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Hev. Richard Josepji Cooke
: Leaves KnoxvillerTenn,; To
i Make His Home Here,
" ft
. e
Rev. Richard J. Cooke, D. D., LL. D.
Rev. Richard Joseph Cooke, D. D.,
' TJ D., the newly elected resident bishop
of Oregon of the Methodist Episcopal
church, left . Knoxvllle, Tenn., last
Thursday with Mrs. Cooke, three sons
and two colored servants who have been
la tht family for years, to take up his
permanent residence in this city. His
arrival Is expected early next week.
- Bishop Cooke waa one of the bishops
created at the general conference 6t the
Methodist church' held In Minneapolis
lastLMay. He is one of the foremost
men In the church and his assignment
to Oregon was received with pleasure
by the Methodists of the state.
Dr. Cook.e wa born in New Tork
city, January 11, 1853. When 19 years
- of age he moved with the family to
Tennessee and entered the University
of East Tennessee at Athens, now a
toranch of the University of Chattanooga.
.,.vr : Tint Pastorate.
In 1180 he graduated from that In
stitution. In 187a he had entered the
ministry and was ordained In 1876 while
still a student. The degree of doctor
' of divinity was conferred on him by the
University of Tennessee in 1881.
I '- His first pastorate was in Knoxvllle
--ifnen ne tooic cnarge or tne .rirst Mem'
odiit church in July, 1879. Until 1885
m filled various nulnlts anil In that
; ' year he went to Berlin, Germany, for
a year of special study. On his return
again assumed active pastorate and
WM at length elected to a professorship the University at Athens.
He was elected editor of the Metho-
Hat Advocate-Journal In 1891. the of
, f lcial organ of the southern conference.
, This editorship he held until 1994. In
i addition to his Journalistic work he was
- aad vlJe chancellor of Grant Unlver-
' First White Temple, Rev. Walter
Benwell Hlneon. Bible school. :5Q;
Services. 11 and 7:S0; B. Y. P. U., 6:15,
fermon oy Rev. A. T. Sowerdy.
East Side Services 11 and 7:30; Sun
Bay school. 10; Y. P., 6:30. Topics, "Con
oerning the Church," "The Gospel In Ten
immanuei nev. n. e. mac, i reat-n-
ing ai ii ana i;ou; n. o., iu. iwtu--day
school. 10; Y. P., 6:30.
Calvary Rev. J. N. Monroe. 11 and
7:80: B, L 10; B, Y, P.C 6.30.
T-Arlets Kev. Duncan M. McPhatl.
-8unday school, 10: B. Y. P. U., 6.11;
services, 11 and 8:30.
' Highland Kev C. R Elliott B. Y. P.
:V:,'T, Sunday school, 9:45; services Tl
end 8. Topics: "Galilee Where Ho
-Wrought," "A Divinely Appointed Task."
Sell wood Hev. jr. W. Hayes. 11 and
J:S0! S. B., 10; Y. P. II.. :30.
University Park Rev. A. C. Bsxton,
V fcastor; 11 and 7:30. s. s 10, B. Y. P.
&. 7,
-Bunnyslde (German) S. B, 9:45. Con
tad .Wyes, superintendent.
Bt, Johhi (German) Rev. Karl Feld
JnetJ 8. 6- 9:46; 11 and 7:30; Y. P.
" Bt Johns Rev. IL T. Cheney; 11:80
and 7:80.
Grace Montavilla. Rev. Albert E.
Patch. 11 and 7:80; Y. 1'., 6:80; 8. B,
Chinese Mission 363 Burnslde strest
; 8. S-, 7; J. O. Malone, superintendent.
i First German Rev. J..KratL 11 and
T:0l 8. 8.. 9:46.
: Second German Morris and Rodney
Itev. Frederick Buerrman. 11 and 7. SO;
a 8 1:46; y. P. U., 6 46.
' East Forty-fifth S:reit Corner F.ast
Main, Rev. A. K Waltz. B S, 1:46,
treachlng, 11 und 8 p. in. B. Y. P. U., 7.
Topics: "Christ In His House," ' Settii s
kip-- Our Banners.''
Xents Rev. i-M. Nelson; S. 6., 10, 11
and 7:60; B Y. P. U.. 6:30.
. Mount Olivet Hev. W. A. Ma?att,
. castor. 11 and 8 p. m. S. 8.. 12:30.
jTabernacle Kev. Itol ert Gniy. p.mtor.'
sermon, li ana :4o. t. a, io; y. v.,
Third. Knott street and Var.couvrr
(avenue Rev. W. J. Heaven, 11 anO h; It
X, P. U., 7; S. S., 9:4 5 a. m.
Swedish Hoyt ana Fifteenth. Rev.
Frederick Linden. 10-45 and 7:45. 8. S,
Xf; B. T. P. V.. 6:30.
, , '
' Taylor Streev Kev. Benlamln Tnur.g.
:80," morning class meeili-.g; servi'-es
. 10:s0 and 7:46; 8. B., 12:15; E. L.. 6:45.
Topics; "The Fifth Wound," "The LarK
, atv v. v..u.ifj)( ' r .oil
7'4Br S. 8.. 9:46: R I. s-Xft Tnt.'.n
fThe taWof Compensation," "The Measl
lire or Man "
Trinity Rev. Charles T. McPhe.-son.
1J and 7:80; E. L, 6:45; S, 8., 10.
" Swedish Borthwick and Beach. Rev.
3. N. &urdelL pastor, 11 and 8; S. S., 10;
44 I, 7.
,Epwortb Rev. Frank James. Berv
. loes. 11 a. m.; 8. 6., 9:45; E. L., 6:45.
First Norwegian-PaniBh Rv. H. P.
Kelaon, 11 and 8; S. h.. 1C; Y. P. M.. 7.
. Sunnyslde Rev. William H. Fry D.
