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I "FT?'
Cproner's Jury Finds " That
. Portland Postmaster Was
' Not Victim of .Drowning;
- - Wafer in Pool Very Warm.
(Kpn-IiU 1o Th Jcnrail.t
- Lskevlew, Or.. Auk. 21. A Jury before
CorntH-WlU -VaUa brouplitln a
verdlft that the death of Charles B.
. . Merrick resulted from heart failure. Dr.
"Csrl Orlfflfh of "llurns, Dr. I?. D. Ev
rtt and Dr. Bernard Daly of LakeVTev,
' jave testimony concerning the death.
In ths minds of the physicians noth
ing else could have caused death, as
" the short time ensuing between the
finding of the body and immediate
meaBUtes toward resustlcatlon could not
bs accounted for otherwise.
Dr. Everett is secretary of the Lake
View Commercial club and his duties
MK:liut hjm busy until nn early hour this
, tnorniner"'-'..,, Merrick could not
leP. he statsd to hfs''Wtti(ttal ,h
" would wait ror mem unui mey nc
through their labors, that he needed the
baths as he had found them very bene
ficial. Up to the time of the accident
' )ie had been in his usual ood spirits,
Joking; and laughing with others in the.
Auto Party at Bath.
Several auto loads of visitors had pre
ceded the party to the bat!s, hut thoy
' had left a few minutes before the dls-over.y--a
Jtfa Judy- The patil where tha
body lay is about 50 feet in length. 20
In width and about two feet deep at one
end with gradually sloping cement floor,
which at the deepest place is E feet 10
. Inches.
Around the pool or tank on three
Ides Is a board walk or platform and
there Is no trouble for a person to get
;i out of the water. At the point where
' the body was discovered the depth is
about four feet six inches and would
no more than come to the breast of de
' ceased If he were' standing. It is be
." lleved bv members of the party that he
tank without a word, unnoticed to those
- nearest him. All had left the tank and
were dressing on th-s platform a few
feet awav when the absence of Merrick
" was noticed, booking Ink) the pool, the
body was discovered on tho bottorn.
i Water vary Warm.
L One theory of the case outside o
heart trouble is that on the south side
' of the building are two pipes that sup
ply the pool with a continuous stream
- of fresh water. At this point th wa
,ter is warmer and it is possible that
the effect of the extreme warm water,
which leaves the springs at about 180
' degrees temperature, had something to
' do with the sudden stopping of heart
Bonnie Expresses Sympathy.
(Wfth!nton nureim of The Journal.)
Washington, D, ('., Aug. 21. "I am
" Inexpressibly shocked at the telegraphic
notice just received of the death of
Charles B. Merrick. In my opinion,
Oregon has lost a most loyal and con
scientious citizen, as well as the nation
and the community have lost a most
. efficient public servant. His numerous
friends, including myself, have lost a
moat loyal, sincere and lovable friend. I
xtnd to ills family, hj friends and the
.community my sincerest sympathy in
the bereavement."
-Xhla -waa Uie .statement made today by
Senator Jonathan Bourne when he was
told of the death of Postmaster C. B.
Merrick of Portland.
The flag of the Portland postofflce
was placed at hajf mast this morning
on receipt, of the news of Postmaster
Merrick's death and h general gloom
, pervades the huildinp. From the high
V tit officials of tlie fertPMl government
i to the newest cleric in the postofflca
i expressions of genuine regret are to bo
, heard.
r- 'Ills sudden death is a great shock."
-i-sald Unit.! Status Dlstri. t .ludga Wol-
verton. "I thought a preat deal of him
i personally and as an official knew 1,1m
to have hern deservedly popular with
8.11. He wts very efftjflgnt. js.. jQak
. maaferT"
"Postmaster Merrick wns as efficient
'a. postmaster as Portland ever had and
prized his friendship greatly, " said
. Jlldgrt B?an of the United FtatPg dM
trlct court.
"A popular, effl.-lent man nn1 most
pleasant Jn business rdafloris, his death
Is a loss to the government service,"
was the tribute of United States Dis
trict Attorney John Mr-Court.
