The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 29, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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,A H-n (TD.r, iId .q We sili Otot Most Wonderf iid. Value (Giv
Another Imp
CLC 5 and CI. BO Cor- fQr
eta, Sale IVlco... UOU
An extra strong line of thrie pepj
lir Conets, nude of good quildy
Gemun eoutil anJ toned ith
ni?trrof steels. They hive hose
supporters of heavy suspender
webHng. Included la this line 3re
the HrJuso an J ReJn forced Mod
els. All slws, 1 8 to 30, mi every
caul Finnic cd. Regular 1.25
and J0 values priced HQr
for this sale yOC
ortant Sale of
Oorootn ..
01.75 nnd 02.00 Cfl f OO
Corsats oa Ualo J XafwU
The very hteit voxue In comt
stales. mide ith medium low
lust and extra long sUrt They
are of fine quality Imported coulil
anJ are toned with genuine rust
rrocf alumSnumlxed steels. Fin
I she J with six heavy hose support
ers. "All sites, 18 to 30. Kegu
1.75 and 2m values. Special
ly priced for this sale CM 9f
at only 4) J Ly
Thoo who arT?rUta untuual value will do well to vult
this store tomorrow and Tuesday. They will make ft prcf.
itaile investment of tima ajvj ft mot economic! cicLanie
of cah for ttonii!a f cxxU. livery t!on of tlk store
prttenU ft wonderful Ut of real bwjmin la f .omLle mef.
chandie( Tempting small prices are the rule In every
department. IliO Inducements wlJch we cJrr are beyenj
all competition and will certainly prove irresistible to any
woman who U Interfiled la real money inf.
The tlott In VsUue The Beat In Quality
Two Very Spool til Offering
Flannel Nightgowns
Flannel Gowns, Oar Or
Ueat 76o Values at -VU
A full line of theve gowns, rr.jJe
of good quality outing flannel, in
neai pin, and Hue strides. All
are extra well nude anJ neatly fin
ished. Don't fiil to see this Lne
of reguhr 75c values that are spe
dally priced for this sale A Qr
at only tVL
UNION SUITS FOR WOMEN AT ttOO-SPlendid new line Wom
en's Part Wool Union Suits, high neck, tone sleeves, ankle length, cray
and cream, all sizes, form-flltlng, seasonable weight, on sale at 52.00
I'Uunol (iowni, Oor ty t
Ueat 91.00 Values' OU
At this ri-c you have choice of a
very full line of Women's Winter
(iowns, maJe of good heavy qual
ity outing flannel. In plain white
or neat pmk and Hue striped ef
fect. Cut ood full width and
neatly trimmed. Pest II HCn
values for this sale at lul
Sale of Women's
Still Collars
Neatly Embroldertd Stiff CoEara In
Doxent of Style, Valuta to 20c, r n
SpecUIIy Priced for ThU Sale at OL
Stylea and Sixea, Valuea to AXLn
50c Each, Specially Priced at 1 OL
You win be delighted with thesg beauti
ful Collars and surprised at the ridicu
lously low price at which they are
marked for this sale. It Is a phenom
enal purchase of 2500 dozen timbroid-
ered Collars secured by our New York
buyer at a mere fraction of their actual
worth. Tomorrow they are priced to
you In the same way. The assortment
Includes every new shape In all widths
and all sizes from 12 to 16 inches,
shown In hundreds of beautifully em
broidered . patterns. They have been
arranged In two great lots and priced
as follows:
Values to 20c, your choice at C
only. . . . . .................. Uw
Values to ,50c, your choice at 1 Cn
only. . ....... .v.. 1UV
Our Imitial Display of Mew Furs
Z?r ' tomorrow wo wiii dupuy tor ino iirai time ima aeaaon our new aaaortroenl ot rura ma iuv
! fi eat exhibit wt have ever yet ahovrn. The yanety ta complete, atarUnf with the popular-priced Dice
fmfj ft&d only encHnf with the moat exdualre and forsoua that money could aecure. Piecea and ftluffa
J cf Jan Kfink. Fox. Frtneli Contr. Brook ISIink. Iiabella Fox. Glarlc Foxtail are here ftnd it onlr
remaina for jtm to come and pau Judgment
Neciplecea .. . .$1-50 to $35.00 Tuffa ...... .jl.SO to $25.00 Ouldren'a Seia. to USX)
2V rr
Women's Suits ot 912.50, 015,
, 017.50, 910.50, 025
Whatiwill surprise you most Iirthls great ofTer
Inr of Women's Suits Is the variety of styles,
all showing that they belong to this season and
no other. Handsomely tailored of fine quality, worsteds, cheviots and English smtings,
and come In all sizes. Nowhere will you find
like values at our low prices. A perfect fit is
guaranteed. '
Long Coats tit 07.50, 010.50,
, 012.50, 015,' 018.50
High-Grade, Fine Quality Coats, beautiful crea
tions, direct from the makers who set styles and
fashions. They are faultlessly made of fine
Blushes, caraculs and mixtures. Also a line of
le popular Reversible Coats, shown In dozens
f of handsome colors and color combinations.
