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Ins'ficjsncy harged ?to Soma asesand Ona4nstas?oe,,Al',
" Icged of .Disregard of Law; "Consolidation of City
; and" County, Governments Is Advocated.;, .
v, 1 v,' v " County Business Inefficient. ' K 1
Board of County Comml!onr Cltr and 'county government should be
consolidated, on set of governing officials enough. No Invoice of county
PrPAesMaorProperty not assessed at full yaiu." wha It would b in'pr
equitable to over-assess It . ' i , ' .,'
Auditors-Failure to comply With Uw 1 requiring system of accounting
in each county department led to 'hand to mouth" policy ot county flnanoa
Sheriff Men in sheriffs office do but one-fourth work dona by man In
constable's office. ' County could feed prisoners a cost cheaper .than pay
sheriff 12H rtnta a meal. .'"'. v , ' '
County Farm Superintendent ; Ignorant of property and number of in-,
mates. Elderly inmates nave recreation watching- jcofflns built, in their
lounging; room, t . 1 - . . .
..- ... Board of Relief Clerk iof board untrained, . gives ; broker and -money
lender free office space. ''"'.'.' i " '
Superintendent of School Keepe no record,, lax in supervision. .
i . Court House No check on property, machinery unused. " s.A ?
Civil Service Without civil, service elective department heads distrib
ute Jobs changed with each administration as political patronage and In pay
ment of political debta. . , - ' ; ' - '
Roads Lack of system cans of wasta in road building.
Bridges No competent engineer ever mad superintendent - of bridges
and ferries though, investment nearly $5,000,000. i ,. t
Coroner High development or professional juror system lessens value or
The survey of Multnomah county gov
prnnw.nt by" the. New ,Xork Bureau ot
Municipal Research Is . made public
today by " the Taxpayers' v league ' at
w hose instance It was prepared. Start
' ling in Its nature, the report contains:.
An indictment of the county's busi
ness methods. f.A v.'N'Ti. 1-4'?''".
Charges ; of , waste and. Incompetence
in many departments. , , '.' ; '
A proposal that for the' sake of ef
ficiency, and economy the county and
citv governments be consolidated. '
Recommendations that the sheriffs
a nd constable's ; offices ba combined,
that the office of coroner be abolished
. . . , K m..w ' Ann. W m " TYiaHiflll lit
C-UU V u v J J w
pector and Judicial authority, and that
the city and county purchasing depart
ments o comwnea.- - . . . . .. .
All departments- ar exhaustively an
alyzed but the most serious faults are
found with the county auditor. Colnd
dentaUy, the report asserts , that the
county auditor has been tha most un-wililng-
of county officials to take ad
vantage of supsestlons for placing his
work on an efficiency basis.,:-,, p'
The report as prepared - by Herbert
R. Sands of the New Tork bureau ,bas
been In the possession of the Taxpay
re" league for some weeks. It Is un
derstood that th purpose. was pot to
make Its oontenta public .unless critl
clsed officials railed, to make Improve
ments outUned and the fact that It Is
: Riven pubUclty at this Um Is taken as
indication that corrections heva not
been made In accordance with th op
portunity ilven. ;
Survey Was Zxhaostir. , -. t.
The New Tork - bureau's . survey . of
Multnomah county would make a large
book. ' Each , department ' la carefully
analysed. Fully as much readiness to
commend s to criticise Is evidenced,
although the primary purpose was) to
learn th defects in organisation i and
administration. No defect is noted
without th accompaniment of def
inite plan for correction, and the sug
gested improvements . together consti
tute an administrative cod containing
the plan of organisation for accounting,
administrating, budget making, and: so
forth.. This admjnlstratlva code is. in
1 ts way, as complete as th adminis
trative cod recently formulated by, the
New York Bureau ;f Municipal re
search for th city, ." -':-''?v-V"'f;
Among many bad conditions th coun
ty's finances, ar In the , worst ahapa
according to th report. ; The county
auditor is. charged with tha duty of s
tabllshlng and maintaining In each de
partment of county government a ays
lem for keeping accounts and transact
ing business that will secur accuracy,
economy-and protection of th county
interests. Such Is th law as found in
section 10SJ , of ' tha , Oregon statutes.
