The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 19, 1913, Page 3, Image 3

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Pacific PIiCR3
Marshall ECCO
Pcit, Up ta 20 I!cu:
i!y .and CtxetuSyKL 1 Zt Day as Receive J C3.C0 Purclmca by Express Prepaid to All Po&t:WitI'Pne:'Hnj Milet5.00 Purchaies by Parcel
I J ta WitHa 1C3 Vpp 4 Pounds to Within SCO Miles, Up to 3 JPounds to WiUuii 1000 Mile; Up I to 2 Fpunds to AU rrti of the United State of America
v: : r
Shea Ptipehaaeb
'xqualej Value in Women's Shoes They Are
I Sown in All This Season' Nobby Style - All
i Uhers and bizes Histi or HPS'
Low Heel Values
a Pair Priced for This
t to $4.00
is Sale At ST
VSfhy jjay tlie j shoe; Ideklcr mat extra dollar when yoii
cansecure a pair of the best guaranteed footwear'at
pur moderate price? 4' They. are made of silk velvets,'
patent- bottom, "with either, cloth or "dull .,. tops, ; light
and dark tans, gunmetal' and dull kids. They are
shown in .all sizes and widths and In either low or
high heels, t Regular .values .to 4 priced (9 QO
for this sale at . ,". . . . . . . . . w&tsO
Misses' and Children's Jockey Boots-Shown with
patent collar and neatly finished wlth.tas-.fl fS
sel. .All sizes from 8J4 to 2 at. ...... D I .liy
Boys' Guaranteed Shoe Made of velour calf, with
screwed or sewed soles, fclucher style, fl 1 ft O
All sizes 9 to 13 $1.59; 13 to 5 1. 70
W open bur
, store at . 8:30
' a. m. daily ex
cept Saturday,
; when we, open
at 9:15 a. m.
& mm A
Tft&MM&efc- of Blr
.1 " ! ' ' ' - ' ' i ' 1 - 'l- ," ' ' ; 1 ,' " . ' ', ''
We close our
store at 50
p. m. daily ex
cept Saturday,
when we close
at 9:15 p. in.
.. V...' '
These Offerings Are Proof Evident That It
Pays to Trade Where (gou Buy arid Save
It is not unusual nor I it an extraordinary thing forj this underselling store to announce right at
the height of the season .these surprising and gratifying large aying on the things most needed,
for immediate use, because it is our policy to always undersell. Read Uie - p.lain, unvarnished
truths we print about the things for the home or person concerned xtfu great October Sale.
Hr.Ian! HerelTou IZcy
Bur chase the BeotCip 0
WoblUiiders we&rpttiD o
Not an odd lot, a broken :iirie or last season snoods,
but our leading line of Men's Natural Gray Wool
Shirts and Drawers in all sizes. Fine, custom-made
garments of, correct winter weight, that are f imshed
in a perfect manner. The shirts; are bound rwith
'(irniinH tfiA nprV' and If-farinc on the front.
.'twist , UIVMUU ,, f w--- , v . .
The drawers have .heavy facing suspended f straps
and v good quality pearl Buttons. t: i ney are sou-ira-ished,
shape-ref aining . wool shirts and drawers of the
best standard quality. , The kind sold by all the lead
ing, stores: at j $1.00 a: garment ; priced . for OQ
this 'sale ,atcr4'v
Men's Flannel Shirts, made Vvith- regulation turn-down col
lar Diuble and single breasted styles in gray; and; navy
and single, breasted style in-gray-All sizea-T r
Regular $1.50 grade now .on sale at,; each. . V. .. l Jll
.Men' : Night Ctownsmade of excellent quality : outing
flannel in . neat, figures ;and. stripes All sizes : in TA
good styles, best $1.00 grade, . priced at. . .'. . i,.:, uC
Men' Wool Socksmade with fine ?, ribbed top They
come in natural gray with white heel and toe , 1 1 I
Regular, 20c grade in iaUj' sizes, on sale ; l lZi2C
Four GreatUndorpriced Lots
Fresh, bright and hew 4i fine, big
assortment of beautiful embroideries came
to us well, no matter how. The one
particular fact is that they, are here at
prices that make them twice as welcome.
m You
Included are the better grades of 9, 12 and 18-!
inch Flouncings, also "18rinch Corset ;Xover
Embroideries of fine Nainsook, , Swiss and
Batiste, shown in hand-loom, lace and blind
patterns Regular values up to 65c a'
yard your choice at, . .... . , . . .
