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Clrcu Man "I can rlv m a Job
taullnr water to the animal
JoeyBH-"IIave you got any
wry. thirsty?" y
' T6nn Wife-,,Oh, Artlerrra getting to bathe franaeat
i. eook." .. . . i.r
Tall Motorlat "Have any mUhana thia year 7"
Little Motorist "lee i the machine broke down In
-r-k .- -- front of a - millinery shop and before-1 could get away
- . - I - IT'
aT?",.n Beem lo oreM wu' Yonn Wlf-"I can neel otatoet now, anl keep time W wife had apotted four hata she wanted."
7. weu. .... ' . .-7vV-1 .i. ' -
"No-he couldn't afford to keep even
hla tongue coated."
, .Pih,twj-"wby you eaii taw nank-.Poor Blge baa port . Ur4
Aviation IirfTL: ' M . luck.' y--ir - --.-V .
RufuapTT .onrbfTaee tie files Walt-'How so, nelgbborr " 1
around here In summer." HanWMade a huadred eampairf V
speeches and hain't been called a ailTet
tonfued orator.
The News ofSunday and Sunday Night
Resume 0f YesteSMay's Events Briefly Paragraphed for the "Entertain-
taent OI tue unB teaaer.
- . . - - - Political.
'' Bit days of conventlonlng haa Just
about exbauated the holiday aplrlt of
the ocoaalOD, and on Sunday a ceneral
exodua, from-BalUm6re" of convention
Tialtort, rootera marching oluba and
even - delegatea" took plaee. The big
crowdTjOf-Tammany ehoutera that ao
companled the New fork delegation
were out Saturday night, but on Sunday
' took Ita way back to Baltimore.
Although the appointment as United
-fitatea senator waa handed to him on a
silver platter by Governor Oddle on
June 11, George Wlngfleld has neither
accepted nor rejected the appointment,
and iaya that he haa not made up
hla mlna, all or wnicn is worrying- m
politicians of Nevada, who believe
Wlngfleld will decline the appointment
In i order to enter .the campaign two
rearahenc lit opposition, to. Senator
' Kewlahds.
Two hundred Reptfbllcana who were
active for Rootevelt In the " recent
- campaign bolted the Republican party
at a meeting in Boston Sunday night,
and formed "the Progressive party of
Maasachusetta." Th new party takes
over the organixatlon of the progres
sive Republicans Colonel Roosevelt
waa lndoraed as a candidate for presl-
, dent and a telegram was sent inform
ing him of the action taken.
- Announcement of the approaching
raarrlage of Mra. Nellie Grant Sartorie
; has caused surprise among her New
York friends. The bridegroom will be
Frank H. Jonn. first assistant post
master general during President Cleve
land'r second administration and now
secretary of the Continental ana com
tnerciai Trust and Savings bank of
New York.
While search for him was being con
ducted all over Chicago, Louis Haver,
ared 34. a nalnter. for seven daya lay
, alck and helpless, walled in the attlo
of hla own home, unable to summon
. assistance and facing starvation. Bun
- day he waa rescued, almost dead from
hunner and thirst and raving in de
lirium Roofers "were mending a hole
in the toef and Haver, who was sick,
climbed to' the attlo 10 watch them.
He ; waa exhausted by the effort and
sank Intel aleep on a bundle of carpet
In a dark corner. The roofers com
pleted their work, walled up the pas
aageway and departed without notic
ing Hftver.
Representatives of the International
"Union of Shop Employes on all rail
roads running west of Chicago have
" addressed a Joint letter to W. A. Gar
rett, chairman of the General Man
afcers association, asking for a con
ference to present certain demands.
In the event that a conference Is denied
the officers have been authorolzed to
-order a-general strike, which will In-
VOlve .180,000 men.
Pacific Coast.