' tt.t, --BL' L- :46: S. S . .11:50: nrah1n
,;U sV'in. and 8 p. m.; Topics: "The Ca
pacity Dt a Man," "Practical Chrlatian-
' St Johns Rev F. N. Sandefur; 11
- rrisr-7r e. -.- - - - -
- German Rodney avenue snd Stanton
trt, V-Ar Schumann. S. 6., 9:45;
ler vices, 11 and 8; Epwprth league,
1:18.' Topics: "The Danish Beatlduto,"
facial's God,"
Begins Pastorate
,-Rev. C. I Williams, a, recent grad
uate of Bonebrake seminary, Dayton,
Ohlcv-the- newly-appointed-pastor-of-the
First United Brethren church, East Fif
teenth and Morrison streets, filled his
new pulpit for the first time last Sun
day. He arrived In the city early last
week. Mr. Williams was a former stu
dent at Philomath college In this state
before going to Bonebrake., to finish his
education, This church Is his first reg
ular" aslgnmsnt. - ' " t
Rev. Kussell 8. Showers, whose place
Mr. Williams asumed on Mr. Showers"
resignation, left this morning with
Mrs. Showers and Miss Delphine Schle
fele, Mrs. Showers' slater, for Berlin,
Ontario, Canada, where they will visit
during August. Later they will visit at
(hp home of Rev. J. S. Showers, pastor
(f the United Brethren church of Mad
l.on, Pa., Mr. Showers' father. While
Mr. Showers Is there a family reunion
will he held. Next Tall Mr. snowers
will pursue advanced work at Bonebrake
seminary. He says he Intends later to
return to Portland to make his home
in this city.. He was pastor of the
First church for three years.
H -a
During the absence of Dr. Walter
Benwell Hlnson, pastor of the White
Temple Baptist church, who ts spending
a month at the seashore," the pulpit of
the White Temple will be flljed "by
Dr. A. T. Sowerby, pastor of the College
Street Baptist church of Toronto, Can
ada. Dr. Sowerby has filled this pulpit
for the past nine years and previous to
his pastorate there he was pastor of
the South Baptist church of Boston,
Mass., for five years, and of the First
BaptlBt church of London, Ontario, Can
ada, for four years. He is vie president
of the Baptist convention of Canada.
He is a graduate of three universities.
Mrs. Sowerby Is also an active worker in
church affairs and is at the head of the
Servo club, a Bible class of 228 mem
bers, which she organized among tne
young women of the church. Dr. Sow
erby will preach here for four Sundays.
He will speak tomorrow morning on "A
Man In Christ," and In the evening
on "The Torn Up Bird's Nest."
Every state In the union except
Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and
Utah, Js represented in tne nsi or dele
gates already register ror me
World's Seventh Sunday School con
vention, to be held in Zurich, Switzer
land. July 8-15, 1913. Every province
In Canada is represented.
Ity In 18 89 and In 1897 he became act
ing president of the Institution.
On the close of his edltorsnip in
he was elected book editor ror the
church with headquarters at New York
city and Cincinnati.
This position is considered one or the
most difficult to fill connected with the
Possesses 71ns Ubrary.
So well did he fUl the place that he
was returned to the editorship In 1908.
In addition to editing and passing upon
all books published by the Methodist
book concern, he contributed some ex
cellent writings of his own. His works
have received recognition as standard
not only in the Methodist church, but
among other denominations. Among his
writings are "Digest of Judicial De
cisions of the General Conference of
the Methodist Episcopal Church," 'The
Incarnation of Oha Recent Criticism.'
time before 'hi advance-fa.
For some
ment to ths episcopacy. Dr. Cooke was
frequently mentioned for a bishopric, At
each of the last three sessions of the
general conference he received large
votes but this was the first at which he
gained strength enough to be elected.
Dr. Cooke Is a student and possesses
one of the finest libraries owned pri
vately In the south where he has mads
his hom for years.
Centenary East Ninth and Pine
streets, Rev Delmer H. Trimble, D. D.,
pastor. S. B., 9:46; E. L, 6:46; serv
ices. 11 and 7:46. Topics: "Choosing a
Life Work," "Life Choices."
Central Rev. c. L. Hamilton, 11 and
8; 6. S.. 9:45; E. L.
Laurelwood Rev. Asa Bleeth. 11 a.
m.; S. S.. 9:45: Epworth league. 7 p. m.
Chinese Mission Chan Sing Kal, 11
and 7:30.
Norwegian-Danish Vancouver ave.
church. Kev. C. J. Larsen, il and 7:45.
S. 6.. 9:45 a. m.
Japanese Mission Rev. Eileen Rt-
bara, 9:8(1 and 8:30; H 8.. 8:80.
WoodtawnRev.- liarold Oberg, pas
tor. 11 and 7:30: 8. S., 10; E. T, 6 30.
Montavilla- Rev. W. H. Hampton.
Sermon at 11 and 7:45; B. 8., 10., E. L.
Bellwood Rev. James K. Hawkins, 11
and 7:30. J. K. L, 2:30; E. L.. 8:30.
University Park Rev. W. J. Douglass,
11 end 7:30
African Zlon Rev. W. Matthews; 11
and- 8 , R, R, 1 ; E. 7.
Patton -n. K. Meyers; 11 and 8; 8.
S., 10; E. L.. 7.
Clinton Kellv Memorial Rev. C O.
McCulloch. S. S 9:45; preaching U and
S; clats meeting, 12, noon; Junior
league 3. K. L., 7.
Carson Heights Rev. II. T. Greens.
3. S.. 10. Sermon 11.
Lents Kev. W. Itoyd Moore; 11 snd
8; S. S . 10; E. L-. 7.
Woodstock Albert E. Ayers. pastor;
11 and 7:30; 6. S., 10; E. L., 6:30.
Mount TaOor Rev. C. C. Rarlek.
11; 7.80; H. 8.. 9:45 a. m.; E. L.. 6:30.
Oak Grove Rev. James T. Moore, 11
and 8: 8. 8.. 10.
Westmoreland Rev. H. T. Oreere. 8.
