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I r 1 - . I JT- - . i II Ml- II ,
By Nona Easier, i
ar'iAGJEfJTiyvl wedging s hav
I society this week. A busy 'season
'tt has opened, with countless Inter
estlng events. Fall weddings art
' Diaamg rair 10 outnumoer ine conveni
- - "June ' weddlngs.Y.Y which "'have
new -popular favor for o many years.
.A r fairs of especial Interest have been
the tear by Miss ray Nichols, Mrs. Tyler
Woodward.: Mrs.' ehartes El Fields and
Mrs. Ralph C. Walkelj tbe weddings of
- Hies Louise GleasoielO Walter" Greet-
tor; Miss Mary Monks to Frank Healy", I
Mis Lueen Moorland to, -Cheater
Moore, and the ; enEBment announce
ments of Miss Field to James Welsh I
and Dr. Gustave Baar to Miss Uretchea
Schmetterllng of Bielitv Silesia, '-f t,
Mr. and Mr William Platter' Henry I
of San Dieso are the guests of Mr,
Henry's sister and brother In. law, Mr. I
and Mrs.1 Frederick Alva Jacobs; 'for a I
week or ten days. Mr. .nd Mrs.. Hem J, I
: - whose wedding . was an- event sft . Oc- j
tober In'4 San - Diego , arrived -last
Thursday evening- from the sOuth.1t.el
? wedding took place at the home of Mr.
Henry's parents... Mr. 'and Mrs- W O.
Henry.' Mrs. Jacobs will preside at a
-taat infArmjii ntfair for , Mrs. 'Henry
during her stay -here; this weelt '
. One of the events -of unusual Interest
Was the luncheon Tuesday In the ladies'
tea room at the University club, given
by Miss Frances t"Wileon- for Mr An
toine Labbe's sister, Mrs. Robert Hyd
, of Tacoipa. who arrived the first of last
week to pass about three weeks with
Mr. and Mrs. Labbe. 'The table was centered-
with Richmond buds, and the fol
lowing guests circled the board:,, Mrs.
.Ballsy, Mrs. Xiawley r Hoffman., Mrs.
Klrkhsm Smith,-. Mrs. . Victor- A, John
son, Mrs. Kenneth Beebe, Mrs. . Labbe,
nje inn in uosiesa, -- -
. "Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Taylor
Woodward entertained with an elabor
ate tea at the Nortonia hotel when she
" . received several hundred guests. . The
. , lounging' room of the hotel was beau-
ttfuliy, decked with autumn leaves and
yellow' chrysanthemums and tea .was
served In the . charming Aea .room ad
joining, -where decorations were pink. In
harmony with . the French gray finish
- ' of the room.; A cluster of pink rose buds
centered the tea tables and-the same
flowers were arranged In baskets, about
the room.i Mra P, JT, Mann, Mrs.' Ret-
' , ,ben Weeks end Mrs. Francis Sealy re
ceived, with Mrs. Woodward. Those who
... P. Thompson, Mrs P.. L, Will Is, Mrs.
Otto Breyman, Mrs. .Vincent Cook, Mrs.
James -H. Page,, Mrs".. C. Lewis Meade,
Mrs. Walter : Preston , and Mrs ; JB. U
Thompson. . . , , , i..
- Mrs, C. Whitney Morden entertained
Friday with a prettily appointed lunch
eon for the Pleasure : of. Miss Ruth
.Church arid -Miss l.uclle Parker.' two
popular brides-to-be. A center of white
roses with bows of pink tulle made un
. the attractive decorations of the rooms.