' " A solid silver crucifix, representing
Bart of the loot he gained .as a high
wayman, will be suspended from the
Beck Of A, L. Bennard,. ot Spokane,
when he goes to Walla Walla prison
to serve a term of from 10 to 26 years
for robbery. The cruclfla was the
Bronerty of Either Dultlano, who con
ducts a mission near Halyard. Bennard
" held him Up, "skinrrlsked" him and
- stripped -the cruelfl and a rosary from
his neck. Thursday Bennara maae
full confession of his most recent
Friends of Lynn Young, of Hood
River, who has been In Pittsburg, Pa.,
for the paat few weeks under the care
v ( a specialist learned that he has
- Just undergone an operation to have
one of Bis legs removea. xne injury
causing the amputation was received
here several years ago, In a game when
the young man was a member of the
" Uood River high school football team.
--'--C. H; Iurler, w'ho says he is the son
f Sir Wilfrid Laurler, ex-premier of
. Canada, reported to the police of San
Francisco' Sunday that he had been
. - robbed of $490 late Saturday night or
. early Sunday morning, while seeing, the
Bights with an acquaintance whom he
- - had made on board a steamer.
John M. Ferguson, well known as a
breeder and driver of trotting horses,
' "- was -stricken- by heat disease while
' driving far in the lead In the first
' trotting event Sunday at Opal Park,
' Santa Crua. He fell from his sulky,
while the trotter continued under the
wire and again circled the course, halt
ing at her stall. The races Were called
Two men, both .motorcycle racers,
were killed and two others seriously
injured while riding faster than a mile
a minute at . Sunday's race meet at
the San Joae driving park. The dead
are Reed Orr of Sacramento and W. F
Baker of San Joae.
Direct . trade relations will be estab
lished between Austria-Hungary and
the Pacific coast states by means of the
opening; of ! the Panama canal, according
to N.' de' Szabo and Z. de Kohouyl. Aus
trian government officials, who have
arrived In Los Angeles and Intend , to
visit Ban Francisco. Portland and Seat
tie In the interest of their country's
A disastrous fir at SAVntnnn fins
katchewan, Sunday night destroyed the
D8J1K or Commerce buildinsr the Cana
dian Pacific offices and Claras depart
ment store. The loss Is $500,000. Six
riremen were overcome fcv amnio
An Immense crowd of those Identified
with the Olympio games greeted the
learner Finland when she docked at
Stockholm Sunday morning. .J. S. Ed
strom. vice president of the Swedish
Olympio committee, made a speech of
welcome In which he said he expected
me Americans to win the Olympiad,
but added- that the Swedea hoped to
teacn tnem something.
Fourteen bronzed members of the
crew of the Fram who were with
Amundsen in his dash for the south
po)e, passed through London last night
on tneir way from Buenos Ayres to
Norway. All of the men refused td
talk, as they were pledged to secrecy
Decause or the forthcoming publlca
tion of Captain Amundsen's book.
News how comes that China absolut.
ly rejects the demands of the six pow
ers group which were that the loan
must be 1300,000.000; that three Euro
pean financial supervisors must be ap
pointed, and that the group must have
us rinanciai agents In China for five
months during which there should be
no Issue of bonds and no business of
any kind involving the Dledrina- of
China's credit without the signature of
tne supervisors.
The correctional court at Paris haa
sentenced the "Countess Clare" to one
year's imprisonment -and to pay a fine
of $200, and Count' La&ajaua Zoltynskl
to two years' Imprisonment and to pay
a fine of $400 for obtaining money
under false pretenses from Miss Wll
helmina Kemper, in connecUon-wlthr a
scheme tb arrange a marriage between
Prince Victor of Thurn and Taxla and
the American heiress.
Before General Public Realizes
It, Oregon Eastern and Coos
Bay Lines Will Be Joined at
(Special to The Jottrnal.)
Vale,. Or., July 1. Thirteen miles of
steel rails for the Oregon Eastern rail
road are expected In a day or two at
Vale headquarters and track laying is
scheduled for July S,
Since the rush orders for comple
tion of the Vale-Dog Mountain division
of the Oregon Eastern railroad were
sent out about-- week ago," the en
glneers In charge of construction on
the -new trans-Oregon line have been
putting all available forces on the big
Job. A score of contractors have se
cured sub-contracts and now dirt Is
flying thick and fast from Vale to
Riverside, 80 miles west
More Labor Ooold Be Triad
Railroad laborers seem to be scarce.