S., 3. Herrnon, 1:Z0.
Weslfyan Rev. (. C Wicker, 11 and
8: 8. S.. 10: T. I. M., 7.
Bethel Rev. J. I,. Craw, pastor, nerv
lces 11 and 7:45. S. S 1:15. C. F., 7.
l'ui:iiiiuiiIom at 11 h. ni.
First liprman, Fifteenth and Hovt
A. F emmer, pastor, 11 a. in., oomu'iun.
ion service; 10 a. m S. 8.: E. L, 8.
First. H. E., South J. Hardy Bennett,
pastor; preaching, 11 a. m., 8 p. m.
Lincoln Street M. K., Fifty-second and
r.lnt-oin streets L. G. Parker, paetor. 11
and 8; S. 45., 10:30. '
First rrecbytcnan criurcnRev. John
Boyd, minister. Morning worship, 10:80'
Evening, 7 :3U. B. S., 12:10: C. E., 6:15.
''ilvury Eleventh aiu) Cluy streets.
Kev. Tl.ornns HolrnoH Walker, 10:30 and
7.4i, BiWe school, nuon: C. E., 6:45.
Ktnilwoi th Rev. M. C. Martin, pas
tor. Morning 10:30; S. S 11:45.
Anabel Kobert N. MeLpan. Ser
vices U tnd 7:4t: 8. S.. 9:46; C E at
Mizpah Division street and East
Nineteenth. Kev. Harry Leeds, pastor,
a. m. 10:30; S. S noon; C. ('., 8 p. m.
1-ourth Rev. DinalO Mackenzie,
10:JO und c30; 8. S.. 12; C. E. 6-30
Marshall StreetRev. William J
ime. piistor. 11 nnj 7.30: S. S. 10 a,'
m.; Y. P. S. C E.. 6:30 t. m '
Piedmont l.'pv t i.- c... ti.i
"WS: V'.J P: "1 -?n, To.plcs;
6:80 p. nT ' ' lZ: G
Spokane Avenue Rev. D. A. Thomo
ion 11 and 7:30: 8. S . 10: C. E.. 6:8o!
Hawthorn. Park-Dr. E. Nelson Al
len at lu:30; Lib. H. .4.. 12; Y p S c
Revt'wm'i1rast..C5,h am Bolmont
Kev. William G. Moore, pastor. S 8.,
0,riB?Pi, TruUi in Jesus
Nan' " J'8 Valu of a Go0()
Ser'vi' el" AVP"up-Rflv. Levi Johnsoi..
Hope. Montavilla R,v. S."v. 'Seeman.
j At the White Temple I
Eft 5
Prominent' Leaders to Attend
Annual Columbia River
Meeting; Lasts Five Days,
Some speakers and religious workers
of national prominence In the Method
ist Episcopal church, South, will attend
the annual Columbia river conference
of that church In the Flrnt M. E.
church, South. Union avenue and Mult
nomah street, Thursday, September 5.
Bishop R. G. WaterhoUse of Los An
geles, Cel.. will preside over the meet
Inps, which are to last five days.
Among those who "have already sig
nified their Intention to be present and
speak ere Dr. W. F. McMurray of Louis
ville, Ky.. secretary of the church ex
tension board; Dr. A. J. Lamar of Nash
ville, Tenn., head of ths church publish
lng house which is located In that city;.
Dr. Gross Alexander of Nashville, ed
itor of ths Methodist Review; Dr.'Stone-i
wall Anderson of Nashville, secretary
of the board of education of -the ciiurch,
and Dr. W. E, Vaughn of San Francisco,
e lltor icf the Feclflo ' Methodist Advo
cate. The conference Includes all of west-
em Oregon and western Washington and
within Its boundaries are 31 churches.
Over 000 members of the Methodist
Episcopal' church. South, reside In this
The annual conference of the Wom
an's Missionary society of the church
will be held In the Sunday school audi
torium of the First church at the same
time as tht main conference. With the
31 ministers and four lay delegates' to
the main conference there will bo over
100 in attendance from outside points
at the two conventions.
i-acn minister is a delegate on ac
count of his office and the four lay
delegates were appointed at the district
conference which was held last May
in Corvallls. In the Columbia river
there Is but one district, so the May
meeting 'Included the same territory
covered by the coming conference.
MeellnKS of the conference will be
held morning, afternoon and evening.
The women of the First church are mak
ing arrangements to serve the dele
gates and visitors from outside points
with luncheon at noon and dinner at 6
o'clock. The visitors will be enter
tained nights at the homes of the mem
bers of the local church and will re
ceive breakfasts at the homo In which
they are guests.
Rav. J. 11. Bennett, pastor of First
church, Is In charge pf tha arrangements
for the gathering and Rev. E. H. Mowre,
presiding older of the district. Is ar
ranging the. program of the meetings.
In Minneapolis, during the recent
session of the Methodist General con
ference, E. K. Warren of Three Oaks,
Mich., a Congregational layman, who Is
chairman of the executive committee of
the World's Sunday School association,
was the host at a dinner conference of
88 men who represented 1 different
countries of the globe.
The Idea that ministers make poor
business men received a Jolt when Rev,
A-Mc-MlHan of Saskatoon, Saskatch
ewan, Canada, lart tne pulpit some
time ago to sell automobiles. He is de
veloping into an excellent salesman.
Many of the American and Canadian
delegates to the World's Seventh Sun
day School convention to be held In
Zurich. Switzerland, In July, 1913, will
go to ths Holy Land previous to the
S. S.. 1Q. .11 and 8. Topics: "John's Tenth
Hour," "The Way to Heaven."
Westminister Rev. Henry Marcotte,
10:30 and 7:451 S. 8.. 12; Y. P. S. C. E-.
Vernon H. N- Mount, D. D., pastor.
Services 10:30 and S; S. S., 12 noon; Y.
P. 8. C. E.. 7.
Unltv Seventy-third street and Sandy
Road; H. C. Marshall, minister. 8. 8.,
10. Preaching. 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.
Prayer meetlnp. Wednesday 7:46.
