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Portland's Chief of Police Leader of Prayer Meetings
i at m n m
Penitent' Kneel at the Mounter's Bench in Officer's Home
Settlers Stmcjqle Against Odds
E. A. Slovtf Misses But Six
Rclioious Sessions In Seven
Years When on Beat He
Read Testament Five Times
A rSWf f tu wbe Use ft
MI4 M4Uf Tw af
nr r m-it i im
tmt tfcel )wt4Mr
j f IraraJ IM tailed
IU lULUUII UIL T- X" ' '-iV X-
. . . I I 1 J FT . WXti'wl" . I !
' UNtSUSCKI .I f ; -, syi-
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I T tZ-l I i I - I ! ' ' V -V
a - j
Cb!f of Poitc K. A. Slortr.
1 1 tb polio depart meat for aply
I aneii
ttWUA ( 0d- frr! f4 11. H4 K.
iii ha Tmu4 Ma VU Xi4 fr U4 Ci,
iam lb tkloa drtK4 with lh et4
f M Brrlrtl ArriVM IKa atrMt h
I rl l hona wl(t iba
uniform. Mr falhar la aataji
tfca Nw Tor B poilca forea. Ll t vt
Of Int. "
"I navar drink." tit tMiprtw!
rtpif la lk InvtiBltoa.
-Wall, you amoka and IU crtBfc."
"I don't amoka, all bar."
Tha ao ef tha Naa York ar(-at
plainly ahovrad hla aurprlaa. The polloa
mu'i ayaa l1akld and ft fain I arella
haarad a round loam wbaii ba aaJd:
"I II o ftad prar aim yo if yo
want ma to."
Tha Kaw Torkar taokad tha cfflcar
atraight la I ha ayaa for room ant. "All
rie-nt." ba aald.
rrajar la Offarad.
Tha ofnear lad lha war In ft llllla
room naarby. Tha to maa dropped on
inair Imaaa and tha poltcamab II ft ad hla
volca la ft farvaat prarar. Thara
no morkarjr la It. Tha prarar waa from
ft brt burdaaad wlin daalra to laad
Ihoaa about blm Into ft hrlirhtar war.
Itofora tha prarar waa flnlahed taara
wara etreamlng dowa tba Naw Torkar
Tva aara moat of tha dtla of tha
I'nllad Stalaa and niaay la othar coun
trlra, but I naver bafora mat ft pol tra
in a Ilka too." ha told tha offlcor. I m
cUd ou didn't go drink with ma.
..Xha -tftadan - na.ppaad nuuty- -yaara
(. Th of f Icar who waa than on tha
depot beat la now chirr or tna rortiana
pollca dapartment. The praylnc police
man la Chief E. A. Hlovar. And hla
derotlon to hla rallglouc bellefa haa
bfrom fttroncer with tha paaalnc of the
Krery Tueaday afternoon for tha laat
lcht yaftrc Chief Blovar haa beon lead-
Inc ft little prayer meeting fti nia noma
or tha home of eome of hla nelghbora
on tha eaat aide." He allow nothing to
Interfere wltb the meeting. In ren
year, during all of which time he waa
amtmber of the Portland police force,
Jie mlafted only alx meetings.
. . work Xnplrd.
k It t probable that not Another city
l In the United rTtate hae ft man at the
ptead of Ita police department with aucb
record. It 1 doubtful, even. If there
1 Sa another city In Portland' clas whoae
rhlef of police I a much at home In
church work ae In handling tha criminal
clause wltb which he baa to deal con
I believe I waa a definitely caned to
be a policeman a minister are called
to preach." ald Chief Plover, when
aakod to tell something of hi experi
ence "I waa led by God Into thl field
of labor. Thl may aound Strang, but
lit ha ue for .worker In rtry walk
of life. ' . i r--
"I wntr converted while out In the
wood don in Coo county.- It wa
joly IJ, 1S97. I remember the hour and
the day aa well as V It were yesterday.
I came to Portland in September or tne
name year. For eight month I worked
ta the
Tbla va la tba day before etrt! ear-
vlee ruloe w baa it rquird pull I
cur ft poaltloa. Mr. Hlae raeoasanaftd
m la rsaAfttor Baft HaUla-. Hv.