Several hundred more could be used on
the Oregon Eastern today. Although
during the past week laborers, In squads
of 26 to 75, have been coming to Vale,
contractors say they are not coming
in fasti enough.
The extent ofthe work even in the
Vale material yards, which are now be
ing made ready to receive the ties and
steel rails due here, la shown by the
fact that Construction Engineer Osborn
has a standing order for 200 men to
handle right along the material that will
be shipped here, beginning the first
of the week.
Thirty-nine miles of roadbed on the
trans-Oregon line west of Vale la al
ready completed and grading work is
being pushed with nearly 1000 men from
mll post St to Riverside at mile post
SO. So well are operations going that
higher officials have Just announced
train service will be put on as far
as the big tunnel at mile poat 39 thla
fall.'.' '
The Vale-Dog Mountain division of
189 miles may be completed within a
year. .
- Tunnel xs 10 er Cent Bone.
The 2600 foot funnel Js now 10 per
eent completed. A BOO horsepower com
pressor left yesterday for thla tunnel
and will be need for the generating
of eleotrlo power to drive the drilla and
provide lights for the night shifts that
are to be put on at once. The second
tunnel, at mile post 39, la three-quarters
Crews are now building brlages be
tween the big tunnel and this city, two
large steel spans', 'one at mile post 13
and the other at mile post 14. A pile
bridge is being erected across Bully
creek and another bridge gang is erect
ing spans across the Miller and Hog
ftoadB Built for rreightlng.
For the freighting of the heavy ma
terial and supplies to the canyon camps,
new wagon roads have had to be built.
The one at Juntura, 60 miles west of
Vale, has Just been completed, and the
road gang has been started on a neW
wagon road from Juntura to RlversUe,
SO miles further west. The freighting
has been heavy and since the rush or
ders over 60 freighting outfits have
been leaving the Vale headquarters ev
ery morning.
Corey's crew, one of the largest sub
contractors on the Job, left yesterday The only embarrassment the average
for mile posts 73, 74 and 76, where man ever feels is of the financial branl
On Saturday. May 4. 1912. an Invita
tion was extended to Vhs physicians of
San Francisco through the evening Bul
letin and Kvenlnsr FOst to check ud the
results In a case of Diabetes alleged to
oe mouraoie Dy tne dooks.
rour years ago one or tne nest Ban
ranclsco hoSDitals failed In th case.
When the natlent gof so weak he could
King Tahomra II and Queen
Hazel Enter City Today
to Rule. t
(United Pre ttaias Wlra.1
Tacoma, Wash., July 1. Rain could
not dampen the enthusiasm of Tacoma
and thousands of visitors here for the
week of the Montamara Festo and the
entrance of King Tahoma II and Queen
Hazel this afternoon was the signal for
a tremendous crowd upon the streets.
The automobile floral parade, ending
with a name or roses at Wright Park,
was a most beautiful spectacle.
The parade was followed by a band
concert at the park and this evening the
great stadium wlir witness the first of
the productions of the "Conquest of
Mexico," in which nearly 1000 persons
win participate.
The carnival will continue until July
6. winding up with the big automobile
races on the new speedway on the
K perfect vttaliser that restores lost vigor
to aU organs of the body. Replaces lose
from slckne... unaaemly 0fc!ot
Me a box. Stores or mall Writefor proot
ttr. Bosaake Co., Philadelphia, re.
Every Woman sComplexion
Is bound Co show whether or riot she is in good physical condition.
If the complexion is muddy, the skin sallow; if pimples or skin
blemishes appear it is then attention must be given to improve
the bodily condition.. There is one -safe 'and simple " way.