Rose City Park Services 11 and 7:45;
Rev. Roudinot Seely.
Chinese 45 H First, 7:45: 8. B.. :45.
Arbor Lnrtgfi Rv. John A. Townsend,
11 nnd 7:19: f. S.,10.
Trinltv Rev. Wrn. J. Spire, services
11 and 7:30; S. S.. 10; Y. P. S. C. E.,
Reformed Frank D. Frazer. Preach
ing 11 and 7:30; S. 6., 10.
First T'nItp-1 Sixth and Montgomery
streets; Frank Dewitt Findley, pastor.
Services, 10:30 nnd 7:30,4 Bible school,
noon; C. E.. 6:30.
Central East Twentieth and Salmon
fctreets; Dr. J. F, Ghormley. pastor.
Services 1 and 8 p. m. Topics: "Muziled
Rodney Avenue Bernard W. Bass,
pastur. 9:45 m. Kundav echoolj 11
and 7:30. Y. P. S. C. R.. 6:30.
First W. F. Reaper, minister, II and
7:45, S. S.. 9:50 a. m.; C. E., 6:30. Topics:
"I Go A-flshlng," "The Preclousness of
Woodlawn Rev. Edward Wright, 11
and 7:30; 8. S. 10; O. E.. 6:30.
Gladstone Rev. A. H. Mulkey. Ser
vices, 11 and 7:30. Bible school. 10.
6t. Johns J. R. Johnson, pastor; S. S.,
10; preaching at 11 una 7:30; C. E.. 6:30.
Montavilla I. O. f). F. 8. S., 10.
Preaching 11 and 7S0 Rev. O. K.
Krllwood Nineteenth and Nehalem; J.
A. Melton. Services, 10, 11 a. m.; 7:30
p. rn.
Kern Park J. M. Cartlok. B. 8., 10
a. m, C. PI., 6:30 p. m. Preaching, 11
and 7:30. Topics:
First Rev. Luther R. Dyott. D. D.,
11 a. m. and 7:16 p. m. Topics: "The
Complete Life," "Facts that Win."
Atkinson Memorial Rev. Herbert O.
Crocker; 8. S., 9:45; worship, 11; eve
ning vorship, 7:45: C. E.. 6:45.
University Park. Haven street, near
Lombard Rev, W. C. Kantner, D. D.,
pastor. S. S., 10 a. m. Y. P. H. C. E., 7.
Kervlces 11 and 8. "Three Significant
Questions," "A Good Name."
Sunnyslde Rev, J. J. Staub; 11 and
S; 8. S.. 10; O. E., 6:45. Topics:
"Our Modern Reception of Good's Proph
ets." "A Great Marksman Who Missed
In the Final Test."
Hassalo Street J. M. Lowden, pastor.
Services, 11 a. m. end 7:15 p. m.: S.
a., 10; Y. P. S. C. E., 6:30.
Mt. Zlon Rev. D. B Gray. S. 8.,
10; sermon. 11. Topic: "What Makes
the Elks 8o Happy?" ,
First Oerman Rev, John H. Hoop;
10:30 and 7:30; 8. 6.. 9:15; C. E., 6:30.
Laurelwood Hev. William H. Meyer,
B. 8., 10 and 8; I. E.. 7:1k
Highland, East Sixth and Prescott
streets Rev. E. S. Bollinger. Services,
11 and 7:45.
Waverly Heights L. 8. Wlney, pas
tor; worship, 11 and 7:30; 8. 8.. 10.
Bt Johns Rev. O, W. Nelson; 11 and
8; 8, 8., 10.
Pilgrim Rev. C. H. Wlrth, pastor.
Preaching at 11 end 7:30; S. S., 9:46: C.
E 6:30.
Boman Cathollo.
St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral Most. Rev.
A. Christie, D. D. Low mass. 6, 8 snd
9. Hlsh mass snd sermon. 11. Vespers,
Instruction and benediction. 7:45.
St. Joseph's AQenoanJ Rt. Bey.
" K "
'0'C5 j;
i ' ;;: y
Rey. Oeorge F. Thompson.
Rev. George F; Thompson, pastor of
the Church of the Madeline in this city,
left yesterday for Oearhart, where he
will hold the first service in the new
Cathollo church which is being erect
ed there. Mass will be held at 10 o'clock
tomorrow morning and preaching serv
ices will follow, c This is the first Cath
olic church to be erected at the beach
resort and in future regular servloes
will be held each Sunday until the close
of tho vacation season. When the
building Is completed later In the sum
mer it will be' dedicated by Archbishop
Christie. The cost of the lot and struc
ture will amount to about $2000 and the
bul'dlng will seat about 850 people.
E. W. Pettlbone, chairman of tho
religious education committee of the
Portland Young Men's Christian As
sociation and prominent in the young
people's work of the First Presbyterian
churc"h, has accepted the position of as
sistant pastor of the First Presbyterian
church, of Spokane. Mr. Pettlbone left
Portland last Thursday for his old home
in Cincinnati, Ohio, ..where lie will visit
for a month after 'which he will pro,
ceed to his new work. He will assist
Dr. S. W. McFadden, pastor of the Spo
kane church, and will take entire
charge of the work of the young people
of the church. Ills duties will also in
clude the secretaryship of the board of
trustees of the rhurch. While here he
has made many friends who will watch
his work in the new field with great
Mrs, C. r. Blanchard pastor of the
Third United Brethren Church of South
Mount Tabor East Sixty-seventh street
and Thirty-second avenue S. E. accom
panied by her daughter Miss Ruth
Blanchard leaves tomorrow morning by
the steamer Bear for California where
she will spend five weeks enjoying a
rest. Mrs. Blanchard Is the only woman
minister In the city" and has hullt up a
fine congregation In the face of great
opposition and difficulties. Rev. Mr.
Merrill formerly of the United Breth
ren church of Vancouver Wash, will
fill Mrs. Blanehard's place during her
Instead of a regular vacation Dr. J.