"Pe.rrfnna'.'v T knew ?,fr. TTerrlck lit
tle but In bisn--ss and off!, in) rela
tions I f.i'ind 1 1 1: i vprv pl.-'Hcant and
obliging ! 'l-nl i t h." .-iid 1 "nltfil
States "VwmisKi.-n.T A -t ('antiim.
. "Without wtrhing t disparage the
work of any , r mnn who I, as hel l
the position of iMma?tnr of tils .-it.'
I can siiy trot he -w is tv.e most enpab!.
and popul?T inan who In ever hell the
office," said United Stat.s Marsha!
"Tbre lias never tnn a vrtfi
master In 1 1 . s ;. 1 an I i'!s d it li emu s
BS a MOW t-. t'.e g.ver':: v.i h-t v!.-e, to
the state of Ofjcn and t'.,e en v of
Portia:;.'. M !
ecrt s TV' ( .
"It -I- ' i'
with M:- -Me::.,
officially. i;.
every lln 'if
'iiims'l of the loi'al
, I ci rs ar" Mnlnr R. O. Scott, Captain
' h a Elated Uarrv K vnninms, Captain Walter I,.
i ''t i p.-i.i .nally and , T,l0Z(, Jr p)rst Lieutenant Harrv (
''V', 'rr"B, wnrkr ! RrmmVmgh, and First Lieutenant Rcli-i-ilv't..
said lUrrv anl IV,i(.n
!';U' rflM"ff'"1 )n" Mans' Charges Hot Sustained.
( to be made f"' ! P'",ri governor WeFt and Captain
' i..',' ,.- employ! s ' ' "owland. Who represented C.enc-al
,.' 'r .', ' M';s, made special effort to bring nut
IJurand, ! '.,
flowers for 'ht f;
the priftofflre ;
plans can be n mp -
Will F.ISO H .t
officials w itli i f i
!-'!onl ti,!
I '. T . i ? ' JT 1 1 i
). Johnson's Srhcilul,. Arnnod.
(t'rlti'd pti f .im,,i j
.j,'-- New York, Aug: '.1 Arraneements
for the pro.1r.ctnd eastern triji of linv-
ernor Hiram Johnson of .(,:il!f..rnl!, pro
gressive nomfnc" f.r vice pivsldeiit. in
'V the interest of th new party. wr- f:u:i-
pleted today at progressive r..ition:iI !
heaflquarters here. Tin- eh, dnie rnU
for Governor Johnson to leave Sn Kran
el(K August 27, speaking at the follow
tng plsren:
JSalt Lake August 20. Denver. August
IT: "Topeka, Knn.. September 3, morn-
1 Ing: Lincoln. Neb H.-ptr ii in-r j Hve
Hint: Cleveland, Ohio, September 6:
iWatertOWn, N. Y., September 6.
v ( , Governor Johnson also will sp.-:ik nt
, the Ohio and New York stale, progres
siva conventions.
j."-'200 Humberts In I'imlon.
Infilapolls, .Aug. U.-Tl.r, seventh
Vk. aanuat rlf of -h-HtimKr( femtty,
t jBrookside Park, brought forth more
hen 80 delegates from six ntutes ln
the union,, Wore ihan two thirds of tho
counties of 'ltdlna are represented.
Succeeds Hanford
Judge Clinton W. Howard of Belllngham.
(Special to 'iht lonnul.V
Bellingham. Wash., Aug. 21. Clinton
W. Howard, who was appointed federal
Judge by President Taft Monday, was
born In Lima, Ohio, July 25, 1884. He
spent his summers working on a farm
and attended school In the winter. In
1 885 Mr. Howard graduated from Grls
wold college, Davenport, Iowa, He then
took a tjvo years law. course at tne
University of Michigan, graduating in
1S87. Mr. Howard's first law work was
done as an assistant in the office of
Woolson & Babb at Mount Pleasant,
When He Gets Through He Ex
pects to Know Whether Of
ficers of Second Battalion
Are Right or Wrong.