The following ; instances ar cited to
show that th auditor has not complied
with this Uwj jT::V'-r
XnstajuMs An Ottad.
Bis accounting system does not gtv
him information that a purchase .order
has been issued until th bill for goods
that may meanwhil hava been con
sumed is " received ; by him- Depart
rnents hav been buying Independently,
paying top notch, retail prices. : ,', .. v
"The expenditure accounting is only
for cash paid out. IrrespacUv of the
p mount of - liabilities inourred and of
the Ux levy of any year." vUvr-.-,
This means that so absent or inade
cuate is a. balance between tax money
on hand and liabilities assumed that
when money is paid ont It is a guess
whether th appropriation has then been
xceUad or not. . At the earn Urn th
law ot tb sute declares' that county
offlcUla shaU be held personally liable
for excess expenditure. U 'V
The tax levy for a year, Mr.. Bands
found,-was crudely- computed njth
cash ouUay of the preceding year with
out investigation to . learn whetlisr un
expended appropriations remained In th
treasury. . . . , ' -
The system of accounUng in th au
ai'tor's office, continues th rport, dos
not correlate wjth ; th tax levy. It
fails to show whether money paid out is
for liabilities incurred during the cur
rent month , or a previous month, or
during tb current year or a previous
vear.- It slso falls to show the actual
expens of any partlottlar month or
year, and:;-' ,t' :",:S:'-. 1 u- ;
County's tnterewU ot jrrotected.
-Dot not enabl him to protect th
county's Interests with respect to sal
aries and wages.;: '":',"r-';Jf :
riA.a nt onabla him to BrodttC Vn
t the and of a year a complete bal-
a nee sheet or ne assew auu wu
of the county." '
A conclusion on this point' 1st - '
"That the expenditures In any one
rear have not exceeded the amount of
taxes lvtd has been due. not to th
adequacy of the accounting aysUnV-tn
use, but to th fact that - such large
levies have been made, end that th ap
propriations hav- been for Urg lump
um amounts Instead , of for speolflo
i uncUons, acUvlU and objects accord
ing to definite neds." t ;
Th report rad again
"The county fiscal policy has been
a hand to mouth affair., '
Th report describe peculiar lax
r.ess in th matter of county provided
lobs. With each elective department
,.d consUtuUng a law unto himself
n t having power t appoint such as
, .tanu as he choose, it Is more than
miniated that by the giving of Jobs po
litical debta bav been paid, especially
n the department of roads, and In the
i i!esor'a , offloa- ? This .1 , what ' the
r-rort says about th method of pay-
s ..enU i -yi-,;'":;,..?" Jr
.Jg FayroHj Jfound. ;
"With respect to payrolls, it may be
M that there are none, notwithstand-
: most of th county expenses are
. r t-Uarlea and wages. The bead of
the various of floes, . institutions and
functions transmit to the auditor at the
close of each-month' (in fact, a few
aays .before the close of each month)
a list of - th persons" employed under
their 1 respective supervision,, and the
amount said to be due them for that
particular month. These lists, al
though ' sworn to, contain no reference
to' any ' , Individual i reports or , records
showing th kind and exaof time of ser
vice rendered by - each person named
tnereon. , : , ' 1
' " AfnrMT.,1 -. " tllAM . NM.fll . Ill
the - auditor's office and', are never
signed by th persons who reoeive the
money, and ar never even seen by the
county board whiah authorises the pay
ments, or by th county ' clerk who
oraws th warranta " Th names there
on are listed on separate sheets whioh
are transmitted via. the county hoard
to the .county , clerk who draws a war
rant for each name appearing thereon.