F. Ghormley of the Central Christian
church plans to attend the general con
vention of the Christian church which
will be held in Louisville, Ky., during
the last of September and the first of
James Rauw. V. Q. Low mass. 8. High
mass and sermon, 10:30. Vepers, bene
diction. 3:30.
St. Francis Rev. J. H. Blsck. Low
mass. 6, 8:30 and 9:30. High mass snd
sermon, 10:30. Vespers, Instruction and
benediction. 7:80.
St Lawrence's Rev. J. C. Hughes.
Low mass, 6, 8 and 9. High mass
and sermon, 10:30. Vespers and bene
diction. 7:30.
St Michael's (Italian Jesuit Fa
thers. Low ma&s, 8. High mass and
sermon, 10:30. Vespers and benediction,
St. Patricks, Rev. E. P. Murphy-r-
Low -mass,'' 8. High mass ana sermon,
10:30. Vespers and benediction, 3:30.
St. Stephen's- Rev., w. A. Waltt Low
mass, 8:30. High mass and sermon,
Holy Redeemer Rev. Ed. K. Oant
well, C. SB. R. Low mass. 8. High
mass and sermon; 10:30. Benediction, 4.
8t. Ignatius Rev. F. Dillon, 8. J.
Low mass, 8 and 3:30. Mass, sermon
and benediction. iQ;SQ.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Rev. W.
A. Daly. Low mass, 6. 8 and 9. High
mass and sermon, 10:30. Vespers and
benediction, 7:30.
Ascension, Montavilla Rev J. p.
Flt7.patrlck. Mass at 8. Hlch. mass
with sermon, 10:30 8unday school at
. BenMtctton ot 3:S0.
Holy Rosarv Verv Rev. II. IT. Kelly
Low maes, 6, 7. 8 and 9. High mass and
sermon, 11. Vespers and benediction,
Sacred Heart, Mllwaukle Rev. Gre
gory Rohle, O. S. E. Low mass, 8. High
mass and sermon, 10:30. Vetpers snd
benediction. 7:30.
Holy Cross, Unlverelty Park Rev. J.
P. Thillman, C. S. C. Low mass, 8:30.
Hlrh mass and sermon, 10:30. Vespers
and benediction. 4.
St. Andrew s Rev. Thomas Klarnan.
Low mass. 8. Hlsh mass and sermon,
10. Vespers. Instruction and benedic
tion, 7:30. .
Bt. Stanislaus (Polish) Rev. Charles
Snroskl. Low mass, 8; high mass and
sermon, 10.
Trinity Church Corner Nineteenth
and Everett streets. Rev. Pr. A. A. Mor
rison, rector. Services 8 and 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m.
St Matthews Rev. William A. M.
Breck. S. H., 10 a. m. Services at 11.
Pro-Cnthedral oi BU fifn'nen the
Martyr Rev. H. M. Ttamsay, 7:80;
prayer and sermon, 11 and 7:30; Sunday
school, 10.
. Church of Oi'r Savior Woodstock
Hev E. H. Clark. Services 8 and 11.
St David's Rev. Kenry Russell Tal
bott. 7:30, celebration of the Holy Eu
charist; 9:45. S. S.; morning prayer. 11;
evening prayer, 8; 6, 7 and 11 a. m
celebration of the holy Eucharist.
St. Andrews. Portsmouth, Archdeacon
Chambers In charge, 11; prayer and ser
mon, 7:30; S. a. 10 a. m
AH Saints' Rev. Rov Edgar Reming
ton, rector. Services. 11 and 8; S. S
9:45. Communion first Sunday In each
St. Mark's Rev. J. E. H. 8lmoson.
Holy eucharlst, 7:30. 8. 8.. 9:46; noly
.jucharUt and sermon. 11. Evensong
I p. in.
St John s Church Rev. T. F. Bowen.
8. 8., 2. Evening prsyer snd sermon, 8.
Good Shepherd Kev. John Dawson.
II and 7:30; 8. S 10.
Graco Memorial Rev. George B. Van
Waters and Rev. Oswald w. Taylor.
Holy Communion 8 a. m., 8. 8., 10 a. m
morning service, 11 a. m, evening ser
vice, 7:30 p. m.
Ascension. Chapel Portland Heights.
S. fl., 0:30.
St. Michael and All Amrels' Rev.
Archdeacon Chambers In charge. 11 and
7:30; S. S., 10. No evening service.
Bishop Morris Memorial Chapel,
Good Samaritan Hoaoital Rev. Win lam
'K Powell, chaplain. Holy communion,
Becomes Assistant Pastor
Dust and Mountains Do Not
' Keep Rev. John Burns and
Family From Campmeetiiig.
(Special to The Journal.)
Qulnaby Park, Marlqn County, Or,,
Julv 20. Last evening Rer. V. Urblno
of Eugene, delivered the opening sermon
of the third annual camp meeting of the
United Evanglteat ehurcnr before ; an
audience that csmfortably filled the tab
ernacle. Tonight Rev. 8. M. Wood of
Corvallls will preach, while the follow
ing program is arranged for tomor
10 a. m., Sunday school, led by Rev.
H. Barendrlck of Portland; 11 a. m.,
preaching service by Rev. 6. 8. Mumey,
presiding elder of the Salem district,
followed by communion . service in
charge of Dr C O. Poling, presiding
elder of the Portland district; 2:80 p. m.,
sermon by Rev. D. V. Poling of The
Dalles; 8:30 p. m., sermon by Rev. D.
M. Metzger of Dallas, preceded by a
SO-mlnute song service.
Rev. John L. Burns with his wife and
son drove over from the Alsea country,
75 "miles, In a covered wagon, when the
thermometer registered 90 degrees and
clouds of dust enveloped the travelers
the entire distance. Dr. Burns Is one
of the very able men of the church and
has never missed a camp meeting, al
though so far removed from the seat
of the annual gathering. Other arrivals
yesterday were the Rev. Mr. Plowman,
Fascinating Thought of Death
By Dr. Frank Crane, Former Pastor Union Congregational Church at
Worcester, Massachusetts.
