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: Tho Sunday Journal
6 Scctiom 74 Pases
vol. via NO, to.
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High .Officials . of Important Favors National Reserve Asso
European '. Capitals' Hold elation to Take Full Control
Busy MidniQhf. Sessions-
Outlook Threatening.
of Financial ' Situation by
Amassing Cash. ."
rte T tinil tVt - -Bttla,
Oot Tk Curves
teTMUMtl political kettle U
falls; kmmvUI aagrfly !
Probably t aot f th mors ta-
yvruiit capital ka va the hither rn
Uli f tit fovesnmefit .ft i,air AmM
far bad. lhf h mUalh Is now wll
past Th ttraaJs loo aaikua tor sleeps
Aastrja. pant what raciW'eJlr amount.
4 ! M tUmatua ! Italy yesterday.
True, Italy preoiptly complied auk
A atria's demand, but IHa laeldeat rva
d Werld diplomacy good daai af a
bOCS. -
rTaaoo-Oermaa toaaloo baa Inert i
A aula af war will b declared to
souther Italy today, whll I0.O troop i
embark for lha North A flic a coast.
Tark.y nmi unahl. to cop with Uta
Jlallaa. but It can easily overrun
Oreac If the power pari" It and Turkey
soma dlepeaad to do tt Altogether,
th outlook la threatening.
A fight wta port ad between It
allaa and Turkish ships In tha AdrUtla
la which Tnrklah torpado bata war
unk'and 100 kJIUd, but tha report la
M talaraartaaal Vra aWrU I
la I Nw Tart. UrC T Jana c'Uflla.
bob-1 pridet af lha N.v Tom alat branrk
lag.' lha jwatianal Otlaafia laaM
wimt leva? ina taa icacaa la 4" ibt
or of a aaiianal ranra aaaorlaiiua
which wt:t tak fall control of tha fia
andal attuaUoa la th t'ali4 LI
kf amaaalna la on a alrontbold lba ra-
aarra raah 'now hld by try baak'ln
tii country.
' Tha abjaVt af tha la to arouaa
aaatlmant for m rrforoi af tha cur
rtajr banking lawa t atop aanaalaaa
Tht hadiuartara of th National CII.
laaaa' Laafu r la Chk-ago. Ttt of
ftcara ara: , , - - . ,
Juha V. rarwtlt. at John V. Farwrll
A Co, praaldMt; Joha Kartoa Tarn af
South Park com ml talon. rte pmUlrnl
J. Lauranra Lanthlla af lha t'alvraltjr
of Chlrat, chairman of th xrutlvr
oomaltta; A. IV BartKit of ill board.
Bponrtr. Dartlott A Co, ttvaaurar, Xlur
rr 8. M'lldman of Northwaattrn unl
rarally. aacratary of th organlMtlon,
Branch learaea. lth almllar aata of
Rigid Policy Toward Business
Is -Reiterated by President
at Spokane; Whole People
to Rule, He Says,
Walla WaUa, Lcwiston, Mos
cow, Spokane, All Hear
; Him In Single Day.
(Contlntt on PS Klna.)
-;-110 MAIffl MAY
, (ratta rn tm4 W1ra. .
- Itomty. la Frontlar, Oat 7. Italy ha
not! Had tha powara r Ik .(arma on
which , It will eaaa hoatllltlaa atlnat
Tarker. Th asaat mrdWjafHaarn
munlcatlon la unknown ouialda of th
circle at tha varloui capital, but ttkr
la n doubt aa to Ita tneral trnor.
. Klna Viator haa nnniuH m uaAlnua'
irr to an Italian protectorat thera.
II an utria. arcordlfif to Man
authority, that a reaaonabla Indemnity
Ohay b paid to th Sultan it th latter
la tractable. Ha refutes, however, to
nca-otute at all until tha Italian occu
pation of Tripoli la eompleted.
