale. A capital Vitagraph
comedy is "The Peacemaker" with Nor
ma Talmadge and other of the big V.
The first number on the program
was music by the seven piece orchestra.
Dr. R. M. Emerson followed with vocal
selections and met with an ovation.
The National trio of male singers also
scored heavily. The remaining vocal
attraction was the solos of Miss Eva
Da Turns. The attendance was so
great that . It was necessary to give
two performances In order to accom
modate the guests. The theatre will
be formally opened and dedicated to
the public this evening.
Civic League Will
Discuss Measures
Proposed Bills Will Be Explained at
Meeting of Zeagna at Multnomah
Hotel Saturday Noon.
Explanation of measures for the
November 3 vote is to ocupy the Oregon
Civic league program at the Multno
mah hotel Saturday noon.
The subjects and speakers are an
nounced as follows:
"Abolishing Uniform Taxation Rule
and Classification for Taxation Pur
poses," C. E. Warner; "Surrender of
City Charter," Miss Elsa Grelle;
"Compensation for Members in the
Legislature," Miss Eleanor Rowlawn;
"$1500 Tax Exemption," J. Hunt Hen
drickson; "Public Docks and Water
Frontage and Municipal Wharves and
Docks," R. W. Montague; "Consolidat
ing Corporation and Insurance De
partments." Hamilton Johnstone;
"Term of County Officers," Miss Grace
DeGraff; "Tax Code Commission," Jo
nah B. Wise; "Abolishing Desert Land
Board," A. H. Harris; "Proportional
Representation, " George Rebec; "Abol
ishing State Senate," Miss Ruth Cat
lln; "Primary Delegate Election Bill."
Miss Henrietta. Eliot; "Taxation Two
Thirds Vote to Further Amend or Re
peal," H. W. Stone. Isaac Swett will
be chairman.
Announcement Made by Dr,
Frank Loveland of the
First M, E, Church,
Dissenting' Paction Continues With
Plans for Carrying on Court Tight;
Definite Action Due Soon.'
Peru has the highest railroad sta
tion in the world, 15,866 feet above
eea level, at Ticllo.
Announcement was made today by
Dr. Frank L..oveland. pastor of the.
First Methodist church, that the old
churcK. building at Third and Taylor
streetsj Abandoned by the congrega
tion recently, has been turned over to
the city for the winter for the purpose
of housing homeless men out of work.
The building will be used as a shelter
for the same purpose that the Gypsy
Smith auditorium was used last year,
but the arrangement is much better.
The decision to make this use of the
old building was reached by the church
trusteed early this week, and Drf Love
land was authorised to carry on the
negotiations. He saw Commissioner
Brewster and Mayor Albee yesterday.
and they heartily .ppr,ove tEi, arrange-'
ment r -
Captain in Charger-(
The building will be under the'su .
pervision of Staff Captain Andrews of
the Salvation Army, but kfi will be
backed up in the work bys:,Commis
sioner Brewster, It was atat4t- .
The ground floor or church base
ment can be admirably usedsajs a place
for meetings ana a readlngjdoom, and
cooking can be done in tne, kitchen.
It is planned to turn, the Auditorium
into a dormitory, and it taought
that at least 400 men can j! accom
modated there. Another flr can .be
built across between the balconies that
will accommodate 400 molrj men if
necessary. The city will. expectea
to stand heating and lightirjg expense.
The building will be turnef j over for
this purpose as soon as ?iieceasary,
and is given rent free to April 1.
Court right Z.oomf,:
When the congregation Httoved to
Grace church at Twelfth nd Taylor
streets, nearly 300 members refused
to leave Third and Tayloar! streets.
The old building was lockep-J to them,
and they have been meetrg in the
street In front of the structure. These
people have been insislinjj. on me
right to worship at Third grd Taylor
streets, and an action in ccatrt Is now
being considered. ' ' j
Attorney Martin L. Pipes hs been
retained by the "insurgents'' and will
make some, move 'within a; few day a.
Prominent members of tfie "Insurg
ents" said they were greatlj surprised
at this last action of the ll'regulars"
with regard to the build ing.(
Name Not Offlct.
Washington, Oct. 2R Grace Harr,
postmistress at Watkln., Jackson
county, has married and . jbeen reap
pointed as Grace Lewis. Ei .
Sales May Come and Sales May Go But It Is Extremely Doubtful If There Ever Will Be Another Like This Daily the Crowds
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This Great Sale
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Doors Open at 9 A. M. 'U
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Entire Stock Sold to Satisfy
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Obey That Impulse, Come Now
Monday Game Here
Called Off by Stars
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 29. Frank
Bancroft, directing the All-National-All-American
tour, has canceled the
game scheduled for next Monday with
the Portland all-star team. The game
was arranged through a misunder
standing, as the big leaguers are
booked to play In Medford Monday.
Judge A. S. Bennett of The Dalles
will speak tonight in Sheridan in sup
port of the candidacies of Senator
Chamberlain and Dr. C. J. Smith and
others on the Dexmocratic ticket. Judge
Bennett will speak tomorrow night in
Beaverton and Saturday night In Eu
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-4 tit' ' v-. '.i ''''''4!fcV" i-.x3 -j