Ptabar bacaa I ue bla InfluaaM for
me. Ilatrl-t Atlornrr ueorga Cainarea,
who wa then council m&n. favored my
appolatmeaL Tba reault waa that 1 waa
appoint ad oa tha fore July It, lift.
Twm rekad at tdm.
"Before taking the appointment I
went ta Sena tor Belling and told blm
If being a police man would Interfere
wltb my being Cbrtetlaa I didn't waat
the job.
"During th II yeara that I have boaa
oa tb force I waa an nleht duly all bat
about two yeara. I'vo been called the
"pealm alndng cop," tha "Bible bark,' and
have bad all aorta of fun poked at me,
but It baa never looaerted my bold en
Christianity. But temntation have
been terribly atrong at tlmea.
Tor tha first four yeara I waa en
night duty wa were too poor to hire
anyone to alay with my wife. She had
to stay alone. And many time aha
ha walked tha floor for hour at night
praylnc for ma whan ah knew that 1
waa being beeet with ' temptations.
There were times when I thought I
would hav to give up my Job because
I couldn't stand It any longer. I would
CO bom and ray wife and 1 would nray
over It. Thl would strengthen me and
I would feel Ilk renewing the fight. '
I found then that I must pray with
out caaalng that I must alwaya be in
touch with tba God whom I wor
JUad Testament ea Beet.
"There ta only on place I know where
it 1 harder to live a real Chrlatlan life
than ln the atmosphere of a police de
partment that 1s in a dead church. In
a dead church the members go throuRh
a form and think they r living Chrla
tlan liveat but they are not
"I read th New. Testament through
five tlmea while on rhy- beat. I would
read a chapter every day or night Many
a time I have stopped under ft street
ll-ht long enougrh to read a chapter.
"Because I did not drink or smoke
or tell obscene storlea I waa ft atray
heep In the department I waan't able
to mix much with th other men. Not
many of them poked fun at me to my
face, although some did. 8om of the
men told stories and said thing which
they thought would embarrass me. If
they had only known I could have told
Ood first raaebec sa I waa aw fall r
deep in eta. Naw aaa aa ar of
baevae) aa If 1 wara tbe, Wa will
av battle to ficbt bar, bat
! over (bar they will aaam bat lut
n ifl cast eoatfllrta.
"Are T LlrUf mifctr ,
"I order bow mar of yoa are frail
bearing tree beating eplrttaa! fruit. A
baarlnc (' and a winner of soul are
on and the earn. Tea can't ba a
out winner tin lea you hav bad a
definite eipaviene of Ood' a lavasloa of
your haart urvl aaa you know that your
alna ar forgiven. Ar yo helping yeor
pastor ana tba evancl!1T Ar yau vis
iting your neighbor and telling them
how eaay It la ta find Ood tbao days?
And ar you living right brivMa time?
That la the Question, ar you living
I want to admonlsn yon about ana
thing. Jf you haven't beo eon verted
aoyoa ran look, Ood In tb fao and
aay yon know your alna have been for
given you haven't bean converted.
"I tha judgment day there will be a
lot of dlaappolnted folka. They bavo
been going about doing good work, but
nave not aearcbed tbalr hearta to ae
how they stand with Ood.
-Tou aak how can I aay tbla. a man
In my position and who haa lived the
life I have. 1 waa an awful wicked man
and when Ood lifted tie lead from my
heart I knew that it waa con. I knew
there waa a change. I used to think
I could find Ood by studying. That he
would give me a sign to let me know I
had received the Holy Ghost But when
t We t
tM. ., IIAel aa v ra
,4 ix iei Ua--4 -
free.. ta -
J4 te.ejr.i4 4 "
fr.eOea.ftB e.a. i v(. eetad
U eW a axw eU-4 alaa
I lj t ub ftui l U4 oaa
-- f- ftt rJr
4ia at 4tu4 b-M Ul bM -
ttkaj akf, I famvM fwe
it aed ri4 a n r. h
aa (atEka ta tee aateaw
en af Matr ,aaaft
i.y Ma in J A wrnt U
a4 H levttt aa.4 enu l.a We J
! aaw iilaa, A !. fe SM
fee) f4 4f l-e Iaa4 M I
U Iteeo ! aal la of laei
tm tm p Ae aile j
oir rt it-a ja raarft to)
)' kia fai'r rte e a
eWaaiat tetM aa.4 Mr. a4 ft
arf lee.