It I announced that a complete atop
will be put to tha tranamlaalon of preaa
telearama from Italy and that every
southern port will be declared In a
atate of war tomorrow, . which1 la, gen
erally accepted aa meaning; that tha
Ruler, k at Head of RoyaUst
Army Despite Reports to the
Contrary. 'ov 1 ; '
(Halted frana Utaad Wlre. ,
London, .Oct. 7. Not only ; did the
Royallat Inaurrectlon suffer a severe
setback in Portugal today but tonight
there are grave fears' her for former
Italian army af occupation . will begin I Klna Manuel himself.
embarkation for the .Trlpolltan coast I It was rumored yeaterday that the'
,.ir "eeia r iranspona. carrying apposed monarch wae on his way to put
1B.000 men each, will leave on the sam himself at th hoad of tha Royallat
day, ona from Naplea and one from Pal- forces In bis natrv country. Today tha
ermo. Thirty thouaand mora will fol- statement waa given out from tola Eng.
low wltbln a few days. In view of the i-h re.ldence at. Richmond that thcae
taHl t Tke WmI I
"pobsaa. Wiik, Oct X. fJaaptte a
Wall atraet flurry that . follod hi
middle of th road" tntet ach at
roUlla yaaierday, rraaldaat Taft to
day repeated and airaagtMnrd fcla a rtild policy lowarde
bualataa "PUanlv or bo diaaolvad.
waa th glat of tU pr at'a dnlin
At Iar1,to. Idaho. To a rroad of ma
lce people Ihe yrftitH lcl. rd t al-f
th railroad have laa ror-txl to auu
ailt to recutatl m am ! Ihjr lu trukia
will have to follow bull.
"AVe have put railroad !ndr
control " he declared with great rarttoat
aae..' .Pwr a tlmo ihry ware d.fUot
and now under the a toady action f
rongreaa Inrraaalng tha powar of Iba
Interatata romaiarto rommleelon from
oataton to Brealoa. Ihry finally raallaed
that tha whole prupla are gmalar than
any part of the people, that tha whole
prople If they move In on direction
and are determined to control and bring
about a iuet condition are likely to
In In th and. however often thay
4 Continued on rare Two.
AH! SUCH A If: I Ni.
msmm. w ' m
Take JE2df Lead Away From
Champions and Show Ben
ny Henderson's Weird Arm
Up for Second Time. ,
President Arrives at 5 P. M
Oct; 1 1 Fine Banquet at
Commercial Club-Speech
at Armory Line of-March.
bad seamanship displayed thus far by
Italian naval commanders, there la con
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Believed -Present i Conditions
Due to Italy's Grab of Tripo
li Kaiser Now Has Grouch,
and Europe Waits. . '
(United ; Preaa. Leaead Wire.)
London, Oot 7. Uneasiness over th
Moroccan situation . re-awakened : to
night with tha unexpected news that
France and Germany wero again in
disagreement over the terms of settle
ment. The stock market waa depressed
all dajK as a result of the 'unfavorable
reports from Paris and Berlin and it
10 p. m., th chief officials of the
Ministry of Foreign , Affairs were still
In consultation' relative to the troubled
auropean ouuook. 3 r '
V- The renewed etcain - between ' Franco
anJ Germany is undoubtedly tho iln
direct outcome of the Italian grab of
Tripoli. 'Though the fact has hitherto
freeh" kept Jiretty quiet; , It lis cecUln
that UermaDT waa neaotlatlna- with
Turkey, just before the Italian declara
tion of war, for. the purchass of Tripoli.
Supposing that he was aura to obtain
vt mo i.uiontuia ui long uesirea
. foothold In North Africa by this tneanc
the kaiser waa less interested than he
would otherwise have been . in urging
excesaive oemanas upon .the French.
Italy's sudden action In taking the
aggressive against Turkey Is said on
good authority to have , been due to
diHoovery that the Turko-Qerma nego
nations were in progress.
Cheated, ao fas as Tripoli waa con
cerncd, by the Italian move, it is
understood the Berlin foreign of flee is
again assuming an overbearing tone In
its 'correspondence with Foreign Minis
ter im (selves or France. .
Tha French think Germany la getting
tso much. Germany believe it la not
getting what it is entitled to. .
At any rate, Franco-German relatione
re again badly atralned and English
diplomacy, alwara extremely tearful of
a continental war In which . Ita own
Interests . may suffer, . is worrying
gravegr aa to wnat may result. i
reports were untrue,, that. Manuel waa
still at Richmond and that he had no
Idea of going to Portugal.