There is something fascinating, blinding in the
thought of death.
We call the monks of old morbid who were ob
sessed by It, wrote "Remember Death!" upon their cell
walls, and had skulls among their dally furniture; and,
perhaps, they were morbid, and, perhaps, the idea of death
Is too strong a liquor for use In the morning; but, for
all that, there is something in death that makes men
greet, unseals the wells of poetry, and smells of eternal
V .-7 VJ youin.
J How was it that Wagner could find no fit climax for
jr ' J.i J the mighty loves of Tristan and Isolde except in death?
S vHlK Why d0 th murders of Socrates, Joan of Arc and Lln-
l S. v,vFi coin place these personalities among the constellations of
our esteem? Why Is there nothing so apotheosizing a man
can do as to die? And why does the death of Jesus lift
his life and teachings into such thunderous power and
Every least act of living we perform gets Its pathos
and beauty from the sea of death that flows around it The
kiss is sweetest that many be the last The parting is
tender by the ever-lurking possibility that it may be for
"Unsuspected," writes Alexander Smith, "this idea of death lurks In the
sweetest music; it has something to do with the pleasures with which we be
hold the vapors of morning; it comes between the passionate lips of lovers;
it lives In the thrill of kisses."
A ray 6"f death makes the most commonplace thing shine. A photograph
of the living Is nothing, but of the dead how strangely Interesting. An old
shoe, a glove, a hat. If it belong to one of the silent forever, takes on new
An ordinary merry-making may be vulgar, even offensive, but becomes
at once tragic and sublime when
As if beckoned by an unseen hand
The man whose laugh is loudest in his cups
Rises with a wild face, and goes sway
From mirth into a shroud, without a word.
All about life play the electric beams of death. All around the actual Is
the halo of the infinite mystery.
It Is folly, to laugh at death or to defy it. It Is cowardly to evsds rt.
It Is sickly and mistaken to be depressed by It. But to be ever subtly con
scious of it. and to draw from that consciousness a feeling of awe, of dignity,
and of infinite beauty, that Is wisdom.
7 a. mr -Ward services, J, Prsyer and
sermon. 7:16.
St. John's, Mllwaukle Rev. T. F,
Bowen. 8. S., 2. Ev mlng prayer and
sermon. S.
8t. Paul's, Woodmere Rev. Oswald
W. Taylor. 8. 8. 3. Services. 4.
St. James' English. West Park and
Jefferson Rev. J. A. Leas, pastor.
Services, 11 and 8; S. S., 10 a. m. Even
ing topic: Illustrated lecture on "Life
of Ckrist."
Swedish ImmanneT Tie v. J, Richard
Qlsonrll-and-'S! S. 8 V 9)4
United Norwegian Detmar Larsen;
11 and 7:30; 3. 8., 9:46; 9:80.
. Our Saviour's (Norwegian Bvnod) R.
O. Thorpe, pastor. Services, 11; 8. 8.,
Zlons German (Missouri, Salmon
anl Chapman Synod) H. H. Koppel
msnn. 10:15; 7:5; S. B.. :1B.
Trinity German (Missouri Synod)
Williams end Seilwood;. J. A, Rlmbach,
6:15; 8. S 30: 7:30.
Swedish Mtsblon Rev. B. J. Thoren;
11 nnd 8; S. S., 10; Y. P.. 8:80.
Elim Chapel Rev. B. J. Thorsen, 11;
S. 8.. 10.
St. Paul's German East Twelfth and
Clinton streets. A. S. Mause, pastor.
Services 10:30 and Z (German and Eng
llsht: 8. S.. 9:30.
Immauuel Oerman (Bellwood) H. C.
Ebeling, 10:30; B. 8.. 9:30.
Orace English (Missouri Synod)
Kerby end Fargo. Rev. Carl Hassold,
10:30 and 7:30; 8. 8.. 9:80.
Swedish Augustana Rev, H. E. Band
stedt, 10:45 and 7:45; & 8.. 9:30.
St. Johns German (Evangelical Syn
od) Grays Crossing. E. G. Hess. 8. A.,
10; service, 11. German school Satur
day. 1:30.
Lutheran Free church Rev. B. A
Berrevlk: services st 11. 2:80 snd 7:30.
St. Paul's Lutheran East Twelfth and
Clinton: A. Krause. pastor. S. 8., 9:30;
services. 10:30 and 7:30. Bible lesson
land young people's meeting, Tuesday, 8
v. III.
Zlon Norwegian Synod Chapel, Albina
and Mason Services 7:o by Rev. R. O.
Thorpe: 8. S., 10.
6t. John's Lutheran Penlnsuls avs
une and Kilpatrick street; S. S.. 10 a. m.
Church of Our Father Rev. W. G.
Eliot. Jr.; Rev. T. L. Eliot D. D.. min
ister mcrltus. Services at 11 a. m.
Y. P. F., 6:30. Topics: "Emotion and
Self Control," no evening service.
United Presbyterian.
Third Rev. J. L. Acheson, 8. 8.
10. Services, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Kenton J. B Coie, 8. 8. 10:3u; preach,
lng 11 and 7:30.
The Church of the Strangers
Rev, s. Earl DuBois. 10:80 snd 8.
First Frank De Witt Findley, 10:89
and 7:45; 8. 8., 12; C. E., 6:30 p. m.
Topics: "Common Sense."
United Evangelical, f
First East Sixteenth (Ladd's addi
tion); Rev. C. C. Poling. Services 11
a. m.. 8 p. m.; S. S., 10 a. m.
Ockley Green Corner Gay street and
Willamette boulevard; Rev. J. Bower
box; 11 and 7:46; 8. d.. 10; K. L. C. E,
6:45 p. m.
St. Johns Ivannoe and West John
streets, William Stephen Plowman.