The additional' guests' were Mrs. Carl
."Wernicke, Miss Genevieve Church, Miss
Elisabeth Parker, Miss Fay Nichols and
"Miss Eliza' Parker, ''',, l , -
Miss ' Frances Brady , 'announced her
engsgement to Arthur Maxwell Meara
: Thursday 'afternoon - when' she ' enter
, talned 13 of her .most intimate friends at
. luncheon at her beautiful Irvlngton home,
, The announcement la of unusual lnerest
as both Miss Brady and Mr. Meara are
1 among the 'most; prominent people of
the younger set. Miss Brady 1S one
' of the noted beauties among the Port
land society girls. 8he is the daugh'
ter of Mr: and Mrs. M. F, Brady and
sister of William and James Brady. Mr,
Mears is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
- ::'uel M. Mears and grandson of . Dr. and
' Mrs. Henry E. Jones of i an . old-i and
prominent,- Portland family; - Ha la a
Cornell man-and a member ot. ihe. lead-
... 'In-. Vliih- vf. .h itvi ... ... ,-v '.. . 1
,' Tba date has-not .been set but the
v wedding will be an event, pf, this win
ter. ' v. tviSS'f'H-jii :..'H;.--'-.V :;-.'
; ' The luncheon table ' was attractively
... set with Madame Aaron Ward , roses
.' and Miss Brady's guests included Miss
Harriet Kern, Miss Katherlne Graham,
Miss Irene Daly. Miss Katherlne Whit
mer, Mrs. Walter Gearln (Dehlla Hahn),
- Mrs. Wilson Clark. Miss Sarah Patrick,
V- Miss Gretchen Klostermap, Miss Hal-
Jt dreth Humason, Miss Oielen McGusker
' and Mrs. Mark Hawes,
., f.:--. 5V;:tr ' w;a4'''
Miss Fay Nichols- was a : charming
ostess Monday, afternoon when shore-
- eelved a number of the younger set at an
Infromai tea for the pleasure of Miss
Ruth Church, fiancee of Kenneth Rob
ertson, and Miss Luclle Parker who Is
is wed Eugene Mercereau. About S5
guests called during the afternoon.
Autumn " leaves and garden ' flowers
formed the attractive decorations of the
, rooms, and on the tea table a lovely
grouping of bright hued frultformed
the center.- Presiding at the samovars
were Miss Elizabeth- Parker and Mrs.
Preston Smith. The Ices were cut by
. , Miss Nan Robertson and Mis Genevieve
Church. Assisting in serving were Miss
Mary Robertson, Mies Margaret Bates,
v end Mise Alice Dabney. Those who' as-
.sisted the hostess about the receiving
rooms were Miss; Vlda . Nichols, .Mrs'
Wilson Clark, Miss Eliza - Parker and
Miss .Mildred Nichols.-. .-v-
A A round of interesting events .ias
marked the advent in Portland of Miss
-Katharine Ecob of New York who ar
rlved Thursday to pay an extended visit
.with her sleter and brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Sawyer. Thursday after
...... noon Mrs. Sawyer gave a theatre party
in her honor, asking in addition," Mrs.
Preston Smith, Miss Ruth Church, MUs
Genevieve Church, Miss Elizabeth Pai
kr, Mias Luclle Parker and - Miss
Mary Meldrum. V- ,
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs, Sawyer
presided at Ml informal' dinner for
-"iher 'pleasure.5? -."t'!i,..;.Vl .. .
. : In compliment to Miss Parker of
-Washington, ,D. C.,- who Is visiting
. friends at Vancouver : Barracks,- Miss
Violet Krsklne entertained Thursday, at
a charmingly appointed luncheon. , Those
who enjoyed her hospitality were Miss
CUllrii I "HswjmNi
t- ...1 r ' jk kn
Wedding nd Visiting Crv
' Engraver j and ; Stationers "
- Morgan Buildiriafv"f
Broadway and Washiejtca
- Eatablished ti ".-
' By Nona E
A. ''"Tsji
.... v ejv ; '-n -vi
Parker, Mias Dorothy Huber, Miss Bar
bara Mackenzie, Miss Polly Young of
the army post. Miss Evelyn Carey,. Mlsa
Louise -Burns, Miss Jan-. Morrison, h,
The Portland Heights club will enter
tain on Friday evening; October. 24, for
members of the club and their, invited
guests over the age of 18 years.- The
patronesses are , Mrs, D. J. Malarkcy,
Mrs... C. Henri Labbe, Mrs. George Law
rence and Mrs. Coe A. McKenna. Floor
committee:, . C. Herirl, Labbe,, F, P. Iif4l
llnan'and B. 8utter;v,i.'.-:5V--''.'':;'V '.
