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Town Topics:
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Don't forget when going iy oa jonr
vaoatlnn or tor the aumiper, that The
Journal an follow roa it 15 eenta, a weak,
the regular tuucciiptloa rata, ana lb fol
kiwliig agents will supply you at ear rag
lr rates: .. .. . ,. :.
Bay -OfwaBrf Or., Bay Ocean hotel,
Heich Oantar, Wh.. W. 0. Oolllna. '
Cur ton Bprlnga, Waeh., kltaersl spring
Colllna, With., Fred A. Tonne.
Ofarbart, Or., Mrs. 0. L. Elliott.
Ilwaoo, Waab.,H. B. Woodruff, '
Long - Beach, waah. Lawrtmoa - Dlnnee.
(Dallter? to all polnta on Norm Beach.)
1 Nawnnrt. fir-- ntan RawiH.
Roikawar Btich. Or,. Wilkin aV Rliw.
Bonalde. Or., F.etr . Proebetel. Dllfry
to nu van nr aaiae.r -.
Hravlaw. Waab.. r. K. Rtraoblt. ,
-Tillamook. h., J. B. Lamar.
Wllbolt Bprlnga. Or., V. W. IfcLear.
Cascadle, Or.. 0. If. Getaendoffer. -
IlElLlO Catharine Countl In "Th
Girl With the Green Eye." 1
COUNCIL,- CREST High claH attraction.
LYRIC Armstrong Folllea company In
' rat n Dream.
ORPHKUM OrphBiim circuit vaudeville,
;ijat; KMr-KEtrs vauaevine.
PTTNTAGES Vaudeville. .
THE OAKS Amusement park.
Weather Condition!.
Areas of high pressure are central at ea
orr tne north pacific coaet, orr tne norm
Atlantic coaet and over Fipriaa, in
prenHure la low over the interior or th
country with eentere of "low" ever
northeastern California. the central
rilalna ata.tia. I,k Mlchlaan and Saa
katohewan,'. . respectively. Within the
last 12 hour shower have fallen along
the Oregon and Washington coasts, In
Heavy ralna have fallen In the upper
fht to moder
generally east of the Mississippi rl
Alberta. Colorado and light
atly nvynana In- LouUlanatand quite
lake region. Thunderstorm , occurred
this afternoon at Edmonton, Denver,
Chicago, Louisville and Sault Ste. Marie.
The weather 1 somewhat warmer In
niitViwMntorh Montana, northern Call
fornla and In the central portion of the
United States. It is correspanuingiy
cooler In western Canada, northern Mon
tena. New York. Pennsylvania and
The condition are favorable for gen
erally fair weather Sunday In this 81
trlct. It will probably be warmer Bun-
Gay in interior western portions oi ure
gon and Washington; no marked tem
perature changes are Indicated for the
remaining portions or xne aisirin.
Portland and vicinity Sunday fair
anri wnrmar- northwesterly Winds.
Oregon Sunday fair, warmer Interior
west portion; normwesieny wuiua.
Washington Sunday generally fair,
warmer interior west portion; winds
mostly Westerly.
Idaho Sunday fair.
Acting District Forecaster.
State of Oregon, County of Multno
mah, ss. I, W. W. Williams, being first
- 6 uly sworn, on my oath- -depoae-and say
that I am a hand-writing expert; that
my office is 7i7 Chamber of Commerce
building, city of Portland. I further
state that I was restrained by pontiff
in the case or Agnes uutis against win
K. Purdy and attended the trial of thin
cause In the circuit court of Oregon for
Multnomah county in December, 1911
I was consulted by attorneys for the
plaintiff and was shown the deed which
wns the basts of the controversy in said
suit. I examined the deed and gave
my opinion thereon to the attorneys for
the plaintiff, which opinion was sub
stantially to the effect that the signa
ture of H. D. Winters thereto attached
was genuine. I based this opinion upon
the comparison of the signature of H.
D. Winters attached to said deed, with
numerous other signatures supplied to
' me by attorneys for the plaintiff, which
wero admitted to be genuine. I was
not placrd upon the stand by the plain
tiff or defendant either, but I attended
court throughout the trial and heard
nothing In evidence which served to
alter my opinion that the signature of
H. D. Winters attached to said deed was
genuine, and that fS'etlll my opinion.