The seriousness of this situation, par
ticularly with reference to th hospital,
farm and road employes may b read
ily understood front the following: All
of the warrants for the hospital and
farm employes are turned over to the
heads of those institutions. These of
floialaw endorse a large proportion of
such warrants themselves and, in order
to obtain currency to pay the employ ea
either cash them at the office of th
county treasurer or deposit thm In
bank ; to - thlr own credit.'. v.:.. u
' Endorsements Are Only maalpts.
"CThder th existing . system , the
only receipt .which ; th : county could
possibly " hav to . show that '. th
emoloves' ' named ' on the orla-lnal
lists actually received the amounts
set forth thereon, would' he their Indi
vidual endorsements on the backs.. of
the warranta '- When as is the . case,
these warrants are endorsed and cashed
by the heads of institution, there Is
aosotuteiy no- aocumentary assurance
that the porsons named- on th list did
in fact receive the amounts set oppo
site their namea" i -.-v f.-- : u '
It was found that IT of H warrants
drawn In favor of hospital employes
for lost February were cashed by th
head of th hospital, th payee's signa
ture being written by her. : In th earn
month the nuperlntendent of the county
farm endorsed and cashed IS out of 49
warrants, both Officials acting under
blanket authority given for the year by
employes without amounts being men
tioned, !, Vis';-' 'sv.vVt-Ai-.P'-r-,
The .. personal elements enters four
times into the report A reference la
mad In on place to a certain broker
who cashes th warrants of county em
ployes at one per cent commission. - An
other entire section Is given up to th
description of a certain money lander,
given free offlc quarters in th board
of relief off icea regarded as a bene
factor by many needy employes, and
doing a thriving buslnesa The broker
and money i lender ar on and th
same person, Mos Blooh, whose oper
ation at th city hall were stopped by
law. .;';, v vtr '-i--.- ":' .;.-'N:!' ,''
Veedy ; Oases Improperly Investigated.
' .-Further refereno Ik ' mad to th
clerk of the board of relief. He does
not make personal Investigation, of calls
for help, the report asserts. , He was a
liquor dealer and a polios deteotlve be
fore assuming his present duties, he
does not seek by reading : or other
method to learn the soienoe of social
servlca Th clerk of tha board of re
Uef Is Henry Griffin. ,
' The superintendent of ' th county
farm, says th report, ' did not know,
when asked, "how many . acres there
were in tha farm, how many acres under
Cultivation, how many acres given over
to any particular crop, how many head
of cattle or hog ' h had, how many
ehickana, to. In fact, he did not even
know the number of Inmates in' th in
stitution the day w were, there be
cause the record of inmates had not
been posted up to data" The-name of
tb superintendent is D. D. Jackaon. ;
The fourth j personal ref erenoe Is to
the reluctance of th county auditor to
adopt . improved methods. ,r The county
auditor la 8. B. Martin.
. The survey comments on the entire
list of county departments, one at a
tlma . The conclusions as to th as
sessor are: ' ." :'' ' -
"The present methods . ot ess sing
taxes are not conducive to eaultable as
sessment because:
Asaassmsat ltsthcds Otrttlclslsd.
' : "(a) Two men attempt to assa s all
real property In the entire city, ap
proximating 150,000 paroeia This la
a physical impossibility If done prop
erly. - - :.). $ ;
"(b) No attempt Is made to assess
th property at its full valua" k
Th law requir that property be
assessed at It full vaUse, but, the re
port explains, th assessor said It was
rarely assessed at more than 71 par cent
of it ytJW:Ji -n r-',
"This fact alone,"- the report reads.