Tonight, however, it leaked out, on
tha highest eout authority that for two
days ManuefVxad neither been seen -t
Richmond nty , anywhere n .England.
The Richmond .residence Is- heavily
guarded by police and visitors'' are. not
even permitted to linger 'in. the Vi
cinity. ' , i - .'
1 -glnce he' waa last - seen here, th ex
king has had ; time to cross th .Portu
guese frontier, and If-h did ao. It is
considered mora than' likely that he took
part in today's flghtingr, which ended
in ao disastrous a defeat for his fol
lowers. ' ' ' ' .'....'''...;
Owing to the strictness of the Portu
guese censorship, -only tha most meger
details of tha fighting - have filtered
through to the Spanish cities along tho
frontier.: There seems not to have been'
a single bigbattle, but a series of fierce
skirmishes, resulting la victory for the
Republicans all along the line. The
Royalists ere reported to have retreated
Into the mountainous districts near the
Spanish frontier, where they may keep
up a guerrilla campaign for sometime.
How great tha losa of Ufa thus far Is
not known, but the Spanish . reports
are that the- engagements, .were Y very
determined and that many on both, sides
were killed. , Twenty Royalists are said
to have been left . dead near Oporto
alone. , ' '
Busy Svtaiag for Taft. -
President Taft arrives Union
depot S p. m. Wednesday, Oct- 4
ober 11. v
1:05 p. m. Parade begins. d
Line of march; Depot to 'Fifth;
on Fifth to Hoyt; on Hoyt to )
Sixth; on Sixth to Morrison; on 4
4) .Morrison to Tenth; on Tenth to )
Washington; on Washington, to
Seventh; on Seventh to Oak; On d
Oak to Commtrclal club at Fifth 4
and ' Oak. . ,
- . :S0 p. m. Informal dinner at 4
Commercial club, dark clothes .
will be worn. President only
t .1:10 p. m. Mass meeting in )
'Armory, Mayor Rushlight Intro-
duclnr the president.
10:00 p. m. Reception Knights j
of . Columbus hall. . d
11:00 p. m Depart for San
Francisco. , o
' Arrangements for the reception of
PreslJent Taft when he arrives in Port
land next Wednesday at 6 o'clock, have
been mad so complete that every min
ute has its plan. This is done in order
that the greatest number of Orecori
people may aee and hear the president
auring tne rew hours that he will re
main In Portland before leaving near
me miamgnt nour ror San Francisco.
The ' committee on arrangement In
conference with Chief Slover and Steve
Conneii, chief of secret service In the
north w;Bt, have decided that the parade
route chosen will require but SS min
utes from the moment of leaving the
Jepot at 6 p.- m. -and the ar-
Strikers Believe They Have Enormous Property Loss In
' Best of lt; Because 'Many Black River, Wisconsin, Re-
Engines" Going Dead and
Equipment Paralyzed.
gion Devastating Floods
in Other Sections.
(Continued on Page Two.)
(L'nlt.d rm Laaaad Wire.)
San Francisco. Oct. 7. Quiet prevails
in tha strike situation .over th llarri
man lines on tha coast tonight, after a
week which hhs been characterised her
by lack of th usual disorders and riots
between strikers and - strixeDreaxers.
Beyond a few fist fights there has been
no trouble.
On the coast the strike haa . settled
down into an endurance contest, with
tho strikers calm and appearances great
ly against the railroad. Engines ar
known to be going, dead In larg num
bers In varloua coast divisions, and in
on Instance a train from San Francisco
to Los Angelea used 11 engines 'ort th
500-mile trip and consumed IS hours
making one seven-hour run. This Is
said to be an instance of the way the
company's business Js being dispatched
In various other sections.
In San Francisco, guards with riot
clubs are stationed at all the shops
which are Inside stockades. Strikers de
clare that the strikebreakers are dally
deserting to their ranks.
A Ban T i , f nHtann fm m iftul.lAH
point on ' the Southern Pccf lo, ' and an
Important center for shopwork, the rail
road has. been compelled to grant th
demand of the men for new overalls
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. Flood Xoeatioa. at CHano.