' Word has been . received announcing
the: engagement of Dr. . Gustave Bear
to Miss Gretchen--': fichmetterllng " of
Biellts, Silesia. Miss Schmetterling is
the daughter of Dr. Schmetterllnc, first
lawyer on ihe bench at the capital of
Silesia. . ; She 1 is an attractive 'young
woman, with many charming gifts. Dr.
Baar -will leave this spring for Europe
to. pass the summer , in Carlsbad. ; His
wedding; will be an event of -the early
summer,--; and he will return Tiere
September with his bride. I
.i Mr. and. Mrs-.. Gay Lombard -presided!
at a oeautiruuy appointed -dinner oance
Mbnday evening at the Waverly Country
club in honor of Mr. Lombard's birth
day. , The 59 guests were .seated at one
long table In the spacious) dining room
of the club, 'Which was set with Vene
tian bowls laden with -huge American
beauty buds. Greens and palms' about
the rooms .made an attractive setting
for - the many - handsome gowns worn.
In the corner , of the ball room 'punch
was served . during the dancing. The
mantle in- the drawing room was also
banked .with the scarlet -rosebuds and
palriis. were .set about in effective clus
ters. Those woo enjoyed the Lombards'
hospitality were: Mr. and Mrs. " Guy
W; (Talbot, - Mr.--and Mrs. ; C.: B. Qrelle.
Mr. and Mrs! HZC Shevlin. Mr. and Mrs.
Scott: Brooke.- Mri, and Mrs David T.
ncneyman,.. jvir. . rana Mre.v lMtvin. u
Lewis, Mr and' Mrs. James Dougherty.
Mr. and. Mrs, Robert W. Forbes, Mr. and
Mrs.- Victor Johnsoh, Mr. and Mrs, W.
B. Mackay, Mr. and Mrs, Frank G.
Owen,, Dr. -and Mrs. George. Marshall,
Mr.'v ..and Mrs..-Wells GUbert, Mr. and
Mra Morris H. -Whltehouse, : Mr and
Mrs. J.- .Wesley ;vLadd, Ipri ' and Mrs.
Ralph' C, Matson, Mr. and , Mrs, Walter
F. Burrell, Mr. and Mrs, Thomas' Honey,
man. Major and Mrs. Adrian Fleming
of the Army poeti Mr. and Mra Thomas
Robertson, Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman,
Miss Gertrude ' Talbot. 'Miss Bertha
Tongue, -Mr. and vMrs. Richard 'Wilder,
Clarence, BewaU,-.T:iales Lihthicum, JorT
dan .Zah and Kurt Koehler., . - x
Announcements have been received' of
the wedding in, St , Paul, Minn., of Mies'
Lorena Priidhomme to Lewis " Venn
Woodward,; which took place Thursday,
October Miss Prudhomme .is . the
daughter of Mrs. J, B. Prudhomme. She
U an, attractive girl with many friahds
here, where y she ' has made her home
for a - number of years-. .. St - Paul. , is.
however1, her home city and Mrs.. ?
homrae and her daughter, left here fdr
an extended . visit there with relatives
tn early part of 'spring-.. ;!';: .i'i;
I .Mrs. Ernest A. Sterling of Philadel
phia, Who -wlth her husband - ,1b the
house guest of . Mrs. Ralph C. Walker
was the motif for. a charm In ir after.
nopn at - Cards Wednesday.- when Mra
Walker "entertained at her borne In Irv.
lngton with four- tables at bridge, fol
lowed by an, informal tea.- Card honors
fell te Mrs 3eor:e Paters and Mrs.
Samuel ;Lckwood , wjlh . Mrs. Georre
Pwrtsh twinning' the xohsolatlon prize.