Preaching 11 and 8; S. 8., 10; K. L, C.
E., 7,
Evangelical Associations.
First, English F B. Culver,-11 and
8 p. m.: H. 8., 10; Y. P. A.. 7. West
Portland, 3 p. m.
North Portland." TQermenr l. Stoc'.t-
5T;f' B",.at 10; aertnon at 11 and 8; Y.
P. M., 7:15.
Memorial Carvln 8 Bnmtraar'
I pastor, jparsonage 689 Cast Eighteenth
Gives Garden Lesson
kinds' of soil on eee4 that Is sown by
an actual garden, Rev. James D. Corby,
pastor of the" Churchof Good Tidings.
UnlversalUt, East Twenty-fourth and
Broadway, held the Interest of the en
tire Sunday school last Sunday while
he used the material example to . de
scribe) In a realistic manner the growth
of ideas and thoughts. The entire hour
was taken up with- $ arden Ideas -and
Superintendent R. M. Sherman, of the
Sunday school, gave an Interesting read
ing of jjpe of Whlttler's poems.' Master
Oeorge Kvardner recited the story of
a garden lesson. Feature sessions are
being given during the summer In this
Sunday school each Sunday to maintain
the Interest of the boys and girls dur
ing ths vacation months and many of
the older people of the church are be
ing attracted by the Interesting serv
ices. Even the music has more swing
and spirit than was in evidence during
the past winter. Miss Movelgh, the
new teacher of the kindergarten of the
church, Is gaining great popularity
among; the little folks and parents.
'Dr, R. E. Orob of Berne, Bwitser
land, a member of the publicity com
mittee of the World's Seventh Sunday
School convention to be held in Zurich,
July .8-15, 1913, told ah audience re
cently that the first Sunday school in
Switzerland was a Methodist school,
and the first teacher his mother.
One of the special topics that will
receive much attention at the World's
Sunday School convention in Zurich
next year 'will be "How Can We Keep
the Children In the Sunday School After
They- Jleac-h- the Ages of 14 and 15?"
Mrs. Plowman and Miss Foster of St.
Johns, and Mrs. Elizabeth Cummlngs
of Corvallls, who has charge of the
hotel during the week.
street. I 0a, m.. Sunday school;- H e
rn., morning worship; 7 p. m.. Y. P. A.
devotional service; 8 p. m.. evening
wot ship
First Oerman Evangelical, corner 10th
and Clay streets.
United Brethren in Christ.
Radical Lester F. 'Clark, pastor.
Preaching. 11 and 7; C. E., 6;I0;
8. 8., 10:30. '
Tremont Rev. Morns Goodrich. II
snd 8. S. 6., 10,
Alberta Rev. Jonn W. Bprecher. 11
and 8; -S. 8., 10; C. E., 7. Topics: "The
Larger Uf." "Under the Shades of the
Tree of Life."
South Mt. Tabor Rev. C. P. Blanch
ard. -U and -6r-flr-ft.. 10; Y. P. 8. C. E-.
7 p. m.
Guy TToodworth Memorial Rev. R.
O. Sumrnerlln. Services. 11 and 8; 8. B.,
10; Y. P. 8. C. E., 7.
First Russeu B. Showers, pastor.
11 and 8; 8. S., 10; Y. P. & C. E.. 7.
P?!?,J-',T-h.fl Divine, Support," "Why
God s Ways Are Best."
Prlenfls' Charon.
Sunnyslde Llndley A. Weils. Preach
ing at 11 and 7:46. Closing service!"
of Rev. Mr. Wells pastorate. Bible
school 9:46; C. E., 6:46
Lents South Main street, Myrs B.
Smith. Preaching, 11 a. m., 8 p. m.;
Bible school, 9:45; C. E. prayer meet
ing, 7 p. m.
West Piedmont Friends Corner Borth
wlck and Jessup Rev, T. J. Coburn.
Preaching, 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.; Bible
school, 10 a. m.; midweek prayer meet
ing, Thursday, 8 p. m. i
Reformed Presbyterian (Covenanter.)
Frank D. Frazer Ber vices 11 and
7:10; S. S.. 10. .
Seventh Say AdvenHit. "
Note: Regular services of this de
romlnatlon are held on Saturday.
Central Church Milton H. Bt
Johns, pastor. Services: Sabbath school,
10 a. m. ; preaching, 11 a. m.; prayer
meeting, Wednesday night, 7:80; Y. P.
meeting. Friday, 7:io p. m.; Sunday
night preaching at 7:30.
Mount Tabor Church hapel Port
land sanitarium. A. M. Dart, pastor.
Services: Sabbath school, 3 p. m.;
preaching, 4 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wed
nesday night, 7:46.
Montavilla Church A. M. Dart,
pastor. Services; Sabbath school, 10 a.
m ; preaching 11 a. m.; prsyer meeting,
Wednesday night, 7:80.
Scandinavian Church. Arleta Adotph
Johnson; residence, Arleta. Sabbath
school, 10 a. m.; preaching 11 a. m.j
Sunday, 7:30; 'prayer meeting, Wednes
day night, 7:80.
St. Johns, C. N. Llngenfelter, pastor '
Sabbath school, JO; preaching, 11; pray
er meeting, Wednesdsy, 7:80.
Lents church C. J. Cummlngs, pastor.
Services: Babbath school, 10 a. m.;
preaching, 11 a. m.: prayer meeting,
Wednesday night, 7:30. Sunday night
preaching, 7:30. Missionary meeting,
Sunday, 6:30 p. m.
Albina Church (German)-J. H. Dirk
son, pastor: 0. F. Rusch, local elder.
Services: Babbsth scnooU 11 a. m,
preaching. 13 m.; prayer meeting, Wed
nesday night, 7:80.
Bellwood Church of the Nasarene
East FIftenth and Tacoma streets,
Rev. FUlmore Tanner. B. 8., 10; servloes
11. Evening services at Tremont, on
Mount Scott car line. Y. P. S,. 7: crayer
meeting-, Wednesday. S p. nf.