' - . ' 1 .
V 4 1 ncre arc manJ ana wo wni yu 10 come ana
::.ulif - see them now. . .
. Raincoats at 08.60, 010.50,
012.50 and 015
For tomorrow we have arranged a special sale of
Raincoats. It's an out-of-the-ordinary. sale, and
so all the more attractive to a great number of care
ful buyers who are sure to be here tomorrow.
They are of rubberized . covert, cravenette and
other good materials, in a large assortment of
styles In both light and dark colors.
Silk Waists at 02.50, 03.50,
$1.50 and $5.50
Our stock of Silk Waists Is larger and more varied
than it has been at any time this season, and em
braces styles that are not only dainty and bewitch
Ingly beautiful, but scores that are strictly exclu
sive; They are of excellent quality silk, in high
or low neck style, with kimono or regulation
sleeves. Many are shown with the popular sailor
collar, and you have a full choice of colors. .
A Great Sale
Drug Sundries
Take a little time tomorrow h3
aelect ft number of theae little article
and you will find that the aavinc will
Yun up big." Here ta the way they
are to aelli
20c Pox Paper ..Pc
25c Pox Paper 14c
35c Pox Paper 17c
25c Tooth Paste 18c
25c Tooth Powder 15c
25c Tooth Wash ISc
gt.OQ Alarm Clocks at .79c
IOC Pencil Erasers ...Sc
35c Roll of Absorbent Cotton. . . .:25c
50c dar of Palmollye Cream .19c
50c Jar of WounaFace Cream... 39c
25c Jergen's t-Ib Can Talcum... 15c
35c Mb Can of Porlc Acid 19c
75c Rose and Violet Toilet Water 39c
10c Full-Size Tins of Viola Talcum 6c
Anil ft Great Many Other Articles at
Equal Reductiona V
Great Sale of
r - -
I atoTv to'm rmtrfa lnrlrr mirefiaaa of Men'a Underwear in facL it ia one of
the luckiest pick-ups of the eeaaon.' Thia, of . course,' redound to the advantage of
our customers, as we always share our good fortune with them. , -. .
At 69o
Men's "Camelshalr Shirts
and Drawers in all sizes and
cprrect Fall and -Winter
weights. Excellent T wear
ing garments -underpriced.
At 99o
Men's Fine Natural Gray
Wool Shirts and Drawers
in all sizes, custom-made.
Underwear that fits per-fectlyunderpriced.
$15 KIND
Wool Socks for men, all sizes, in.tfray,
the pair
black or oxford, best;25c grade, . Cr
....V. a w
At $1.15
Men'i High-Grade Natural
Gray Shirts and Drawers in
all stylesvery heavy, warm
and durable, and they are
yery much underpriced.'
Golf -Shirts, made with plain, soft or
plaited bosom values to: $1.50,: OA
on sale at .. ;.;..;.v....r.Ov
For the WIiolo Family '
At prices that tell of splendid savings. This sale com
prises the best styles of the season in thoroughly reli
able qualities, and you are asked to share in the sav
ings with prices like thist ' - '
Women's Shoes in fash
ionable styles and leath
ers, shown in Fall - and
Winter weight, with low
or high heels, $3.50 and
$4.00 values. Priced for
this sale at (frl flQ
only v t Vv.'. idy O
Men's Shoes in both but
ton and Uace styles, in
gunmetair tan calf and
velour calf leathers in all
weights, regular $3.50
and $4.00 values. Spe
cial for tmV $98?
sale at' only. .&L(ju
Boys' Shoes made of
good, durable leather up
per, insoles and soles, full
length and one half dou
ble sole, sizes' 8 to 5,
$2.00 and $2.50 values.