(Onlte4 Pt LeaaMt Wtra.t
Black River Falls. Wis,, Oct. T.
Black river has completely In
undated this rlty. ' Two thou
aand persons camping In tho
Property lose , between 1 1,000,
000 and f (,009.000. ' .
No lives believed lost. '
Maiden Rock, Wis., Oct T.
Rusk river Is flooding th sur
rounding section. Property' loss
will be great
Happy Hogan Chants Hooligan
Keirain and Opines Men
Will Win Series,
Hr If. L Walker.
La Anirele. Oct. . Varan t bak
osj th baoabaJl map Bad lha Tiger wr-
' mrm oiaapuig oa h-tr arma) to
Iglit. ready for th double balUa t.
saorrow a. etmsrU that ibay ara ertb.r
muul lh,r blaotf ll tt
Kogaifs nan lllarally, wop tha
Champion a befor Ibaot. wtlppln port.
Jo4 to t. aad for th firet Uma alaro
th Sanaa ooaaiad tia .i...
bread of blL ' , """
fpAr crowd. ettmat4 at
IO.O00 paopl, aaw th Tlra knock
Benny -ffsnderoow off th alab l four
Inalag. punish Tom Saaton, and, g-o-rally
spklnc play rtags aroaad tho ;
e iMrs.
laa Oo XHfry.
Just to show the tamper of such
gathering, th on dodatv wis by th !
eoulhem team made th crowd eaUre-i
ly forget tho three defeat auffarod la
as many days, and th Joy eras fans
who fought their way out through th
exits war either saying. dont aa
bow Portland ever won a gamo from '
them," or, Tho Tigers wlU wla th
pennant sura."
On strong pull of Ror Trraahaar'a !
shoulders brought him $1140 la ama.Il
silver, reatored th ctmfldaaco of th
nervous Tlrera. sad. t s aa axprva
Ion haaj-l , all over th . grounds,
"changed tho cours of th antlr ae
ries." '",'..',. ... ''
By reason of forious onaUught oa) .
Harry 8twart la th acoad tnalngv th
Champions had piled np six hits, soored
two runs and taken a big lead, ao far
aa oopfi'lejioa tws concerned, on th
day's doings. ' ' '
..- " lMBaUr M sTOSIl'. '' "
With two out In the'flnrt. Patterson
ChanCeS in ThlS RPPS to handl. Brashear foUowed
, iwitn a ciean nome anra, lining ui oe.ii
jn lover the left field fenc and vntng
New Manner by Dr. Boloar th crowd raved over th hit, whue th
... players on th two teams ran about
0T HUnCjarY. picking up the ahower of sliver coins
tan i u Aitiiib v& iiv grBiiuBi.ini,
Henderson began th fifth by walk-
,.. . , ,.. j I Ing BurrelL when ha was retired in
.., 7 a- " I , o.. t.A t-
State to Be Explained
ful opportunities that exist In Oregon,
favor of Beaton. Brown fanned, Burrell
Chippewa Falls, Wis., Oct 7.
Th country is being flooded.
Th damage to crops will ba Im
mense. Food supplies being
sent to Black river region. -
La Crosse, Wis., Oot T Tho
Mississippi river, ' swollen by
Wisconsin rivers, Is steadily rls-,
Ing. No present danger Is anticipated.
Wausau, Wls Oct. 7. Dyna
mite used to change the course
of the river here, where it has
risen eight feet The country
is flooded. Damage heavy. No
loss of life reported.
Million Population
Away as Aeronauts Attempt
to Tie It Down.
(United Preaa Leaved Wire.)