The rooms were attractively arranged,
autumn Ueayee and lavender - etirysan
tbemuma being ;. used In. the drawing
roony . and: yellow chrysanthemums - in
the mn parlor. V In ' th dlninsr - rn'nm.
plnK -Ktllarney vbuda with maiden balr
iem ( were, errectlvely .arranaed. .. u
'Many affairs have been' irivnn fnp Mr
and Mrs. Sterling and a number of af
fair have had to be cancelled on ac
count ; of their unexoected
iff - x : y
vim i ,- , - - i "" u ,:
f 9 '" i .3
f I ..Mm- .::v'ft:;,".., . 1, t AS
i f . - x ;i a
g 1 - , ' ...-. H - -. 1
1 . '. !k
I I 1:
y I lit 0 er e2:- " ' laV rinij;
I PnrVi: We Tlnrottav Hiiber. Miss Car. I ' ' (Ct h'- ill' If" ' 1 1 '''I
I bars Mackeniie, Miss Polly Toung of rli'l ' 'l-1 A-; I MVi'hitl
Thursday evening when they left tar
up u wmamm
1 llliii
"'AW ':''VV' ' )svt
A -'v - lid
lit I 1 II ,:.s;k'V s.-fTiv-v... I .l
V, 1 11 -ir ,v::4. - Ill I
1 " .
Ton Miss Frances Brady'lsrlde-elect'
Bottomiaiss Kathayne '69v;of.'jNew.;'YorlC("'.,ha' is. the house guest of '
' ".Mr? ran s'Mmw Harold : Sawder," the latter being s
home" via. the ;outh, , ' MrsX Sterllnr Is
a. charming and attractive woman an1
has, mads many, friends here .during het
onex -viKii. .,-. - t
Mrsv Walkef wa assisted in receiv
ing yesterday 'by Mrs. s Frank Richet
and Mr. Alva X. Walker.t. In, the din
ing room Miss" Beth Ludlam and Miss
Henrietta Heppner assisted- ln serving.
AbouttsO guests called for the follow
lng jard game. A feature of the tea
hour was tne singing ny Mrs. uurieaa
Heller .Welnstein and ' Mrs. .' Herman
Bohlman of a number of 'Mrs.: Walker's
original -compositions.. They -were songs
of unusual beauty with - the charming
Individuality ;of the composer. Mrs.
Welnsteln sangr "The Arab Love Song"
and "Life's 'Wooing'. . andU Mrs. BohL
man's numbers were ' "Yeu.'V 'In Re-
flection-" and -immMonr-r-
Among the recent affairs given 'it or
mr, . na mrs. . Dioning - tvh me) caro
Really, there is no Such ,thinar ,
$'f',.:?- as; .batf ,nreather;,;' jejii-Z. -:
:'i'OnljvdlWerent:.'kinds;.of ,t gooi,;';:;
weather. , , ;
v Sunshine Is delicious, , rain Us J:;
.f":v:V:; ; refreahlng; .
yrini ' is bracing, show .' is ei;-" J
, hllaratlng.
;"?And;' a, 'GURNET;' ,$uit:: goeaii;.'
'" fit long' way' .!; v;V. ,5
J To mak HER feel good every -
- , day. ;,::'.;'''V":
J ',:K1' '.
.it' 112:1
viv ... t. m.
' ' , .ym
of Arthtir Maxwell Mearg '
party "Tuesday evening at which Mrs.
Paul De Haas presided. Wednesday even
ing Dr. and Mra Walker had a dinner of
V evil -', . , t .
; -. ( V" J r ' ' ;'' i
wr 'fK, latJMVk 'i
.' n f fj
.;-v: -t,!,:.'::'-t;.V'':Vv'-:; j'.L , t '
I twelve
covers In their hnnAr, and ltVas
py.: a. bridga party of three
""'- ryvT" r-''",w n"t
Mr, J. p. Farrell was nn Infornial din.