Clear the system and purify te blood with a few doses of
This well JcnownS'egetable family remedy is famous for its power
to improve the action of the organs of digestion and elimination.
They will regulate . the bowels, stimulate tie liver, tone the
stomach and yon wUl know what it is to be free from troubles,
from headaches, backaches, lassitude, and extreme nervousness.
" They will make you feel healthier and stronger in every way;
; By clearing your system of poisonous waste BeechamV Klls
will have good effect upon your looks hese they
Will Beautify-and Improve
'1lraetiwlth aTrrba reof spatial valaa as! importance to waeaeav'
they will take the Riverside 'end of
the present work.
Few people outside of Vale are aware
of the amount of work being done on
the new trans-Oregon line and before
people at large know Jt the Harriman
people will have connected their Coos
Bay and Southern Paciflo lines In this
short transcontinental combination.
(United Press Lue4 Wlre.t
San Francsco, July 1. That C. M.
Laurler, nephew of former Premier
Laurler of Canada, Is here from his
home In Ottawa for the purpose of wed
ding a San Francisco girl, Js believed
to be revealed today in a report of the
Canadian that he was robbed of $490
In the cafe section of the city. JJhe
young man gave the name of "J. Lau
rler" to the police, but says he' is the
former -premier's nephew. He confided
to a number of attaches of his hotel
here that he was planning for a secret
wedding- here today. It was while see
ing the sights of the "Barbary coast"
with the clerk at his hotel that Laurler
missed his pocketbook.
Laurler is 26 years old and says he is
a counselor at law In Ottawa,
ii.hi a I I i. a.
Federation Convention at San
. Francisco Divided on Bal
. lot Problems.
hardly walk they told htm dieting was
all that' could be done. He took Fulton's
Diabetic Compound and recovered and
has been actively in business ever since.
Recently the symptoms returned. His
hyslcian reported sugar ana that th
labetes was on mm again. We told
him we had known it to be controlled
the second time. He. started again on
the Diabetic Comoound. In order that
doubters might be convinced we made
arrangements ror pnysieians Who be
aDie to
and gavethem his address and invited
them through the Bulletin and Post to
make their own tests week by week, so
that they could see the sugar disappear.
What does tnis mean ii results cannot
be had In these cases? It is cruel to
hold patients to failure on Codeln (con
taining opium which locks up secre
tions) when recoveries are being had
by the use of a mild Infusion (without
sedatives), the motive of which is to
help the liver oxidize the sugars and
starches. (Recoveries are rare in young
people, but in patients past middle Ufa
we look for good results as a general
. .
Fulton s uiaoeiic tompoura can De
had at druggists. Ask for pamphlet or
write to John J. Fulton Company, San
Francisco. Druggists supplied by
Clarke, Woodard Drug Co., and Blu-mauer-Frank
Drug Co.
the delightful Columbia River Route on the
"T. J. Potter"
"Harvest Queen"
STEAMER "T. J. POTTER" leaves Portland at 10:30 p. m.
(daily except Sunday and Mbaday) arriving Astoria 6:00 a, m..and
Megler at :30 a. m. Returning leaves A$toria daily except Sunday
Monday and Tuesday at 7:00 a. m., Megler at 9:30 a. m., arriving Port
land 4:30 p. m. On Sunday, leaves Astoria 7:00 a. m., Megler 9:00 p.
m-, arriving Portland at 5:30 a. m., Monday.
STEAMER "HASSALO" leaves Portland daily (except Saturday
and Sunday) at 8:00 a. m., Saturday at 1 p. m., arriving Astoria 1:30
p, m., Megler 2:lS p. m. On Saturday arriving Megler 6:30 p. m. Re
turning leaves Megler daily except Saturday and Sunday at 2:45 p. m.,
arriving Portland 10 p. m. Sunday leaves Megler 9:00 p. m., arriving
Portland 5:30 a. m. .
STEAMER "HARVEST QUEEN" leaves Portland daily (except
Saturday and Sunday) at 8:00 p. m., Saturday at 10 p. m. for Astoria
and way landings. Returning leaves Astoria daily except Sunday at
7:00 a. m., arriving Portland 6:00 p. m.