Black River Falls, Wis., Oct,. 7. Th
devastating . flood of the Black river,
which inundated this town, sent its 2000
Breaks hills, and causing property damage be
tween $3,000,000 and $5,000,000. began
:r ' . li:."": ateallng second on th whiff and tak-
IV W VI Ml aVW VIBUVI U 111 SaShta T I . . . , - . , . .
language, Is to bo the mission of Dr. " ln,ra, ."l t,..l
Ludwla- Lessins-Bolsar. a - Hungarian then alngled to right scoring BurrelL,
nawapaperman who haa visited every I vPa".IL,0n k ?. VPel.- i-V5
mnntv in thi. atmta tnrnrmin- htm-.i the sixth. Brashear lifted a fly In left
as to the poaelbilttles they afford. Now bacK of Bhort- 11 WM dlJult ehanco
he is preparing to carry bla message to everyone was surprised when tho
th Hungarian and Germans of the reliable Pecklnpaugh muffed th
eastern atatea and then on to Hungarla, &". Patterson, taking a chance.
It is believed that Dr. Lesslng-Bolgar scored from second on tha error.
has hit upon th solution of tha lmml-1 ' Make Two la rightn.
gratlon problem so far aa th brinxlrur I Three hits and two runs for tho Tl-
of the desirable foreigner to help de- I gers In tho eighth. Carlisle opened with
veiop uregoa is conoernea.
Talk to the
foreigner in his own language, la his
idea. This will giro him confidence In
what Is told him.
XUIlonalro Tavord Plan.
Thla method of reaching th foreigner
was also the Idea of B. N. Baker, th
Baltimore millionaire steamship man
who visited Portland a few weeka ago
in th lntereat of great shipping cor
poration to handle traffic through the
Panama canaL While here he suggest
ed that Oregon should send represents
Uvea to . the old .countries In Europe
from which it waa expected to attract
desirable Immigrants which would flock
to the Pacific coast when-the canal Is
opened. Dr. Leasing Bolgar will be tho
forerunner of those who should carry to
tne oia countries tne glad tldlnjra of
this land of untold rlohes just waiting
for the hand of man to bring them
The doctor has spent seven and
half years In the United States, having
spent three years in New York state
and three and a half -years in Pennsyl
van la.
I know of the hard times my peo
ple ar having to establish themselves In
the east," ho said yesterday.
'I shall go to them and tell them to
come to Oregon, where such wonderful
(Continued on Pago Eleven.)
(Continued on Page Five,),,
(Continued on Page Two.)
Train; With '300 Passengers Aboard, Rushes Nearly Onto 0b
struction; on Track Hero Steps jn, Receives Purse and
. Thanks' of Travelers, But Train Crew Are Skeptical;
- Hero BreaKsjJown. , ; ' v-; ;
(Cnltad Preaa Laaaa Wire.
Colorado Springs. Colo., Oct 7. Four
hours after he had been acclaimed a
hero because be. flagged a crowded Short
Lino passenger train and saved it from
being Wrecked on the brink of a 1000
foot precipice, Raymond Wood, ard II,
tonight : confessed that.. he had placed
obstructions upon--the rails and had
planned the entire affair. Hi only rea-
aon, he said, vsi to be rewarded as a
hero, .. --
Th. train was .. rushing down th
mountainside from CiippL Creek with
10 parsons aboard whan, a It rounded
a eurve leading to a loo foot preelrlce.
th lad stepped out with a red bandkar-
chief tied to a stick and flagged It
aown. ,e tea tee trainmen and pas
sengers (0 feet along th track and
showed them where flv , feet of log
chain was laid across th rails and th
enoa ooueo down. . ,
The youth asserted that he hhd found
the' obstruction accidentally and -had
determined to save tha train. The pas
sengers mad up a . substantial purse
and presented It to th boy, treating
mra aa a uero. several orierea to call
the attention of the Carnegie Hero Com
mission to th affair. -
-Skeptical trainmen insisted on quea
tienlhs; th youth tonight however, and
he Suddenly broke down and confessed
tha tho- whole aXXair was a "traxa up."
(Cnlted Prem Leased Wire.)
I Peoria. 111.. Oct. 7. The runaway bal
loon. Million Population, .landed In a
pond across tho Illinois river from Chll
licothe, 20 miles north of here.-shortly
after t o'clock this afternoon. The bas
ket was badly torn, but the Instruments
wero Intact and the silk bag apparently
was In good shape.- Mayor MftcheH, of
Chlllicothe, took charge pt the balloon
and -wired Captain John Barry, at Mason
City, Iowa. Mitchell removed th bal
loon to hla home. . " . ,
The Million Population, an entry in
tho races which were started at Kansas
City, Thursday, broke away from Pilot
Berry and his aide at Mason City last
night The aeronauts had made a land'
Ing and wero attempting to secure the
balloon when the wind, carried n away
i. ,- l' II I . I I '. ,
' .-.-v , ;. ' -'
tOsltad Pr laawd Wlra.) .