W. W. Williams. Subscribed and sworn
to before me this 21st day of February,
1912. J. M. Haddock, notary public for
Oregon, residing at Portland. I have
always believed that right will event
Sally prevail. My second edition, "Six
teen Years in Oregon," will soon be
out. Will E. Purdy, Newberg, Or.
Special Meeting- of Council Consider
ation of the proposed franchises of the
Hill lines on the East Side will be had
by the street committee of the city
council at a special meeting to be held
""TiT Tuesday "'aneTnra-n.'"Tt''H"T:Ire"K8JI'
of tho committee that the Hill and Har-
rlman roads will have reached some sort
of an agreement by that time whereby
it win not be necessary to grant the
Hill roads the use of East First street,
one of the thoroughfares over whfoh the
--Hills- sk t e perate trains,
two large Initiation la th near future
instead or one, as . waa originally
.planned.' The first batch of applicants
; to be taken in will 'be Initiated in Bell-
ing-Hlrsoh hall on Monday night, Aug
I ust It. Among those who will come In
ton this date are W. N, Oaten, J. M.
! Alexander, John P. Walsh,- N. Sohnel
I berg, W. u Hsilett. Max Michel, J. J.
t Parker, W. Clifford Downs, Max Holser,
William H, Fltsgerald, F. D. King, John
rarxer, U..1E. Blmms, H. O, Kemp, 8. J,
Silverman, W. J. Shanks, Dick J.'BeN
land, . J, Nlquette, William, Okkei
Alfred Carter, F, Coddy, Arthur El wall,
N. J. Qrennlnf, H. Walter Adrian, Harry
Harris. J. J, Jennlnas. Matt Cunnla-
ham, Jacob Robinson, Horace B. Fenton,
Norman I Rogers, Joseph gtrelk. O. V.
LongrJmes B. Mooney,.M. J. Murnana,
a X. Deegan, Samuel Hammond Frelde,
Frank Nichols, Charles H. Skewes, Jack
Whitman and J. J. Brownson, The Ini
tiation will be followed by an nter
talnment and smoker. - In charge of the
entertainment will b Willis Flaher,
J F. Browning and T. A. Smith.
o xplaia Sewer Waa City Engl,
near Hurlburt's plan for a 11,000,000
sewer to drain the north Peninsula dis
trict, Including as far east as VeVnon.
will be explained at a mass meeting; to
eugene an
Contractors Prepare for Active
Work Lpn. 24. Mile. Line to
Monroe; Rich Country to Be
" (speeial to Tha Journal.
Eugene, Or., Aug.. 10. Machinery for
the construction of the grade of the
Portland,, Eugene A Eastern electric
line between Eugene and Monro
being unloaded here and will be for
be held in Thlel's Killing worth f t0 varlou camp along- th right
or way a fast as 1t tan be trans
ported. Representative of the uboon
tractor selected bv
fer have aobutad the roads a far a
the Long Tom river and are locating
me sues tos construction camps. The
nrst camp wni oe thre to five miles
avenue opposite the car barns tomorrow
evening. All property owner affected
and Interested have been asked to at
tend. Th meeting will be held under
the auspices of the North Portland Com
mercial club. Th club' regular meet
ing Will be held Tueartav iviitlm at
Kenton, and then a oommittea annointMl I from Eugene,
to recommend tlm and plfce of a ban- .ine iu'pnient consist of steam
quet t. prornote the interstate bridge "hovels, traction engines, grader and
over the Columbia will mak it report, tn U8Ual complement of plows and
scraper sufficient In number to equip
unaner Board to Meet Th official spaing outrit. Ther will be
charter board will hold a meeting In tho 'nt or 10 MmP' -t work as the grad-
mayor committee roora at th city I'mgr.- These outfit are ex-
haU tomorrow evening -at 4 o'clock, veotei to complete the 24 miles of grade
This meeting: Is for the purpose of glv- ln tlm9 t0 have" the rails In place within
lng final consideration to th nnmniatai 0 days... thus connecting Cnrvaiiu nH
cOHunlaalonUa. cliarter-draft- that 1 ..making- ..lh..rka...Monroe
u may o rued with the council at Its oeueiountain district tributary to
morning next weanesaay morning. As I
yet only one of the suggestions or crltl-1 Merohants Pleased.
cisms asked of th people ha been I Bigene merchants are highly elated
received by 8. Grutse. secratarv of tha I at th activity k .v..
charter board. Portland. Euaene & E.rn p.ii.
