The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, August 22, 1912, Page 3, Image 3

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Merger of Taylor Street, and Grace Methodist Episcopal Churches Decided Upon;
Handsome New Church to Seat 2000 Persons to Be Built at Cost of $150,000
to her mother's room. A fir ' i -union
followed. That i everything v
forgiven was evident from 1!.:N--:-.t t a
stat anient
Mrs, Cora M. Terklns, the emnpa'i'1
of Mrs. McNamara,. and Frederick
tlson, chauffeur, still face the po-nl-biyty
of trial on Indictments charging
them With the theft of McNamara's
14500 automobile. They are out ea
bail..... "
Structure for Kent for Commercial Purposes to Be Erected on Site of Taylor Street Church; Tart of Money for New phurch to Be Raised by
Subscriptions; Her. Mr. Young of Pioneer Church to Be Named Pastor of New Church; Iter. J. 1L Cudlipp of Grace tcAccfpt One of Number
Children's Exhibits Will Be
1 Shown Next Week; Many!:
Prizes Offered.
of Call Sent Prom East; At Left In Picture Are Shown Old Taylor Street Church, and Iter. Benjamin Young, Pastor; At Right Appear
Grace. Edifice and Pastor. Key. J. If. Cudllnp. . . . . - v
Daughter Brings San Mateo
"Banker and JVife together;
'Servants Face Trial.
mm m
(Special to The Journal. I '
Corvallls, Or., Aug. 22. An industrial
School fair will be hold In Corvallls Wed.
nesday August 2t.V'TwelV hundred
dollars has 'boon subscribed, of whlpb
cbput $600 will bs given In prizes for
exhibits of vegetables, fruit, canned
fruit, canned vegetables, bread, Jellied,
needlework, pigs, chickens and manual
training, a prize Is offered for the
beat labor navlng device for use on the
?aIS!iMd. .0.P0illL.r.rlzo 18 o'frd toT
thu best blrdhouse. 'ExFfbTlsbfBenT5n
"county merchants, the floral depart
mont of the Oregon Agricultural college
and tlio Hi undo I training department of
the Corvallls high school will be made.
The exhibits of the successful conteat-
. ants will 4o taken to the state fair for
the industrial exhibit content. .
JLn view of the fact that Benton coun
ty will place on exhibit-of farm prod
ucts In the state fair pnvllionln compe
tition for the "Blue Ribbon"pnxe, the
local fstrrornrhittes, has issued a all
for exhibits of farm products, for which
ribbon awards will be given. The beat
pf f thews exhibits will be displayed in
the Benton county booth at the state
The fair committee plans to make the
school fair an annual event, adding to
It each year until it becomes a county
fair in which the Industrial or children's
part will be a feature.
Railway Gets Franchise.
(Rptrlil to Tho Journal.)
Corvallls, Or., Aug. 22. The Portland,
Eugene & Eastern railway officials
went before the county court today and
asked for a franchise through the
streets of Monroe. After considerable
delay caused by a search through rec
ords for the correct names for the coun
ty roads across which the right of way
will pass, the franchise was granted.
iu Livcoiuorv
(Special to The Journal.)
Lakcvlew, Or., Aug. 22. Lake county
Is destined to receive a large number of
etockmin from other sections of the
west the coining year, due to the flnfi
range conditions and the shortage of
livestock, especially rattle and horses,
to consume tlio abundant forage. On
the cattle and horse sections of the
Fremont national forest, graxlng condi
tions have not been as good for many
years, and grass for thousands of head
of livestock Is going' to waste. One
feature that this area presents over thu
general run of western ranges U the
possibility of growing an abundance of
winter ford, either on land that can bt
taken under the ' homestead and other
acts, r that la iield In the national forest.
r Jy. fJl: y A
-, ; U y fpri i fr . V ; ; f
'A : 'H ; ' f A:AAr- 1 t "1 AV
I I II tv:"1 B I t I ft . f I Id T KZ t Vill i Ifffhsi rC. 1 .LJ.9 .-J
it 9 r H - , llf Tal
San Mateo. Cal.. Aug. 21. Thrmirh
efforts of their daughter, Gladys, Nlch
olas J. McNamara,. retired banker, and
hia wife are reconciled hers today.'.