Is conducive to much unjust and In
equitable assessment because one -taxpayer
may be assessed at 40 per cent,
another at 60 per cent and another at
(0 per cent,' and none will complain so
long a they know they ar being as
sessed at less than th true cash value
of thir property. It would be better
for tb assessor to over-value any prop
erty than under-valu because then th
owner ' would surely: call attention to
th fact that hi property was over
valued, which be would rarely do If It
was undr-valud.,--H-"'" K-:f
Th report explains how the' aounty
board, formerly the county court, has
supervision - over publio - charity, ' high
way a' several minor, offices, operation
and- maintenance of Willamette river
bridges and ferries, makes th tax levy
ndupervlss expenditures.; Then It
com'! to the point where the unvouched
for vouchers are submitted to th board
for slgnatur without any supporting
Scheme of ' harbor' Improvement "
Fiv years ago, t. B. C.- Jjockwood,
consulting engineer of th Port of Port
land, worked out a well defined scheme
of "harbor improvement for Portland.
Nd steps were taken to prosecute the
projecv for the ostensible purpose was
to us the plan at such time when th
community hecame ready to meet th
problem. '' .nl, . -."-"'V ,
The : map of tire proposed ' wharves
and an artlol explaining th ' details
thereof were published In The Journal
at', that time, and - slno the agitation
for. a. harbor scheme, has become really
serious, it has been declared, that Mr
Iockwood's tentative plana would meet
the . situation- better Ihaa' any? slno
brought to light. t TJ,.v,,.i":'.' 'by
Tb plans were drawn upon instme
tion of the Port Commission at odd
times and In August of 1008, Mr. Lock
wood, who was then regularly In th
commission, submitted his scheme for
consideration. Th idea was not to build
th dock system as. a whole, but to de
velop It In units as th community flt
ready for the burden and the growth
of shipping and commerce Justified.'
In one very-essential feature, &fr
Lockwood,' plan Is Identical to that of
the Publto Pock Commission In that
It provides for the purchase of Swan
Island, a portion of Mock bottom and
a atrip of Guild's laka But It does not
ftrovlde for the removal of Swan la
and. Instead, one of Its chief features
la the transformation of the Island Into
a system of slips and basins, to form
a unit of th whole schema This would
eliminate th great cost of dredging
out th Island In addition ' to giving
wharf , spec that 1 Mr. Lockwood con
siders as valuable as water spaoa a
The development , would . practically
double the waterfront area of th har
bor between th Broadway bridge and
the 8..P, A a span, by adding approx
imately aight and a half miles of front
aga1 It Would, It la pointed out meet
the criticism that the Dock Commission
scheme, which includes the removal of
claims, without any evidenoe of a proper
audit and necessitating on the part of
the busy, signature subscribing board,
a special request for routine Informa
tion if such b desired. . ' :i-.
The report critldtes the Insurance
commissioner for negaOvtng the ad
ministrative coda based on the best
experlenoe of other communities, which
It contains, therein. ; , .y-s!y,VV,sc-t
1 It declares th , auditor's offloe Is
statute hUnd.
Purchasea It says, are decentralised,
because each department buys for It
self and th seller, presents bis own
bills for. payment ;''& -ri,, .r.'.wsf.
If th purchasing of th county were
to be eomblned with that of th city, It
Is suggested, th Joint purchasing power
would be greater, -. discounts for . cash
or prompt payment would, be more fre
quent, and the lack of accounting for
disbursements would not longer exist
' That th court house, a v permanent
struoture, should have been built out
of current tax Instead of sharing th
cost With coming generations equally
benefited, through bond Issue, Is mad
caus of criticism, yffnf:-' v
tnsuraaoe' Conunlsslonsr oriUclaed.