VVUJVO.ljy fj.IlU ITDrMI tn wflrmaat tnrM.
Approaoh Improve U rreatlv im memSation of PreidAnt
proved the mud road aooroach to thai horn who thev daninr. h..
new railroad bridge yesterday. In the made good every promise he has made
morning it was difficult for loaded ve- In March the street car lines of Eu-
ti. I i j lrver,B ln aistatrce" between gene totalled 10.8 miles, with some of
v .1 ""fer na "ouaaay ave- me tracxage ln exceedingly bad con
nue, but by midday the rosd hait nrii dltion. fiinf th
and hardened under use until little dlf- gene & Eastern engineer have 'modi
flculty was experienced either by horse,
venicies or automobiles. No vehicles
of any kind wr tuck In th mud at I of tha Iresldant
ernlxed the old system, and have con
structed lines for the accommodation
any time.
Second examination Ordered Tho
on East ElaianfVi
street, and have double tracked a large
portion of the old Wlch aystem. The
Eu Brn itA vrrilla iv.. t .1 m
clvir service commission yesterday or- gent & Eastern average $15,000 Per
dered Secretary W. A. Tupper to. pre- month for construction and operation
. , a4AUllh iOI I CJLICUBCa,
me position or captain of police.' Tho
old eligible list obtained a year ago to
day was not utilised, Mayor Rushlight
preiernng to retain Joseph Keller and
Harry Riley as acting captains to se
lecting any of th others for Drmnnf
position. -
XUbuldlng- Interurban Ida.
In addition to the construction work
being done within the city the company
will Invest vast sums of money ln re
building the interurban line to Sprlng
ficld, Jn.jconatructlon of lha Santa. Clara
line, and the branch to Monroe. Resi
dents of "mall box corners," a spot
where 27 depositories for us of rural
mail, farriers are clustered, are prepar
ing to ask that the Santa Clara Inter
urban be extended to the "village" of
letter boxes. The district Is devoted to
iruu growing ana truck farming and
treat Car Ordinance to Qrant Th
ordinance submitted to the citv rnun.
ell .recently asking that George Heus
nr be granted a franchise to operate
an electric railway from the end of
Derby street ln Kenton across the new
Rroariwav hrM.. n A . . a. . . .
to Grant ha been referred by th. street be"r..mrkot fcllltle are desired.
committee of the city council to City r"cuiar mtret attaches to the
Attorney Grant. opening of the Monroe-Bel lefountaln
' v,uey. uniy 15 miles from Eugene it
American riaa Sate Th. rw.r. haa been neglected for years, although
hotel, under management of Charles H. i """"fi t0 b on ' the richest
nowiey. formerly with. Mrs H W """"B vi greai Willamette val-
Hogue and the,,past two years with the !y;v Tv1 way ,n amphitheatre
Imperial, is quoting American plan n- .? , UU lta 8011 "Plendldly rich
monthly rates. The Bowers Hotel cor- a?a . u now bHved that the advent
ner Eleventh and Stark streets. Charle , , . wlllmean quick results
H. Rowley, manager. In development, 'with correspondingly
im;reea prosperity to Eugene.
W sell hair mattnssas mtaii J
wholesale prices for lo pound beds from 1 500 000 APRFQ flC
$7.60 and up. We renovate mattresses '0UUUwU MOflCb Uf"
fand Sa'Sr 'faVoT 'u&. 'ND,AN LAS FOR SALE
proprietor. 221-22$ Front street Main ,rn!... " . . ,
til, A-HT1. WaaVi nirtrtn 1.,. ia o...
tho inlu- i . . . .
Bahat AMemblr to Met-The Bahal tTr t u "e"" u'r.paa
assembly will m.nt tnnt-hf in " nu a nair
Eilers building. Dr. Davidson Buchanan Tnd Vyo"..1?
will speak on "Science and Religion held berlnnlnr .t t.. 4. !" be
; .