Hundreds of yards of All-over Embroideries
in' dainty baby patterns also a great lot of 27
inch Flouncings,' all are made with good firm
edges and there is ample variety of designs
to select from Regular values to 75 or
yard. On sale at.. '.'; ' Ou,
The most beautiful 27-inch Flouncing Embroi
deries, shown in dainty baby patterns, deep
lace effects and hand-loom designs, made ; of
the finest Swisses, Nainsook and Bat- j n
iste Values to $1.25 yard. Priced at O&C
Extra fine 45-inch Flouncing Embroideries,
shown in the choicest new patterns in full
dress length they come in the best Voiles
and Batistes and in charming patterns rn
Values to $2.00 yard. Priced at, e ... 3UL
Trimming Braids A fine lot of narrow bands
and edges shown . in choice patterns and "in
all colors Regular values up to 35c l A 1
yard. , To close at,-yard. .... .... ...... 1UC
Trimming Braids from 2 to 3 - inches wide,
both bands and edges in silk, gold, silver and
in novelty effectsRegular values up
to $1.00 yard. To close 'at yard...."; . . OuC
You May Choose 177itli Assurance From These New
SilMso Bress ;(Bodds,aiii.: civets
Rich Colorings in New
Plaid Silks at
$1.00 a Yar d
This is an exhibit and t sale to
: which women may turn for pleas
ure, suggestion and inspirations
sure of authoritative styles, rich
colorings, and of seeing what can
not be duplicated elsewhere. They
are the finest of pure silk fabrics
and are shown in a choice assort
ment of the latest and most popu
lar Scotch plaids in rich color com
binations. They come from 20
to 24 inches wide and are silks that
will give lasting satisfaction. For
this sale we price them C 1 A A
at, yardv...C
New Trimming Velvets-sho'wn in at
tractive brocaded patterns and in col
orings that can not be found elsewhere
-rthey come full. 19 inches wide and
are most moderately priced JA
at, yard .............. ; . . . . 3 1 U U
New Silk Velvets of standard width
shown in all wanted desirable new
and staple colors Velvets of perfect,
weight and finish, underpriced Af
at, the yard. . . .. ... . ....... . . . tjdC
New Dross and Coating at
$3.00 a Yard
We are showing a complete new. stock of the most
popular Dress and Coating ; Velvets high-quality fab
rics, full 40 inches wide. Included are black, navy, new
golden brown and other shades. Velvets of fl A A
deep rich finish, t Special value at, yard . . .)OsUU
To : the woman who is uncertain about
the prevailing .' favorites in both pattem
and. weavo; of Silks or Dress Goods, or
the ' colorings . in Velvets, this carefully
selected stock sohuld appeal in no un
certain way, because from the lowest up
to tho highest , priced ' bolt we have, ' the
range bf styles risf uthenticv TShe can
choose from them with assurance. If we
Can lessen the task cfai woman's shop
ping here, we are pleased. - Let this splen
did stock prove i thatfwe DO lessen the
task stock representing THE LAST.