,- Lack . of Civil , Service organisation
such" ' as' . the city has is ascribed 'as
chief cause for th fact that department
head s can make the Jobs ; of . their de
partments poUtlcal debt paymenta It
la partloularly deplored that employes
of. the assessor's pfflo should be
changed with each, change 'of adminis
tration. .! - ''.. ,;..-
It is stated that though nearly I!,
OOO.OOQ has been Invested In bridges, a
competent engineer as superintendent
of bridges and ferries has never been
employed by the county board Of com
missioners, i
v nomai . jtoaa. -won,: ;.',
' Road work, tha report 1 asserta ( has
been piecemeal. . Appropriations for
Improvement have been where petitions
hav ,.' ba ,most psrslstant and "In
short it appears that tha road fund
has been distributed largely as polit
ical patronage." . The county .has 600
miles of roads of which 110 miles have
heen macadamised and two, hard .'sur
faced. It Is asserted that the county
rate . of road expenditure ttCO.771 In
1911 and Sait.lil in 1 111 could quick
It permanently improve th remaining
SI0 miles of earth roads., provided sys
tem were used and a plan of Improve
ment for th year made with the be
ginning th year. Argument Is mad
proposed by J. B. 0. Lockwood, which
on the shore ot
Swan Island, Is -not sufficiently 1 oom
prebensiva; Critics of th Dock ' Com
mission . plan. contend that - it is- too
much, of a' piece meal proposition In
volving the: useless expenditure,. of ah
Immense amount of money,. , . ' , . t
f;, JSemoaal' of Islana Impraotloabla
In explanation of his Plan,' Mr,. Lock
wood, while not 5 wishing to appear t in
the- light of a oritlo of other plans
proposed, said that instead of digging
out the island-It should be made use of
as his plans suggest In his opinion as
an engineer, th removal-of the island
would create a large eddy or settling
basin for silt and debris brought down
stream with every freshet." Therefor,
be contends, it would not only be a big
expense to remove the island, but to
maintain the basin - would also proy
an everlasting sourc of expense, : v
It Is argued that one of th funda
mental -'necessities of a , comprehensive
dock and terminal system. Is a large
area of level land adjacent to th docks
In order that room . may b , provided
for j- tracks, ' - switches, .-. warehouses,
streets and factories that are to be
benefited by these docks. It is : also
pointed out that this land must be as
nearly level as possible -in order to re
duce to the minimum the expense f
handling freight. Mr. Lockwood' s idea
Is that by transforming Swan Island
Into a part of . the dock system, with
slips and baalna, a proper system , can
be worked out with well balanced areas
of land and Water. Too much o on
or th other would prove a handicap.
1 1n explaining th project as he sees
It, Mr. .Lockwood said, that what Port
land needs is a whole lot of dock front
age Instead of a lot of useless water
area. He contends that there Is no need
for digging out a turning basin, as the
river Is of ample width at both the head
and foot of Swan Island to accommo
date th largest vessels that will ever
come to Portland to swing around with
perfect safety1 and without fear . of
touching anywhere. The width of . the
river at these points, aocordlng to his
against water hound macadam and for
oil bound crushed rock roada : V "1: ?!-
, Only minor suggestions are mad for
Improvements -, in the county , treasur-
r-s ana cierars ornoeax-..-, .,- $;:-i
,Tha suggestion that the constable's
and sheriffs offices should - be com
bined contains the Information' that the
"sheriff men do only practically one
fourth of th amount of work done by
the men from the constable's office.
Figures are presented to show that the
county by feeding the prisoners St cost
can. do so more cheaply than by allow
ing th shrif f 12 ft cents a meal for eadX
prisoner, and by permitting him to re
tain all the profit be can make on the
60 cents a day allowed by the govern
ment for each federal prisoner, v The
legislature at Its next session should
abolish th constable's office, says the
report. ; r . ... - k': :?y, -;.v
.- . Ooadttlona 'at Poor JTana, jhC
This ts the summary as to conditions
at th4 county farm: , ' ,. '. '.f
"The present superintendent does not
keep surnnenur intormea of conditions
at the farm .to give effective supervis
ion. , l''-'VtiA:rrl t:s ; liv,: ..-f
."Absolutely nothing has been don to
record what is produced at the farm In
the way of livestock," grains, Vegetables,
etc."'?'-;-'?;, ;yt:-V..A"T;c?iffR';-..rfj;v,iJ7ii;i-!.. i
"Similarly nothing whatever has been
done to determine the cost per In
mat per day of operating this institu
tion, .j.'x- 'i-,;;i-'"v.iy.i:-.'r-;,.v;:';
, .Although from 250 to 8E0 old people
ar cared for at the farm, a large num
ber of s whom : are bed-ridden, no fire
drills-have been neM.?- S ...-'X-'.'.s.-k
It la related' that when 'Mr.' Sands
visited the county farm- he found car
penters busy: building coffins la the
on - room where th old people could
congregate and : lounge. H proteats
against such 'cold; blooded procedure, ;
, The first and greatest need of the
county hospital la a new building, it is
said, th present on being entirely in
adequate. Lack of expense accounts, an
nual report accounting of inmate days,
arc commented on. .