B. Terrr. ,
Surrounded by member of hi fam
ily and many of hi friends, S. Terry of
Canby, Oregon, celebrated hi seventy
first birthday anniversary on Sunday,
August i. r Forty-four guest were pre,
elit, and enjoyed the reecalOnrRf rH
ments were served.
Mr. -Terry arrange to hav a cele
bration on each of hi birthday anni
versaries, and the event la looked for
ward to with pleasurable anticipation
by himself, and those who are invited to
partake of his hospitality at that time.
Lewlston, Idaho, Aug. 10. According
to advice received ln Lewlston work
s to be commenced at once on th con
structlon of th $260,000 Indian sanl
tarium wtitchn to t built by th gov
eminent at tort Lapwai to be used ex
clusively ln the care of Indian children,
For several years th government In
dlan agency located near this place has
been experimenting with the white
plague among the Ne Perccs Indians
and the results have been so satisfac
tory that It has brought to the atten
tlon of the department of Indian af
fairs the advisability of establishing a
government .hospital ln which all the
trlD40Zv,T2U country, may.. ba treated.
Picnic -
tree aance afternoon and avanina-.
nunii i-r louay. r uiton car.
"JOKERS'j fclfrl ATE D
"Information Print"" Plan - of
(Senator Bourne Will Be
Aid to Legislators.
- Sorathlnr-naw-and-'eometWnaf "wel
come In congressional work has "been
Introduced in th United Bute setiaTe
by Senator Jonathan Bourn It is
called an "information print," and Its
purpose 1 to 'lhtorirf-the senate a to
each item In the big appropriation bills.
It ha been applied by 'Bourn to the
potoffiee appropriation bill, h being
chairman of 'th committee on postof-
nce ana post roadsf 1
Th "Information print" contains a
oopy of th big bill, and after' each par
agraph 4s an explanation a to the rea
son upon which th committee acted.
It tell, how th appropriations compare
with nfrecedlnf appropriations for the
am purpose, and If changes are made,
wny tne figures were chanred. toaether
with other Information bearing on th
Uually senator hav to depend" on
th chairman or committee ln charge
of th Jbill for, information, gtyen in a
speech or report, and unon auostlona
that may arise during consideration of
ine dui. usually si sanator hav to
rouow Djmaiy th assurance of on sen
ator, and have no mean of going- into
detail without asking Innumerable
questions ana consuming valuable time,
From uch a clan a that of th "tiv
formation print" it la believe more in
telligent legislation will result, prevent
ing the enactment of "Joker" and econ
omising tn tun of th members.
Arrested for Beating Man.
(Kneclal to The Joernal 1
Dallaaj, or., Aug, 10. Clifford Toung
and H. S. Brlstow were arrested In
wt Salem last night by Sheriff X
U- Grant and - brought-to D4iM . nd
longed in the county jail. Th charge
against mem is assault and battery
xne men wer Intoxicated when
they attacked am unknown man and
Deal mm into unconsciousness.
Notice. ,
The Alblna Fuel company have n
advanced the price of fuel... Best cori
wood $6. E. 182. C-1117. w "
Going and Coming
Have your, baggage handled by The
Enpgage & Omnibus Transfer Co.
Carpenters Wanted.
Carpenters and laborers wanted at
once to work on Round-up grounds.
Top wages paid. Apply to C. A. Cole
or Soc'y Round-qp, Pendleton, Or.
From the Bahal Standpoint."
is cordially welcome.
River Zxcarsions to Oreron Oitr
Boat from Taylor street duck. Week
days, 8 a. m 2 p. m.r Sundays, 9 a. m.,
t m., 3 p. m. Round trip., 40c. Tickets
good on P. R., L & P. cars.
Religion held bexlnninr t T.
Everyone ber 19; Provo. Utah. OrtrTh.; TJ "i
rum . r . . : "
tiiniiSB, mom., October 21.
The lands comprlae portions of the
Shoshone and Crow reservations.
Minimum rates of from 60 cent to
$1.50 per acre have been specified.