Mer host-last. Friday, evening .when he
entertained . in comrllment to Mr. and
I Mra. Joseph Wilpv ( !ivyi ne GlaesK
Additional guests wre r. and : Mrs.
doe A, McKenna (Lillian ()' rien).
i f w
- Mis a Mary .Jtsariow ana . jasper nn
(tliis, whose marriage will take pltu-e
Octo'. er S6, were the honor guests at an
evening, party last- Saturday when, Mt
Wilklne' sister, Mrs. farah VI " Moore,
entertained at cards ahd muelo. Highest
honors ' were held ' by M rs. Dora Bolter
add X3. J. Arnold, Mr. Wilklns will take
his bride on- an extended wedding, trip
to the orient and Honolulu.- . ,.. .;.,. .;.
tOne' ef the smart affali's of the. week
Was the Shrine ball Thursday evening.
The patronesses werei Mrs.-' ' O.' To--maslnl,
Mrs. ' Harvey ; Beokwlth. Mr
George W, Stapleton, Mr. William E.
Brace, Mrs. : James P, Moffett, Mre.
John B. Cleland, Mfs. Hugh J. Boyd.
Mrs. Thomas McCusker, Mrs. William J.
Hofmann, Mra Frank 8. Grant. Mrs. J.
G. Mack, Mrs. L, G.. Clarke, Mra Wti
Ham C. Bristol, Mrs. H. L. Plttock. Mra.
H. R.- Albee, Mrs. W Y.-MastersMra
M.C Banf leld, Mrs, C U, Gantenbein,
Mrs. J. -Edward Werleln, i MrsJ W.- I
Morgan, Mrs. Alva L. Stephens. .Ex
ecutlre committee: .' Harold T. Hutch,
inson, chairman; Captain William Dav,
Walter J.' -Holman, A; HrLee Alex G.
RlddelL ' Walter M. , Gadsby. Cart - R.
Jotios,- Edward !' Pettis and TjouU P.
utreeiand.' Card honors fell to Mr -Roy
F. Fiske and Alva Lee Stephens. 1 hose
in atundanoe Were. Mr. and Mrs.' A. C.
Adams. Mra. D. Alln Victor 'A Avitrv.
Mr. Mi Mrs, Oswaldjh. Ball. Mr. and
Mra. M. C, Banf iuld, TV.JC- Barber Mr
and Mrs. Harvejr Beckwlfh, Mr. and
Mr. U.ilfcs A. - Sell, Miss . Matle Bll
lings. Mr.' and Mrs. H. J, Blaeslng. Mrs.
Boggess, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Bonney,
Mr. and Mra Hugh T. Boyd, Mlsa Kath
ryne Doyle. J, K. Bronaugh. E. Brong,
Miss Brong, C . F. Byrne,; Mrs.v Robert
F. Clerk, Julles Cohn. Miss Mae D. Com
port, Mrs. Marion - Conrad, Miss Elsie
Cramer, Gus Cramer. Miss Madge Cra
mer. Mr. ana Mra E. U. Crawford, Mr.
asd Mra Leslie E. Crouch, W. J. Cum.
mings Victor , Dantof f, Mr; and ' Mrs.
Bert M.' Denlson, James R. Dickson,
Thomas' Dickson. Mr. and Mrs.- Julius
A. Dug, Dr. and Mra J. Francis Drake,
Mrs. Tboo. Falangus, Mr. and Mra Rob.
ert S. Farrell, F. H. Farrlngton Jr., Ros
ooe Fawcett, Dr;- and Mra 'William F.
Fleblg, Mr. and Mrs.' Roy- Fike. Mr.
end Mrs. Arthur L. FlnleyAlex McD.
neminff, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.Flledner,
Mr.: and' Mrs. Carl W. Frank. Mr. and
Mra..J. O. F"reek. Mr. and Mrs. L D.
Freelsnd. Franklin A. Freeman. Mr. and
Mrs. William Frlberg, Miss cAllee Gads
byi Walter Gadsby. Mr. and Mra Wil
liam Gadsby, Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Grace, Mr. and Mrs, Ba F. Greene, Mr.
ana Mrs. Sierbert . GreenlaielL A. F.
Clarke Hall. Ml se Louise Hall. Miss
Hamilton, Fred E. Harris, H. A. Harris,
Mr. and Mrs. .George Wi Hasen. Dr.