A card system of accounts Is recom
mended for the Juvenll oourt and for
th Praaer detention homa , .
' A high development of th profes
sional Juror scheme Is reported in con
nection with' th coroner's of flea . It
was found. that one man had served on
25 coroner's Juries, another had served
on 18; 60 per cent of 109 men served
more , than twlo on Juries including
provides for a series of slips on Swsa
Guild's take.
plans, " could be widened easily to give
two turning- "basins either of whioh
would answer the purpose that removal
of the Island. Intend. The width of the
river at the. foot of Swan Island Is
approximately 2000 feet '.; , "..'-':
:S-' CwMewey , to Shore Suggested.
Mr. Lockwood's plan suggests th
opeplng of . the channel ' west of th
island and connecting - th Island with
the mainland by a causeway to the east
shore. Or the . east , channel may be
kept open and the - Island ' connected
with the wet shor by a causeway. Mr.
Lockwood says it would not be a diffi
cult nor .very expensive project to dig
out the west channel. The present or
east' side channel would form a por
tion of the baain on the east side of
the island, on which the slips built
along v Mock bottom.", would ; front
Whichever channel would be closed.
Would be transformed ' Into - a slack
water basin, lined with slips on both
sides, to meet the demands of the vol
ume, of shipping. ' : . "X:-
These , slips located on Mock bot
tom, would extend back nearly to tb
tracks of the p.-W,' tb: A N company,
much the same as proposed In the
plans of the Dock Commission, but the
purchase of -only a portion of the .bot
tom" would be ; necessary, ,:;r::
The west side docks would extend
back Into Guild's Lak to th proposed
new location of the Northern Paoifld
tracks. The tracks would have to be
moved about half a mile to the west
ward, '-i V -y:l;ti.
The details of construction Were not
worked out by the engineer but either
timber or concrete or any other material
that would prov the ; moat '; feaslbl
might b used in construction. :
' Under this proposed scheme there Is
enough room for the disposal of the
material that would have to be dredged
out of th harbor from th Broadway
bridge to th a P. & a brldga th dis
trict that is recognised i as the deep
water part of the harbor, Mr. ; Look
wood has estimated. . But If Swan Is-
murders and personal Injury cases of
th utmost importance. This system 14
more or less responsible for the recom
mendation that the offlc b abolished.
School Superlntendana, Critioised.
No particular criticism - is mad of
the dlstriot courts and county, surveyor,
j Th ' bounty school suprtntndent
reads the report "keeps no record of his
observations made at th time of his
visits to- the several - schools of ( th
county. ,, ""' i Uf ' t$ 'f .
"Th superintendent makes no Written
recommendations or, criticisms relative
to any particular school. Th only ef
fort which even approaches such a com
munication la the annual form letter
which he sends to all school boarda
There is great need of better supervis
ion by th sperlntendent concludes th
report as to this Item. ::ny;:;v.-y
For - th county court house use of
machinery new unused for development
of electric power, th closing of th
sixth street entrance at night so that
th on watchman can watch th fifth
street' entrance,- keep out vandals, and
th Improvement of the directory ser
vice, are recommended. .
n Minor suggestions are made as tcthe
sealer of weight and measures, th
fruit Inspector and tb county veter
inarian. ' ' - , :i -
Complimentary references ar mad
to : th effort put forth by the new
chairman of tb county commissioners,
Rufus Holman. to give all transactions
of county business accurate publicity
and to reorganise th county business
along lines of system and ef fiolenoy.