l 1 r m II II- II
Extronioly Fashionable
Silli Matelasse
Coatings at
$3.00 a Yard
They are such beautiful ; fabrics
that any woman's fingers wjll ache
to" take hold .of a needle and get
to work on them right straight
away. They are the new season's
most favored silk coating.; They
come full 48 inches wide and they
x are extremely fashionable and very
durable. Included are all. the new
designs In rich, bright colorings
f abfics that must be seen to be ap-
pf eciated. You are requested to
' come and pass judgment They
are-the same width, weight and
quality sold elsewhere at $4.00 to
'$5.00 a yard. Priced C 1 AA
here at iPM.vV
AU-Wool French Phallies Full 28
inches wide, shown in an unlim
ited variety of dots, rings, floral
and figured designs most any
vf anted color. A splendid CAW
fabric at, yard ........ 0jL
Fill Elegant New Brocades at
S3.00 aYardfel
A wonderful showing of exclusive designs in the new
Brocaded Velvets, They are heavy-weight, full-width
velyets pf standard quality, shown here in exquisite; col
orings. They are out-of-the-ordinary values O A A
at, the yard'. . . : . ..... . . . . . s . .,. . ... 4t)UU
Prudont Housolreepcrs Will
Supply Their Bedding Needs
-v,o Hero and Not7 I
I At extremely low; .J pricek youU I fin3
Blankets that t will funiish the ; greatest
amount of warmth and cnnlfotf fend that
will please the purchaser with lasting sat
isfaction, as well as tempting values in
Comforters, Pillows, Spreadi, Pillow
Cases, Sheets, etc. ' Irl our Mairj Floor
Blanket Section youTl have )ad trouble
in making Jioiw from the fcUojjYing
items j ' - . .5 ;; . ;J - :-'Vf Ql 3 iK Z
Cotton Blankets of fine wool innisfr tliey
come extra large and heavy and in gray white
and tan Regular $3.50 ralaes nowdi AC
on sale at, pair.... ...... ..4M..4)l90
Wool Blankets an odd lot, in, white, gray
and plaid " styles Aft. are large double siie,
fine -wool Blankets, in regular $5.50, AC
$6.00 and $7.00 qualities at, pair. UO
Full Size Comfprters, filled with' fine whits
cotton and covered with excellent quality silk
oline They s have i plain - centers AQ
with ' colored ' borders $2.95 - grade 9ftO
Feather Pillows, full il by 27 : inches They
are 'filled with sanitary feathers and covered
wiih" fancy k- art ;tickmg ?$1J25 ; Af
grade onA sale at, each. .,.JliJC
Hemstitched Spreads-made full size; for, dou
ble beds ' and shown in ; a large Variety of
Marseilles iy- patterns best ; $1.75 j AO
grade, priced at, each. . . . . . . ... 1 fcO
Bleached Pillow Slips, 43 by 86 inches, made
of fine quality , muslin they Tare the : f
kind regularly sold at litfccn sale at 1UC
Bleached Sheets without seam in center and
made full size for double beds they . rA
come 72 by 90 inches best 70c grade OuC
Extra heavy and large, full bleached Pillow
Slips of good durable quality they, come 45
by 36 inches Regular 15c grade, now 1 O
on sale at............... ............. lilC
i'fef lllTn'you'll understand why we are
r so enthusiastic over them. Vfith their
arrival women know absolute com
fort, fit and style in underwear for
the first time. Note the superior fea
Richelieu Union , Suits of tne
dium weight, cotton, shown in
all ;. styles, low or high neck,"
long, or i short sleeves ; and in
ankle or, knee lengthreAll reg
ular. sizes Ut St jf f ;sf 9
outsjzes at i; itfiQ X iw
Knitted " thinner at the waist to make
them ;3 f orm-f itting-the closest fitting
corset sets smooth and comfortable over
the Richelieu No heavy seams to press
into your, skin1 under the corset--Made
of durable, fine ribbed materials, neatly
' trimmed and perfectly finished. '
' Richelieu Union Suits, shown
in low-neqk, sleeveless styles,
in ankle or knee length, made
with fine; lisle , top and heavy
cotton a pants, v Regular, sizes'
oucsizes C 1 Et
Richelieu I Union V Suits .' shown
In .the I above ! sityles," i in ; Jieavy
Fall and ..Winter weight;' The
regular sizes are priced V at
$l,25-)h? jsorit; and : a 1 1 h
e,outsi?es riceat.Js 1 uy.,-.