Trains meet all boats at Megler for North v Beach points
Astoria $1.50
I Saturday-to-Monday tickets 3.00
North Beach Season tickets 4.00
I Five-ride Round-trip tickets 15.00
One-day River Trip, Portland to Megler and return 200
Stateroom reservations can be made at Ash-street Dock or
To points within
200 miles.
TickeU July 2, 3,
4. Return July 5.
And Automobile
Races, Tacoma
Tickets June 30,
July 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Return July 7.
A National Gath
ering, Portland.
Ifickets July 7 to
10. Return July 15
Return through
Seattle July 22.
Carnival of Pleas
ure. Seattle.
Tickets July 15 to
19. Return July 22
' r Tickets, Berth Reservations, Full Information.
CITY TICKET OFFICE, 255 Morrison, corner. 3d, Portland.
Phones Main 244, A-1244.
Summer Eastbound Excursion TicketsV On ' sale for numerous
t ; dates to . September 30. " "
DTCharlton, Assistant General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
(United Press Lsssod Wlro.)
San Francisco, July 1. Although auf
frage and religion have been tabooed
aubjecta before the General Federation
of Women' Cluba and h state cluba
affiliated with It heretofore. It la large
ly upon the question of vote, for wo
men that the presidency la to be decided
at the eleventh biennial convention of
the federation In session here today.
The fight for suffrage Is being made
an Issue by Mrs. Philip Carpenter of
Tonkers, N. Y.. who la opposing Mrs.
Percy V. Pennybacker of Texas for the
presidency. Mrs. Carpenter Is strongly
In favor of suffrage, while, It Is argued,
Mrs. Pennybacker haa taken no- decisive
stand on the subject, and in Texas was
at one time opposed to It It Is also
being urged that the election of Mra.
Pennybacker would hurt California's
chances of getting a general federation
president for some years to come.
Today's program before the -conven
tion waa devoted largalr to oonaarva
tion. Many interesting papert on for
ests, water, Boll, tarmlng 'ano. -gooa
roads were read and discussed. , ,
The election of areneral federation of
ficers will be held Wednesday. July I.
(Special to The Joomst) i
Marshfteld, Or., July 1. Rer. ". ,
J. T. M. Knox, former pastor of j
the Multifield Presbyterian,.
church, whoa divorce caaa atv
tracted a good deal of attention .4
a few weeks ago, haa bean ex- '
onerated by thagcrathern Oregon."
Presbytery, according to advice
received here by the members . .
of the church. Mr. Knox ra - ..
signed from the pastorate in
this city when hla family trou-
bles started. He sued for a dl-' e ' :
vorce from Delia V. Knox, and 1 :
she filed a cross bill, charging -s
drunkenness and other faults.
The clerk of thet presbtery baa
announced to the local congrega
tion that the case waa thorough
ly Investigated and that It waa
found Mr. Knot was not -at
fault 1
Fourteen per centof the area of Lon
don la free from buildings, while Berlin
has 10 per cent free apace and Paris
but four and jme-half per cent
O.-W.H&N. .
Leaves Portland Union Depot 9 a. m., returning leaves
Hood River. 5:30 p. m., arriving Portland S;30 p. m,,
thus giving a full day of pleasure. For particulars :
Portland to Tacoma
and Return
, '..'..rc-j.
(Montaiara Fcslo) :
Tickets on "sale Junf 0, July 2, 3, 4. Good for
return on any Greardortherri train up to and in
cluding midnight of July 5.
3--Tiis JDaily--3i
Leave Portland (Eleventh and Hoyt Sts. Depot)
10 a. m., 5 p. m., 12:15 midnight -
Tickets, parlor car seats and berths at City Ticket
Office, 122 Third Street, and at Depot' t
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Telephone Marshall 307-2286.
', ' ' Sold everywlMfe. fa boxes 10 2S -
. 1
; !