Special for
this sale
Glrla'-anMiaseV Shoes, the pop
ular style Jockey Boots with pat
ent cuff and tassel, shown ; with
light, medium or hearr weight
soles and in all sizes. Prices : ' ' 1
Sixes 3 to 8, reg. $1.80 value 09
Sizee Sy to 11, $2.50 vaL S1.08
Sues 11, to 2. $3 value, $2.25
Substantial Savings in
That Fashion Favors
Just now. in our great Dress Goods Section, you will find extraordinary
values in the weaves and colorings that Fashion favors most Among them
are many- rare novelties seldom found outside of the most exclusive dress goods
stores of the large eastern cities.' For this sale big assortments are well displayed
and prices plainly marked, ao at a glance you can see if these special offerings
HO nil Tdnon PorliiAArl f.n .QQ -
-ipl'A" unsurpassea snowing or.tnis seasons cnoicesi tunings in correct
nO. jAAwFaII anH Winter wJirhts, , Finft Hnnhl-warn. niirft-wnnl fabric, full
56 inches widei shown fn; the popular plain shades and attractive mix
tures. There are over 40 styles to choose from, all of ?2 fl1 3fl
i: .tui
J M "l .') ...:c nrsA it1 rAyifA in
Scotch Plaids of 01.25 QAn
Quality Bedaoed to Ovv
Novelty Fabric of 01.50 QDn
, ' Qnality; Bdnoed to . . . WOi
SO to 54-inch All-Wooi Dress Fabrics Nov
elty Cheviots,1 Fancy Worsteds and Herring
bone Weaves, shown in a large variety of neat
and attractive, designs. Regr $ 1.50 QO
grade priced at .'. . . ............ XOv
' IT ovelty; XZiztnres of 85o
Quality Beduced to . . . V
52-inch Acjua-Proof Mixtures, a splendid-wearing
heavy, fabric for' wet-weather garments.
Gomes in a large variety of. colorings, and sold
regularly at 85c a yard. Priced for. aOr
this sale at'
Anderson's Pure-Wool Scotch Plaids, full 42
inches wide, shown in an unlimited assortment
of rich color combination fabrics that -are al
ways sold at $1.25 a yard. Now on Q A
sale at . . . . . . .... ... . . . ; . . . . . . . . . .OyC
SUk Plaids of 65o QQi - -Quality
Beduced to OUU
36-inch Silk-and-Wool Plaids and 38-inch Nov
elty Suitings, in a . full variety of new designs
in desirable colorings Regular 50c and -65c.
grades. Specially priced for this sale OQ
mpprtainLlt audi Timely
. al& of Beddlin
One of the chief attractions at this store to
morrow wiH be a sale of Bedding.
Pillow Cases, WzC Quality, at 9c These are
made of excellent quality muslin and come In a
good, large size, 42 by 36 inches and are finished
with neat hem, ready to use. ,
Bleached Sheets, 70c Quality, at 58c Full
Bleached rjeavy. Linen-Finished Sheets,, full size
for double beds.. They are unusually durable and
well finished throughout. '
$5.00 Woolen Blankets at $3.95 Two hundred
pairs of Fine Woolen Blankets of excellent qual
ity, shown in gray and. white, with neat colored
borders. "They come full double size and are per-
tect in every way. . . -ivn
$5.00 Cotton , Comforters at $3.95 Forty-eight If
only m this lot of fine Silk and Silkohne Covered
Comforters. They are filled with the best qual
ity pure white cotton and are unusually well made.
Some are-tied with ribbons and others are scroll
stitched, and all are shown in desirable colorings.
They are high-grade, comforters. On sale at an
important price reduction. , -
: White" Spreads QQ A
01.15 Values at OOO '
A splendid line of White Crochet Bed
spreads,' full size for double beds. They
come in a variety. ot.-neat patterns ana
are neatly hemmed.; , -
7hite Spreads fl f o
01.75 Values at -
Fine, Extra-Heavy, Whiti
suitable for double beds,
best Marseilles de::.:r.
hem::::v1, fc:dy to x
- ; - - - - 1-