Hegel Miss HenssL Mr. and Mrs. H. I
Hewson. Miss Lillian Hicks. O. H. Hla-
nenkamp, Mr. and Mrs. William j. Hof.
Mrs. Edith Knight Holmes. SMlss Holt,
u. w. wuriman, miss Myrtle nutcnings,
Mr. and Mrs: Harold T. Hutchinson: Mr.
and Mrs, R. D. Inmant M. C. Jeffords,
Hopkia Jenkin, Mr. and Mrs.- Carl R.
Jones, W. H. Jones. W. C Kavanaueh.
Dr. J. B. Keefer, Miss Darmar Korell.
Mr.-and Mrs. Arthur Langguth, Mr. and
Mrs." F, J. Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. C L.
Lindner,! Mr. and Mrs. F. L.:, Lit norland.
Miss Irma i)hman. Mr. and Mra L. U
McClintock, Dr. iR; G MdDaneel, C H.
McGlrr, ,Mt end Mra J. iL Mackenzie,
Miss J. Madison, i Mr. and Mra A. H.
Maegly, Miss Esther Maegly, Miss Mon
ta Magely, Miss Magili Miss Malm, Dr.
J. Ia Maalon, Mr. and Mrs, John M. Mann,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marti Jr., Clar
ence H Mayer, Mlsa Eleanor Menefee,
J. P. Menefee, Colonel Robert A. Miller,
Mr. and . Mra McKlnley Mitchell, , Mr.
and Mra James Peter Moffatt. Miss
Lilnan Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. William
L Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. E. W, Mosher,
Mrt - and - Mrs. - George-- O. . Nelson
t - Seattle,' r A.-, ,W. Neu,-,--Mr..',; ' and
Mrs. r Phil Neu,. Phil Neu Jr., J.
OaddlS Nichols. Mr. and , Mrs Archie
Nicholson, Mr. and Mra Arthur Nor
man, - Miss Beatrice O'Brien, . Miss
CLeary, Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Oliver,
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Olsen. .Miss Dells
Olsen, Miss Palltzsch, Leslie 8. Park r,
Mr. and Mr. N. Paulsen,: Mr. and Mra
Edward L. Pettis, Mr. and Mrs. H. L
Plttock. Mr. V and Mra & W. Howard
Ramp, Mr. and Mrs. ; C. :. F. Read. Mr.
and Mra J. J. Read. E. C. Reed. Mr.
and Mra E. T. Redfleld, Mr. and Mr.
Alex 0. RlddelL . Mr, and Mrs. O. C.
i 6'ayles, Mr. and Mrs. Emll Schacht, Mlsa
Margaret Schacht, Miss Rosa Schaclit,
R.. R. Schomp, Radford R. Shaworoas
Jr., Miss Ida Shea, Miss Ida Simmons,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert 8ken, Miss Ritrt
Snook, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Standlsli.
Mr. and Mrs.-George W.- Stapleton,' Mr.
and Mrs. Alva L. Stephens, Mlsa Sal
lie eterrett, Mr. and Mrs. H. I Stevens,
A, Stone, Miss Stout, Frank Strahan,
Mlsa Alice Streeper, Mr. and Mra Owen
Hummers. Mr. and Mrs.- Ooualaa i W.
Taylor, C.- M. Thompson, Mr. nd Mra
Harvey Thompson, , Or , anl Mrs. A.
Tllser, Mr. and Mrs. - D. G. Tomasinl,
Robert Tucker, Miss Cora VanKlrk, Mr,
and, Mra ,f red Xi- VanKlrk,-. Herman
Von Borstal. Mr. "and Mrs. Paul B.
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. 'Frank C,;W4
l serman, John Welch Jr., Mrs. J, JC
Welch, Miss Mary Welch, Mr. and'MrH.
Harvey Wells, Mr." and Mrs. J. Edward
Werleln. Mr. and Mrs. C, M. Wheeler.
Mr. and Mrs. D. a Williams, Mrs. Zone
T. Williams, , Mr. and Mrs. Frank a
I Willis, Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wintera
Mian Hattti? Wire, A-wt.tH-: Mr", and Mrs!