Haddimrton, Scotland. Oct 7. "Our
colonies disbelieve In fre trade," aid
A. J. Balfour, English Coheervativ
leader. In a apeech here today. "Unless
Bnaland adopts protection and gives
them preferential treatment w shall
have Canada and Australia making their
own agreements with other countries.
This will b XsUl to British Imperial
unity. .
Cripple Creek, Colo., Miner Sees Plan to Get 'JJest-Egg"
Says Marriage Gamble Anyway, so May as Well Make
: It Real Game of Chance Prefers to Have a Western
Woman Win. . '
(United Pre Leased WIr..)
Crlppla . Creek, Colo Oct 7. A
unique plan of getUng a "neat egg."
to start- housekeeping when he gets
married was made known Joday by Wil
liam A. Cockrell .$. a miner, when he
announced that he would raffle himself
loff at $10 a chance, to women candi
dates ror nis nana. -
He agreea to marry whatever candi
date's name Is drawn out when the
drawing is held, but he announced that
if the drawee, whoever she may be. Is
dissatisfied with him after seeing and
talking to him, her ten spof will be
refunded, apd a second - drawing will
b heldi 1 1 "
Cookreii -fays .matrimony is a snun,
anyway, ao why not make it a real game
of chance, where the financial end of
the bargain is assured before the nup
tial knot ia . tied.. It Is understood!
he declares, that the women who do
not draw -tho lucky number lose their
$10. - Cockrell -prefers - a Colorado or
western woman, but Is wining to - ac
cept, any one- that fate decrees. .
Tvrpln Abandons Flight, ;
:" fCnttcd Prune Laa.d 'lr.t
Peoria. 11L.. O-t. 1. Aviator Turnin
abandoned his flight from 8prlngfiel.l
to Peoria at Rlohmona, 3a miles from
this city, at 6. SO this afternoon. He
expects to complete the trip Sunday cr
Muiiuay. . 1
Revival of Ballinger-Pinchot
Controversy May Como
When Investigators ; Return
to the States. . . . , .
.y , ' t
(United Preaa Ltsaed Wire.)
Washington, Oct 7. Th prospect of ,
a revival of the Alaskan controversy In .
a form that may surpass In bitterness
the Ballinger-Pinchot case and may In
volve former Forester Pinabot In a
heated contest with bis former Intimate :
associate, Walter L. Fisher, who sue- .
ceeded Ballinger as secretary of tho In
terior, loomed here tonight. -
It became known that Plqchot will re
turn from Alaska, where both he and ,
Fisher have been traveling, prepared to
charge that a systematic conspiracy to
depreciate' the resources of Alaska has
been conducted in the luterests of tho
dug-gen helm syndicate. -
The new; .situation was outlined, m
dispatches received today from John B.
Lathrop, one of. Pinchot's traveling corn,
oanlons.'who said,. in parts : ,
'. :v'i;Toxa saong. -
"It Is now evident- that word ha
been passed long the line to all repre
sentatives of the Alaska syndicate and
the - federal - administration to 'knock
Alaska generally to bear th value of
the coal, copper, : timtier- averythins.
Men who a few months ago were x
Datlatins eloquently on the rlohes and
possibilities of Alaska, have suddenly
begun to discover that thr is nothing
of value here. Ordinary facts of com
monest knowledge to. all Alnak are
distorted with this purpuw.
"Moat amaslng statenK-nts have !'f;i
printed In the .newarapi-rs in Tie sra!i.
regarding the visit ft the Fisher-r
In Controller bay. Tha story was t
back that be experience! vry r
water and con1iii"tia f ' i
him that Corti"li-r ! v . i
wort hie as a -1 -r
Now, i n i v " i
Ie. r"'Il " r .