Although county property is worth
many millions of dollars and great in
vestments hav been mad in build
ings, equipment and supplies, there is,
declare ,th report, absolutely no In
voice or statement cf , properties, and
no marks on furniture or other equip
ment to Indicate that It is county prop.
Already launched on his second trip
In th campaign to booet the email
towns of Oregon that they may get
their share of the benefit from the
Panama-Paclf to exposition, Tom Rich
ardson . la laying great stress on a
meeting to be held at Grants Pass No
vember I. The : morning session will
be. held at tha Grants Pass Comme rclal
Island., along Mock Bottom and
r is
land .should b removed, a great deal
of material would . have to M, carted
away and at a big xpnse.-;s "'!'-,v-.wv....'
To ' carry out Mr. .Lockwood's plans
ana secure-a depth of Id feet la the
harbor would require dredging of about
25,000,000 yards In tha channel " and
about 10,060,000 yards In the docks.
A depth of 0 feet In the harbor would
require the dredging of about 15,00,
000 cubic yards In th channel end about
o.uuu.uuo. yara more in ; tne oeew, in
addition to the quantity just mentioned,
To dig out Swan Island would requir
dredging of ' 10,000.000 - cublo . yards
alone, and additional ' dredlng to gtv
uniform depth, it is estimated1 woeld
necessitate the handling of about . IS,- eubio yaraa : : , .. ;
The Lockwood plan would can tor
the purchase of mora land than under
th plan proposed by th Dock Commis
sion becaus there Is a little more land
in Guild's Lake than In the Bridgeport
location, but the additional area would
not be large. But even at that the
Lockwood plan would be uuoh eheaper.
It Is mi&r'?ti'-Wt&l-Mjftiv
!WPS ,sug,'VtS;(;'
i Th - slips would not be of uniform
length, nor would the basins be of uni
form width,, but would vary in sis for
the accommodation of all alses of ves
sels. The arrangement ' would bring
eight and a half miles of waterfrontag
within a very compact area, a feature
that is regarded of particular advan
tage ! in ' commerca ' . '?',.
. Mr. Lockwood went into the matter
very ; extensively at . th time and be
sides preparing th maps and making
estimates of how much dredging had
to , b dona h compiled v volumes of
data bearing on the shipping of th
port and . its increase - for successive
years. Furthermore, h studied other
port dvlopmants v and th . affects
thereof upon shipping and commerce.
H admits . readily that it Is no easy
problem to work out A. satisfactory so
lution : of the d jck problem here be
caus of th rise and -fall In tha river.
club at 9:10 a m and delegates from
all Josephine county ara expected to at.
tend. . 3- .'::-.; ,,"'f:i1 k. tvi'V :,:..
' Mr. Richardson ) is bow " working
southward through the towns and vil
lagea - speaking at' sohoolhousea - com
mercial clubs and on street corners,
felling the people to Induce their friends
In the east to buy, their round- trip
tickets to San Frandsoo - to 191S with
stopover privileges at definite Oregon
points specifically In mind. " To this
end he is. organising everywhere he
goes so that the localities may begin
at once to "boost their own game thus
far la advance of the rush of -travel. ;
'. v- :',;'' waeexsaMiaweesBsMMseaawBBa - " i;i"H
i -Bags Big. Bear;
Chehadla. Wash Oct ZSvBob "Whil
ley, a Salmon Creek farmer, killed a 100
pound bear th Joe Ryan's orchard yes
terday. 1 " v ' 1
A Happy Bald
Headed Maii
Weil-Known Politician Nearly Bold
Now Bias neavy Growth of BTalr.
... ),...y
TeUs How He Bid. It.