(Salem Boreiio of The Jeurnn! )
Salem, Or., Aug. 21. Halting pro
ceedings long enough to tell that he
bad "hoofed It" n little In his day
himself, (lovernor West, at the hearing
in connection with the dismissal of five
officers of the Second battalion of the
Third Infantry, Oregon National Guard,
yesterday afternoon, announced that he
intended tp give the experiences of the
militiamen a test by donning the full
lequlpment carried by them and mnklng
a forced march Just a little farther
than they were ordered to march.
Harry E. Williams, deposed captain
of Company F, wns explaining the j
fatigued condition of his men and de-
fending his action In questioning the j
Justification of the order from Oeneral
Maus that the men retrace their steps j
from Gate. Wash., to Oakvilla.
"Jut wait a- mt," 4 MrHvte4 tJve-f
governor. "To give you all a square j
deal I've secured a complete equip- j
nient like you carried and I Intend to I
make a similar inarch, and I am going !
to invlt you, Captain imams, to go
nlnnt with me to see that I don't
"Yes, but will you work up some
blisters on your feet first ," asked Cap
tain Williams.
Governor Tears Not the Blisters.
"I'll tak you alotitr and let you see
how n.nny Mlseters you can put on tvv
fe,.." i.-torleil 1l;e (onornor. "I'm- .Ion,,
a little walking with a load on tin
la k nivsflf am 1 know what It is. 1
niil.t tell you I've covered T.2 tn'KrS
from sun tip to sun down, but that win
In Alaska where the dav? nre lone.
I've nlso covered IS and 1G miles a day
with a heavy pack."
Aft. r taking testimony at mornlnc
afternoon and nlL'lit sessions, Gover
nor West t.iok tie caFea of the dis
ndsseil officers under advisement un'il
he ran make a test of the men's hard
ships and review the mass of testi
mony submitted. The dismissed offl
anv f.irts that would substantiate un-
nff:i-i;il statements that (ieneral Mnus
i ' ' .' ' ' , .-, . . ' m . ,
1 niiiri-bing order. lut not one of the
j wan. .-i.-s testifl'-d that he knew the
Kin. ri was under the Influence of
(Continued From Page One.)
the .ii.olinliinent of the commerce court
as expressed in his former veto mes-
811 pe.
The I'.epubllcans who voted with the
I imnni i :'ts in tbe house to override tho
ve'n ir,i-hMrd La Folletto of Washing
ton, llawley and Lafl'erty of Oregon.
I'lein li of Idaho, Kent of California and
Curry of New Mexb'O.
li 'l'orc n roll call was ordered, Con
gressman FWzerald of New York bU
lerly deiioutu-ed President Taft. declar
ing it was necessary to educate the pres
ident Teprflrfllfig" ' legislation. ' PoiHvress
man nill-tto of Mwtfachusetts ded'ended
President Taft and chai'Hetl tine Perno
crsts with attempting to blogjj adjourn
mrut of congress. ' "
on Federal Bench
Iowa. Two years after graduation he
determined to come west, and located in
Kalrbaven, now a part of llelllnghajn.
From the time of Ms arrival at Bcllinf-
ham until January, 1893, Mr. Howard
was associated with Albert Sherman in
law practice. Since 1893 he has been
associated with Thomas (1. Newman
under the firm name of Newma &
Howard. Judge Howard Is a member of
the Episcopal church, a charter member
of the Falrhaven Masonic lodge and a
charter member of the Elks' lodge of
What may develop Into a murder mys
tery came to light at noort yesterday,
when George Thompson, while hunting
for fish worms, stumbled across "the
body of a man in tho brush on the
Island north of the old fair grounds,
near Guild's lake. The body was found
in a spot unfrequented by persons liv
ing on the Island. From all indications
the .man had been dead for about five
On the arms and about the face and
head of the corpse were several scratch
es and bruises. The right eye was
puffed and discolored, showing that the
man either was struck by a blunt
weapon or fell on a stone. A careful
examination by J. C. Steier deputy cor
oner, showed that a struggle had taken
place. The grass and weeds near the
body had been trampled and in several
places heel marks were found.
There Is nothing on the clothes to
disclose the UUmtUy of the dead -man.