take aui rate a aaaa) taa rter baafe rat
fewia a a Uvea la a ieoi Mr I
eeryaa Ma til. Ue a
fete)! - I , lletag eel ftla M
a aaarr l at rvelAeancb v II
aeeao aaaja4 e4 Bla 14
la , laaA peaT a ad left N gaat,
a a fW aiaiaa area leteX,
CHff ta atenedA.
W. K rervebo) baa feeMec e
Ua a" bte elate awl IBl fea-rlag
lew I IU aalar rvaa4 ib
04 vwiat4e at la aalf of al.
Ileail. A saae eaaawr! atary to 144
ef I. f r . Ka gud fr wire
feetrei a boe lel. a eUery aad a balf
hi eed flo ia aad bay Pl
ea ti arvee) m4 Ik laad Oala. tatora.
4 alfalfa "brliMllr ar re-
1ed tba tialea of U R. ItoMa
Ale VValiee baa Iftrv are f a la
I aaaw f e aia lakae.
"A It MeoaeiKall ba eboml M ftra
ef bit featred." aae Ibe ro1 lie
Waa e ) eoe aiKoe baildlag aai lb
ly aad I waiaed over Ike entire rb
llaled are, aad failed to find aay r
deara ef gardea.-
r A Weotry la repoMed aa bavlag
bl imgaiioa aitbee rea "" aad ctowa
btir- enroiig bl reltlratad are. A
refreablag rMre la gveej la a faw
ef fl II. rtareaortd. who baa "71
la rvlllvallon. eooeletlng ef e.
rallaait grwwteg crop ef elove. oala.
potaloea. email orchard, hue aad aav
eral email garden He Hv iber wltb
hi family. Tb entire to fanced aad
ta eirellent redlUon.
lUrhaid mtler ba eight r elaared
bat no emp. no fenoe. and a "small
abaatr." On of tA oaenpanr Ulerala
pa a aearly tbroagb tb eenter of
bl piftrex
Im raJaOly aVa4
"Kaeaell True ha good fencing and
good Irrigation a ret em. lie and bla
family live there continuously. He and
bla family are living In tent prior to
tha erection ef building
Until Rillngaoa la another men who
baa mad a cheerful horn for bl fam
ily aa th eontral Oregon project John
T. rrrl haa a place watered by ft
-ete ditch, ha It under cultivation,
and good crop growing Harvey Whit
man. C R. rVape, V. O. Cole, and A. O.
Rldenour a re making rapid progress
toward good home.
Victor llm I located on a rim rock,
part of bl farm below and part above.
HI hotiee la battoned and hie Irrigation
eretem I practical. rlcr u. Kimner.
Iin baa put In mor work on hi farm
than oa bla houe. and as racult, la
u kale tetK) d rw M
U rUea lleae) fta
-4 to 4jkAty iiud IV
Va4) N WtO.
0 I, .., a lit aeeo
oti ul ) d all ad
toia a bt t4
Mii4 ft bj4 4faato la b IU
Ifwa1 eodi Im iniij . v '
e iva a4 a wl u Aeoev -
I ft aeot heeiM la U V
fco !. aa.4
bVaf Bm ad ad i , tie
'vv IAt loex ! aik la WM4M
d ia BKttatkn eietea b a-ta j4
lea teaviia mi
t l f taa,4 oa m
eM I !. aat la eatieaied le
o'.aallat lo lm v l m a.
la U
11 bulaw - J
vl ' ai ieieM
ir a.i v tt ee Ke V .
ilia "e p( l . ,...f
4 limi - ' a..,.-..
aei i m . - aa ,1
d ' 4 l
tt t-i 4 ive I a., I
t ''f ee Mae -
m$t In mat ie kaa.4 ik 9
4 aa e aJ -
MkleeAaa. - .
fi na
Vt. ul ! t"- to He
eoJf a- bh to w4 - -
lk a t -e .4 It
a,e wai I -a twuont
Vou Can?. Buy
t 5780 Orifntal Ku: for $400
la a baadaoaa KlrMabaA rr.
aiaa II r'r beaatif al aaaBie
ef lb b-aet ta OetaaUia
But ck o.aifkljf 4n't 'l for torn luikUr td pton.pitt buyer m get If
Coin down br tomot row, fl,
drirrin.ned lu get our slttr
of lb phenomrntl lu we
rr gluing in our frrt!