K. B: Woirott,-. V. S'. Work..
teroKt to R'-iii i of "Portland people was
Solemnized Weiioexilfty evening in fialomj
hcn i.iieen f.Joreland became bride
of Chester Moored in the presence of
aNout 100 relRtlve-i and friends of the
bride snuj l't-U1-room. The ceremony
took .l-l.u" nt ti .(..home- of the bride's
father, J, . t '. laoreland, , clerk ; of ; the
supremo court,' , ,," vv-. . ' ' . ' . - -t
'.Die bride w
ViKf.l floral
s vt i i in in
Wi. - r: -i Alt
br '.a, e
gown r
,i escorted to the lmpro-i
1 r by her father, who
c. The maid of honor
. ioores a cousin of the,
i the beat man was Mer
't h bride wore a lovely"
t! fed' charmeuse with
rcand carried a shower
bouquet. The house was handsomely dec.
orated with cut flowers,, trailing- vines
and potted ferns and palms. Following
the ceremony; congratulations and good
wishes were offered and a eupper was
served. :: Later in the evening Mr. and
Mrs, Moores came to Portland en route
to California,-; where V they will spend
their honeymoon. ? On 'their return they
wilt, reside at f)8 East .Fifteenth street
"v. . ,
Portland s
. -j . 1 ' . ' ' . a i:. . b, r.-fl;li vvt .'M 9 e.jea
J ewelry Pt
. - "If 7
No '
for Your Visit
H' 14,
II7ITH, a.
stock -
f Wares
( markets , could contribute,
' " Feldenheimer's new , store ' ' V
at Washington and, l?ark
- streets awaits
is ei
. Standinjs: supreme in point of in ,
" terior ; beauty , and equipment,"''
, .this magnificeixt Jewelry Salon
will, as in the past, keep abreast '
" "of5 the, march-of
store service ana
ideals Jn; harmony with the de- U
rhands of the most exacting.
. ' Established 1868.
.. - rsp.ri .a i rv
L5 rl)
. , . .
The Two
IH 111 1 AVKJpI U I I 111
, . 1 v ; v. vital to V successful; lighting; ;
- s t w. - installation are exemplified in ':t
the ".fixture contract - of n the
f,; Fcldcnhcimer;
' lifl
v In
" JL -i , ,
" - ' i 'f ir-Vi!: ix t'gij'- i" .-'-is-. :
t- -r . JrTr-.-', a i , "v-'
e,v Low Cost a r J&J . Consistency; ;
J0;i6f :r---ApAl-- '-.r:'rVith n"V-"
'MainteiiaWT V, Interior': ; ;
- V.AVi - ' it. M:, ' '
,r.v i, , ; " .. ; ).! , - a-
fVf-rtt'r,- ' ' vi7f;"sV. "-n-;;--".
. V. V -f v. ' V 4 lV
. . "".'i ....;'' , Jt
1 , f V- ,r " " y rA -1
' Vv " );'f( -'Vt' -TSn - W.tJ."!
- -v:. ijui flrinna irv. nrartira . 1
V;'-' ' - Our oritrinalitv. oraclica- -
- bility, experience and ser
, 'vice are at your command - "
1 2 0 P A R K
north. . Mr, "Moores Is assocla'
hW brother, Merrill-Moorf, '
yerslty of Oregon en
fraternity mah.,-. The I
one of the most charml
and she numbers- f
manysportland people.
Thai marriage. Is the
courtship extending, ovi.
An interesting; engagemn.1, ""
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Charles K. Fields and her tlaughter.
Miss Will'' Fields, : received i their
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recent brides, Mrs.:-Roy N. -B. .Velson
(Alice Wehrung) and Mrs."FrJ Ellis
Guliok. nee- Slusser, at the .same, time
arinounflrig Miss Fleldi'-engagement to '
James Welsh' o? Bpokane.f -Many lnt.
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nouncement ' wltlj the weddmr ate - for
November JS.' came as a great stirprls. ,
Miss Fields, whose- picture 'is repro
rfuced on 'the- 'oclety page, la an at
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