Returning home after a journey
across 'the continent when he attempted
to overtake his wife in New York, Mc
Namara went at once to the family
home hern. Mrs. McNamsra was al
ready there, having arrived some time
ago with-her two sons. ,She had re
tired when father and daughter ar
rived, but Gladys, who had not seen
her mother for two years, went at once
Portland suffragists are enthuslastlo
over ths. report mado "at eTtheetlnr of
tha College Equal Suffrage leagu
executive committee that Es-Oovernor
Brady of Idaho will speak In this city
on equal suffrage in Beptember, Ths
fact that Idaho Is a suffrage state and
that Mr. Brady was a leader In the
suffrage campaign In that state 'adds
to the Interest of hla visit. . i, "
fi 1 1 '
Horsford's Acid Vbospnata
Recommended for relief of Insomnia.
Impaired nerve force and fatigue. , -,
One of the largest and richest
churches in Oregon will grow out of
the consolidation of the First (Taylor
Street) and the Grace Methodist Epis
copal churches, which took place Mon
day night.
Tho Grace church, which stands on
the corner of Twelfth and Taylor
streets, will be torn down to make way
for a new edifice that will cost approx
imately $160,000, and will have a seat
ing capacity of 2000. The First church.
at Taylor and Third Btreets, will be dis
mantled also and tho site will be con
verted Into Income producing property
to carry on church extension work.
The value of the corner and parson
age of Grace church is placed at $105,
000. Tho site of the Taylor Street
church Is worth more than $100,000, and
the parsonage, at Elevctnh and Salmon,
Is valued at $40,000.
The new church will bo known as the
First Methodist Episcopal church of
A report to the effect that the Burn
side bridge Is safe and able to stand
the strain of double traffic was made
yesterday to the county commissioners
by Robert Wakefield and W. A. Gron-
dahl. The two engineers were named
to Inspect the bridge, when the old
steel bridge wag closed and traffic di
verted to the Burnslde. They further
suggest that a few minor repairs be
made to the draw span.
Fisher Goes to
Washington, Aug. 22.
investigate charges against Governor
Frear, Secretary Fisher of the interior
department will leave Washington next
Sunday for Hawaii. Fisher will go to
San Francisco, where he will embark
for Honolulu. He will be absent from
Washington until October 16.
Journal Want Ads bring results.
rieladcs May Bo Saved.
San Diego, Cal., Aug. 22. Wlreles
dispatches from the vicinity of Magde
lcna bay, where the large freighter Plei
ades is ashore and In danger of being
broken up, indicate that there is still
some hope to save her. The wrecking
steamer Greenwood is rushing to her aid
from San Franclfcco. ,
Clearance Sale'tf
Of Slightly Used
mm Machines
We have a few fine, slightly used Talking Machine Outfits left, at
prices so very low that anyone can own a first-class Talking Ma
chine. The following outfits at prices quoted willknot last krtig
better Lurry if you want one. Easiest kind of payments accepted.
$20.90 Outfit, including machine and 24 selections of
music now1 8.75
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music now . f 26.30
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music now f 29.20
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music now , f 29.50
$61.80 Outfit, including machine and 48 selections of
music now f 36.80
$78.00 Outfit, including machine and 40 selections of
rniiSi- "ow 845.00
$84.75 Outfit, including machine and 30 selections of
music iiuw 845.00
$148.40 Outfit, including machine and 72 selections of
musicnow rm. . a .rswn-wt 8 73.50
$216.80 Outfit, including machine and 48 serections of
music now .8152.00
Graves Music Co.
Ground Floor, Near Washington St.
Staple and Seasonable Merchandise in Every Department
Is Marked at Phenomenal Reductions
For immediate e-0nparal3 Now "of" trie THmgs Tot Nelol
Prices Will Never Be as Low Again
No Groceries ... No Candy Store
No Meat Market No Restaurant '
No Pots and Paris ' No Tea Room
Merchaiid&ei cf Herll Only;.--.
No Soda Fountain
No Crockery
NoMens Clothing
No Liquors
No Groceries :
No Bakery ;
1 V
i v