He was about 5S years old, and had
four fingers missing from his left hand.
this resort superior to
nftwv Vliirn 1
and Rates very feet,
Bound Trip
BE A SON $4.00 !
Leave Portland
8:43 a. m.
Saturday 1 p.m.
Looking the other
way, beautiful Tilla
mook Day affords a
scenic delight that
never fails in its attractiveness.
Kiln 7270 720 COMETT B1DO. A-6291
Arrive ' Arrive
Leave Portland. Tacoma. Seattle.
8 :.'!() A. M. l ast Mail 1:40 P. M. 3:15 P. M.
1:1.") P. M. Pugct Sound Ex... 7:05 P. M. ' 8:30 P. M.
3:00 P. y. Shasta Limited. .. .7 :40 P. M. 9;00 P. M.
11:00 P. M. Tlie Owl 4:45 A. M. 6:15 A. M.
Passengers cm "The Owl" may occupy their berths until 8 a. m.
" ;v ciYy'tket'office
Third and Washington. ' Phone Marshall 4500
Federal Judges FHI Vacancy
Caused by Resignation of
MVScott; Appointment Is
Leslie M. Scott has been reappointed
United States marshal for thla district
by United State District Judrea Wol
verton and Bean and will qualify this
afternoon. The appointment was made
under a statute whloh authorizes
the temporary appointment of a marshal i but a considerable quantity is said to
In vacancies of this nature. Mr. Bcott i have been smashed by tha officers,
accepted his reappointment at once, as Comment about the streets of Al
bs feels that it is attribute to his work ru"s from absolute approval of
during the past year, and that It is ab- the actions of the police authorities to
solutelv without political strings. th opposite extreme where the. police
'lie'. r,i,i ,e aro accused of duplicity and. pulling off
Marshal Scott was appointed to the ,,rakg,t & Qovernohf
position about a year ago by President Wes, u u t.,a,m ROmft that tne
Taft during a recess of congress. The I reaJ,y b)(f bmA pB ?re gtm runnlng
senate never took any action later con-;wUnout lnterference and that the raids
firming the appointment, and whenars bt,lng mftjft on tne man ne ana
President Tiftt withdrew his name fromjafter rienty of notice has been given so
the senate August 10 Mr. Sqott at once,tnat resuits will be more spectacular
telegraphed his resignation, as he felt ' than damaging.
that his apolntment had been due en- I , .
tlrely to political reasons. The resigns.
ttfiK'wse- accepted at once, end a tele-
:pLea ai once, Buu a
gram sent to Mr. 1tVfet,as .J was s0 flne W0(Jld haye nmpU powfr ,n car
away from the city on a vacation.Tlttlw..- fee regcu, work when 6he waa
not receive the telegram until he re- ( out8ide of the "Hlty-tif-ttond,
turned to Portland yesterday. . . ' '
Meantime J,he business of the office iTrn PftMCCPCrP.
was carrledofi "hi? deputies In hts; WAH tK UUIMrtObtb; "V
rceVrnceT'lgrtir'hal $10,000 IN LOOT FOUND
come to them. The discovery of the
.w. o-oc moHa at the result of a tele- (Doited Preaa Ianert Wire.
fact was made as the result or a re e gan Mat Ca Au 21. Mysterious
gram sent to the department of justice ( robberl(,8 ,hat haye 0(.currvl ln thl vl.
in the name of Marshal Scott. The re-;(,ln,ty are clearf.d up today by th(J con.
Ply brought the news that there was no fe8glon of Frank MftP8ei formerly a ho
marshal in this district, and that all ( tel waUer nerl!i wno broken down when
transactions made ln his name were 'woted" and led tha police to a cW
without authority. erly concealed cache, where more than
Fortunately vacation time made the $10,000 worth of Jewelry and plate were
business of the office light, and but : uncovered.
168.70 was paid out and a few papers ; Leai Ll ! i i
served during the 10 days between the
acceptance of the resignation and its dis
covery. A telegram was sent immedi
ately upon receipt of the information to
the department, with the result that the
court was Instructed to appoint a tem
porary jiiarshal.
(Snl'in Bureao of The Journal.