Democrat to Jteet-The Democratic
state central committee will meet at
the call of Chairman Bert E, Haney Xt
the assembly room In the Medical build
ing next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock. This will be the first meeting
since the nomination of Wilson. Re-
?iorts will be received of conditions over
he 'stale arid 'plans' llhed "out "for "the
coming campaign.
X. of X. to Hold Initiations As a
result of the energetlo methods em
ployed by the membership committee
of the Knights bf the Rose it will be
-necFBSHrrcT-tlomrXSStirr Nor T tfflioTfl
..PM.HU:j.!...npw..un4e,f...,niw.. man
agement. Rates $3 per week and- up,
with hot and cold water and free phone
in every room. Yamhill .and Second ts.
Dr. Vreeae, the ey specialist hen re
sumed his practice at 808 Merchants
Trust building,, after a month's outing
Labor Day at Centralia.
(Sperlnl to Th. Joarnai.l
GeMMOtet Wfth-.r-Atrg: 10 At a
meeting of the Centralla trades coun
cil, plans were outlined for a big Labor
Day celebration. An effort will be
made to get a speaker of national prominence.
I Smile -
I cut prices at "th an f v.
Washougal and way landlnas. o.n. -V! .r'.1 J?" my Vclt f men's suits.
ran BnH.. - t..L to.-k." " " "7. 1 ecaui
Jewelry, Watches
and Silver
Particular attention is
callt' this time to our
. JuperJ3Sit!Qek -of Watches, in,
great variety,- both style and
' price. Our ironclad guaran
tee behind every watch.
On account of being a lit
tle overstocked at present in
the watch line, it would cer-
, "takily be to your interest to
make your selection now.
We are pleased to show
Yeon Bldg., 130 Fifth Street
Old in Portland.
New in Location.
deck at 2 p. m.
Mount Sood Ante Stag Ma, leaving
dally I ;80 a, m.; return 4:80 n. m. Haw.
thorn Oarage. ...iit Hawthorn avenue,!
rnoat jaat 1Z.
T. B. Beach ft Co., the pioneer paint
company. Window glass, glazing. Phon
saain nil, A-7U4S. 188 First
Hav Bdlfsen JTnel Oo. book your
oraer ror coal ana wood now. East SOI
ana it est zsoi.
US my rent fa nnlv tm
Get Wl ft. Jlmmv riimn
815 Oregonlan bldg. Take elevator
NO. 8
Fourth St. Near Washington
. Crorg r. Xoehlr retnrned. Of-
nce Electric building. Hours by ap-
nioa xraarer Company, furniture
moving ana storage. Main 241, A-2241,
fount Hood Auto Star Two itin. rnone jaain 1074. Sell. I486.
W. A. Wlss and assoclstes. painless
, inira ana waanmgton.
Wooster Bells Svsrythlng
lngton, near Fourteenth.
Pass It
Butter - Nut
-44 Wash-
Dr. 0. Chamberlain has moved to
ino journal Diag.
Dr. JT. S. Sternberg ha moved
Th journal bldg.
Go to ghipherd's Springs.
herd, manager. "t -
E. I Ship.
Hew aCrats Bufat, 3d and Alder at.
Luther Jjengne Meeting Close,
(Special to The Journal.l
Centralla, Wash,, Aug. io.xh
twelfth annual convention of th Co
lumbia Central Luther league and ths
convention of the Oregon-Washington
Bl-8tate Luther league closed ln Che
halls yesterday. Delegate were ln at
tendance from all part of Oregon and
It' Wholesome
It' Delicious
-It's Nutritious
It's Pure
It's Sweet
Phone East 6044
It's the
, B-2428 JJ
Q Many a day has been spoiled by the
stiff, starchy -finish of a laundered
shirt or the sawlike edge of a collar.
CJThe shirts laundered- by the Troy
Laundry have that smooth, flexible
finish that make them comfortable to '
wear, cool and refreshing.
q The Troy-laundered collars have a
smooth, velvety ede, and they fit.
tj And, above all, the clothes laun
dered here wear a long time. The
modern methods of the Troy Laun
c dry thoroughly cleanse and launder
in.eJrMh mjy,rm them.
J Tfoy laundry work is exacting, care
ful and punctual. Don't wait, but
call our wagon tomorrow morning.
"You Can Depend on the Troy"
The Cutler
Desk Co.