Closing Out Sale of
Atiyeh Bros,,,
Tenth and Washington Streets
Largest Oriental
Rug Dealers on
the Pacific Coast
1 did receive It
need any sign."
I knew It and didn't
- 10
(Special to The JourneL
Toledo. Or.. Oct. SI. Toledo' new
water system is ft neertng completion.
The pip line, which la five and one
half miles la length, la completed, tha
water waa turned Into the city malna
thl week, and water conaumera are
now suppled with an abundance of
pure, mountain water. Tha excavating
for tha reservoir I also completed and
th cement and concrete lining I be
ing put In. The Jacobeen-Bftde com
pany of Portland la doing the work.
Democratic National Commit
tee Favors Presidential
Primary In Spring.
Washington, D. C, Oct It. Prom
inent Democratic member of
for tha Standard Oil company ft war-J them of alna which they knew nothing who ar arriving In Washington to take
house man. Then I worked one month of. I waa wild before I was converted. n r0rnmitt work .r. .
I had worked In mining and logging
camp and in fishing camps on the Co-
as section hand for tha Southern Pa
clflc. I worked for th Troy laundry
for $1 ' day. ' , v-' .. j
:.' Join Polio Pore.
; "It wa . during th hard time and
money wa mighty scarce. My health
was breaking down .and 1 wa hardly
able to make a living. My wife and I
were at the very bedrock of existence,
I didn't have money enough to get
away from Portland And I didn't think I
could stay hero any longer. Finally I
decided to writ to my nephew at Spo
kane and ask him for -money to pay
my railroad fare there so I could get
out and work in the harvest field.
"About that, time a man by the name
of Piles, a shoemaker on the east aide
and a friend of Senator Ben -Selling,
tasked me why I did not try to get. on
the police force. . I had never thought
of such a thing and did not pay much
attention to hi question.
,S ;"'It is ft rule of my life to always
"discuss any important change in my
life with my apastor. So I went to tell
him of my plana, to write for money to
take me to Spokane. He wa Rev. u. 8.
Pisheri'of the Free Methodist churh.
'As I approached hi home he saw. me
and came out to meet me. I. told blm
what I Intended -to do. - W talked the I progres for several week.
matter over.-: He urgd me to tay, I church, which was but
up committee work are unanimous In
th declaration that when the Demo-
lumbla. I knew, meanness and win from H0. nat,onal committee meets in
weeningion next January it will rec
ommend a presidential primary next
spring, in order that the. rank and file
In the Democratic party may have an
opportunity to select the party leader,
Th Republican national
top to bottom,
"It 1 customary for policemen to
work In pair, but I never worked with
a partner. I thbught, I could get along
better alone, and I never was in a situ
ation which I could .not handle. I never
struck a man with a club and nevorl"111 meet in Washington December 17,
lost r case in court Neither hav t I several weeki prior to the Democratic
ever been called on tho 'carpet, " , ; I meeting-. The Republican oommittee-
jgany Attend Meetings, I men win ne caned upon to decide wheth-
As a prayer meeting center thar. !L-Pi?"' T0?? th-ho.ut, the
i vi.. .i I tuuiiLiy Biiaii nave tne same riehta an..
like Chief Slover1 home at 1676 Hodelde1 them the,r Democratic breth-
Senator Jonathan Bourne, of OreroA.
president of the National Progressive
Republican league, has already written
to the members of the national commit
tee, demanding that they give the Re
publican voter an opportunity to ex
press their choice for president before
street The prayer meetings' are not
largely attended affair, although some
times as many as 60 and 60 men and
women ar present" The chiefs homo
sometime resembles a house of con
fesslon. Men and women come to him
from all parts of tha cltyMo . tell their
troubles and Seek encouragement mnA
advice. The chief and Mrs. Slover mottn national convention meet;
them mor than half way and ar ready I Th,s Question Is certain to be the most
t pray or counsel with them. " I important to engage th attention of
Laat Tueday afternoon Chief Slover I ln" Kepumican committee. That the de
led a prayer mettlng at th United m&na ror a presidential,- primary is
Brethren church, 446 Mechanic street I growing dally is Indicated by th thou-
where revival meeting nave been lnlanas or letter being received. at th
The little I Progressive Republican Campaign com-
recentlv dedi- muiee neaaquarters. Thla demand.