Salem, Or., Aug. 21. Governor West's
first public move ln connection with his
announced intention of attacking vice in
Portland, which city will be his next
object!" point in his law enforcement
campaign, will be, to confer with Mayor
Hushlight and Chief of Police Slover ana
officials of Multnomah county. He made
a statement to this effect today, but
said he did not know how soon this
conference could be held. However, it
will be within the next few days.
The governor declines to discuss his
plans, but Intimates that he expects a
big f ight and Is making adequate. prepar,
ations for It.
Since the city and county officials
there ostensibly will be with him ln his
efforts, the lines of campaign will neces
sarily be differently drawn than ln
smaller places where officials wer
openly rebellious.
That the governor has agents at work
In Portland gathering evidence cannot
be doubted, and from the governor's
confidence it teems apparent he is se
curing facts that will cause some big
His appointment yesterday afternoon
of Mrs. Lola O. Baldwin as special
agent of the state had nothing to do
.- 1 . 1 . - 11 ". ..-8
provide a charm that makes
all others. From their tops.
west, at your
is the surf.
1 nerson.
day . ...fa.50
2 persons,
day $4.50 I
1 person.
week ..$14.00
2 persons,
week . 524.00
(With meals at
. hotel.)
Hotel rates
$2. Ml up.
Benton County i Official Puts
Selling Dive Out
of Business!
'(Special to The Journal.)
Albany, Or., Aug. 21. Diversity wae
added to tho liquor smashing activities
ofvthe police hare laat night when a
raid was mad by Sheriff Oellatly and
deputies of Benton county on a house
boat which has been tied on the Benton
county side of tha rlvsr for several days
and wrrrrch-ls- -ah- to have been the
scene of considerable hilarity. When
the party on the houseboat discovered
the officers approuchlng they dumped
about t$ barrel of bottled beer overboard,
wlth the Portland campaign, he said to-
dny. Ha said he gave her annolntment
Mill k Vii-ls -iMWW t. .-i i
Hill 6 ' t w " i i; v . : l w
I II IS I I ir -iwssss. j.hwUv. ' n ,i -i-i'1 . ... ' I
I II VI m -slJ- ;
wb h
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r; - ; (8p?la t The Jeofail
Dallas, Of,, Aug1. It What wi prob
ably premeditated uiciJe oocurred yes
terday afternoon, Whan. Robert Ewlng,
aged 69 years, died suddenly at the home
of Jiiu hephews, tha Swing brotharp,
owners of the Iulnl orchards, five miles
northeast of thla city. 'Mr. Ewing yea
terday hinted at suicide. Nothing was
thought of tha remark at the time.' In
the afternoon on hearing1 a queer noise,
kie housekeeper called to Mr. Ewlng to
find out what tha trouble was. Rushing
upstairs, the woman found the old man
dying on the floor.
Mr. Ewlng had been In poor health
for some time, and for he last few
weeks h4-bee- vfcr y -despondent-.-- 1I
came to this state a year ego from the
middle west, and has resided with his
nephews at Polk station. He was a
widower. '
Hla Mission for Peace.,
. (t'nlted Prosr Wlre.l
Paris, Aug. 21. The, trip Boon to bo
made to Switzerland by Youssouf-Izze-Ofci,
heir presumptive to the Turkish
throne, is considered ,ln diplomatic cir
cles here today to be connected with
peace negotiations with Italy.
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Westbound Freight Tariff s Are
Said to Be Too High; Re-. ;.
, . lief Is Asked.
(Salem Bnreao of The Jnnroal.) ,
Balem, Or. Aug,J 21. Thet(State rail
road oommlssion today sent a tolegram
to the interstate commerce commission
calling attention to numerous advances
ln freight rates under the new trans
continental westbound tariff, and ask
lng that the rates be suspended until
investigation is made.
'This is a matter of great public In
terest, and we believe you would be
fully Justified in exercising your discre
tion by suspending advances ln tariffs
and instituting Inquiry in wheh carriers
will have opportunity to Justify the In
creases attempted' says tlie oommls
sion ln its telegram.
The proposed advanced rates affect
a list of. articles covering, threo pages
in the tariff book.
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ply live you temporary relief, but lieals
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