First Church of the Nazarene Rev.
C. Howard Davis, pastor; 8. 8.. 9:45;
services 11 and 8; street meeting, 7; Y
PH 7:30; prayer meeting Wednesday, 8
p. m. n
Brentwood Church of the Nasarne
Bixty-flfth avenue and Sixty-seventh
UAIHULIliJtAbHttli 15
TfiJPFN l IlilY 7)
Over 300 Teachers to Attend
Dr, Nicholson and Arch
i bishop Christie Speakers,
Archbishop Christie, who will nuk
address to teachers.
Monday morning at 9 o'clock the an
nual institute of Catholic teachers win
open at St. Mary's Academy and Col
lege to continue until Friday afternoon.
Over S00 teachers in the schools of the
archdiocese of Oregon, representing 11
different teaching communities and over
6000 Catholic pupils will be present.
Sessions will begin at 9 o'clock In the
morning and at 1:30 o'clock each after
noon. , Bister Loyola, principal of St. James'
high school of Chicago, will be in
charge -of the high school department
and will deliver a series of lectures hav
ing to do with the work of that depart
ment, . The religious Instruction depart
ment will be conducted by Rev. J. G.
Conlan of St. Vincent s college in Los
' Miss Bessie McCahe of the State Nor
mal school at San Jose, Cal., will be at
the head of the primary division. Play
ground work will be under the charge
of Miss Alice Ryan of Denver, Colo.
Dr. A. M. Nicholson of Columbia uni
versity. New York cjty, will speak on
"The Tendency of Modern . Education."
ArchbKhop Christie will also deliver an
address to the teachers and State 6u-
prtntendent of Prrbtte Instruction L. K.
Alderman will speak on "Industrial and
Agricultural Education In the Schools."
Other prominent lecturers and school
authorities will be present.
Rev. August J. Bucher of Cincinnati,
Ohio, editor of the Ha us und Herd, a
Oerman Sunday school publication of
the Methodist Episcopal church, who
will direct the music at the World's
Sunday School convention In Zurtoh.
next year, is a native of Zurich. He
will conduct the music in English and
Oerman, and is able to direct In French
and Italian.
Rev. John Boyd, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church. Is spending six
weeks at his farm near Cherryvllls on
the Eetaoada carllne. He left last
street. Rev. Aaron Wells. 8. 0., 10; serv
ices, 11 and 8. Y, P. 8., 7, prsyer
meeting, Wednesday, 8 p. m. Young
people's meeting, 7:80; prayer meeting,
Wednesday, 7:30.
Scandinavian Church. 841 Russell
street Rev. J. J. Peterson, pastor.
Services 11 and 7:80. Prayer meeting.
Wednesdsy, 7:30 p. m.
Church of the Good Tidings Rer. J.
D. Corby. Services st 10:45 a, rn.:
sunshine hour Sundav school, 12 Toplo:
'Where Is Your God?" No evening serv
ice. "' " " "'
Free Methodisi
First. Church Rev. W. J. Johnston
pastor. Sunday services, 11 a. in. and
7:80 p. m.
Central church Rev. W. H. Beddn
S, 8.. 10.; services 11 snd 7:80. Prays r
meeting at 7:80; Y. P. M, :I0.
St Johns 11 and 7:30.
Advent Chester F. L. Bmtthi preach,
lng, 10:80 snd 7:30; Buhday school, lis
P. 8. Lv, 8:30.
First German O. Harner. pastor: ser
vices 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; & 8..
9:80 a. m.
Services for the Deaf.
United Presbyterian Rev. S. Earl
DuBois. 10:30 and 8; C. E.. 7.
Christian Solanoa.
First Church of Christ Services at
11 and 9; subject of lesson sermon,
"Life. Sunday school after morn
ing service. Wednesday evening meet
ing at 8
Second, Woodmen's Hall. Sunday
service. 11 a. m. Tonic: "Life."
Sunday school at close of morning ser
vice. Wednesday evening at 8 o clock
Third, Ellers' hall. 7th and Alder.
11 a rn. Topic: "Life." Sunday
school at close of morning service.
Wednesday evening service at 8 o'clock.
Church of the Brethren (Dunkards)
Rev. Oeorge C. Carl. 11 and 7:80; B. S.
10; C. W., 6:80.
Swedish Corps Salvation Army 430
Burnslde. 11, 4:30 and 8.
Congregation Aharai Sholem, Park and
Clay. Services tonight at 8 by Rabbi
Abrahamson. Sunday morning service
at 9:30, by R'abbI Abrahamson.
Volunteers -of America 285 J!urnslde
street. 3:20 and 8:80.
New Church Society (Swedenborclan)
Eleventh and Alder, Knights of Pvth
las hall. Rev. Albert BJorck of Seattle, '
will preach.
The Church of God. 861 Failing street
Rev. J. T. Neal. pastor. Sunday ser
vices at 10 (German), 2:30, 7:46; 8. 8.,
1;80; testimony and praise meeting at 7.
Y. M. C. A. Sixth and Taylor streets
R. R. Perkins, religious director. Meet
ing for men.
Lents Church Center street. M"-
B. 8mlth. Preaching, 11 and 7:46;' o.
B.. 10; C. E.. 5:5.
Plsgah Mission, Lents Full gospel
Sunday 11 a. m. and 2:30 p. m. Services
all day by Mr, and Mrs. Krlstensen.
International Bible Students Oddfsl
lows' hall. Bible lesson, 1:30. Topics:
"The First Christian's Prayer."
Christian Yoga Meetings will be dis
continued until Septerrfber.
Church of Jesus Christ (Mormon)
444 East Tenth street 8. 8.. 10: ar.
vices, Tr:45 a. m. and 7 p. m.
St. Johns Services in M. W. A. hall.
Lecture by William A.. Baker.
- i . r
tatter Say Saints.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
DayiSalnts (Mormon) 8. 8., 10; preach,
lng, 11:45 and 7. i
. 1