Buying the church did not want to lose I cated. waa nearly filled with worship- I from all parts of the country, waa large-
alo. Then h offered to do what he
JGould to get me on the, police depart
ment. His 0fer eame as' a surprise. It
-was the second time I was told to look
l suppose I ought to be more faithful
than anybody else," tha chief said aa ha
stood before the congregation ."When
Portiand Riclihg Academy
'.Announces the opening of the indoor
evening1 glasses Monday evening, Octo
ber 30, ;1 911. - .
Johnson Street, Between 21it and 22d..
V Phones Main 973, A-4761; '
C -i . " -i' a a
Iy .responsible for the Incorporation of
tn presidential primary paragraph In
the- resolutions , which were adoDted at
tn progressiva conference at Chicago.
That paragrapn reads: "We favor
th ascertainment of the choice of Re
publican ; voters - as to candidate for
president Dy a direct primary vote, held
in each state pursuant to the statute,
and where no such atatut exist, we
urge that tne Republican state com
mltteea provide that the people be r-lv
en th right t expre their choice for
president . v ;,
It Is now certain that one ef the
progreasiv memoer or the Republican
national com ml tie win ask th com
mittee to Indorse th presidential pref
erence plan and to) urge that th com
mittee make a recommendation to th
several Republican state committee!
similar to that mad by th progreasiv
conference, . ' -" , , ,
Journal wanj ad bring results.
A. G. Churchley
145 Third Street
Wishes to announce to
his former patrons and
friends that he has opened
his '
, nw
In the New
Northwest Building
Sixth and Washington'
4Trrji .ttJ'ta J.'Jiztt
With Supporting Band of
Laatikop Webbing across ,
th front; modish long skirt,
SSI low
, Six from 18 sp .
New York, October 9, 191L
Dear Madam : Don't judge a corset by its looks;
for a very ordinary corset can be "dolled up" with showy
laces and ribbons so that it will look very much like an
expensive one. ,
It is a deplorable fact that of late many corset manu
facturers are producing large Quantities of these "maka-
believe corsets. Look out for them I They are sold under
many different names; and the names can be quickly and
frequently changett-every season, if necessary-7-for the
maker seldom puts his own brand on them.
These "make-believe' corsets soon ftretch out of
shapes give no lines to the figure, and are unhygienic
To buy them is simply to waste your money and spoil
your form. , x
Better 4tick to the Nemothe name that slands for
corset-perfeaion the world over. You can never buy a
Nemo that hasn't the Nemo trade-markwhether in
New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, or
anywhere else. And that name is your safeguard.
You probably know that Nemo Corsets are world
famed for durability, no less than for comfort. They're
just as famous now for Style,
In Paris, where no other American corset has ever
been sold, Nemos are having a signal triumph in the ,
Iargeit and most fashionable corset department: in .that .
city "Fashion's Capital
. In London, the leading Department Store features -Nemos
to the pradtical exclusion of other makes.
Don't think that Nemos are simply health and comfort '
corsets. They're also the acme of correct style and
there's a Nemo that.will t you, , s 1
For instance: If youre of slight or medium form,
and want to be still more slender, you'll find Nemo No.
331, pictured to-day, the most comfortable hmg corset
you ever wore -.Too elaitic bands across the front give
such firm support that, no matter how tightly you pull
the long skirt in, you run too risk of injuring your health.
No. 330 is a similar model with a medium bust; No.
332 has an extra-lueh buit; and No. 333 has only a
little girdle top -an ideaTjcorset for athletic women.
- Ii none of these sintvou perfaly, ask your dealer to '
show you Nemo No. 504. ' kopsbros.