....... 4 . a . . .i
v.. ! : '.'vi,.'.ft.3"..':i"-i: : ....
.Richelieu Union Suits, shown
in low-necki sleeveless style, in
ankle or knee -' length, v made
with hand crochet yokes,, fine
lisle top.v and .heavy, cotton
pants. Keguiar sizef
-V m V-
y I IL O of Pronounced
Goodness- and
LusupIous Comfort In New Fup
Fabpio Coats "ft1" $9,90 to $30
Asbachan, Arabian Lamb, Caracul, Plush and other Fur Fabric Coats that com
' bine many new, novel and practical points of comfort with all the becoming fea
tures the most particular woman wants are ready for first showing and selling to
morrow.. . Primarily intended for the cold, blustering days, but quite as desirable
for the cool nights and mornings that are with us now. We request your inspec
tion NOWi We promise you values that are unmatchable elsewhere.
; The ' Hodish 'Cutaway
and Square Front Styles
in All Sizes for Women
The . most;, fashionable three
quarier, anduU-length styles'
in ' cutaway And straight : front
mod els'; variously trim
I perfectly finisned.' Inchided are
? chan Salt's - Arabian Larhb-Saltex: Fur
) Fabrics, Zibelines, Hairline and Novelty,,
Mixtures and the popular plain colored
fabrics. ' Come and judge ; for ' yourself i
. the worthiness of this great showinc and
itsmanv ooints iof suoerioritv. : It is J
.Bomeuung more , man swnpiy mieresng.;4vwA-.
It is orofitable both from $ the view noint
of quality and value. Every taste and ' every
.50 tor
pjirse ; may be- suited s for prices range from
In no former season have
the changes injur styles been
so pronounced as those which :
stalttd for the accepted vogue for the.
Winter of 1913-14 And t never lhas ;
greater charm of design " been "shown.
Becomingness is featured ;l in many
novel ways the lines are graceful and
taken all. In all the sets, neckpieces
and muffs embody ideas which com-,
bine A the artistic iwith (the practical
'Wost; happily;1): ),:;'.
Our openine ; display embraces onlv
Quality . furs iwhose i workmanship 'is of
the best the same fur pieces s would i cost -you
a great deal, more at the exclusive fur
Stores than they do lmt
Women's sJKTMisses'vFur Sets, Neckpieces
and' Muffs, in all kinds and styles are here -at
all prices from $50,00 down C A
Complete New Linoo in
itoyal society and Arzamo
Pacliares at 25e to 01.50
A wonderful assortmnet of useful
and novel things are ready forthe
lover ; of art needlework one visit
here will send you away inspired by
a dozen new' ideas for- gifts or to
brighten the home Just to see them
is really a privilege and you are wel
come if only to look.
We have prepared for your In- N
spection a complete line of Royal '. '
Society and Artamo Packages.
You may fashion many dainty
and useful articles in your spare
moments at very little cost.:fer .
each outfit is complete, contain-:
ing, in adidtion to the , stamped '
article, sufficient floss in the cor
rect size and twist to complete
the embroidery, and the carefully;
prepared working: instructions in
cluded in each package make it
possible lor even Deginners to
execute the embroidery. The ma
terials used are ' absolutely the
best obtainable for the , various
finish, nainsook s fort.all .' 'underwearMCfeH;
articles ;j a real linen-finish ; lawn for? shirtwaists. jThe most ef
fective art fabrics for pillows.. scarfs, etc, .You have an un
limited variety to choose from ; '
Infants' Caps, Children's Dresses, Made-Up' Combination Cuit
Made-Up Nightgowns, Corset Covers, Princess Slips, Drercir
Sacques, Lingerie Waists! Fancy Aprons. Pillow Tops. Center
pieces; Scarfs, Coat Hangers, Fancy Bzgs, Necktie llid 3
a great many other articles FKOM Zoc Ui HO : l..r j
PACKAGE. , - I .
' ' ' 1