A' western politician, well known on
account of his baldness and ready wit
surprised his friends by appearing with
a heavy growth of hair; many ' of his
old friends did not know him and others
thought he had a wig.: : On being asked
how he did it he mad th . following
statement: "I attribute the remarkable
growth of m hair to the use of the fol
lowing simp, reolp which any lady or
gentleman can mix at homer ' To a half
pint of water add 1 oa of bay rum, a
small box of Barbo Compound and U ox.
of glycerlna Apply to the scalp two
or three times a week -with th finger
tips. It not only promote th growth
of th hair but removes dandruff, sralp
humors, and prevent the hair from
falling out, .It darkens strenked, fade.l.
gray hair and makes the hair soft and
glossy. These Ingredients can t pur
chased at any drug store at very little
cost and mixed at homa" "
wor..EN with hatf;:;3
Hamburg, Oct 16. The Hamburg pox.
lie authorities hav mad a regula
tloa ordering tramway-car eonduotor
under penalty ef losing their Iloensea
not to allow women with unprotected
hAtoluauto .rAmeJj", ,tU4i-5K!J nf. f-v
, n pouo -are aiso orara . to uve
th name and addreasea of - women
with unprotected hatpin. -who are li
able to a fine of from II, to 110.
A GccJ AwIIteb. :
a Glorion3 Tiling
. - . " i i
Ami Any Fenoq Can Have s IUp
; - Hosurlng One It StnnrTs Dys.
, - pepsla Tablets Aro Vsedl ' ,
Mf- After Meals; y j'
'The secret of appettt Us la a heal
thy and normal deslr for food on th
part of th stomach and, other digestive "
ergana ' .;.:;''? -
Tovr " dlgestlv ' apparatus always
wants nor food when it Is normal 1
and it wants all kinds of food, too,
heavy and light sweet and sour. - These
quail ties ar needed by man's blood, i
and so the system craves them.-1 This
craving is appema -
t''4 t e ..." '. , ' , 1 ,1
fit - ! X n ,
-Tve nine X trd tuarWs Dyspepsia,
Tablets Z eimply Delight la rood." ,
The real value In Btuarrs Dyspepsia1
Tablet, consists of their Instant acting
dlgestlr abUltlaa : They dlgeet th
food la th stomaaq very quickly; stop
Irritation, rest . th stomach and when ; -th
nourishment of the food is taken : ,
into the aystem they go with It Into .
th blood and thug replenish th dlgv
tlv fluida ;' ..':
' Thousand of men and women la thta
country have proved, to their complete .
satisfaction, the great digestive . and -curative
values .of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tabltfcs;,;i--5v ; '
On Ingredient of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tableta Is so sowarful that on grain
of it will digest 1000 grains of food
and It will even do this in a glass tube t
without the aid of man's stomach; Just
think what this means, , when ; oun .
stomaoh Is raw and filled with hurtful - -.
acids and alkaliea The rest It will
receive will be prloaleaa. " ,
Stuart's : Dyspepsia Tablets ar sold
by alii druggists everywhera . pbtain
a box, SO cents, today and take a tablet
after your next 'meal Jut to prov bow .
easily you can digest that meal. -
Ask yopx;x
s grocer
today Sot ;t ;
.t-. "'V'.-i.J.-.'"::
--.' 3 ?.'-;..' i '. '" -.U'-''.' :J,-..V
i i . , n X t"
t fit ' ll
?; TOWt'E'S :
. '"j1". 1 '
Vtlie; dcHcioua:-'
;,:;flTbrifof ,ptcri
TouTlfaiair h by -;
: theWCabiaCaii;. :
.11 your grocer cant
u ,'; . supply yott send ns bis vv
"j,' nams, and 25 cents V--.
" '. well send you sv foil ty
V ''measure pint can by
prepaid Parcel Post, 1 -'
'Vv.- ..,. aim a mnr rtt rmr A .. f: '.
Free Recipe Dook ; '
whlcn' tells how to
make lots of delicious 1
maple dishes. )"
- Dept. SO. -
. - g?t. raul, allna.'
A. ' I ' .
I ' Mi
9 - " g