Big men
keen, success-
ul business
men know
hc difference
between actual
acts and mere
Have Made
Solid Office
88 Years
There is often
the difference
aitof facts versus
ICCilrflnnt a
tween a gentle
man's word
and an ordinary
mm . ' i v
Seal Rings 1!
We have just received direct
from the factory the best and
largest selection of tfeal rings
ever shown on the coast. " f
We are going to give our
what we consider the very
best buy we ever'made.
Therefore- .
this week wc will offer some
big bargains in Seal Rings,
Baby Seals, $1.00 up, '
Ladies' Seal Rings, $2 up,
G e. n 1 1 e m e n's Seal Rings;
$2.50 up. '
Come early, as they will go
. fast.
The XArg
. Store. '
266 Morrison
Bet. 3d and tn.
Best outfits made to close .ott
at the
Boys look smart and dressy at
tired in these clever uniforms.
Humane Muzzles
For dogs ; also full line collars
and leads at Portland's Sport
ing Goods lleadquarterar: . "
j A
11 1
Opposite Spalding Building
Men's Suit Sale.
. It would cost me IHSv-tf I took a
paie ln this newsDanor to tsii vnn t
the wonderful baraalria I e.m irivincr h,..
I'lne-ty . c!aao-up..ai4.'a .auua.
a.iuiis na rememoer, my.
.xiiMiir to yWur s-ain. . jimmy Dunn.
vvvuin uunuini, . iax ele
vator. , m
Journal Want Ad bring result.
Successors to '
Insul-ahce.JLoans and Estate Agent. "
1000-1001 Yeon Bldg. i Phone, Mar.hall,1776
Agents . .. ' , ,. -
5yJ In"'nc Company, Ltd.,-of' LWerpool--
Royal Indemnity Company, of New York.
FiremeR Insurance Camnanv n v,.. t . ...
, Fire, Marine, Automobile, Accident, Health, Casuali Ittsurance,
. Bond, Plajte Glasi' and Boilers. -
ORE bitulitbie
is being laid in
Pendleton, and it will
be finished in time,
for the Round-Up. SJ
Call at Room 700 :
Journal Building
for JlBitulitkUl
J The distinction between gentlemen's stuff and
peasant stuff is often that of the genuine and an
f Eventually you will lean toward the former--not
for the purpose bf sale, but for personal use
and ownership.
J Cutler's are the only makers of
We Are Their Exclusive Agents Here
"Everything for the Office"
TKOUSADTDB BOXJ) st price of
$85.00. Only a limited number to be
old at the price of $20,00. If you
have deferred purchasing -on account
of price, WOW la yottr opportunity to
buy for 20.00. Call or write.,
830 lumbermen Bldg., Portland, Or,
( riTT
How to Remove Wrinkles in
15 Minutes
Instantaneou result, fine wrtnktr
disappear, deep line ftoften, lag-King
una up, race oecomes firm, sKln tlxht- "
ene, complexion' brlaiuenH, Bi,ln r!
gradually becomes nw. Harmlew; tia -
eellng. Lrge porea and double fjilii
IsaoDear. Prsrve and rebuild the.-.
mueclfs and tieeuee of the faone'k
and chin, rcetorlna the contour of youth. -J
Not expenelv. uaranted under tin ,
pur food law. Sold on anDroval. Sand
8o atamp for booklet. Call at nfflc Xor
free demonstration. , i
ao pivASTioTni Aaiaror, . ,
Suit 9, Second rioor, 388U Waehlngton .
St, Portland, Or. Dept. B. Phoa -,
Jtola 3371. Agente Wanted.
fa Iniaraata aa J aHMf,!
know about lha veudariul 1
nABVELWMrlJnf Sort
1-1. - . . , - , !
W' JUatM'ji't !Bvaiiignt. i ,
It If n ranrmt anm
bo eitiar, eat aoti u.n g
orHlt,trated bcofc-Hinalfi. It , ,
EtTaafnll artlonlranJtt.if-.l ' '
ana invaluable to iu?im .
KiaTU0,l.aM334 , 'J' ' .
For aala fey ftktclmr i-en;? .. , tv ,..
Clarke Ce it iua ia. i ; . t.-i. $